"Blood meets blood. The rule of two always continues, my Apprentice, and i had to kill my sith master to become a true sith when the time came. This is the way of our order." -Kane

Kane's master, Master Kodor, found Kane on Korriban when he was looking for sith students for his sith army. Kodor brought Kane to his ship and trained him for a year until he was trained. Kodor sent Kane to find some students for him and he found to the he took under his wing. There names were Brianna and Lotte. Lotte was the the better duelest of the two but Bri was the smarter and more attractive one. They found menny sith for their Master. But after awhile, Kane felt like his master was getting in his was of becoming a sith lord. So Kane and Lotte thought of a plan to take out Kane's master Kodor. Then they started there plan and attacked Master Kodor who was no match for the two sith.

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