Kahar Zamet

Kahar Zamet

Zabrak Exile

Kahar Zamet

ARC Captain Burner 3

Darth Varan 2

Commander Shadow 10

Biographical information

Coruscantplanet Coruscant


3662 BBY

Physical description





6.0 ft


187 lbs

Hair color

No hair, spike color white.

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
Known masters
Known apprentices
  • Aronis Zamet (father)
  • Velna Laros Zamet (wife)
  • Zinn Zamet (son)
Current Squad

Kahar Zamets' Army

Squad Rank

1 Leader

Battle Class

Bc icon jediTechnician

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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.


"There is no death, there is the Force."

- Kahar reciting the last words of his Master, Orgus Din.

"You are now brought to justice, Angral! This is for Orgus, the others you killed, the innocents, and the rest of the galaxy!"

-Kahar as he deals the finishing blow to Darth Angral on board Angral's cruiser above Tython, killing Angral.

Kahar Zamet was a male Zabrak Jedi Master who lived in the Old Republic era. He was born on Coruscant in 3662 BBY. A Jedi Master named Orgus Din took him to Tython, where he began his Jedi training. Kahar was very powerful in the Force. In 3643 BBY, around the age of nineteen years old, when he was facing the Knight trials, Flesh Raiders rose up on Tython and threatened to destroy the Jedi Temple. After clearing out a cave full of Flesh Raiders, Kahar became the apprentice of Orgus Din. He ended up saving the Jedi Order from the Flesh Raiders, learning Master Orgus' former Padawan, Bengel Morr, a Nautolan, was leading the Flesh Raiders, training some to use swords and blasters, some to even use the Force, as some were force sensitive Flesh Raiders. Then Kahar was promoted from Padawan to Knight. As he continued his journeys throughout the galaxy helping the Jedi Order over the next few years, he eventually defeated the Emperor and was promoted to Jedi Master in 3641 BBY. He then took a place on the Jedi High Council after Jedi Master Tol Braga stepped down. In 3638 BBY he helped the joint Republic-Empire coalition stop Revan on Yavin 4, and was promoted to Battlemaster of the Jedi Order by Satele Shan. Later that year, he went to Ilum and performed an ancient Jedi ritual to learn how to become eternal. It lasted a week, and he succeeded. In 3637 BBY, the threat of the Eternal Empire arose, and Kahar was captured and frozen in carbonite on Zakuul. Lana Beniko later unfroze him in 3632 BBY, five years later, along with several other prominent members of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. Together, they formed the Alliance, a resistance group dedicated to stopping the Eternal Empire. By 3630 BBY, the Eternal Empire was defeated, and the Alliance was re-organized into the Eternal Alliance as the war between the Republic and the Sith Empire resumed.

In the Clone Wars era, 3000 years after the Old Republic era, Kahar continued to help the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. Because he was eternal, his age did not affect his looks or his body, making him still fast. Kahar's eternal life made it so he couldn't be killed either. He still sat on the Jedi Council. He ended up leading an army in the Galactic Republic and gained underworld contacts with a powerful group named Dark Nebula. During that time, he helped the Republic defeat the Separatists. He learned the ways of the Jedi Sentinel, dual wielding lightsabers, his right hand lightsaber blue, and his left hand lightsaber yellow.
Kahar Felucia 4

Kahar Zamet using his blue and yellow lightsabers.

He also carried a backup double bladed green lightsaber, in case his friends or he needed it
Kahar's Spare Double Bladed Green Lightsaber

Kahar's spare double bladed green lightsaber.

He always kept a light plasma pistol hidden under his robe incase he was arrested so he could break free or in a case where he surrendered.
Kahar's Light Plasma Pistol

Kahar using his hidden light plasma pistol.

Eventually, he gained land from Dark Nebula on Mustafar and built a lab for the Republic. He became a great Jedi Scientist, building superweapons for the Republic alongside the Republic Special Weapons Group, however he was kept in the dark about the Ultimate Weapon along with the rest of the Jedi Order. Kahar also led the 652nd Battalion of clone troopers.

During the Clone Wars, Kahar participated in the major Battle of Umbara as well as the Battle of Coruscant. Towards the end of the war, he was sent to Vandaes to participate in the Outer Rim Sieges. After taking Vandaes, Kahar and the 625nd Battalion launched an assault on Serenno, the homeworld of the late Count Dooku and a key Separatist stronghold. Towards the end of the assault, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine ordered the clone army to execute Order 66. Commander Shadow, however, had removed his inhibitor chip, and killed Sergeant Blaze when the sergeant attempted to kill Kahar. Shadow and Kahar, along with the rest of Kahar's crew, escaped Serenno in the Defender and returned to Coruscant to help save any surviving Jedi. Kahar attempted to save Master Nalarr, however Nalarr was killed by a clone sniper. He did manage to save several other Jedi Masters, and Shadow was forced to kill Lieutenant Correx. Ultimately, Kahar, Shadow, and the Jedi they saved retreated on the Defender. They considered going to the Republic lab on Mustafar, but soon found out it had been taken over by Orson Krennic and Advanced Weapons Research. Instead, they went to Kahar's old Republic base on Ryloth and re-fortified it.

The Survivors were involved in numerous battles with the Galactic Empire. During their time on Ryloth, The Survivors worked alongside Cham Syndulla and his Free Ryloth movement. In 18 BBY, during a mission to Alderaan, Kahar met with Bail Organa, who convinced him to have The Survivors be part of a rebel network he was building. Eventually in 14 BBY, both Darth Vader and Darth Sidious came to Ryloth on a mission, dealing a heavy blow to the Free Ryloth movement. Shortly afterwards, Vader ordered an overwhelming Imperial attack force to attack the base, and The Survivors had to move their headquarters to an abandoned cantina on Krenton. Dodge and other members of The Survivors returned to Ryloth and were able to maintain a secondary base, Isolation Outpost, for a while, but it was destroyed in 5 BBY. The survivors of Isolation Outpost fled to Rishi and built a new base there called Striker Mountain.

In 4 BBY, The Survivors on Krenton were forced to evacuate to Rishi. While at Striker Mountain, Kahar trained Dodge, who was a prototype force sensitive clone trooper, in the ways of the Force alongside Jedi Knight Viera Cacete, who had been Dodge's commanding officer during the Clone Wars. In 3 BBY, as The Survivors were preparing to leave Rishi to meet up with the larger rebellion on Atollon, an Imperial attack force led by Darth Vader himself attacked Rishi, forcing the full evacuation and destruction of Striker Mountain, with the battle heavily damaging The Survivors' fleet. The Survivors re-grouped at Atollon afterwards, and met the other rebel cells at Chopper Base.

While on Atollon, Kahar met the Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus and his padawan Ezra Bridger. He briefly trained the two of them before they, along with the astromech droid Chopper and former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, left on a mission to Malachor. Kahar chose not to go with them. The group returned without Ahsoka, and Kanan had been blinded by Maul. Later in 2 BBY, Kanan learned Force-sight from an ancient being named the Bendu and told Kahar, who went to meet the Bendu himself. That year, the Alliance to Restore the Republic was formed above Dantooine, and Kahar and The Survivors joined it. Shortly afterwards, Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn discovered Chopper Base, sparking a battle. The rebels ultimately lost and were forced to evacuate to Base One on Yavin 4.

Kahar helped the rebellion continue to grow in 1 BBY. On Yavin, he explored the ruins of Darth Tempest's Sith Temple along with Kanan, Ezra, Viera, and Dodge.

As part of the Rebel Alliance's fleet, Kahar participated in the Battle of Scarif, the Alliance's first major battle with the Empire, in 0 BBY. Although they were forced to retreat, the rebels were successful in obtaining the Death Star plans. Kahar was later present on Yavin 4 during the Battle of Yavin and participated in the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.

Kahar would later participate in the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, which resulted in a major victory for the Rebel Alliance. Following the formation of the New Republic, Kahar helped establish their first capital on Chandrila, and was present during the Empire's attack on Liberation Day. He also witnessed the Empire's final defeat at the Battle of Jakku, and later resided on Nakadia for some time when it became the New Republic's capital. Kahar was strongly against disarming the New Republic and shrinking their military, believing that the Empire would always be a threat as long as they existed. Eventually, Luke Skywalker asked Kahar to help him train a new generation of Jedi at his Jedi Temple. Kahar did so, and took on a new padawan.

Around 28 ABY, one of the new Jedi, Ben Solo, fell to the dark side and took on the name Kylo Ren, joining the Knights of Ren and the First Order, and slaughtering several of the Jedi. Luke fled into exile at the First Jedi Temple on Ahch-To, while Kahar and his apprentice fled in the Defender and traveled to the New Republic's capital world of Hosnian Prime. Kahar pleaded the Senate to take action against the First Order, but they refused, causing Kahar and his apprentice to leave the Republic and join the Resistance, led by General Leia Organa, on D'Qar.

Eventually, Kahar's belief that the Empire would always be a threat was confirmed. In 34 ABY, the First Order fired their Starkiller Base superweapon and destroyed the entire Hosnian system, including Hosnian Prime. Kahar felt the millions of deaths through the Force, and he could see the destruction of the Hosnian system in the sky outside. He was later present for the following assault that ultimately destroyed Starkiller Base, and evacuated alongside the Resistance as the First Order attacked D'Qar. The Resistance fleet continuously fled from the First Order, until the fleet was heavily damaged and they reached Crait. Kahar participated in the Battle of Crait, where the Resistance defended their base long enough for the Millenium Falcon to arrive and escape with what remained of the Resistance forces.

After the threat of the First Order was gone, Kahar re-joined the New Republic. He faced numerous other forms of evil over the years, including the rebuilt Sith Empire, Darth Varan's Galactic Empire, and Kryn's Sith Empire.

Stopping the Emperor

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Revan's Return

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Invasion of Ziost

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Rise of Zakuul

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War for Iokath

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A New Padawan

In 28 BBY, Kahar was looking for a new apprentice to train in the ways of the Force. He stood by in the Jedi Temple and watched as Yoda trained a class of padawans. One particular padawan, a human male, caught Kahar's attention. He was very skilled in lightsaber combat. The boy was also very intelligent. When Yoda asked him to name the fourth form of lightsaber combat, the boy said, "Form IV, or Ataru, is a very aggressive lightsaber form that requires agility and speed as much as it does power. This is the form you use, is it not, Master Yoda?" Kahar was surprised at how specific the answer was, and met with Yoda after class was dismissed.

Kahar pointed at the boy. "That one there, what is his name?" he asked Yoda.

"Flash Goldbooster. A very intelligent young boy he is," Yoda replied. Yoda told Kahar more information about Flash, and eventually Kahar decided he wanted Flash as his new padawan. He introduced himself to Flash, and the two of them left to head to the Temple's training room.

Encounter With Jango Fett

In 26 BBY, Jedi Master Nalarr, a Twi'lek, was on Tatooine with Republic Soldiers. A Mandalorian mercenary, who's name was unknown, had been hired to capture Nalarr and bring him back to his client. Kahar landed in the Defender on Tatooine. He then got onto a skiff Nalarr was on. "Master Nalarr! You're in danger! There's a Mandalorian mercenary chasing you!"

Suddenly, a blaster bolt hit a Republic soldier. The Republic soldier fell off the skiff. The lead mercenary, accompanied by a few Mandalorian supercommandos, flew onto the skiff with jetpacks and began fighting the Republic forces. The lead mercenary, who Kahar now recognized as Jango Fett, went to attack Nalarr, but Kahar shot Jango with his plasma pistol. Jango stumbled, but then kicked Kahar off the skiff. As he looked down, he didn't see Kahar. Jango shot Nalarr in the knee while he was fighting a supercommando. Nalarr fell down, unconscious.

Kahar barely held onto the edge of the skiff. As he looked over, he saw Nalarr lying unconscious. Jango was about to pick Nalarr up. Channeling all of his strength, Kahar flipped up onto the skiff and punched Jango off. Kahar grabbed Nalarr and put him on his landspeeder. The remaining Republic soldiers also boarded the landspeeder. They sped off in the landspeeder and eventually arrived at the Defender, which they boarded and flew to Coruscant. Nalarr and his soldiers' wounds were treated. They would all be fine. Kahar then walked back to the Defender to return to Tatooine to hunt Jango Fett.

Hunt for Jango Fett

The Defender touched down outside Mos Eisley. Kahar stepped out and noticed Jango Fett and his supercommandos near the entrance to the city. Kahar ran towards the Mandalorians. Jango noticed and opened fire on him. His supercommandos joined in. Kahar quickly dispatched of the supercommandos. Jango began running through Mos Eisley, with Kahar right on his tail. Jango ran through the busy crowds of the market. Kahar eventually lost Fett. He decided to head to the cantina and get a nice cold drink.

Kahar sensed somebody was following him as he made his way to the cantina. Just before he entered the cantina, a man leapt in front of him. "You don't want to go in there, my friend," he said. "That place is a hive of scum and villainy. Perhaps you'd much rather have lunch with me at the Dockside Cafe?"

Kahar nodded. "That sounds nice," he replied. Kahar and the man then walked to the cafe.

Lunch at Dockside

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The Hunt Resumes

It had been hours since Jango Fett had disappeared into the crowds of the Mos Eisley market. Kahar was sure that Jango Fett had plenty of time to leave Mos Eisley. The twin suns of Tatooine were now setting. It was the most dangerous time of day to be outside. "Mercenaries and Sand People hunt at night," he had heard a moisture farmer say. Kahar decided to browse the market for items he may need on his hunt.

About two hours later, Kahar exited the market and threw the supplies in his pack. A drunken man stumbled out of the cantina. Kahar went to walk over to the cantina, but the man pointed a finger at him. "Shtay back begger," he babbled. "I tout I already told naw crehditsh ta shpare fa ya...shtinkin' handsh."

Kahar sighed and waved his hand. "You want to go home and rest," he said.

The man stumbled. "I...want ta go home an resht," he replied. The man began stumbling back to his house.

"Yeah, apparently the Mandalorians are doing some sport hunting in the Jundland Wastes," Kahar heard a man in the cantina say. Kahar began heading to the spaceport on the land speeder, where T7 had already landed the Defender hours earlier. "T7, prep for takeoff," he said into his comm. "I'm on my way to the ship."

Kahar stood in the Defender. "True Mandalorians Tatooine Sport Hunt," he murmured, studying over the information T7 had loaded on the console. "Annual tradition in the True Mandalorians where a few elite Mandalorians are invited to hunt all kinds of native species for fun. Tuskens, Jawas, even Krayt dragons." Kahar turned to T7. "We're heading to the Jundland Wastes." To be continued...

Journey to Ilum

In 25 BBY, after having trained Flash for three years, Kahar decided it was time for him to construct his own lightsaber. Meeting with Flash and T7 in the hangar of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, they soon took off in the Defender and entered hyperspace to Ilum.

After a few hours, the Defender exited hyperspace. "Look over there master! That must be Ilum!" Flash exclaimed. Kahar peered out the window, looking at the ice planet Flash was pointing at.

"Indeed it is Ilum," he responded. He slowly set the ship down on Ilum's surface.

The Defender lands on Ilum.

Kahar and Flash both exited the Defender wearing cold weather coats.

"Stay here and guard the ship, T7." The droid beeped in response to Kahar, returning inside the Defender and closing the door. Kahar and Flash then set off across the snowy landscape of Ilum. They ventured for several minutes before coming to a ridged mountain. At the peak of the mountain was the entrance to a kyber crystal cave. Kahar and Flash used the Force to jump onto a ledge, and from there climbed the rest of the mountain.

As the master and apprentice approached the cave, Kahar suddenly stopped and grabbed Flash's arm. "Stop. Don't run, they'll hear you," he whispered, pointing to three sleeping gorgodons near the cave's entrance. The two of them quietly walked towards the cave entrance, but suddenly the gorgodons woke up. Kahar and Flash narrowly dived out of the way as the gorgodons charged at them. Activating his lightsabers, Kahar quickly stabbed one of the gorgodons. As he turned around, he saw another gorgodon preparing to charge him, but before it hit, Flash force pushed it off the mountain. The remaining gorgodon howled and retreated down the mountain. Kahar deactivated his lightsabers and then proceeded to the cave with Flash. The entrance was covered with a huge ice wall.

"So how do I get in? It's completely blocked off."

"Yes, but if you are worthy, your path will be revealed. Use the Force. If the cave entrance is opened, then I have succeeded in training you. If not, then this trip was worthless."

Flash nodded and extended his arms outward. Kahar could feel him using the Force. After a few moments, the ice wall began to melt and eventually became water.

"Now you must go in alone, Flash. This is your journey. I must not interfere." As Flash entered the cave, the ice wall reformed behind him. Kahar then sat on the ground outside the cave and began meditating.

Several minutes later, Kahar felt Flash approach him. He stood up and faced his apprentice.

"Master, how did those battle droids get in there?"

"Battle droids? I haven't seen any battle droids. They must have been illusions, a part of your trial." Kahar then used the Force to grab the lightsaber on Flash's belt. He examined it for a few moments before igniting the blue blade. Kahar soon deactivated it and gave the lightsaber back to Flash. "You have constructed an impressive weapon, my apprentice. It will serve you well. Use it wisely." The two Jedi then descended the mountain, returning to Coruscant in the Defender.

Crisis on Krenton

Coming soon.

First Battle of Geonosis

In 22 BBY, Kahar was one of many Jedi to participate in the Battle of Geonosis. Kahar stood on a gunship, holding onto a handle. "Pilot, fire the blaster turrets!" Kahar shouted to the pilot. "Yes general," the pilot replied. The pilot rained down a barrage of green blaster bolts on the droids in the arena. The gunship was high above the arena, flying in circles. Kahar jumped off the gunship into the arena. When he hit the ground, he put one hand on the ground, creating a Force Wave that knocked several Droids and Geonosians to the ground. Kahar immediately stood up and activated his lightsabers. Kahar saw a droideka rolling towards him. Kahar used the Force to lift the droideka and throw it at a super battle droid. Both droids fell down. Kahar then used the Force to break an empty platform lose and throw it at the droids. It crushed both of them into tiny pieces. Suddenly all the Jedi stopped attacking. Everybody looked at Count Dooku. "It's over, Jedi. You've lost. Surrender now," Dooku said. Suddenly several more gunships came in. Kahar looked up and saw one with Yoda on it and a couple Clones. A Clone with a chain gun shot droids surrounding Kahar. Kahar activated his lightsabers and cut down Droids and Geonosians to clear a path to Yoda's gunship. They then got on the gunship and deflected blaster bolts. The gunship doors then closed and the gunship took off. Kahar deactivated his lightsabers and took a seat next to Yoda on one of the benches. "Many Jedi have been lost. We're losing this battle," Kahar said. "Yes. But help us, the Clones will," Yoda said. "More strength now, there is."

Sith Fortress on Hoth

In 22 BBY Kahar received news that a Republic Officer, a Jedi Knight, and several Clones had been captured while on Hoth and taken to a Sith Fortress hidden in a snow mountain. Kahar got onto The Defender with several other Jedi and Clones. They flew to Hoth and searched the mountains, finally finding a landing pad. They landed The Defender on the landing pad, and several battle droids came charging out of the Fortress. Kahar and the other Jedi quickly cut the droids down, but then 5 Prison Security Droids, battle droids with electro staves, came out of the Fortress, accompanied by 2 droidekas. One clone was shocked to death by a Prison Security Droid. Kahar managed to stab the Security Droid in the back after it killed the clone. One droideka killed 5 clones and a Prison Security Droid killed a Jedi. Kahar used a massive force push to knock all the droids off the landing pad and onto the icy ground below. Then Kahar and all the Jedi and Clones entered the Fortress. They walked down the hallway, no enemies attacking them. "I sense we are not alone" Kahar said. Suddenly the blast door they came in and the blast door on the other side of the hallway both shut. Kahar and the Jed activated their lightsabers, and the Clones readied their blasters. 4 Sith Lords jumped out of holes in the walls. One cut a clone down instantly with a clean strike going down the Clone. One of the Jedi Masters on the mission fought a Sith Lord. The Sith Lord launched several strikes and bolts of lightning at the Jedi Master, and he was able to deflect it for a while, but eventually he was overwhelmed by the lightning and the lightsaber went flying out of his hand and to the ground. The Sith Lord force pushed the Jedi Master to the ground and laughed evily, getting ready to shock him to death, but was interrupted when a blue lightsaber pierced through his back and out his stomach. The lightsaber then came out of the Sith Lord and he dropped to the floor, dead. Kahar stepped over the Sith Lord's corpse and to the Jedi Master and helped him up. He then handed the Jedi Master his green lightsaber. "Thanks," the Jedi Master said. "I was about to be killed there!" Kahar saw a Clone shoot another Sith Lord dead, and he saw that only 2 remained. He looked at the Jedi Master, and then cut the one Sith Lord down, and the Jedi Master cut the other. Kahar then cut the blast door open to the next room. When they went into the next room, they saw it was the prison, and they saw a hooded Sith Lord standing in the middle of the room. "You are pathetic," he said. "You came to rescue your friends, but now, you will die," said the Sith Lord. Kahar recognized the Sith as Lord Magma. "You are wrong," Kahar said. "You don't come anything close to this team's combined power, and it is you who will die," Kahar said. He then turned to his team. "Deal with the Security Droids and free the Republic Officer, the Jedi Knight, and the Clones." The Jedi all jumped at the droids and started cutting at them, while the Clones fired their blasters. Lord Magma shot lightning at Kahar, but he rolled to the side to dodge it. He shot more lightning at Kahar, and this time Kahar activated both his lightsabers and blocked it. He kept getting closer to Lord Magma, deflecting the lightning until he was close enough that he kicked Lord Magma in the jaw. Lord Magma went flying backwards and spit a tooth out. Angrily, he activated his single bladed red lightsaber and charged at Kahar. Kahar and Magma parried lightsabers for a while before finally jumping back from each other. Kahar remembered that he analyzed a blue print of the Sith Fortress and remembered that it said bombs had recently hit a side of the Fortress and weakened so it could open at any moment. He saw that Lord Magma was standing against the weakened spot. "You have failed Lord Magma," Kahar said. "The light side always wins." Lord Magma laughed. "What are you talking about....ahh!" Lord Magma was suddenly force pushed against the wall by Kahar and a hole opened and Lord Magma fell through it and fell down to the icy ground several miles below. Kahar deactivated his lightsaber, and saw the team had freed the prisoners. But because he had bust open the wall to kill Lord Magma, snow collapsed over the hole and snow started collapsing all around the Fortress. Alarms blared and Rebels and Separatist and Sith fled the base to get to a Rebel Cruiser and a Separatist Cruiser. Kahar took advantage and accessed a computer. He downloaded Rebel information and technology from it onto data cards so he could bring the technology back to Dark Nebula Lab and the info to look over with General Kessler. The team started running at the landing pad, when they got to the hallway, they saw the blast door to the landing pad they had landed on was still closed. Kahar quickly cut through it and they got onto The Defender, the only cruiser on that landing pad. As they were taking off, Kahar spotted the Rebel and Separatist Cruisers not far ahead. Kahar looked at the Republic Admiral on The Defender. "I sense a disturbance in the Force," Kahar said. "A Rebel General that is a Sith is on the Rebel Cruiser, and there are several other Rebels. Destroy the Rebel Cruiser." The Admiral nodded and informed all the Clones to fire the turrets. Missiles and turrets fired at the Rebel Cruiser and it began to flame. Kahar saw escape pods launched and sensed the Rebel Sith General was in the first escape pod. "Fire a proton bomb at one of those escape pods!" Kahar said. A Clone quickly launched a proton bomb and it locked onto the last escape pod. All of the Rebel escape pods were close together. Then the escape pod with the proton bomb on it blew up and the proton bomb caused a big explosion that blew all the other escape pods up. The crew cheered. "I can no longer feel the Sith in the Force," Kahar said. "He's dead." Then the Clones finished off the Rebel Cruiser by firing a large missile and the cruiser blew up into flaming pieces. Kahar looked back and saw the Sith Fortress had blown up, and the snow mountain had collapsed. Then The Defender made a jump to hyperspace to Coruscant so the Jedi General, the Republic Officer, and the Clones could share their report with the Senate and the Jedi High Council. Kahar got on a shuttle with Kessler when The Defender arrived on Coruscant. They stopped on Mustafar outside Dark Nebula Lab so Kahar could drop off the technology and then they went to Kessler's Ancient Mercenary Hideout on Ryloth to review the Rebel information.

Kahar later learned the Jedi Master with the green lightsaber he had saved from being killed by the Sith Lord in the Fortress was named Master Gren.


Lord Magma awoke in a building with Darth Vasha standing over him. "Huh? Where am I?" Magma asked. "You're at my hideout on Ryloth. We thought you were not going to pull through. You did, and you're fine now," Vasha said. Magma remembered Kahar pushing him out the wall of the base. "I think we both have something in common. We both want revenge on Jedi Master Kahar Zamet. He killed one of my ancestors in the Old Republic era, and he nearly killed you," Vasha said. "Partners it is," Magma said.

Battle of Ryloth

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Defending Rann's Castle

Kahar was part of the Battle of Ryloth in 22 BBY. During the battle, he was at Master Rann Clawpincer's Awesome General's Castle. As a shuttle returned from Dark Nebula Village, vulture droids suddenly appeared and shot it down. "Get the anti-air systems up!" Rann shouted. Within seconds, the vulture droids were fired upon and brought down.

"That's not the end of them," Kahar said. Suddenly, droid landing ships starting landing near Rann's castle. "Turrets, open fire!" Rann shouted. The turrets began shooting at the landing ships. The landing ships raised their shields and continued landing. "All clone troopers, move move move!" Rann shouted. Four clone troopers ran up to the entrance of the castle. Then the last of the landing ships landed, and tanks and droids started spilling out. Kahar activated his lightsabers and jumped at the droids. He cut several of them down. He then jumped onto one of the tanks and cut it up. Kahar then jumped off the tank and it blew up. The wreckage proceeded to crush a squadron of droids.

The Republic forces, quickly losing several clone troopers, retreated inside the castle. A ray shield was raised and the door locked, but a commando droid sliced through the controls to the shield. Suddenly, the tank shot the front door open and all seven clone troopers in front of it died.

Everybody ran to the throne room as droids and tanks came into the castle. Rann locked the door and then raised a ray shield in the inside part of the door so it couldn't be sliced. Two clones guarded the door, while six clone troopers ran to the main part of the throne room where Rann was at. Shark1 Brion, who was in the throne room, looked through a window. All clone troopers outside the throne room were dead. Two more clones ran to guard the door of the throne room.

Brion snuck out of the throne room through a secret door, and began to destroy droids. Kahar got chemicals and explosive materials out. He started making a bomb. Suddenly, a commando droid snuck up behind Brion and stabbed him. "Arghhhhhhhhh!" Brion shouted. He then dropped to the ground and his lightsaber rolled out of his hand. "Brion no!" Kahar shouted. Three more clones ran to the throne room door. The ray shield around the door was lowered, and Kahar ran out. He saw a whole squadron of clone troopers dead, as well as several battle droids. Kahar ran to Brion and checked for a pulse. There was none. Calming himself, Kahar used the Force to revive Brian and partially heal his injuries. Brian was able to stand up, and Kahar helped him into the throne room. Another clone trooper hurried to guard the door. Kahar put Brion on a couch and then a Clone Medic ran in. Rann stationed three clone troopers in the room to guard Brion, Kahar, and the medic.

Suddenly, the medic was shot by a droid sniper. Kahar and Rann used the Force to heal Brion while the clone troopers fended off a new wave of battle droids. Brion tried to walk but had a hard time. "Commandos droids!" Brion shouted. Kahar quickly activated his lightsabers and sliced down two incoming commando droids. As the castle was being overrun, Kahar and Rann helped Brion to the starfighters. Brion and Rann flew their starfighters to Brion's cruiser, while Kahar returned to the Republic outpost.

Mission in the Swamps of Ryloth

When Kahar returned to the Republic outpost, he saw that there had been an area that the Republic cleared the trees out and made a base. Everything had been transported there. Only about a dozen Clones remained at the old outpost. Kahar saw the landing ship now had a ray shield and magna guards were guarding it. Kahar ran over to the shield, killed a magna guard, and then got onto his speeder and went to the Republic Base. He walked over to the holo table and saw a Clone Private and a Clone Swamp Trooper planning. Kahar walked next to them. Both Clones saluted Kahar. "General Kahar, glad you could make it," the Clone Private said. Kahar nodded. "We need a Jedi General to lead a squad of Swamp Clone Troopers into the Swamps of Ryloth. Commander Raylan will fill you in on the rest," the Private said. The Private then saluted Kahar, turned on his heel, and walked away. "Where's Commander Raylan?" Kahar asked the Swamp Trooper. "You're talking to him right now," the Swamp Trooper said. "So," Commander Raylan said. "The Separatists have set up a bunker near the Swamps. The Swamps is covered with droids. We need a Jedi to get in there and help us out. Think you can?" Kahar nodded. "Here's some Swamp Trooper gear," Raylan said, handing Kahar all but the helmet of the Swamp Trooper gear. Kahar grabbed the Swamp Trooper gear and put it on. He was used to having his hooded Jedi robe, his Jedi gloves, and his Jedi boots on, but he could handle being in a green metal suit for a few hours. Kahar called Brion Graulshrieker, his Padawan, to the Republic Base. Raylan gave Brion some gear. Then everybody got on AT-RTs and followed Raylan out of the base. "Look up! There's Clones running on the rock bridge!" Brion shouted. Kahar looked up. Then he, Brion, Raylan, and the squad went and searched for the Swamps. They finally found it and started destroying the droids there. Kahar understood why he needed the Swamp Gear on. The swamp goo was very messy. Kahar fought off a bunch of magna guards and super battle droids. Finally, the droids were destroyed, and the squad blew up the bunker. Kahar, Brion, Raylan, and the remaining Clones of the squad returned to the Republic Base. Kahar and Brion put their regular gear back on. But then they had to get their Swamp Gear back on when they were called back to the Swamps to set up a outpost.

Evacuating the Last Village

Kahar was leading several Clones into battle. When they arrived at the landing ship, magna guards came out. Kahar cut down the battle droids that began pouring out. Monza sikera arrived at Ryloth to help fight for her people. They fought the droids off for a while, and finally the last village was evacuated. Then the Republic forces retreated into the Republic base.

Stopping the Bombers

Kahar was at the Republic HQ Tower on Ryloth when Anakin Skywalker told him that he needed to get into his Blue Y-Wing immediately to stop the Separatists from bombing three villages. The villages had been declared free of Separatist reinforcements, so the native twi'leks were returning to their homes, but the Separatists decided to send in bombers. Kahar lifted T7-O1 into droid slot in the Y-Wing. Kahar then climbed into the cockpit. He took off and headed towards the battlefield. He, Flash, Anakin, and several Clones began to shoot droids and tanks on the ground, and Separatist starfighters in the sky. "T7 evasive action!" yelled Kahar when they were surrounded by vulture droids. T7 then helped Kahar to flip the Y-Wing. After a few minutes, Anakin told Kahar that the droids had been cleared.

The Holo Cube

During the Battle of Ryloth, Plo Koon, Kahar Zamet, Commander Wolffe, Commander Raylan, the Wolfpack, and the 652nd were sent on a mission to retrieve a holo cube from a Separatist base. First, they had to take out some Separatists from a cliff. They would then cable jump down the cliff and into the base. From there, they would as silently as possible make their way to the vault where they would face a Sith Lord. After that, they would enter the vault, retrieve the holo cube, get out of there, and meet at the rendezvous point outside the base. What was so important about the holo cube? It contained dozens of Separatist designs and battle plans, and could be key in helping the Republic win the war. They reached the ridge on the cliff. "Sharpshooters, into position," Kahar whispered to the 652nd and 104th (Wolfpack). 20 Clone Sharpshooters (10 from each battalion) knelt, layed down, and stood next to trees. Kahar pulled out his D-17 Sniper Rifle from his pack. He put a blaster bolt pack in it. "Set your rifles to silent," Kahar whispered. The Clones and Kahar cranked levers around a wheel and set it to silent mode. "Get ready to fire," Kahar ordered. The Clones and Kahar then put one eye to the scope and closed the other. Suddenly a patrol walked into view. "Hold your fire," Kahar whispered. The Clones lowered their rifles. "I'll go first," Kahar said. He looked into the scope and saw 6 Commando Droids scattered around the field. He aimed at the side of one and pulled the trigger. The Commando Droid fell dead. No other droids noticed. "Take out the remaining 5 Commando Droids," Kahar ordered the sharpshooters. The sharpshooters made quick work of them. A Droid Commander walked over to one of the Commando Droids. "Get down!" Kahar whispered. "BT-49,
BT-49 Remade

BT-49, the Commando Droid Commander. He has a platinum arm due to his original being severed by Kit Fisto during the Battle of Geonosis.

are you slacking on the job?!" the Droid Commander said. There was no response. "BT-49?" Still no response. "Looks like BT-49's circuits are offline. Come with me to get a technician," the Commander Droid said. Kahar quickly force pulled BT-49 to him as soon as the droids left. He reprogrammed him to follow the Republic's orders. "BT-49 at your service," the Commando Droid said. "Quiet down," Kahar said. "Ok," BT-49 said in a whisper. BT-49, the head Commando Droid of the 6 out in the field, was the only one that remained intact. The others were blown to pieces by the sharpshooters. BT-49 was the one Kahar shot. He had only suffered a minor blast bolt to his left side. A stain marked where the blaster bolt had hit. The Commander Droid, his guards, and the technician came back outside. Kahar picked up on a conversation between them. "So you see, apparently BT-49 was shut offline somehow so he's right---where's BT-49?!" the Droid said. "Sergeants, find BT-49!" the Commander ordered. The battle droids made their way up the cliff, but Forest Troopers dismantled them silently. Sharpshooters then destroyed the technician and the Droid Commander. "Ok we're clear, all units in!" Kahar said. Everybody, including BT-49, attatched their cable launcher hooks to the side of the cliff and then descended downwards towards the Separatist base. They detatched the cables from their belts, but still had them hanging on the cliff side. Kahar realized the door was locked. He used his code slicer on the terminal to make the door open. They then snuck into the base as the blast doors closed behind them. They found the data room. Quickly, they cleared the droids. They made their way to the end where the vault was. "I've been waiting a long time for a challenge," the Sith Adept in front of the vault said. Kahar and Plo Koon activated their lightsabers while BT-49 drew his blaster. The Clones got into position. "We'll handle this, keep an eye on the door," Kahar said. Commander Raylan nodded and everybody began to guard the door. Kahar and Plo charged at the Sith as he activated his double bladed lightsaber. It was hard to handle both Jedi, but the Sith Adept managed to. Kahar and Plo backed him into a corner. The Sith cut the green lightsaber Plo had at the hilt. The lightsaber broke and went flying. Kahar seized the opportunity and kicked the Sith. The adept saw no way to win. "So long, Jedi," he hissed. He then opened the doors to the vault and ran to a platform behind the vault where he got in his Starfighter. Kahar and Plo deactivated their lightsabers. "All men follow us to the vault!" Plo shouted. Kahar found the holo cube and snatched it. Quickly, everybody ran out of the base where they found the gunship at the rendezvous point. They got on and then took off back to the Republic Base. "We should keep BT-49," Kahar said. "Yes. But who will take care of him?" Plo asked. "I will," Kahar offered. The gunship then landed at the Republic Base. Plo presented the Holo Cube to Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker while Kahar, BT-49, Commander Raylan, and the 652nd got on a gunship and took off.

Mission on Orto Plutonia

In 22 BBY, Kahar built a Republic Base on Orto Plutonia. A Talz had recently been captured for ordering one of his men to murder a Clone Captain and was put in a small ray shield cell. Kahar had been on the scene when it happened. The Captain was attacked and killed by the Talz. Kahar then stabbed the Talz and arrested his commander. Kahar pressed some buttons on a panel and the ray shield prison door slid open. Kahar pulled a knife out and pressed it up against the Talz's throat. The Talz gulped in fear. Kahar told the Clones to bring a protocol droid in. "Why did you order one of your men to kill the captain?" Kahar asked. The Talz spoke. The protocol droid turned to Kahar. "It appears his general told him to order his trooper to kill the captain," the protocol droid said. Kahar put a translator on the Talz's throat. "I was looking for my father. He's a Jedi Master. I'm a teenager," is what the translator on the Talz's throat translated the Talz's words into. Flash was with Kahar. Kahar released the Talz from the prison. The captain's best soldier walked to Kahar, sad that his captain had died. "This is justice for your captain," Kahar said, putting a hand on the Clone's shoulder. "Get containers of liquid pyrite and bombs." The Clone saluted Kahar and ordered his men to do so. Kahar got a speeder ready for him, Flash, and the Talz. The Talz lifted Flash with the Force and Flash and Kahar sensed the Talz was strong. They then took off down the hill and to the Talz base. Kahar fired the blasters on his speeder at the Talz base and threw a bomb and container of liquid pyrite. He and Flash then jumped into the base and cut their way through the Talz Soldiers until they got to the Talz Jedi Master. They found him being held in a cage. Kahar freed the Talz Jedi Master and gave him 2 lightsabers. The Talz Jedi gave one to his son and kept one for himself. He then jumped in the side car of his son's barc speeder and they drove back to the Republic Base. The troopers evacuated as Kahar threw the last bomb and the last container of liquid pyrite at the Talz base. He then activated the boost and went full blast away as the Talz base exploded. Kahar then promoted the captain's best soldier to a commander and the workers began to build another part of the base where the Talz base was.

Second Battle of Geonosis

When the Second Battle of Geonosis happened in 21 BBY, Kahar's army was eventually sent to Geonosis after several months. There, Kahar began constructing Secret Republic Base. He called one of his troops, Dexter Flamebreath, to the base. He also called his good friend KMS ARC to the base. They both arrived immediately. "Remember those super tanks that Poggle the Lesser sent to attack Republic reinforcements several months ago in the beginning of the battle?" Kahar asked KMS and Dexter. They both nodded their heads. "Well those designs for the Separatist Super Tanks are contained in a console in a heavily guarded Separatist factory. We need to get those designs and bring them back to Dark Nebula Lab on Mustafar so I can combine the designs with Republic and Dark Nebula technology and make super tanks for the Republic and Dark Nebula." Kahar said. "So you want somebody to go undercover and get these designs?" Dexter asked. Kahar nodded. "Or a full scale attack," he said.

The next day, General Kessler arrived. Kahar explained the plan to Kessler. "Should I lead the distraction squad?" Kessler asked. Kahar shook his head. "My spies located a secret tunnel complex that goes straight into the data room. We'll go through there. Lets go to the factory now." Kahar and Kessler then jumped into the shuttle. The shuttle then closed it's doors and took off towards the factory. It hovered next to the pipe once it reached the factory. "Alright into the pipe! Go!" Kahar said. Kahar, Kessler, and the Clones slid down the pipes and landed in the data room. Kahar then activated his lightsabers and cut the 2 Battle Droids in the data room before they could react. He then deactivated his lightsabers and ran over to the console. Kahar was just opening the data files when Kessler said "Kahar, look at this," and Kahar immediately ran over and watched the holo. It showed a Clone, and in the holo was info about the Republic. "Traitor," Kessler said. A Clone then pointed his gun to Kahar's back. "That's me in the holo," the Clone said. "Who do you think you are calling me a traitor?" Kahar immediately activated his lightsabers and stabbed the traitor Clone through the stomach before he could fire any shots. The Clone then dropped to the floor, dead. Suddenly knock out gas came out of the ventilation systems. Kahar raised a shield around himself. It knocked Kessler out, but he quickly shielded him and it woke Kessler up. "What happen......" Kessler asked. "Well, as long as we're in these shields, we're safe. There's knock out gas floating around the room," Kahar said. "Great," Kessler said. Then the gas went away and the Clones woke up. Kahar used the Force to lower the force shields from him and Kessler. Kahar then accessed the data files on the console and began flipping through them. He finally came upon one that said "Super Tank Designs" on it. He immediately took the data file out of the console. Kessler took a Separatist plan for an attack on Ryloth. Kahar activated the pipes and the wind pulled them back up into the shuttle. The shuttle then took off and landed back at the Secret Republic Base. Kahar and Kessler then jumped out of the shuttle and the Clones jumped out. The Clones quickly ran back inside the base to get something to eat in the cafeteria. Kahar and Kessler went into the war room and put the Separatist Battle Plan and Super Tank Designs on a table. Kessler and Kahar then jumped onto the shuttle and took it to Kessler's Ancient Mercenary Hideout on Ryloth.

Dark Nebula and Republic Mission to Tatooine and Dead Moon of Antar

In 21 BBY, Kahar and several Republic and Nebula forces decided to go on a mission to get a Jawa from Tatooine, fly to the Dead Moon of Antar, recover some of the pieces of The Malevolence, and bring them back to Dark Nebula Lab, thinking it could be used as a new super weapon against the Rebellion. They went to Tatooine and found the Jawa who had scanned the oxygen-less planet a few months ago and found where the pieces of The Malevolence were. They asked the Jawa to join them to go to the Dead Moon of Antar and help them find the pieces, and the Jawa agreed. The Nebula and Republic forces got back on the Republic Venator Cruiser, along with the Jawa, and went into space above Tatooine. As soon as they got into space, a Rebellion Cruiser and several Rebellion Shuttles jumped out of hyperspace and shot at the Republic Venator Cruiser. Kahar got to the turret in his small private room in the Cruiser, which he was currently in at the time of the attack, and blasted 5 Rebel Shuttles down before running to the hangar. On his way to the hangar, he stopped at the docking bay, and saw Rebel Shuttles landing and Rebellion Troopers pouring out. Kahar activated his blue and yellow lightsabers and helped the Clones and Nebula forces fight the Rebels. Once all the Rebels were dead or captured, the blast doors to the docking bay were closed. Kahar then ran to the hangar and got in a Republic Gunship, several Nebula forces and Clones coming in also. He locked the gunship doors and then the pilot drove it out into space. Kahar's gunship managed to land inside the docking bay of the Rebellino Cruiser right before it was closed. Kahar and several Clones and Nebula forces jumped out. Kahar quickly cut down several Rebellion Troopers and then used the Force to push the Rebel Engineer who had closed the blast doors into a wall, knocking him out. Kahar then quickly pressed buttons on the console to the blast doors sealing the Rebellion Cruiser hangar bay. Soon the blast doors raised, and Kahar cut the console so the blast doors could not be closed again. Several more Republic Gunships came through the shield and into the docking bay. In a matter of minutes, all the Rebel Troopers were dead or taken prisoner onto one of the gunships. Kahar then cut through a blast door that led into a large corridor. Him and all the troops ran through the corridor and cut and shot down the Rebel Guards and Troops as they ran to the end. When they got to the end of the corridor, Kahar had to cut open another blast door. They stepped through, and found a Rebel General and 20 Rebel Troopers in the bridge of the Rebel Cruiser, and all the Clones and Nebula forces and Kahar quickly cleared out the Rebel Troops. The Rebel General fired his blaster rifle at Kahar, but Kahar deflected the bolts into the General's rifle, frying it. He then used the Force to push the Rebel General against the wall, and asked the General to surrender. The General stood up and agreed, but then quickly pulled a blaster pistol out. But before the General could fire any shots, a Clone Lieutenant came up behind Kahar. He shot his blaster over Kahar's shoulder, and the bolt hit the Rebel General in the chest, killing him. But the fight wasn't over. Kahar and the gunships just left the cruiser, leaving some crewmen behind to pilot the Rebel Cruiser to the Dead Moon of Antar. While they were flying the gunships back to the Republic Cruiser, the pilot of Kahar's gunship, Blue Gunship, told Kahar that his scanners were showing 3 Rebel Cruisers coming out of hyperspace into the Tatooine system. Then the Republic Cruiser contacted Kahar and told him the same thing. When the Rebellion Cruisers jumped out of hyperspace, there was more Rebel Shuttles and now they even had some Rebel Starfighters. Kahar took the turbolift to the lower pit of Blue Gunship and found a weapon cache burried under a pillow, with the help of his dog, who had lived in Old Republic times and he had made immortal so she could live today. He then traveled back up the turbolift and handed the weapon cache to the Clone Lieutenant that had killed the Rebel General earlier. "Don't let these go to waste," Kahar said. At that moment, the gunship was being blasted and taking severe damage while a Rebel Shuttle was getting ready to board. Kahar quickly planted bombs all around the gunship. "Evacuate ship!" Kahar shouted. There were 25 people on board and there were 5 escape pods. Each could hold 5 people. Kahar, the Pilot, the Clone Lieutenant, T7, and Kahar's dog all got into one escape pod. Kahar monitored the ship's life systems from his escape pod, and saw all escape pods had been launched. Pressing a few buttons on the launch panel of his escape pod, his escape pod then launched into space. Kahar immediately contacted the Republic Venator Cruiser and told the bridge to tractor beam all of the escape pods from Blue Gunship. He then continued monitoring the life systems on Blue Gunship. He saw that the Rebel Shuttle had docked with Blue Gunship and that all the Rebels were on the ship, searching for Republic and Nebula troops. Kahar then pressed a button on a remote and the Rebel Shuttle and Blue Gunship blew up, killing all 32 Rebels, the 30 that got off the shuttle and into Blue Gunship, and the 2 pilots in the Rebel Shuttle. He then leaped at the turret and took control of it, shooting down 8 Rebel Shuttles. Then he shot another Rebel Shuttle and it crashed into another Rebel Shuttle, blowing up both. Then the tractor beam from the Republic Venator Cruiser started pulling up his escape pod. As it went up, Kahar shot the turret downward at 5 Rebel Starfighters that were following his escape pod. The blasts blew all the Starfighters up. Then Kahar's escape pod docked in the docking bay and he, his dog, the Clone Lieutenant, and the Clone Pilot got out. He remembered 5 escape pods launching, but only saw 2 others in the docking bay. Jedi Master Plo Koon approached Kahar. "Where are the other 2 escape pods?" Kahar asked. Just then a Republic Officer walked up to Kahar. "I'm sorry sir. They didn't make it. They got blasted to dust by 2 Rebel Shuttles just before your escape pod shot the Rebel Shuttles down. The 2 that blasted the escape pods were 2 of the 8 Shuttles you blasted." Kahar felt sad. "These troops were brave. It's sad that they died." Kahar said. He knew that these 2 escape pods being destroyed meant that 10 Republic Troops had been killed. "That isn't the only loss," said a Clone Sergeant, wearing armor with green stripes on it. He and some other Clone Troopers then pulled out the body of a Clone Commander, wearing armor with gold stripes, from their escape pod. "This, this is horrible," Kahar said sadly. "11 people dead from evacuating Blue Gunship. Just horrible." Kahar then got to the bridge and started uploading a gadget to a computer. When it was complete, he pressed a button on the console and 3 green beams shot out, one each hitting a Rebel Cruiser. Kahar then moved levers on the console, and the 3 Rebel Cruisers were lifted around like toys. Then Kahar moved the levers so that all 3 Rebel Cruisers would crash into each other, making them all explode. Then the turrets on the Republic Cruiser destroyed the rest of the Rebel Shuttles and Rebel Starfighters. Kahar later learned that the Rebel Cruiser that they had captured earlier in the battle was still ok. Then both cruisers jumped to hyperspace to the Dead Moon of Antar. Everybody got their oxygen helmets on and traveled to the moon. They found the pieces of The Malevolence and brought them back to Dark Nebula Lab on Mustafar.

Battle of Kamino

Coming soon.

Battle of Duraan

Kahar, Commander Rik, and a squadron of Clone Troopers joined a few armies of the Republic on Duraan during the battle in 21 BBY. The plan was Rik and Kahar would both take the same cruiser, the Vindicator, into hyperspace and come out of hyperspace above Duraan and then they would both take separate gunships to the surface of Duraan. Rik would land at the River Base and Kahar would land on the main battlefield. The plan was carried out, and both gunships landed. Kahar immediately activated his lightsabers and rushed into battle, cutting down several droids. A Clone Warrior ran up to Kahar and helped him kill some droids and then looked at Kahar. "General Kahar," he said. "Commander Rik contacted us and said he and his troops are being overwhelmed by a battalion of droids at the River Base and requested reinforcements. Go ahead to him, General. We've got the battle under control here." Kahar nodded and looked at the Clone Warrior. "'Come with me," Kahar said. The Clone Warrior nodded and jumped onto an air speeder with a closed roof, a wind shield, windows, and a large closed door. This was Kahar's personal speeder. He brought his dog, who is immortal, along also. Kahar had her sitting in the back of the vehicle and told the Clone Warrior to go back and play with her. Kahar started driving the air speeder through a path way and came upon a Separatist Outpost. "There's the launch ramp," Kahar said, noting a ramp next to the Separatist Outpost. Kahar plowed through rows of battle droids and finally went up the launch ramp. It launched him all the way high up into the river. The vehicle landed with a crash, and Kahar went flying backwards into the back of the air speeder. The alarms in the air speeder blared as smoke and fire began in the air speeder. The outside had been dented from the crash. Kahar quickly ran back to the controls and started driving through the river. There were 2 ways to get to the River Base. Drive the air speeder through the river around a mountain and get to the River Base or take a short cut through a narrow chasm to the River Base. He was about to take the long way when suddenly a squadron of vulture droids started shooting at the air speeder from behind. Kahar suddenly made a turn and went through the chasm. It scraped the sides of his vehicle. When he came out of the chasm, Clones fired rocket launchers at the top of the chasm and the rocks came tumbling down on the vulture droids, destroying them. Kahar saw the battalion of battle droids and the River Base. He charged up the blaster turret and fired a charged blast at the battalion of droids, destroying them all. He immediately told Rik to climb in. "Commander Rik, take control of the air speeder," Kahar said. Rik nodded and ran to the controls. Kahar told Rik to drive to the Separatist Fortress on Duraan. They arrived at the Separatist Fortress. "Commander Rik," Kahar said. "Do we have all the villages fully evacuated?" Commander Rik nodded. Kahar explained a plan to the other Republic Armies that they should go to all 4 villages around the Separatist Fortress during late night, destroy the shield generators for the shield around the fortress, retreat from the villages, and then launch mortar attacks to draw the Separatists away from the fortress and see what was going on the village. Then they would sneak into the fortress, download all data, plant bombs, and then destroy the fortress, winning the battle. They all agreed, and put the plan into progress. Strike teams immediately destroyed the unguarded generators and then evacuated back to the Republic Camp near the Separatist Fortress. The mortars were launched, and all Separatists ran from the fortress to the 4 abandoned villages. The armies ran into the fortress and downloaded all data onto data cards and planted larg bombs. Then the armies retreated back to the Republic Camp in the darkness as the Separatists returned from the villages. When all of Separatists were back in the fortress, they activated the bombs. The fortress went up in flames. The rest of the Separatists, the ones on the battlefield, were either destroyed or fled off planet. The Republic had won the battle, and the citizens of Duraan were able to leave the Republic Shelter and return to their villages. But the battle wasn't over. A Republic Agent contacted the Republic Camp and told Kahar, Rik, and the armies that the main Separatist Base was the Separatist Base in the capital city. Immediately all citizens were commanded to return to the Republic Shelter. The Republic Agent contacted the Republic Camp again and told them a Sith Lord known as Darth Wrath had landed in the spaceport in the capital city and was preparing to lead the Separatist forces into another battle. The Republic Agent was an expert slicer, and she was able to slice into the capital city's spaceport's security cams within a few seconds and show them a security recording of what was currently happening in the spaceport. They watched as Darth Wrath walked down the ramp of his personal Sith Starship, the Red Hate, and to the Duraanian Separatist Commander. The Duraanian Commander knelt before Wrath. "My lord," he said. "We have had a....setback......with the fortress." Wrath stared at the man angrily. "You should know that I do not tolerate failure," he said. He then started force choking the Duraanian Commander. Wrath smiled an evil smile as the man held his neck and gasped for breath. "Let this be a lesson to all of you," Darth Wrath said. He then released the Duraanian Commander. The man immediately dropped to the floor and started breathing fast and heavily, gasping for air. Darth Wrath then walked out of the spaceport to the Separatist Base to go to his office in there. The Republic Agent stopped the security cameras. "That's one big jerk," she said. "I need you guys to meet me back at the Republic Base. We were able to build one at the main battlefield. It's about 12:00am, midnight, right now. You guys destroyed the fortress 3 hours ago. We were able to get a base running in the battlefield 10 hours ago. Meet me there. Agent Rama, out." She then cut the communication. Kahar and Rik then got back on Kahar's personal air speeder they had been in about 12 hours ago, which had been repaired and repainted now. Kahar's dog and the Clone Warrior came in with them also. Kahar sealed the doors shut and started driving the air speeder through the darkness on Duraan. He drove it back through the river all the way to the battlefield where he found bodies of Clones and Droids. He saw the base too and parked outside it. Kahar made sure everybody got out of the speeder, and then they all went into the base. Kahar found Agent Rama at a holo table in the War Room. She looked at Kahar as he came in. "Ah, hello," she said to him. "Master Yoda said you are allowed to have another Jedi Master to be transported here to fight by your side." Kahar immediately looked at Rama. "Tell Yoda to send Master Devis," he said. Within an hour, Devis' gunship landed on Duraan outside the Republic Base. Kahar welcomed Devis and walked with him into the War Room. He opened one of the many holo tables. "This is where we plan to have the next battle," Kahar said, pointing at the capital city on the holo map. "We destroy all the Separatists while in the city and then we secure some ground and set up a territory. Then here," Kahar said pointing to a red dot, "we will attack Darth Wrath in his office and capture or kill him and Duraan will be ours." Everybody agreed to the plan. It was 3:00 AM by the time the meeting was over. The plan was that everybody would go to sleep and then at 12:00pm, the capital city of Duraan would be attacked. Everybody woke up early and got in Clone Tanks. Kahar told Agent Rama to stay behind at the base and take care of his dog. When the teams arrived at the capital city, it was 10:00am. The bridge was sealed in a ledge and they couldn't cross. Kahar ordered everybody to launch cables next to each other. They ended up making a cable bridge and they were able to walk across it. Suddenly alarms blared and droids came running out. The bridge was raised and the cables were put back in the packs. The Clone Tanks came across the bridge and started blasting at the droids. At the front of the base, which was the back of the capital city, was the Duraanian Separatist Commander. The Clone Tanks continued blasting at the droids and then they drove towards the front of the base. The Clones and Jedi marched towards the base. The Duraanian Commander called magna guards, but they were blasted by the Clone Tanks. The Duraanian Commander fired barrages of bolts out of his blaster pistol. The Clones with the machine gun, grenade launcher, and blaster rifle were on top of the Clone Tank as usual. Everybody shot at the Duraanian Commander, and surprisingly the Duraanian was able to dodge until a Clone Sniper used a head shot on him. He died and then they went into Wrath's office in the base. When they arrived, they didn't find Wrath, and all records were deleted. The teams quickly went to the spaceport and saw Wrath on the ramp to the Red Hate, getting ready to board it. "Fire!" Kahar said. One of the Clones with a grenade launcher on top of one of the Clone Tanks fired a grenade at the Red Hate. Darth Wrath stared at the teams and said "You----" he was cut off when the Red Hate blew up and his body went flying. All Separatists on the planet were destroyed, and the citizens were allowed out of the Republic Shelter. Duraan was controlled by the Republic once again.

