Kyrus Lightfire
Kyrus Lightfire was known as Kyrus Darkblade ever since the battle against the Blood hound battalion, Defense wolfs and Mandalore themarauder allies have been defeated. He found a large wealth to use as a funding for his operations .After defeating all his enemies and finding his wealth, Kyrus began to work on his new team under the command of Lenn Jadelighter.

After years of service under Lenn Jadelighter, he began to feel that Lenn was using him for his own purposes. He tried to kill Lenn, but couldn't knowing that he was Force-sensitive. After a few days, he found out that Adam Heart had become the new ruler of the galaxy. Since then, Xalandra Nova worked behind the scenes to take over the Jedi temple together with Dark Female Force. Lenn introduced Kyrus to Adam Heart in order to tell him that he will be working for Adam. Getting to know Adam Heart, he was hired to kill members of Dark Female Force and Skull Squadron. After completing all his missions, Adam was inside a cargo ship together with Kyrus. On the way to a secret hideout he found out Adam was actually using him. Adam shot the cargo doors, causing a malfunction. The doors opened and he shot Kyrus' legs. Kyrus couldn't hold on any longer. Eventually he let go and got blasted out of the cargo ship.

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