Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett in her Bounty Hunter gear.

Kate Beckett is a green Twi'lek who after her parents died was sold as a slave to Jabba the Hutt. She was raised in his palace by his other servants and dancers. When she was old enough she was forced to help serve drinks in his palace. She hated being pushed around by Jabba and the the guests so much that she ran away one night and hid in the sand dunes. There she stayed for a month when one night she spotted one of the piratets and he was on a speeder, she followed him and attacketd him and rode off on his speeder. She had no idea were she was or when she would find a villiage of some sort but she kept on riding until she heard something in a far off distance. She rode over to see what it was and when she arrived she realized that she had caught her self right in the middle of a battle between clones and droids, and then she saw one of her own, it was none other than Aayla Secura. While the battle was still going on she spotted Kate out of the corner of her eye and went over to help her and after they had won she took her back to the Jedi temple were she was provided a room and new clothes. A few months later and she was Aayla's new apprentice and on her first mission she was being comanded orders and felt like she was back at Jabba's and she ran away not noing were she was going but new that she had to get away. Aayla and the clones went out and searched for her but found nothing they were forced to go back to the temple after they handled the droids. Kate ran into some bounty hunters, Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. They took her in and said that she could stay with them as long as she gave them input about the jedi and still today she is now a bounty hunter and will do any job or task that is asked as long as the asker has a BIG pay check.

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