Battle of Brulan

In 21 BBY, Kahar was called to Brulan to fight with an army of ARC Troopers and Clone Pilots. When they landed, ARC Troopers poured out around Kahar.. Kahar had arrived in a cruiser. Kahar saw the planet had a nice climate. Lots of grass and trees. It was pouring rain. Kahar already had his hood up. A Clone Tank swerved around. Kahar stood on the ramp and then force jumped on top of a Clone Tank when one came out from the ramp. It swerved and arrived at the gates. Droids suddenly started firing at the Clone Tank. The Clones on top fired their grenade launchers, machine guns, and blaster rifles. Kahar jumped off and fought the droids for a few minutes. Then he ran to the porch of a damaged and abandoned building. A Clone ARC Trooper that was a good shot and specialized in engineering nicknamed "Tech" joined him. An ARC Sharpshooter then ran up to the porch. The Clone Tank that Kahar was on earlier drove in front of the house and the Clones started firing at the droids. A Commando Droid threw a sticky grenade at the Clone Tank and it exploded into wreckage. The pouring rain quickly put the fire out. Kahar, Tech, and the Sharpshooter hid behind a small barricade on the porch. Kahar peaked around the corner and saw 4 ARC Clone prisoners and 8 Battle Droids, 7 of them regular and 1 a Commander. "Alright, I've got a plan," Kahar said quietly. "Sharpshooter, what's your name?" "Boom," the Sharpshooter replied. Kahar nodded. "Alright," Kahar said. "Boom, you shoot the Droid Commander in the head and then we'll join in and free the prisoners and they'll get the weapons from the dead Clones at the wreckage of the Clone Tank." Boom nodded. He peaked his head over the barricade. Activating his scope, he aimed at the Droid Commander's head. He pulled the trigger. The Droid Commander's head went flying off and he fell to the ground. The Droids immediately started firing at the porch. Boom ducked down behind the barricade again. Kahar activated his lightsabers and jumped at the Battle Droids. The Commando Droid that blew up the Clone Tank earlier pulled out a vibroblade and ran into the battle. Kahar saw the Commando and jumped at him. He landed behind the Droid Commando and stabbed him in the back as Tech and Boom finished off the remaining droids. Kahar then freed the prisoners. One of them grabbed the blaster pistol from the dead Clone Pilot and the other 3 grabbed the grenade launcher, the blaster rifle, and the machine gun. Suddenly several more Droids ran in, shooting at the 6 Clone ARCs and the Jedi. "Cover me!" Tech shouted. Tech then ran at the smoking wreckage of the Clone Tank and began to repair it. Kahar fought the droids up close while Boom sniped them. The 4 Arc Clone prisoners that had been freed shot from where Boom was. Finally, Tech repaired the Clone Tank. "Get in!" he shouted. Kahar jumped into the pilot's seat and Tech jumped into the cannon seat while Boom and the 4 freed ARC Clones got on top of the Clone Tank and started shooting at the droids. Kahar drove the Clone Tank back to the gates and they killed the rest of the droids. Kahar was contacted by Captain Rex that they had set up a Republic Command Center. Rex sent Kahar the coordinates and Kahar started driving there. Suddenly a Separatist Shuttle fired a missle at the Clone Tank. The Clone Tank fell on it's side and was severely damaged. Boom, Tech, and the 4 ARCs made it inside in time luckily. Nobody was injured. The doors were blocked by wreckage. Kahar activated his lightsabers and cut a hole in the wall. Everybody poured out. Kahar saw the shuttle. Suddenly some regular Phase 2 Clones came from Captain Rex's squad and started shooting at the shuttle. Kahar force jumped onto the shuttle. He held onto the side. The Separatist Commander walked to the ledge and pulled out a blaster pistol. Kahar looked down and saw he was high above the ground. He knew he could use the Force so he would land without being injured, plus he was immortal. Then he looked at the Separatist Commander. The Separatist Commander aimed his blaster pistol at Kahar's hand. Kahar force jumped up behind the Commander and kicked him off the ledge. The Separatist Commander screamed and then fell on the ground with a loud thump. Kahar stabbed the controls and then force jumped off the shuttle. The shuttle exploded behind him. Kahar, Tech, Boom, the 4 ARCs, and the Clones from Rex's squad got into Rex's Clone Tank. Then they drove to the command center to plan for the larger battle to come. When the Clone Tank arrived at the command center, Kahar, Boom, Tech, the 4 ARCs, and Rex's Clones came out of the Clone Tank to be greeted by Rex. "Kahar, we need you and the squad to go to this area here and clear out Separatists," Rex said as he pointed to a red dot on the holo map. Kahar nodded and got into a gunship along with Boom, Tech, the 4 ARCs, and some of Rex's Clones. The gunship flew through the air and landed at a hill. Everybody poured out and then the gunship took off. The Clones started shooting at the droids and tthe droids returned fire. Kahar started chopping up droids, but saw the squad was overwhelmed. Kahar activated his communicator and contacted Flash. "Yes, come in," Flash said. "My Padawan, I need you to come to my position because we are running low on reinforcements," Kahar said, sending the coordinates to Flash. "Ok Master. Oppa and I will be there in about 10 to 15 minutes with some troopers," Flash said. Flash then cut communications. As Kahar continued fighting the droids, he knew his only hope was Flash.
417932-299898931 34b12253f0 o

Captain Oppa relays Flash's order to get on the speeder bikes.

After what seemed forever, Flash, Captain Oppa, and Oppa's men arrived on their speeder bikes. They immediately started fighting the droids but saw that they were losing. Kahar contacted the gunship and told the pilot to pick them up at the bottom of the hill. Using the Force to help them, Kahar and Flash slid down the hill while Oppa, Boom, Tech, the 4 ARCs, and the remaining Clones cable launched. "I'm going down!" shouted the Clone Pilot. Kahar looked up to see the gunship flaming with vulture droids shooting at it. The gunship then crashed next to the pond and exploded. Kahar, Flash, Oppa, Boom, Tech, the 4 ARCs, and the remaining Clones ran into an area where a small abandoned house was. They got inside and looked through the open window and saw droids coming. Oppa ordered the remaining Clones to come with him, Kahar, Flash, Oppa, Boom, and Tech. They ran out through the gardens, firing at droids. Then they saw a Clone Tank and got inside. Kahar used the cannon to destroy the droids and they returned to the command center. But on the way, hyena bombers dropped bombs onto the Clone Tank. Smoke and flames filled the tank. After the smoke cleared, Kahar saw that the 4 ARCs were dead. Their heads had been thrown back against the wall, snapping their necks. The same thing had happened to the remaining Clones. Boom, Tech, and Oppa were fine though. Kahar looked at Flash and he nodded. Lieutenant Copper, Sergeant Chains, and ARC Lieutenant Bomber ran into the Clone Tank. "Droids are coming! We got to go!" Copper shouted. Just then droids began coming into the Clone Tank. Chains, Bomber, Copper, Oppa, Flash, Boom, Tech, and Kahar began fighting the droids. Eventually, the fight ended, and everybody walked out of the Clone Tank safely.
Oppa and Chains

Oppa (Back) and Chains (Front) in the wreckage of the Clone Tank, fighting battle droids.

They found speeders and used them to ride back to the command center. All they saw when they arrived was disaster. Everything was thrown around, the command center damaged. Kahar ordered Chains and Oppa to come with him and Flash while Tech, Boom, Bomber, and Copper guarded the entrance. Kahar used the Force to remove a large piece of wreckage from in front of the door. It was pitch black dark inside, sparks coming from the damaged lights. Flames on the walls. Kahar and Flash activated their lightsabers. They heard movement from the control room. They slowly walked down the hallway. They saw the lights were still fine in the control room. Kahar saw familiar burn marks from a gun. Kahar had a flash back just as Geonosians and Commando Droids jumped down. "Look out!" shouted Oppa. A Geonosian Warrior jumped down and tackled Kahar. He then pulled out his sword. Oppa slid a pistol across the floor to Kahar. Kahar grabbed the pistol and shot the Geonosian in the head 5 times. He then threw the body off of him and tossed the pistol back to Oppa. Oppa caught it and shot a Geonosian Warrior charging at him. Kahar activated his lightsabers and jumped down behind a Commando Droid and stabbed it in the back. Kahar saw Captain Rex and several Clones tied up in the control center. Chains shot the last Commando Droid to pieces while Flash brought his lightsaber down on the last Geonosian. "What are Geonosians doing here?" asked Copper. "The Separatists must have brought them in," Kahar replied. Kahar quickly ran into the control center and freed Captain Rex and the Clones. "Thank you, general," Rex said. Tech saw the main console was damaged and quickly repaired it. Then the rest of the team went to work, fixing the place up and putting the dead Clones on a shuttle, wrapped in body bags. The wounded were treated in the medical room after it was repaired. A shuttle arrived with Kahar's dog and he gave Rex 1,000 credits so he could rent private quarters for him and his dog. Kahar dropped his dog off at the room and then went through the halls to the main console. "See anything Tech?" Kahar asked. "Well," Tech said, "There appears to be a bunch of Separatists over near this Brulan Foundry." Kahar shook his head. "This can't be good," he said. "Rex, rally the men." Rex saluted Kahar and got his squadron together. Kahar got in a Clone Tank outside and they drove over to the foundry along with the rest of the Clones. They began blasting away at droids. Kahar jumped out of the Clone tank and cut down droids as he made his way to a wall. He climbed up the wall and then force jumped to the foundry's roof. He caught the ledge of the roof and then force flipped himself onto the roof. He used the Force to open the hatch and climb down the ladder with Rex, Boom, Oppa, Chains, Copper, and Bomber. They landed in a droid control room and killed the droids. Kahar then hit the self destruct button on the foundry and everybody quickly climbed up the hatch and cable launched down the roof. The droids evacuated to a grassland near the sea. The Republic followed the droids to the grassland as the foundry exploded behind them. When the Republic arrived at the grassland, a great battle raged on. Kahar met up with Sergeant Blox, Lieutenant Colik, and Commander Corlix on the battlefield. He led them over to Oppa and the other Clones. Suddenly a gunship came flying in slowly. The blast doors opened and 4 Clone Spartans stepped out in a line. Kahar saw a green one standing at the beginning of the line. "CS-S117 aka Chief, sir," he said. Kahar looked at the next one, a white and grey one. He knew his name but wanted him to repeat it. "CS-K142 aka CruelCR0SSFIRE, sir," he replied. "The other 2 are Jax and Tank," he added. Kahar nodded and led them over to a Clone Tank. They all got in the Clone Tank and sat down. The Clone Tank moved along the grassland near the ocean and began shooting at the Separatist vehicles and droids. The rest of the Republic army on Brulan marched on both sides of all the Clone Tanks. "Bombing run incoming! Take cover!" the pilot of the Clone Tank that Kahar was in shouted. Kahar used a force bubble and wrapped everybody inside it. Hyena bombers dropped bombs on the Clone Tank and knocked it over on it's side. Once the bombing run was done, Kahar lowered the force bubble. He and Flash activated their lightsabers and began cutting through the wreckage to make an exit for everybody. After a couple of minutes, the layers of wreckage had been cleared in one spot and a large hole had been made. Everybody climbed out of the Clone Tank. The remaining people of the Republic army on Brulan marched to a Separatist Citadel a few feet away. As they approached the entrance, a Sith Lord walked out of the blast door and activated both his lightsabers. Tank activated his plasma sword and charged at the Sith. The 2 parried each other's attacks for a long time. The Sith force pushed Tank against the ground and brought his lightsaber over Tank. As he was bringing it down, CruelCR0SSFIRE grabbed his knife and pulled the Sith Lord backwards. He then stabbed his knife into the Sith's throat and pushed him forwards. The Republic then continued into the citadel. A squadron of Clones carried a gigantic bomb in. When they reached the control room, they found dozens of battle droids. The army started fighting them but reinforcements kept coming. Suddenly Tank and Jax were hit by a missile and exploded. "No!" Chief shouted. The small squadron of Clones set up the bomb while the army continued to hold off the reinforcements. Eventually the bomb was set up. "Captain," one of the Clones said to Oppa. "We don't have time to set up a remote control to the bomb and get out of here in time. There's too many of them. We need somebody to do it manually." Chief looked at the Clone. "Allow me to do it, brother," he said. "I'll turn indestructible armor on." Kahar nodded. "Men, lets go out the windows," Kahar said. Everybody broke the windows and cable launched down. Kahar turned around and looked at Chief. "Thank you," he said. Chief just nodded. Kahar then cable launched down the cable. And got everybody back to the remaining Clone Tanks. Kahar watched as droids and Battle droids came into the control room. He saw a big explosion happen and the control room and citadel was just wreckage. He waited several minutes for Chief, but he never came out of the wreckage. Sadly, he then walked back into one of the Clone Tanks. Kahar looked at Oppa. "Indestructible armor doesn't work I guess," Kahar said. Oppa patted Kahar on the shoulder. "He made a sacrifice to help the Republic," Oppa said. Kahar nodded. The battle on Brulan was finally over, and the planet had been saved. But at what cost? Kahar, Oppa, Flash, and the squad returned into the Republic Cruiser along with most of the army and left back to Coruscant.

Meanwhile back on Brulan:

Chief awoke to a loud voice. He pushed the wreckage off of him. He then pulled the chip containing the AI off his back and put it in a data console. "Everybody thinks you're dead," she said. "You fell unconscious and didn't come out of the wrcekage. Now they're gone and we're stranded here." Chief sighed. "At least us friends have each other, we just have to make our way back to Coruscant ourselves," he said.

Chief and the AI reappeared on Coruscant in 19 BBY with a custom starship that they made from pieces of destroyed ships on Brulan.

Battle of Umbara

In 20 BBY, Kahar was one of the many Jedi Masters sent to Umbara to defeat the Umbarans and kill Sith Lord Varad Zagg, Darth Maul, and Savage Opress. He first learned how to get in the Sith Academy when Jedi Knight Veela, another Jedi who was sent to Umbara and the one who supplied the cloners on Kamino with Jedi DNA for Force Sensitive Clones, had been killed by Darth Maul while in the Ancient Sith Academy. Her ghost then appeared to Kahar and gave him a Force Vision, showing him how she had got in the Ancient Sith Academy. At the end of his vision, he saw Veela force push Savage at the wall and then get killed by Maul. He entered the Academy, and succeeded, killing all the Acolytes, the training droids, and Lord Varad. He got to Maul and Savage and defeated them in combat, but they retreated. He continued to help on Umbara, attacking the Airfield, destroying bunkers, and clearing out several droids, Umbarans, and Sith Acolytes in the forests of Umbara.

Assault on the Citadel

Shortly after arriving on Umbara, Kahar was assigned to assault a Separatist Citadel near the massive lava river. Along with his Clone Commander, Raylan, and twenty Clone Troopers of the 652nd Battalion, he was able to get to the top of the citadel, providing a stealthy entrance. "Since the roof is slanted, we'll slide down it," Kahar said. "Be cautious. The scouts said there's tripmines placed under some of these panels. Once we finish sliding across the roof, we'll attatch our grapple hooks to the edge and descend until we get to the command center, then break through the windows." With no further questions, Raylan, Kahar, and the clones began sliding down the roof. Shortly after they began sliding down, Kahar looked to his left and watched as a panel blew up beneath a clone trooper. A few seconds later, he looked to his right and saw two clones, close together, get taken out by the same tripmine. The group was nearly to the end of the roof when, suddenly, a panel blew up beneath Raylan, sending him flying through the air. "Raylan!" Kahar shouted. It was too late. Raylan was already dead from the explosion. His body landed on a cluster of rocks near the lava river, and then rolled into the lava river and sank. Kahar and the clones slid off the roof, spun around, and attatched their grapple hooks to the edge of the citadel. They rappeled down until they were in front of the command center. Kahar and the clones swung backward, then flew forward, smashing through the windows of the command center. The clones immediately opened fire on startled Umbarans and battle droids. Shortly afterwards, Kahar ignited his lightsabers, helping to finish off the remaining Umbarans and battle droids. Kahar and the clones made their way to the turbolift at the end of the hallway. Suddenly, the turbolift opened, and two Commando Droids and a droideka came out. A fight broke out, and after it was over, the droids and seven clone troopers were dead. Kahar and the clones then set several explosive devices around the hallway before getting in the turbolift. They went all the way down to the hangar at the bottom of the citadel. There were several Umbarans and battle droids scrambling through the hangar, completely unaware of the group. Separatist and Umbaran fighters were taking off rapidly, heading off to battle the Republic fleet. One of the clones threw a thermal detonator, causing a massive explosion that destroyed most of the hangar. The Umbarans and battle droids now noticed Kahar and the clones, and began firing. Kahar ignited his lightsabers and leapt at a group of battle droids while the clones fired their blaster rifles at battle droids and Umbarans. After several minutes of fighting, all the Umbarans and battle droids were dead, and six clones had been killed. Kahar and the four remaining clones placed explosive devices all around the hangar before running to an open hill near the lava river, where a gunship picked them up. Kahar pulled out a trigger and pressed the button while riding in the gunship. He and the clones looked back as explosions erupted in the citadel's command center and hangar. With its main support structure destroyed, the citadel crashed into the lava river.

The gunship landed at the Republic Base on Umbara, and Kahar announced to the four remaining clones that they would be transferred from the 652nd Battalion to the 501st Legion. "Poor Raylan," one of the clones, named Tech, said. "Yes Tech. It is a shame that Raylan died," stated Kahar. "But let his legacy live on through you. If Raylan was here right now, he'd be proud of all of you. Good luck, soldiers, and may the Force be with you." The clones saluted, then walked away to report to Captain Rex. Kahar recognized one of the clones as Boom. He had met Tech and Boom two months before during the Battle of Brulan. After staring off into the Umbaran landscape for a few minutes, Kahar walked to his private quarters in the Republic Base.

Shortly afterwards, Commander Shadow would be assigned to lead the 652nd Battalion under Kahar.

Trandoshans and Droids

While on Umbara, Kahar helped General Dawson destroy a droid landing ship and kill Captain Daheeg. Rather than use his lightsabers, Kahar used the Republic Grenade Launcher and Turbolaser.

Defeating the Rancor

Kahar went into the deep forests of Umbara with Devis and General Dawson where they searched for a rancor. They searched for days and were about to give up when, suddenly, they saw some Umbarans trying to kill the rancor but failed. They ran to the rancor lightsabers slashing and blasters firing at the rancor until it fell. Then they found a little tracking device telling them to collect each of the following: rancor egg, rancor claw, rancor footprint, rancor spike, rancor drool, rancor snot, rancor tooth, and lastly, rancor toenail. When they collected them all the device started leading them to a farm where there were little rancors called Fogg. When they trained their own they started to transport some to the Republic so Republic Scientists as well as Dark Nebula Scientists could study them. They later got a message from Obi-Wan telling them that he needed help with the Umbarans as well as Droids at a bunker. Kahar went to go help him out while Devis and Dawson were left to go help the bunker and the Arc Troopers, so they went to take out the air base. Then they were assigned a mission to aquire some Shadow Tech Gear for scientists to study and Clones to wear.

The Umbaran Bunker

Kahar arrived and saw Obi-Wan. "Ready?," Kahar asked. Obi-Wan nodded. "Ready," he replied. "And I brought help." Arc Captain Burner arrived. He was a Shock Trooper, but was still a captain in the Republic Grand Army. "Split up!" Obi-Wan shouted over blaster fire. Kahar and Obi-Wan went to the left, while Burner went to the right. Obi-Wan and Kahar cut down droids on one side of the bunker. Meanwhile, on the other side, Burner shot a droid and bashed an Umbaran. Eventually, Burner, Obi-Wan, and Kahar met up. They then returned to the Republic Outpost.

Skirmish on Carlac

In 20 BBY, Commander Wolffe, the Wolfpack, and some of the 501st were exploring Carlac when they found Death Watch Mercenaries on the planet. Now Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Kahar Zamet were on Plo Koon's cruiser, The Triumphant, flying to Carlac along with some of the 501st and 652nd. Plo Koon walked over to the holo table and established communications with Commander Wolffe. Kahar walked into his private room and put
Kahar on Carlac with Frosty

Kahar riding Frosty, his Tauntaun, while on Carlac.

on his snow robes. He walked out right as the cruiser was close enough to Carlac to launch the gunship. Plo Koon, Kahar, the 501st, and the 652nd quickly ran to the hangar bay and got on a gunship. The gunship blast doors then slid shut and the gunship flew into space. The gunship landed at the Republic Base and the blast doors flew open. The 501st and 652nd quickly jumped out. Plo Koon and Kahar stepped out and then Plo walked over to Commander Wolffe. Kahar met Commander Shadow outside the base. "We need to rescue a village and destroy some Death Watch Camps," Kahar said. "We'll do it in a little bit. Right now, we all need to rest." Commander Shadow saluted and ran off to tell the orders to the 652nd Battalion. Kahar then walked into the base and into his quarters.

Reconassiance Mission

The next morning Kahar and 2 Scout Troopers from the 652nd Battalion went on a recon mission to scout the area. They encountered several Mandalorians and Kahar found a part to begin assembling Mandalorian Carlac Boots. About 15 minutes into the search, Kahar and the 2 Scouts came across some wreckage. They walked closer to get a better look. "Droids!" Kahar shouted, seeing battle droids. One droid immediately began to fire at Kahar and the 2 Scouts. Kahar cut the droid and then another began to fire. Kahar cut it and then a destroyer droid. Suddenly a droid sharpshooter shot one of the Scouts in the helmet. Smoke rose from the hole as the Scout fell off his tauntaun. The droid attemped to shoot the other scout, but instead it killed the fallen scout's Tauntaun. "Retreat!" Kahar shouted. The remaining Scout and Kahar then quickly rode their Tauntauns back to the base. Kahar quickly dismounted and ran over to Commander Wolffe and Plo Koon at the holo table. "We aren't just up against Death Watch, we are up against the Separatists!" Kahar said. "They are around the wreckage of some sort of cruiser." Plo Koon looked at Kahar. "This is very disturbing news, Kahar," Plo Koon said. "I suggest we rally some of the 501st, 652nd, and Wolfpack and try to destroy the droids," Kahar suggested. Commander Wolffe and Plo Koon nodded. Kahar then walked away to the 652nd's barracks.

Assault on the Separatists

Five hours had passed since Kahar and the remaining Scout had returned from the recon mission, sharing their reports of the droids, and Plo Koon, Kahar, and Commander Wolffe agreeing on a plan. Now Jedi Generals Wedge Neurosear and Devis Trooper had arrived on Carlac in a gunship, along with a dozen more 501st Clone Troopers. An hour after they had landed, the Wolfpack, Plo Koon, Commander Wolffe, 652nd, 501st, Commander Shadow, Kahar, Devis, and Wedge were on Tauntauns, ready to charge to the droid base at the wreckage. "Get ready men! We are about to charge into battle!" Kahar shouted. Everybody grabbed the reins of their Tauntauns and readied to go into battle. "Charge!" Plo Koon shouted. Suddenly everybody began to ride their Tauntauns to the droid wreckage base. All Death Watch encountered were killed without any problems. Finally, they arrived at the wreckage. Everybody hopped off their Tauntauns. Kahar, Wedge, Devis, and Plo Koon charged into battle while the 501st, Wolfpack, 652nd, Commander Shadow, and Commander Wolffe fired at the droids from a distance. Commander Teshka, a Separatist Commander who was a Trandoshan, sat in the office building room. The base was more of a camp. Small little buildings were carved into each peice of wreckage. Teshka sat in his chair in his office building, staring at a hologram of General Grievous. "General, we are still expecting your arrival," Teshka said in a sinister tone. "Good. Hold off those Republic scum and Death Watch. I don't want them interfering, Commander," Grievous said. "I am entering the atmosphere of Carlac now." The holo then faded away. Teshka walked out to see a shuttle land. The ramp unfolded and 2 Magnaguards walked out and stood on either side of the ramp. General Grievous then walked down the ramp and over to Teshka. Grievous was followed by 2 Commando Droids, 1 Super Battle Droid, and 10 Battle Droids. Then 3 Destroyer Droids rolled out. "Ah yes, General----" Teshka was cut off by the sound of his holoprojector buzzing. He activated it to see Droid Commander 22C4. "22C4 what is it?!" Teshka hissed. "Can't you see I'm meeting with the General right now? Perhaps you want to be turned into scrap metal?" Teshka grinned. "Commander, Republic Troops have invaded the base. I repeat Republic ahhh!" 22C4 was cut off as Plo Koon sliced the droid in half. The communication then broke. "Bah! Republic scum in my base?!" Grievous said furiously. "I will not allow this!" He then ordered the 2 Magnaguards, 2 Commando Droids, 1 Super Battle Droid, 10 Battle Droids, and 3 Destroyer Droids to aid the other droids. "Roger roger," said Droid Commander 33D5. He and the other droids then quickly ran over to the battle. Kahar, Devis, Wedge, and Plo Koon were chopping down battle droids. Kahar force pulled a battle droid to him and then snapped it's head off. A Super Battle Droid fired a rocket at Kahar, but Kahar force stopped it. He saw the 3 Destroyer Droids rolling in. Kahar then force pushed the rocket at the 3 Destroyer Droids and blew them into pieces. A Wolfpack Sharpshooter then shot the Super Battle Droid down. Kahar looked at the largest piece of wreckage, the one Teshka's office was in, and saw General Grievous standing on top of it. Kahar ran over to Plo Koon. "Tell the others to keep fighting! Grievous is here and I'm going after him!" Kahar shouted. Plo Koon nodded. Kahar ran over and jumped up onto the piece of wreckage while activating his lightsabers. "It would be an honor to add your lightsabers to my collection," Grievous said. "Only one who will be adding to their collection today is me," Kahar said. Grievous laughed and then activated his 2 lightsabers. I know what he'll do, Kahar thought. Kahar's thoughts were right when Grievous suddenly revealed 2 more arms and activated 2 more lightsabers. Kahar went on the offensive and attacked Grievous with all his might. He managed to push the General back. The cyborg kicked Kahar backwards and then took over. He pushed Kahar to the edge of the wreckage. Kahar used the Force to help him maintain balance. He then leapt over Grievous and kicked him in the back. Grievous fell over the side of the wreckage and into the snow. A giant wave of snow went flying up around him and then came back down. Plo Koon and the Wolfpack surrounded Grievous. Grievous stabbed a Wolfpack Trooper and kicked Wolffe and then ran. Plo Koon, Wolffe, and the Wolfpack followed him. Kahar watched the chase as he deactivated his lightsabers. "Think you'd get away so easily, Jedi scum?" Teshka said from behind Kahar. He then raised a blaster pistol to the back of Kahar's head. Kahar activated his lightsabers and deflected the blaster bolt as soon as Teshka fired it. It hit Teshka in the hand. Teshka let out a cry of pain as his blaster pistol went flying off the wreckage. Teshka grabbed his hand and tried to run away. Commander Shadow suddenly flew up on a jetpack and shot Teshka. Teshka screamed as he fell down. He tried to crawl away, but Shadow fired another bolt at Teshka. The bolt hit him. Teshka lifted his head and then passed out. Shadow and Kahar thought he was dead, but he was still alive. "Good work, Commander Shadow," Kahar said. "Just doing my duty, general," Shadow replied. Shadow then flew off the wreckage while Kahar force jumped off. Plo Koon and the Wolfpack were fighting Grievous as the 501st and 652nd destroyed the last of the droids. Plo Koon cut off one of Grievous' lower arms. The green lightsaber he was holding deactivated and then it and the arm fell to the ground. Grievous growled. Plo Koon then used the Force to pick up the lightsaber and activate it. All the droids had now been killed. Kahar, Wedge, Devis, and the 652nd quickly came running to Plo Koon and the Wolfpack. Seeing he was outnumbered, Grievous kicked back the Wolfpack and Plo Koon and then retreated to his shuttle. He closed the door and rolled up the ramp. "Take me to Dooku's flagship," Grievous ordered his droid pilot. "Roger roger," it replied. The 2 battle droids Grievous had left on the shutttle came out. "Count Dooku will not be pleased, general," one of the Droids said. "Bah! Shut up!" Grievous yelled. He then punched the head off the droid. Grievous' pilot droid then made the hyperspace jump to Count Dooku's flagship. The Republic returned to the base on Carlac and celebrated their victory. "There is still the Death Watch to deal with," Kahar said. "I know," Plo Koon replied. "Master Yoda and the rest of the Jedi Council has requested that I return to Coruscant to be assigned a new mission. I will be leaving Commander Wolffe and most of the Wolfpack here still." Kahar nodded. "I will be holoing the next Council meeting, my friend," Kahar said. Plo Koon smiled and then he and 2 Wolfpack Troopers got into a gunship. The blast doors closed and the gunship took off back to The Triumphant. The Triumphant then jumped to hyperspace back to Coruscant.

Freeing A Village

Nearly 2 hours had passed since Plo Koon left Carlac and returned to Coruscant. A blizzard was now happening on Carlac. Kahar walked through the howling wind and blinding snow to the 652nd's barracks and went into his quarters. There had been a rule that there would be a quarantine during blizzards. No ships allowed to come to or leave the planet while a blizzard was happening. It was too hazardous. Kahar activated his holoprojector on his table. The Jedi Council meeting had begun. "The signal may not be clear," Kahar said. "There's a blizzard happening outside." Yoda nodded. "Understand, we do," he said. Mace Windu looked at the hologram of Kahar in the Council Chambers. "Now that Plo Koon has left, we are sending Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano to Carlac," he said. "You will also team up with Jedi Knight Gashon Cansaker to help free a captive native village." Kahar nodded. "Good, I like Gashon. He's a good friend of mine," Kahar replied. "Expect reinforcements to be to Carlac in the next hour," Mace Windu said. "Understood, my fellow Council member," Kahar said. "Kahar out." He then deactivated his holoprojector.

About 30 minutes had passed since the Council meeting. The blizzard had ended and Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and some 501st Troopers had arrived on Carlac. Kahar saw Gashon and walked over to him. "We have a village to free, my friend," Kahar said. "Lets get going then," Gashon replied. Kahar nodded.

About 10 minutes later, Kahar and Gashon arrived at the village with their tauntauns. They hopped off and walked over to Mortar. "Give us a debriefing, Sergeant Mortar," Kahar said. "Death Watch has taken a village captive and is threatening to burn the place to the ground and kill the villagers if we do not leave the planet. Our plan is to have a gunship extinguishe fires while you guys sneak in and kill the Death Watch," Mortar said. "Sounds like a good plan," Kahar said. "Oh, and take care of Frosty for me." Kahar and Gashon then ran into the village. They encountered lots of Mandalorians. About halfway through, they encountered a female Mandalorian Lieutenant and quickly killed her. They then made their way to the end of the village where they fought and killed 2 Death Watch Commanders and several Troopers. Kahar and Gashon thought they were done when suddenly Pre Vizsla, the leader of Death Watch, flew in with his jetpack. "You didn't think you would free this village so easily, did you?" Pre Vizsla said. "Pre Vizsla?! I thought I threw you in a Republic Prison after we defeated your men and captured you on Coruscant!" Kahar said, shocked. "Yes well, I have ways of escpaing," Pre Vizsla said. He then cackled. Kahar and Gashon activated their lightsabers and charged at Pre Vizsla. Pre Vizsla backed away from there, injured after about 2 minutes of fighting. Kahar was about to deliver the killing blow when suddenly Pre Vizsla flew out of the village. Kahar and Gashon deactivated their lightsabers. They then returned to base.   
Gashon and Kahar Saving Village

Kahar and Gashon saving the village.

About an hour later, there was another Council meeting. "Bad news. Pre Vizsla, the leader of Death Watch, is on Carlac," Kahar said. "Gashon and I almost killed him in the village, but he escaped at the last second." The Council members looked at Kahar's holo. "Very bad news, this is," Yoda said. "We have spread out large squads of Scouts around the planet to find Pre Vizsla. After I locked him in a Republic Prison, he escaped," Kahar said. "If we capture him again, we need to put him in a maximum security, unsliceable cell." Kahar's fellow Council members nodded and then the meeting was over. Kahar deactivated his holoprojector and then got some rest after a busy day.

Intense Battle With Death Watch

The next morning, Kahar got up early. Commander Wolffe and his Wolfpack were sent to guard the wreckage of the ship, the former Separatist base. Kahar walked over to the holo table in his quarters and sat in the chair. He turned the holo table on. "Commander, status report," Kahar ordered. "Yes, sir. Everything seems fine here. There are Death Watch nearby, as usual. 2 Death Watch patrols attacked us. We killed them, but lost half a dozen men," Wolffe said. Kahar shook his head. "We'll send some 652nd and 501st troopers as reinforcements, along with General Kenobi," he replied. Wolffe nodded. "Hang on. We're getting jammed. Must be the weather," Wolffe said. "The weather is perfectly fine, commander. I don't know what you're talking about," Kahar replied. "Death Watch!" Wolffe shouted. The communication cut. Kahar quickly ran out to the 652nd's barracks. "All men get to the wreckage! Don't wait for me just go!" Kahar shouted. The Clones quickly got on Tauntauns and rode to the wreckage. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, and the 501st were already on the move too. Kahar quickly rode Frosty into battle behind his men. When he arrived, he saw chaos everywhere. Dead Mandalorian Mercenaries and Wolfpack Clone Troopers.

Dooku's Flagship hovered above Carlac. "You will not fail me again, general," Dooku said to Grievous in a sinster voice. "You have backup reinforcements. I expect you to do better this time." Grievous bowed. "I will, Count Dooku," Grievous replied. Grievous then walked over to his private shuttle in the hangar bay and the pilot drove it down to Carlac. Several gunships followed behind him. Grievous cackled evily.

Kahar charged at a group of 5 Mandalorians and killed them all at once with a clean stroke of both of his lightsabers. He looked up into the sky. "Separatists!" Kahar shouted. Suddenly Pre Vizsla flew in. Kahar charged at Vizsla and dueled with him. Grievous and the droids landed. Clones held off the droids. Grievous tried to sneak over to behind the Republic lines. Obi-Wan spotted him and leaped at him to duel. Pre Vizsla called in half a dozen Death Watch Mercenaries. They fired their flamethrowers at Kahar, but Kahar blocked the flames back at the Mercenaries. It burned their flesh immediately. Pre Vizsla retreated on his speeder bike. Kahar got on Frosty and rode after him. He took a Republic Sled. He stopped at a hill as Vizsla descended down on his speeder. He tied Frosty to a pole then got on the sled and went down the hill, following Vizsla. Getting close enough, he jumped off the sled and tackled Vizsla off his speeder bike. He quickly slapped binders on Vizsla's hands. "You're going back to where I put you 2 months ago. Prison," Kahar said. Pre Vizsla laughed. "I escaped in one month Jedi, and I'll do it again," he said. "I don't think so," Kahar replied. He then punched Vizsla in the face. He fell down, out cold. Clones came and dragged him to a prison shuttle. Grievous had been captured also. The Droids and Mercenaries had been defeated. Kahar rode Frosty back to the base.

Building An Outpost

After being on Carlac for a week, Kahar found what he was looking for: a large area of land to build an outpost. He purchased it from the Republic Government for 3,000 credits and then began to set up camp there.

Pirates of Felucia

Kahar and Devis Trooper were on board Devis' cruiser, the Endar Spire, in 20 BBY. The Pirate Guild of Felucia was attacking the Republic Fleet. A boarding shuttle landed and Pirates stormed the bridge. Kahar, Devis, and Clones killed the Pirates. A Trandoshan Pirate with a sword stabbed a Clone while another Clone shot the Pirate in the back. Kahar jumped at the last pirate, an Ithorian, and stabbed him in the chest as Devis cut down a Weequay Pirate. Kahar and Devis ordered all cannons to open on the only pirate ship left, the flag ship, and destroy it. Kahar launched an ion bomb and it hit the flag ship and knocked all power out of it. Then the cannons tore the cruiser to shreds.

Kahar captured 2 Pirate Guild members, the Hutt Boss and a Ithorian Pirate Lieutenant, and put them in his prison in his Republic Base on Felucia. His men interrogated them.

Later on, when the Third Battle of Felucia broke out and the Nuro Pirates were a threat, the captive pirates and the Hutt were interrogated again. They admitted the Pirate Guild had been helping the Nuro Pirates.

Third Battle of Felucia

In 20 BBY, Kahar was called to Felucia. The Republic was preparing to attack a Separatist fleet guarding Felucia. Exiting hyperspace, Kahar piloted the Defender into the hangar of the Vindicator, his Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer, and landed. He ran to the bridge quickly.

Clone Commando Boss stood, staring at a holo map. "General Kahar, glad you could make it," Boss said. "We already have the plan set out." Boss pointed to the holo map. "You and the fleet will break a hole in the Separatist fleet. After that hole is broken, my men and I will go in a shuttle down to your base on the planet. You and a few other shuttles will follow. Then, we shall walk for a few miles to set up an outpost close to the Separatist base." Kahar nodded. "I remember my old base," he replied. 
Boss on Vindicator

Boss on the bridge of the Vindicator.

Boss typed a command into the hologram table, and a data profile came up. "This is General Warl Ton," he said. "He is leading the Separatist Fleet. Study this data profile for a few minutes, then join us in space for the battle." Boss then walked off the bridge as Kahar studied the data profile. "A Twi'lek....." Kahar murmured. Kahar studied the data profile for another minute, then deactivated the hologram table. He walked away to the hangar to prepare for takeoff.

Kahar took off in the Defender and flew next to several other Republic starships. The Separatist fleet opened fire on the Republic fleet. Vulture droids poured out towards the fleet. "Evasive action!" Kahar shouted. He twisted and twirled through space and fired his blaster turrets at the vulture droids. "T7, take the pilot's control!" Kahar shouted over blaster fire. T7 beeped. Kahar ran to the hangar of the Defender and got in his blue Jedi Starfighter. He then took off into space.

Kahar zoomed by a Separatist Cruiser and destroyed it. Suddenly, his comm panel channel randomly changed. "Hello Master Jedi," Warl Ton said over the comm panel. "You try to destroy my fleet? Bold move. But you won't live for long. Ha ha ha!" Before Kahar could even reply, the channel switched back to the Republic Channel. "Get that Trade Federation Battleship down now!" Boss shouted over the comm. Kahar began flying towards the battleship. Several fighters came in formation behind him. "General, the shields are too tough on that ship!" a Clone Pilot shouted through the comm. "Losing control!" Kahar watched as a flaming clone Z-95 Starfighter spun in front of him, crashed into the battleship, and exploded. "We've crippled the Separatist Fleet, but stop firing at those cruisers. If we hit them at the right trajectory, they could crash into the battleship. An explosion of that magnitude would surely bring down the shields, maybe even destroy the battleship," Kahar said. Kahar jerked the ship to the left and headed towards a Separatist Cruiser. The fighters followed behind him. They came behind the Separatist Cruiser. Vindicator slowly drifited in behind the ship. "Everybody fire everything you have!" Kahar shouted. Kahar, the Starfighters, and the Vindicator rained destruction down on the cruiser. The cruiser crashed forward and downwards toward the battleship. Suddenly, Warl Ton came over the communication line to all the ships. "You shall not make it to Felucia! We shall hold the line!" he spat. Suddenly, Warl Ton looked out the window. "No!!!!!!!!" Kahar and the Republic watched as the cruiser plunged into the battleship and created a massive explosion. Only debris remained. The Separatist Fleet was crippled.

Cheers rang throughout the communicaton line. "Pilot, get this shuttle to the surface immediately!" Kahar could hear Boss shout over the comm panel. Kahar watched as Boss' shuttle and several other starfighters flew down to the planet to land at his base. "I'm returning to the Vindicator," Kahar said. "We'll fly through the atmosphere and clear an area for you guys to make the outpost." Kahar landed his Starfighter in the Defender and then drove the Defender back to the Vindicator. "Copy that, General," Boss replied. "We've touched down at your base. We're preparing to head out into the forests." Kahar landed in the Vindicator and got to the bridge. "Meet you soon, Boss," he said. "Copy that, General," Boss replied.

Touchdown on Felucia

Kahar flew the Defender out of the Vindicator and landed at his base on Felucia. He met with Delta Squad. "We're starting to go into the forests now," Boss said. The Delta Squad Shuttle took off. Delta Squad and Kahar watched as the shuttle flew over the forest. Suddenly, anti-air guns shot down the shuttle. "We must be close to the Separatist Base," Kahar said. He looked up at the Vindicator in the sky. The anti-air guns began pelting the Vindicator with blaster fire. "We're taking heavy fire up here!" a Clone shouted over the communication channel. Suddenly, an EMP blast fired from the Separatist Base. The blast hit the Vindicator. "Mayday! We're going down!" The Vindicator then completely lost power and slowly plunged towards the surface. The Vindicator landed in the forest. A gunship was also shot down and crashed near the Vindicator. "We better get out there," Scorch said. Delta Squad and Kahar quickly hurried into the forest. Clones and Jedi were coming out of the Vindicator and fighting off Battle Droids. Fixer ran over to the fuel tank and repaired it. Sev and Scorch covered him. Commander Shadow ran out of the Vindicator and fired his blaster rifle. "We've lost most of our fuel! When the tank broke, it began spilling out!" he shouted over blaster fire. Suddenly Grievous jumped down. He smashed two Clones against the hulk of the Vindicator. He then activated two of his lightsabers and stabbed two Clones. "Grievous!" Kahar shouted. He hadn't seen Grievous since the Battle of Carlac. Boss pulled out his blaster and started firing at Grievous. Grievous blocked the bolts and charged at Boss. He threw the Clone Commando against the hulk of the cruiser. Kahar leapt at Grievous as Sev, Fixer, and Scorch joined in the fight. Kahar and the Commandos pushed Grievous back. Boss got back up and joined in the fight. Kahar and Delta Squad managed to force Grievous and his droids to retreat. "Well now to solve that fuel problem - is the power back on?' Kahar asked. "Yes," Shadow replied. Kahar nodded. "If we launched the missiles, it could propel the Vindicator into the sky, but you need to set the shields to maximum also. Then you could land at the fuel station in space and refuel," Kahar said. He and Delta Squad got on the Vindicator. The crew attempted the plan, and it worked. The Vindicator then used the little fuel they had left to fly to the fuel station.


Kahar stood on the bridge of the Vindicator as it refueled. He stared at a hologram of Delta Squad. Delta Squad was flying in their new shuttle from Kahar's base and into the forest. "General, we need an additional Jedi Master if we want to get that outpost set up and destroy the Separatist Base. We'll need several more Jedi Masters to drive the seppies off the planet," Boss said. Kahar thought. "You're right," he replied. "I'll see if the Council can help. Next meeting is in a few minutes." Boss nodded. "General, our shuttle is about to touch down in the forest," Boss relayed. "Delta Squad, you know the objective. Search for any survivors from the gunship and shuttle crash. Bring them back aboard the Vindicator for medical treatment once you have finished," Kahar ordered. "Yes General! We are approaching the landing zone! Clone Commando Boss out!" The hologram flickered and then disappeared. Kahar walked to his quarters.

Kahar contacted the Council room via hologram. The Council meeting was beginning. "The Republic needs assistance at Felucia," Kahar said. "Do I have any volunteers?" The Council debated on the topic for minutes. Eventually, the Council decided Jedi Masters Aayla Secura and Ki-Adi Mundi would come to Felucia.

In a few hours, Ki-Adi Mundi and Aayla Secura arrived in a Jedi Shuttle and landed in the Vindicator. Shortly afterwards, Delta Squad's Shuttle arrived. They helped in Clone Medic Kix of the 501st Legion and Clone Sergeant Blaze of the 652nd Battalion. "These are the only survivors," Boss said. "Get them into the medical bay," ordered Kahar. Scorch and Fixer quickly helped Kix and Blaze through the ship. Sev, Boss, Aayla, Ki-Adi, and Kahar stood in the bridge of the Vindicator. "We need a plan," Kahar said. "A plan to get an outpost set up and drive the Separatists out of Felucia." A few minutes later, Scorch and Fixer returned to the bridge. Everybody began developing a plan.

A few hours later, Kix and Blaze had been patched up enough to return to the bridge and participate in the battle. The team examined the plan. Kahar, Blaze, and the 652nd would block off the south side of the Separatist Base. Ki-Adi Mundi and his men would block the east side. Aayla and her men would get the east side. Finally, Kix and the 501st would secure the north side. Delta Squad would rope down into the base from their shuttle shortly after the attack began. All reinforcements were then called to the hangar to fly down to the surface and prepare for battle.

Kahar, Shadow, and Blaze stood on the 652nd's gunship as it flew through the atmosphere. "So Kix, mind me asking how you got here?" Kahar asked over the comm line. "The 501st was assigned to help the 652nd and Delta Squad on Felucia. I was sent with some 501st and 652nd troops on a gunship for recon, just like Shark Team A," Kix explained. "Commander Brion's here?" Kahar asked. "Yes," Captain Rex replied over the comm panel. "Forgot to mention Rex is here too," Kix said. "We lost contact with Shark Team A approximately two minutes before our gunship crashed. We were trying to get communications back up when our gunship got shot down. Almost everybody was killed by the crash. Only Sergeant Blaze and I survived." Kahar sighed. "Shark Team A is still out there!" he shouted. "We need to find them! Delta Squad, you're not participating in this battle. You're the only men I got available that are capable of surviving in this wilderness alone. Go find Shark Team." Delta Squad's shuttle flew off to the side and began flying into the forest. "Copy that General," Boss replied. "Fixer, trace Shark Team's last transmission."

As the gunships approached the Separatist Base, several started being shot down. "It's too risky," Kahar said. "Our main objective is to set up the outpost. We'll set up the the outpost near where the Vindicator crashed. Fall back to that location."

The Republic retreated to that location and set up the outpost within a few hours. Delta Squad arrived, and had failed to locate Shark Team A. The Jedi Council contacted. "We want Boss to stay on Felucia while the rest of Delta Squad goes on another mission. Captain Carg will be arriving at the outpost shortly," Mace said.

A few hours later, Trooper Parsec and Captain Carg arrived.

Search Party

Kahar walked to the data table where Parsec, Carg, Boss, Blaze, and Shadow were meeting at. "I want a casualty report," Kahar demanded. "Which gunships went down?" Parsec looked at his data pad. "Captain Rex's gunship and General Mundi's gunship went down," Parsec replied. "Here are the locations of their last transmissions. Parsec pointed to two points on the data pad. Kahar scanned the locations. "Sir, I've seen many crashes in the battles I've fought," Shadow said. "If I'm correct, the gunships should have crashed a few meters away from last transmission." Kahar slowly nodded. "Shadow, Blaze, go find General Mundi's gunship. Carg, you're with me to find Rex's gunship," Kahar ordered. "What about Boss and I?" Parsec asked. "Report to General Secura for further orders," Kahar replied. Boss and Parsec saluted, and then quickly ran through the hall of the base. Kahar and Carg took speeders southeast, while Shadow and Blaze went southwest.

Kahar and Carg heard a noise. They slowed their speeders to a stop. Carg pulled out his blaster and aimed it towards the noise. Shark Team A emerged from the forest. Kahar activated his communicator. "We've found Shark Team A," he relayed back to the base. "They are in good shape, plentiful on rations, water, and ammo and in no need of medical assistance." Kahar deactivated the communicator. Shark Team got on some spare STAPS nearby. Carg, Kahar, and Shark Team A continued their way towards the southeast corner of Felucia.

Shark Team, Carg, and Kahar arrived at the southeast corner of Felucia. "There's nothing here General," Carg said. Carg was right - just more plants and droids. "Head to central south," Kahar ordered.

Shark Team, Carg, and Kahar arrived at the central south border of mapped territory. There was a gunship in several pieces, flaming. Rex, Kix, three Forest Troopers, and two Arc Troopers stood outside the wreckage. "This is all of you?" Kahar asked. "Yes sir," Rex replied. "The rest were killed by the crash. Those AA guns are pretty brutal." Suddenly Kix shot his blaster past Kahar's shoulder. The bolt struck a probe, which fell to the ground. "That probe has already scanned our location and sent it back to base," Kix said. "Prepare for battle..."


B2 and B1 Battle Droids began running towards the crash site. "Prepare for battle!" Rex shouted. The Battle Droids opened fire. Kahar activated his lightsabers and leapt at the droids. He began slashing through the droids. More and more droids came. "Hold the line!" Carg yelled. Sniper Droidekas began rolling in. One shot a Forest Trooper. The droids began overwhelming the crash site. "For the Republic!" Carg shouted. He leapt up and threw a grenade at the droids. A B2 shot Carg in the shoulder. Kahar activated his communicator. "I need an evac gunship at my location immediately. Rex's gunship crash has been located," Kahar relayed. "Negative sir," the Clone Operator said. "The AA guns are too powerful against our gunships. You're on your own, General." Kahar sighed. He used the Force to lift up scrap metal and make a canopy around the crash site. One of the Arc Troopers revealed himself to be Tech. "Tech, after Raylan died, you were moved from the 652nd to the 501st, and then back to 652nd when Shadow joined the 652nd. How come you were on a 501st gunship?" Kahar asked. "Boom and I arrived at the Vindicator's hangar almost late for the invasion. We were put on Captain Rex's gunship by a Clone Trooper," Tech explained. "Boom is right over there." He pointed to the other Arc Trooper. "Tech, I need you to repair this gunship. Kix, give Carg some medical assistance. Everybody else, defend Tech, Kix, and Carg," Kahar ordered. The droids smashed through the side of the canopy. Kahar, Shark Team, and Rex's available men began fighting the droids. Soon, Kix and Carg joined in the fight.

Eventually, Tech repaired the gunship. "Sir, the gunship is repaired!" he shouted. "Get everybody on board!" Kahar deflected blaster fire back into the Battle Droids. "You heard him! Get on board!" Kahar ordered. He counted as Shark Team got on board, then Rex's team, and then Carg. Kahar threw his lightsabers at the droids and cut down half a dozen. The lightsabers spun back to Kahar and landed in his hands right as he entered the gunship. Kahar closed the blast door. Kahar used the Force to lift the top of the metal canopy off. "Tech get us out of here!" Kahar shouted. "On it, General," Tech replied. He set the shields to maximum. Slowly, the gunship lifted in the air and took off. Kahar contacted Shadow. "Any luck with finding General Mundi's gunship?" he asked. "Yes," Shadow replied. "We're back at the outpost with General Mundi and his men right now. Only he and three Clone Troopers survived the crash." Kahar closed his eyes and shook his head. "We just found Rex and his remaining men. We repaired the gunship and are heading back to the outpost now," Kahar said. "Meet you there." Kahar deactivated his communicator. Tech landed the gunship in the outpost and the blast doors opened. Carg, holding his shoulder, walked over to Boss. "You okay, Carg?" Boss asked. "Yeah...I'm fine," Carg replied. "Just a blaster bolt to the shoulder." Aayla Secura and Ki-Adi Mundi approached Kahar. "How many casualties from Rex's squad?" Aayla asked. "Only Rex, Kix, Tech, Boom, and three Forest Troopers survived the crash. The Separatists found our location and attacked, however, and killed one of the Forest Troopers. We also found Shark Team A while searching for Rex's team," Kahar explained. Ki-Adi Mundi sighed. "This war has taken too many," he said. Aayla and Kahar nodded. "I fear this is only the beginning of a much larger battle..." Kahar said.

First Mission

One of the Forest Troopers had actually sustained injuries from the crash that he had not told anybody about. The Trooper died while Kix was treating him, unfortunately. Kahar talked with the remaining Forest Trooper, who Kahar later discovered that his name was Lieutenant Correx.

Kahar walked to the holo table. "Bad news, sir," Boss said. "Nuro Pirates landed on the planet and took over a farm. We sent Jedi Knight Ana Zett to watch them, but her lightsaber energy flow broke. Bring a new energy flow  part to her, and then get her to come back tot the outpost." Kahar nodded. He grabbed a lightsaber energy flow part, got on a BARC Speeder with a sidecar and zoomed off towards the nysillin farm, in northwest Felucia.

Kahar parked the speeder on the outskirts of the farm. He snuck through the farm, which was overwhelmed by several Nuro Pirates. Kahar leapt on the ridge and silently cut down a sniper. Ana waved to him. Kahar leapt up to the top of the ridge and handed Ana the lightsaber part. "Thank you," she said. She put the new energy flow in her lightsaber. "Boss told me to bring you back to base," Kahar said. "I have a speeder down there. We should get to it quickly." Ana nodded. Ana and Kahar leapt off the ridge and silently hurried through the farm. Suddenly a pirate spotted the Jedi. "Jedi! Kill them!" he shouted. The pirates began firing at Ana and Kahar. Ana and Kahar activated their lightsabers and deflected blaster fire. "Get to the speeder!" Kahar shouted. Suddenly a pirate fired a rocket at the speeder. The speeder exploded. "Change of plans," Kahar said. "Get to the Nuro Shuttle."

Ana and Kahar ran into the shuttle. Kahar started up the engines and fired the blaster turrets and missiles to hold the pirates off. He slowly piloted the shuttle into the sky.

Kahar landed the shuttle at the outpost. Ana walked over to Aayla Secura and Ki-Adi Mundi. Kahar talked with Rex, Kix, and Correx. "One of my scouts spotted a cave in the northeast," Kahar said. "It appears to be a rancor cave. A rancor by the nickname of "Scratch" is the head rancor. There are several other adult rancors and many baby rancors, however. Scratch is a ginormous beast, bigger than any rancor I've ever seen. Take it down. It and the other rancors are causing trouble for our men. I'll come with you guys too." Rex, Correx, and Kix nodded. Suddenly Arc Captain Burner ran up, in Shock Trooper gear. "Wait!" he shouted. The group stopped. "I'll join you for some rancor hunting," he said. The group then got on their speedeers and drove towards the cave.

Scratch's Cave

Kahar and the team went to Scratch's Cave. After killing two Mature Rancors and several Baby Rancors, they defeated Scratch. They then returned to the Republic Outpost, where they prepared for their next mission.

Factory Invasion

Kahar walked to the holo table. "What's the situation?" Kahar asked. "You, Correx, Shadow, Blaze, Tech, and Ana will invade the Separatist factory," Boss said. "That's not the only thing. Jedi Knight Ares Nighracer will be helping you." Kahar nodded. The team assembled and drove speeder bikes to the factory.

The team arrived at the factory. Ares was hiding near the plants, waiting for them. "On my mark, we attack," Kahar said. "Tech, overload that panel to make a large explosion. Correx, place charges on the factory wall. Everybody else hold off the droids so Tech and Correx can do their jobs." Kahar held up his hand. "Now!" he ordered. The team leapt out of the brush. Shadow and Blaze began wildly firing their blasters. Ares, Ana, and Kahar activated their lightsabers and slashed through Battle Droids. Tech and Correx dived towards the panel. Kahar and Ana continued cutting down droids. Shadow and Blaze shot droids in the head. Suddenly, Ares lifted into the air. He tapped into the Jedi State. Most of the droids caught on fire and exploded.

Suddenly, Grievous jumped down from the factory roof. He had two arms out, each with a lightsaber in them. He leapt at Ana. Ana struggled to defend herself against Grievous. As she was pushing back his sabers, Grievous revealed his two other arms. He pulled out two lightsabers, activated them, and stabbed Ana in the stomach. Ana deactivated her lightsaber and collapsed. Grievous grabbed her lightsaber. "Another lightsaber for my collection." Grievous laughed. Tech finished overloading the panel and Correx finished setting the charges. "Get back now!" Tech shouted. The team retreated backwards. The panel exploded, causing the charges to explode. The entire factory exploded. Parts went flying and smashed the AA guns on the Separatist Base nearby. Grievous was trapped under a piece of wreckage. He used his strength to throw the wreckage off him. Kahar activated his communicator. "The AA guns are down!" he shouted. "All gunships to the Separatist Base! The AA guns are down!" the Clone Operator ordered. Ares used the Jedi State to make two of Grievous' arms explode. The lightsabers went flying out of his hands.

Soon, three gunships landed. Blaze pushed a captive Grievous onto one of them. The gunship doors closed and the gunship flew back to the outpost. The team quickly got onto the other two gunships and took off for the Separatist Base.

Base Invasion

Kahar held onto the safety handle on the ceiling of the gunship. "What casualties did you have?" Aayla asked. "Ana's dead," Kahar said. The Vindicator came into the atmosphere. Hundreds of starfighters and gunships poured out of it. The Vindicator's blaster turrets fired down at the base. Both gunships landed outside the base. The team attacked the droids guarding the gates to the base. Kahar cut down droids as more gunships landed. Clone Commander Dodge stepped out of one of the gunships. He fired his blaster rifle at the battle droids.

Boss contacted the other members of Delta Squad, who were on the Vindicator, due to their shuttle being low on fuel and the refueling station being down. "Get down here on a gunship now!" Boss ordered. Shortly after, a gunship hovered in the air. Boss cabled up. Delta Squad roped down inside the Separatist Base. "Correx, get a charge on that door!" Kahar ordered. Correx ran over to the door and placed a charge. He returned back with the team. The door exploded. The Republic forces charged into the base.

The Republic forces quickly exterminated all hostiles in the base. Kahar bent down. "Sir," Boss said. "These aren't just clankers. We have Nuro Pirate and Trandoshan Mercenary bodies here too." Kahar looked around. "Indeed," he replied. "The Nuro Pirates are enemies with the Separatists, but I fear the Trandoshans are with the Separatists." The Republic forces walked deeper into the base. They ran into a room full of Separatists and Trandoshans. Carg fired his blaster pistol at a Trandoshan. "Kill them all!" the lead Trandoshan shouted. The droids and Trandoshans charged towards the Republic forces.

As Kahar got closer to the leader, he recognized him. He gasped. It was Commander Teshka, the Trandoshan Commander that Shadow had killed on Carlac. "Teskha!" Kahar shouted. "You're supposed to be dead!" Teshka grinned. "By what? A few blaster bolts?" he laughed. Kahar leapt at Teshka. Teshka pulled out his new vibroblade and blocked. Kahar and Teshka locked into a duel for several minutes.

Soon, Yorn Nuro and his pirates arrived and opened fire on the Republic and Separatist forces. Teshka watched as his mercenaries and droids fell. "Release Abomination!" he shouted. Trandoshan Mercenaries lifted a gate. A gigantic rancor, covered in hard plate armor, stomped out. It roared. Kahar felt a vast disturbance in the Force. This creature had been enhanced by the Dark Side of the Force.

Abomination stomped and smashed everything in his path. Kahar watched in horror as Clones, Jedi, and Nuro Pirates were torn to shreds. "Fall back!" Kahar shouted. The Republic forces ran outside of the base and boarded the gunships. Within less than a minute, all the gunships took off back to the outpost.

One Little Droid

It had been five hours since the failed invasion on the Separatist Base. There was now a terrible thunderstorm with hail, lightning, thunder, and pouring rain. The comm and relay towers were offline, struck by lightning. Kahar approached Boss. "Where's R3-T3?" Kahar demanded. "He's missing, we have no way of communicating with him," Boss informed Kahar. Kahar sighed. "I want a search party on a gunship out there," he ordered. "Negative," Boss replied. "Not in this weather." Kahar was a little frustrated. "I'll go find R3-T3 myself," he said. Kahar tightened his hood and walked through the pouring rain.

