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35 BBY

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1.84 meters

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Rise of the Empire era


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"Well that's peculier."

John Dawson who was also had the title the Grifter was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He was a green skin Twi'lek and used a green lightsaber. His handle was very interesting with a hook at the bottom. He was a powerful Jedi Knight with the title of Grifter.



John was born on Ryloth from his mother Caren Dawson. He had the father of Ian Dawson. John had an older brother and his name was Tad. Tad was three years older than John. He also had a sister who was not yet born, she was a year younger than John. Unfortunatly when he was five enemies attacked his home town. His father joined the Twi'lek Freedom Fighters and died in war when it was 21 BBY during the Battle of Ryloth. Later Mace Windu took Ryloth back with his men.

Training as a Padawan

When he was nine, he bacame a Padawan after training at the Jedi Temple. It was time. He had a master named Orgun Dui. He was also a force-sensitive when he was birn, and his destiny has come. He dreamed it would happen when he first headr about the Jedi-to become a Padawan and soon be a Jedi Knight. With the first part of his training he began with the Jedi Code. It taught him all the ways of the Jedi. Then for real training he began lightsaber dueling his master. He did not win a duel until it had been four years. That's when he was thirteen. It took him forever, he also learned to meditate, and jump to high places. He learned to jump off a high structure and land unharmed.

Having no Master

It was 20 BBY during the Clone Wars, his master died during war. It was a year ago when his father did. He was on Dantooine and his master was shot in the back, he was though taken to shelter but when they got there, moments later he died, and John was furious and destriyed the rest of the droid army. He stayed at the Jedi Temple and was taught by other Jedi. When the time came during the time of the Rebel Alliance on 15 ABY he got an actual new member. He was Boomdodger. Boomdodger taught him well, and he also had another padawan. He was Sorn Gurfbreather and they were good friends. At an adult age he became a Jedi Knight and a year later Jedi Master.