revolt against the macabees

in the second century bc after the death of alexdander the great a greedy emperor of greece decied to enslave the hebrews at that time jesus came to mount olympus to negoaite there he meet athena and had a child named jonathan they diecied that this time period was to dangerous to leave him on earth with paul so they traveled to year 1999 and gave him to a man named george lucas

life at skywalker ranch

within two months jono was 12 years old and attending ridgecrest intermiadte school with the brain of a rocket scientist he was briliant

meeting the skylanders

as reward for his good grades george lucas gave jono skylanders:spyro's adventure a game and after a little a skylander scout named steath elf came to take him to skylands

life in skylands

jonathan became a portal master and made the skylands defense force(skylanders,gillmen and the mabu defense force) he rebuilt the ruins and became the ruler of skylands

going home

once strand in the skylands jonathan new he had to find a way out but in that time he adopted skylander chop chop as his son.soon they found a way to transmit a way out of the portilia nebula(skylands).gurglefin knew of an old spaceport founded during the time the old republic,but the station's name was hammerhead spaceport but it was in the heart of the troll enclave near old oilspill island.

meeting squickers

wanting to go home jono went to hammerhead.And there right in the pet shop window.was a baby duckling with a price of 1 he bought it and named it squickers and fed it some immortality water(water from the fountain of youth)and then some milk.and then set off for home on the coronet.

battle for the ark

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