The sky began getting darker and the storm was getting worse as night approached. Kahar heard something move in the forest. He turned around and saw R3-T3. The droid was next to some plant, rocks, and other materials, in which the droid had tried to set up a shelter. Kahar used the Force to create a shelter out of the materials. "Do you have the information?" Kahar asked. A data card popped out of a slot in R3-T3. Kahar took the data card and slid it into his data pad. Kahar poured a can of oil into R3-T3, and then ate some field rations and drank some water himself. He read over the information on the data card and quickly fell asleep.

Kahar woke up the next morning early. The weather was now just a mild rain. Kahar put his data pad and the data card R3-T3 gave him into his pack. Kahar and R3 then ran back to the outpost.

Boss took the data card from Kahar. "This should be enough information to have a successful invasion," Kahar said.

The Final Invasion

The gunships took off to the nysillin farm in order to try and get medical supplies for the invasion, just in case any soldiers were injured. Afterwards, the gunships zoomed towards the Separatist Base. On Kahar's gunship was Clone Commando Patch, a commando medic who was a recent recruit to the 652nd Battalion. The gunships soon landed. The Republic forces cleared through the droids and Trandoshan Mercenaries, and broke through the gates into the base. Kahar pulled out the data card he got from R3-T3 and put it in his data pad. "We're approaching the command center," he said. "Abomination should be in there. Aim for his neck and arms. His plating is weak there." The door to the command center opened. Teshka ordered the mercenaries and droids to attack. Kahar leapt at Teshka and dueled him. Kahar eventually managed to force push the Trandoshan. "Release Abomination!" Teshka shouted. The Trandoshan Mercenaries lifted the gate and released the massive rancor. Suddenly, a gunship crashed through the roof. Arc Captain Burner, in Shock Trooper armor, and Shock Troopers stepped out. Abomination smashed the Shock Troopers and then picked up Burner. Burner dropped his electrostaff. Kahar leapt at Abomination. Abomination bit Burner's legs off. Kahar slashed Abomination's arm and Burner fell to the ground. Kahar then leapt up and cut Abomination's neck. The rancor let out a loud howl and then slammed down on the ground. "Kix, Patch, get Burner back to the base!" Kahar ordered. The two Clones nodded and helped the legless captain away. "Finish them!" Kahar shouted. The Republic forces attacked the remaining mercenaries and droids. Teshka and a couple of his mercenaries ran away. Correx, Shadow, and Kahar followed. They arrived right as the shuttle took off and flew away.

Correx, Shadow, and Kahar returned inside. The battle was over. The Republic forces boarded the gunships and took off back to the outpost.

Kahar talked to Arc Captain Burner in the medical bay. "The battle is over," Kahar said. "And that rancor that ate your legs is dead." Burner stood up on his new cybernetic legs. "Good," Burner said. "Now I must return to Coruscant to guard Grievous' cell." Burner then walked away and boarded a gunship.

Kahar got on a gunship and flew to the Vindicator. He ran to the bridge and contacted Boss at the outpost below. "Boss, I feel that I will return. I know the Death Watch and Separatists will return to Felucia, and the Force will bring me to Felucia to stop them again," Kahar said. "But for now, I must go to Coruscant. I must work at the prison facility for the week, got to make sure Grievous doesn't get freed like he did when we captured him on Carlac." Boss nodded. "Understood General," he replied. "Boss out." The hologram then faded away. Kahar turned. He stared out the window as the Vindicator jumped to hyperspace to Coruscant.

Prison Duty

In 20 BBY, a few days after Kahar left Felucia, Kahar was sent to the Major Republic Prison Facility on Coruscant to make sure Grievous didn't escape.

One day, the day that security at Grievous' cell was at maximum, seemed to be quiet. Arc Captain Burner, four Police Droids, three Shock Troopers, and two Temple Guards stood outside Grievous' cell. Two of the Shock Troopers' eyes moved rapidly, claiming they saw something darting in the shadows.

Suddenly, IG-211 stepped out of the shadows. Then IG-119 stomped out. The security forces prepared their weapons. Killer activated his stolen lightsaber and cut through the Police Droids. IG-119 stormed forward and electrocuted the Shock Troopers with his electrostaff. The Temple Guards grabbed their lightsabers, but before they could activate them, Killer electrocuted them with his electrostaff. Burner swung his electrostaff. "Stay back!" he shouted. IG-119 swung and the electrostaff flew out of Burner's hands. "Go ahead, kill me" the Clone stated. "You live for now," IG-211 said. He bashed Burner with the side of his electrostaff. Burner fell down backwards. IG-211 walked over to the console and pressed a couple buttons. The ray shield lowered on Grievous' cell. The cyborg general stepped out of the cell. Killer, IG-119 and Grievous hurried away.
IG-113 CWA


Kahar stood in the prison command center. He poured himself a cup of coffee and got ready to head out as his shift ended. "I'm going to do one last security check before I head out," he said. He looked at the security camera aiming at Grievous' cell. The ray shield was down and the cell was empty. All the security lie in front of the cell incapacitated or dead. "Sound the alarms! Put the facility on lockdown!" Kahar ordered. "Commander Fox, you're with me." Kahar put his coffee on the table. He and Fox then hurried out of the command center towards the cell as alarms blared and the facility exits were sealed.

Kahar and Fox arrived at the prison cell. Pieces of Police Droids were scattered. One Shock Trooper slowly got up. The Temple Guards were out cold. Burner was kneeling. Some of the metal on his robotic legs was twisted and dented. Kahar activated his communicator and contacted the command center. "I need a medical crew down here immediately," he said. Kahar turned his attention back to Burner. "Where did they go?" he asked. "They went that way...." Burner replied. He pointed in a direction. Kahar and Fox quickly ran. They came into a large room. Suddenly an explosion occurred in the west side of the room. Numerous B1s marched through the hole in the wall. Fox began shooting at the droids. Suddenly another explosion happened at the north side. More B1s. Kahar deflected blaster fire back at the droids. Then the same thing happened to the east and south sides. The droids cornered Kahar and Fox in a circle. Kahar activated his communicator. "I need reinforcements!" he shouted. "Commander Shadow! Commando Patch! Lieutenant Correx! Sergeant Blaze!" There was no response. Suddenly a gunship smashed through the roof. It landed in the middle of the room. Shadow, Patch, Correx, and Blaze jumped out. They opened fire on the droids. Kahar and Fox joined in the fight. Soon, only a few droids remained. Patch ran out of ammo and threw his blaster. It hit the last of the droids.

Shadow handed Blaze another blaster and some ammunition. Suddenly, a security officer contacted him from the command center. "Sir, they're at the main entrance! They're escaping to the landing platform where their ship is parked!" he quickly shouted. The team quickly hurried towards the main entrance.

IG-211 stood behind Grievous. He and IG-119 finished setting the charges on the walls. B2-H78, a Super Battle Droid General, and three other battle droids stood guard next to Grievous. Kahar and the team arrived. Kahar activated his lightsabers and sliced IG-119's legs. Killer bashed his electrostaff into Kahar's stomach. Killer then grabbed the Jedi by his throat and slammed him against the wall. IG-119 crawled over to Killer. Killer grabbed the droid and dragged him to the door. As Kahar got up, B2-H78 raised his cannon arm at Kahar. Suddenly, BT-49 ran in and shot B2-H78 in the leg, tipping the droid over. Kahar leapt and cut down the other three battle droids. B2-H78 got up and raised his cannon arm. He fired a rocket at BT-49 and Kahar. Both of them dove out of the way. Kahar sliced B2-H78 in half. 


Grievous then cut open the door and kicked it out. Killer dragged IG-119 onto the platform. He pressed a button on the detonator remote and then got in the shuttle. Grievous and their army of droids followed. The shuttle then took off to the Bonecrusher II.

Suddenly, the charges that IG-211 and IG-119 set exploded. The power core overloaded and had a meltdown. All the prison security defenses went offline. The ray shields lowered on the cells and prisoners ran wild in the facility.  Kahar and the team got up, knocked to the ground by the explosions. Kahar saw a Jedi Padawan. Suddenly, the facility shook. Then it snapped and began plummeting to the streets far below at a super fast speed. Large explosions happened around the facility. Massive fires sprouted. Kahar, the team, and the Padawan began cutting the wall. Winds began to peel the metal walls off. They finished cutting a hole in the wall and fell into the Defender below. Kahar quickly flew the Defender to his cruiser, the Vindicator, and made the cruiser go towards the facility at very fast speeds using the Force. The Vindicator quickly flew under the facility. All the Jedi, Clones, and Police Droids still alive in the facility fell in the cruiser. The facility then hit the ground and created a gigantic explosion.

Invasion of Cato Neimoidia

In 20 BBY, Kahar and several Jedi Generals and Clone Commanders were planning to attack Cato Neimoidia. A key Separatist leader was meeting at a Trade Federation Building. Kahar would come from the north with the 652nd Battalion, and Anakin Skywalker would come from the south with the 501st. As they stood on the cruiser, Kahar then activated a profile on the data table. "Be warned: Security will not be easy, especially when confronting the leader himself." He then pointed to the data profile. "General Grievous has sent IG-211 AKA Killer, a highly-trained magnaguard, to defend this leader." Anakin and the Clones nodded as they stared over IG-211's Data Profile, noting key information in their minds. "Now we will have to wait before attacking. First, we will let the meeting end. We will then follow Killer and the leader to the hotel that the leader is staying at. Our attack will be staged there," Kahar relayed. The soldiers nodded. They then walked to their gunships and flew off for Cato Neimoidia.

Killer pic

IG-211 AKA Killer

As Kahar's gunship entered the atmosphere, Republic Intelligence contacted him. "We have identifited the leader as Neimoidian Silk Mar," the agent said. Kahar nodded and deactivated the holo. Several 652nd gunships landed. Kahar stepped out, along with Shadow and the rest of the troops. Kahar and his men set up near the hotel. "Now we just wait a few hours," he said. 
Neimoidian - Silk Mar

Silk Mar.

Kahar and his men watched. After a few hours, a large speeder suddenly approached. Killer, Silk Mar, and Battle Droids departed from it. Suddenly a battle droid was shot in the head and fell to the ground. Kahar turned around to see BT-49 on a ledge of the hotel with a sniper rifle. Killer readied his electrostaff and spun it around. Kahar and two Clone Sergeants ran around from the side of the building and readied their weapons as they prepared to fight Killer and his droids. Kahar pointed one of his sabers toward Killer. "Give up," Kahar said. Killer spun his staff and jabbed it at Kahar. Kahar jumped backwards before the staff struck the air, narrowly dodging it. "You underestimate my power. You and your men will not succeed," Killer replied. Killer tripped Kahar. He then killed one of the Clone Sergeants with his electrostaff. Killer then put his electrostaff away and activated his stolen lightsaber. Suddenly a Clone Demolitionist came around and began firing a blaster cannon at Killer and his Security Droid. Killer dodged, and the Security Droid shot the demolitionist. Then BT-49 sniped the Security Droid. As Killer began slowly walking across the courtyard, the remaining Clone Sergeant started to run. Kahar had gotten up, a little dazed. Killer punched the Jedi. Kahar immediately fell back down. Killer grabbed him by the collar of his robe. Kahar groaned as he glared at Killer. "I think you'll come with me," the magnaguard said. Kahar began to regain his strength and quickly force pushed Killer away. He then ran to the side of the hotel where the rest of the 652nd Battalion was. As Killer began to follow, he came across the Clone Demolitionist, who was almost dead. "You'll fail you robot heap," the Clone said as he weakly pulled his blaster pistol out, his hand shaking. Before the Clone could pull the trigger, Killer stabbed the Clone in the hand. The Clone screamed and began to crawl towards the 652nd Battalion. Killer then stabbed the Clone in the back. The Clone lifted his head one last time, and then it fell. The Clone's eyes closed as he took his final breath, and then died. Suddenly the 501st and Anakin arrived. Kahar was glad. The 652nd was taking heavy casualties being crushed. Silk Mar quickly ran from the speeder to the hotel entrance. Two Security Droids escorted him. BT-49 sniped the Security Droids. Silk Mar then pulled his security pistol out and fired at BT. He dodged behind a curve on the ledge. Silk Mar used the time to escape into the hotel. He grabbed a battle droid blaster. Then Clones surrounded him. He shot them. Quickly, he ran to the hangar where his shuttle was. Commander Shadow, a Clone Sergeant, Kahar, and some 652nd Troopers came busting through the walls and went to the main hangar door right as Silk Mar was getting on the ramp to his shuttle. Kahar threw an EMP Grenade at the shuttle. When it exploded, the shuttle was disabled. Silk Mar fell off the ramp. Slowly, he got up. The 652nd had studied a data map of the whole complex, so they knew where exits were. Silk ran to the right door. When it opened, 652nd Troopers aimed their blasters at them. He quickly ran towards the left entrance. 652nd Troopers were there also. He looked around at all the entrances. The Republic had secured them all. Slowly, Silk Mar dropped his battle droid blaster and security pistol and lifted his hands in the air. The Clone Sergeant came in and lowered Silk's hands behind his back. He then cuffed them. "You'll pay for this Jedi," the Neimoidian leader said. Kahar ignored him as the Clone Sergeant and some Clone Troopers took him outside. Kahar, Shadow, some 652nd Troopers, Anakin, Captain Rex, and some 501st Troopers held off the battle droids. Killer had requested for more troopers, alerting that Silk Mar had been captured. Within minutes, several more battle droids had come, overwhelming the Republic forces. The shuttle carrying Silk Mar took off. Then the rest of the gunships began taking off. Kahar, Shadow, the Clone Sergeant, and a couple 652nd Troopers got into a gunship. The rest of the gunships filled up. Then they took off, and no Republic forces remained there. Killer looked up at the gunships, acknowledging he had failed. He was sure Grievous would have a plan to free Silk Mar. He then walked away with his droids to report back to Grievous.

"What was so important about Silk Mar?" Shadow asked Kahar while they were riding on the gunship. "He's a very key Separatist leader. He was negotiating with the Trade Federation to give the Separatists more money and battle droids on Cato Neimoidia. He has done many important things for Grievous and the Separatists," Kahar replied. Kahar walked over to the Clone Sergeant. "What's your name?" he asked. "Blaze," he replied. They then continued flying back to Kahar's cruiser.

Payback of the Separatists

2 weeks later, Kahar was escorting a Twi'lek Ambassador on an Ambassador Ship. Kahar quickly ran through the Coruscant Spaceport and boarded the ship. They took off. The pilot looked at the console. "We don't have enough fuel to go to Naboo, but we can refuel at Ryloth," he said, looking at Kahar. Kahar nodded and they jumped to hyperspace to Ryloth. They arrived in space and the pilot slowly flew towards the Republic Space Station. Suddenly the Republic Space Station exploded. Then a giant Separatist Cruiser came flying over. "Killer..." Kahar murmured. Suddenly the ship reached a giant metal claw out and grabbed the Ambassador Ship. It began pulling towards the Separatist Ship, The Bonecrusher II. Kahar started flipping switches, but nothing happened. "Get us out of here!" he shouted. "I can't," the pilot replied. "All our offensive and defensive systems are locked up." Suddenly the Ambassador Ship reached The Bonecrusher II. Kahar sighed. "Sound the alarms...and prepare for boarding."

IG-211 stormed on the ship and glanced around. His two Commando Droid companions followed behind. They noticed a large group of five Clone Troopers. The Clones opened fire. Killer walked along, allowing the blaster fire to pass him as he strolled along with ease. He attacked the first trooper with his electrostaff, and the Commando Droids fired at the other two. Killer then killed the rest of the Clones. IG-211 stomped his metal foot on the head of a Clone to make him stop squealing in pain. "Find the Ambassador. We want her alive," he said to the Commando Droids. PDP-15's voice came on the comlink and Killer demanded info from him. "Where's the Ambassador currently at?" he said. PDP-15 looked at the heat seaking monitors. "It is complicated to tell sir. It seems she may be residing on the top of the ship, in the luxury suite, but there is a larger group in the hangar." Killer nodded. "Then I will leave it to the Commando Droids to go to the suite. The group in the hangar may be of trouble when we try to make an escape."

Meanwhile, Kahar and his men fought off the droids in the hangar. IG-211 arrived. He bashed any being in his way, including his own battle droids. He spotted Kahar and activated his stolen lightsaber and pulled out his electrostaff. Dual wielding a stolen lightsaber and electrostaff, the magnaguard charged at Kahar. Kahar readied his lightsabers and blocked. Commander Shadow activated his lightsabers and continued cutting down droids while Kahar dueled with Killer. Killer slashed at Kahar. Kahar swung down and blocked it. He then kicked Killer. Shadow, Kahar, and BT-49 ran to the luxury suite. Both the Commando Droids were approaching the Ambassador. Kahar got ready to lunge at them. Suddenly there was a giant explosion. Kahar, Shadow, and BT were knocked down. Kahar blinked as he saw the Commando Droids escort the Ambassador away. He overheard them talking. "You take the Ambassador to Master, I'll go to the boarding area," one said. "Roger roger," the other replied.

"Sir, we have the Ambassador," the one Commando Droid said to IG-211. He then pushed the Ambassador towards Killer. The other Commando Droid came over the comlink. "The boarding area has been sealed off!" he shouted. A Clone Trooper then shot the droid. The droid split in half and fell over. Kahar ran into the hangar. Killer, the Commando Droid, the Ambassador, and a few other droids quickly boarded a shuttle. It began taking off right as Kahar arrived towards it. Killer kicked Kahar down and the shuttle door then closed and flew away. The pilot contacted Kahar as he got back up. "General, the ship has been severely damaged. We must evacuate," the pilot said. Kahar nodded. "Killer escaped with the Ambassador," he replied. He then quickly ran to the bridge. The bridge controls had been severely damaged and most didn't work. Separatists and Republic had started evacuating. Kahar pulled out his slicing kit. He grabbed an Umbaran Slicing Device he had gotten on Umbara and plugged it into the console. He grabbed a plasma cell and put it in a slot on the device. The device then powered up and sliced into the console. Kahar set the ship to explode. He took the plasma cell and put it back in the kit. He then put the device back in the kit and locked the kit. Quickly, he, BT-49, Shadow, and the pilot got into a shuttle. Some others got into shuttles too and then they took off. The shuttles jumped to hyperspace to Coruscant. The Ambassador Ship then exploded, and several battle droids with it.

Prisoner Exchange

Killer contacted the Republic through a hologram message. He held the Ambassador. She was on her knees while PDP-15 held a vibroblade to her neck. Several Clones and Jedi watched. "You have proven a great threat to the Separatists, Republic, but now it is time to strike a bargain. Recently, I have taken your Ambassador from your hands, like you have done to me. Silk Mar was taken into your custody by Jedi Master Kahar Zamet. I want Silk back. In exchange you get to have your Ambassador back alive. If Kahar Zamet does not respond to this within forty-eight hours, your Ambassador will be executed by PDP-15 here and her body will be sent to you. You may not negotiate with terrorists, but I assure you I am not one. I am far more worse..." IG-211 said. The hologram faded. Killer let the Jedi have time to make a plan. If the Republic ruined his plans, he wouldn't hesitate to have the Ambassador executed by PDP-15. But for now, the Ambassador would live. Killer waited for Kahar Zamet to arrive. Finally, Kahar came in a Jedi Shuttle to the system. Killer's Ship and Kahar's Shuttle landed on an abandoned mining asteroid. Killer and PDP-15 held the Ambassador. Three Commando Droids stood behind him. Kahar held the Ambassador. BT-49, Sergeant Blaze, Commander Shadow, and three other Clone Troopers stood behind Kahar. "It seems you have listened well, Jedi," Killer said. Killer and PDP threw the Ambassador at Kahar and his men. Sergeant Blaze helped her up while the three Clones escorted Silk Mar over to Killer. The Clones walked back to Kahar when suddenly one of Killer's Commando Droids shot one of the Clones. One of the Clones shot the Commando Droid. A large fight broke out. The Ambassador ran towards the Jedi Shuttle. Killer threw his electrostaff at the Ambassador. It smashed into her back, instantly killing her. Silk Mar ran towards Killer's Ship. Sergeant Blaze raised his blaster and shot Silk Mar in the spine, paralyzing him. PDP-15 grabbed Silk Mar and ran inside the ship. Killer followed. The remaining Commando Droid ran inside the ship and it took off. Kahar, Blaze, Shadow, and the remaining Clone Trooper got in the shuttle and took off back to Coruscant.

Completing Revan's Lost Artifact


Devis and Kahar at the study room in Dark Nebula Lab in front of Revan's 4 Lost Artifacts.

In 20 BBY, Kahar began collecting the pieces of Revan's Lost Artifact and assembling them at Dark Nebula Lab. One day, there was only one piece left. Kahar had traced it to Jack Halo. Flash Goldbooster got Kahar into the place. Devis Trooper came also. Devis searched Jack. Suddenly, Jack tried to stab Devis. Kahar blocked and force pushed Jack. The last piece came flying out of Jack's pocket. Devis and Kahar then went to Dark Nebula Lab. Kahar put the last piece in place and the artifact glowed. "Put your hand on it," Kahar said. Devis and Kahar both put their hands on the artifact. Suddenly the power of Revan began to surge through them. They gained Revan's power and all of his abillities. Kahar received word that Flash was still on Kamino with Jack Halo. Kahar and Devis went back to Kamino and fought Jack and his allies, using some of their new abillities, like lightning storm and force lightning. Devis held Jack and one of his Sith friends in a force stasis for a minute. Then he released them. Kahar immediately force pushed Jack against the wall and used force lightning on him. Eventually, they went to Ryloth. Devis, Kahar, and Flash fled. Kahar and Devis found the pieces for Revan's second artifact and Flash, Devis, and Kahar used it. Then Drade Fisto gave Kahar and Devis the 3rd and 4th artifacts. They put them all in ray shields at Dark Nebula Lab after they got power from all of them.

Riot on Kamino

In 19 BBY, riots against the Republic on Coruscant began. Kahar and Shark1 Brion were going to discuss some new threats. They entered Brion's base on Kamino and suddenly heard a loud noise outside. They got onto the sniper posts and saw dozens of Rogue Jedi and civilians protesting the Republic. They were demanding entrance into the base. Several protesters threatened to destroy the base if they did not get what they wanted. Captain Burner arrived and got into a sniping post with Komodo5. They threw several smoke grenades at the crowd to try and drive them away. The angry protesters only got more violent. Burner nodded at Komodo. Komodo pulled out a thermal detonator. He threw it into the crowd of protesters. It exploded and killed two civilians. The crowd backed up a little bit. Shark, Komodo, and Kahar continued yelling at the crowd to calm down, explaining they were trying their best in the war, but that only authorized personnel could enter the base, and citizens weren't authorized. The crowd just got angry again and bashed on the walls. Suddenly, a Rogue Jedi entered the base and cut down three Clones. He began darting through the base, but he could not outrun Komodo. Burner gave the order, and Komodo sniped the Rogue Jedi in the back of the neck. Eventually, Burner requested backup, and CT-8327 "Verdana" and soldiers of the Coruscant Guard arrived. Brion opened a secret entrance to allow them in. Verdana gave a speech to the protesters, but they continued their violence. Komodo sniped a citizen who fired a rocket at the wall. The Republic decided to meet in the war room of Brion's base. Finally, with no choice left, they agreed to launch Helium Bombs at the crowd, but lie, claiming they were Nerve Gas Bombs, and would put gas masks and helmets on. They got on the roof of a sniping post, and began loading helium from the tank into the bombs. They put gas masks on. Most protesters fled into the public shuttle when they heard about the "Nerve Gas" Bombs. Verdana and Kahar began chucking the bombs into the crowd, injuring three protesters. The protesters retreated to the shuttle and took off back to Coruscant.

Separatist Purge of Naboo

In 19 BBY, Kahar was walking through the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when he saw many Jedi gathered around a holo table. Kahar stopped to watch the message being delivered. The message had been pre-recorded.

The image of IG-211 flickered on the holoprojector. He was sitting on a throne, holding a blaster in his right hand. Killer began delivering his speech, "Greetings, Republic scum. My droids and I are holding Naboo hostage right now. You might want to listen before you save the day. If you send reinforcements, this will happen to the citizens of Naboo." Killer raised the blaster and fired into the back of the head of an injured royal guard, who was laying on the floor in front of the throne. "And if you attempt to reclaim the throne room, a bomb will detonate at Naboo's core, destroying the whole planet and all the innocent citizens of Theed and those Gungan fools of the waters. We have already drilled into the planet and set up the facility. Now, I will hand Naboo back over to the Republic...If you give the Separatists a reward. Perhaps we can negotiate. It's your choice, Republic hounds. Life or death. You have forty-eight hours to respond to this message until the mass purge of the Gungans and citizens of Theed begins, and the bomb is detonated." The hologram flickered away and the Jedi began talking to each other about what to do. "I've received word from Chancellor Palpatine that the Senate Tower received the message too," Obi-Wan said over the chatting. "He is calling for a meeting immediately."

Rescue Meeting

The Republic and Jedi Order thought about what to do. Finally, Palpatine decided to send forces to Naboo to destroy the droids and disarm the bomb.


Sixty hours after Killer's message, Kahar arrived above Naboo in the Vindicator, along with a massive Republic fleet. They opened fire on the Separatist fleet. Suddenly, IG-211 contacted the Republic fleet. "Commander Ulysses began the purge twelve hours ago. You only have twelve more hours until Naboo explodes," the magnaguard said. "So enjoy watching the innocent citizens of Theed and the Gungans of the underwater slowly die. And in twelve hours, Queen Apailana and Governor Sio will be publicly executed." The message ended and soon, starfighters flew down to Theed. Kahar was in his starfighter. When he arrived, he saw droids running through the streets, brutally murdering citizens. He looked down the ramp to his right and saw Ulysses in The Miner's Ark, a very powerful AAT, near the outskirts of town.
Miner's Ark 2

Ulysses sits in The Miner's Ark in the outskirts of Theed.

Theed Palace Battle

Battle Droids raid the town hall.

turned around and saw droids raiding the town hall. He watched a Padawan activate his green lightsaber and run towards The Miner's Ark. The Padawan leaped at OOM-416, or Ulysses, and prepared to strike him down. Suddenly, OOM-78 came in from the side and fired a rocket from his cannon arm at the Padawan. The rocket hit the Padawan and exploded, killing the young boy and sending him flying backwards. Commander Shadow arrived next to Kahar. "What should we do, sir?" he asked. Kahar pondered and pondered. "All of us need to work on stopping OOM-416's purge," he finally replied. "After the purge is stopped, you and the 652nd head to the royal palace. Defeat OOM-78's forces and retake the palace. Mostly everybody else will clean up the droids in the streets and free the Queen and the Governor. I will head to the facility and disarm the bomb." Shadow nodded, "Yes, sir!" He ran off to tell everybody else. Kahar then turned around, activated his lightsabers, and leapt into the streets below.

Stopping the Purge

Kahar looked towards the palace. He saw droids standing around. Suddenly, a gunship was shot down and crashed into the streets. Kahar watched as a patrol team killed the Clones from the gunship.

Kahar ran towards the palace. A battle droid aimed his blaster at a clone trooper in the distance. Kahar activated his lightsabers and swiped the droid's head off before the droid could fire. The battle droids turned their attention towards Kahar. Kahar cut one's blaster and then sliced the other. One droid tried to run. Kahar cut his legs off and stabbed him in the back. Kahar noticed the patrol commander, Red Four, step away from the battle and contact
Red Four

Red Four

Killer. Kahar then looked to his right and saw five security droids. He leapt towards them and swiped across them all in one stroke. Soon, even more battle droids arrived and Red Four joined the battle. Kahar looked towards the palace gates and saw OOM-78 and two magnaguards running towards him. He recognized one of the magnaguards as IG-119.  Soon, Shadow and the 652nd Battalion arrived. Jedi and 501st Troopers even arrived too. "Finally!" Kahar exclaimed. They began attacking the droids. IG-119 shoved the other magnaguard and OOM-78 to the ground and ran back
IG-119 Battle Stance


into the palace.

The Republic managed to push OOM-78 and the battle droids down onto the streets, near a river running through the city. Kahar horizontally sliced the magnaguard in half. Suddenly, Ulysses pulled up in a water speeder on the river. "Get in!" he ordered. OOM-78 began running towards the water speeder. Suddenly, Shadow shot OOM-78 in the back with a blaster rifle. OOM-78 fell forward into the water. His circuits and memory card were fried and exploded. "Try remaking that," Kahar joked. Suddenly, Red Four leapt into the water speeder. It sped off before the Republic could react.

"The purge is stopped," Kahar announced. "I'm sure there are Separatist forces at the bomb facility already. I should be heading there. Shadow, get the 652nd Battalion to the palace immediately. I'm sure Ulysses and Red Four have escaped back to the palace and reported the failure to Killer, meaning the execution of the Queen and the Governor will begin soon. Go!" Shadow nodded and rallied the 652nd Battalion. He and the troops darted up to the palace and blasted open the gates. Kahar watched them charge in and blast the battle droids, and then he started running towards the exit of the city.

Race to the Core

Kahar kicked a droid off a STAP and rode it outside the city. He switched over to the open comm channel. "Mayday! Mayday!" Anakin Skywalker shouted. "One of our venators has been destroyed by a collision from a dreadnaught!" Kahar kept zooming through the fields until he found a droid patrol. There was about a dozen B1s, led by a OOM commander droid. Kahar approached them. The leader, Yellow Two, stepped forward. "Halt!" he ordered. "We guard the core facility and by orders of IG-211, you may not pass!" Kahar stared the commander down. "Is that so?" he asked. He force pushed one of the battle droids far away. "Jedi!" Yellow Two shouted. "Blast him!" The battle droids began firing their blasters at Kahar. Kahar began slicing through the battle droids. Yellow Two began running towards the facility as the last of the droids were cut down. Kahar force pulled Yellow Two towards him and impaled the droid on his blue lightsaber. He then force pushed the body off and ran into the facility with only one hour until doomsday.

Sixty Minutes

When Kahar entered the facility, his eyes widened. He saw experimental battle droids created by Doctor Reed Lewis and his science team, by order of IG-211. They were much more powerful and terrifying than usual battle droids. First, he had to fight Powercharged B1s. Kahar leapt towards the B1. He was smacked a couple feet away by the droid's powerful arm. He got back up and threw his lightsabers. The lightsabers cut the droid's arms off, weakening it. Kahar then leapt again and stabbed it in the head, destroying it. He continued fighting Powercharged B1s this way until he met Powercharged B2s. The key to them was also cutting their arms off, but then stabbing them in the chest instead of the head. He fought through many Powercharged B1s and B2s until he reached the control room.

Showdown at the Core

Kahar entered the control room of the facility. IG-211 stood, staring at Kahar. He had been waiting for him. "Well, we meet again it seems, Master Zamet," Killer said. He prepared to retrieve his weapons. "And there's only minutes until this whole planet explodes, and all of us." Kahar looked around. "I won't let that happen," the Jedi replied. Killer activated his lightsaber and readied his electrostaff. "You'll have to go through me first," IG-211 stated. Kahar activated his lightsabers and leapt at Killer. The two locked into a duel. Suddenly, Killer jabbed his electrostaff into Kahar's stomach. The electrical charge sent Kahar flying towards the wall. He stood up and charged at IG-211. He swept his lightsabers and cut Killer's electrostaff in half. The magnaguard wrapped both hands around the lightsaber and focused on blocking Kahar's attacks and slashing at him whenever he got the chance. Kahar looked towards the clock. There was only a few minutes until the bomb exploded. He went on the offensive and drove Killer back. He noticed some broken electrical cords. Killer kicked Kahar back. Kahar then used the Force to wrap the electrical cords around Killer. The magnaguard was shocked by a small jolt of electricity, and dropped his lightsaber. He was tangled up in the cords, unable to get free. "Impressive, Jedi," IG-211 mocked. "But there's only seconds until the bomb goes off. Ha ha ha!" Kahar looked at the clock. There was only five seconds. Kahar dove towards the bomb and pressed the deactivate button. The bomb deactivated with one second left. Killer angrily squirmed around inside the cords. Kahar destroyed the bomb, cut the console, left the facility, and returned to Theed.

Return to Theed

Kahar arrived back in the city. He saw the Jedi and Clones destroying the last of the battle droids. He found Shadow. "Good work," Kahar complemented Commander Shadow. "Thank you," Shadow replied. Suddenly, a droid shuttle took off. "Should we shoot it down, sir?" Shadow asked. "No," Kahar replied. He sensed Red Four, IG-119, and Ulysses on the shuttle. It headed towards the facility, most likely to free Killer. "Get the gunships ready," Kahar ordered Shadow. "We're returning to the Vindicator." Shadow saluted and then ran off towards a gunship. Kahar boarded the gunship along with Shadow and some of the men of the 652nd. The gunship flew into space and on board the Vindicator, and then the Vindicator jumped to hyperspace to Coruscant.

The Legacy of Darth Tempest

A few months after the Purge of Naboo, things were looking good for the Republic. It looked as though the Separatists were tiring out and the war would soon be over. However, the Republic would still be in danger as long as the threat of the Sith existed. Recently, Kahar had felt a strong dark side presence coming from the fourth moon of Yavin, and decided to investigate.

Arriving at Yavin 4 in his starfighter, Kahar flew across the atmosphere of the planet until he found the source of the dark side presence - an ancient Sith Temple.

Landing his starfighter on an old, crumbling landing pad near the temple, Kahar remembered hearing things about a Sith Temple on Yavin 4. Ever since the Galactic War, there were rumors among the Jedi that Darth Tempest, the Empire's Wrath, had built a secret Sith Temple, but nobody had ever found proof that it actually existed.

Raising his hood, Kahar walked to the front of the temple. Two massive statues of Sith Lords stood on either side of the massive door, which was sealed shut. "Another weak Jedi," a voice called out behind Kahar. He quickly turned around and saw the ghost of a Chiss. The ghost stared at him for a moment. "You seem stronger than the Jedi who have come before you. Perhaps you'll avoid their fate." The Chiss ghost released a blast of lightning at the door of the temple. Dark side energy traced the door and it slid open with a massive roar. As Kahar and the Chiss ghost entered the temple, Kahar now realized that the ghost was that of Darth Tempest.

As Kahar and Darth Tempest's ghost made it to the center of the room, the door slammed shut behind them. Tempest waved his hand, and several torches around the room blazed with light, providing dim lighting. "This temple is my masterpiece," Darth Tempest's ghost echoed. "As soon as I arrived on this moon during the Galactic War to deal with Revan and his followers, I could feel how powerful the dark side was here. I figured it would be the perfect place to train new Sith without the Republic ever knowing." Tempest pushed the air with his hand, and the room suddenly turned into a Massassi village. An image of an alive Tempest walked into the village and spoke with the Massassi. "While hunting Revan," Tempest's ghost continued, "I stumbled upon a village full of force-sensitive Massassi. To me, the Massassi were a weapon we could use against our enemies." Imperial soldiers poured into the Massassi village and stunned the Massassi. "I ordered my soldiers to round them up and throw them in cages. I had the Massassi taken back to my flagship." The room then changed from a Massassi village into a plateau. "After searching for a few hours, I finally found the perfect place for my temple." An Imperial shuttle landed on the plateau, and several architects and Darth Tempest exited. "I managed to find a few Imperial architects who would build the temple for me. Over the next few weeks, they built my glorious temple grounds while I helped fight the Order of Revan." The image faded, and Kahar found himself back in the temple. "I suppose I've told you enough of how my temple was built," Tempest's ghost told him. "Now allow me to show you what I did with the temple."

Kahar followed Tempest into a large room. Skeletons and dusty lightsabers were all around the room. There were some wooden polearms and broken cages as well. Suddenly, it all disappeared, and the room was in much better condition and brighter. Several Massassi were in the room, some fighting each other with wooden polearms, others with crimson lightsabers and force powers. "After the temple was finished, I began training the Massassi here," Tempest said, slowly walking around the room. "I also trained several acolytes here, though the Massassi destroyed a lot of them during the trials. However, there was one Twi'lek that stood out." Kahar watched as a blue skinned Twi'lek brutally cut down a Massassi with his red lightsaber. Several other Massassi ignited their lightsabers and charged the Twi'lek. The Twi'lek sliced four Massassi with a single swing of his lightsaber. He then blasted force lightning at a line of five, frying them to death. One last Massassi charged at the Twi'lek. With a mighty swing, the Twi'lek threw his lightsaber at the Massassi. The lightsaber impaled the Massassi in the chest and he went flying against the wall, the lightsaber penetrating the wall and getting stuck in it. The Twi'lek then lifted the Massassi's lightsaber off the ground and impaled him in the chest and through the wall, similar to his own lightsaber, while pulling his own lightsaber back to him. The remaining Massassi stared in awe at the Twi'lek, admiring his skill. "His name was Orlon Rafad, and he was very advanced for his age. I decided to take him as my apprentice." The room then changed to the surface of Krenton. "When the threat of the Eternal Empire arose, I decided to lead several of my Massassi against them on Krenton, the world my family was on, as well as your brother Saarr." Kahar watched as Darth Tempest, Orlon Rafad, and Saarr Zamet marched through the streets of Krenton with several Massassi and Imperial soldiers behind them. Suddenly, Thexan and Arcann appeared, leading the Eternal Empire's forces. The two sides began to clash. "We fought well and took many of the enemy, but they were stronger." Kahar watched as the Massassi and Imperial soldiers fell several at a time to the Eternal Empire. "Arcann even killed my apprentice." Kahar watched as Orlon was decapitated by the prince. "Eventually, it was just your brother and I against the princes and countless soldiers. We fled, and managed to escape them. Saarr went into hiding with my family on Krenton, while I came back to this temple and went into hiding. I began training more Massassi and acolytes, believing that one day I could use them against the Eternal Empire." The image then faded, and Kahar was back in the old, crumbling room.

"I have a challenge for you," Tempest stated. "Defeat my warriors, and I will grant you a vision." Kahar nodded. "Challenge accepted," he replied. The room suddenly changed to the way it was years ago, much brighter and filled with Massassi disciples. They all ignited their lightsabers and turned towards Kahar. He attempted to force push two of them away, but to his surprise, nothing happened. Darth Tempest laughed. "Your force powers will not help you here. This place is bathed in darkness." Kahar attempted to ignite his lightsabers, however they didn't work either. "The only way to win is to submit to the dark side. You will have un-imaginable power and easily destroy my Massassi." Refusing to give in to the darkness, Kahar grabbed two Sith lightsabers off the weapon rack and ignited them. As the Massassi closed in, Kahar wielded the lightsabers in a defensive stance. Three leapt forward with polearms, and Kahar slashed all of them with the lightsabers. Several more Massassi charged with polearms and lightsabers. The lightsabers Kahar was wielding were a blur as he cut down the horde of Massassi. "Red lightsabers look good on you," Tempest's voice taunted. "Have you ever considered joining the dark side?" Kahar ignored the Sith Lord and finished off the last of the Massassi.

"Very good, I'm impressed," Tempest responded. "But now lets see if you can defeat someone more...advanced." Suddenly, Orlon Rafad appeared in front of him. The Sith force pushed Kahar and activated his lightsaber. As Kahar lay on his back, Orlon attempted to leap onto him and bring down his lightsaber. Kahar quickly ignited one lightsaber and blocked the blow, then ignited the other and stabbed Orlon in the ribs. Suddenly, the room was dark and broken again, and Kahar was laying on the dusty floor. He stood up and brushed his robes off. "Well done," Darth Tempest commented. "You're the only Jedi to pass that trial. Now I will grant you what I have promised." Kahar then followed Tempest's ghost into a circular room.

The circular room was tall and wide, with a large square in the middle. The borders of the square had deep lines going around them, and the room was dimly lit with torches and a purple fire pit suspended in chains above the square. Kahar looked around the room and saw several skeletons slumped against the walls, most of them with lightsabers still in their hands or next to them. Some older skeletons were covered in cobwebs, some were not. "Those are all the Jedi that came here before you," Tempest said. "They all failed my test by either falling to darkness or being defeated. Now step into the square." Nodding, Kahar walked to the middle of the room and sat in the square. Dark side energy appeared in Darth Tempest's hands, and he cast it towards the square. The dark side energy filled the deep lines around the square, and then walls of dark energy raised from the lines around the square until they touched the purple fire pit above. Kahar took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

When Kahar opened his eyes, he was suddenly in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. As he looked around, he noticed that something terrible was going on. Smoke and fire filled the temple, and the bodies of Jedi lay everywhere with blaster bolt and lightsaber marks on them. Turning down the hallway, he saw Anakin Skywalker leading several clone troopers through the temple. Mace Windu attempted to attack Anakin, but Anakin cut his arm off and blasted him out of a window with force lightning. Several Jedi Knights also attempted to attack, but they were either cut down by Anakin or shot by the clones. Horrified at what he was seeing, Kahar activated his lightsabers and charged forward. He cut down the clones and then faced Anakin. "How could you do this Anakin?!" he shouted. "You're the Chosen One! You're supposed to destroy the Sith, not the Jedi!" Anakin turned to face Kahar, and Kahar could now see the darkness in his eyes. "From my point of view, it is the Jedi who need to be destroyed." Anakin charged at Kahar, and in self-defense Kahar force pushed Anakin backwards. Anakin landed in a fire in the temple, and seconds afterwards a figure in a black suit, almost as if it were a machine, emerged from the fire and ignited a red lightsaber. The figure struck down Obi-Wan Kenobi, then force pushed his body at Kahar, and everything went black.

Kahar awoke back in Tempest's temple, gasping. "! That isn't possible!" he shouted. "Anakin is the Chosen One, he would never betray the Jedi!" Darth Tempest's ghost, hands clasped behind his back, raised a brow. "Are you so sure of that now?" he asked. "This vision may or may not be a real vision of the future. I will not tell you exactly which. It is up for you to interpret this vision and decide whether you will take action based on it." Tempest then led Kahar out of the temple. As they exited, all the torches went out, and once they were outside the door sealed shut once again. "Now that I've found the right Jedi to share my information with and done so, this temple has no purpose," Darth Tempest stated. "It may be part of my legacy, but it is not what I'm mainly known for." As Tempest channeled the Force, the temple began to shake. Suddenly, the temple began breaking apart, and collapsed into a massive pile of rubble. "I suppose this will probably be the last time anyone sees me," Tempest said. The Sith ghost took a bow. "Goodbye, Jedi." Tempest suddenly disappeared. Kahar, puzzled by everything that had just happened, got in his starfighter and returned to Coruscant.

Massacre of Delphon Squadron

A few weeks after Kahar's trip to Yavin 4, almost all of the Clone Trooper squad known as Delphon Squadron was massacred by a traitor. The only survivor, Wheel, claimed in his report that a trooper named Scrum was the traitor who massacred the squadron. Wheel said he was able to kill Scrum by shooting him in the chest and head. Kahar and Obi-Wan were there to investigate the crime scene. After ARC Captain Burner of the Coruscant Guard sealed off the base from the public as a crime scene, Obi-Wan, Kahar, and Burner went inside to survey the crime scene. All the lights were off, and the stench of death filled the air. Kahar tried to turn the lights on, but the power was out. He found the control room and reactivated the power. What he saw was horrifying. Inside the medical room, on a bed, lay the body of Commander Byan with dozens of blaster bolts in his armor. The mangled bodies of Clone Trooper guards lay around the base. Kahar walked down a hall and found the mangled body of Caile, a technician Clone. He went in another room and found the body of Cricket covered in blood. His chest had been tore open by what seemed like a vibroaxe. The body of Clanker Shot also had a bloodied vibroaxe in his chest. He found the crushed body of Backdrill. It had been smashed between two walls. Then there was Scrum's body. He held a vibroaxe in his hand. There was a blaster bolt hole in his head and chest, and one of his hands was missing. "Why is Scrum's hand missing?" Kahar asked. "I don't think he would've cut his own hand off." Obi-Wan and Burner looked at Scrum's body. "I'm not sure," Burner replied. "I'll have to question Wheel on it later. But now, lets call in some troops to take away these bodies and give them a hero's burial...all except for Scrum."

Soon, troopers arrived and carried away the bodies of Byan, Caile, Cricket, Clanker Shot, Backdrill, and the unknown troopers. Kahar walked out of one of the rooms and tripped over metal. He looked back. It wasn't metal at was the body of a commando droid. As he looked around, there were more droid bodies. He walked over to where the remains of Red Four lay. "A fitting death for a horrible droid like you," he said. Soon, Kahar noticed more droid bodies around the halls. He contacted Obi-Wan. "Apparently Scrum defected to the Separatists," Kahar said. "I've found droid bodies around the base. They must have been sent to help Scrum in the massacre. The Separatists hadd to be after some sort of info, so I'm going to check the holocomputers in the library." Kahar began walking towards the stairs up to the second floor. "Copy that," Obi-Wan replied. Kahar walked in the library and sat down in a chair in front of the old holocomputer. Then he remembered he would need slicing equipment for what he wanted to do. He quickly went downstairs and grabbed Caile's backpack, at the spot where the trooper had been killed. Kahar sat down in front of the holocomputer again and used slicing tools on the computer. After hacking into the system, he found out which were downloaded. All the files downloaded were about a crime lord named Arlikate Mirlanfo. Kahar recognized the name. It was the name of a crime lord who betrayed the Separatists and was currently under protection by the Republic. He was infamous for raiding villages before the Clone Wars and being the leader of the pirate gang called Mirlanfo Pirates. Using more slicing equipment, he found out what the files were downloaded onto: a Separatist data card. Kahar contacted Obi-Wan. "Obi-Wan, I think the Separatists were after Arlikate Mirlanfo. All the files downloaded were about him, and they were downloaded on a Separatist data card," Kahar relayed. "We better get to Mirlanfo's base and warn him." Kahar hurried downstairs and met up with Burner and Obi-Wan. They began walking quickly towards the airspeeder. Suddenly, Kahar's radio buzzed. "A distress signal has been sent from the Mirlanfo Pirates base," a Shock Trooper said. "All units respond." Kahar, Obi-Wan, and Burner then picked up the pace to a run. They leapt into the airspeeder outside the base. Kahar drove it at nearly maximum speed towards the Mirlanfo Pirates base. It landed on the landing platform and the three stepped out. Soon, LAATs landed. Commander Fox and some Shock Troopers stepped out of them. All the Clones activated their helmet lights for light, as it was nearly midnight on Coruscant. Kahar and Obi-Wan led the way in the base, followed by Burner, Fox, and the Shock Troopers. The stench of death filled the air. Corpses of pirates and clone troopers covered the ground as the group progressed to Mirlanfo's private quarters. The door was sealed shut, but there were signs it had been previously blown off its hinges. Kahar, Obi-Wan, Burner, and the Shock Troopers stood off to the side. Fox stepped up to the door. Kahar nodded at Fox. Fox kicked down the door and ran in. The Shock Troopers poured in behind him, followed by Burner, Kahar, and Obi-Wan. Kahar flipped the power switch on. The lights turned on. Inside the room lay the bodies of two pirate guards. Kahar walked over to a human body and recgonized the man as Arlikate Mirlanfo. His body lay in a pool of blood, and a smile had been carved on his mouth by a knife, both the ends of the smile made out of blood. Kahar looked to the right wall and saw written in Mirlanfo's blood, "WHY SO SERIOUS?". Kahar sighed. "We're too late to save Mirlanfo," he said. Kahar walked out of the base and stood on the landing platform. He and Obi-Wan would have a lot to tell the Council...

Droid Covenant Attack on Coruscant

It was 19 BBY. Kahar stood aboard the bridge of the Vindicator. The Vindicator was ordered by the Senate to stand guard with several other venators above Coruscant, as most of the Republic navy was spread thin throughout the Outer Rim. "Any signs of the Separatists?" Kahar asked his crew. "None yet," Commander Shadow replied. "It's quiet...too quiet." Kahar nodded. "Indeed it is," he said to Shadow. Kahar stared off into empty space. There was a slight disturbance in the Force. Suddenly, one of the naval officers' holocomputer began beeping rapidly. "Sir," the officer said. "We're picking up a large unidentified vessel exiting hyperspace." A large Arbinder-Class destroyer came out of hyperspace and headed straight towards the fleet. "It's name is the Galaxy Monger," the officer said. "It is the flagship of the Droid Covenant, a faction wishing to destroy both the Separatists and the Republic." Kahar ran over to the comm panel and spoke through the fleet comm channel. "Do not attack unless they do!" he ordered. Kahar looked out the bridge window. The Galaxy Monger fired large, deadly missiles towards the Immovable. The Immovable's shields were offline, as it was not expecting an attack anytime soon. The Immovable was too late to raise its shields. The missiles hit the hull of the ship and exploded. There was screams on the comm panel as the Immovable split in half, and most of the crew was killed. The Galaxy Monger then plowed through the wreckage of the Immovable, closer to the Republic fleet. "All batteries fire on that ship!" Kahar ordered. The venators raised their shields and opened fire on the Galaxy Monger. "How many were lost when the Immovable was destroyed?" Kahar asked over the comm. "Almost all the crew, including Jedi General Salam Tredd and his padawan," Saesee Tiin said. "Only two clones survived." The Galaxy Monger seemed not to be taking any damage. Suddenly, the Galaxy Monger fired an EMP missile towards the Vindicator. "Sir," the naval officer said. "Enemy EMP mi---" he was cut off when the missile struck the Vindicator. Bolts of electricity came out of the holocomputer and electrocuted the naval officer, killing him. The Vindicator's shields, along with some of its systems, were offline because of the EMP missile. "Look at the size of those missiles!" Shadow shouted. Kahar looked. Something was coming out of the Galaxy Monger towards the Vindicator, but they weren't missiles. "Those are boarding pods!" Kahar said. "Shadow, rally some of the 652nd Battalion to meet in the hangar!" The boarding pods smashed into the hangar and opened. "Yes sir!" Shadow replied. Kahar ran to the blast doors, but they would not open due to them being offline. Kahar had to use the Force to pull the blast doors to the hall open. Technicians raced from the hall into the bridge to repair the systems. Kahar then darted through the hall until he reached the hangar blast door. He used the Force to open it as Shadow and the 652nd Battalion met up with him. What they first saw was Jedi Knights and Clone Troopers, trying to defend themselves from the Droid Covenant battle droids. Kahar and the 652nd Battalion joined the fight. More boarding pods landed in the hangar, more droids attacked. OOM-64, leader of the Droid Covenant, stepped out of one of the boarding pods. He laughed and fired his blaster, killing three Clone Troopers. A Jedi Knight charged towards OOM-64. OOM-64 used a cable launcher to pull the Jedi Knight to him. He then used a flamethrower to burn the Jedi Knight's face. The Jedi Knight screamed for several seconds before finally dropping dead. OOM-64 laughed again. Commander Shadow saw the Clones and Jedi were struggling to hold back the Droid Covenant. Shadow noticed a line of ships. He fired at the caps over the fuel tanks on the ships. The caps popped off and fuel spilled out. A line of fuel went completely across the middle of the hangar, between the Droid Covenant and Republic. Shadow lit a match and tossed it on the fuel. A fire sprung up. Many Droid Covenant droids caught on fire and began burning. Sergeant Blaze then ran to a missile rack and grabbed a missile. He threw the missile towards the fire line. The missile hit and exploded, annihilating several droids. OOM-64 then ordered the remaining droids to retreat back to the Galaxy Monger in the boarding pods. The droids quickly got in and the boarding pods went off one by one. OOM-64 slowly walked up the ramp of his boarding pod. He threw a thermal detonator across the fire line and then got in his boarding pod. The boarding pod then took off for the Galaxy Monger. The thermal detonator exploded and killed four Clone Troopers. Suddenly, all the offline systems on the Vindicator turned back online. Kahar, Shadow, and the 652nd then returned to the bridge.

"Sir," Shadow said. "We're now picking up several Seppy ships exiting hyperspace." Kahar looked out the bridge window and saw a Separatist fleet, led by two Separatist dreadnoughts: the Invisible Hand and Bonecrusher II. "Oh this can't be good..." Kahar murmured. Kahar contacted the Invisible Hand on the comm panel, but before he could speak, Grievous talked. "Listen Jedi scum," Grievous hissed. "I know this isn't the best time to fight, so I'm proposing a truce...until the battle against the Droid Covenant is won." Kahar agreed to the truce, and then Grievous cut the communications. "Guys," Kahar said over the fleet comm channel. "Grievous has made a temporary truce with us. The Separatists will not attack us until the battle against the Droid Covenant is won." Kahar then watched as the Separatist Fleet turned and attacked the Galaxy Monger.

33D5, along with four other Droid Covenant droids, got into a shuttle in the hangar of the Galaxy Monger as blaster fire from the Bonecrusher II showered the Galaxy Monger. The shuttle then took off from the Galaxy Monger's hangar and flew towards the Titanskull. The shuttle dodged wreckage, missiles, and blaster fire and within a few minutes they landed in the hangar of the Titanskull. As the droids stepped out of the shuttle, Separatist B1 battle droids ran in and opened fire at the Droid Covenant droids. The Droid Covenant droids easily defeated the B1s and proceeded to the bridge. The blast doors to the bridge opened up. The group walked in. A B1 Commander, at a console right next to the door, looked at them. 33D5 shot the B1 Commander in the head while he and the four other Droid Covenant droids proceeded further into the bridge. A power chair and a super tactical droid stood there. "Sir, they are here," the super tactical droid said. "Turn me around," a robotic voice ordered. The super tactical droid turned the power chair around. There in the power chair sat a paralyzed Silk Mar. He had a thought computer that would speak his every thought. "Allow me to introduce myself," the super tactical droid said. "I am Tero, and I shall be your destroyer." Tero pulled out a vibrosword as the Droid Covenant droids raised their blasters. Tero deflected their shots and cut down one droid. While the other remaining Droid Covenant droids distracted Tero, 33D5 found an exposed spot on Tero. 33D5 fired his blaster. The bolt hit Tero's hand and sent it flying off while the vibrosword dropped to the floor. Tero then grabbed a blaster rifle in his remaining hand and shot one Droid Covenant droid dead. 33D5 then fired another bolt. It hit Tero's head, destroying him.

IG-211 stood on the bridge of the Bonecrusher II. PDP-15 approached him. "Killer," PDP-15 said. "It appears that the Titanskull was boarded by the Droid Covenant." Killer stared at PDP-15. "I will inform Grievous of this matter," the magnaguard replied. "We cannot afford to lose Silk Mar." Killer walked over to the holotable and contacted Grievous. He knelt down as the general's holo-image flickered on. "What is it, IG-211?" Grievous caughed. "General," Killer replied as he rose up. "The Titanskull has been boarded by the Droid Covenant. Silk Mar's life is in danger." Grievous growled. "GAH!' he shouted. "I will deal with this myself." The cyborg general then stormed off the bridge of the Invisible Hand.

Kahar still stood on the bridge of the Vindicator. He watched as the Galaxy Monger fired at both the Republic and Separatist fleets. Boarding pods launched from the Galaxy Monger and slammed into the Bonecrusher II. "This is IG-211," Killer said across the comm channel. "Requesting forces on the Bonecrusher II. Droid Covenant forces have breached the ship. The hangar has almost been completely taken." Kahar looked to Commander Shadow. "You, Blaze, and some of the 652nd are with me," he ordered. The troops and Kahar made their way to the hangar. They got on an LAAT and headed towards the Bonecrusher II. As they approached the dreadnought, a Droid Covenant shuttle purposely crashed into the side of the LAAT. It damaged the LAAT and killed two Clone Troopers. The LAAT, quickly becoming unstable, then crash landed in the hangar of the Bonecrusher II.

33D5 pushed Silk Mar, in his power chair, along the ship to the hangar. "Any last words, Nemoidian?" 33D5 asked as the Titanskull came into the atmosphere of Coruscant, piloted by one of the Droid Covenant droids. "You'll pay for this," Silk Mar's thought computer said. "Goodbye!" 33D5 laughed. He then kicked Silk Mar's power chair out of the hangar. Silk Mar then fell until he hit the streets of Coruscant below, immediately killing him. Panicked citizens screamed and ran away from the dead body. 33D5 then returned to the bridge. "Sir," one of the Droid Covenant droids said. "The ship is going down. Republic anti-air turrets are firing at it rapidly." 33D5 laughed. "Lets go," he ordered. When they reached the blast door, it opened and Grievous, with all four lightsabers, stood before them. The cyborg laughed and spun his lightsabers. 33D5 ran past Grievous towards the hangar while the cyborg sliced the other two droids. 33D5 was now the sole survivor of the squad. He got in the shuttle and took off just as Grievous ran into the hangar. Grievous then took off in his starfighter as the Titanskull crashed into the streets of Coruscant. The explosion destroyed many buildings, damaged the Jedi Temple and Senate Tower, and killed the senator of Duraan. 33D5 then returned to the Galaxy Monger, while Grievous returned to the Invisible Hand.

Everything was a blur. There was a ringing sound. Kahar saw burning wreckage everywhere. He blinked, and his vision returned to normal. Shadow extended a hand to help him up. Kahar grabbed Shadow's hand and pulled himself up. He saw Blaze using a hunk of wreckage as cover, firing his blaster rifle over to destroy Droid Covenant droids. Shadow and Kahar quickly took cover behind a different piece of wreckage. "Where's the others?" Kahar asked Shadow. "We're the only ones left, sir," Shadow replied. "The others were wounded in the crash and bled out, or died immediately when we crashed." Kahar sighed and activated his communicator. "Requesting assistance on the Bonecrusher II," IG-211 repeated on the open comm channel. "Repeat---" Kahar cut the magnaguard off. "This is Kahar Zamet. My gunship has crashed in your hangar. There's only three survivors. Requesting backup in the hangar. We are pinned down by Droid Covenant droids." Kahar used the the Force to lift pieces of wreckage and throw them at the droids. "Help is on the way, Jedi," IG-211 replied. Suddenly, B1s and B2s enter the hangar and began attacking the Droid Covenant. Quickly, the Republic and the Separatists destroyed the Droid Covenant droids. "The ship is secured," a B1 said into his communicator. IG-211 entered the hangar. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood," he said to Kahar. "Leave now Jedi, before it changes." Kahar looked at IG-211. "Remember that we have a truce," he reminded the magnaguard. "Yes," IG-211 acknowledged. "One that will soon be broken - the Droid Covenant is preparing to retreat from the system." Kahar called in another LAAT, and it picked up Shadow, Blaze, and him. The LAAT then returned to the Vindicator.

Kahar walked onto the bridge. "All batteries on the Galaxy Monger!" he ordered. "Drive them out of the system. This is their last stand!" The Vindicator's missiles and turrets fired on the Galaxy Monger as it turned around and began zooming away. As the Galaxy Monger was pounded by the Separatist and Republic fleets, it suddenly jumped to hyperspace. The attacks from both sides stopped. There were cheers throughout the bridge of the Vindicator. Kahar contacted the Invisible Hand on the communicator.

Grievous stood on the bridge of the Invisible Hand. "Sir," IG-119 said. "We're picking up a transmission from the Republic fleet." Grievous' cold eyes stared off in the distance, then quickly turned to IG-119. "Allow them to speak," he ordered. A holo-image of Kahar flickered on the console. "I can't believe I'm saying this to a Separatist...but you fought well, Grievous," Kahar said. Grievous made a hand signal to the droids on the bridge. "Why yes I did, scum," Grievous said. Grievous then looked out of the bridge windows at the Vindicator.

Kahar couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. He looked up and saw a cannon on the Invisible Hand fire. The bolt hit the Vindicator's hangar, causing severe damage. "We're under attack by Separatists!" Kahar shouted as he shut off the communicator. "All hands battle stations! Return fire! Prepare for battle!" Kahar quickly took his seat in the captain's chair on the bridge. The Battle of Coruscant had begun.

Battle of Coruscant

Blaster fire and missiles pounded through empty space as the Separatist and Republic fleet fired at each other. Grievous stood on the bridge of the Invisible Hand, watching the carnage. "Sir, your shuttle is ready," IG-119 informed him. "Contact IG-211," Grievous ordered. Tell him we are heading down to the planet." IG-119 bowed, and then turned around and walked away while contacting Killer on his datapad.

Kahar surveyed the battle, watching every move the Separatists made. He waited, and waited. He would let the Separatists make the first move, then take advantage of their mistake. A dreadnought attemped to flank the Vindicator from the port side. "All port batteries attack that dreadnought," Kahar ordered. He watched as the blaster fire pounded the dreadnought, and then a missile finished the job. The dreadnought exploded into pieces. Kahar then set his eyes back on the battle, analyzing the Separatist fleet again.

Grievous and IG-119 stepped out of the turbolift and entered the hangar of the Invisible Hand, followed by a dozen B1s. Grievous' shuttle sat in the middle of the hangar, guarded by two magnaguards. Grievous, IG-119, and the B1s entered the shuttle. The two magnaguards then entered also as the ramp folded up and the door closed. The shuttle then exited out of the hangar of the Invisible Hand, and headed straight to the Bonecrusher II. The shuttle landed in the hangar of the Bonecrusher II. Grievous exited the ship. IG-211 stood in the hangar, guarded by two commando droids. "Ah, it seems you are ready, Killer," Grievous said. "Come aboard." Killer bowed and entered the shuttle, followed by the two commando droids. The shuttle then took off and headed straight for the surface of Coruscant. "Shall I contact the reinforcements?" IG-119 asked. "Yes," Grievous ordered. "Tell the landing ships and vulture droids to head for the planet. They will provide us some cover fire." IG-119 nodded and contacted the Separatist fleet on his datapad as the shuttle entered the atmosphere of Coruscant.

Kahar watched as vulture droids and landing ships poured out of the Separatist dreadnoughts...and they were heading towards Coruscant. Kahar ran over to the comm panel on the bridge wall. "Shadow!" he shouted. "Get your best men together and meet me in the hangar." Sergeant Blaze overheard Kahar and began running to the hangar. "Will do, general," Shadow replied. Kahar cut the communications and hurried to the hangar. He entered an LAAT. Shadow and the 652nd's best ran into the hangar and got on board. The gunship's doors sealed and Kahar motioned for the pilot to take off. Kahar got on the fleet comm chanel. "The Separatists are invading the planet," Kahar said. "Need some available units to head down to the surface, but we need to maintain the fleet." Several LAATs began following Kahar's to the surface. To be continued...

Siege of Vandaes

Shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, Kahar met with the rest of the Jedi Council within the Council Chambers. Many members of the Council were present in hologram form, unable to attend whilst fighting in the Outer Rim. As Kahar took his seat, the meeting began.

"Thank you all for being here today," Mace Windu spoke. "We currently have the Separatists cornered in the Outer Rim. Many of you are unable to attend in person because you are helping to siege their strongholds. However, there is one key planet we have still not accounted for."

Mace brought up a hologram of a planet in the middle of the room. "Although Count Dooku is dead, Serenno still remains a key Separatist world. We've been unable to launch an assault in the past, but now is the perfect time to strike. Not only are the Separatists weaker than ever, but with Dooku gone, Serenno's defenses are also at their weakest. If someone were to take Serenno, the war could be over sooner than we think."

"I will take the 652nd Battalion to assault Serenno," Kahar spoke up. "We can leave Coruscant by the end of the day."

"Very well," Mace nodded. "Master Zamet, you will leave for Serenno by dusk tonight. Strike as you see fit." Kahar then stood up and walked out of the Council Chambers.

A few hours later, after summoning the 652nd Battalion, Kahar met Commander Shadow aboard the bridge of the Vindicator, docked at the Republic Center for Military Operations.

"Even now, a direct assault on Serenno would be a suicide mission, sir," Shadow said, leaning over the holotable. "Our best option would be to take Vandaes first." The clone commander pushed a button on the holotable and brought up the image of a forest planet. "It's a key Separatist shipbuilding world, not far from Serenno. Capturing it would hinder their fleet, and it would be a good location to launch our assault from."

"Alright," Kahar stated. "Tell your men to gear up, commander. We leave for Vandaes tonight." Shadow nodded, saluted Kahar, and then exited the bridge.

As the darkness of night set on Coruscant, the Vindicator's engines roared to life, and it launched into space. The Vindicator met up with the Justice, commanded by Jedi Knight Kalin Rost, and a few other star destroyers, above Coruscant. The fleet then entered hyperspace to Vandaes.

The Republic fleet exited hyperspace, ready for battle. Surprisingly, there was little orbital defense of the planet. The fleet quickly dealt with the Separatist defenses that were present, before preparing to send troops to the planet's surface.

"Intel indicates security was high here when General Grievous visited a few weeks before the attack on Coruscant," Kalin Rost spoke over the comm channel. "He must not have fled here." Kahar and Shadow exited the bridge of the Vindicator and hurried to the hangar. Clone troopers were already hurrying about, boarding gunships, checking weapons, and preparing to descend to the planet below.

Kahar, HK-62, and BT-49 boarded a gunship, while Shadow boarded a different gunship across from them. As the Republic forces finished boarding the gunships, their doors closed, and they headed for Vandaes.

"Alright, let's run through the battle plan again," Shadow commanded over the comm. "The gunships will try to fly under the radar and land in different areas of the forest. We'll quietly work our way to the citadel complex and launch an attack from all sides. Once we take the complex, the planet is ours, and we'll be able to launch our assault on Serenno."

The gunships entered the atmosphere of Vandaes, and were welcomed with a torrent of rain and lightning. One gunship was struck directly by lightning, bursting into flames and breaking apart in the air. As the gunships continued their approach towards the citadel, anti-air turrets locked on and began firing. "They know we're here!" Shadow shouted. Kahar stumbled to maintain his balance as his gunship was hit. As it plummeted into the ground, his vision went black.

Kahar opened his eyes and slowly stood up. The wreckage of the gunship was scattered and burning, though the center had remained mostly intact. Dead clone troopers were scattered about, with no sign of any other survivor.

"Freeze!" a voice suddenly ordered. Kahar quickly ignited his blue lightsaber and turned around, cutting down the battle droid captain. Soon, more battle droids rushed up over the hill. As Kahar prepared for battle, a blaster rifle suddenly fired nearby, destroying all of the battle droids. HK-62 stepped out of the bushes, with BT-49 at his side. Kahar's holocom then went off.

"I can't make contact with anyone from the other gunships," Shadow informed Kahar. "Only Sergeant Blaze, half a dozen other troopers, and I survived. What about your gunship?"

"HK-62 and BT-49 are the only other survivors. The good news is that we're not too far from the citadel."

"Then we meet at the complex," Shadow stated. "I'll try to contact the fleet, see if I can get them to send in any bombers." Shadow then deactivated his comm. Kahar retrieved a sniper rifle from the gunship and tossed it to HK-62. "Let's get moving." Kahar pulled up his hood, protecting him from the rain.

Arriving on the outskirts of the citadel complex, Kahar spotted Shadow and his clone troopers on the other end of the complex, who also saw him. A hangar bay opened, and a squadron of vulture droids poured out towards space. Shadow contacted Kahar again on his communicator.

"I'm not sure if I was able to reach the fleet, but if they are sending bombers, we need to disable those turrets," Shadow said. "We should find a way into the citadel. There should be a console that will allow us to shut down all of the defenses.

Kahar, BT-49, and HK-62 snuck into the citadel from the east, while Shadow and his troopers entered from the west. Moving quietly through the corridors, Kahar and his droid companions stopped at a corner before a droid patrol.

"The war isn't looking so good right now," one of the droids said. "General Grievous is meeting on Utapau with the rest of the council to decide how to proceed." They waited until the droids passed down another corridor, then resumed and soon made it to the command center. Shadow pulled a switch, and the base's defenses went offline.

Suddenly, the citadel shook, and alarms blared. The Republic forces hurried outside, just in time to see another squadron of Y-wing bombers strike the citadel. Inspired, they began fighting the Separatist forces, and soon gunships full of clone troopers landed to reinforce them. A squad of commando droids ran out from the citadel. Kahar quickly cut down two with both of his lightsabers. A third droid proved difficult, but he eventually stabbed it in the chest. Shadow was able to gun down one commando droid, before struggling with another and being knocked unconscious. Kahar rushed over as the commando droid dragged Shadow towards a shuttle, but two super battle droids blocked his path. He cut down the super battle droids, but it was too late. Shadow was taken aboard the shuttle, which quickly flew away and jumped to hyperspace. Soon, Republic forces secured the area, and Kahar activated his holocommunicator.

"Master Windu, I've found out that General Grievous is located on Utapau, along with the rest of the Separatist Council," Kahar told a hologram of Mace. "We've also just taken Vandaes."

"We already know about Grievous," Mace replied. "Master Kenobi has been dispatched to Utapau. Good work taking Vandaes. We'll send some reinforcements to help you in taking Serenno." The call then ended as Kalin Rost approached Kahar.

"Vandaes is secured," Kalin stated. "Where's Commander Shadow?"

"The droids took Shadow prisoner aboard a shuttle," Kahar said. "They've likely taken him to Serenno, which means we should waste no time in preparing our attack." Before Kalin could say another word, Kahar boarded a gunship back to the Vindicator.

Battle of Serenno

A few hours after taking Vandaes, Kahar stood aboard the bridge of the Vindicator. Master Windu's reinforcements had arrived in the form of two cruisers, increasing the fleet's total to seven. Kahar discussed with Kalin how to proceed in attacking Serenno.

"We have seven cruisers, dozens of gunships, hundreds of starfighters, and thousands of clone troopers," Kalin stated. "At this point in the war, the Separatist navy is spread thin throughout the Outer Rim, but reports indicate Serenno's defense fleet still has at least one droid control ship, two dreadnoughts, including Dooku's personal dreadnought, and several frigates. We'll have to break the blockade if we want any chance of reaching the planet itself."

Kahar pondered the hologram of the Separatist fleet for a moment. "Focus on the control ship," he finally ordered. "Once we engage their fleet, send out starfighters to defend our fleet, and bombers to weaken that dreadnought." Kahar then walked over to the bridge crew and gave them the order. The Republic fleet jumped into hyperspace.

Hours later, the Republic fleet exited hyperspace above Serenno. They were immediately greeted by laser fire from the Separatists. "Divert power to the weapons and forward shields! Get our starfighters out there!" Kahar ordered. Several squadrons of ARC-170 fighters and Y-wing bombers launched from the cruisers and moved towards the dreadnoughts.

Shadow sat on the balcony of Dooku's palace, helmetless and hands bound, watching as the battle above raged on. Before him stood a super tactical droid, guarded by two commando droids. "You must have thought you were clever, taking my citadel on Vandaes, didn't you?" the super tactical droid questioned him. "It was certainly an impressive move, but you and your Republic will never win. The legacy of Count Dooku will survive."

"Most of the frigates out here are down!" shouted a clone pilot over the comm channel. "But we can't pierce the armor on those dreadnoughts!" Already the Republic had lost several fighters and one cruiser, and another cruiser was about to be destroyed. Kahar hurried down to the Vindicator's hangar, which already contained piles of flaming wreckage. He boarded the Defender alongside T7 and headed towards the droid control ship. Blasting through several droid ships, he eventually cleared a path and landed in one of the control ship's hangars. Exiting the Defender, Kahar quietly made his way through the ship and to the bridge. Igniting his lightsabers, he quickly dismantled all of the droids aboard the bridge before sitting in the command chair. He pressed a red button, initiating a five minute self-destruct sequence. Kahar then hurried back to the Defender and left the control ship. The control ship exploded, destroying it and crippling the dreadnoughts as Kahar returned to the Vindicator.

Shadow watched the explosion in the sky. The super tactical droid did too, but appeared far less enthusiastic about it. "I guess you were wrong," Shadow said. Having weakened his cuffs, he stood up and slammed them back against the balcony railing, shattering them. A commando droid moved on him with a vibrosword, but he disarmed it and severed its head with the vibrosword. As the droid fell, Shadow grabbed the blaster from its waist and shot the other commando droid in the chest, then shot the super tactical droid in the head. Dropping the vibrosword, Shadow sent out a location signal from his communicator and left it on the palace balcony. He went inside the palace and retrieved his helmet. Placing it back on his head, Shadow snuck down to the first floor and secretly exited the palace.

Kahar entered the bridge of the Vindicator. The Separatist fleet was crumbling, and the Republic forces were advancing. "Sir, the droids are using their remaining dreadnought and frigates in a last attempt to hold us back," a bridge engineer told him. "The dreadnought is heavily damaged, but our firepower is still not enough to break through. We've also received a location signal from Commander Shadow."

Kahar pondered for a minute and narrowed his eyes. "Divert all power to the forward shields and engines," he ordered. "Prepare to ram that blockade." The bridge crew looked surprised, but carried out the order. The Vindicator rotated towards the heavily damaged dreadnought at the center of the blockade. The engines roared to life and the ship sped forward. Right before impact, Kahar mustered all of his strength and used the Force to create a shield around the Vindicator. The cruiser slammed through the dreadnought, obliterating it and several frigates. As it ended, Kahar let his Force shield fade away. Only a few frigates remained, and now there was a massive hole in the blockade. The Vindicator had survived, though it was heavily damaged with smoke and fire pouring out of it.

"Make your way to the planet," Kalin spoke over the comm channel. "We'll finish off the rest of their fleet." The Vindicator then slowly descended into the atmosphere of Serenno. Soon Dooku's palace came into view. The Vindicator came to a halt as it held a clear view of the palace.

"All batteries, open fire," Kahar commanded. The turrets on the Vindicator turned towards Dooku's palace, then opened fire simultaneously. A storm of laser fire bombarded the structure, destroying the upper level and breaking through the lower level. Soon, a massive hole was created on the side of the palace facing the courtyard. Kahar gave a signal for the turrets to stop firing. "Prepare your men for deployment," he stated to Sergeant Blaze, who was acting as commander of the 652nd Battalion in Shadow's absence. Blaze nodded, then hurried to the hangar.

In the hangar, clone troopers were quickly boarding gunships, preparing for deployment to the planet surface. Kahar boarded the Defender alongside T7-O1, BT-49, and HK-62. The gunships and the Defender took off, and quickly landed in the courtyard of Dooku's palace. Kahar charged out of the Defender wielding both of his lightsabers. He led the clones into battle against the droid defenders of the palace. Soon, the Republic forces crossed through the breach into Dooku's palace. Kalin and his troopers arrived to provide support, and within minutes the palace was secure.

Kahar and Kalin walked through the ground level of the palace, filled with rubble. They both walked up the stairs and saw Dooku's quarters. Entering the room, they immediately felt a powerful nexus in the dark side of the Force, and were surprised to see that the room had survived the bombardment without any damage. As the two Jedi looked over the artifacts in the room, Kalin was drawn to one particular shelf. "Dooku's holocrons," Kalin said. "The Council will want these." He opened a bag and began placing the holocrons into them. Kahar exited the room and walked back downstairs.

"General," a voice suddenly called out. Kahar looked up to see Shadow entering the palace.

"It's good to see you again," Kahar replied. "You seem to alright."

"I escaped those droids while you were attacking their fleet. Thought I'd wait until our forces landed to meet up with you." Shadow and Kahar walked upstairs and looked towards the nearby city through a shattered window. Fire consumed the atmosphere of Serenno as a battle raged in the city. A tri-droid attempted to defend an area of the city, but was quickly destroyed by the advancing wave of AT-TEs.

"I'm ready to get back out there, sir," Commander Shadow stated. "We'll achieve victory in no time. For the Republic!"

"For the Republic," Kahar replied as Shadow walked away. He continued to watch the battlefield. The war was nearly over.

Order 66 and the Formation of The Survivors

"Today we fight for not only The Survivors, but for the freedom of the galaxy!"

-Kahar to The Survivors as they charge into battle against the Empire

When Order 66 happened, Kahar was on Serenno. The assault on the planet was finally coming to an end. Commander Shadow was next to Kahar. Suddenly Shadow's comm buzzed. "One moment," he said. He went into the hallway and activated it. It was Chancellor Palpatine. "The time is now. Execute Order 66, commander." Shadow nodded. "Yes, my lord." He then deactivated the communicator and walked over to Kahar. "General, we need to go. Your life is in serious danger!" Shadow said. Then Sergeant Blaze pointed his blaster at the back of Kahar's head. Shadow shot Blaze in the head. "What is going on?!" Kahar shouted. "It's a protocol called Order 66. All clones are supposed to betray the Jedi, but I've removed my inhibitor chip. I'm choosing not to follow it," Shadow replied. "We got to go now!" Kahar nodded and activated his communicator. "T7 prep the ship for takeoff now!" He deactivated his communicator. "Allow me to kill these meatbags," HK-62 said. HK-62 killed any clones that fired at them. BT-49 followed in HK's footsteps. They made it out to the courtyard. Kahar and Shadow started killing the clones and then made it to the Defender. HK-62, BT-49, Shadow, and Kahar quickly got on the Defender. Clones began to surround them and fire at the ship. "Take off now T7!" Kahar shouted. The engines roared to life as the Defender left the planet. Kahar then walked to the bridge. T7 whistled and trilled excitedly. "What is it, T7?" Kahar questioned. He looked up at the scanners and suddenly remembered the Republic blockade was still surrounding the planet. "T7, raise the shields! Divert some power from engines!" Kahar shouted. The venators opened fire on the ship right as T7 raised the shields. Kahar knew he'd have to create a diversion before he could jump to hyperspace, or otherwise the clones would blast the Defender to bits. He looked around and saw the Vindicator, which was still heavily damaged from the space battle with the Separatists. "Focus all fire on the Vindicator," Kahar told Shadow, who had already taken up position at one of the ship's turrets. Kahar piloted around the Vindicator's side, narrowly dodging blaster fire. When he reached the engines of the massive ship, he abruptly halted and fired torpedoes into them. There was a massive explosion that engulfed the Vindicator. Flames and wreckage caused a nearby cruiser to also explode. The massive explosions distracted the clones, and the wreckage was picked up by their scanners, causing interference. Kahar punched Coruscant's coordinates into the hyperdrive. He pressed the button and rested his hand on the lever. On one of the nearby cruisers, the Justice, there was a presence in the Force. Kahar decided it was a dark one, however, and pulled the lever.

Kalin Rost sat silently on the bridge of the Justice. "Sir, our scanners lost them," his clone lieutenant said. "Because in the distraction, they escaped," Kalin informed him. "Contact Darth Sidious, he will not be pleased."

The Defender landed and the crew got out. "Stay here, I'll be right back," Kahar said. He then raised his hood and snuck through the spaceport towards the market district, leaving an encrypted message for all Jedi on the planet to arrive there.

Kahar stood in the market district as a group of clone troopers, led by Commanders Fox and Bly, patrolled the area. Kahar saw Master Nalarr, with his hood on, and walked over to him. "Follow me to my ship, it's too dangerous here," Kahar said to Nalarr. "Yes, Kahar," Nalarr replied. The two began walking. The squad of clones noticed and followed after them in a fast-walk. Kahar and Nalarr began fast walking, and the clones jogged towards them. Knowing the clones were catching onto them, Kahar and Nalarr burst out into a full-out sprint, their hoods whipping back. The clones darted after them. The two Jedi Masters were clever, leading the clones through a maze across the city until they arrived at the spaceport.

Now at the spaceport, Kahar and Nalarr thought they had lost the clones. Suddenly, a gunship bearing the Coruscant Guard insignia landed on a nearby landing pad. The doors flew open, and Clone Commanders Bly and Fox stepped out, along with several ARC troopers. Seeing nowhere to run, Kahar and Nalarr, along with Kahar's companions, readied their weapons and prepared to fight.

One of the ARC troopers discharged his blaster rifle, starting the fight. Kahar responded first, leaping at the ARC troopers, cutting several of them down. He was surprised to see blaster fire and lightsaber strikes coming from the spaceport, hitting the ARC troopers in the back.

Kahar turned away from the ARC troopers and focused on Bly and Fox, now exposed. Bly ran at Kahar, but Kahar kicked Bly backwards. Suddenly, an ARC trooper shot Kahar in his right hand. His blue lightsaber went flying and landed at Bly's feet. Kahar looked towards his right and saw a group of ARC troopers go flying off the spaceport ledge. Nalarr emerged and walked next to Kahar. Bly picked up Kahar's lightsaber and challenged Nalarr to a duel. Nalarr accepted. He entered a brief duel with Bly, but ended up winning by kicking the clone commander in the shin, causing him to collapse. As the ARC troopers began attacking Nalarr, Kahar picked his lightsaber back up. Bly attempted to limp over to a blaster rifle, but Kahar force pushed him off the spaceport ledge. Bly fell into an airspeeder and used it to escape back to the Jedi Temple.

Kahar sensed Fox charging at him from behind with a knife. He quickly turned around and impaled Fox with both of his lightsabers. Kahar slowly removed the lightsabers from the commander. Fox dropped the knife and fell dead. Nalarr and Kahar's companions defeated the rest of the ARC Troopers when he was done fighting the commanders.

Nalarr walked onto the Defender's ramp. Nalarr was in the middle of the ramp when suddenly a Clone Sniper on top of a building sniped Nalarr through the head. Nalarr dropped dead. "No!" Kahar shouted.
Clone Sniper

The Imperial Clone Sniper that killed Nalarr.

He quickly grabbed Nalarr's body and put it on the Defender. Shadow shot the sniper in the head. Kahar, BT-49, HK-62, and Shadow were about to get on the ship when theh suddenly saw a Youngling. "Come on!" Kahar shouted. The Youngling quickly began running towards the Defender. Suddenly, Lieutenant Correx stepped out of an alley. He raised his blaster and shot the Youngling. Shadow looked at Correx. "Correx, you don't need to do this!" Shadow shouted. "You were one of the 501st's best!" Suddenly, Jedi Master Gren and several Jedi Masters arrived. They were all exhausted and injured. "And I still am, and always will be," Correx replied. The lieutenant turned around and aimed his blaster at the Jedi Masters. Shadow pulled out his blaster rifle and shot Correx in the chest as he turned around. Correx fell to the ground, dead. Kahar, BT-49, HK-62, and Shadow then helped the Jedi Masters on board the Defender. Kahar pressed a button and the ramp folded up and the door closed. More clone troopers from the 501st arrived. "T7, get us out of here!" Kahar ordered. T7 then started the ship. Kahar flew the ship into the sky as the clones pelted the hull with blaster bolts. The Defender then shot into space.

"We're headed to the lab on Mustafar," Kahar said. "That should be a good place to lie low for a bit." Shadow, who had tapped into Imperial comms, replied to him. "Actually, that wouldn't be a good idea. Krennic and the weapons research divison have already taken over the lab. I think our best bet is Ryloth." Kahar nodded, and jumped to hyperspace to Ryloth.

Two days after Kahar arrived on Ryloth, he formed The Survivors. The Survivors was made up of Clones that disobeyed Order 66, Jedi that survived Order 66, and various militia, citizens, and Republic millitary. The Survivors were headquartered at an old Republic base on Ryloth.
Review utapau 1

Captain Oppa in his Phase II Utapau armor.

Normal Utapau Airborne Clone Trooper Parjai Squad - 01

Lieutenant Copper in his Phase II Utapau armor.

Rendezvous on Yavin 4

A week after the formation of The Survivors, Kahar went to the ruins of Darth Tempest's temple on Yavin 4, where he met with Dodge, Viera, and Siege Platoon. They agreed to join The Survivors. To be expanded...
Kahar Zamet Wanted Poster ex 1

A wanted poster of Kahar Zamet made one week after he left Coruscant and arrived on Ryloth. Credit goes to Reedman211 for making this poster.

The Empire Attacks

Two weeks after the formation of The Survivors, when everybody was at the base, Kahar heard the siren going off. He immediately ran over to the scanners and saw that nearby, two gunships were letting Clone Troopers off. The Survivors grabbed weapons off the racks. Kahar unlocked the blast doors at the entrance and then ran at the door. Everybody in the base took positions for battle. The Clone Troopers were hurrying over on a nearby rock bridge. A sniper took cover behind a barrier, preparing to fire. Kahar gave the sniper a hand signal and the sniper nodded. He then aimed his blaster rifle at the head of one of the Clone Troopers and fired. The bolt went right through the Clone Trooper's helmet.
Sergeant Blox

A Imperial Clone Shock Trooper on one of the Imperial Shuttles.

Smoke rose from the hole. The Clone dropped to the ground.

The Survivors let out a battle cry and attacked the Clone Troopers. A heavy trooper got a rotary gun out and started shooting at Clone Troopers. He killed ten of them immediately. Suddenly, a Clone Sniper from inside one of the gunships sniped the gunner and killed him. Kahar used the Force to move the E-11 blasters of the fallen Clone Troopers back to the racks in the lab, as well as the rotary gun.

Suddenly, three more gunships began to pour off clones on the nearby plateau. The Survivors were outnumbered. Then Kahar had an idea. He asked one of the defected clones, who was a demolition expert, if he could borrow explosives. The clone nodded, and gave Kahar a thermal detonator. Kahar could see the Imperial Clone Troopers were pinned down on the plateau, and the rock bridge between the base and the plateau. Kahar primed the thermal detonator and threw it at the rock bridge, using the Force to help guide it. It landed and exploded. The ends of the bridge cracked and eventually snapped. The clones who weren't killed by the explosion of the dynamite quickly fell to their deaths below.

Kahar and a few other Jedi then used the Force to throw the five gunships towards the ground below. Then they used the Force to snap the plateau and cause it to fall into the valley below.

The battle was over. The injured were rushed to the med bay. The Survivors quickly put their weapons on the racks.

Kahar could see a small freighter landing outside. He hurried towards the entrance of the base. A black and red hooded figure jumped out of the ship and walked inside. The human man lifted the hood back. Kahar could see the face clearly and recognize him now. "Devis!" Kahar shouted. It was Kahar's old friend, Devis Trooper. They ran toward each other. "I thought I'd never see you again!" Kahar said. "Yeah," Devis said with a grin. "Just escaped some Imperials. They set up a base few miles away. More clones heading this way." Kahar sighed. "Great," Kahar said. "So do you want to join The Survivors?" Kahar asked. Devis nodded his head. Kahar made Devis a commander.

Suddenly gunships started landing several yards away from the base. Imperial Clone Troopers poured out. The alarms activated as the scanners picked up the gunships and clones. The Survivors grabbed their weapons. Kahar pulled a lever on the wall and silver droids ran out. The droids grabbed the stolen Imperial Rifles off the rack and ran out the entrance. Kahar ran out the entrance too and Devis followed him. The Imperial Clones started firing at The Survivors immediately. One of the militia troopers from The Survivors was shot in the shoulder and then shot in the head. He collapsed to the ground. The Survivors immediately returned fire. Kahar jumped at a group of five clones and force pushed them into the valley below. One came up behind Kahar and Devis immediately jumped above the clone and cut him in half. Kahar turned around. "Thanks," Kahar said with a smile. Devis smiled back. The two stood back to back, deflecting blaster fire. Then they split up on the ground and started cutting down clones. Kahar saw one coming up behind Devis. The clone had his blaster aimed at Devis' back and was about to fire when one blue and one yellow lightsaber plunged through his back and came out his chest. Devis heard the sizzling behind him and turned around. He saw the Clone standing there, both of Kahar's lightsabers coming out of his chest. Kahar pulled the lightsabers out of the Clone and he collapsed. More clones began to surround Kahar and Devis. Kahar cut one down and used Force Sweep to kill some of the others and knock the rest, except for one, off the cliff. Kahar force kicked the last one into the valley. The gunships immediately evacuated back to the Imperial Base, having exhausted too many forces. Kahar saw The Survivors finishing the rest of the clones off. Soon, the battle was over for the day, and everyone returned to the base.

Construction of Isolation Outpost

Coming soon.

Mission to Alderaan

In 18 BBY, Kahar was invited to Alderaan by Bail Organa. Kahar, Devis, and several other members of The Survivors boarded one of the cruisers outside of the base. A few minutes later, the cruiser took off and jumped to hyperspace to Alderaan.

As the cruiser exited hyperspace above Alderaan, Devis took the controls and descended into the planet's atmosphere. He slowly set the ship down on a landing pad near the meeting location Bail Organa had given them. Exiting the ship, Kahar was soon approached by Bail and his guards.

"Welcome, friends," Bail greeted them with a smile. "I've been looking forward to this meeting for a long time." While Devis and The Survivors guarded the ship with Bail's men, Kahar walked with Bail.

"You wished to see me?" Kahar asked.

"Yes. I have something very important to discuss with you." Bail and Kahar slowly walked through the garden. "I'm doing all I can in the Imperial Senate to hold the emperor back, but I fear it will not be enough. One day, we will have to fight the Empire. There will have to be war."

"I agree. For all the centuries I've been around, I've noticed that most conflicts are usually resolved through war." Kahar turned to Bail. "I'm assuming you want me to play a part in this fight."

"That's what I was getting to. In the Outer Rim, I'm putting together a network of rebel cells. People who want to take a stand against the Empire. The rebellion would benefit greatly if The Survivors joined."

"We already have a great amount of resources on Ryloth. Combined with the resources of other rebel groups, we could do some good for the galaxy. Very well, The Survivors will join your network."

Bail smiled. "Thank you. I knew I could count on you," he replied. Kahar and Bail turned around and began walking back towards the ship. "I have something else to discuss with you about the Empire. Rebel scouts are reporting that the Imperials are harvesting kyber crystals in large numbers from everywhere in the galaxy - Jedha, Ilum, and anywhere else they're abundant."

"Kyber crystals," Kahar muttered. He pulled out one of his lightsabers and examined it before putting it away again. "Kyber crystals are used to power lightsabers, but some have also used them to power superweapons, including the Sith."

"The scouts did report that the amount of crystals being harvested suggested the Empire is building something big and powerful, though exactly what that may be we are unsure of. Saw Gerrera and his rebels on Jedha are trying to find out all they can."

As Kahar and Bail returned to the landing pad, Kahar stopped and extended his hand. "I must go now. The Survivors will investigate what the Empire are doing with the kyber crystals. May the Force be with you, Bail." Kahar and The Survivors then entered the cruiser and returned to Ryloth.

Journey to Jedha

The Survivors entered the lab and immediately headed to the armory to gear up. Kahar, meanwhile, went to the holotable in the middle of the lab and contacted Saw Gerrera. To be continued.

Assault on Ilum

See more Order 66 stories on Devis Trooper's page.

Vader's Wrath

In 17 BBY, two years after the formation of The Survivors, Vader was furious at their latest actions, and in retaliation sent Stormtrooper Commander Burner back to their base in a second attempt to finish The Survivors.

At the base, Survivors members were preparing for battle just in case. A militia group carried an explosives crate outside. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion that shook the whole area of the base. Kahar looked outside and saw the militia members dead, and the explosives crate was in pieces. An Imperial Shuttle was hovering in the air. Kahar sounded the alarms as shock troopers, led by Burner, slid down a rope off the shuttle.

Soon, more shuttles came to drop off more Shock Troopers. A large battle broke out between The Survivors and Imperials. Kahar started cutting down shock troopers and suddenly spotted Burner. Burner also saw Kahar. They charged at each other. Burner pulled out a stolen lightsaber which he had upgraded and clashed sabers with Kahar. Kahar and Burner continued fighting.

Suddenly, an engine blew on one of the Imperial shuttles and a crate exploded in it. It collided with some other shuttles and sent them crashing. The shuttle landed and exploded. It sent Burner and several of The Survivors and shock troopers flying backwards onto the ground. Burner stood back up, surrounded by fiery wreckage, and resumed his duel with Kahar. They were slowly heading towards the middle of the fight.

Burner quickly put his saber away and pulled out his pistols. A militia soldier charged at Burner, but Burner quickly shot the soldier in the chest. The two factions continued dueling on a rock bridge near the base. Burner got to the center of the bridge and kicked a rebel clone into the valley.

Suddenly, a tiny crack formed on the bridge. Then a loud snap, and the crack grew larger. The bridge shook, and many soldiers from both sides fell off the bridge, either safely onto the land or to their end in the valley below. Kahar, Shadow, and some other Survivors soldiers quickly jumped off the bridge. BT-49, Kahar's reprogrammed Commando Droid, suddenly came out of the base and began firing at shock troopers. Then one end of the bridge snapped and the bridge dangled. The Survivors quickly made it off the bridge. Burner and several Shock Troopers, however, clinged onto the bridge for dear life. Then the other end of the bridge snapped and fell into the valley, bringing the shock troopers with it. Some of the shock troopers had managed to make it off the bridge in time, but most fell into the lava, Burner included. The surviving shock troopers escaped back to Coruscant.


In 14 BBY, four years after ARC Captain Burner's attack, The Survivors were in the base on Ryloth when, suddenly, they heard ships.

"Imperial ships!" a scout shouted. There were dozens of Imperial ships flying towards the base complex.

"Sound the alarms! Hold the line!" Kahar ordered.

Stormtroopers poured into the lab. The Jedi were up first. They were in the front, using the Force and their lightsabers to defeat the stormtroopers. Behind them were the militia and clones, firing over the Jedi's shoulders at open stormtroopers. Stormtroopers just kept pouring on in, though. Eventually, the shock troopers came in as well, and The Survivors began losing reinforcements.
Battlefront Shock Trooper

Shock troopers assaulted the base on Ryloth.

Vader had finally had enough of The Survivors, and now he wanted them dead.

"Fall back!" Kahar shouted. The Survivors retreated towards their ships.

"We've lost," Kahar said. "We have to leave." He sighed.

The Survivors fired blasters at the stormtroopers as they boarded the ships. Kahar got on the Defender. The ships then took off into space as the base was overrun behind them.

The Imperial fleet was ready for The Survivors. Two star destroyers opened fire as the ships went by, gunning some of them down.

"Jump to hyperspace to the Vadivad system!" Kahar shouted over the comm. The Survivors' fleet then jumped to hyperspace.

A New Home

The Survivors were now searching for a new place to call home. The Empire had finally overrun them on Ryloth. Kahar had made the call to jump to the Vadivad system because he had a few friends there, and knew there was a planet or two they could blend in on.

"I heard there's a rebel group on Brulan," Kahar said over the comm channel. "We can help them out, but the planet won't make a good base. There's not many people on the planet. There is a lot of fields, but the Empire has all the towns locked down. Heard the rebel group is in deep trouble and on the brink of defeat. I've also got a friend on Duraan but, again, doesn't make for a good base."

"Alright then," Dodge replied over the comm. "Kahar, you head to Duraan and get your friend. I'll head to Brulan with some of the troops and help the rebel group. Where should we meet up?"

Kahar thought about a good planet for a base in the Vadivad system. "Krenton," he finally answered. "The place is a swarming city. We'll blend in there."

The fleet then exited hyperspace, and the Imperials opend fire on them. "Yep, definitely Krenton!"

Most of The Survivors' fleet fought the Imperial fleet, while the Defender headed towards Duraan, and the Swift Eagle and one cruiser headed to Brulan.

T7 began beeping and whirring as the Defender entered the atmosphere of Duraan. "I know T7, there's two TIE fighters on our tail," he replied. "I have a plan. Be ready to follow orders when I issue them."

The TIE fighters began opening fire on the Defender. Kahar wildly spun the ship, narrowly avoiding the turbolaser fire.

"Cut off power to the engine!" Kahar shouted. T7, plugged into one of the ship's consoles, shut off the engines. As the Defender stopped, the two TIE fighters sped right in front of it. The turbolaser cannons on the front of the Defender folded outward and fired at the TIE fighters, destroying both.

"Good job!" Kahar told T7 as the droid turned the engines back on. Kahar then landed the Defender on some dirt plains, right next to a farm, as the sun set on Duraan. There were still lights on in the house and barn as Kahar walked through the darkness towards the house. He heard noises coming from inside. As he got closer, he heard talking --- arguing.

"This is absurd!" Roner Nan shouted. "I have committed no crimes against your cursed Empire!"

The old farmer was defiant as two stormtroopers attempted to arrest him. The first stormtrooper, who was identified as a commander by the yellow stripes on his armor, sighed and pulled out his comlink. "This is TK-5529," he spoke. "We have a suspect refusing arrest. How should we proceed?"

Roner Nan could not hear Imperial command's response, but the next thing he knew, the stormtroopers were raising their blasters at him. "I love it when I get to blast scum like you," TK-5529 said.

Suddenly, a blue blade pierced out of TK-5529's chest, and then disappeared. The stormtrooper's body slumped to the floor, revealing Kahar, who immediately leapt at the second stormtrooper and neatly cut him down. Deactivating his lightsaber, he turned towards Roner.

"It's been a long time," he said with a smile.

Roner laughed. "Sure has," he replied. "Since the Empire took over, it's been tough on Duraan. We farmers only get to keep a small portion of our crops now, with the majority of it going to the Empire. We receive such little pay in return. Those two stormtroopers would always come here to harass me. When the Farmers Union convinced me to take a stand against the Empire and not ship my latest crops, they came to take me in."

Kahar placed his hand on Roner's shoulder. "Well, I've started a rebel group called The Survivors," he informed the elderly man. "We're allied with many other rebel groups who look at us as the greatest chance of defeating the Empire. You could come with us to Krenton. We could use some farmers."

Roner looked at Kahar. "That would mean leaving this farm behind. It's been in my family for generations," he replied. "'s what my ancestors would want. I'll rally the Farmers Union, and we'll travel with you to Krenton. First, help me fake my death. Get the Imperials off my tail."

Kahar finished putting the unarmored stormtrooper bodies in the barn. "Ready!" he shouted out to Roner. He hurried away from the farm grounds while Roner poured the last of his gasoline across his farm. The old man quickly caught up with Kahar at a safe distance.

Roner lit a match and tossed it at his farm grounds. The farm went up in flames as the gasoline caught fire across the farm. The crops burned to the ground, and within a matter of minutes the barn and home did too.

As the sun rose on Duraan, Roner and Kahar added the monthly Farmers Union of Duraan meeting and convinced them to join The Survivors and go to Krenton. At dawn, all the farmers boarded the Defender. Kahar piloted to The Survivors' flagship, where he dropped off the farmers in case there was any combat.

Arriving in the atmosphere of Krenton, the Defender was suddenly pursued by a TIE fighter. Kahar's initial attempts to shake off the TIE failed.

"T7 prep the turbolasers," he ordered. T7 replied with a series of beeps.

"What do you mean the turbolasers are jammed?!" Kahar asked. Kahar looked at the console in front of him and realized the turbolasers had been shot off by the TIE fighter.

"Hang on!" Kahar yelled as he dodged turbolaser fire from the TIE fighter. While doing so, the Defender hit an antenna on a tower, causing the ship to lurch.

Suddenly, turbolaser fire from the TIE fighter struck one of the engines. "Brace for impact!" Kahar shouted as the Defender spiraled out of control. He attempted to upright the Defender as much as he could before it crashed. The bottom of the ship hit the ground with a thud and continued sliding through the dirt as Kahar's world went black.

Welcome to Krenton

Kahar saw a motion of blur as he regained consciousness. A hooded man entered the damaged starship through a hole in the side. "Well, you're a lucky one to be alive," he stated. The man reached his hand out towards Kahar as he blacked out again.

Kahar gasped as he sat up. Quickly, he realized he was in a bed in the upstairs of a building. Getting out of bed, he walked downstairs and saw T7 and members of The Survivors.

"You were out for a while, sir," Commander Shadow said. "Some of the fleet is still in space, fighting the Imperials. Your ship crashed in the nearby fields. Imperials haven't gotten to it yet."

Kahar rubbed his head. "Who...who was that hooded man?" he questioned.

"Unsure," Shadow replied. "He took your comlink and told us to meet him here because you were unconscious and T7 had followed him while he was carrying you. We arrived and took care of you. Then he gave us back your comlink and left." Shadow tossed Kahar his comlink. Kahar caught it and put it back on his belt.

"It was odd," Kahar stated. "I sensed something in him, but I'm not sure what it was."

Kahar looked around. "This will be our new base from now on. Right under the Empire's nose."

He heard talking outside as a group of Imperials walked by, paying no attention to the long-abandoned cantina. Kahar saw an Imperial Agent, wearing a grey cloth vest and hood. He had a blaster rifle strapped to his back and seemed to be leading the group. He was guarded by several stormtroopers, including a few death troopers. 

SWTOR Imperial Agent Art

The Imperial Agent, in charge of Imperial operations on Krenton. (art taken from

"He must be important," Kahar murmured. He turned towards The Survivors. "Dodge, Shadow, and a few other volunteers, with me. Everybody else, stay in here, no matter what happens. We must keep our base secret." Kahar and the members he called out exited the cantina and took cover in alley ways and around building corners, hiding from the group. As the group got farther away, they'd move up to hide behind closer buildings, carefully spying on the Imperials. "...and troopers," the agent hissed. "Why have you failed to take care of the spies?" The Imperial Agent pulled out a remote and pressed a button. A nearby building exploded, causing some of The Survivors' members with the patrol group to die. "All done," the agent stated, and continued on with the group of Imperials. Kahar ran over to one of the injured, a clone trooper. "No..." he said. The clone coughed and grabbed the collar of Kahar's robe. "Kill that...fool...for me," he managed with his dying breath. Kahar moved away slowly and turned towards Dodge and Commander Shadow, the only others left from the patrol group. "In all my years," Kahar spoke. "I have never seen such a viscious and cruel man. Not even Darth Angral compares to him. If he is willing to do something like that, set off a bomb in public and endanger innocents just to root out some spies, then he truly is cruel." Without another word, the three returned to the cantina.

Data Search

"We have reason to believe that Imperial Agent is the one in charge of operations here on Krenton," Kahar informed the rest of The Survivors as he returned to the cantina. "Our next goal should be to find the hooded man and infiltrate the Imperial base. Get any records on the agent we can. If we can somehow remove him from power, or do damage to Imperial forces here on Krenton, we may be able to slow down Imperial operations in this system." One Jedi member of The Survivors waved his hand. "What about the rest of us?" he asked. Members of The Survivors began to murmur about what they should do. "Alright, listen up," Kahar ordered. "Here's what we'll do. I need some of you to go to Krenton IV and spy on Imperial operations there. I'll also need a strike team to take a shuttle to board and steal one of those star destroyers. I'll need anoter strike team to head with me to the Imperial base. The rest will stay back here."

As evening set in, the skies and streets of Krenton became busier. Krenton was a jungle planet, with some plain fields, but a large city took up most of the planet, similar to Coruscant, though wildlife still grew in the city. Right now was the perfect time to strike, when they could blend in with the crowd. Kahar grabbed a landspeeder and parked it in front of the cantina as Shadow and three other clones who had disobeyed Order 66 got in the speeder. "Dodge's not coming?" Kahar asked. Shadow shook his head. "No," he replied. "He's going to Krenton IV." Kahar nodded, and then began driving the landspeeder through traffic, towards the Imperial base. Within minutes, they arrived, and parked on the road outside. "Shadow, still got droid poppers?" Kahar asked. "From the Clone Wars?" Shadow happily said. "Yes." Shadow pulled out some of the droid popper grenades. Kahar grabbed one and threw it at the Imperial base, it hit the security camera in front, frying it, and distracted the stormtrooper guards. "Slip in through the backdoor," Kahar whispered. The group began carefully moving towards the back door. Kahar tried to open it, but realized it was locked. He ignited his blue lightsaber and cut the lock, allowing the group to slip in. "Command center is down the hall, in the middle of the base" Shadow quietly informed him. "There should be data on our agent there." Kahar nodded and crawled down the hall with Shadow and the clones. When they reached the command center, they found an Imperial Officer talking into a comm system. "Go loud," Kahar said. He, Shadow, and the clones stood up, weapons ready. Shadow shot his blaster rifle into the officer's chest, causing him to be thrown backwards across the room. Kahar leapt at the stormtrooper guarding the blast door on the left and cut him down, while one of the clones shot the stormtrooper guarding the blast door on the right with his blaster. Kahar accessed one of the consoles. "Locked," he angrily stated. He pulled out a slicer tool he was carrying on him, and sliced through the password. "Alert: Intrustion Detected," a computerized voice repeated all around the command center. "Notifying security." Alarms began to blare around the base. Luckily, the intrusion had not shut down the system, so Kahar was able to analyze the console. "Found it!" he exclaimed. "Our agent's name is Lerok Faldan. He's in his twenties, was born on Corellia, and has been known for his visciousness, cruelty, and determination to complete orders his whole life. He's been appointed in charge of Imperial operations on Krenton." Shadow looked around. "We should probably exit out the back door," he replied. Kahar nodded in agreement, and the group hurried to the back door while the Imperials converged on the command center. They slipped away to their landspeeder and hurried back to the cantina while the Imperials were distracted.


The sun finished setting on Krenton as the group returned to the cantina. "Our agent's name is Lerok Faldan," Kahar informed The Survivors. "The hooded man may know more about him. I'm going to see if I can find the hooded man. Everybody else stay behind and hold down the fort." Kahar then exited the cantina and walked through the streets of Krenton on foot.

Kahar threw his hood over his head and walked around, pretending to browse the merchant stands in the market. Quickly, he found the hooded man and began to follow him. The man entered a droid store. Kahar waited outside the store until the man exited. "You saved me. Why?" he asked as he walked next to the man. "Because you and I are the same," he replied. "Follow me to my home. I'll explain more there." Kahar followed the hooded man out of the city and into the jungle. They entered a hut. The man pulled down his hood, then quickly grabbed a lightsaber from his belt and activated the blue blade. After a moment, he deactivated it and clipped it back to his belt. "I could sense the Force connection in you," the man said. "I'm a Jedi, just like you. I've been hiding on Krenton since Order 66, waiting for some other Jedi or a rebellion to come along. You and your friends are both that. My name is Korlen Guerrin. 
Jedi Hermit

Korlen Guerrin, the Jedi Hermit of Krenton. (art taken from

I was a Jedi Master before the order fell. I knew you, Kahar Zamet. I will join you and your friends to help save the Jedi." Kahar looked at him and nodded. "Very well then," he answered. "Follow me." Kahar and Korlen put their hoods back over their heads and walked to the cantina in the city.

Disrupting the Trade

"This is our hooded friend," Kahar informed The Survivors as he entered the cantina with Korlen. "Jedi Master Korlen Guerrin. He's been waiting all these years for somebody willing to fight the Empire to arrive on Krenton. Those people are us, so he's joining us. With that said, Korlen, you may be able to help us with our next mission. I remember Krenton IV from the times of the Old Republic. After Shaall Ordo became Mandalore the Wealthy, he made Krenton IV the new base of operations of the Mandalorians. At that time, he also allied the Mandalorians with the Republic. Krenton IV was rich in fuel so there was a lot of drilling operations there, and it was a key refueling spot for the Mandalorian and Republic fleets. However, we had to be careful because Republic scientists found that drilling too much fuel could rupture the planet's core and cause it to explode. I assume the Empire is using the planet for fuel now, though how much they use it for we'll find out soon from the recon team." Just then, the recon team walked into the cantina. "Your answer is a lot," Dodge replied. "Saw so many Imperial drilling operations and refueling stations there, it was unbelievable. They also have a giant prison where they're holding rebels." Suddenly, Shadow walked up. "Admiral Devis tells me they captured a star destroyer," he informed Kahar. "Good," Kahar replied. "Tell them to pilot it to where the Defender crashed and pick it up. To the Imperials, it will simply look like the recovery team." Shadow nodded and walked away to the back room of the cantina. "As I was about to say," Kahar continued. "Korlen and I are going to head to the spaceport and sabotage some of the Imperial supply shuttles. Maybe steal some of the fuel bins for our fleet too. Should disrupt Imperial trade and draw Lerok's attention. Dodge, I'll need you to be ready on the streets to assist us in case the Imperials come after us. Also, tell Shadow to come with you and bring some of his men. There's three landspeeders for you guys behind the cantina. Korlen and I will take the speeder in the front." Dodge nodded, and then Korlen and Kahar hurried into the landspeeder in front of the cantina.

Kahar and Korlen arrived at the spaceport. The two got out of the landspeeder and raised their hoods. "Collect as many fuel bins and food crates as you can and store them in the back of the speeder," Kahar told Korlen. "Destroy the rest." Korlen nodded, and the two Jedi split up in the spaceport. Kahar went right and easily found a few dozen bins of fuel behind an Imperial landspeeder. The stormtroopers who were supposed to be guarding them were distracted by conversation. Kahar made several trips to his landspeeder and back, noticing that Korlen did the same with the food bins. On his final trip back, Kahar met with Korlen at the landspeeder. "All done?" he asked. Korlen nodded. Kahar walked back behind the Imperial landspeeder and created a spark near them, and darted back to the landspeeder as flames erupted. Stormtroopers, now seeing the flames, and startled by Kahar's sudden movement, opened fire on the landspeeder. Korlen quickly drove the landspeeder out of the spaceport and into a side street, where three landspeeders barricaded the way. Shadow, some of Shadow's troopers, and Dodge stood in front of the landspeeders. "We'll fight off the Imperials for now," Kahar ordered as he got out of the landspeeder. "There's only a small wave of stormtroopers chasing us from the spaceport. Once we clear them, we'll sneak back to the cantina before more Imperials arrive." Suddenly, a large explosion erupted from the spaceport. "There goes your stormtroopers," Dodge replied. All the other members of The Survivors agreeing, they boarded the landspeeders and quickly returned to the cantina.

Surprise Attack

"We've caught Lerok's attention," Kahar spoke to The Survivors the next morning. "Now that we've caught his attention, our best option is to launch a surprise attack on him and end his reign. Our intel says he'll be attending a meeting at the Imperial base in an hour. This could be our chance to take out crucial leaders of the Empire. We have to move now." Several members of The Survivors, including Kahar and Korlen, quickly exited the cantina and headed towards the Imperial base. They passed one of the planet's major power plants and turned right onto the street in front of the Imperial base, only to find Lerok Faldan and several stormtroopers waiting. "So, these are the rebels," his harsh voice rang. "An impressive bunch. But lets see how well they are at combat." Lerok turned towards the stormtrooper at his left side. "Kill them. Kill them all." The Survivors quickly drew their weapons as an all-out battle broke out between them and the Imperials. The stormtroopers quickly fell, but so did some of the soldiers of The Survivors. More and more stormtroopers arrived from the base as Lerok took cover behind a crate, occasionally firing his blaster rifle. Terrified citizens screamed and ran to safety. "I know what I must do," Korlen finally told Kahar, as The Survivors started to get overrun. "The Survivors are the future of the Jedi Order. In order to make sure they can accomplish their goal, I must sacrifice myself." Korlen walked to the front of the battle lines and cut down a stormtrooper, then raised his lightsaber and began to deflect blaster bolts back at the stormtroopers. "Go!" Korlen shouted. Kahar hesitated for a moment. "Go! GO!" Korlen repeated. Kahar and the other members of The Survivors began to hurry down the street back towards the cantina. Kahar watched as blaster bolts struck Korlen. The Jedi would stumble, then deflect the blaster bolts at the stormtroopers. Eventually, Lerok fired a spray of blaster bolts at Korlen. He deflected them all. One of them hit Lerok's blaster rifle, jamming it. Another hit Lerok in the chest. The rest hit the remaining stormtroopers. Eventually, it was only Lerok and Korlen, both severely injured and worn out. Lerok stumbled towards Korlen with a vibroknife. With all of his remaining might, and the Force, Korlen began to channel a force explosion. Lerok screamed as he got closer to Korlen. The force energies were so harsh that they were beginning to peel Lerok's skin off. Then, there was a massive explosion of light as all the force energies were released. Kahar shieled his eyes with his hand. A minute later, he lowered it, and looked back where Korlen had been. There was now a massive crater with Lerok's corpse in it, but no sign of Korlen. He has become one with the Force, Kahar thought.

Kahar returned to the cantina with the rest of The Survivors. Later that night, Shadow poured everybody drinks. Kahar then stood up on one of the tables. "Korlen Guerrin was a great man and a great Jedi," he stated. "Today, he dealt a crippling blow to the Empire. We must not let his sacrifice be in vain." Kahar raised his glass. "To Korlen." He nodded. "To Korlen," the other members of The Survivors repeated all at once, then drank.

After The Survivors were done mourning Korlen, and most had gone to get some rest in the other rooms, Shadow approached Kahar with a datapad. "When we were in the Imperial base, I installed a backdoor virus on their database as we were leaving," he said. "They won't detect it. It's one of their own make. Anyway, I have full access to the system on this datapad. They've removed Lerok Faldan from the database, as if he never existed. Though there is one name you may be interested in here." Shadow made a few swipes on the datapad, and then handed it to Kahar.

Kalin Rost sat on the bridge of the Emperor's Hammer, a star destroyer. He had been appointed by the Emperor personally to oversee all Imperial operations in the Vadivad system. "Sure is unfortunate what happened on Krenton," an ensign spoke. Kalin stared out the window. "Agent Lerok is easily replaceable," he replied. "Krenton is merely one planet. I have my eyes set on much bigger things."

Fall of Krenton IV

It was 13 BBY, one year after The Survivors had arrived on Krenton. The Survivors' mechanics had managed to repair the Defender. Korlen Guerrin's sacrifice remained unforgotten. A statue of the Jedi Master now stood in the cantina.

Unfortunately, not all that happened was good. Kahar found out that Kalin Rost was in charge of Imperial operations in the Vadivad system, and Governor Belas had recently arrived on Krenton and taken over as head of Imperial operations on the planet. While Belas was a threat, he would be dealt with later. For now, The Survivors had to turn their attention to Krenton IV.

For the past year, Imperial fuel drilling operations on Krenton IV had greatly increased. There were breaking news reports every day of more rich fuel deposits being found, but all the drilling was leading to groundquakes on Krenton IV, and eventually the moon's core would explode. Kahar decided he needed to lead a strike team to Krenton IV now to free prisoners from the massive prison there, as well as attempt to halt Imperial drilling operations.

Kahar and several members of The Survivors boarded the Defender, while several more boarded a militia shuttle. The two starships then flew into space and landed in the hangar of the Destructor, the star destroyer their fleet had stolen a year before. The rest of the fleet was hiding in a field on Krenton.

Once in the hangar of the Destructor, the members of The Survivors exited their ships and boarded two Imperial shuttles. A pilot ran into the hangar and boarded a third shuttle. The shuttles then flew to the surface of Krenton IV, undetected by the Imperial fleet.

The two full shuttles landed in front of the prison. The third shuttle, with only a pilot in it, landed in the nearby jungle so it would be ready when prisoners came running out of the prison. The heavily armed rebels poured out of the first two shuttles and formed a line behind Kahar. Two stormtroopers approached. "By Imperial order, turn back now!" one of the stormtroopers shouted. Suddenly, a rebel right behind Kahar shot both of the stormtroopers with his blaster rifle. Security cameras caught the incident, and alarms began going off in the prison. Kahar quickly activated his lightsabers and cut around the metal bar gate, then force pushed it down. The rebels poured into the hallways of the prison and began fighting Imperials. During the chaos, Kahar and three highly trained soldiers made their way to the command center. An Imperial officer and a few stormtroopers were there. Kahar cut down the officer while the rebel soldiers dropped the stormtroopers. Kahar ran over to the command console and pulled a lever, causing all the cells in the prison to open. "Attention all prisoners," he spoke over the loudspeaker. "We're here to free you. Please make your way outside." Kahar and the three rebel soldiers made it back towards the front of the prison, where they gathered up The Survivors and the prisoners and hurried outside. The third shuttle was now directly in front of the prison. All of the prisoners boarded it, and it quickly flew back to the Destructor. Several rebels boarded the second shuttle and took off, leaving only Kahar and the members of one shuttle left. "Should we go sabotage the Imperial drilling operations sir?" one of the rebels, who was a Jedi Knight, asked. Before Kahar could respond, the ground began to shake. Suddenly, a crack began to rip open in the ground. The crack slowly got bigger every second. "Go! Get on the shuttle!" Kahar ordered. He and the members of The Survivors got on the shuttle and quickly returned to the Destructor.

Kahar hurried to the bridge of the Destructor. He and Devis quickly contacted the other members of The Survivors on Krenton via holoterminal. "We managed to free all of the prisoners and they've pledged to help us," Kahar told them. "There was a massive groundquake and the ground split open while we were there, so we had to evacuate before we could sabotage drilling operations. There's nothing more we can do for Krenton IV. Its doomed." Kahar then ended the transmission and turned towards Devis. "I'm going to borrow one of the TIE fighters in the hangar and fly it to the Emperor's Hammer. I want to have a chat with Kalin Rost." Devis nodded, and Kahar hurried to the hangar.

Kahar managed to land the TIE fighter in the hangar of the Emperor's Hammer and slip through the star destroyer undected. When he got to the bridge, he activated his lightsaber. "What have they done to you Kalin?" he asked. Kalin activated the comm panel on the control console in front of him. "Everyone off this ship," he ordered. "Now." Everyone except Kahar and Kalin exited out of the bridge. Kalin slowly turned his chair around. "Darth Sidious made me better," he replied. "I've embraced the dark side and I'm now more powerful than ever."
Epic Inquisitor Art

Kalin Rost, servant of the Emperor (art taken from

Kahar drew his other lightsaber and activated it. "I'm sorry," Kahar stated. "But I must end you." Kalin quickly activated his red lightsaber and leapt at Kahar. Quickly, Kahar parried the attack. Dueling Kalin, he managed to push him to the front of the bridge and up against the ship controls. Kahar pressed his lightsabers down hard, causing Kalin to lean his back into the controls and move the ship closer towards Krenton IV. Kahar quickly pushed Kalin backwards and shoved him aside. He attempted to slow down the ship, only to be force pushed across the bridge. Kalin increased the speed, and the star destroyer quickly entered the atmosphere of Krenton IV. "If I'm going down, I'm bringing you with me!" Kalin yelled. Kahar could now see the trees on the surface of Krenton IV getting closer and braced for impact.

The Emperor's Hammer smashed into the prison, obliterating it. Kahar watched as the glass viewport in the bridge shattered, and the front of the bridge began to peel away. Within seconds, the Emperor's Hammer smashed through almost the entire prison and came to a halt.

As Kahar stood up, another massive groundquake happened. He quickly ran out of the wreckage of the Emperor's Hammer through a hole in the bridge. Behind him, several trees collapsed on the wrecked ship. Kalin climbed out of the ruined viewport. Suddenly, another massive groundquake happened, and a massive crevasse opened in the ground near the Emperor's Hammer. Kalin lost his balance and fell into the crevasse. Kahar quickly ran over and saw Kalin holding onto the edge. Kahar extended a hand. "Grab on!" he shouted. Kalin stared at him for a moment. "I'd rather die than accept a Jedi's help," he spat. Kalin let go and fell into the lava below.

As Kahar looked around, he saw trees all around falling and several crevasses opening to the lava at the moon's core below. He knew the moon would implode any minute now. Suddenly, the Defender landed next to him. Kahar quickly got on board and took off. As the Defender entered space, Kahar looked back just in time to see Krenton IV implode. The Defender then headed back to Krenton.

The official Imperial press release for Krenton IV's destruction was that a terrorist cell led by Jedi had planted several bombs near the planet's core, and that Kalin Rost had heroically tried to disarm the bombs but was killed by the terrorists.

The Return of Flash

Takes place in 10 BBY. Coming soon.

Mission to Lola Sayu

"There's a lot of infamous Imperial prisons in the Outer Rim - the Spire on Stygeon Prime, the facility on Mustafar, the fortress on Felucia - but the most infamous has to be the Citadel on Lola Sayu. Jedi used to go there when they lost their way. Now, they go there to die."
– Kahar Zamet Takes place in 8 BBY. Coming soon.

Skirmish on Rhodan

Takes place in 7 BBY. Coming soon.

Krenton Jedi Temple

In 5 BBY, Kahar decided it would be a good idea to scout outside of Krenton City. The Survivors hadn't ventured too far outside the city during their time on Krenton, for fear the Empire may have traps in the swamps and fields of the planet.

Waiting until nightfall, Kahar easily snuck past the Imperial checkpoint at the edge of the city and ventured into the nearby swamp. After making his way through the swamp, Kahar found a wetlands. Soon, it began to rain, something that rarely happened on Krenton. Kahar decided to look for shelter when, suddenly, he felt a calling in the Force.

Kahar looked to where he felt the calling in the Force. There was the ruins of an ancient building. Walking inside, he soon found piles of kyber crystals, along with ancient lightsabers and other Jedi relics.

"This is why I came to Krenton," a voice spoke.

Kahar whirled around and saw before him the force ghost of Korlen Guerrin. "I had heard stories about a Jedi Temple established here long ago. When the Empire began wiping us out, I came to Krenton. I thought the secrets of the Force hidden within this temple could save us. Unfortunately, I did not find this place until after my death, but now you are here. As I told you many years ago, you are the future of the Jedi Order."

"I never knew we established a temple on Krenton," Kahar replied. "I would've been alive during the time, for the Sith Empire controlled Krenton before the Republic and the Jedi."

"The Jedi have established many temples throughout the galaxy you are probably unaware of," Korlen stated. "You know about the ones on Coruscant, Tython, and Ilum, but there are also ones on Lothal and many other planets. Many of those temples have been abandoned, including this one. This one has been abandoned for about four centuries."

Kahar walked up to a glimmering pile of crystals. "There's a lot of kyber crystals here. These could be dangerous if the Empire gets ahold of them. I'll have a team come later and extract them."

Korlen's force ghost walked deeper into the temple. "Come with me, Kahar. There is much I can teach you."

Kahar nodded, and followed Korlen into the depths of the temple, where he discovered things about the Force and the Jedi he had never known before.

Walking back towards the entrance of the temple, Kahar now saw the rain had stopped and it was dawn. Korlen stepped in front of him. "I have shared all I discovered with you here. This knowledge should help you to defeat the Empire and save the Jedi. This will be the last time we speak. Farewell, and may the Force be with you.

"Farewell, Korlen," Kahar replied. He watched as Korlen's force ghost turned and began walking away before disappearing. Kahar then activated his comlink and called for The Survivors to send a team to pick him up and extract the kyber crystals from the temple.

Evacuation of Krenton

In approximately 4 BBY came the order - evacuate Krenton. According to rebel scouts, the Empire had finally discovered that The Survivors were based in the abandoned cantina, and now platoons of stormtroopers had been sent to attack.

As Kahar walked through the cantina, he saw chaos. Everyone was hurrying about, attempting to pack as much as they could before they departed the planet. Entering the cellar, Kahar found Commander Shadow loading crates of weapons and food onto a repulsorlift cart.

"Shadow, status report." Kahar ordered.

"Everything is coming along well sir," Shadow replied. "We should have all the supplies packed and ready to leave within the next ten minutes."

"Ten minutes?" Kahar responded. "The Imperials could be here by then."

Kahar sighed. "Get our best men to the front of the cantina," he commanded. Shadow nodded and saluted as Kahar walked back upstairs.

As the soldiers Shadow had sent barricaded the front of the cantina, Kahar hurried into the backyard. The farmers from Duraan were finishing packing their plants and tools. Seeing Roner Nan was struggling, Kahar used the Force to help him neatly pack the tools and plants.

"Thanks," Roner said to Kahar. Roner then boarded the Defender with his tools and plants.

The evacuation seemed to be going well. Walking back inside the cantina, Kahar found the place bare - most of the supplies were gone.

Then he heard the roar.

The infamous roar.

"TIE fighters!" Kahar shouted. He heard the laser cannons discharge and felt the cantina shake. Debris tumbled down the stairway from the upper level. Carrying what they could of the remaining supplies, The Survivors darted out of the cantina and to their ships as the two TIE fighters came back around.

The Survivors took off in their ships, scrambling to regroup with the fleet in space. The two TIE fighters followed right behind the ships. Looking backwards out of the side viewport, Kahar saw the TIE fighters destroy a CR90 corvette that had been trailing behind.

As The Survivors approached their flagship, the Destructor, a squadron of T-65B X-wings were deployed from the hangar. They engaged the TIE fighters in a firefight, and destroyed them very quickly. The X-wings then escorted The Survivors' ships into the Destructor's hangar.

Kahar immediately exited the Defender and hurried to the bridge. The Imperial fleet, which was on the other side of the Vadivad system, had long ignored The Survivors' fleet, but now they were heading straight towards them. Kahar ordered the fleet to set course to Rishi. Every ship in the fleet did so, and jumped to hyperspace right as the Imperial fleet opened fire, narrowly avoiding a confrontation.

Arrival on Rishi

As the fleet traveled through hyperspace, Kahar used the holoterminal on the Destructor's bridge to contact Dodge on Rishi.

"Dodge, Krenton is lost," he informed the clone trooper. "The Empire found our base and we were forced to flee the Vadivad system along with our allies from Duraan and Brulan. We're on our way to Rishi now. Make preparations for our landing craft."

"Yes, general."

Kahar ended the transmission, and a few minutes later the fleet exited hyperspace above Rishi. Several of the smaller ships headed towards the surface. As he approached a landing pad in the Defender, Kahar saw construction work going on at a nearby mountain, which The Survivors had decided to name Striker Mountain and make their new base.

The landing ramp extended from the Defender, and Kahar exited out. Dodge was waiting for him, and gave him a tour along the pathway to Striker Mountain.

"Over here, general," Dodge told Kahar, pointing towards a bunker in a clearing off to the right of the path. "That's our isotope-5 bunker."

"Isotope-5?" Kahar was surprised. "How did you guys manage to get your hands on isotope-5?"

"We were able to contact one of the other rebel cells," Dodge explained. "They harvested a decent amount off of Makeb, and took some more from old Imperial stashes on Dromund Kaas."

"Well this is just great," Kahar stated with a grin. "We'll be able to build some of the most powerful and fatest ships in the galaxy with this stuff."

Dodge continued on with the tour, though there was not much to see until they reached Striker Mountain. Dodge showed Kahar the armory and several other parts of the base before finally taking him to the war room.

"Welcome to the war room, general," Dodge stated. Kahar glanced around the room and noticed several datapads strewn about. Numerous holographic charts were displayed as well, showing key information on the Empire and other rebel cells. Kahar then walked to the center of the room, where he took his place in front of a map of the galaxy. He glanced around the holotable, looking at all of his lieutenants and advisors.

"Gentlemen, let's get to work."

Battle of Rishi

It was a busy afternoon on Rishi in 3 BBY, a year after The Survivors had arrived at Striker Mountain. The Survivors feared the Empire would soon find them, and were preparing to leave Rishi to meet up with the other rebel cells on Atollon, an isolated planet that the rebels had built Chopper Base on.

Ending a holocall with Jun Sato, the commander of the Phoenix rebel cell, Kahar turned around from the holotable to see personnel scrambling throughout the war room. They were downloading as much data from the consoles as they could onto datapads and astromech droids before destroying the consoles, to ensure the Empire could not obtain the information should they find the base.

Kahar quickly exited the blast doors of the war room and descended down the stairs into the base's massive hangar bay. Personnel were scrambling all around the base, making neccessary preparations to depart for Atollon within a few days. Kahar made his way through crowds of people to the edge of the hangar bay. He decided to take in the beautiful view of Rishi one last time, glancing towards the sky.

Kahar thought he saw something enter the atmosphere. He squinted to get a better look.

"Oh no..." he muttered.

"General, what is it?" Dodge asked, approaching Kahar from behind. He looked into the sky and saw the same thing Kahar had. An Imperial fleet had entered the atmosphere, with more ships continuing to arrive.

"Get to the war room," he ordered Dodge. "Tell them to speed up evacuations and scramble all forces - now!" Dodge nodded and turned, running towards the war room.

Kahar watched as waves of TIE fighters poured out of the star destroyers. Soon, TIE Reapers and Sentinel-class shuttles landed not far from Striker Mountain, with shoretroopers and stormtroopers pouring out. Kahar turned to the rebels in the hangar, who had now seen what he had and were scrambling. "Get our pilots in the air immediately!"

Alarms began to sound throughout the base as it errupted in chaos. All military personnel were preparing for combat on the ground and in the air. As the rebel ships began to take off, the engine of one X-wing suddenly exploded. Several other X-wings would not start. Engineers sprinted through the hangar to repair the ships quickly.

Suddenly, blaster fire broke out in the hangar. Kahar turned around to see shadow troopers disabling their cloaking devices, now actively engaging The Survivors in a firefight. Three shadow troopers charged through the hangar in Kahar's direction, opening fire on the rebels. Kahar activated his blue lightsaber and tossed it at the shadow troopers. The blade cleanly cut down the troopers before returning to Kahar's hand.
Battlefront Shadow Trooper

Imperial shadow troopers infiltrated Striker Mountain on Rishi.

Throghout the hangar, the rebels began to take down the shadow troopers, though they suffered numerous deaths. As the final two shadow troopers attempted to retreat, Commander Shadow took aim at them with his blaster rifle and dropped them with precision.

Kahar hurried back to the edge of the hangar. Looking up to the sky, he saw a fierce battle between the Imperial fleet and The Survivors' fleet. Looking to the ground down below, the rebels attempted to hold back the Imperials, and although they succeeded in slowing down the Empire, the troopers were still advancing towards Striker Mountain.


Kahar turned around. Dodge had emerged from the war room. "We just received a transmission from Admiral Devis in the war room. The fleet is holding well so far, and there's a good chance of fending off the Empire as it stands right now."

"Good," Kahar replied. "Tell the war room to focus our efforts on the Empire's ground forces. We cannot let them reach the base." Dodge nodded and hurried back to the war room, while Kahar ran to the base's exit to join in the battle.

As Kahar arrived on the front lines, he soon discovered it to be absolute chaos. Explosions rang out all around him. Rebels and stormtroopers fell. Igniting both of his lightsabers, Kahar joined a Jedi Knight, who was leading the defense, in the front. As a stormtrooper swung a vibroblade at Kahar, he parried with one lightsaber. Seeing an opening, he thrust his other lightsaber through the trooper's chest. As the troopers began to fire their blasters at him, Kahar raised both of his lightsabers and deflected their shots back at them.

After several minutes of fighting, the Imperial attack force was mostly defeated and being pushed back. Kahar hurried back to Striker Mountain and entered the war room, demanding a status report.

"Sir," one of Kahar's lieutenants approached him. "Admiral Devis says the Imperial fleet has been thinned out and they have few ships left, though we've suffered heavy casualties in the air. We've also received intel from our scouts that reinforcements will be arriving from Coruscant soon. Your orders?"

"Have everyone start planting as many charges as they can arround the base quickly, and focus on making sure nothing valuable remains in the war room. We depart for Atollon as soon as we can." Kahar sprinted out of the base and towards the front lines again. As he exited Striker Mountain, he saw more Imperial ships arrive from hyperspace. Landing shuttles came out of the ships and landed a short distance away.

As Kahar reached the end of the path to Striker Mountain, he stopped. The isotope-5 bunker was right next to him. Entering the bunker, he looked over the contents. There were piles upon piles of isotope-5 canisters. "There's no way we can get all of these out of here in time," Kahar said to himself. Reaching into his equipment pack, he pulled out charges and began to set them all over the bunker.

As Kahar prepared to leave the bunker, he suddenly stopped. He thought he heard footsteps near the entrance. Holding still and listening, he now heard heavy, mechanical breathing. It was drawing closer to him every second.

Kahar ignited his lightsabers and turned around, narrowly parrying a blow as he came face to face with Darth Vader. Springing back from the Dark Lord of the Sith, he prepared for an intense lightsaber battle. Vader swung at him, and Kahar narrowly ducked beneath the blade. He then swung at Vader with both of his lightsabers, but the Sith Lord parried one lightsaber and dodged the other. Vader then used the Force to lift Kahar in the air and choke him. Kahar, desperately looking for a way out of Vader's grasp, used the Force to lift a crate and slam it into Vader's head. The Sith cried out and let go of Kahar, and he quickly ran out of the bunker.

Once Kahar was at a safe distance from the bunker, he detonated the charges inside. The bunker exploded in fire as it's structure collapsed on Vader. Staring at the bunker for a few moments, Kahar watched as the burnt panels went flying and Vader emerged. Activating his lightsaber, he jumped at Kahar, who quickly parried with both of his own lightsabers. As the two locked lightsabers, Vader slowly began to overpower Kahar. Attempting to push back against Vader, Kahar heard an engine behind him and turned to see the Defender hovering, it's ramp open. Kahar quickly force pushed Vader away and deactivated both of his lightsabers, jumping into the Defender. As he made his way to the cockpit, Kahar saw Commander Shadow was the one piloting.

"Thanks for the rescue." Kahar took a seat, panting. "Vader was too strong even for me."

"We've fully evacuated Striker Mountain," Shadow informed him. Looking back, Kahar watched as Striker Mountain exploded, with rocks from the top of the mountain tumbling down to cover the base's entrance and hangar bay.

As the Defender approached the fleet battle, a distress signal came from Admiral Devis over The Survivors' comm channel. "We've taken heavy damage!" he shouted. The sound of explosions could be heard near him as the bridge shook. "I've ordered the full evacuation of our flagship, but we don't have enough ships in the hangar bays to get everyone off safely."

"Hold in there Devis," Kahar answered. "We're coming to pick up as many of your men as we can." Shadow nodded towards Kahar and changed the Defender's course to the Destructor. He landed in one of the hangar bays and extended the boarding ramp, and immediately a few groups of soldiers and Jedi, along with Devis, boarded the ship. As soon as they were all on board, the Defender took off and flew into space.

"All ships, we are leaving immediately," Devis spoke through the comm channel. "We'll regroup above Atollon. May the Force be with you all." Kahar watched as the rest of the ships from The Survivors' fleet now entered space. Looking forward, he watched as a massive amount of Imperial ships exited hyperspace from Coruscant. Immediately, they opened fire with their turbolasers as TIE fighters poured out of them. Without hesitation, Commander Shadow activated the hyperdrive, and the Defender jumped to hyperspace.

Rendezvous on Atollon

The Defender dropped out of hyperspace, with the desert planet of Atollon coming into view ahead. Shortly afterwards, other ships from The Survivors' fleet arrived for a few minutes. After the ships had stopped arriving, Kahar waited a few more minutes, but there were no more. The present fleet was much smaller than it had been just hours ago at Rishi. "Is this all of our fleet?"

"What's left of it," Devis answered. "We estimate that we lost over half of our fleet in the Battle of Rishi." Kahar analyzed the fleet. The largest ships he could find were starships and frigates. There was one Separatist light destroyer which had been found crashed on one of the Outer Rim battlefields from the Clone Wars, with the damaged parts of the cruiser being patched with scrap and spare parts from other ships. Kahar and Devis both agreed that it was the strongest ship left in the fleet, and should be their new flagship.

After a few minutes, The Survivors' fleet began their slow descent into Atollon's atmosphere. As they got low enough, The Survivors spotted Chopper Base.
Atollon Desert


Shadow immediately turned the Defender and headed to the base. He slowly landed on an empty landing pad, with the rest of The Survivors landing on landing pads and outside the base moments later.

As the Defender's door opened, Kahar exited the ship, where Commander Jun Sato was waiting for him. "General Zamet, we were expecting you soon, but you've come earlier than we imagined."

Kahar began walking with Jun to the center of Chopper Base. "Shortly after I finished my holocall with you, the Empire attacked Striker Mountain. We had no choice but to retreat immediately. Darth Vader himself was there leading the Imperial forces. We suffered heavy fleet casualties in the battle. What you see now is what remains of our fleet."

"That is unfortunate, we could've used your fleet's firepower, but what you have will still greatly help us. I am glad you were able to make it off Rishi safely and are here on Atollon at last." Jun walked away and went to speak with Devis while Kahar made his way inside the base.

Forming An Alliance

Coming soon.

Battle of Atollon

Coming soon.

The Temple of Destiny

Coming soon.

Battle of Scarif

In 0 BBY, three years after the Battle of Rishi, the Rebel Alliance learned of the existence of the Death Star, a space station being built by the Empire that housed a superweapon capable of destroying entire planets. Learning that schematics for the Death Star were kept in an Imperial base on the planet Scarif, the rebels chose to not take action, much to Kahar's disappointment.

However, the rebels soon received word that a rebel squad named Rogue One had reached the surface of Scarif and begun attacking the Imperials. Immediately, the Alliance Fleet, led by Admiral Raddus, began preparing to head to Scarif. Kahar boarded a refurbished Separatist light destroyer and quickly departed with the rest of the fleet.

Exiting hyperspace above Scarif, the fleet was greeted with the turbolaser fire of two star destroyers, TIE fighters, and the turrets on the space station controlling the shield gate around the planet. Soon, Blue Squadron was ordered to go through the shield gate and provide aid for Rogue One on the surface.

Looking over the battle from the bridge, Kahar began issuing orders. "All stations, focus fire on those TIE fighters! Blue Squadron has to make it through the shield gate!" The turbolasers of the cruiser began shooting down TIE fighters, and eventually several X-wings and U-wings narrowly made it through to Scarif as the shield gate suddenly closed behind them.

In an attempt to get more reinforcements down to the planet's surface, X-wings and Y-wings began bombing the shield gate. "Keep hitting those TIE fighters, but also focus some firepower on that shield gate," Kahar told the gunners. To be continued...

Battle of Hoth

Coming soon.

Meeting on Zastiga

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Battle of Endor

In 4 ABY, a year after the Battle of Hoth, Kahar participated in the Battle of Endor. He, Devis, and Dodge were on board The Survivors cruiser. Kahar told the Alliance that he would help them in the battle above Endor and help destroy Death Star II. The Survivors cruiser immediately started opening fire on Death Star II, but eventually learned the shields were still up. Kahar ordered to stop firing. When the shields went down, Kahar gave the order to start firing again. He and Devis then ran into the hangar of The Survivors cruiser and got into The Ebon Hawk. Dodge got into the Swift Eagle. Devis took the pilot's seat and Kahar took the gunner's seat up above. Kahar started firing at TIE fighters. Kahar continued firing the turrets while Devis piloted The Ebon Hawk to follow the Millenium Falcon into the Death Star II to blow it up. When they got inside, TIE fighters came out of the walls. Kahar immediately started firing. When Lando ordered the group to split up, he told Devis to stay and cover him from behind. Eventually they got to the power core. Kahar and Devis fired torpedoes and blew it up. Lando fired torpedoes from the Millenium Falcon too. The Ebon Hawk, Millenium Falcon, and Swift Eagle flew out of the Death Star II just in time. The Battle of Endor had been won by the Alliance.

Liberation of Krenton

Coming soon.

Battle of Jakku

In 5 ABY, one year after the Battle of Endor, Kahar participated in the Battle of Jakku. He used the Defender to fight against the Imperial fleet.

Life on Chandrila

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Return to the Jedi Temple

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Rebuilding the Jedi

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The Third Purge

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Joining the Resistance

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An Endless Cycle

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The Resistance Crumbles

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Battle of Crait

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The Empire's Strike and Conquest

It was 44 ABY. The Sith Empire was attacking Coruscant. The Temple was in flames, and Jedi were being killed everywhere. Kahar led a group of Younglings and Padawans to the temple hangar and onto the last remaining Jedi Shuttle. "Devis, all shuttles are off. Proceed to the hangar and meet up at Tython," Kahar said. The shuttle blast doors then closed and took off. Devis hopped into his ship in the hangar and followed the shuttle. They then made a jump to Tython. When the shuttle landed, Kahar leapt out and ran over to Dodge, telling him about what had happened on Coruscant. He then walked into the ancient Jedi Temple, the one he trained in as a Padawan, while Dodge and Devis took care of the Padawans. Suddenly his communicator began to frantically buzz. He activated it. "This is the security chief. Empire ships have jumped out of hyperspace! Send air support immediately! Our fleet is getting torn up!" Kahar saw an explosion behind the Security Chief and then the communication cut. Kahar dashed out of the temple and to Dodge and Devis as fast as he could. He told them about the situation and then told the entire temple over the loud speaker. He pulled a switch and the alarms in the Jedi Temple began to blare. Jedi and Republic Troopers ran to the hangar and took off for space. Kahar led a squadron. Several ships flanked behind him. "Stand steady men," Kahar said over the comm panel. Suddenly he saw the head security ship where the Security Chief had sent him the message from, the bridge in flames. "Split up and meet in the hangar of the head security ship on my signal," Kahar said. He then flew his starship, the Defender, into the hangar of the head ship and landed. Imperial Soldiers charged at him with swords, a Sith Padawan with a red lightsaber leading them. Kahar tripped one and force pushed him into a flaming can of fuel. He then cut down the rest and clashed lightsabers with the Sith Padawan. He caught the Padawan off guard and kicked him in the stomach. The Padawan stumbled and Kahar continued kicking the Padawan until he could stab the Sith. The Sith Padawan then dropped to the floor. Kahar deactivated his lightsabers. "Thanks for the welcoming," Kahar joked. He then went up the turbolift to the bridge. He saw a Sith Lord force choking the Security Chief with 2 Sith Padawans behind the Sith Lord and 2 Imperial Troopers on either side of the Sith Lord. "If you fail to provide me the keys to the Jedi Temple, scum, I will
Darth Varan 2

Darth Varan prepares to fight Kahar.

trash you into space," the Sith Lord hissed. Kahar winked at the Security Chief. Kahar then stepped out behind the Sith Padawans. "Let him go," Kahar shouted. "I'm the one you're looking for. He doesn't have the keys. I do." The Sith Lord smiled. "I want the stench of death. But I don't want to be known as a coward. Very well, I accept your challenge," the Sith Lord said. "Padawans, Guards, kill him," he said. The Soldiers and Padawans nodded and charged at Kahar. Kahar force pushed all 4 of them into the airlock and launched the airlock. The Sith Lord put binders on the security chief's hands and attatched them to a pole. The Sith Lord then activated his lightsaber and charged at Kahar. He unleashed a fury of force lightning on Kahar. Kahar blocked with his force lightning and force pushed all force lightning into the Sith Lord. The Sith Lord stumbled. "You are pathetic. Very pathetic," the Sith Lord laughed. Kahar charged at the Sith Lord and clashed lightsabers with him. He then kicked the Sith Lord in the stomach and he fell into a console and smashed his head on it, breaking the console. "Nobody defeats Darth Varan!" the Sith Lord shouted. He then force teleported to the hangar and took his personal shuttle that he had come in back into space. Kahar ran over and untied the security chief. "I'll have my medical droid treat you," Kahar said. Kahar put his hand around the security chief and helped him walk to the turbolift and then to the hangar. He then helped him up the ramp of the Defender and closed the ramp behind them. He placed the security chief on the medical bed and the medical droid took care of him. Kahar then launched out of the main security ship. They left just in time because Imperial Starfighters shot the main security ship into wreckage a minute later. Kahar then spotted Darth Varan. He contacted Devis on the comm panel, who was in the Endar Spire. "Order your men to blast that shuttle!" Kahar shouted into the comm panel. Devis then ordered his men to start firing at the shuttle. The communication between the Defender and the Endar Spire was cut when Darth Varan's voice came over the comm panel. "So you've caught onto me, little scumbag," Darth Varan spat. Kahar ignored Varan and activated the boost. Suddenly Varan's ship came in formation behind him. Kahar deactivated his engines and reactivated once Varan had gone past him. He then brought the ship back up. "Hello," Kahar said. He then blasted Varan's shuttle into pieces. Kahar saw the Swift Eagle fly into space. Kahar then activated the comm panel. "Dodge, this is Kahar. I am requesting to dock with the Swift Eagle. I have the security chief on board, he's injured. Send a medic and 2 troopers down," Kahar said. "Copy that. Clearence code green. Medic and Troopers on the way," Dodge replied. Kahar then flew next to the Swift Eagle and pushed a button. A glass docking tube activated between the Swift Eagle and the Defender. A medic and 2 troopers ran through the docking tube to the Defender and walked the Security Chief over to the medical room. Kahar's comlink buzzed and he activated it. "We can't sustain much more damage out here, Kahar!" Devis said. Kahar then activated communications for all Republic ships in the area. "This is General Kahar! All ships evacuate back to the surface and prepare for a ground assault!" Kahar said. All the ships began to go back to Tython. Kahar ran back into the Defender and unconnected the docking tube. Kahar then flew the Defender along side the Swift Eagle back to the surface of Tython.

The Battle of Tython

Several Republic ships scouted the skies. Suddenly a cruiser came through and shot one down. It crashed into a river in the forests. Tanks pulled up out of the temple and began firing at the Imperial ships. Suddenly the Imperials began to drop purple bombs at the tanks. "Enemy Ion Bombs, take them out!" Kahar shouted. Kahar pulled out his light plasma pistol and fired at as many Ion Bombs as he could. One Ion Bomb hit near him and exploded. It neutralized 2 tanks and a gunship. Kahar tried to fire his light plasma pistol but couldn't. He saw purple electricity sparks coming out of it. "Blast, that Ion Bomb neutralized my plasma pistol," Kahar said. The Imperial Cruisers began to land and out came Sith and Imperial Troopers. "All artillery on those landing ships!" Kahar shouted. He then activated his lightsabers and began fighting Imperial Troopers and Sith making their way to the Jedi Temple. Kahar saw a cruiser try to drop an Ion Bomb on some tanks while they were distracted with the enemy. He force pushed one of the Ion Bombs back at the cruiser. It neutralized the cruiser, causing it to crash in the forest and explode debris everywhere. Suddenly more ships came down to the surface. "They're sending in reinforcements!" Kahar said. "Fire at those ships." Kahar ran over to a landing ship and cut down Imperial Troopers. He tried to attack a Sith but she force pushed him. "Darth Varan would love to see me destroy you. Unfortunately, you killed my Master. So now you must die," she spat. "You should know that you can't defeat me, although you can try," Kahar replied. He then activated his lightsabers. Varan's apprentice activated her dual red lightsabers. "Lets finish this," she said. Kahar walked around, waiting for Varan's apprentice to make the first move. Suddenly she charged at Kahar. Kahar stuck his foot out and tripped her. She got back up on his feet and
Kahar Zamet

A 3D render of Kahar getting ready to attack Varan's apprentice by Avarice Knightfall.

Kahar charged at her immediately, but she was ready. She force pushed Kahar into a wall. Kahar fell off the wall and got up. He then charged at Varan's apprentice and kicked her and then force pushed her. He then went to stab her but she rolled and it stabbed her shoulder, tearing her armor instead. She charged at Kahar and Kahar quickly blocked with his lightsabers, but she force pushed him against a steel wall hard. Kahar then blacked out. Dodge arrived and saw Kahar knocked out. He activated his lightsabers. "Nobody stands a chance against Venom," Varan's apprentice hissed. She then charged at Dodge. He caught Venom off guard and cut her across the stomach. She fell onto the ground. "No! Master, I have failed you!" she shouted. Darth Varan's force ghost appeared. "You are right, Venom," Varan growled. Varan then stuck his hand out. A purple beam of dark side energy came out and hit Venom. "Master no!" she screamed as Varan's force ghost slowly began to drain the life from Venom. Kahar suddenly walked over and force pushed Varan's force ghost, causing him to disappear. Kahar then put binders on Venom's hands and Republic Troopers escorted her to the Temple Prison. "Thanks Dodge," Kahar said. "I woke up right as you cut Venom down." Dodge and Kahar then walked back to the temple, talking. Kahar saw the battle was over and the injured or fine Imperial Soldiers and Sith were being killed or arrested and taken to the prison. "This is only the beginning!" Darth Spike, the lead Sith, shouted. "Tython will fall!" Kahar got annoyed by Spike so he punched Spike in the face, knocking him out. "This battle has been won, but not the war," Kahar said. He then turned to a Commander. "Rally the troops and prepare to return to Coruscant." The Commander nodded and immediately darted away. Spike was right about this only being the beginning of the war. What would happen next? Kahar wondered. Is Coruscant going to be a wreck when we return? Will we win it back? Kahar could only hope for the good.

Back In Space

The battle in space was still nasty. Kahar, Dodge, and Devis were flying to a Imperial Cruiser to destroy it and all Imperial forces on board. They landed and walked to the engine room where they met a Fallen Jedi named Atris II. She glowed purple with the energy of the dark side. Atris had been a Jedi, but she was corrupted by dark side energy. There was no way to cure her. "You fools really thought you could defeat me?" Atris spat. Devis charged at Atris. Atris drew her lightsaber but then manipulated the Force. She played tricks on Devis' mind. Kahar charged at Atris but Atris force pushed him. Atris cast an illusion on Devis to make it look like Kahar and Dodge had been killed. Devis was overwhelmed with anger. He had so much anger that the trance shattered and Devis charged at Atris and began brutally attacking her. Devis made a deep stab into Atris' chest and she died. Dodge and Kahar were shocked. The trio continued to walk to the bridge without saying a word. When they arrived, there was a hooded figure. "No need for you to come closer," the figure said, in a familiar voice, but more cunning than they remembered. The figure turned around and lifted the hood to reveal a Togruta. It was Spike's apprentice. The apprentice ordered the soldiers to fire the cannons. Devis quickly killed all the soldiers. One went into the hangar with a rocket launcher and Devis followed him. Kahar charged at the apprentice but she shot lightning at him. Kahar quickly deflected it with his lightsabers. He kicked her on the ground and then bashed her head on a console. He walked to the hangar. Kahar flew the Defender out and saw Tython being bombarded. "NO!" Kahar shouted. He quickly began shooting at all the cruisers. His eyes began to faintly glow red. There was no hope. Tython was blazed by the time he destroyed a dozen cruisers. The glow around his eyes faded. Kahar felt like crying. His home was gone. Devis met with his granddaughter, who he had not known about. Devis, Dodge, and Kahar then all met up on Devis' cruiser.

The Hardest Farewell

Kahar's head hung low. He walked to the Defender and landed on Tython. The land was scorched, ancient Jedi landmarks, Lightsaber Forges, and altars destroyed. Jedi laid dead, some stood fine, and others sat injured. The temple had wreckage all over the place. A mess of drinks in the cantina. Glasses shattered. The archive shelves were tipped over. The books were burned. The council chambers were destroyed. Such a mess of what Kahar once called...home. Kahar would have revenge. There would be no mercy for the Empire. Prisoners would be automatically killed. Surrenders would meet the same fate. Kahar needed to send a rememberable message to the Empire, and this was the only way he knew how to. Kahar walked outside as Jedi Masters stood there. "We can't rebuild. Tython no longer has that certain attune with the Force. The forests are scorched. Tython is gone. A place of mere memories." Kahar could barely grasp the words. He walked back to the Defender. "I will always be here," Kahar heard the voice of his master's spirit say. "T7, prepare a course for Coruscant," Kahar said. The Empire had retreated, thinking they had caused enough destruction to Tython. Kahar and the Republic fleet jumped to hyperspace to Coruscant. IT IS PAYBACK TIME! Kahar thought as the space around the Defender turned into a tunnel of shooting stars.

The Battle of Coruscant

The fleet jumped out of hyperspace and immediately started attacking the enemy fleet. Some cruisers went down to the surface. Kahar jumped out of his cruiser once it was on the surface. Dodge did too. Devis took care of the Imperial fleet above in space with his men. Dodge and Kahar saw the Jedi Teple in flames and mostly destroyed. The books were burned all except for one that Devis found once he landed. Kahar cut down troopers. Devis had found Dex killing Stormtroopers in his diner but Devis ran before he got shot. Kahar helped Dexter. "Kahar," Dex said. "It's been a long time." Kahar nodded. He and Dex then proceeded out. Kahar saw Darth Spike, the person responsible for the invasion that destroyed Tython. He attacked Spike. They dueled for a while but then Kahar destroyed Spike's lightsabers. Spike begged for mercy. "Please...please, I'm just a weak man." Kahar ignored his pleas and cut Spike's head off. "That's for Tython," Kahar said. He then walked over Spike's body to Dodge and his men. Dexter was sitting against a crate, injured. There was a hole in his shoulder with a blaster mark. " my backroom," Dex said. Kahar ran there and found bombs. He loaded the bombers and they bombed the Imperial Base. "Spike is dead, and the Imperials are crushed," Kahar said to Devis and Dodge. Dexter was treated in a medical bay and was fine after the battle. "It will take a long time to rebuild," Kahar said. The trio walked over to Spike's body, where they saw the head severed. "It....was for Tython," Kahar said. "He's responsible for the destruction." They were prepared to fight the Empire...again.

Coruscant Rebuilt

In 45 ABY, 1 year after the Jedi Temple had been damaged and several other buildings destroyed, most of the buildings had been restored, including the Jedi Temple. Kahar sat on the Jedi Council, still, with Grand Master Luke Skywalker. Kahar was attending a Council meeting when he noticed a new member. "I believe I haven't met you yet," Kahar said. "Master.....Varansa," the Jedi replied with a smile. He had a hood over him. Kahar sensed something was not right. "So, lets get on with this Council meet--" Kahar was cut off when a Jedi Knight ran in. "Sir, we found a Jedi Master in the Main Hall! He's dead!" the Knight shouted, panting. Kahar ran with the Knight to the Main Hall and saw the body. He slowly examined it. "Thank you, my fellow Jedi. Please return to your duties," Kahar said after a while. The Knight nodded and then quickly ran away.

Later that night, Kahar was walking around the Jedi Temple, which now had few residents still awake. He looked at a balcony and thought he saw some figures as he walked by. Slowly, he peaked around the corner. He saw a Sith with his lightsaber activated, about a dozen Padawans lined up to be executed. "You may beg to serve me, and I will spare your life," the Sith told them. "If you do not, this will happen..." He then swiped his lightsaber across one of the captive Padawans. She immediately dropped dead. Kahar contacted Luke. "Come to my location as soon as you can." He sent Luke the coordinates. Kahar then looked closer at the Sith. His eyes widened. "Varan..." Kahar whispered. He then walked onto the balcony. "Varan! I thought I killed you back above Tython!" Kahar shouted. "Oh you fool. I don't die easily. Maybe you forgot I have an escape pod? And you really fell for my Varansa disguise? Pathetic," Varan replied with a smirk. "Actually, I didn't fall for the disguise. I sensed a darkness in you. But...I saw your force ghost." Varan smirked. "Oh, it was merely a dark side illusion," Varan answered. Varan then force lifted and threw all but two Padawans off the balcony. "I won't let you harm any more padawans!" Kahar shouted. He then activated his lightsabers and leapt at Varan. Varan parried Kahar's blow. The two dueled for a while until Varan was able to kick Kahar into a pile of crates. Luke then arrived and activated his lightsaber. Slowly, Kahar got back up. He quickly regained strength and charged at Varan. Varan kicked Luke onto one of the lower platforms of the temple while blocking Kahar's blow. Varan then executed another Padawan. Only one remained. Kahar decided to play an old trick. "You win, Varan," Kahar said with a smile. He then fell backwards off the platform. Varan ran over. "That's right, I win, scum," Varan hissed.

Kahar was secretly holding onto a hook below the platform. He prepared his cable launcher. Varan leaned over and saw Kahar. He was shocked. "You forgot one thing, Varan..." Kahar said with a smile. "What's that? You're a worthless scum?" Varan laughed. "No, you can't kill me." Kahar then launched his cable launcher. A cable snared around Varan's legs. Kahar then yanked the cable down. Varan went tumbling over the platform. Kahar pulled out his Shadow Knife and cut himself from the rope. "KAHAR!!!!" Varan screamed as he fell into the streets of Coruscant. Kahar looked down and saw Varan kick a citizen out of a speeder. He stole the speeder and sped away in it. Kahar then gripped onto the edge of the platform. Luke came running through the door to the balcony. Kahar signaled Luke over quickly. Luke helped Kahar back up onto the platform. "Varan's still out there," Kahar said. "He will be defeated in time," Luke assured him. Kahar walked over to the remaining Padawan. He cut the cuffs with his lightsabers. "And what might be your name?" Kahar asked the Padawan. "Jason...Jason Alrean," the human Padawan replied. "Alrean, I recognize that name," Kahar replied with a grin. He remembered Nalarr Alrean, a Twi'lek who had served with Kahar during the Clone Wars. Nalarr had secretly been married and had children. Kahar had promised to keep it a secret, even from his fellow Council members. "So you are Nalarr's descendant?" Kahar asked Jason. "Yes, his grandson, actually. And how do you know that Nalarr is my grandfather?" Kahar looked at Jason. "I served with him in the Clone Wars," Kahar replied. "He was a brave, kind man. He didn't deserve the death he got." Jason nodded. "What ever did happen to him?" Kahar sighed and closed his eyes. "You know Order 66, right?" Jason nodded. "Well, he died during Order 66. I tried to save him. He was sniped while getting on board my ship. The sniper was killed, though." Jason nodded, somewhat sad. "Who is your master?" Kahar asked. "Nobody," Jason replied. "I will take you on as my Padawan. I sense potential in you," Kahar said with a smile. Jason nodded and smiled.

Hunting Varan

The next day, Kahar woke up early. He walked over to the cafteria in the temple. About twenty minutes later, his new Padawan, Jason Alrean, arrived and sat down next to him. "We're headed off to Kamino today," Kahar said. "Our scouts say Varan and several of his troopers are there. Before the Galactic Empire took over the galaxy, the Republic used to control Kamino. After the Empire was defeated, we didn't care much about Kamino anymore. Now we're going with Republic forces to take back the planet. We'll be taking the Defender to Kamino." Jason nodded. Kahar then finished breakfast, got up, and tossed Jason the necessary parts to make a lightsaber. "Make a lightsaber really quick. We don't have much time until we take off for Kamino," Kahar said. Kahar then held out one crystal of every color except red, purple, and orange to Jason. "Let the crystal choose you," Kahar said. Jason closed his eyes and extended his hand. A green crystal slowly lifted out of Kahar's palm, drifted from Kahar to Jason, and then landed in Jason's palm. "Good," Kahar said. He then put the rest of the color crystals in his robe pocket and walked away to the hangar.

Jason sat in the lightsaber construction chamber. Slowly, a couple parts of the hilt lifted. Then the crystal went in. The rest of the hilt parts were put on and finally, a lightsaber floated in the air a few feet away from him. The lightsaber then drifted to his palm. Jason activated the lightsaber and held it in the air. A blade of green light extended from it. Jason then deactivated his lightsaber, put it on his belt, and exited the chamber. He quickly ran to the hangar.  
Jason Alrean's Lightsaber (Customization)

The hilt, color crystal, and shape crystal of Jason's lightsaber.

When Jason arrived, Kahar was already prepping the Defender for takeoff. Jason found Kahar in the bridge, checking the engines and other controls. BT-49 and HK-62 were reloading their blasters. Kahar turned around. "Hey Jason. Can you give T7 some oil?" Jason nodded and went into the lower deck where he grabbed a can of oil. He opened a hatch on T7-O1 and poured the oil in until T7 was almost full. Kahar hit a lever and the door closed. He then sat down in the captain's chair. "Jason, get ready for takeoff," Kahar said. Jason nodded, put the oil can back in the lower deck, and then sat down in one of the chairs in the bridge. "Jedi Master Kahar Zamet requesting for takeoff," Kahar said into the comlink on the bridge. "Copy that. You are clear for takeoff," the hangar operator replied. The engines then roared to life. Kahar slowly steered the ship up and piloted it out of the hangar. He then increased the speed and shot into space. Kahar punched the coordinates for Kamino into the hyperdrive. He pulled a lever, and the ship went into hyperspace.

When they arrived above Kamino, the Republic and Imperial fleets were already fighting each other. Starfighters swarmed around. "Jason, get to one of the turrets. We're going to need to put a hole in the Imperial fleet before we can get to Kamino," Kahar said. Jason nodded and ran to one of the blaster turrets. Kahar activated the comm panel line between the bridge and the blaster turret that Jason was at. About a dozen Imperial Starfighters started following the Defender. "Fighters behind us!" Kahar quickly made the Defender do twirls and loops, hoping to lose the fighters. Jason then got a clear shot and opened fire. He shot about half of them. Those went flying out of control and crashed into the other ones. Kahar then changed the comm channel to reach the entire Republic Fleet. "We're about to bomb one of the enemy cruisers," the admiral spoke into the comlink. "Copy that," said a pilot on another ship. Suddenly bombs dropped on one of the Imperial cruisers, severely damaging it. Then a giant laser shot down on it. Kahar shielded his eyes from the giant explosion. When he looked again, there was a clear path through the Imperial fleet to Kamino. "All available units on the ground! Head through that clearing! I repeat, head through that clearing!" he shouted into the comm panel. He then activated the turbo boost and the Defender shot downwards toward Kamino. Kahar reduced the speed as they entered the atmosphere and slowly landed. The Republic set up a camp at the landing zone immediately.

Varan stood ion the second floor of the command building and stared down at the Republic forces, who were now pushing back Imperial forces and taking over more of Kamino. He turned to an officer. "All available units are to be on the ground fighting the Republic. Send the message, and discipline any who fail to follow this order," Varan said. The officer nodded and ran to the console. He activated the sirens and speakers. Then Varan turned to his apprentice, Dalan Serenti. "And you shall come with me to deal with the Jedi." Dalan smirked and nodded. Varan cackled as he and Dalan walked towards the turbolift.

Kahar and Jason cut down Imperials as they made their way to the Imperial's command building. When they entered the building, they saw a turbolift and quickly took it to the next floor. They reached the top and the blast door opened to reveal Varan and his apprentice. Kahar and Jason jumped over them, further into the hallway. "You take on the apprentice, I got Varan," Kahar told Jason. They activated their lightsabers. "So, we meet again, Jedi," Varan said. The Sith Lord activated his lightsaber and charged at Kahar. Varan swung his lightsaber upwards from his side, but Kahar blocked it. He brought his two lightsabers down, but Varan blocked the blow. Kahar attempted to overpower the Sith, only to be force pushed to the other side of the room. Varan leapt at Kahar, ready to swing his lightsaber downward. Right before he hit, Kahar quickly rolled out of the way. As he got back up, Kahar force pushed Varan into a larger room next to the command center. He looked over and saw Jason was holding up well against Dalan. All four entered the room, which had a large window overlooking a series of platforms below. Kahar used the Force to shatter the window. Kahar forced push Varan against the wall. Jason was able to catch Dalan off guard and force push him out of the window. Kahar and Varan continued dueling near the broken window. Suddenly, the floor around the broken window began to collapse. Varan flipped backwards. Kahar jumped right as the floor fell into the ocean, catching onto the edge. As Jason attempted to help Kahar up, Varan fled back towards the command center. "Jason, go stop Varan! Don't worry about me!" Kahar told him. Jason noddded and chased after Varan. Suddenly, the door on the other side of the room exploded open. Republic soldiers came in. One ran over to the ledge. "I've got you sir," he said, helping Kahar up. Imperials ran in right behind the Republic soldiers, firing their blasters as they entered the room. "Jason, you and the men deal with the soldiers! I got Varan," Kahar shouted. Jason, who had already started fighting Varan again, force pushed Varan away and ran back in the room to fight the Imperials. Kahar and Varan began dueling in the command center again. Eventually, they were back in the larger room again. Kahar then force pushed Varan near where the floor had broken off. As Varan attempted to get back up, Kahar kicked him towards the waters below. "That has to be the end of Varan," he stated.

Suddenly the Dalan's starship flew up, with Varan on top of it. "You may have won this round, but I'm not done yet! So long Jedi!" he shouted. He then entered through a hatch into the ship. Kahar sighed. "Next won't be so lucky Varan," he murmured to himself.

Varan's Last Stand

A week later, Varan and his forces were attacking Tython again, which the Jedi had used the Force to rebuild after the bombing a year ago. Tython now looked beautiful again. Kahar, Jason, and Kahar's droids arrived in the Defender above Tython, along with the Republic fleet, and started fighting the Imperial fleet. Kahar activated the Republic fleet comm channel. "Anyone got eyes on Varan's flagship?" he asked. "Yeah, there's a bunch of fighters pouring out of it right now," a pilot replied. Kahar looked around and saw a cruiser with several Sith starfighters pouring out of it. "Hold onto your seats," Kahar said. He then quickly twirled past Imperials and landed in the hangar of the flagship. Several shuttles came also. Jason and Kahar cleared all the troops in the hangar. One tried to sneak up behind Kahar, but HK-62 killed it. T7 slowly wheeled down the ramp and into the hangar. "T7, open this door!" Kahar said to the droid. T7 quickly went to the door console and plugged into it. A few moments later, the door had been sliced open. They took an  to the bridge. "Deal with Varan. My men and I have the rest of the soldiers," the Security Chief said. Kahar nodded. "And I'll deal with Varan's apprentice," Jason added on. When they arrived, Varan and his men were waiting. "I have nothing to say," Varan said. Varan's apprentice then stepped out of the shadows. Varan was staring out into space. He then turned around and walked down the ramp. "Kill them." The Imperial soldiers attacked the Republic soldiers. Jason leapt at Varan's apprentice. Kahar then activated his lightsabers. Kahar waited a few moments, then Varan activated his. He charged at Kahar. Kahar did not move. Then, at the last second, he stuck his foot out. Varan tripped and fell. Kahar slowly backed away. When Varan got up, Kahar force pushed him against the wall and then pulled him onto the ground. Varan got back up again. Kahar slowly walked closer to Varan. Then one of Varan's guards came behind Kahar and punched him in the back. Kahar turned around and stabbed the guard in the stomach. He turned back around and saw Varan heading towards the escape pods. Kahar followed after him. "You're not escaping again Varan. Not this time!" Kahar shouted to himself. He caught up with Varan and kicked him against the wall. Varan force pushed Kahar. Kahar ran back. Varan raised his lightsaber, but then Kahar cut it. Kahar deactivated his lightsabers. He then walked towards Varan. Varan punched Kahar. He then pulled out a blaster pistol and fired. Kahar quickly activated his lightsabers and deflected the bolt into Varan's hand. Varan continued trying to punch at Kahar. Finally, Kahar swung his lightsabers at Varan's head. Varan fell to the floor as his head went tumbling across the room. Kahar deactivated his lightsabers. "I've finished the job," he said. He ran back to the bridge where he saw Jason and the Republic Soldiers taking Imperials and Varan's apprentice away to the prison shuttle. Kahar, Jason, HK, and T7 then got back on the Defender and took off for Kahar's cruiser as what remained of Varan's Fleet fled for an Imperial-controlled planet.

When Kahar reached his quarters, he was contacted again by Master Satele Shan, who had still lived from The Old Republic times because Kahar had managed to make her eternal. "Please report to the Jedi Temple on Tython," she said. Kahar nodded and quickly flew down to Tython, along with Jason, T7, and HK-62. BT-49 stayed in Kahar's quarters. When they arrived, there was a crowd assembled. They walked up onto a stage. "When you were only a Knight, you were the Hero of Tython. Over 3,000 years later, you're a Master and you're the Hero of Tython again. But not just you. Your whole crew. You, T7, Jason, and HK-62. You're all heroes," Satele said, full with pride. Kahar and his crew bowed as the Soldiers, Citizens, and Jedi who crowded the area clapped and cheered. Satele then gave each of them a medallion. The crowd clapped again.

Not long after, there was a celebration that celebrated the defeat of Darth Varan and the saving of Tython. Kahar and his crew hung out for about 3 hours. The party then ended and they returned to Kahar's cruiser. Then the cruiser entered hyperspace to Coruscant. Then, the rest of the Republic Fleet followed.

Battle on Coruscant

48 ABY...

Republic Galactic Prison, Coruscant

Darth Varan's apprentice, Dalan Serenti, was sitting in his prison cell. Two guards were guarding it. Suddenly, the guards went flying against the wall and died. The shield lowered and Dalan grabed his lightsaber. He quickly snuck around until he got to a cell. He opened it, and a Bounty Hunter came out and grabbed his blaster pistols. "Good to see you again, Dalan," the Bounty Hunter said to Dalan. "Good to see you again too, brother," Dalan replied. They quickly made their way to the spaceport and took off for Korriban.

Dalan and the Bounty Hunter arrived on Korriban. Varan's Fleet and Battalion were there. They cheered when they saw Dalan.

Dalan made his way to the stand high up above. "Today, we shall have our vengeance! Varan shall be avenged!" he shouted. There were roars and cheers. "And I can assure this as your new leader." There were more cheers. The men then prepared for takeoff.! Everywhere! I've...I've failed.

Kahar tossed and turned in his bed. Then he woke up. "It was just a dream..." he said to himself. Though he sensed a disturbance in the Force. He got out of bed and rolled back his window curtains, revealing the bright sun rising on the already busy streets of Coruscant. He walked over to his communicator. He contacted his good friend, Jedi Master Velna Laros. "Hello?" she said. "'s Kahar. You sensing in a disturbance in the Force?" Kahar asked. "Yes I am," she replied. "Alright well...I'll see you later," Kahar said. He deactivated his communicator as he got ready to head out for the morning.

Around noon, Dalan Serenti and his forces started attacking. Soldiers and Jedi rushed to defend. Kahar and Jason prepared for battle. Kahar, Jason, and Kahar's 652nd Soldiers pushed back the Imperials in one of the main districts. Suddenly, Kahar was informed that Dalan and his brother were at the hospital in the Abandoned District. Luckily, the hospital had been evacuated. Kahar and Jason got into an airspeeder and took off.

Kahar and Jason landed their airspeeder outside the evacuated hospital where Dalan was. A Force Bomb was to be set off, using Dalan's Force Energy as the power feed. "Ten minutes," the computer said. Kahar and Jason walked to the entrance, lightsabers ready. The Bounty Hunter stepped out and began firing at them. They activated their lightsabers. "I'll hold him off!" Jason shouted. Kahar nodded as he ran past the Bounty Hunter and up several stairs. He got to the top. He saw Dalan in the chair. "Five seconds." Kahar quickly dove at Dalan, cut the tubes connecting him to the Force Bomb, and tackled him out the window. "Activation cancelled." Looking back up, Kahar then used the Force to burn the bomb into thin air. Dalan shrugged. "Good thing we have a spare," he said. Dalan pressed a remote and a bomb went off in the hospital. Kahar watched as debris went flying through the air. Luckily, the district was only made of abandoned warehouses, so nobody was injured or killed. Kahar pushed himself away from Dalan. Dalan went flying away into a rain of debris. Kahar watched him until he saw him no more. Kahar glided through the air, then hit the side of a piece of metal. He began gliding downwards more and grabbed onto a piece. He got onto it. Then he remembered something.... "Jason!" he shouted. Jason had been at the hospital when the bomb went off. He began riding the piece of metal downwards. It was so fast it caught on fire. He quickly started flying at an angle so it would crash harmlessly into an abandoned warehouse nearby. As he got near to the hospital, he jumped and safely landed. The metal crashed into an abandoned warehouse and exploded. Kahar ran towards the entrance. "Jason!" he shouted. He couldn't find Jason. Kahar saw the Bounty Hunter dead, crushed under a large piece of metal. "M--master," he heard a faint voice say a little bit to his left. He look over and saw Jason, all beat up, next to a pile of rubble. Kahar helped Jason up. He then escorted him to the airspeeder. Surprisingly, it still worked, but was dented. "We got to leave now, the ground will collapse any moment from the pressure of the bomb and falling of the hospital," Kahar said. Suddenly parts of the ground began to collapse down into the district. "Right as I say that..." Kahar quickly started the airspeeder and took off, right as the piece of ground they had been stationed on fell behind them. The ground continued crumbling. Then the hospital fell into an abandoned warehouse in the district and there was a large explosion. The ground kept falling until there was none left. Kahar drove to the Jedi Temple and landed. Republic Medics took Jason to the Medical Station. "And that leaves only you..." a female voice said from behind him. Kahar recognized it. He turned around. The figure was hooded. "You read my--" The figure pushed back her hood before Kahar finished his sentence. It was Togruta Jedi Master Velna Laros, a good friend of Kahar's. "mind," Kahar said, finishing his sentence. "Think you could lend me a hand, Velna?" Velna nodded. "I think so," she replied. They walked to Kahar's airspeeder and took off. "Well I stopped Dalan's Force Bomb, but he had a Thermal Bomb set up. That hospital in the Abandoned District is now gone. That's how Jason got injured, too." Velna nodded. "And what about Dalan?" Kahar looked at Velna. "That blasted coward escaped," he replied. Kahar continued flying. His communicator buzzed. He activated it. "Yes?" Kahar asked. It was a Republic Commander. "Dalan Serenti and his forces are attacking our location! I'll send you the coordinates!" the Commander shouted as he shot an Imperial Soldier in the chest. Kahar looked at the coordinates and quickly flew there.

Kahar and Velna landed and quickly cut down some Imperials. They made their way into a bunker where Dalan was. Dalan quickly flew away in his starfighter to another location and sent soldiers to fight the two Jedi. They easily defeated the soldiers.

Kahar and Velna flew to the base. Kahar looked over an operator's shoulder at a video camera, which showed several Imperial Landing Freighters landing. "Get those AA Guns on those ships," Kahar ordered. "We can't sir, the control tower is down," the Operator replied. Kahar sighed. "Keep me covered with those blaster turrets, I'll go fix it," Kahar said.

Kahar attatched his cable launcher and climbed up the tower. When he got on top, he fixed it. Suddenly the turrets fired at the ships. Kahar quickly got back to base.

Dalan was pinpointed again, and Kahar and Velna got back in the airspeeder and flew to the location. Dalan activated his lightsaber when they arrived. "It's time I face you, Jedi," Dalan said. Kahar and Velna activated their lightsabers and attacked Dalan. They pushed Dalan into a corner. He pressed a button and a blast door opened to reveal a platform. They continued their duel on the platform. It was a very high skyscraper. Finally, Kahar tackled Dalan off the platform. Kahar quickly jumped back up towards the platform. He caught the edge. Velna helped him up. Dalan continued falling until he landed on a landing cruiser. "So long, Jedi!" he shouted. But in reality, the cruiser was crashing. Dalan screamed as the cruiser crashed into the street and blew up. Kahar and Velna returned to the Jedi Temple. The battle was over. Jason was alright. "Jason, I should have done this a few years ago," Kahar said. Kahar then made Jason eternal. "Thank you, Master," Jason replied. Jason then quickly walked to his quarters. Velna and Kahar walked up a giant flight of stairs. "So that was probably the disturbance in the Force we were feeling," Kahar said. Velna nodded. They both reached their rooms, which were neighboring. "I'll see you tomorrow Kahar," Velna said. Kahar nodded. He unlocked his door and walked into his quarters. He sat down on the sofa for a little bit, thinking about the wild day that had just happened.

Dalan lay dying on Coruscant. His bones were broken. He was bleeding. He had burns all over him. Dalan's Chief Scientist walked over. "Guards, get him to the cruiser. He is still useful to me," the Scientist snapped. The guards nodded and went to carry him away. The Scientist laughed evily as he followed them.

"Just a few more steps," Dalan heard the scientist say. He couldn't see anything. "Done." Dalan was raised from a table and looked in a mirror. He now had a respirator and cybernetic left arm, and heavy Sith armor over his chest. "Those Jedi will pay for this!" Dalan shouted. In anger, he reached his right hand out and force chocked the scientist to death.

"Yes, they will pay..." Dalan murmured maniacally to himself. "With Darth Varan's help, they will pay."

The False Mandalorians

Later in 48 ABY, a new group of Mandalorians who called themselves the Real Mandalorians, often called the False Mandalorians by other Mandalorians, rose up. They had begun fighting the other Mandalorian clans, including Clan Vizsla of Death Watch, in an attempt to crumble Mandalorian society so that the remaining Mandalorians would join the Real Mandalorians and the Mandalorian Empire could be formed.

Recently, the Real Mandalorians had established a base on Coruscant and began carrying out attacks on the Republic and Jedi. The most recent had severely damaged a wall of the Jedi Temple and killed a few Jedi. To combat this new threat and others, the New Republic Jet Squadron was formed. Kahar was put in charge of the group. After a group meeting, it was decided that Kahar and Jason would let the Mandalorians arrest them and attempt to get information on the Real Mandalorians while at their base.

Later that night, after the meeting, Kahar, Jason, T7-O1, and Velna Laros got in the Defender at the Jedi Temple. They piloted it across Coruscant and then hovered above the Real Mandalorians' base. "Are you ready?" Kahar asked Jason. Jason nodded. "Ready," he replied. T7 then landed the Defender on the landing pad and opened the ship's door. Kahar and Jason exited the Defender, and two Mandalorians immediately opened fire on them. Kahar activated his lightsaber and deflected the blaster shots back into the Mandalorians, then deactivated his lightsaber as their lifeless bodies fell. Several Mandalorians ran out to the landing platform, including the leader of the Real Mandalorians, Riyan Ordo. "What brings two Jedi here?" Riyan asked. "We're here to surrender," Kahar responded. "If you stop attacking the Jedi and Republic for now, we'll let you take us prisoner." Riyan pondered the deal for a moment. "Very well," he answered. "Take them away." Two Mandalorians quickly confiscated their lightsabers and then took them inside the base, where they were thrown in ray shielded cells. The two Mandalorians stayed at their cell to guard them.

Kahar and Jason waited in their cells for a while. Once they made sure no other Mandalorians were nearby, they made their move. Kahar and Jason used the Force to disable the ray shields, then quickly knocked out the guards. They took their lightsabers back and put on the Mandalorians' armor, then dragged the Mandalorians into the cells and turned the ray shields back on. While running through the hallway, they came across Riyan and several Mandalorians. "Sir!" Kahar shouted to Riyan. "The prisoners have escaped!" The Mandalorians quickly made their way to the cells. Once they were out of sight, Kahar and Jason entered Riyan's office. They decided not to turn the lights on as that may draw attention. Kahar accessed the files on Riyan's holocomputer while Jason kept watch. There was everything from attack plans to base locations, and much more, on the holocomputer. Kahar began sending all the important files to the Defender's holocomputer, but the process would take a while. Suddenly, Kahar and Jason heard Riyan talking out in the hall and footsteps getting closer. "He's coming!" Jason whispered. They looked around the office for hiding spots and noticed a grate to the ventilation system on the ceiling. Since Jason was the smaller one, they agreed he would hide there. He used the Force to open the grate and jumped up into the ventilation shaft, then quickly closed it again. There was a slight gap between a cabinet and the wall that Kahar was able to fit in. Suddenly, the door to the office opened. Riyan entered and closed the door behind him. He paused for a second, then slowly walked towards his holocomputer. "I know you're here Jedi," he said. "Show yourselves." After a few seconds, Riyan sighed and leaned towards the holocomputer. Right as he was about to cancel the process of sending the files to the Defender, Jason quickly burst through the grate and smashed his fist into the back of Riyan's head, knocking him out. Kahar and Jason waited a few more minutes for the files to finish sending to the Defender, then exited the office. They hurried to the landing pad. When they opened the door, they noticed it was now pouring rain outside. Suddenly, two Mandalorians on the landing pad quickly raised their blasters. "Freeze Jedi!" one ordered. "Did you really think you could fool us? We see the lightsabers on your belts." Kahar grabbed his communicator from his belt and slowly raised his hands in the air. He pressed down on an orange button. "Tell me what you just did," the Mandalorian demanded. Within seconds, Dodge arrived in the Swift Eagle, followed by ships from his battalion. As the other doors from the base to the landing platform opened and Mandalorians poured out, the ships opened fire. Several explosions erupted across the platform and Mandalorians went flying. In the distraction, Kahar was able to signal T7 with his communicator, then put his communicator back on his belt and Force push the two Mandalorians in front of him off the platform. He and Jason quickly activated their lightsabers and fought through countless Mandalorians towards the middle of the platform. As the Defender arrived, Kahar and Jason took off their helmets and signaled T7. Suddenly, they heard a terrible bending sound. Kahar looked back and saw that the part of the platform up against the base was crumbling away, and the platform's support beams were starting to snap. Right as the Defender was about to land, the final support beam snapped, and the platform began falling. Kahar and Jason jumped away from the platform as it fell. T7 was able to fly the Defender near them. The door opened and they quickly grabbed onto the ramp, then pulled themselves up and hurried inside. The Defender's door closed and it flew away with the rest of the New Republic ships as the landing platform hit a fuel tank and caused an explosion.

As the Defender was returning to the Jedi Temple, the communicator began to buzz. Kahar answered the transmission. It was Velna. "We found the Mandalorians' hangar!" she shouted while dodging blaster fire. "We're pinned down and could use your help!" The transmission suddenly cut out as a Mandalorian tackled Velna. Kahar traced the location of the transmission. "Attention all Jet Squadron members," he said over the comlink. "I'm sending you all coordinates right now. Head there and prepare for heavy resistance from the False Mandalorians." T7 began sending the coordinates to the members of Jet Squadron as Kahar piloted the Defender towards the Real Mandalorians' hangar.

When Kahar and Jet Squadron arrived at the hangar, there was heavy resistance as expected. Auto turrets outside of the hangar locked on to the Defender and began firing turbolasers. Kahar was able to dodge most of the incoming fire from the auto turrets, and the shields absorbed what he couldn't. One shot, however, managed to get a crucial hit on one of the engines. Flames shot out of it for a few seconds, but T7 was able to stabilize it. The engine was damaged though, and would need to be repaired. Kahar quickly fired ion missiles from the Defender, disabling the auto turrets. With only one engine left in good condition, Kahar made a bumpy landing with the Defender inside the hangar. He and Jason exited down the ramp and a few Mandalorians quickly approached them, blasters drawn. The two Jedi activated their lightsabers and struck down the Mandalorians. As Kahar looked around at the other Republic forces in the hangar, he noticed Velna's Cathar brother and his good friend, Jedi Master Jarus Laros. Kahar cut down another Mandalorian and made his way to Jarus. "Good to see you, Jarus!" Kahar shouted as he kicked away a Mandalorian. "You too Kahar!" Jarus replied as he force pushed a Mandalorian across the hangar. They fought the Mandalorians until there were none left. A Republic trooper blew open a door that led to the adjacent hangar bay. As the Republic forces poured into the room, several Imperial shuttles landed, as the Empire was an ally of the Real Mandalorians. Imperial troopers poured out of all of the shuttles, and from one a Sith Lord with a double bladed red lightsaber stepped out. Velna sat in a ray shielded prison cell in the back of the hangar, guarded by two Mandalorians with vibroswords. Jason and the Republic troopers began fighting the Imperial troopers, while Kahar and Jarus charged at the Sith Lord. The Sith activated one end of his lightsaber and prepared to fight them. He swung at Kahar. Kahar quickly ducked his head back and the lightsaber narrowly missed his throat. He quickly pulled his head back up and kicked the Sith, causing him to slide backwards. The Sith then force pushed Kahar across the hangar. Kahar landed in a pile of crates and they fell on him while Jarus and the Sith Lord continued dueling. Four Imperial troopers quickly surrounded Kahar, blaster rifles ready. He used the Force to lift up the crates and throw them at the Imperial soldiers, then got to his feet and cut them all down with his lightsabers. As he looked across the hangar, he saw Jarus and the Sith Lord still dueling and sprinted towards them. Suddenly, the sith kicked Jarus in the chest. He then bashed Jarus in the chest with his lightsaber hilt. Finally, the Sith stabbed Jarus in the chest. "No!" Velna shouted. Jarus' eyes widened. The Sith pulled his lightsaber out of Jarus. Jarus' lightsaber deactivated and fell to the floor as the Jedi Master dropped to his knees and fell face first onto the ground. Kahar leapt at the Sith and attempted to bring his lightsabers down othe Sith, but his lightsabers were thrown across the room. He grabbed onto the hilt of the Sith's lightsaber. The Sith attempted to jab Kahar, but he dodged the blade. "You've made a fatal mistake," Kahar said. "Never point the end of a double-bladed lightsaber at yourself, even when it's deactivated." Kahar then pressed a button on the hilt, igniting the other end of the lightsaber. It jabbed into the Sith's throat. The Sith dropped to the floor dead. Kahar turned around and saw Jason cut down the two Mandalorians guarding Velna's cell, and then deactivate the ray shield. Velna quickly ran out of the cell and darted toward Jarus. She knelt down next to him and turned him over. His wound was severe and he barely clung to life. "I'm taking you with us," Velna said. Jarus could only groan and nod. A Republic medical ship soon landed in the hangar, and the medics carried Jarus and the other injured Republic forces aboard. Commander Shadow approached Kahar. "Sir, I'm detecting multiple Mandalorian starfighters outside the hangar," he informed him. Kahar looked over at the medical ship. "That ship will never make it back to the hospital alone," he said. "Time to rally Jet Squadron. We'll escort the ship to the hospital." Kahar used the Force to remove his Republic Saber from the mini hangar in the Defender and bring it into the hangar bay. The members of Jet Squadron quickly got in their Sabers. The medical ship took off, and the Sabers followed, along with a few other Republic ships. As Kahar saw the Mandalorian starfighters approaching, he set his ship to battle stance. "For those of you who don't remember how to set your Saber to battle stance," he spoke over the comlink. "You shold have lever one up, lever two down, and lever three up. The red button, green button, and blue button should be lit up, and the yellow button should be off." The Saber, although just a starfighter, had a rather large inside with many buttons and levers. As Kahar finished setting his Saber to battle stance, he spun his chair around and saw the Mandalorian starfighters very close now. Jet Squadron got into formation and quickly shot down the first wave of Mandalorian starfighters. Several more Mandalorian starfighters arrived and closed in on Jet Squadron. "Split up!" Kahar shouted. All the Sabers split up in different directions, weaving past Republic ships and dodging attacks from Mandalorian starfighters. A Mandalorian starfighter had followed each Saber. Kahar flew around, dodging fire from a Mandalorian starfighter, and eventually pressed a button. His homing missiles were selected as his current weapon, and he locked on to the Mandalorian starfighter behind him using the Saber's rear camera. He pulled a lever once locked on. A homing missile shot forward, then quickly turned around and smashed into the Mandalorian starfighter behind him, exploding. Once the other Mandalorian starfighters had been taken care of, Jet Squadron got back into formation. They began firing at the Real Mandalorian cruisers above. Eventually, two of the cruisers went up in flames and plunged downwards. They collided mid-air and exploded. A giant Mandalorian starship suddenly flew in and fired at a Saber. Smoke began to pour out of the Saber and it spiraled out of control. "Agh! I can't control her!" the pilot shouted over the comlink. The Saber crashed into a Mandalorian starfighter and blew up. Missiles came out of the starship and destroyed four more Sabers. "Split up!" Kahar ordered once more. The Sabers split up again in different directions. Kahar flew his Saber into the Defender and quickly got to the front of the ship. He started following the Mandalorian starship and firing his turbolasers at it. He could faintly see Riyan Ordo on board. He fired missiles at the starship. It began to spin out of control. Riyan jumped out and hovered with his jetpack, firing a heavy blaster rifle at the Defender. The Defender started losing its shields fast. Suddenly, a Saber came flyng in and smashed into Riyan, instantly killing him. With the Real Mandalorian forces crushed, Jet Squadron escorted the medical ship to the hospital. A few hours after the battle with the Real Mandalorians, Kahar went to the hospital in the middle of the night to see how Jarus was doing. When he arrived in Jarus' room, he found the room completely empty except for Velna. She stood there, crying. "How's Jarus doing?" Kahar asked. Velna turned around, massive tears in her eyes. He could tell by the look on her face that Jarus had not made it. "I'm sorry," he said.

Later the next evening, several Jedi, including Velna, Kahar, and Jason, attended Jarus's funeral at the Jedi Temple.

The False Mandalorians' Strike

As Jarus's funeral ended, Kahar walked through the Jedi Temple, lost in thought. A lot had happened in the past few days. Too many Jedi had been lost to the False Mandalorians. Although the False Mandalorians had been devastated and their leader killed, Kahar felt like they were still a threat.

Kahar's walk through the Jedi Temple brought him to a balcony. He stepped outside into the cool night air and leaned on the railing. There was a light in the distance, slowly getting closer. Kahar squinted to try and see what it was. As it got closer, he realized it was a missile, speeding quickly towards him. Kahar dove out of the way. The missile crashed into a pillar near him and exploded, causing the pillar to fall down and block the way back inside. As Kahar got up, six Mandalorians with jetpacks landed on the balcony. He used the Force to lift up the collapsed pillar and throw it at the Mandalorians. Three Mandalorians were hit by the pillar and went flying off the balcony with it. Four more Mandalorians quickly arrived. Kahar activated his lightsabers and slashed at the Mandalorians. Other Jedi heard the commotion and joined the battle. Quickly outnumbered, the Mandalorians flew away. Kahar ran back to the railing and saw the Mandalorians flying downward towards the streets of Coruscant. Kahar jumped over the railing and began falling towards the Mandalorians. "I'll go get the Defender," Velna said with a sigh. Jason nodded and followed her to the hangar quickly.

Kahar continued falling, getting closer to the Mandalorians. Eventually, he lost them and couldn't find them again. He looked around and saw Jedi Master Cin Relin and some Republic soldiers on a nearby landing platform. He used the Force to safely land on the platform, thinking he might be able to get help from Cin. The Defender landed shortly after Kahar did. As Velna stepped out of the Defender, two soldiers quickly grabbed her. "What's going on?" Kahar asked as soldiers surrounded him. "You're both under arrest for betraying the Republic and Jedi Order," Cin replied with a smirk. Kahar was confused. They had never hurt the Republic or the Jedi.

As the soldiers prepared to cuff Kahar, he quickly kicked two of them away. Their helmets went flying off, and he recognized them as Mandalorians from the Mandalorian base. "You're no Republic soldier," he said to one of the Mandalorians. As the other soldiers attempted to arrest Kahar, he force pushed all of them away. Their helmets fell off too. They were all Mandalorians. The soldiers raised their blaster rifles and opened fire on Kahar. He quickly activated his lightsabers and deflected the blaster shots. The soldiers holding Velna began dragging her away to a Mandalorian shuttle. Kahar jumped at the soldiers and cut them both down. Velna quickly activated her lightsaber and joined the fight. Jason and T7, who had still been in the Defender, ran out and began fighting the Mandalorians. After a while of fighting, all the Mandalorian soldiers had been defeated, and only Cin remained, holding a blaster rifle. "You cannot stop me!" he shouted. "The Mandalorian Empire will be formed! All will be crushed by the Ankorath!" Cin quickly flew away with his jetpack. With the Mandalorian soldiers defeated and Cin gone, the crew of the Defender got back in their ship and reported back to the Jedi Temple. Cin flew through the sky of Coruscant in a stolen airspeeder. He was headed back to his base. It was the only place the Republic wouldn't check. They had already ransacked the building and wouldn't check a second time. As he arrived, he noticed there was nowhere to land with the landing platform now gone. He revved up his speeder engine and smashed through the wall, landing the airspeeder in a hallway. Cin exited the airspeeder and walked into Riyan's office. He then entered the bathroom. Inside, there was a turbolift. He entered the turbolift and pressed a button. The turbolift took Cin several floors down. When the doors opened, he was in an underground vault. Mandalorians hurried about, moving around crates and checking incoming shipments. Others loaded outgoing shipments onto speeders, which then took them through an underground tunnel system to a warehouse hangar, owned by the Real Mandalorians and frequented by smugglers.

As Cin walked through the vault, a Mandalorian approached him with a crate. "Sir!" he spoke. "The Ankorath has arrived from Concord Dawn." Cin threw the crate open. Inside was the Ankorath. The brown stone pulsated with gold energy. "Yes..." Cin stated, holding the Ankorath up high. "None shall oppose us. By the power of the Ankorath, the Mandalorian Empire will be formed!"

The False Mandalore

Several Mandalorian shuttles landed in the courtyard of the Jedi Temple. Cin stepped out of the largest one. He pulled out the Ankorath, aimed it at a Jedi Padawan, and fired. A single beam of gold light shot through the Padawan and into one of the temple's support beams. "Fear me Jedi, for I am Mandalore the Merciless!" Cin shouted.

Jedi all around prepared to fight the Mandalorians. Immediately a Mandalorian charged at Kahar. He force pushed the Mandalorian off the temple balcony, then activated his lightsabers. He leapt at Cin and swung down towards him. Cin rolled to the side at the last second. Kahar attempted to spin his lightsabers at Cin, but Cin smacked the lightsabers out of his hands. Kahar pulled back his hand and threw a massive punch at Cin's face, knocking his helmet off and causing him to drop the Ankorath. Cin wiped a streak of blood off his face, then threw a punch back at Kahar, but Kahar grabbed Cin's wrist, twisted it, and threw him over his shoulder. Cin grabbed the Ankorath and jumped up. "Goodbye Jedi!" he yelled, pointing the Ankorath straight at Kahar. The Ankorath fired. Kahar used the Force to stop the beam. Using all of his power, he turned it around and released it. The Ankorath's beam hit Cin, disintegrating him into a pile of dust. Seeing the death of their leader, the other Mandalorians flew off in jetpacks. Kahar and the Jet Squadron grabbed their own jetpacks and followed the Mandalorians to their underground vault. A huge firefight ensued between Jet Squadron and the False Mandalorians

"Shadow!" Kahar spoke into his comm as he fired his plasma pistol from behind a crate. "We're pinned down, head to that warehouse Darvek Jeck frequents. After viewing a few maps of this place, I think there should be a tunnel there that leads to our location." Kahar activated his lightsabers and leapt at the Mandalorians.

Within minutes, several Republic military landspeeders arrived. Commander Shadow and his men poured out and opened fire on the Mandalorians. It didn't take long for them to kill all the Mandalorians.

As the Republic was searching the warehouse, Kahar heard a faint growling noise coming from a cage. He walked over to the cage and inside was a Wookiee. T7 came rolling in, and Kahar plugged him into a datapad to translate. The Wookiee spoke. T7-O1 translated it onto the datapad. "My name is Snorren. I am a Wookiee Hunter. The Mandalorians captured me when they came to Kashyyyk. Thank you for saving me. How can I ever repay you?" Kahar grinned. "Join my crew," he said. "Welcome aboard, Snorren." Snorren grinned and grabbed his bowcaster. Kahar contacted BT-49 to fly the Defender over.

After returning to the Jedi Temple, Kahar met with several other Jedi Masters in the courtyard. They all stared at the Ankorath. "What should we do with it?" one asked. They all thought about what to do. "Bury it beneath the temple," Kahar said. "That's the only place where it will forever be safe." The rest of the Jedi Masters agreed.

The Fall of the Coverts

The Defender arrived at the temple. "Well I have to go escort the Chancellor to a meeting," Velna said with a sigh. "Hey, it's alright. I have to go to another Council meeting, which will probably be boring," Kahar replied. They then went their separate ways.

Kahar arrived and sat on his Council seat. "The Coverts...." Luke Skywalker said. "Have been serving alongside the Republic since the Clone Wars, but they very much dislike the Jedi Order. They were disbanded during Order 66, reassembled two years after the victory at Endor. Jedi have always mysteriously disappeared when the Coverts are around. We want you, Kahar, to infiltrate the Coverts. I sense they have played a role in the disappearences of Jedi, and I think you can find proof that will support this claim. The Coverts will then be considered enemies of the Republic." Kahar nodded. "I shall leave immediately," he said.

Kahar got into a starfighter and arrived at Coverts base. He convinced the leader to let him join the Coverts. Kahar was given armor and a sniper rifle, and then sent on his first mission.

Kahar and four Coverts agents arrived in sniping positions at a shipping dock. "Take out the Jedi," one said over the comm. It was up to Kahar. He looked in the scope. The Chancellor, a soldier, two guards, a Togruta Jedi...

Wait! A Togruta Jedi?!

It was Velna. Kahar contacted her and told her that she and her group were in danger by the Coverts. Kahar then fired at all the Coverts agents. One before dying, however, dropped a bomb in the dock. The comm was jammed now. "Velna!" Kahar shouted. But she couldn't hear him. Kahar jumped out of the tube onto the docks as the bomb exploded. The Chancellor, the guards, and the soldier were already at the shuttle. Velna was slipping into the giant hole in the shipping docks, however. Kahar tackled Velna away from the hole. "Lets get out of here!" Kahar shouted. The dock was shaking and collapsing. Kahar and Velna ran to the Chancellor's shuttle and it took off.

Kahar presented the evidence to the Jedi Council, who presented it to the Senate. The Senate then voted to have the Coverts marked as enemies of the Republic.

Kahar and Velna walked to their neighboring quarters in the Temple. "Thanks for that quick save today," Velna said as she unlocked her room. Kahar nodded. "You busy tonight?" he asked. "No," she replied. "Why?" Kahar unlocked his room and pushed the door open. "Big HoloNet game is on tonight. I was just going to throw a small party for myself. Want to come over?" Velna nodded. "Sure," she replied. "That sounds like fun. All I do is eat dinner and watch the news at night. Really ain't much to do now with Jarus being gone." Kahar nodded. "Do I have to wear fancy clothes?" Velna asked. "No," Kahar replied. "Just wear something casual." He then walked inside his quarters and began preparing for the party.

-Special One Year Anniversary Story- The Party

This story is a special marking one year since I joined the Wiki.

Kahar heard the doorbell ring as he prepared the meal. "Just a second!" Kahar shouted. He ran over to the door and opened it. Velna was standing there. "Made it just on time," he said. "Game is about to begin." Velna walked in. "Hope you don't mind that I'm making a simple recipe from my friend's diner where I work sometimes." Velna nodded. "That's alright," she replied. Kahar hurried back to the kitchen. The comm panel in the kitchen began to buzz. Kahar activated it. "Yes?" he said. "Master, we need you on duty. We have a problem. Meet us at the gates of the Temple," Jason replied over the comm panel. "Copy that," Kahar said. He ended the communications. "Looks like we have to get back to Jedi duty." Kahar and Velna hurried into the hall and down the stairs of the Temple. They arrived at the gates of the Temple. Jason, along with some Jedi Masters, was standing at the gates. "Mercenary just escaped with some important information from the archives. We need to chase after him," Jason briefed them. He pointed to an odd-looking vehicle that resembled a motorcycle. "New speeder cycles. They're your rides." Kahar and Velna walked over to the cycles and started them up. They zoomed through the streets of Coruscant. "See anything yet?" Jason asked over the comm panel. Velna and Kahar both slammed their brakes to a halt. "We're at the Shipping Docks. We see a man with blaster pistols running. We're chasing after," Kahar said. Kahar and Velna got on foot and darted after the man. The man fired a burst behind him and then leaped on a freight train. Kahar and Velna jumped on the next train. Kahar leapt onto the freight train the Mercenary was on. The Mercenary raised his blaster pistols. Kahar force crushed them. He force pushed the Mercenary down. The man dropped a bag and a Jedi holocron rolled out. Kahar put the holocron in his robe pocket. He then used the Force to disable all the Mercenary's equipment.

Suddenly the trains jerked. Velna slipped and fell off the side of the freight train. She held onto the side barely. Kahar ran over and grabbed Velna's hand. He began pulling her up. Suddenly, the Mercenary punched Kahar. Kahar used his other hand to fling the Mercenary over his head and onto the train track. Kahar pulled Velna up onto the freight train. "Thanks," she said. Kahar looked around and saw a console. "We have to shut this thing off." Suddenly, Jason and the New Republic Jet Squadron arrived in shuttles over the freight train. Kahar accessed the console and brought the train to a halt.

Velna and Kahar stood next to the Shipping Docks and talked. "So I guess we missed the game," Velna said. "Yeah," Kahar replied. " you want to go on another date? Err...I mean" Velna nodded. She kissed Kahar. "That sounds fun," she said. She then grabbed a Jet Squadron Jetpack and flew back to the Temple. Kahar walked over to his speeder cycle and drove back to the Temple.

Dark Days

It was 51 ABY. Kahar and Velna were walking with Chancellor Palarus and a dozen Senate Guards through the Coruscant Shipping Docks. "Well, Zinn is already showing he is very strong in the Force. I can't wait to start his training," Kahar said. "Neither can I," Velna replied. "He's going to grow up to be one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy."

They continued walking through the Shipping Docks with Palarus and the Senate Guards until suddenly the lead Guard raised his hand as to stop. The group froze. Suddenly, a war droid jumped down and fired at the Chancellor. Palarus dodged and one of the guards shot the droid.

Soon, more war droids jumped down. Kahar and Velna activated their lightsabers and cut through them. "Get the Chancellor to the shuttle," Kahar ordered a guard. He nodded and the guards began escorting Palarus to his shuttle. As Palarus approached his shuttle, Kahar and Velna jumped down and began deflecting blaster fire as they followed the Chancellor and his guards. Suddenly, a thermal detonator rolled in and exploded. Everybody was knocked to the floor. When the smoke cleared, Kahar and Velna got up and looked around. All but two of the guards were dead. Kahar and Velna ran over to Palarus. Kahar began healing the Chancellor. "," Palarus said. "No," Kahar replied. "As the Jedi way shall have it, I must save you." Palarus shook his head. "But I'll just...slow you guys down! You got to leave me! Death is the best thing that could...happen to me. Finally, I could re-unite with my...parents." Finally, Kahar nodded. "Thank you," Palarus said. Kahar, Velna, and the two guards quickly got in the shuttle and took off to the Jedi Temple.

Suddenly, a dark-hooded figure arrived. He healed Palarus and made him immortal. "Thank you for saving my life," he said. "Unfortunately, death has not come yet. I shall serve you forever and together we can do good for the galaxy!" The hooded figure grinned. "Yes," he said in a sinister voice. "We will do good for the galaxy."

The Great Demise

Chaos. That's the one word that many people used to describe all these horrific events that happened in just two years. It all started with a trip to Tython by Kahar Zamet and his family.

A Disturbance in the Force

It was 1,199 ABY. Kahar was in his Jedi Temple apartment with Velna and Zinn. They were talking and cracking jokes as lunch was prepared. Suddenly, Kahar dropped his mug of tea on the floor. It shattered and he grabbed his head. "What is it?" Velna asked. Kahar was shaking. Slowly, he dropped his hand. "I...I feel a disturbance in the Force," Kahar said. "I am too," Zinn replied. Velna nodded. "So am I." Kahar pondered for many minutes and finally said at last, "It is a darkness I have not felt in many centuries. Over a millenia, in fact. We must go to Tython." Velna and Zinn agreed and they quickly packed their things. Kahar gathered his many pets and got them safely on the Defender. Within an hour, they were all packed and took off to Tython.

The Defender landed at the Jedi Temple on Tython around 5:00pm. Velna, Zinn, and Kahar carried their luggage to the room Kahar had rented for them. Then, they walked back towards the front of the temple. Velna and Zinn exited. Suddenly, large probes came down. Kahar stopped behind the gates and watched. The holoprojectors activated and showed the image of former Chancellor Palarus. "Greetings, Jedi. I have sent these probes down to release the Force Virus on you. It is a great work of Sith alchemy. It can make even eternals sick. It slowly kills anybody infected with it, including eternals. After twelve hours, the victim dies. This virus, however, only affects force users. People who don't use the Force will not be affected. I will give you the symptoms. This will be the only help you get from me," Palarus said.

Kahar grabbed his notepad and pencil and got ready to write. He began writing as Palarus told the symptoms. "The symptoms are nausea, headaches, coughing, vomiting, dizzyness, and pale face. Luckily, I am safe on my space station above this planet. You may try to send ships after me, but when they arrive, my space station will be gone. Next, the virus will be released on Duraan and your beloved Coruscant. Now enjoy slowly dying!" Palarus laughed and the holoprojector faded. The probes then released the virus into the air and exploded. Velna and Zinn were infected by the virus, and many other Jedi. Tython was quarantined. Nobody arrived or went. Kahar and the medical crew ran to the medical room and began looking for materials to create a vaccine. "Ah ha!" one of the doctors said. "We need force berries, water, bacta, and some other chemicals in this lab." Kahar looked at the console with the formula for the vaccine. "I'll go get the berries and water," he said. "You guys get the bacta and chemicals." Kahar ran into the main room of the temple and saw all the victims laying on beds. Jedi who were not sick and troopers were trying to treat them. Kahar found Velna and Zinn and ran over to them. He leaned down next to them. "I'm getting supplies for a vaccine right now. You guys are going to pull through," he said. Velna and Zinn faintly smiled and then had a violent cough. Kahar ran out of the temple and into the forest. He found a bush and picked many force berries off of it. He filled several vials of water at the river nearby.

When he returned to the temple, it was about 6:00pm. Kahar ran into the medical room and placed the supplies down. "It's going to take a couple of hours to make the vaccine," the lead doctor said.

It was now about 7:00pm. Kahar began coughing and stumbling around. Finally, he got ahold of himself. "You alright?" one of the doctors asked. "Yeah I'm fine," he replied. "Just some nausea, a headache, and dizzyness." The lead doctor turned around. "You know those are symptoms of the Force Virus," he said. Kahar nodded. He began to help make vaccines.

Suddenly, the time was 4:55am. Kahar could see the sun coming up. "Finished the last one!" the lead doctor shouted. "Well lets get them out to the sick!" Kahar replied. He and the doctors burst out the room and ran into the main room. It was now 4:58. Kahar was worried. Velna and Zinn only had two minutes left to live. He found them and gave them both vaccines. Their faces were very pale and they were shaking and coughing. They drank the vaccines. Kahar then drank a vaccine himself. His face returned from pale to khaki and Velna's and Zinn's face colors were restored. Kahar went back and wheeled a cart of vaccines out. He began passing them out. Then, dawn struck. Several Jedi dropped to the floor dead. Kahar's eyes widened. The remaining Jedi were given the remaining vaccines. Kahar looked around. Many Jedi were dead. More than half. Kahar dropped to his knees. "I've failed to save them all," he said. Velna and Zinn walked over. Slowly, he got up and hugged them. "But I'm glad you two are ok," he said, tears in his eyes. "We need to get back on the ship." They quickly got their luggage and returned to their ship with all their pets. It was 10am when they boarded their ship. They had to wait two hours, however, for the quarantine to lift. At noon, the quarantine lifted and they took off for Coruscant, worried what was happening there.

The War Begins

The Defender exited hyperspace in space above Coruscant. Kahar saw Sith Cruisers, starfighters, and starships fighting Republic ships. "You guys pilot through the skies of Coruscant," he said. "I'm getting in my Republic Saber and flying down to the Jedi Temple." Kahar walked into the hangar of the Defender and saw his Republic Saber. He had combined the parts of his old Jedi Starfighter with it. He got in it and flew into space. Kahar shot flew enemy starfighters until he made his way into the atmosphere of Coruscant. He landed in front of the Jedi Temple and activated his lightsabers. A Sith Warrior leapt in front of him. He cut down the warrior and then ran up the steps into the Temple. He found a Jedi Master who was his good friend. "I just went on a trip to Tython. Palarus is still alive! He released a Force Virus that killed many Jedi. Now he's releasing it on Duraan and other planets, including this one!" Kahar said. "What?! Palarus is alive?!" the Jedi Master asked in amazement. Suddenly, the Jedi Master was fried by force lightning. A Sith Lord that Kahar had not seen in a long time stepped out of the shadows.


"Looks like we meet again," Varan said. He had an evil smile on his face. Kahar stumbled backwards. "'re dead! I killed you over a millenia ago! I cut your head off!" he shouted. Varan walked closer to Kahar. Kahar got his lightsabers ready as he stood near the gates. "My loyal apprentice, Dalan Serenti, revived me over a millenia ago. In return, I freed him of being a ForceBot and made him immortal. He is now the left hand in my Empire. Now, today marks the day I become Galactic Emperor!" Varan shouted. "And maybe you'd like to meet my right hand." Lord Scourge, Dalan, and Palarus stepped out of the shadows and stood next to Varan. Varan looked over to a Jedi Knight and then drained the life of him and into himself, Dalan, Scourge, and Palarus. "I have made all my commanders immortal by following Lord Vitiate's ways!" Varan said proudly. Kahar charged at Varan. The Sith Lord punched him and then kicked him in the leg. Kahar rolled down the stairs and fell on the ground. "These teachings have also made me stronger!" Varan cackled. Kahar tried to get back up, but Varan kicked him in the back, pushing him back down. "Stay..." he said. Kahar saw Varan had two lightsabers now. Varan activated one and stabbed at Kahar. Kahar rolled out of the way in time and got up. "I saved Palarus when you abandoned him! He pledged his life to me! I made him release that Force Virus and now he is the Supreme Chief of my Empire and immortal! Now, Jedi, you'll watch as I use a virus you may remember from the Clone Wars to corrupt your friends and make them my Sith Enforcers," Varan said. He held up a vial of red fluid. Kahar gasped.

"The Sith Virus..." Kahar murmured. Kahar had an experience with the Sith Virus in the Clone Wars. Some of his friends had been infected by it once. It was injected by needle or the victim was forced to drink it. The dark side would corrupt the victim once the virus was in their system. Kahar quickly ran and pressed a button on his communicator. He jumped off the platform and landed in the Defender. He force pulled his Republic Saber to the hangar and closed the door as the Defender flew away. "A coward as always..." Varan murmured.

Kahar contacted Dodge. "Are you alright?" Kahar asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," Dodge replied. Kahar sighed a sigh of relief. "Meet me in this abandoned warehouse I found many years ago. I'll send you the coordinates. But you need to get out of the Temple fast," Kahar said. He pressed some buttons and sent the coordinates to Dodge. "Got the coordinates," Dodge said. "I'll be there soon." The communication ended and Kahar piloted the Defender to the abandoned warehouse.

Twelve Jedi

The Defender landed and Kahar, Velna, Zinn, and their crew stepped out and ran into the warehouse. Kahar turned on his holoprojector and tuned it to the public channel. "The prisoners are being let loose on Belsavis!" a Cathar Jedi Master shouted. Kahar heard screams and put his head in his hands. "Everybody out there, come to the abandoned warehouse district. I'll wave you over to our location," he said. Soon, Dodge arrived along with Cryshta, Zill, Marshta, and M1-L0. They walked in. Then Jason arrived. There were now eight Jedi, four droids, and three Mandalorian Warriors. Soon, four Jedi Masters arrived. Kahar and Dodge recognized two as Jen Zijun and Warrick Eble, famed Jedi Masters. Jen had been the Grand Master of the Order until now. The other two nobody could recognize. "So, this is it...." Kahar said. "Twelve Jedi, four droids, and three Mandalorian Warriors. Together, we are the resistance group Twelve Jedi." Everybody agreed on the name and began setting up whatever they had brought from home in the warehouse. This would be their base and home for now. Kahar handed Force Virus vaccines to everybody who was Force Sensitive except Velna and Zinn. "Anybody who drinks the vaccine will be infinitely immune to the virus," Kahar stated. Everybody quickly drank the vaccines and resumed unpacking.

That night, Kahar sat in one of the rooms, which was his, Velna's, and Zinn's quarters. He sat on his bed and thought. Zinn and Velna finally sat down next to him. "I imagine Varan ordered all the bombings and terrorist attacks on the Republic in the past decade also," Kahar said. "The last Grand Master died because of them, along with half of the Council. Then Jen was nearly killed by a bombing run." Velna tried to comfort Kahar as he continued on, "The Force tells me that Dalan revived Varan just a few years after I killed him. Varan must've been planning this for over a millenia. A grand attack like this....he's carried out the Sith's 'Grand Plan'. The only other Sith who I've lived to see accomplish the Sith's plan was Sidious." Velna smiled. "But Sidious' empire fell," she replied. "And so will Varan's." Velna, Zinn, and Kahar then went to bed.

The Next Morning

The next morning, Velna woke up and walked into the room that Twelve Jedi had made a kitchen. When she walked in, she saw Kahar making breakfast. "Hello babe," he said. He give Velna a kiss and continued cooking breakfast. "Who else is up?" she asked. Kahar looked at Velna. "Nobody," he replied. "Just you and I."

Soon, Kahar finished cooking breakfast. More people got up as the smell of mouth-watering foods drifted from the kitchen. Kahar pulled in a large table and began setting it up. "Can you help me?" he asked Velna. They both began trying to set it up. It was too heavy. "I have a better idea," Velna said with a smile. She began using the Force to set up the table. Kahar helped her. Soon, the table was set up. "Why didn't I think of that?" Kahar asked, jokingly.

Kahar set down the food on the table. Soon, everybody woke up and by eight o'clock in the morning, they were all eating breakfast together.

"Where were you all when the attack happened?" Kahar asked. "This planet," everbody replied except the droids, Zinn, Kahar, and Velna. Kahar shook his head. "Varan's going to pay for this," he said. "He's my nemesis. Been planning this for over a millenia, I'd say. Since his pest of an apprentice revived him. I should've pushed Dalan closer to the point of the cruiser. I should've killed him. If I did, this wouldn't be happening." Suddenly, Dodge's communicator began buzzing. "One moment," he said. "Got to take this."

After a short time, Dodge returned to the table. "That was Ordius Skirata," he said. "Says that the Death Watch are holding some important intel on Utapau." Shadow then slid his data pad to Kahar. "What's this?" Kahar asked. Shadow sighed. "Lord Scourge just left Tython and is heading to Belsavis, and Dalan Serenti is watching over Duraan," he replied. Kahar sighed. "I bet Scourge is going to attempt to overthrow Varan. He's mad for power," Kahar said. He looked at his companion and former Padawan, Kira Carsen, who was shocked that Scourge was helping Varan. "We are going to complete the mission on Utapau first," Kahar ordered. "Prepare the starships." Shadow turned to Kahar. "One more thing," Shadow added on. "Varan's Space Station is heading to Utapau. His miners and collectors there are mining minerals and collecting water. They plan to make superweapons with them." Kahar nodded. "Then we better go," he said.

Mission to Utapau

The Defender landed. Kahar, Velna, and Zinn walked out. They force leapt onto a ledge in a pit below. They snuck down the ledge until they reached the bottom. Death Watch troops were pumping water out of the lake at the bottom. Others had picks and were digging minerals out of the stone wall, and putting them in carts. Kahar noticed a turbolift shaft. It went from the ground up to the space station in the atmosphere. It was huge, several miles long. Kahar force pushed a fuel barrel. It fell over on a cart of minerals and created an explosion. The Death Watch noticed Kahar, Zinn, and Velna now. "Destroy them!" the leader, Darius Vizsla, shouted. Velna, Kahar, and Zinn activated their lightsabers. Velna and Zinn cut down the Death Watch troops. Darius pulled out two blaster pistols and fired at Kahar. Kahar narrowly sprinted just a few seconds ahead of the shots. He leapt up and ran across the rock wall. He leapt towards Darius. Kahar prepared to strike down on Darius, but Darius kicked Kahar in the stomach right before he landed. Kahar went flying backwards and landed on his back. Darius walked over to where Kahar lay and pointed one of his blaster pistols at Kahar's head. Kahar glared at Darius. He sensed that Darius would not shoot. Kahar knew he would live anyway, since he was eternal.

Suddenly, an alarm blared because Marshta, Dodge's daughter, had stolen the datapad from the pillar in the middle of the lake in the hole Kahar was in. Darius slowly holstered his blaster pistols on his belt. "You're lucky I don't kill you today, Jedi," he said menacingly. Darius and several Death Watch troops grabbed jetpacks and flew towards an outer platform on the pillar. Kahar got up and he, Velna, and Zinn leapt up the rock ledges back to the Defender. They quickly got in. All their companions, who had been off fighting the Death Watch on the planet, followed in too. "T7, start the ship," Kahar ordered. The ramp closed and the ship took off. Kahar piloted it around and noticed Marshta running across the platform, with Darius and the Death Watch in hot pursuit. Kahar pulled on a lever and the rotary blaster turrets on the front of the Defender unfolded. He fired them at Darius and the Death Watch, providing a little cover fire for Marshta. Kahar continued firing until Ordius and Dodge pulled Marshta onto the Swift Eagle and the datapad was secure. "All ships take off," Kahar ordered. He counted each of them until the last was off. Everybody had taken off. Suddenly, he noticed Varan standing on a rock ledge in one of the holes. He fired a missile near Varan's location, and then took off towards space. The missile hit behind Varan and exploded. Varan's jetpack malfunctioned and he went flying into the lake. When all the ships arrived in space, Kahar noticed Swift Eagle was a little slower than all the other ships. He contacted the crew. "Swift Eagle, what's going on?" he asked. "Well," Dodge replied. "Marshta was shot in the leg by Darius. Her leg is broken and twisted. Zill was kicked in the stomach by Varan pretty hard while dueling him." Kahar accessed the public comm between all of Twelve Jedi's ships. "All units form a defensive barrier around the Swift Eagle until we can jump to hyperspace," he ordered. "Our next destination is Duraan." All the ships surrounded Swift Eagle until everybody's hyperdrives were ready. All the ships then jumped to hyperspace to Duraan.

Mission to Duraan

The ships landed on Duraan. As Twelve Jedi stepped out of their ships, they saw Sith Enforcers and Imperial Soldiers. Twelve Jedi tore through Varan's forces and then found Dalan Serenti. Suddenly, Sith Enforcers and troopers pulled up in a landspeeder. Kahar through the driver out and over the cliff. He spung around as Sith Enforcers and troopers jumped on top of the landpeeder. Kahar then drove the vehicle off the cliff. He leaped out and launched his cable launcher at the cliff wall. He looked down and saw the vehicle hit the water. He flung himself back up over the cliff. Dalan was still there. "Time to get Dalan," he said. They leapt at the Sith, but he vanished before they struck. "Where'd he go?" everybody asked. Kahar sighed. "Mission failure," he said. "It's on to Belsavis." Everybody boarded the ships and jumped to hyperspace to Belsavis.

Mission to Belsavis

The ships landed and Twelve Jedi stepped out. They hid behind a wall of a prison courtyard. "I don't know anything! I swear!" they heard a Republic Trooper shout. Kahar looked around the corner inside and saw Republic Troopers and Jedi Knights being interrogated by Imperials, or sent off to be converted into Imperial Troopers and Sith Enforcers by the Sith Virus. Kahar looked up to the command tower. He saw Agent One relaxing in a chair, drinking some sort of beverage from a mug. Suddenly, Kahar heard Scourge talking. "My lord, I can assure you all Republic and Jedi forces on Belsavis have been taken into custody. They will be converted into a massive army," Scourge said. As Kahar peeked more around the corner, he saw that Scourge was talking to a holoprojector image of Varan. "You better be able to keep that assurance," Varan replied. The image of Varan then faded. Kahar quickly went back around to hide behind the wall as Scourge walked towards the entrance to the courtyard. When he reached the entrance, he stepped outside. Luckily, he did not see Twelve Jedi, and went back inside the courtyard. Kahar began discussing a plan with everybody. "Kira and I will get rid of Scourge," he said. "Everybody else take care of Agent One." Everybody nodded. The group readied their weapons and charged into the courtyard. Agent One noticed from the command tower and requested backup from the other courtyards. He then shot a hole in the window with his blaster rifle and leaped out it. He created a safe field on the ground that he landed in, absorbing the damage for him. Agent One fired his blaster rifle at Twelve Jedi. Kira and Kahar made their way to one of the smaller courtyards that connected to the big courtyards, which was where Scourge was, while the rest of the group finished cutting down the freed prisoners, Sith Enforcers, and Imperial Soldiers and attacked Agent One.

When Kira and Kahar arrived in the smaller courtyard, Scourge stood waiting for them. "Give up Scourge!" Kahar demanded. "You have one lightsaber, we have three." Scourge laughed. "One? One?! No, I do not have one. I hung on to my Jedi lightsaber after I left you, and I made it into a Sith lightsaber." Scourge activated both of his red lightsabers. Kahar and Kira activated their lightsabers and charged at Scourge. They easily pushed the Sith Lord back, but suddenly Scourge force pushed Kira against the wall. She fell on the ground and deactivated her lightsaber. Kahar pressed the attack on Scourge. Scourge moved backwards towards a ray shield cell. Kahar pressed his sabers so hard that Scourge stumbled. Kahar then kicked Scourge into the cell and activated the ray shield. Kahar ran over to Kira. "Kira..." he said. "Kahar, leave me," Kira replied weakly. Kahar sighd. "No," Kahar replied. He grabbed Kira and swung her on his shoulder as she became unconscious. He ran back to the big courtyard, where Agent One had retreated. "Lets go gang," he said. The group got on their ships and took off into space.

Kira woke up in the medical bay. Kahar stood next to her while T7 piloted the Defender. Velna and Zinn walked into the medical bay. "You took quite a hit from Scourge," Kahar said. Kira gasped. "Did we get Scourge?" she asked. Kahar nodded. "Yes," he replied. "I locked him away in a rayshield cell." Kahar suddenly heard talking on the Twelve Jedi's comm channel on the comm panel in the bridge. He walked over to the comm panel. "Darius, Varan, and Sovechk are on Hoth heading to the top of a glacier," Dodge said. Kahar thought about the information. "I suppose Scourge will be there once he's freed and Dalan will also be there," Kahar replied. "I say we should head there." The ships then jumped to hyperspace to Hoth.

Showdown on Hoth

Twelve Jedi's ships touched down on Hoth. A chill wind blew, scattering snow across the planet. The group emerged from their ships, wrapped in heavy fur coats. Kahar slowly stumbled through the snow until he found the entrance to Varan's base. He found that Varan had been foolish, as there were no guards at all near the entrance door. Kahar brushed water vapor off the windows and looked inside the entrance room. There was nobody in there. He waited at the door until the rest of the group stumbled up. As the wind began blowing stronger and the snow began coming down harder, Kahar struggled to grab his blue lightsaber from his belt. He finally did, activated it, and cut a hole in the door. Kahar and the group proceeded through the hole in the door. They approached the second door and found it was made of lightsaber-proof material, and could only be accessed by a datapad on the wall in which a soldier had to scan their key card. Kahar was about to use the Force to access the datapad when suddenly a soldier stepped through the hole in the door. He pulled out his blaster and fired at Dodge, who blocked with his red lightsaber, having lost the orange one on Utapau, and deflected the shot into the soldier's chest, instantly killing him. Kahar walked over to the soldier's body and saw a key card clipped to strap that was worn around the soldier's neck. Kahar yanked the key card off of the strap and looked at the picture and information on there. "A lieutenant in Varan's military..." he murmured. "Full base access, second highest soldier in the base, which would be the commander." Kahar swiped the key card across the slot in the datapad. Soon the datapad screen read, "WELCOME, LIEUTENANT EAROND DRAFFAR." The blast door flung open. Soldiers and Sith stopped their duties, staring the group down. Then they noticed the body of Lieutenant Earond behind them. "Attack!" the commander, Marl Ryen, shouted from the back of the room. The Sith activated their lightsabers while the soldiers loaded their blasters. Twelve Jedi leapt in, firing and slashing at Varan's forces. Kahar cut down many soldiers and Sith. He looked at his allies. They were doing well also. Cryshta was gunning down soldiers and Sith one by one, while Dodge cut through their ranks with his lightsaber. Soon, few enemies remained. Suddenly, Kahar felt a blaster rifle at the back of his head. He decided he would let the anticipation build and either let the soldier shoot and be shocked that Kahar was eternal, and/or turn around and kill the soldier. But then Cryshta shot the soldier in the leg, forcing him to drop to the ground. Kahar then stepped on the soldier's neck and crushed it, instantly killing the man. The bodies of the enemy lay strewn across the room. Marl Ryen began running towards the hangar. "We got to get to the steal a blast copter and kill Marl Ryen!" Kahar ordered. The group ran to the hangar door. Kahar swiped Earond Draffar's key card across the datapad. The blast door flung open. Marl Ryen was boarding a blast copter. The group's coats and hair blew like crazy as the blades on the blast copter turned at a very fast speed. The noise was nearly deafening. Kahar then used the Force to temporarily disable the blades. He then ran over to the blast copter and yanked Marl off the stairs into the vehicle. The commander turned around and punched Kahar in the face. Kahar responded by roundhouse kicking Marl in the chest. He then performed an uppercut punch on the commander's jaw, shattering some of his teeth. Marl lunged a punch at Kahar, but Kahar dodged and flipped Marl over his shoulder, slamming him into the ground. The commander refused to give up. He slowly got up and wiped blood off his face. He charged at Kahar and punched him several times in the chest before finally kicking the Jedi in the chest. Kahar went flying backwards to the ground and stared up at Marl. The commander was shocked that Kahar wasn't bleeding or dead, and realized he was eternal. Suddenly, a blue blade came from Marl's back and through his chest. It deactivated. Marl fell down and before his body stood Zinn. Kahar stood up. "Zinn, I didn't ask you to kill him!" he said. "Your welcome, father," Zinn joked. Marl attempted to crawl away, but Kahar grabbed the back of his suit and turned him over. "Where is Varan?" Kahar demanded. Marl coughed. Blood dripped down his face and suit and onto the ground. "I'll never tell you...scumbag...." he replied. Marl then rested his head and closed his eyes as he died. Kahar released his grip around Marl's body and entered the blast copter that Marl was boarding. He killed the pilot with his Shadow Knife and threw the body out. Kahar leapt out of the blast copter and calculated how many of them, including the droids, Marshta, Zill, and Cryshta, there were. Each blast copter could fit six people, sometimes seven. After counting everybody in the group: 12 Jedi, 4 Droids, and 3 Mandalorian Warriors, he realized there was 19 of them. They would neeed three blast copters, as one of the droids could squeeze in as the seventh passenger on the third blast copter. Kahar told everybody their blast copter, and then they boarded the three blast copters. Everybody equipped their communication headphones and then the people piloting, who were Dodge, Kahar, and Jen, lifted the blast copters in the air and flew out of the hangar, towards the glacier as Kahar's blast copter led the way.

The blades of the blast copters roared as they approached the glacier. "There it is," Kahar relayed over the comm channel. "We're approaching the glacier now." The three blast copters landed and Dodge, Kahar, and Jen turned the power off inside the blast copters. The group stepped out and ran into the ice fortress on top of the glacier. "Apparently we beat Varan here," Kahar said. Suddenly, faint blades could be heard roaring in the distance. It got closer, and closer, and closer. Kahar grabbed a blaster rifle and jumped outside. He fired it at the blast copters. The blast copters revealed blaster turrets and returned fire. Kahar threw the blaster rifle and ran back into the ice fortress. "Prepare for battle," he ordered.

The blast copters landed. Varan was the first to exit onto the glacier. He flung open the door on the blast copter and exited onto the slick ice. Two Elite Sith Enforcers stepped out from the back doors of the blast copter and helped Palarus exit.

Soon, night fell. Varan's soldiers lined up. Varan paced back and forth in front of them, giving them orders. "Do not kill them. Defeat them in combat, knock them out, and bring them to me," he said. "And stay clear of the Zabrak. He is mine."

Twelve Jedi ran out of the ice fortress and attacked Varan and his soldiers. Kahar locked into a fight with Varan as Palarus hurried back on one of the blast copters. Battle began on the glacier as Kahar's allies attacked Varan's forces. A Sith Enforcer came up behind Kahar while Kahar and Varan were dueling. Kahar, while blocking a blow from Varan's saber, used the Force to throw the Sith Enforcer off the glacier to his death below. "Give up Kahar!" Varan spat. "You and your pathetic gang have no place in this galaxy anymore! Surrender now and I may make your death quick." Kahar refused. Varan began kicking rapidly at Kahar. Kahar ducked and dodged the kicks and then grabbed Varan's leg while it was in midair. He twisted Varan's leg, sending Varan falling onto the glacier. Kahar looked around. He saw Varan's forces falling, but the strength in the few that remained grew. Kahar gave the hand signal to fall back. The group ran to the blast copters while Kahar deflected blaster fire from Varan's soldiers, and cut down soldiers and Sith. Varan charged Kahar. Kahar leapt in the air and performed a saber slam on the ground in front of Varan. The waves of energy sent Varan flying backwards. Kahar then stepped in the blast copter he had piloted to the glacier and piloted away. He put his headphones on and talked over the comm channel. "Are all blast copters in the air?" he asked. "We are," Dodge replied. "Yes," Jen acknowledged. "Rendezvous at our ships," Kahar ordered. The blast copters then flew towards the ships and landed. The group boarded the ships and took off for Coruscant with three days until the new year.

A New Year

It was now 1,200 ABY. The year had changed from 1,199 ABY to 1,200 ABY two days ago.

Kahar rode his speeder cycle through the busy streets of Coruscant until he reached the local market. He grabbed food, water, and other supplies to bring back to the base. He rang up at the cashier, paid the credits, and then took off on his speeder cycle.

A Sith Enforcer who was sitting in the shadows on a speeder cycle used a meter to scan Kahar's speeder cycle. He was going at about five miles over the speed limit. Kahar heard the sirens turn on and seem to get closer, but he ignored it, and drove off the bridge he was on, out of the Sith Enforcer's sight. The Sith Enforcer stopped pursuing him. Kahar drove his speeder cycle across the road and eventually reached the abandoned district. He found the warehouse and parked his speeder cycle outside. Kahar opened the door, grabbed the bag of supplies, and walked in. He closed the door behind him and then organized the supplies.

Kahar sat down on the sofa in front of the television next to Warrick Eble. "We have delivered some critical hits to Varan," Warrick said. "Such as on Utapau and Hoth, but we have not delivered many critical blows, and all of our strikes need to be critical. We need to do something big that will really hurt Varan's empire." Kahar sighed. "I agree," he replied. "I think I have a plan. Master Dal was a Jedi Master over a thousand years ago. He was collecting information on the Sith Empire's plans. Most of them were about Varan's ideas. While on Dromund Kaas, Dal was injured by Varan. He was brought back to the Jedi Temple by Dodge on the Swift Eagle. Dal was transported to the infirmary. His condition quickly went from critical to stable. He was about to be released when a bounty hunter that the Sith Empire had hired came in and killed Dal with a shot to the heart. His information, however, was able to be published on a holocomputer in the archives. Also, I found an Umbaran Plasma Bomb in this warehouse yesterday. So I was thinking we download the info from the holocomputer onto a data card and then use the bomb to damage the Jedi Temple. It would not be completely destroyed, just somewhat damaged to the point where Varan's empire could not use it as a base. Unfortunately, I need four people to manually detonate and defend the bomb until it detonates. Even if you're eternal, the dark energy from the Sith will probably kill you." There was a short period of silence and then finally Jen, Warrick, and the two unidentified Jedi Masters agreed to give up their lives for the galaxy. Kahar and Dodge carried the Umbaran Plasma Bomb into one of the airspeeders outside the base. They sat in that one. Everybody else boarded the three other airspeeders outside the base. The airspeeders then took off to the Temple.

Attack on the Temple

The airspeeders landed in front of the Temple. Surprisingly, there were no guards. Twelve Jedi moved the Umbaran Plasma Bomb into the Temple. "Careful!" Kahar warned. The group made it to the middle of the Temple and set the bomb down. "Are you sure that we'll be strong enough to defend the bomb?" Jason asked. "Yes," Kahar assured him. "Palarus and Varan are both addressing a crowd of citizens at Galactic Stadium. Most of their forces are there right now. Now lets go to the archives." The group walked up the stairs to the archives. The body of a male Human Jedi Padawan, his lightsaber hilt in his left hand, lay on the holocomputer that contained Dal's notes. Kahar gently rested the boy's body on the ground, and folded the boy's arms across his chest, the lightsaber hilt in his hands. Kahar then stepped away to let the boy's body rest in peace. Kahar sat down on the chair in front of the holocomputer and found the folder with Dal's notes. He then inserted the data card in the computer and began copying the files to the data card. Suddenly, the group heard footsteps. A patrolling Sith Enforcer was getting closer and closer to the archives. "Hurry up," Jen said. "Almost there...." Kahar replied. Suddenly, the Sith Enforcer walked in the archives. Velna activated her lightsaber and cut the Sith down. The notes then finished downloading on the data card. Kahar pulled the data card out of the holocomputer and then the group got back to the bomb. Jen pressed a button on the bomb, activating it. A security camera saw the action and triggered the alarms. Three battalions of Varan's forces roped down. One in the front, and one from the left and right. Kahar turned to Jen, Warrick, and the two unidentified Jedi Masters. "You will be remembered," he said. Jen looked at Kahar. "Finish the job for us," he replied. "It's my dying wish." Jen winked at Kahar, and Kahar winked back. Everybody else made their way to the entrance. Jen, Warrick, and the two unidentified Jedi Masters fought the two battalions coming from the sides. Cryshta pulled out her twin blaster pistols and fired at the battalion in front of her and the group. The soldiers tried to shoot her, but she dodged all the bolts. Not a single one of her bolts missed the soldiers and Sith, however. Few soldiers and Sith remained from that battalion now. Kahar activated his lightsabers, leapt in, and finished them off. He deactivated them and then the group made it to the airspeeders. The airspeeders zoomed away from the Temple. Kahar looked back and watched the Umbaran Plasma Bomb explode. A plasma fire raged all across the Temple for a second, and then quickly disappeared. The Temple was somewhat damaged, but was not completely destroyed. The airspeeders then returned to the warehouse.

When the airspeeders arrived, the group ran inside and turned the HoloNet on quickly. They sat down on the couches and anxiously watched. The HoloNet showed live video of Palarus and Varan giving speech at Galactic Stadium. An assistant walked up to Varan and whispered in his ear. Varan slammed his fists on the podium. "KAHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted.

The live video then cut off and showed the HoloNet reporters sitting at the news desk. "Breaking news, the Jedi Temple has been damaged by terrorist group Twelve Jedi, delivering a critical blow to Varan's Empire. This is why Varan shouted at the end of the speech," one of the reporters said. "It worked..." Kahar said. "We finally delivered a super major blow!" The group continued listening to the HoloNet as Kahar grabbed a water bottle and a snack. "So these terrorists have been striking time after time at Varan's empire. None of their blows have been major except for this one," the other news reporter replied. "They call us terrorists?" Kahar questioned. "If they want real terrorists, they should look at Varan."  The one news reporter said, "We now go live to Galactic Stadium again, where Emperor Varan and Chief Palarus are about to give a speech on the latest attack." The group anxiously watched. "Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and cheer!" the stadium announcer shouted. "Now here come your leaders and saviors, Galactic Emperor Varan and Supreme Chief Palarus!" The crowd roared in excitement as the two men walked into the stage and waved. The rafters were completely packed with citizens from all planets. The crowd slowly stopped and Varan began the speech. "These terrorists will not go unpunished!" he shouted. "I will deliver justice and execute these criminals!" The crowd went wild again. "We have scouting parties out to locate Twelve Jedi," Palarus informed the citizens. "Once they are exterminated, the cruel Jedi shall no longer exist in the galaxy!" The crowd went insane, clapping, cheering, and whistling as Palarus and Varan stepped off the stage and exited the stadium. The live video of the stadium then cut off. "Well that's their speech," a HoloNet reporter said. "In other news now, a resistance group on Corellia has formed and has been terrorizing the planet. Authorities there are working on putting an end to this uprising. They refer to themselves as "The Defenders of Freedom". Well, that ends this edition of HoloNet Galactic News. Thank you for tuning in, and good night.

Kahar spit out the water he was drinking. "Is there a problem, Kahar?" Jason asked. "You, Snorren, and Shadow go to Corellia using the Defender," Kahar ordered. "Smuggle the Defenders of Freedom off Corellia. Oh, and bring T7 with you." Jason nodded. "Understood," he replied. He told Snorren, Shadow, and T7, and then the four made their way to the Defender. Kahar heard the Defender fly away. "Now we have another mission to do while they're gone," Kahar said. "I saw you all brought your fancy clothes with you when you left home. You'll need those dresses and tuxedos tonight. We're attending a party Varan is throwing tonight. All the plantery agents will be there. We're going to try to kill them. And we're going as an elite science crew." Kahar then handed fake IDs to everybody except Dodge and the droids. "What about me?" Dodge asked. "You don't have to wear a tuxedo or have a fake ID," Kahar replied. "You're going to be our eyes from the roof, and you will also be the one who plants the bomb inside the disco ball. After long hesitation, Dodge finally agreed to the task. "Now look your fanciest, boys and girls," Kahar said. Everybody then rushed to their quarters to look nice for the party.

The Party

The group emerged from their quarters in dresses and tuxedos, except for Dodge. He wore his normal armor. Kahar handed Dodge a tool kit. "This contains the tools to dismantle the top of the disco ball, the bomb, and the tools to put the disco ball back together," Kahar informed him. "It also contains tools to cut into the ceiling to get into the disco ball, and to patch the ceiling back up. There is also a cable launcher in there so you can launch up to the roof." Dodge nodded and put the tool kit on his belt. "Lets move out!" Kahar said.

The group entered the airspeeders. They flew to the party building, which was actually a fancy restaurant that had been converted into a fancy party building for the night by orders of Varan. The airspeeders landed. Dodge cable launched up onto the roof as the rest of the group walked to the entrance. Three Sith Enforcers stood at the entrance. One stepped forward. "Identification please," he demanded. The group presented their IDs. "Ah yes," he said. "You are on the VIP list. Welcome to the party." The two other Sith Enforcers opened the door. The group walked inside, where Varan and Palarus stood. They shook the hands of both of them. "Welcome to the party," Varan said. "We have the bar over there, the games over there, the dance floor over there, and the refreshment room right there." He pointed in all directions. "Enjoy the party," Palarus said with a smile. "Thank you," Kahar replied. The group began walking away.

Scourge walked up and whispered in Varan's ear. "I sense something suspicious with them," Scourge said. "I know," Varan replied. "You and Dalan keep an eye on them." Scourge nodded and hurried off to tell Dalan.

The group walked away in different directions. Kahar walked alongside Velna. "I'm going to hang out by the bar and have a few drinks," he said. "I'll keep my eyes peeled for activity." Velna nodded. Kahar walked to his right and arrived at the bar. He stood there, waiting for the bartender to ask him for his order. Velna made her way to the dance floor. The bartender seemed to be busy preparing drinks in the back room, so Kahar leaned away and whispered into his comm. "So, what's up Boom?" Kahar asked over the comm. "Not much," Boom replied. "I've cut a hole in the roof. I'm working on getting the bomb in the disco ball right now." Kahar sighed. "Alright," he replied. "Kahar out." He then contacted Velna. "Keep an eye on the disco ball," he said. "Dodge is working on getting the bomb in right now." Velna nodded at Kahar from across the room. "Got it," she replied. Kahar cut the communication and went back to the bar. The bartender walked up. "Sorry for the holdup," the bartender said. "What may I get you to drink, sir?" Kahar looked at the menu. "Give me a light drink," he said. "Don't want to get too drunk tonight." Kahar slid the credits across the bar counter to the bartender. "I know what you mean," the bartender replied with a grin. "I'll have your drink right out, sir." The bartender then took the credits and went into the back room to prepare the drink.

Kahar stood around and waited. He kept an eye on the disco ball. He saw Dodge's hand reach down in and put the bomb in. Dodge then quickly put the top back on the disco ball and patched the roof. "Your drink sir," the bartender said. Kahar turned to the bar. "Oh," he replied. "Thank you." He left a tip for the bartender and then sat down. He slowly slurped the drink down until only the glass remained. He left the bar and made his way to the dance floor. He tapped Velna on the shoulder. "Dodge has the bomb in the disco ball," he murmured. Velna nodded.

Suddenly, the DJ turned the party music off. Varan stepped up to the podium. "We have some very special guests," Varan said. "Five special guests from my empire. They are commanders in it, and they actually help to protect you from people like Twelve Jedi. They are not well known. They are not big heroes yet. They watch over planets. But they will be heroes once you meet them. I present, my agents." The crowd clapped as the agents stepped up. Varan began calling out each agent's names, and each agent would raise their hand when their name was called. "Agent One," Varan said. "Agent Two." The second agent put his hand up. "Agent Three." The third put his hand up. "Agent Four." The fourth agent put his hand up. "And Agent Five." The last one put his hand up. The crowd clapped. "You have the podium my good agents," Varan said. "I will let you tell the people how you keep them safe." Varan stepped down from the stage and the crowd clapped. "Well today," Agent One said. "We are here to tell you how we keep you sa---" Kahar aimed his activator at the disco ball and a green light shot out towards the disco ball. The bomb inside the disco ball exploded. Smoke clouded through the dance floor. When the smoke cleared, the dead bodies of Agent Two, Agent Three, Agent Four, and Agent Five lay on the stage. Agent One stumbled from the remains of the stage, injured. "Get the Supreme Chief to safety!" Varan ordered. Two Elite Sith Enforcers escorted Palarus to an airspeeder outside. Kahar activated his lightsabers. "So Kahar, you sneaky little scum!" Varan spat. "You impersonated a chief scientist and killed five of my agents! You'll pay for this!" Varan activated his lightsaber. Kahar and Varan then locked into a duel. "Dodge, get down here!" Kahar shouted over the comm. Dodge smashed through the ceiling and landed on the dance floor. He activated his lightsaber and leapt at Sovechk. Varan began to overpower Kahar. Kahar leapt backwards towards the door. Darius attempted to stop Kahar, but Kahar kicked him in the face. Kahar stole a Mandalorian lightsaber from Darius' belt as Darius fell. "Get to the airspeeders!" Kahar ordered over the comm. The group retreated to the airspeeders outside as citizens panicked and ran throughout the building. The group took off in the airspeeders back to the warehouse. Another successful mission.

The airspeeders landed. The group quickly hurried inside. "Well," Kahar said. "As much as I like dressing fancy, a tuxedo gets uncomfortable after a while. I'm going to change back into my robes." He then walked into his quarters. Everybody else decided to change back into their normal clothes also, and went into the quarters.

The Defenders of Freedom

Kahar sat on the sofa in front of the television. Soon, he heard the Defender land. Jason, Snorren, Shadow, and T7 walked in. The Defenders of Freedom followed. "Ah," Kahar said. "Welcome to the headquarters of Twelve Jedi. So, who is your leader?" An older-aged man stepped forward. "I am Sean Turon," the man said. "I am leader of the Defenders of Freedom. My ancestors led the Defenders of Freedom in the time of Palpatine's rule over the galaxy. It is an honor to follow in their footsteps." Kahar nodded. "I look forward to working together," Kahar said. "The Mandalorian Guild is also helping us. With all of us working together, Varan's empire will crumble in no time." Dodge walked up to Kahar. "So, what's our next move?" he asked. Kahar replied, "We're going to capture Supreme Chief Palarus." Kahar turned to the Defenders of Freedom. "Stay behind and guard the warehouse," he said. "We'll be back with Palarus soon." The group then got into the airspeeders and flew to a tall building next to the Senate Tower in order to attack the Supreme Chief's office, which was formerly the Chancellor's office.

Arrest of the Supreme Chief

Twelve Jedi landed at the building. They stood on a platform and fastened ropes to the Senate Tower across. They then swung across the ropes and smashed through the windows, landing in the Supreme Chief's office. Palarus stood still, stunned. "You are under arrest in the name of the true Republic!" Kahar shouted. "Oh is that so?" Palarus questioned. He grabbed a pike and smashed a glass case. He pulled out a vibrosword and pointed it at the group. Kahar force pushed Palarus. Palarus pressed a button on his desk. "Guards! Help me!" he ordered. The doors opened and two Elite Sith Enforcers came in the office. Dodge activated his lightsaber and cut down the guards. Palarus grabbed the pike and began dual wielding. Kahar then punched Palarus in the face, knocking him out. "You aren't so tough now, are you?" Kahar joked. He turned to Boom. "Get Palarus in the airspeeder. We're taking him back to base." Dodge nodded. "On it, Kahar," he replied. He grabbed Palarus and carried him to the window. The group then force leapt or used their jetpacks to get back to the airspeeders. They then flew back to the warehouse.

The Defenders of Freedom built a temporary prison cell and put Palarus inside it. Palarus then woke up. "Why did you join Varan?" Kahar asked. "It wasn't by choice," Palarus replied with a sigh. "He tricked me. He saved my life when you left me, and I pledged loyalty to him, thinking he was a Jedi or something. When I found out his true identity in the Dark V era, it was too late to go back. He threatened to kill me if I left his service. So, I had no choice but to stay. He made me in charge of bombing planets, like Coruscant. I was even in charge of the bombing that killed the Grand Master and six council members. So last year, about two days before the Tython incident, I was at the Battle of Corellia with him. We attacked with Star Destroyer-like ships. Varan had stolen plans for Star Destroyers when he worked for Palpatine's empire. He also stole the Death Star plans from Scarif, and he made a smaller version of the Death Star laser and put it on my Star Destroyer. It wasn't nearly as powerful as the Death Star laser, but it was still powerful enough to destroy the city.
TN-68 Great Demise

TN-68 gives the order to fire the laser on the city.

So, Varan began a war droid program. He removed TN-68's arms. TN-68 is my protocol droid, you may remember him. He served me well while I was Chancellor. Anyway, he replaced TN-68's arms with cannon arms. TN-68 was designed to kill. Varan came across the comm system and ordered me to fire when ready. I waited, and finally TN-68 gave the order. I watched helplessly as my home city was nearly completely destroyed. Some of Corellia wasn't destroyed, and the city is now mostly rebuilt. So you see, I don't serve Varan by choice. I serve him because he makes me." Kahar nodded. "There is still a chance to redeem yourself," Kahar replied. "Help us defeat Varan." Palarus nodded. "I'll do what I can," he said. "I'm letting you free to redeem yourself," Kahar said. He opened the cell. "Thank you, Master Jedi," Palarus said. Palarus then walked out of the warehouse.

Kahar walked over to Dodge and handed him the Mandalorian lightsaber. "It's a Mandalorian lightsaber," Kahar said. "I stole it from Darius." Dodge used the Force to dismantle the lightsaber and pull the green kyber crystal out. He placed it in the box of extra kyber crystals. He then grabbed an orange kyber crystal from the box, put it in the lightsaber, and then put the lightsaber back together. "Thank you Kahar," Dodge replied. The group then walked away to watch the HoloNet news.

The Next Mission

Twelve Jedi and the Defenders of Freedom were watching the HoloNet when suddenly several shuttes from the Mandalorian Guild touched down and the Mandalorian Guild entered the warehouse. "So..." Ordius said. "You got any work for us?" Kahar sighed. "Well," he replied. "We're going to assault Varan's Space Station. We need you and the Defenders of Freedom to be our standby air support. We'll radio in when we need you." Ordius and Sean then introduced themselves to each other, and then shook hands. "Stay here until we radio," Kahar ordered. Twelve Jedi then walked out to the airspeeders and flew towards a street near the Senate Tower.

They landed and marched towards the Senate Tower when suddenly, three blast copters shined spotlights down on the group. The group saw that all the enemies were Sith. Knowing they would not have a chance, they put their hands up in surrender. One of the blast copters landed. Varan, Sovechk, and Scourge stepped out. "I knew this day would come," Varan said. He turned to Sovechk and Scourge. "Take them to the Pit of Death!" Scourge and Soveck then cuffed the group and put them on a blast copter. The blast copters then took off and flew towards Galactic Stadium.

The Pit of Death

The blast copters landed. Varan, Palarus, Sovechk, Scourge, Dalan, and Agent One sat in a glass box up above the crowd to watch the event. Twelve Jedi's blast copter landed in the middle of the stadium. A Sith Enforcer instructed the group on what to do, and then released their binders. Before each of them sat a speeder cycle. On the other side of the stadium stood convicts, the same number of people as in Twelve Jedi, with speeder cycles also. "Alright," Kahar said. "Everybody take on one convict. We'll have them down in no time." Twelve Jedi mounted on their speeder cycles. The convicts did too. "Let the Pit of Death match begin!" the announcer shouted. The speeder cycles zoomed off towards each other. The speeder cycles were equipped with blaster turrets, but Twelve Jedi was able to use their own weapons also. Within two minutes, the convicts were defeated. "Very very spectacular," Varan said mockingly. "Nobody has ever made it this far. So, my commanders and I will challenge you. If you kill all of us, you get set free. But should you fail, it will be your end." Varan, Sovechk, Scourge, Dalan, Agent One, and some Elite Sith Enforcers smashed through the glass window in the box and landed on the stadium floor. They mounted on speeder cycles. Palarus and TN-68 still stood in the box, watching the games from above. "May the best team live!" the announcer shouted. "Let the match begin!" Kahar looked at the group as he mounted up. "Same plan as last time!" he shouted. The group sped off towards Varan and his commanders. Kahar spotted Varan and began to follow him. Kahar opened fire on Varan with the blaster turrets on the speeder cycle. Varan dodged most of the bolts, but some hit. He sped over a hill on the course and disappeared out of Kahar's sight...

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, the Defenders of Freedom and the Mandalorian Guild saw the event on the HoloNet. "We have to help them!" Ordius said. The Mandalorian Guild and Defenders of Freedom then got in Mandalorian Guild shuttles and flew off towards Galactic Stadium.

Kahar drove around and searched for Varan for several minutes. Suddenly, he felt blaster bolts hitting the back of his speeder cycle. He dodged and cut the engines. Varan was now in front of him again. He then turned his engines back on and sped to the other side of the stadium. He turned around and headed towards Varan, who was heading towards him. Varan activated his lightsaber. Kahar activated his blue-bladed lightsaber. They both dragged their lightsabers across the floor and prepared for the final fight....

Suddenly, blaster fire and ship engines were heard. Everybody put their weapons away and stopped their speeder cycles. Mandalorian Guild shuttles lowered into the stadium. Ordius sat on the command shuttle, manning a rotary blaster turret. He opened fire and killed two Elite Sith Enforcers. Varan pressed a button on his comm. "Stadium breached," the announcer said. "Release SWAT soldiers." Soldiers entered the stadium through a gate and opened fire on the Mandalorian Guild shuttles as they landed. Although they wore light armor, they were very fast and well trained. Twelve Jedi got off their speeder cycles and headed towards the Mandalorian Guild shuttles. Kahar activated one of his lightsabers and deflected blaster bolts from the SWAT soldiers, and then he deactivated his saber and ran towards the shuttles. Ordius, the Defenders of Freedom, and some Mandalorians stepped out of the shuttles. They each had Mandalorian Assault Blasters made by MandaTech. Ordius fired his Assault Blaster at a charging Elite Sith Enforcer, killing the Sith. "Perfect timing, Skirata," Kahar said to Ordius. "You bet, Jedi," Ordius replied. "Now get in." Kahar got in the shuttle. The Defenders of Freedom and Mandalorian Guild eventually retreated into the shuttles also, along with most of Twelve Jedi. Kahar counted all the members. All but Jason and Dodge were present. Where could they be?

Kahar looked into the middle of the stadium. Dodge and Jason stood there. "Come on!" Kahar shouted. The two began ranning over. Varan and Sovechk darted after them. The two Sith dove. Varan tackled Dodge, and Sovechk tackled Jason. They pinned the two Jedi down. They then lifted them up and put them in binders. "Start rising in the air slowly," Kahar ordered Ordius. Ordius nodded and relayed the info to the rest of the shuttles. "I suggest you don't attack unless you want them to die!" Varan shouted. "Now leave!" Kahar nodded at Ordius. All the shuttles took off back towards the warehouse as Varan and Sovechk put Dodge and Jason on a blast copter, and then Sovechk and Scourge got on the blast copter. The shuttles landed outside the warehouse and the groups walked inside. "Sir," Shadow said to Kahar. "I've found out that Jason and Dodge have been transported to Varan's Space Station." Kahar nodded. "We'll assault the Senate Tower and then get up through the turbolift to the space station," he replied. "I'll be on Alpha Team with the Defenders of Freedom. Velna, Cryshta, and some of the Mandalorian Guild will be on Beta Team. Ordius will be on Charlie Team along with some of the Mandalorian guild members. Each team will be on a Mandalorian airspeeder. I'll let you guys decide the rest of the teams."

Assault on the Space Station

The teams began boarding the airspeeders. Kahar ran out of his quarters after grabbing something he needed and found that all teams except for Charlie Team had left. "Take the turret," Ordius said to Kahar. Kahar stepped up onto the platform on the back of the airspeeder that held the rotary turret. He stood in front of the rotary turret and held onto it, prepared to fire if any enemies came. "Put this on," Ordius said. He tossed Kahar a Mandalorian Assault Blaster, a blaster pistol, and new Mandalorian gear. "New equipment from MandaTech." Kahar tossed the suit on over his robes. He then clipped the blaster pistol to the armor's belt and strapped the assault blaster on his back. "Lets roll," Kahar said. Ordius began driving the airspeeder away from the warehouse and towards the Senate Tower. Kahar kicked the safety cap off the rotary turret. Suddenly, two SWAT soldiers on speeder cycles zoomed in from behind. Kahar fired the turret at the two and soon destroyed them. "Nice shot, Jedi," Ordius said. Ordius then zoomed the airspeeder over a hill in the road, sending it flying in the air and then slamming down on the road below. He made a turn and arrived on the street in front of the Senate Tower. Suddenly, Ordius relayed over the comm channel to the other airspeeders. "Vehicle disablers ahead!" he shouted. "Look out!" Suddenly, there was an explosion. The airspeeders turned over....

Kahar lay on the ground. He blinked. His vision was blurry and his hearing was muffled. Slowly, he got up on his knees. "Come on, Jedi," Ordius said. Suddenly, Kahar's vision and hearing returned to normal. He saw the flaming wreckage of the airspeeder and heard blaster fire. Kahar took Ordius' hand and Ordius pulled him up. "My energy shields are down," Kahar informed Ordius. "What does that mean?" Ordius sighed. "Just take some cover," he replied. "They'll recharge in a few seconds." Soon, the energy shields recharged. Kahar ran and leapt up on the hood of an airspeeder, sliding across it. He then stepped off onto the ground and fired his Mandalorian Assault Blaster at Varan's forces. "This is Charlie Team," Kahar said over the comm. "All teams respond." Kahar took cover behind an overturned airspeeder as he fired his assault blaster at the enemy. "This is Beta Team," Velna said. "We're at the destination, and I thought you were supposed to be on Alpha Team, Kahar." Kahar sighed and continued blasting at SWAT soldiers and Sith Enforcers. "I was supposed to," he replied. "But they left without me and I had to go with Charlie Team." Soon, Team E, Team Fire, and Team Gamma radioed in. All teams but Alpha Team had radioed in. "Team Alpha, do you read me? This is Charlie Team," Kahar said over the comm. There was no answer. "Gamma Team, go search for Alpha Team," Kahar ordered. "Copy that," the Gamma Team leader replied. The teams finished clearing off Varan's forces and then began walking towards the Senate Tower, an unstoppable army.

Kahar was talking with Ordius when he suddenly heard beeps and boops coming from an alley. He turned and saw R3-T3, a droid he had rescued during the Battle of Felucia in the Clone Wars. Kahar took his helmet off and bent down, patting R3's head. "Hey R3," Kahar said. R3 beeped and booped, asking if he could come with Kahar. "Sure," Kahar replied. He put his helmet back on and R3 followed Kahar.

Soon, Gamma Team returned with Alpha Team. "Everybody from my team is alive, luckily," Sean reported. "Some of them sustained minor injuries, but nothing major," Gamma Team leader said. "We got hit pretty hard by those vehicle disablers," Sean said.

There was no more enemies as the army marched to the Senate Tower. They eventually made it to the Senate Tower. The turbolift shaft was right inside next to the entrance.

The members of Twelve Jedi shot up the turbolift one by one until only Kahar remained. He turned to Ordius and Sean. "Skirata, Sean, thank you for all the help. Please keep your forces on standby for the final fight," Kahar said. "May I have that equipment back?" Ordius asked. Kahar took the armor off and tossed it to Ordius, along with the blaster pistol and assault blaster. Kahar saluted to Sean and Ordius and then stepped in the turbolift. The turbolift quickly shot up the glass tube.

Kahar arrived and saw the rest of the group already fighting Varan's forces. Kahar ran past them and to the control room. He saw Velna fighting Sovechk. Kahar force pushed Sovechk and then ran through the control room to the command center. Scourge walked past with Dodge and Jason as prisoners. He saw Kahar and backed up onto the balcony. Kahar activated his lightsabers. Scourge activated his twin red lightsabers. Kahar threw his blue lightsaber at Scourge. Scourge dodged out of the way and the lightsaber went flying into the sky. The lightsaber began coming back. Dodge positioned himself right so the saber cut his cuffs and then went flying back into Kahar's hand. Dodge then kicked Scourge in the leg. Scourge let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground. Dodge grabbed his lightsabers and clipped them to his belt. He then grabbed Jason's lightaber and cut Jason's cuffs, and then gave Jason his lightsaber. The three began running out of the command center, but Scourge got back up and charged at them. The three activated their lightsabers and began fighting Scourge, pushing him back towards the balcony. Finally, Kahar performed a saber smash on the ground in front of Scourge. The waves of force energy sent Scourge flying over the rail of the balcony. "We should try to overload the controls," Kahar said. He walked to the control panel. It required an astromech, and the astromech would die. R3-T3 decided to sacrifice himself. He plugged himself in and overloaded the station. "Goodbye, my little friend," Kahar said to R3. R3 went flying against the wall and then against the console, destroying himself and the console. "Error error," a female computer voice said. "System overloading. Attempting reset. Disabling all security systems." The turbolift collapsed and walls began to tear open. "Failure," the voice said. "The station will explode in 10." Twelve Jedi ran into the room. They jumped over the balcony. Sovechk jumped out behind them. "1....0" The station exploded behind them as they landed in Mandalorian Guild shuttles. Sovechk, meanwhile, began flying towards the ground. The shuttles then flew off back to the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Scourge fumbled in the air. He was about to hit the ground. He performed a force smash when he hit the ground, which damaged the road and absorbed the damage, leaving not a scratch on Scourge when he hit the ground. Sovechk landed in front of Scourge, also performing a force smash. Sovechk then ran back to the Senate Tower. Scourge tried to contact Varan with his communicator, but some the comm channel was down due to the space station exploding. Scourge decided he would wait until Varan's forces came looking for him.

Race to Galactic Stadium

Shadow approached Kahar, who was standing near a table, thinking. "Sir," Shadow said. "Varan is heading to Galactic Stadium soon for another Pit of Death of match." Kahar turned around. "Rally everybody else," he ordered. "Lets go get Varan."

Soon, everybody stood in the main room. "Sean, Skirata, I still want you guys to keep your forces on standby," Kahar said. "My group is with me. I will radio you guys when it is time. We need you to come in by air." Twelve Jedi then got on their speeder cycles and zoomed off. Kahar carried a thermal charge with him.

Varan stormed into Palarus' office along with six Elite Sith Enforcers. Palarus worked anxiously at his holocomputer. The Sith Enforcer Captain got a message in his comm. He listened to it and then turned to Varan. "Sir," he said. "We've found the Jedi." Varan stared off into the busy skyline of Coruscant, a slightly angered expression on his face. "Bring them to Galactic Stadium!" he ordered. The Sith Enforcers smashed through the window in the Supreme Chief's office. They landed on speeder cycles and zoomed off after Twelve Jedi, who were close ahead. "Agh!" Palarus shouted. "I just had that window repaired!" Varan turned to Palarus. "Come with me," he ordered. Palarus got up and walked with Varan to a door in the office. Varan opened the door and he and Palarus walked through. They were now on a landing pad. A blast copter sat there with it's blades turning at a high speed. Agent One and Darth Sovechk sat in the back row of seats in the blast copter. Two Elite Sith Enforcers helped Palarus get into the blast copter and sit next to Agent One. Varan then stepped in the co-pilot's seat and slammed the door shut. The two Elite Sith Enforcers then got in the back and slammed the door shut. The enforcers, Varan, and the pilot put their headphones on. "Take off," Varan ordered over the headphone communication system. The pilot then set the gears and the blast copter lifted into the sky and zoomed towards Galactic Stadium.

Scourge saw the speeder cycles coming. As they came, he kicked an Elite Sith Enforcer off one and then ran over the enforcer, killing him. He then zoomed off after Twelve Jedi.

Kahar turned around as he and the group zoomed towards Galactic Stadium on the speeder cycles. "They're onto us!" he shouted. The group split up as the Elite Sith Enforcers followed them. Two followed Kahar. Kahar leapt his speeder cycle up onto a platform. The Sith Enforcers followed. Kahar noticed shutting walls and a control panel ahead. He zoomed past the control panel and used the Force to press the button. The walls slowly began shutting. He threw the speeder cycle behind him to make sure he got out. The speeder cycle landed on the ground and Kahar landed on the speeder cycle as the Elite Sith Enforcers were crushed in the walls behind him. He began slowing down as his engine began sputtering. Velna zoomed up from the side. She stopped her speeder cycle next to his. "Uh oh," Kahar said. "What's wrong? Velna asked. Kahar looked in his engine and saw a speeder cycle part. "Just destroyed some Sith on speeder cycles," he said. "Apparently a part got into my engine." Kahar tossed the thermal charge to Velna. "Set your comm to the group channel," he said. "And give the thermal charge to Zinn when I say so." Velna nodded and zoomed off on her speeder cycle with the thermal charge clipped to her belt. Kahar zoomed the speeder cycle up a ramp towards the fourth-floor window of a work building. He smashed through the window and then hopped off the speeder cycle. He slid across a series of desks and then hopped back on the ground. Kahar darted to the window and then smashed through it. He pressed a button on his communicator. His Republic Saber starfighter pulled up from below, piloted by T7. He landed in the cockpit and took control. Kahar saw down below that Velna and Zinn were approaching each other from different alleys, and Scourge was following Velna, as he saw she had a thermal charge. Suddenly, four blast copters came up from behind Kahar and zoomed forward. Kahar pressed buttons on the console to search for weaknesses in them. The only weaknesses were cracking the window or throwing items at the blades. Kahar followed after the blast copters and shot their windows with blaster turrets. The windows cracked, and the pilots could not see, so the blast copters crashed into nearby buildings. Velna and Zinn approached each other. "Velna and Zinn," Kahar said over the group comm channel. "You're approaching each other now. Leap your speeder cycles up those ramps. Velna, hand the thermal charge to Zinn. Zinn, take the thermal charge from Velna." The two leaped their speeder cycles in the air. Velna passed the thermal charge to Zinn, and then the two went down different alleys. "Perfect!" Kahar exclaimed. Scourge believed Velna still had the thermal charge, so he continued chasing after her. "Zinn, Dodge, you're approaching each other. Zinn, pass the thermal charge off to Dodge," Kahar ordered. Zinn and Dodge came into the same alley. Zinn gave the thermal charge to Dodge. They then went into separate alleys again as Scourge followed after Dodge. The group began approaching Galactic Stadium. Kahar watched as Zinn used the Force to defeat most of the Elite Sith Enforcers. "Dodge, give the charge back to Zinn," Kahar said. Zinn approached Dodge. Dodge and Scourge bumped their speeder cycles against each other's, trying to knock each other to the ground. The speeder cycles approached Galactic Stadium, now just yards away. "Dodge, hand it over now!" Kahar shouted. Dodge tossed the thermal charge towards Zinn. Zinn caught it. He was now very close to the wall of Galactic Stadium. "Zinn, detonate it," Kahar said. Zinn pulled the lever on the thermal charge and threw it at the wall while jumping off his speeder cycle. The thermal charge stuck to the wall. Zinn's speeder cycle slammed into the wall where the thermal charge was, creating a massive explosion and ripping a hole in the wall. T7 flew the Defender towards Kahar's SaberJet. Kahar parked the Saber in the Defender's hangar and then dove out of the Defender's hangar as the Defender flew back towards the warehouse. Kahar then landed in Galactic Stadium with a force pound as the rest of Twelve Jedi pulled up on their speeder cycles. They got off their speeder cycles and began walking towards the center of Galactic Stadium when suddenly Agent One dropped down from the sports club in Galactic Stadium and landed in a safety field.

The Final Showdown

Agent One pulled out his blaster pistols. Suddenly, platforms rose from beneath everybody, and they found themselves standing on platforms high in the air, right next to the sports club. "It's time to end this Kahar!" Varan shouted. Varan stood in the sports club. His blast copter was hovering next to a window. Kahar and most of the group jumped from their platforms. They smashed through the windows of the sports club and landed inside. Velna and Jason, however, stayed on their platforms and let them return to the ground with the rest, and then faced Agent One.

Kahar locked into a duel with Varan. "Your time is up," Kahar said. "It's over." Kahar pressed the button on his communicator, sending a signal to the warehouse for the Mandalorian Guild and the Defenders of Freedom to come in. Kahar then performed a saber smash on Varan. Varan skidded backwards across the sports club, but he got up and charged at Kahar. Kahar blocked Varan's strike. The DJs began to play music as the fight raged on, and panicked citizens fled the sports club.

The two DJ's sit and play music while the fight rages on.

Velna and Jason ran around the stadium floor, narrowly dodging blaster fire from Agent One's blaster pistols. Suddenly, Velna and Jason lowered their lightsabers and looked to the sky. Mandalorian Guild shuttles flew in towards the sports club. One shot at Varan's blast copter. The blast copter spun out of control and began crashing towards the stadium grounds. Velna and Jason ran out of the way, while Agent One slowly backed up. The blast copter hit and exploded near Agent One. Agent One's legs were trapped under the wreckage. He used a buzz saw to cut the wreckage, and then broke free from it. He noticed his leg was bleeding. He applied a bacta patch to the wound, which slowly began to heal it. He then pulled out his blaster pistols and began firing at Velna and Jason again.

Suddenly, a Death Watch shuttle landed on the landing platform in the air near the sports club, at the same height as the sports club. The door opened and the ramp unfolded, and several Death Watch soldiers ran out. Darius Vizsla walked out behind them. A bridge extended between the sports club and the landing platform, and the Death Watch ran across. Darius pulled out his precision blaster pistol and fired at Marshta. Ordius ran in front of Marshta with a holo shield in his left hand, and a blaster pistol in his right. He deflected the bolt with his holo shield and then fired a couple bolts at Darius. Darius dodged the bolts and clipped his precision blaster pistol to his belt. Ordius threw his holo shield and blaster pistol off the bridge. He began charing towards Darius, leaping over many Death Watch soldiers. Shadow saw and pushed over a beverage crate. Shadow used the beverage crate for cover while firing his blaster rifle over the crate, killing many Death Watch soldiers. Suddenly, Shadow threw his helmet to the ground, revealing his striped purple hair. "Come and get some Death Watch!" he shouted. He then resumed firing at the Death Watch as Ordius charged towards Darius. Suddenly, Darius punched Ordius, knocking him to the ground. Ordius got back to his feet. "Why, Darius?" he questioned. "Why do you bother Marshta? Why do you bother the ones I love?" Darius smirked under his helmet. "You see Ordius, your father killed my father, so....I decided to return the favor, and much more," he replied. Ordius looked at Darius. "You..." he said. "You''re the..." Darius smirked. "The masked Death Watch warrior?" he questioned. "Why, yes, I am." Ordius pulled out his Shadow Knife. "You'll pay for this!" he shouted. Driven by anger, Ordius tackled Darius to the platform. He thrust his knife at Darius' throat, but Darius grabbed Ordius' wrist, and the two fought over the knife. Eventually, Darius kicked Ordius backwards, and he skidded across the platform. Darius then got up and grabbed the knife. He tackled Ordius and attempted to stab him, but again, the two fought over the knife for a while.

Agent One realized he was losing. He called in a blast copter for support. Within seconds, the blast copter arrived, but Jason and Velna used the Force to throw it towards the ground, towards Agent One. Agent One deployed a safety field and screamed as the blast copter came closer. The safety field wasn't enough to stop the blast copter, however. It penetrated the field eventually and smashed into Agent One, creating a massive explosion that killed the pilot and Agent One.

Ordius eventually managed to kick Darius off, knocking Darius' helmet off. The knife went flying off the platform to the stadium grounds below. Ordius then leapt over Darius. He kicked Darius in the face. A weakened Darius went to slowly grab his darksaber, but quickly Ordius pulled out his vibrosword and thrust it through Darius' stomach
OrdiusslaysDarius Recolored 8D

Ordius thrusts his vibrosword through Darius' stomach and out his back.

and out his back. Darius looked down at his stomach. He touched the gaping hole in his stomach. Blood covered the fingers of his gloves. His armor near his stomach was also coated in blood. Ordius then pulled the vibrosword out. Slowly, Darius turned his head up and looked at Ordius. Ordius saw the fear in Darius' eyes. Darius then toppled off the platform towards the stadium grounds. He slammed into the ground, the impact instantly killing him. Darius wiped the blood off his vibrosword with a cloth, and then threw the cloth off the platform. He clipped the vibrosword to the back of his Mandalorian suit and then walked across the bridge towards the sports club.

Velna noticed the holo shield generator, blaster pistol, and knife on the ground. She used the Force to throw them towards Ordius. Ordius caught the holo shield generator and put it on his belt. He did the same with the blaster pistol and knife. Velna and Jason then stepped on two platforms and rode them up to the sports club.

The fight still raged on. Zinn was locked into a duel with Dalan. Dalan pressed his sabers down harder on Zinn, and it looked like Dalan was going to win. But suddenly, Velna leapt in. She force pushed Dalan out of the sports club. Dalan went flying. He managed to hold onto the side of the bridge. Shadow, still shooting at Death Watch from behind the overturned crate, saw. He turned his rifle around and shot at Dalan. The bolt hit Dalan on the head, instantly killing the Sith and sending his body falling to the stadium floor below.

Dodge fought both Sovechk and Scourge. The two Sith Lords struck heavily at him. Scourge kicked Dodge in the chest, knocking Dodge off guard. Scourge then cut one of Dodge's hands off. Dodge, angry, lunged at Scourge. He cut Scourge across the chest. Scourge dropped dead. Sovechk swung his double bladed lightsaber at Dodge. Dodge dodged and cut it in half. Sovechk let one half fall to the ground, while the other half he deactivated and clipped to his belt. He then smashed through the window and jumped to the ground below with a force pound. He then began running towards the spaceport. Dodge sat down against the wall. " Cryshta..." he ordered. His suit sent a signal to Cryshta's communicator. "What is it?" she asked. "Cryshta...come here..." Dodge weakly said. "I'm kinda busy fighting Death Watch, Cryshta replied. "I'm....badly injured," Dodge said. Cryshta sighed. "Be right there," she replied. She ended the communication. Within a few seconds, she arrived at Dodge's location. "Your hand..." she said. Dodge groaned. "Scourge...cut it off..." he replied. Cryshta noticed Scourge's body laying next to Dodge. Cryshta then sat down next to Dodge and searched for medical supplies in her equipment pack.

Things were looking dark for Kahar. Varan gained the upper hand in their duel, and was sure to win any second now. "So Kahar," Varan said. "Are you ready to di--YOW!!!" A blaster bolt hit Varan's hand. Varan and Kahar both saw Palarus standing with a blaster pistol. Kahar grinned, for Palarus had redeemed himself. Palarus tried to fire off another shot, but Varan force crushed the blaster pistol before he could. He then force pushed Palarus against the wall of the sports club. Varan then slowly began walking towards Palarus, lightsaber in hands. "So," Varan said. "I save you, and you reward me by betraying me?!" Varan continued advancing. "You didn't save me!" Palarus shouted. "You corrupted me!" Varan was less than a foot away from Palarus now. He thrust his lightsaber at Palarus' throat. But his blade stopped just two inches away from Palarus' throat. A blue lightsaber blade came through Varan's back and out his chest. The blade then pulled out. Varan turned around slowly, and there before him stood Kahar, his blue lightsaber activated. He deactivated it and clipped it to his belt, next to his yellow lightsaber. Varan stumbled three steps towards Kahar as Twelve Jedi, the Mandalorian Guild, and the Defenders of Freedom approached Kahar. Varan then dropped on his knees. "It's over Varan," Kahar said. "We've won." Varan then fell down as his body died. His dark side spirit floated out of his body. "You may have won this round," his spirit echoed. "But I shall return...and I shall win the game soon." Kahar walked towards Varan's floating spirit. "No," Kahar said. "We've won your whole game." Kahar then lifted up into the air and channeled the light side of the Force into Varan's spirit. The light side destroy Varan's spirit, and for the first time in weeks, it was light on Coruscant again. Kahar then stood on the ground again. Citizens, the Defenders of Freedom, the Mandalorian Guild, and Twelve Jedi cheered as the war was won. All of Varan's forces were then either captured or killed by the Defenders of Freedom. Kahar helped Palarus up. "Thank you," Palarus said. "You've redeemed me." Kahar shook his head. "No," Kahar replied. "Thank you, Palarus, for redeeming yourself." Palarus smiled. Suddenly, TN-68 walked in. "Jedi," TN-68 said. "Eliminate, eliminate." Palarus ran to TN-68. "TN-68, no!" he ordered. "We are back on the Jedi's side. Varan has lost. Varan was evil. We shall return you to your normal state." Kahar turned to everybody. "We have one last task to do," he said.

One Last Task

The group arrived at the HoloNet station. Kahar transmitted a message through it. "People of the galaxy," Kahar said. "Jedi, Republic, Varan's empire has been defeated. It is ok to come out of exile. I repeat, it is clear to come out of exile. Return to Coruscant. We must rebuild civilization." Kahar then transmitted the signal through the Force to every Jedi and Republic person who was not at a HoloNet television. And within minutes, millions of Republic personnel and Jedi arrived at the Jedi Temple and Senate Tower, and everybody got to work rebuilding.


It was now 1,201 ABY. The Jedi Temple and Senate Tower had been completely rebuilt, and most of galactic order had been restored. Kahar had been elected to be the Grand Master of the Jedi Order for the next nine years. There was still a debate over who should be the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

It was a bright sunny day. Kahar sat behind his desk in the Grand Master's Office, a new room in the Jedi Temple. Today was the day Kahar would present his input about the debate over who should be the Chancellor, and he was believed to endorse Palarus. The blast doors opened and Kahar turned his head towards them. Dodge walked in with a box. "It's from Ordius," he said. "And I think I know what it is. I got a package from him also." Kahar opened the package. He pulled out a set of Mandalorian armor. It was the same armor he wore on the march to the Senate Tower. "Yep, it is what I thought," said Dodge. Kahar put the armor in a secure glass case in his office. "Tell him I said thank you," he replied. Kahar and Dodge then exited the office. "Well," Kahar said. "I'm going to head to the dining hall and eat some lunch and then I have to go give my speech at the Senate Tower." Kahar then walked to the dining hall, while Dodge went to his quarters.

Kahar stopped at the Republic Military Headquarters first. Team X, led by Commander Shadow, was escorting Roan Delas, a terrorist who had held a high rank in Varan's empire, to the maximum security prison section. Shadow had recently been promoted to High General of the Army of the Galactic Republic. He was now completely in charge of the Republic's military. "Congratulations on the promotion, general," Kahar said. "Thank you, sir," Shadow replied. "Well, I just came by to check on you guys," Kahar said. "I got to head to the Senate Tower now." Shadow nodded. "Come on Delas," he ordered. "Start walking." Kahar then hurried off to the Senate Tower, while Team X continued escorting Roan Delas to his cell.

Kahar arrived in the Senate Tower. He stood in Palarus' box. The box floated to the middle of the senate chambers. "I endorse Palarus," Kahar said. "He should become the Chancellor. He has redeemed himself of all evils. And the only reason he did evil was because he was tricked by Varan." There was a silence. "Think about it," Kahar continued. "He was one of the best, maybe even the best Chancellor when he was Chancellor. And it is why I fully endorse him." There was cheers as the box lowered back to its normal spot. Kahar then exited the Senate Tower and returned to the Jedi Temple.

Kahar turned on the HoloNet when he got back to his office. He smiled, as there was breaking news that Palarus had been elected the Supreme Chancellor. He was about to sit down when suddenly Dodge rushed in. "Kahar, get ready to go to Mandalore," he said. "It involves our friend Ordius." Kahar hurried back to his quarters, where he, Velna, and Zinn packed to go to Mandalore.

They arrived on Mandalore, where there was a great celebration. Ordius stood on a stage. Suddenly, a Mandalorian on the stage fired his blaster rifle in the air, in order to get the attention of the other Mandalorians. "Ordius Skirata, the most heroic Mandalorian alive, is now the new Mandalore!" the Mandalorian shouted. There was cheers throughout the crowd. Ordius was now the new Mandalore, or leader of the True Mandalorians. Ordius stepped off the stage and walked over towards Dodge, Cryshta, Zill, and Marshta. "You make me proud to be a Mandalorian," Dodge said to him. Ordius smiled at Dodge. Marshta kissed Ordius. "I'm so proud of you," she said. Ordius then walked with everybody back to the starships. Dodge, Cryshta, and Zill got on the Swift Eagle, while Kahar, Velna, and Zinn got on the Defender. "You coming, Marshta?" Dodge asked. Marshta sighed. "Father," she said. "May I stay here on Mandalore with Ordius for a little while?" Dodge hesitated. "Well..." he said. "I guess you can, as long as it's no longer than two weeks." Ordius and Marshta nodded, and then the door of the Swift Eagle closed. Ordius put his helmet on as the two starships took off back to Coruscant.

Kahar, Dodge, Velna, and Zinn went to the Jedi Council Chambers. They couldn't believe their eyes. Jen Zijun and Warrick Eble stood there before the Council. The four quickly sat in their seats. "How...did you survive?" Kahar asked. "Our Zenolian powers saved us," both Warrick and Jen replied. "But the other two...they weren't so fortunate. The explosion killed them." Kahar nodded, and then gave the two spots on the Jedi Council. Kahar, along with Dodge, Velna, and Zinn then went to the dining hall for dinner.

After dinner, Kahar went to the workshop, where Chancellor Palarus and TN-68 stood. "Congratulations, Chancellor," Kahar said with a smile. "Thank you," Palarus replied. "But I couldn't have done it without you." TN-68 waved both his arms. His cannon arm had been removed, and an arm identical to his original had been placed on. Kahar smiled and then exited the workshop.

Kahar sat in his office. It was silent. It was 10:00 pm. Everybody in the Jedi Temple was in their quarters except for him. The only sounds were the soft flow of his fountain and the tick-tock of his clock. Kahar sighed, put his pen down, leaned back and rubbed his eyes. He was tired, and had just finished his paperwork. He grabbed a plastic cup and filled it with water from the sink, then drank the water. He sat back down as Velna entered his office. "You going to come home?" she asked. "It's late, you're the only one out here still." Kahar stood up and kissed Velna. "I know," he said. "I just finished the last of my paperwork. Now let's go home." Kahar and Velna walked out of the office. Kahar turned off the lights and locked the door before continuing to walk with Velna back to their quarters...

And that concludes the story of the Great Demise.

A Lesson of the Past

It was now 1,295 ABY. Dreams had been recently plaguing Kahar. About...his father, who he had vague memories of from his childhood, and Roan Delas. There was some connection between them. Kahar had heard on the HoloNet back in the Old Republic era about Roan Delas. Roan Delas was still alive today, but only because Lord Vitiate had given him rejuvenating life in the Old Republic era. Roan Delas could still be killed, but not of natural causes.

Kahar knew there was only one person who could tell him the answer to his strange dreams: retired Republic Soldier Commander Randen Kal.

The gunship landed outside of Randen's home. Kahar knocked on the door. Randen slowly opened it as Shadow and Team X joined Kahar. "Oh, hey boys," Randen said weakly. "Hey old man," Kahar replied. Randen allowed Kahar and his men to enter. "Randen, I know you've been hiding something from me," Kahar said. "I've been having dreams about Roan Delas and my father. A Jedi's dreams usually means something will happen soon. I fear it means bad stuff involving Delas will happen. You have to tell me what happened between Delas and my father." Randen sighed and sat down at the table Kahar was sitting at. He sighed. "Well, I guess I'll start from the beginning..."

Flashback - 3,643 BBY: The Battle of Duraan Part I

The Republic's gunships landed on the surface of Duraan. "The job is simple," rang over the military comm channel. "Drive the Imperials off Duraan and capture Roan Delas. Commander Randen Kal's squad will plow right through the middle of the path towards the capital city. The rest of the squads will provide flanking fire, guard the LZ, or attack the Imperial navy down on the ocean below." Randen's squad rallied. "Check that your blaster rifles are loaded and all your equipment is in stock, men," Randen ordered. "We're ready," his men replied. Randen and his men charged through, gunning down Imperial soldiers. Aronis Zamet shot down the Sith Lord leading the soldiers. The general's voice came over the comm again. "Kal, have your men rendezvous at the nearby landspeeder. It will get you close enough to the capital city." Randen's squad ran to the landspeeder and got in it. The landspeeder was piloted by a droid. As it came alongside the big river of Duraan, though, Imperials opened fire on it. They destroyed the pilot droid. The landspeeder spun out of control and crashed next to the river. Randen went flying into the river, while the rest of the squad went flying onto a field of farmland.

"Commander Randen Kal, do you read me?" Randen blinked his eyes as Roan Delas and Imperial soldiers surrounded him. Randen reached for Delas' blaster rifle. "Kal, this is the general, do you read me?" Delas aimed the butt of his blaster rifle at Delas. "Kal?" Delas brought down his blaster rifle, and everything went black...

A Worthy Apprentice

Darth Sovechk sat on his throne in the Dark Council chambers in Kaas City on Dromund Kaas. "Kresh Daklan, my unworthy apprentice, has been dealt with," he hissed. Lord Telan Daklan, the father of Kresh Daklan, stood up. "I gave you my only son with hopes that you would make him the most powerful Sith, and this is how you reward me?" Lord Daklan bellowed. "Why, here's my little thanks for that!" Lord Daklan activated his violet lightsaber and charged at Sovechk. The Trandoshan Sith Lord jumped down off his throne and lifted his hand, force choking Daklan. Daklan deactivated and dropped his lightsaber. "I do not have the time to waste on pathetic pieces of trash like you. The Dark Council is my group of advisors. I only want good advisors. Your advice has done nothing but waste my time. You recommended your son to be my apprentice, and he was unworthy. Your life holds no meaning to me," Sovechk ranted. He then wrapped Daklan in a purple force bubble and blasted him with force lightning. Daklan screamed and dissolved into purple particles. Sovechk pulled the particles toward him and absorbed them. "I feel so empowered," Sovechk said. He turned to the rest of the Dark Council members and began barking orders. "Go now, and find me a worthy apprentice! Hurry unless you want to end up like Lord Daklan!" Without a word or any hesitation, the Dark Council members burst out the Dark Council chambers.

Sovechk walked over to where Lord Daklan once stood. He picked up Daklan's lightsaber. "Your life may be worthless, Lord Daklan," he said to himself. "But your possessions have much importance to me." Using the Force to aid him, Sovechk yanked a piece of metal off of Daklan's lightsaber. He pulled the purple crystal out and tucked it in the pocket of his robe. Sovechk then dropped the lightsaber and crushed it with his foot. "Well, at least one of them does," he hissed with a smile. Sovechk then pulled a lever next to his throne, and the door to a hidden passage slid open. Sovechk grabbed the torch off the wall next to his throne. With Daklan's kyber crystal still in his pocket, he entered the passage to the Dark Temple, cackling evily.

Flashback - 3,643 BBY: The Battle of Duraan Part II

Aronis Zamet got up as the rest of his squad mates did. He counted the soldiers. "Where's Commander Randen?" he asked. Suddenly, his holocommunicator buzzed. He activated it. "Lieutenant Aronis, this is the general," the general said. "We've lost contact with Commander Kal. We've sent out a tracking signal on his comm and tracked it to the nearby river." Aronis and his squad mates hurried to the river. Aronis knelt down and found the communicator, but no signs of Randen. "We've found his communicator, but no sign of him," Aronis replied ovver the comm. "Copy that," the general stated. "We're sending out scout probes to search for him now."

Eventually, the general's voice came back over the comm. "We just lost contact with Probe A-02," he informed Aronis. "The last transmission from the probe was Roan Delas and a squad of Imperial soldiers hauling Kal to an outpost outside the capital city. We're sending the location to your comm. Head there now." Aronis got the coordinates and signaled his squad to follow. Eventually, the squad arrived at the outpost. The door was locked. "Plating charge!" Aronis shouted. He planted a sticky grenade on the door. He and his squad mates stood back and the grenade exploded. They ran in and shot down all the Imperial soldiers. Delas fired at them, but realizing he was outgunned, dove out a window and ran to the capital city. Aronis helped Randen up and activated his communicator. "General, Kal has been rescued, but Delas escaped," relayed Aronis. "Understood," the general replied. "We've taken the capital city, but there are reports Delas escaped in his starship. This battle proves Delas is dangerous. We lost many men. Well done, though, men. Report back to the LZ."

The Exile of Dantooine Part I

"If Delas is truly this dangerous, we'll need extra help," Kahar said. "The only person I know powerful enough to help us is Winson Sayau. He was a Jedi Knight, but was exiled on Datooine after he got several Jedi and troops killed there in a battle with the Sith Empire. I must bring him out of exile." Kahar and Team X then exited to the gunship.

Dark Secrets

Sovechk exited the tunnel and arrived in the Dark Temple. He blew out his torch and tossed it aside. The amount of dark energy in the temple was enough to illuminate the place for Sovechk to see. He passed training acolytes and Sith Lords. Nobody said a word until he came to the door of a chamber. A young, hooded acolyte stood there. "Hello, my lord," the acolyte said. Sovechk looked around. Nobody else was looking, and he needed no witnesses to him entering the chamber. Sovechk lifted his hand and used the Force to snap the acolyte's neck. Sovechk then pulled Daklan's kyber crystal out of his pocket. He placed it in a slot in the door. The door pulsed with dark side energy before sliding open. Sovechk entered the chamber. At the back wall, an orb sat on a stand. Sovechk walked over and waved a hand over the orb. An image of a Sith Pureblood, who kept a lightsaber on his belt, knelt on a land bridge. He was Sovechk's agent. The Sith Pureblood had been part of a group of acolytes who were competing to become Sovechk's apprentice. The pureblood, however, had lost to Kresh Daklan in his final trial. Sovechk saw the pureblood's potential and power though, and rather than simply kill him or force him to do slave work, Sovechk allowed him to become a Sith Agent. "My lord," the pureblood said. He rose to his feet. "The Republic reinforcements have landed in escape pods on Dantooine. They are in position for the trap." Sovechk grinned. "Good. Activate it," he ordered. The pureblood leapt off the land bridge and pulled a remote out. He pressed a button on the remote. The land bridge exploded and collapsed, and the debris fell on the Republic reinforcements. "Excellent," Sovechk hissed. "Now go convince Sayau to join our cause. Oh, and return to Dromund Kaas when you are done." The pureblood nodded and deactivated his communicator, hurrying away. Sovechk exited the chamber. He wanted the pureblood, Toln Scrallis, to return to Drmound Kaas to become his apprentice. Sovechk had been a fool, trusting Kresh to become his apprentice instead of Toln. But Toln was the only worthy Sith Apprentice. Sovechk grabbed Daklan's kyber crystal out of the door once he exited the chamber, and put it in his pocket. The chamber door shut behind him. Sovechk then grabbed a torch and made his way through his secret tunnel, back to Kaas City.

The Exile of Dantooine Part II

Kahar's gunship touched down in an open field on Dantooine. Winson's homestead could not have been far away. "Dodge and his men were heading here," Kahar told his men. "Recently, HQ lost contact with them. Our first priority is to find them. Second is to find Winson Sayau." Team X nodded and ran off to find them. Kahar closed his eyes and concentrated. He could hear Dodge shouting for help in the Force. Kahar opened his eyes and let the Force guide him. Eventually, he found a collapsed land bridge, with Dodge and his men trapped under the wreckage. "Over here!" Kahar shouted. Team X ran over. They realized Captain Solon was dead and Jen was badly injured. Kahar suddenly knew who it was that had done this through the Force. As he helped Dodge up, he said, "It was Sovechk. He...I remember he survived the Great Demise. He escaped the sports club. Rumors are he is the Emperor of the Sith Empire now. He's done something very deadly. It must have been a bomb." Dodge looked around. "Are my men alright?" he asked. Kahar sighed. "I'm sorry, my friend," he replied. "But Solon did not make it. Jen is heavily injured." Suddenly, Imperial ships came into view. They began landing a couple miles away. "We better get going," Kahar said. Dodge grabbed Solon's body from the debris and carried him. "He deserves a hero's burial," he stated. Dave Talanar took Jen from Shadow, and the group began running through fields and splashing through rivers towards Winson's homestead. 

The group was just a couple yards away from Winson's home when, suddenly, blaster fire came flying at them. A battalion of Imperial troops stood in formation. On a hillside in the back, a Sith Lord and two Sith Acolytes gave orders to the troops. Kahar and Team X began fighting off the Imperial forces. Javom Talanar, who was the brother of Dave, and Commander Shamus Calway joined them while the rest of the group ran to Winson's homestead.

Sovechk was in the Kaas Grand Fortress in Kaas City when suddenly his communicator began buzzing. He activated it, and a hologram of Darth Rosaan, a Dark Council member, appeared. "What is it?" Sovechk hissed. "My lord," Rosaan responded. "My men and I have intercepted the Republic forces on their way to Sayau's homestead." Suddenly, Toln ran in front of Rosaan. "My lord, I have convinced Sayau to join our cause," he informed Sovechk. "Excellent..." Sovechk replied. "Return to Dromund Kaas, and meet me in the Kaas Grand Fortress." Toln nodded and, without another word, ran off. "As for you..." Sovechk looked at Rosaan. "Destroy the Republic forces. Leave no survivors. My plan to attack Coruscant must succeed." Rosaan nodded. "At once, my lord," he said, and then cut the communication. Sovechk then put his communicator away and continued walking through the fortress.

Kahar, Team X, Javom, and Shamus continued running, but Rosaan and his men just kept coming. Finally, they were in front of Winson's homestead. "We have no other choice," Kahar said. "We must fight them." Javom and Kahar charged at the battalion. Team X and Shamus provided fire from behind. The Jedi cut through Imperials while the soldiers blasted the Imperials. Eventually, Darth Rosaan jumped down from the hillside, along with his two acolytes. As the last Imperial soldiers were cut down, Rosaan and his acolytes charged the Jedi. Javom took on the acolytes, while Kahar took on Rosaan. "You will fall before the power of the Sith," Rosaan growled. Kahar fought ferociously, but Rosaan began gaining the upper hand. Suddenky, a blaster bolt from Shadow struck Rosaan in the shoulder, leaving him open. Kahar got up and slashed Rosaan's chest. Shortly after Rosaan fell, Javom defeated the two acolytes. The group then headed into Winson's homestead.

Sovechk stood in the war room of the Kaas Grand Fortress, surveying a holo map. He slammed his fists on the table. "I only have four surviving Dark Council members," Sovechk roared. "I send a full battalion and one of my top Sith Lords in, and they get decimated. These Republic forces are powerful. We must rally our forces now to attack Coruscant." The holo-image of the Imperial High General stood next to the holo map, and he nodded. "Come with me, my new apprentice," Sovechk hissed. "We have much to do."

Winson Sayau waved as the Republic entered his home. "Ah, hello there! How may I help you?" he asked. Then, he noticed Javom, Dave, and Kahar. "Oh...Jedi," he snarled. "I don't want anything to do with your kind." Kahar walked up. "Winson, the past is the past," he replied calmly. "I know my son exiled you, but you got people killed. You let the dark side control you in that moment, Winson, and rather than retreating, you pushed forward and let your men die, knowing they would die if you chouse to push forward. I will give you a second chance, though." Winson stared Kahar in the eye for a moment. "I suppose I will accept," Winson said. "How are your skills?" Kahar questioned. Winson activated his green lightsaber and leapt at his training droids, proving his skills in lightsaber combat and the Force were still good. Winson deactivated his lightsaber. "Jen's badly injured, we need you to heal him," Kahar said. Winson concentrated the Force, and soon Jen was healed to full health. Winson grabbed his belongings, and then joined the group. The group then headed back to the gunship.

Back on Coruscant

The gunship landed in the Coruscant spaceport. The Jedi went back to the Jedi Temple, while the troopers went back to the Republic Military Headquarters. Kahar, however, chose not to go to the Jedi Temple and instead went back to Randen's house. "I'm ready for the next chapter," he told the elderly man.

Flashback - 3,643 BBY: Attack of Nar Shaddaa

Randen and Aronis stood inside the gunship, waiting for the signal. "Remember," the general said over the comm. "The plan is to work our way through the Promenade and get to Kladda the Hutt's palace. Once secure, Kladda is to be escorted to the checkpoint in the Corellian Sector. I'll take care of him from there." Randen opened the gunship door, and he and Aronis equipped their parachutes. As the gunship descended more and more, they jumped. They pulled on their parachutes and landed safely. The troopers got up and pulled out their blaster rifles, firing at Hutt Cartel security. More troopers and some Jedi Knights joined in the battle. The forces made their way through a tunnel, and entered the Promenade. Hutt Cartel security patrolled the area, along with several Imperial forces and Sith Lords, as Kladda had an alliance with the Empire. "General, send in an air strike," Randen requested over the comm. An air strike struck the Promenade, killing the Imperial and Hutt Cartel forces. The Republic forces were then able to run up to Kladda's palace. Randen used his fingers to signal a countdown from three to zero. When he had zero of his fingers up, he and Aronis breached the door. Hutt Cartel security and Gamorreans raised their weapons as the Republic entered, but they were no match. Randen and Aronis moved in and secured Kladda. "Your slimy hutt is secure, general," Aronis stated over the communicator. "We're moving him to Corellian Sector now."

Randen and Aronis handed Kladda over to the guards. "Good work," the general said over the communicator. "Randen, take sniper position in the building above. You'll get to execute Roan Delas. Aronis, meet me in the nearby warehouse.

Randen watched through the scope as Roan Delas was brought out, bag over head. "He's all yours," the general said. Randen knew something wasn't right, and so he chose to shoot Delas in the leg two times. When Randen ran over to the body, he found out the person was actually Aronis. Suddenly, the real Delas knocked Randen out.

Randen awoke. He watched Delas kill the general. "Go back to your Republic and tell them you failed," he spat. Randen slowly nodded, and then crawled out of the warehouse.

The Painful Truth

Kahar put his head in his hands, barely able to breathe. Delas was responsible for his father's death. He would pay.

Kahar and Team X exited the house. "Sir, Sovechk's fleet is arriving in the sky," a soldier said over the comm to him, from the military headquarters. "Then prepare our men," Kahar ordered. He quickly took a landspeeder to the Jedi Temple, while Team X took the gunship to the military headquarters.

Sovechk's Conquest

Sovechk's fleet entered the atmosphere, coming closer to the Republic forces on the ground. "My lord," an officer said. "Where do you want us to land?" Sovechk looked out the window of his flagship. "Near the prison facility," he hissed. The officer nodded. All of the Imperial officers began helping to pilot the ship towards its destination. "Today will be a day long remembered for the Sith, my apprentice," Sovechk stated, turning towards Toln. "While my elite commandos and I free Roan Delas, you will begin the attack on the flagship of the fleet. Make sure Nial Kelber does not escape, but do not enter the bridge until Delas and I arrive." As Sovechk's flagship neared the prison facility, anti-air turrets began firing. The officers on the bridge looked at Sovechk, as if silently asking how to respond. "Return fire!" Sovechk shouted. The cruiser's turrets boomed as it slowly set down on the landing pad outside the prison. Sovechk and his four commandos ran out of the ship, weapons ready. Four Republic soldiers and a Jedi Knight came out of the blast doors of the facility. Sovechk and his commandos tore through them quickly though, and then entered the prison.

"We're under attack!" Grand Master Nial Kelber's voice shouted over the comm. "What?" Kahar replied. "The enemy flagship has docked with our flagship and is now boarding," Nial replied frantically. Kahar looked back at Team X, and the other Jedi and soldiers. "Go to the front lines," he ordered. He turned back to the comm. "I'm on my way."

Sovechk entered Cell Block G of the facility. His commandos blasted the guards while he wenet to Roan Delas' cell. "About time somebody got me out of this dump," Delas laughed. Sovechk activated his lightsaber and used it to cut down the cell gate. Roan stepped out of his cell. He took a blaster rifle from one of the dead guards. Sovechk contacted his flagship on the comm. "Send down the shuttle," he ordered, as he, Roan, and the commandos continued walking through the facility, towards the exit. Sovechk's commandos set charges on the walls on the way out. The group then exited out onto the landing platform.

"We've lost the prison facility!" an analyst shouted over the Republic fleet comm channel, from the military headquarters. "Roan Delas has escaped! All the guards are dead!" Kahar ignored the shouts, piloting his new starfighter towards the hangar of the Republic flagship. He hoped he could make it before the Sith got to Nial.

A shuttle came down from Sovechk's flagship, which was now high in the sky, docked with the Republic flagship. Sovechk, his commandos, and Delas boarded the shuttle. "Take us to the Republic flagship," Sovechk hissed. Once the shuttle was far enough away from the facility, one of the commandos pulled out a remote and pressed a button on it. Behind them, the facility was engulfed in an explosion, leaving nothing but rubble. The shuttle then landed inside the hangar of the Republic flagship.

Kahar continued blasting through Imperial starfighters, and dodging debris and blaster fire, as he made his way towards the flagship. He eventually made it to the flagship, landing and jumping out. Kahar activated his lightsaber and cut through Sovechk's soldiers as he made his way towards the bridge.

Sovechk, his commandos, and Delas met up with Toln outside the bridge entrance. "I created a distraction for some of the troops, my master," Toln stated. "Only Nial, his apprentice, two Jedi, and some officers are in there." Sovechk grinned. "Good," he replied. "I take it Sayau is in position?" Toln nodded, and one of Sovechk's commandos kicked down the bridge blast door. Nial's apprentice and the two Jedi Knights activated their lightsabers. Sovechk looked over at Winson Sayau. Winson nodded. He activated his green lightsaber, leapt into the air, and sliced through both the Jedi Knights, killing them. Nial's padawan leapt at Winson, but Sayau slightly cut the boy's side, injuring him and knocking him out. Winson deactivated his lightsaber and stood next to Sovechk. Nial, knowing he was automatically outmatched, did not even try to reach for his lightsaber. "Sayau, you may do whatever you want to him. Just make sure it ensures he will not stand in our path towards galactic dominance," Sovechk hissed. "I must now go destroy the Jedi Temple by myself. I am so powerful that I don't even need help. This surely will destroy the Jedi Order forever, a big leap towards galactic dominance." Winson pulled out his blaster pistol and shot Nial in the ribs as Sovechk exited. "And one more thing," Sovechk ordered. "Go to Warehouse 15-C in the Warehouse District. My forces have set up a base there." Sovechk then exited the room to go to the hangar.

Kahar arrived in the bridge, only to see that Nial's padawan was unconscious, Nial was barely aive, and the rest were dead. Kahar knelt over Nial. "It looks like the Sith got to you first. But at least they didn't kill you. Hold on, I'm getting you out of here," he said. Nial, still laying on the floor, grabbed Kahar's shoulder. "No, you're not," he replied. "My life is very small in importance compared to the importance of stopping Sovechk and his lackeys. Plus, I am fatally wounded. Too wounded to be healed. Go. You must stop Sovechk and his men. Sovechk has gone to the Jedi Temple to destroy it. His men have gone to Warehouse 15-C." Kahar looked around. "I'm not leaving you," he said. "I'm getting a medical team here." Nial grabbed Kahar's shoulder again. "Get a medical team here to make sure my padawan live," Nial requested. "But you....must leave me. And one more...thing. Sayau. He...he's...a traitor..." Kahar watched as death finally caught up with Nial, and he became one with the Force. "Goodbye, Grand Master," he whispered. "May the Force be with you." Kahar then pulled out his comm and ordered a medical team to the bridge. He then contacted Dodge. "Dodge,  Sovechk is on his way to the temple," he informed Dodge. "Ok," Dodge replied. "I'll be sure to stop hi---It looks like he is here. I must go." The communications then cut. Kahar walked up to bridge controls. He began relaying a message to all Republic forces on Coruscant. "Heroes of the Republic and of the Jedi Order," he spoke. "We may have suffered heavy casualties. Our Grand Master may have died. Our fleet may be broken, but one thing that the Sith have never and will never break is our will to fight back and win for justice. We will drive the Sith away from our capital. I wish good luck to all of you." He then stepped up to a shattered window on the bridge, and dove out it. Using the Force, he came to a safe landing in front of Warehouse 15-C. Kahar force pushed the door open and ran inside. The place, or at least this level, was empty. There was fires burning, the corpses of Republic and Imperial troops, but empty other than that. He suddenly knew where Sovechk's men were. They were preparing to make an escape on the level below him. And he could not let that happen. Kahar began running through the warehouse. Suddenly, the floor panel below him caved in. He grabbed onto a metal bar as the panel collected with other wreckage on the bottom floor, creating a diagonal panel. He saw Winson Sayau and Roan Delas, getting ready to make their escape as the blast door exit slowly opened. Time was almost up. He had to think of a plan. And then, it hit him. Kahar let go of the metal bar, falling onto the panel below. He slid across it, activating his lightsabers and throwing them at Winson Sayau. The unexpecting Sayau was hit in the neck and decapitated by the lightsabers. Delas pulled out a blaster pistol. Kahar finished sliding across the panel and slid towards Roan, then pulled out his knife. He stabbed Delas in the knee, causing him to scream and fall down. Then he pulled out the knife and stuck it in Roan's shoulder. Kahar now knelt over Delas. He grabbed Delas' blaster pistol and stuck it to Delas' head. "Oh kill me. Come on Jedi. Let your anger seethe. Come on. Kill me," Delas taunted. Kahar tried to pull the trigger, but he just couldn't do it. He yanked Roan off the ground and pushed him along with the blaster pistol, out the blast door. Several Republic forces stood outside. Kahar punched Delas in the back of the head, and he fell to his knees from the blow. "This terrorist shall terrorize us no longer!" Kahar shouted. "He will be publicly executed by the Republic government as punishment for his crimes!" Two Republic soldiers then dragged Delas away, throwing him onto a shuttle, then taking off towards a Republic prison. It looked as if the day had been won.

Later than evening, Kahar walked with Dodge through the Jedi Temple. "So yeah, that's how I was able to kill Sovechk," Dodge said, as he finished recounting his duel with the Sith Lord to Kahar. "He did some damage to the Temple, killed two Jedi Masters, but as you can see the structural damage has been repaired." Kahar looked around and noticed Boom was right. The area in the temple where the duel had taken place looked perfectly fine. "I see," he replied. "But our fleet sustained moderate damage, and other structures sustained heavy damage. It's going to take a while to rebuild the prison. Warehouse 15-C sustained heavy damage from fires and explosions, and now it's being torn down in respect of those who lost their lives in the gruesome battle there. Three of our heavy warships are being dispatched to Kuat to escort the new ships to the rest of the fleet above Coruscant, on orders from Chancellor Palarus." Kahar sighed "Hopefully this won't happen again for a long time." Dodge nodded. "Agreed," he said. Kahar and Dodge split off in their separate ways in the temple as the sun set on Coruscant.

Toln was now back at Kaas City on Dromund Kaas. In light of Sovechk's death, he had been elected as head of the Dark Council and the Sith, by the Dark Council. The Dark Council was eager to go to war, but he knew if they went to war right now, in their moment of weakness, it would be the downfall of the Sith. He vowed to find a secret weapon that would help them. And he promised the Dark Council that when the Sith's army had recovered from their heavy losses, and the secret weapon was found, that the Jedi would be destroyed.

Ancient Evils

It was now 1,305 ABY. Toln Scrallis stood on Korriban, walking through the Tomb of Lord Agious, his lightsaber lighting the way. He had found one of Agious' holocrons, in which a holorecording of Emperor Agious stated that he had sealed his apprentice, Lord Kryn, away in a carbonite tube in his tomb, in order to preserve his life. Kryn was the most powerful Sith known to be alive at the time, and was to be removed from his carbonite tube only when necessary. Agious believed that if Kryn was freed at the right time, he cold fulfill the ancient Sith prophecy of a powerful Sith Lord destroying the Jedi forever.

Toln continued through the tomb and finally found the carbonite tube. He unsealed it, and then pressesd a button. Slowly, Kryn began to thaw. Finally, he awoken and stood. "Ah yes, Lord Kryn," Toln said, bowing. "Let me tell you what an honor it---". Kryn began force choking Toln. "Thank you, but you are no longer of use," he replied. He then snapped Toln's neck, instantly killing the Sith Lord. Kryn then proceeded to the other side of the tomb, where his master was buried. He took his master's lighstaber, then went to the Sith Temple.

Darth Krazor, a human Sith Lord who sat on the Dark Council, stood talking to his apprentice outside the Sith Temple. He noticed a Pureblood in a black leather tunic with a black leather hood on it, and wearing black leather leggings, with white spikes on his shoulders, walking out of Agious' tomb. "So, you must be Kryn," he stated. "Where is Emperor Toln?" Kryn shot a cold stare at the man. "You mean that pathetic excuse for a Sith?" he grunted. "Yeah, I snapped his neck. Is there a problem with that?" Krazor and his apprentice looked at each other, then quickly stepped out of Kryn's way.

Kryn threw open the doors to the Dark Council chamber. Darth Zarlon, a human sorcerer, turned his head towards Kryn. "How dare you intrude on the---" Zarlon stopped his protests as he sensed the power of the dark side in Kryn. "I'm sorry, my lord," Zarlon apologized. Kryn walked over to the seat the head of the Dark Council sat in, and sat in it. "That's right," Kryn hissed. "I am your lord. I am your new Emperor. I will lead the Sith to victory, for I am Lord Kryn. I can only imagine how terrible you did under that whelp Toln." The Dark Council members introduced themselves, and told Kryn about Toln. "So, you're the great Kryn," Krazor said as he walked into the Dark Council chambers. "Yes, my fellow councilors. This man is the most powerful Sith alive since the Old Republic era. His master sealed him away so his power could be preserved for the future. He could be the one to fulfill the Prophecy of Destruction." Kryn grinned. "And fulfill it I shall," he promised. "Krazor, I'm making you Commander of the Sith Armies. Have your men tweak my flagship to my likings, and get all the soldiers, Sith, and droids ready to board the cruisers to Coruscant. We leave at nightfall. All council members are to board my flagship by then." Kryn then hurried out of the Dark Council chambers to make a speech in front of the temple.

It was dark on Korriban as it turned to night. The bridge overhead lights and landing pad lights provided dim lighting inside the bridge. Kryn took one last look at Korriban. He heard the blast door hiss open behind him as Krazor entered the bridge. "We are ready," Krazor informed Kryn. Kryn nodded, and Krazor gave the order to take off. One by one, all the ships of the Empire took off into space, and then made the hyperspace jump to Coruscant.

It was early in the morning. Chancellor Palarus was filling out papers in his office. "More coffee for you, master," TN-68 stated, handing Palarus another cup of coffee. "Thank you, TN," Palarus replied. He took a sip of his coffee, and then looked outside at the beautiful Coruscant sunrise. Something wasn't right. That's when he noticed the enemy's shadow looming over Coruscant.

Kahar walked through the halls of the Jedi Temple. He stopped in one hall and noticed several Jedi crowded around the windows. "What's going on?" he asked, stepping towards the windows. He looked to the sky. Hundreds and hundreds of Sith warships were floating in Coruscant's sky, ready to strike at any moment. "Dear god..." Kahar said to himself.

To be continued in Kryn's Conquest.

Be sure to read our Summer of Chaos 2014 story, Kryn's Conquest, this summer! Writing starts May 30 and ends August 1 (August 8 at the latest).

Kryn's Conquest

Sith. The vile force users were pressing an attack on us. It was like nothing we had ever seen before. The man behind this attack was a genius. A man whose identity you will find out as the story unfolds.

Invasion of Coruscant

Kahar and a few Jedi stood around to watch the Sith fleet while others turned around and ran throughout the temple. After a few more minutes, waves of fighters, drop pods, and gunships swarmed out of the warships. Meanwhile, the warships turned around and began firing on the Republic fleet. Now, Kahar and all of the Jedi were running through the temple to prepare for battle. A starfighter crashed inside the temple right before the entrance, badly injuring two Jedi Knights. Kahar leapt over the fighter wreckage and threw his lightsaber at the Imperial commander, then performed a force smash as he hit the ground, sending the Imperial troopers back. Kahar then caught his lightsaber and ran out to his airspeeder, making his way to the Republic Military Headquarters. Team X walked through the streets of Industrial District on Coruscant as the Sith fleet invaded. They turned onto a side street. A drop pod landed and a male, Pureblood Sith Lord, wearing a black leather tunic with a black leather hood on it over his head, stepped out of it. "Really? A Sith Lord?" Shadow said. "We've killed billions of them." A Team X sergeant nodded. "Well then, let's take him down," he replied. The sergeant aimed his blaster rifle at the Sith Lord. Suddenly, the Sith Lord force pushed the sergeant against a wall and began force choking him. The Sith then used the Force to snap the sergeant's neck, instantly killing him. He then released his grip, letting the sergeant's body slowly fall down the wall. Team X then realized that the Sith was the leader of the fleet. Shadow raised his blaster rifle and fired a blaster bolt at Kryn. Kryn activated his lightsaber and deflected the shot at the wall. He then force pushed Team X backwards. Team X began running. Shadow then established contact with the Republic Military Headquarters on his communicator. "We have a man down!" he shouted. "I repeat, one of our men has been killed!" There was a technical officer on the other side of the comm. "Can you tell me what happened, General?" the officer asked. "The leader of the enemy fleet snapped our sergeant's neck," Shadow replied. "Where are you now?" the officer questioned. "We're on the run in Industrial," Shadow replied. "Pinpointing your location on my holocomputer..." the officer informed. "Got it." Kahar suddenly ran into the command center in the Republic Military Headquarters. "Shadow you have to get out of Industrial!" he ordered. "That's their main target, drop pods are hitting everywhere." Suddenly, a flashing dot appeared on the officer's holocomputer. "General, there is a drop pod heading towards your location," he informed. "Ten seconds until impact." Team X began running faster. "Five seconds," the officer said. Team X continued darting as the drop pod slammed into the street. "The pod has hit," the officer confirmed. A human Sith Lord kicked down the door of the pod, activated his lightsaber, and leapt towards Team X. Shadow shot the Sith in the head. "Target neutralized," Shadow relayed. Team X then evacuated Industrial as drop pods dropped all around, releasing Imperial troopers and Sith. Kryn contacted Krazor through his holocommunicator as he rode the gunship back to his flagship. "Tell our intelligence officers to begin hacking into the Republic's data network," he ordered. "I'll be ready to transmit the broadcast as soon as I get there." Krazor's hologram nodded and then flickered away as Kryn's gunship approached the flagship. Kryn stepped off the gunship and into the hangar of the flagship and then proceeded towards the bridge. When he arrived on the bridge, his technicians notified him that he was ready to transmit. "Activate it," he ordered. Team X had now arrived at the Republic Military Headquarters. Kahar stood with them, along with the director of the military and other personnel. Suddenly, Kryn hacked into the HoloNet, sending a broadcast to all electronic boards, screens, and holocomputers on Coruscant. "Shut him down," the director ordered. The tech officers furiously worked at trying to cut the transmission. "I can't!" one shouted. "He's locked us out!" The director sighed as Kryn hunched forward. "Hello Republic scum. I know people always want to know their executioner, so I'll introduce myself right away," the Sith stated. "I am Lord Kryn, former apprentice of the late Lord Agious, who was Emperor for twenty years a few millenia ago. He locked me away in a Carbonite Hibernation Tube shortly before his emperorship ended, and I have recently been re-awakened. Well, scum, you might as well enjoy life as you can. It won't be long, I can assure you, because soon you shall all be dead." Kryn then cut the broadcast. "Agious mentioned Kryn after Hectort Blarthfire and I defeated him in battle, and shortly before Scourge killed him," Kahar said. "I read about Kryn in the archives in later years. He's a legend among the Sith. As an apprentice, Kryn was more powerful than an average Sith Lord. He was the fourth most powerful Sith Apprentice to ever live. Imagine what destruction he can do as a Sith Lord...he must be stopped." Shadow nodded. "We can help you, sir," he replied. Kahar shook his head. "No, Shadow. Kryn will be too powerful for you and your squad. You saw how quickly he handled your sergeant." Shadow nodded again. "I suppose you're right," he conceded. "Contact Dodge, Jen, Warrick, and my ship - my crew and family are on it," Kahar ordered. "Tell everybody to meet me here immediately." Shadow nodded. "On it sir," he replied. "My lord, the only places of notable interest we haven't attacked yet are the Senate Tower and Military Headquarters. The fight at the Jedi Temple still rages on," Darth Krazor informed Lord Kryn. "Good, good," Kryn replied. "Send Darth Zarlon and a hundred troopers to the Senate Tower." Krazor looked at Kryn. "Only one Sith and a hundred troopers, my lord?" he questioned. "But surely the Jedi will tear them apart." Kryn nodded. "Exactly," he informed Krazor. "Their lives are meaningless. They are expendable. I sense the presence of several Jedi and troopers at the military headquarters. If we can create a diversion, we can get inside the military headquarters and take it over. The Senate Tower is worthless towards our goal, but the military headquarters we can launch the missile defense systems from. Those missile turrets are our key to winning both the ground and air battles. We need a launch code to launch the missiles, though. But that is not our immediate concern. First we take the headquarters, then we interrogate various personnel for the launch code. Now, go contact Darth Zarlon." Krazor bowed. "Yes, my lord," he replied, and walked away.

Within minutes, Kahar's friends and family had been gathered at the Republic Military Headquarters. "Alright, so we need to form a plan to take back ground," Kahar said. "The Jedi Temple still has a battle going on there, so we could start by---" Kahar was cut off by a sudden beeping sound from one of the communicators in the workspace of the tech officers. A tech officer activated it. "We need help at the Senate Tower!" a soldier's holographic image shouted, rapidly firing a blaster. "A Sith who, apparently, is named Darth Zarlon, is attacking us with his soldiers! Send help immediately!" There was a scream as Darth Zarlon blasted the soldier with force lightning and impaled him on his lightsaber, and then the communication cut. "Change of plans," Kahar replied. "We are going to the Senate Tower." The team quickly got into airspeeders. Within minutes, they arrived at the Senate Tower. Zarlon's soldiers were still locked in intense combat with Republic forces. Darth Zarlon whipped around and saw Kahar. Both force users activated their lightsabers, and then charged at each other. Before he reached Kahar, Zarlon stopped and unleashed a blast of force lightning at a street light above Kahar. Kahar narrowly rolled out of the way as the street light came crashing down. He leapt at Zarlon, and the two locked lightsabers. Eventually, Kahar found a weakness and force pushed Zarlon several feet back. Kahar slowly walked towards the Sith Lord as he struggled to get back up. Soon, he was on his feet again and charged at Kahar. Kahar raised his blue lightsaber to block Zarlon's blow, while taking his yellow lightsaber and stabbing it in Zarlon's stomach. Zarlon deactivated his lightsaber and fell to the ground. "Curse Kryn..." the Sith managed to speak while he lay dying. "We're meaningless to the...greedy fool. He'll...kill us all. I...realize his plans now. We were a die..." Zarlon let out his last breath of air, closing his eyes, and then he was no more. Kahar looked away from the lifeless body towards the soldiers. He noticed that the soldiers and rest of the team had defeated Zarlon's soldiers. "To the Jedi Temple we go," Kahar ordered.

Kryn smiled as he felt Zarlon's death through the Force. "They've taken the bait..." he murmured to himself. He turned to Krazor. "Darth Krazor, order the engineers prepare my shuttle," he ordered. "As well as round up a hundred soldiers and two Sith, and order the engineers to prepare a landing ship for them." He turned away and smiled. "We are heading to the military headquarters."

Kahar and Dodge led the group into the Temple, aiding Jedi and Republic soldiers in fighting the Sith and their soldiers. The Jedi Temple would not fall today. Kahar quickly charged through the main lobby of the Temple, slashing through Sith and enemy soldiers in his way. Eventually, he reached the Council Chambers so he could aid the Grand Master and High Council members who were trapped there. Kahar aided the Jedi Masters in defeating several Sith Lords there, and then hurried with the Grand Master through the Temple after the chambers were secure. "Grand Master Yoden," Kahar said to the Grand Master, who was a member of a small, green species. "We must get you to safety." Yoden shook his head. "No," he replied. "What I need, protection is not. Defend the Temple, we must." Kahar nodded, and the two Jedi Masters raced through the Temple, aiding other Jedi in cutting down Sith and soldiers. Eventually, the Jedi Temple was secure with minimal damage. Kahar and Yoden regrouped with the rest of the group. "We should report back to Outpost Alpha," he said.

Kryn's shuttle and the landing ship landed on the landing pad of the Republic Military Headquarters. Kryn and his forces began walking towards the entrance, but the two guards there moved in to halt him. Kryn telekentically force choked the two guards. "Don't worry," he said with a smile. "I'm authorized." He snapped the two guards' necks as he and his forces continued into the building. Immediately, Republic soldiers recognized them and opened fire. Kryn's soldiers responded by gunning them down. "If you see a man that looks like he's in charge," Kryn said, turning towards Krazor, but saying it loud enough so all of his forces could hear. "Keep him alive." All of Kryn's forces acknowledged him, and then moved throughout the base. Kryn used the Force to sense his way to the command center. When he arrived, the door was sealed, so he signaled Krazor over and the two force pushed the door down. Soldiers opened fire on them, but they activated their lightsabers and dispatched them. Kryn force choked a man in a suit, then quickly released him when he realized he was the director of the military. "The rest of the base is secure, sir," a soldier informed Kryn over the comm." Kryn smiled and turned towards Krazor. "Take this man into a different room for interrogation," he ordered. "We need what he knows." Krazor bowed in acknowledgement, grabbed the director, and took him away. A few minutes later, Kryn walked in the room and began questioning the director. "Give me the launch code," he ordered. The director shook his head. "No. Never, Sith," he replied. "Plus the code changes every day at midnight. There is another person who knows the code, but they'll never tell you it." Kryn used the Force to sense who the other person was. When he sensed the other person, he used the Force to sense his location. "I know who he is and where he is," Kryn told Krazor. "Get to the command center and contact Outpost Alpha. Oh, bring our friend and two of our guards too." Krazor nodded and hurried to the command center, with two soldiers carrying the director behind him.

The group arrived at Outpost Alpha. "Tell the director we're on our way back," Kahar requested to a tech officer. "We just secured the Senate Tower and Jedi Temple." The tech officer looked up at him. "Unfortunately, the HQ is on lockdown," he replied. "And it looks like we're getting a transmission right now." Kahar nodded. "Play it," he ordered. Kahar turned around and, suddenly, Kryn's image came across the holoscreen. Kryn stood with Krazor and two Imperial soldiers. In front of him, the director was on his knees, with one of the soldiers pointing his blaster rifle at the director's head. "You have thirty seconds to give me the missile launch codes, Jedi, before I kill your director," Kryn demanded. "Don't do it Kahar," the director pleaded. "Let me die with honor." Kryn sighed. "What's it going to be Jedi?" he asked. Kahar stood there, pondering what to do. "Just let him kill me!" the director shouted. "Time's ticking..." Kryn said, flashing a grin. Kahar looked back at his friends and family. All of them had the look on their face that told him he should do it. Kahar agreed with them and punched in the missile launch codes in a console, then sent them to Kryn. "Ha!" Kryn burst out with a slight laugh. "I knew I could break you. Time to test these." Kryn and krazor then left the command center as they went to go test the codes in the missile launch room. "Dang it Jedi!" the director shouted. He grabbed the blaster rifle from the guard aiming at him, and spun it around to throw the guard out the window. He then took the blaster rifle and shot the other guard. "Hang on director! We're coming!" Kahar shouted. The tech officer joined the group, and then the group quickly hurried to an airspeeder to get to the Republic Military Headquarters.

The group was approaching the military headquarters when, suddenly, a missile launched and hit Industrial District, causing a massive explosion. "There goes Industrial..." Kahar murmured. "Kryn's a monster," Velna said with disgust. "Agreed," Dodge replied. "Which is why we must stop him." Kahar parked the airspeeder next to the shattered window in the command center the guard had fallen out of, and then the group exited. "Are you alright director?" Kahar asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," the director replied. Kahar tried to open the door to the missile launch room, but it was sealed. "The door is sealed whenever somebody is in there," the director informed him. "It's pretty heavy too. Not even your lightsaber or force powers will work on it. The only ways to deactivate the sealing are to wait for the person to exit or manually reset it." The tech officer nodded, knelt down to an electrical panel, and got to work. "I have it all set up, sir," he said. "As soon as I pull that lever. it will deactivate the sealing. But it will also turn off the lights, as well as the rest of the power. We'd be performing an entire electrical reset." Kahar heard marching footsteps and looked towards the hall into the room to see the shadows of two Sith and nearly a hundred troopers. "That works out perfectly," Kahar replied. "Just wait until my signal." Kahar waited until the enemy forces began turning the corner. "Now!" he whispered. The tech officer nodded and pulled the lever. All at once, the power in the military headquarters went out, plunging the building into total darkness. The Jedi activated their lightsabers and leapt through the air, swinging them. When the power came back on, the Jedi deactivated their lightsabers, and all that remained of the Sith's forces were their mangled bodies. "It's been an honor fighting alongside you all," Kahar said to the group. "But now I must face Kryn. I sense he's told Krazor to leave and Krazor has left, so I can handle this on my own. But I need you guys on the frontlines. I'll see you all soon." The group nodded and all of them left for the airspeeder except Zinn and Velna. Kahar hugged both of them. "I'll see you guys soon," he said. The two nodded and went to the airspeeder, and then the group left. Kahar pushed the door open to the missile launch room. As he expected, Kryn turned away from the missile launcher, but Krazor was long gone. "You will not foil my plans, Kahar," Kryn hissed. "The Sith shall succeed in destroying Coruscant. And then...Tython falls." Kahar pulled his lightsabers off his belt and activated them. "I'm sorry," he replied. "But I can't let that happen." Kryn activated his lightsaber, and the two leapt at each other. They locked lightsabers, and Kahar used the Force to set the missile launcher to backfire on itself. A timer began counting down from ten seconds. Kryn and Kahar broke their lightsaber lock and continued blocking and thrusting attacks. When the timer reached two seconds, Kahar tackled Kryn and smashed through the window with him as the missile launch room exploded behind them. Eventually, Kryn was able to kick himself free from Kahar. The two force smashed the ground when they landed, absorbing the impact of the fall, and continued their duel. They charged at each other and intensely locked lightsabers. Suddenly, Kryn force pushed Kahar, sending him skidding back. Then, he jumped at stabbed his lightsaber into Kahar's chest. A few seconds later, he was surprised to see his lightsaber had not done any damage to Kahar, let alone kill him. "How...?" Kryn questioned. Kahar stood up. "You can't kill eternals," he replied with a grin. He then kicked Kryn in the face and force pushed him. Knowing he could not win this duel, Kryn fled the alley. Kahar then tuned in to the Republic comm channel on his communicator. "We're getting blasted to bits up here!" a soldier shouted. "We can't hold out much longer." Kahar looked to the sky. Suddenly, a Mandalorian flagship jumped out of hyperspace right near a Sith cruiser. It did not stop and plowed right through the Sith cruiser, splitting it in half. Remarkably, the Mandalorian flagship came out with not even a scratch on it. "Thought you guys could use some help," a familiar voice said over the Republic comm channel, as more Mandalorian ships jumped out of hyperspace. "Skirata!" Kahar said. "How'd you find out about the attack?" Ordius chuckled. "Good to see you again too, Jedi," he replied. "I found out about the attack because it's all over the HoloNet. So I rounded up the whole Mandalorian fleet and here we are." Kahar sighed. "Director, if you copy, please tell me where the other missile launchers are," he requested. 'I disabled the one at HQ, but I know there's a couple more." The director coughed. "I copy," he replied. "There's one launcher in Industrial and one in the Warehouse District. Shut them down or destroy them, and we'll be good to go." Kahar looked up in the sky as a missile fired and hit a Republic ship. "Dodge, I need you to take out the missile launcher in the Warehouse District," he said over his comm. "I'll get the one in Industrial." Dodge's voice came over the comm. "On it," he replied. Kahar shut off his communicator and took an abandoned speeder bike, then hurried to Industrial.

Kryn sat in his command chair on the bridge of his flagship once again. "The Mandalorians were unexpected," he informed himself painfully. "Hopefully the missile launchers can deal with them. My forces have locked them down. Even if that Jedi tries to get down the missile launchers, he'll fail." He smiled and turned towards Krazor. "We'll win this battle."

Kahar arrived in Industrial District. It had been heavily damaged by the drop pods and missile strike. He got off his speeder bike and hid behind the corner of a building as two Imperial soldiers patrolled the area. Kahar waited until they passed and then moved in to the missile bunker. The bunker had been made of sturdy, blast-proof metal so that it could survive outside explosions, as well as contain missile backfires. Kahar walked through the first hall with no problem, but hid behind the corner of the door to the launch room because there were two soldiers and a Sith Lord in it. Kahar needed to distract them. He pulled his communicator off his belt, activated it, and tossed it behind him. The Sith Lord heard the noises. He ordered the soldiers to stay in the launch room while he investigated it. When the Sith Lord exited the launch room, Kahar leapt up, punched him in the back of the head, and knocked him out. Kahar then grabbed his communicator, put it back on his belt, ran in the launch room, and punched both the soldiers in the back of the heads, knocking them out. He then re-wired the missile launcher to backfire and began running. In the first hall, however, two soldiers now stood. As Kahar ran into them, they grabbed him. "Any last words, Jedi scum?" the one soldier spat. "Yeah," Kahar replied. "You might want to run in a moment." The two soldiers looked behind him at the fiery explosion and loosened their grip on him. Kahar force pushed both of them out of the way and hurried to get to the bunker's door, hearing the screams of the soldiers behind him as they were engulfed by the flames. Kahar threw open the bunker door and got out just as the explosion shot out of the door. Several soldiers turned around and saw Kahar, and began firing on him. He got to his speeder bike and began heading back to the Republic Military Headquarters, which had been re-secured shortly after the group had defeated Kryn's forces there. He tuned his communicator to the Republic comm channel. "I've destroyed the missile launcher in Industrial," Kahar informed. "How about you Dodge?" Kahar was now approaching the military headquarters. "The missile launcher in the Warehouse District is destroyed," Dodge replied. The director sighed. "It's unfortunate we've destroyed all three missile launchers," he said. "But if it helps us win the battle, we might never have to use them again." Kahar agreed with the director. He then parked his speeder bike next to the headquarters and walked inside.

"My lord, I've just received a report that all three missile launchers have been destroyed," Krazor informed Kryn. "As well as the fact that most of our forces have been defeated, and the tide of the air battle has turned against us. Kryn sighed. "Order the retreat," he ordered. "Tell all of our soldiers that the fleet is leaving in five minutes - with or without them." Krazor nodded and hurried away.

"I don't believe it," the director said. "They're actually retreating." The rest of the group looked up. The director was right. One by one, ships of the Sith fleet were jumping to hyperspace. "Trace their jump locations," Kahar ordered. "We've sustained minimal damage and are able to press a counter-attack." One of the Republic engineers nodded and began tracing the hyperdrives.

"See," Kryn said to Krazor. "if we have the majority of the fleet head to Dromund Kaas, the Republic will think it's our capital and head there. Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet can stay at Korriban, our true capital, and we can retreat and hide there if need be. But hopefully we don't have to retreat."

"Dromund Kaas," the Republic engineer replied. "We scanned the flagship and the majority of the large ships and they're heading to Dromund Kaas." Kahar nodded. "Then we press a counter-attack on Dromund Kaas," he ordered. "I'll tell Palarus and have him get the fleet ready."

Assault on Dromund Kaas

The Sith fleet opened fire as the Republic fleet exited hyperspace above Dromund Kaas. "Not as big as I expected," Kahar said, standing aboard the bridge of the flagship. He turned towards the director. "Have most of our cruisers stay behind while some of our cruisers, including this flagship, head above Kaas City. From there we'll launch the gunships." The director nodded, and quickly hurried away. Within a few minutes, the flagship and several other cruisers in the fleet began bypassing the Sith fleet and heading down to the planet. The cruisers continued descending towards Kaas City, some getting so low that they scraped the tops of the buildings. "It's time," Kahar ordered. Slowly, the flagship and the cruisers stopped. Gunships began pouring out of the ships, firing their blaster turrets and heading towards the middle of Kaas City. Kahar, meanwhile, headed for the Defender on the flagship. "You're not coming in a gunship?" Dodge asked, who had walked up behind him. Kahar turned around. "No," he replied. "I'm taking T7 with me to the Dark Temple. I sense Kryn is there. I must face him alone." Dodge sighed. "Let me help you defeat him," he replied. Kahar shook his head. "No," he answered. "I need you to lead the attack force on the Imperial Palace in the middle of the city. If I can defeat Kryn, then you guys can defeat the remaining Sith, and we could bring balance to the Force once and for all." Kahar and T7 then got in the Defender, and headed for the Dark Temple.

"Sir, the Republic forces are on their way here," an officer informed Krazor. "Good," the Sith Lord replied with a smile. "Seal the doors. We shall let them come." Soldiers then hurried to seal the doors of the Imperial Palace.

The Defender hovered in front of the Dark Temple as its landing ramp opened. Kahar jumped off the ramp and landed in front of the Dark Temple, and then T7 flew the ship away. Kahar walked through the Dark Temple until he reached the middle. Kryn was standing there in front of a deep pit of dark side energy in the ground. Turning around, the ancient Sith faced Kahar.

"Jedi. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I heard stories about you during the time of the old Sith Empire. Now, I finally meet a match worthy of me." Kryn activated his lightsaber and leapt at Kahar. As their blades clashed, the two Force users engaged in a duel. Kahar used the Force to bring a pillar crashing down, with Kryn rolling out of the way just in time. Kryn drew on the power of the dark side pit and fired a blast of dark energy. Kahar narrowly dove as the blast flew plast him and outside the temple, causing a massive explosion. Kryn then begin channeling the dark side energy in the direction of Kaas City as he resumed his duel with Kahar.

The gunship touched down, and Shadow and Team X immediately jumped out. As he started charging towards the center of the city, Shadow ordered all Republic forces to head towards the Imperial Palace. Within minutes, a path was cleared to the entrance of the palace, which was sealed. A group of Republic forces brought a battering ram and began slamming the entrance.

"Focus your power on the entrance. Now!" Krazor ordered. He and the other Sith focused their power on the doors of the Imperial Palace, creating a force barrier that protected the entire palace. Suddenly, a blast of dark side energy hit the palace and greatly strengthed the barrier. "Looks like Lord Kryn sent some help."

Kryn staggered backwards from the Jedi, deflecting blow after blow. He was weakened, as he was concentrating a great amount of his power into the force barrier around the Imperial Palace, but was still able to hold his ground. Soon, Kahar found a weakness in Kryn, and was able to stab him in the side. Kryn yelled out and began walking backwards towards the pit of dark side energy as Kahar continued slashing his lightsaber at him.

Then, Kahar slammed a mighty blow against Kryn, causing his lightsaber to shatter and cutting his chest. Kryn fell down and cried out, but soon stood up in front of the pit of dark side energy.

"I'm taking you as a prisoner of the Jedi Order," Kahar stated. "You're coming with me."

"I see now. Even though I am destined to bring the Sith to glory, I will not live to see it." Kryn stepped backwards to the edge of the dark side pit.

"No!" Kahar shouted, but it was too late. Kryn fell backwards into the dark side well, and immediately a beam of dark side energy shot upward and pierced the ceiling of the Dark Temple. The temple began to shake and parts of it collapsed. Kahar darted outside, and soon T7 arrived with the Defender. Kahar hurried into the Defender. The ship took off and made it to Kaas City just in time as a wave of dark side energy from the Dark Temple and spread across Dromund Kaas, eradicating all life on the planet except for the fleet and those in Kaas City.

The Defender landed outside of the Imperial Palace. Kahar jumped down and quickly cut down two Sith. Looking to his right, he saw his son, Zinn, on the ground. Kahar sprinted over and decapitated a Sith Lord as he was about to kill Zinn. He then grabbed Zinn's hand and helped him up. "Thanks, father." The two then hurried to the Imperial Palace.

Darth Krazor watched in shock as the force barrier around the palace fell. "Kryn is...dead. That means I'm in charge now." He activated his lightsaber as soldiers ran to his defense. "Brace yourselves, they'll be in here any moment."

Kahar could still feel faint traces of the force barrier around the palace. He quickly grabbed Dodge, Velna, and Zinn. The four Jedi concentraed their power and unleashed a giant force blast against the doors of the palace. The doors were unable to handle any more pressure and flew open as the Republic forces charged inside. It was a slaughter as the Republic began pushing the Sith farther and farther back in the palace. "Show no mercy!" Shadow shouted as he gunned down a row of soldiers. Kahar took on a group of Sith and quickly cut them down, watching as Zinn reached the throne and killed Darth Krazor. After Krazor's defeat, the remaining Sith were easily killed.

Cheers erupted throughout Kaas City as the Republic realized the Sith were finally defeated. "Sir, we traced a bit of the Sith fleet from Coruscant to Korriban, but we had a seperate task force defeat them," Shadow told Kahar. Kahar too joined in the celebration, realizing the Sith were finally defeated once and for all. The Republic then packed up and returned to Coruscant, where a massive parade and parties were held to celebrate the end of the Sith.

End of the Sith

Coming soon.

Memorial For the Dark Nebula and Republic Troops Who Fell During the Nebula War

In 20 BBY a few months after Master Steve declared the war against Dark Nebula and Republic over and ended the Rebellion, Kahar held a memorial on Coruscant in a park to honor the fallen troops of Dark Nebula and the Republic who fought bravely against the Rebellion. Kahar stepped up onto the stage and walked over to the microphone. "Today, we gather here to remember the bravest heroes in this war. They made great sacrifices to destroy this cloud of seemingly everlasting darkness. Yes, the ones who journeyed to various planets to fight the Rebellion and never returned home. Those were the troopers who themselves had great pride and gave us great pride that there was hope in defeating the Rebellion. They gave the ultimate sacrifice. And so, starting in a few minutes, over the next few hours, I will read off all the Dark Nebula and Republic troops who fell. For now, a moment of silence please," Kahar said. Everybody then lowered their heads for a minute. Kahar then read off a list of the fallen troops. After about 3 hours, he was at the end. "And finally, CS-S117. The final troop to die in this war. He made the ultimate sacrifice on Brulan. We found a Rebellion Citadel and he sacrificed himself to remotely detonate a bomb after all data was secure. All these heroes will be remembered for their heroic acts. We would now like another moment of silence before the caskets are moved to their final graves." Everybody lowered their heads. When they lifted their heads up, they saw a dozen Clone Troopers with their blaster rifles to the side of the place. Kahar gave the order and the troopers fired their blaster rifles into the air once. Several more Clone Troopers came and then the Clones began carrying the caskets to the grave next to the park. Only about half the bodies were buried, since the other half of the bodies were either unreachable or missing. After about an hour and a half, all the bodies were buried and the ceremony was over. Kahar was sad that the troops had to lose their lives, but happy that they would always be remembered for their heroic sacrifices.

Nobody in the galaxy knew that CS-S117 was really alive on Brulan, stranded. After being knocked out for a while, the Republic left and then he woke up, only to find he was stranded.

-Special One Year Anniversary Story- Marriage & Raising A Family

This story is a special marking one year since I joined the Wiki.

You should read "The Party" story before reading this.

Kahar and Velna did have their "second date" in 48 ABY. It went well and the two began to fall in love with each other. Later that year, they got married. In 49 ABY, Velna gave birth to Zinn Zamet, their mostly-Togruta son. Zinn was force sensitive, and would be trained by his parents.

Clone Commanders

Kit Shieldturner (formerly)

Rik Wookiegrip

Commander Raylan (formerly)

Commander Shadow


  • Dog
  • T7-O1
  • BT-49
  • C2-N2
  • HK-62
  • Velna Laros Zamet

Kahar's Crew

3643 BBY -  3642 BBY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • C2-N2

3642 BBY - 3620 BBY

  • Kira Carsen
  • Lord Scourge
  • T7-O1
  • Doc
  • C2-N2
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • HK-62

3620 BBY - 40 BBY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • C2-N2
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • HK-62

40 BBY - 21 BBY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • HK-62

21 BBY - 19 BBY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62

19 BBY - 45 ABY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62

45 ABY - 48 ABY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62
  • Jason Alrean

48 ABY - 49 ABY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62
  • Jason Alrean
  • Velna Laros Zamet
  • Snorren

49 ABY - 50 ABY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62
  • Jason Alrean
  • Snorren

50 ABY - 59 ABY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62
  • Jason Alrean
  • Velna Laros Zamet
  • Snorren

59 ABY - 65 ABY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62
  • Velna Laros Zamet
  • Snorren

65 ABY - ? ABY

  • Kira Carsen
  • T7-O1
  • Sergeant Rusk
  • BT-49
  • Commander Shadow
  • HK-62
  • Velna Laros
  • Snorren
  • Zinn Zamet


Heavenly Lightside Dwelling (Padawan Dormitory, Fixture Count: 3)

Clone House (Kamino Lot, Fixture Count: 166)

Republic Outpost (Umbara Lot, Fixture Count: 86)

Victorious Republic Hall (Trophy Room, Fixture Count: 0)

Supreme Clone Factory (Kamino Lot, Fixture Count: 5)

Red Forest House (Jedi Living Quarters, Fixture Count: 72)

Awesome Nebula Cruiser (Republic Cruiser, Fixture Count: 37)

Dark Nebula Outpost (Kamino Lot, Fixture Count: 15)

Repair Station (Asteroid Lot, Fixture Count: 148)

Republic Factory (Iceberg Three Lot, Fixture Count: 174)

Army Base (Republic Cruiser, Fixture Count: 685)

Dark Nebula Lab (Mustafar Lot, Fixture Count: 177)

Jedi Outpost (Ryloth Lot, Fixture Count: 9)

Dark Nebula Village (Ryloth Lot, Fixture Count: 450)

Republic Base (Felucia Lot, Fixture Count: 124)

Secret Republic Base (Geonosis Lot, Fixture Count: 60)

Republic Citadel (Sith Academy Lot, Fixture Count: 31)

Peaceful Grassland Village (Open Maridun Lot, Fixture Count: 45)

Awesome Outlaw Farm (Ryloth Lot, Fixture Count: 24)

Beautiful Jedi Dwelling (Coruscant Luxury Chambers, Fixture Count: 41)


Kahar participated in many wars throughout the millenia he lived. During the Old Republic era, he participated in his first war - the Galactic War - alongside the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order. Shortly after, he joined the Alliance and aided in their war against the Eternal Empire. Thousands of years later, he participated in the Clone Wars against the Separatists. After the fall of the Republic, Kahar started his own rebel cell called The Survivors, which later became a part of the rebel network. Eventually, the rebel network became the Rebel Alliance, and the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire started. Following the defeat of the Empire, there was a twenty-nine year peace, until the First Order attacked. Following this, Kahar joined the Resistance and participated in the First Order-Resistance conflict.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Strongholds

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (first appearance)

Star Wars Galaxies

Non-Canon Appearances

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga



Behind the Scenes

Kahar was a character made in Clone Wars Adventures, later used in the create your own character on Lego Star Wars 3, on the Star Wars Galaxies trial, the create your own character on Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Then in August 2012, a skin of Kahar was made for the Minecraft PC Edition. Kahar was still an active character on Star Wars: The Old Republic during the Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Galactic Starfighter, Galactic Stronghold, Shadow of Revan, Knights of the Fallen Empire, and Knights of the Eternal Throne digital expansions.

In Clone Wars Adventures, Kahar's looks were originally based off of Savage Opress, with his skin color the same and tattoos and horns very similar. He also wore Savage's armor and wielded his lightsaber.

Brulan, Duraan, Krenton, and Vandaes are all planets that I created. Krenton IV is a moon I created.

The idea for a Clone Spartan was based off the Spartans in Halo.

The Battle of Brulan was based off of four dreams that I had.

The Swamps of Ryloth idea was based off the Swamp Trooper gear, which came out about the same time Ryloth turned into a combat zone.

The Ryloth combat zone was used for the Evacuating the Last Village section and parts of Mission in the Swamps of Ryloth.

Special thanks to Luke Docker for putting that Season 5 Trailer up on a blog post. Couldn't have finished Onderon story without it. You can watch it here.

The "Stopping the Bombers" story is based on the Ryloth Biggest Battles mini-game.

Special thanks to Reedman211 for working with me to develop the Silk Mar Capture story arc for both of our pages.

Special thanks to Reedman211 for designing Silk Mar, the Neimoidian Separatist Leader.

"Riot on Kamino" was based on a true event from the game that I experienced, in which my friend made his Kamino Lot public and a bunch of players swarmed it, demanding to be let in.

Special thanks to Reedman211 for working with me on the Purge of Naboo story arc.

"The Pit of Death" and speeder cycles in The Great Demise series are inspired by TRON.

The 1295 ABY story is a little bit based off the Call of Duty: Black Ops II campaign.

Battle of Rishi was originally supposed to take place in 2 BBY and have The Survivors go to Dantooine to join the Rebel Alliance, however it was later moved forward to 3 BBY so The Survivors could join the early rebellion on Atollon as a way of connecting to the Star Wars Rebels TV show.

Kahar mentioning that he plans to go to the lab on Mustafar after Order 66 is a reference to the fact that I originally established the lab as The Survivors' first base, before later changing it to the Republic base on Ryloth in order to better fit canon (Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story depict Mustafar under Imperial control). The stories from 19 BBY - 14 BBY are still the same, with just the lab on Mustafar being replaced with the base on Ryloth. Orson Krennic was mentioned as a way to get a few Rogue One references into my page.


Orgus Din

Orgus Din was Kahar Zamet's master. Kahar only knew Orgus for about two or three months, as Orgus was slain at the hands of Darth Angral.

Bengel Morr

Bengel Morr was Orgus Din's former Padawan, believed to have been killed in the destruction of the Jedi Temple, but actually survived. He turned to the dark side and made an army of Flesh Raiders to attack the Jedi Order on Tython. As his final Padawan trial, Kahar defeated Bengel in a duel, and then imprisoned him. Morr later turned back to the light side and helped fight Imperial and Mandalorian forces during the Battle of Corellia.


T7-O1 was the former astromech droid of Jedi Master Ven Zallow, who fell to Darth Malgus during the Sacking of Coruscant. Kahar met the droid on Tython, and was able to use his help to defeat Bengel Morr and the Flesh Raiders. T7 traveled with Kahar throughout all his adventures in the galaxy in the Old Republic era, and was even there to help him kill Vitiate. Later in 3,640 BBY, Kahar was captured by the Eternal Empire and frozen in carbonite on Zakuul. In 3,635 BBY, T7 came to Zakuul to help Lana Beniko and Koth Vortena free Kahar.

Darth Angral

Darth Angral was a powerful Sith Lord during the Old Republic Era. For almost four months as a Jedi Knight, he hunted Angral. Angral killed Kahar's master, Orgus Din. Angral had made a superweapon for his cruiser, and threatened to use it to consume all life on Tython. Above Tython, Kahar boarded Angral's ship to complete the task his master failed at. Kahar killed Angral with a swift, fatal lightsaber blow, claming it was justice for the galaxy.

Satele Shan

Satele Shan was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Old Republic Era. She watched Kahar progress from Padawan to Master, and was the one who made Kahar a Knight and Master.

Lord Vitiate

General Kessler

Lord Magma

Darth Vasha

Strange Green Lights

On July 24, 2012 at 12:30pm EST, Kahar was at Raxxum Gelvan's Kamino Lot when he saw strange green lights. Apparently everybody thought he was crazy, saying he was just seeing stuff. But here's the photo proof to show you that I'm not!

Green Lights

The green lights are circled in black.

Kahar Meets His First In-Game Counselor!

At 7:30am EST on July 13, 2012, Kahar met his first in-game Counselor! Counselor Nooati!
Counselor Nooati

Kahar at the party with Counselor Nooati! It might be hard to see, but she's the black circle.

Sources for My Fanon Characters

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