Jett Septin
Biographical information

Alderaanplanet Paradise


10,987 BBY


To occur...

Physical description

Ralarea/Mandalorian hybrid




6 ft. 6 in.


198 lb.

Hair color

Faux hawk, blonde style.

Eye color


Skin color

Warm tan


Left arm

Right leg

Blood type




Chronological and political information

Eternal Conflict - ?


Ralarea Council


Jedi Order

Legions of the West Winds

Known masters

Verociousna Septin (cousin)

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooperTechnician

"'Bold move, coming here alone against someone who is wiser than you and can change destiny and your actions."

- Jett Septin

Jett Alcatraz Septin is a male Ralarea who served as an Aspect of Wisdom and Fate hopeful alongside his fellow Ralarea men against legions of demons in the war known as the Eternal conflict. He, thanks to a knowing of things, present and future, could determine what strategy to use, what area to avoid, what strong point to hold, and how to expertly fight. Demons fell at his blades by the droves, powerless against a man far wiser than most who knew what would happen in whatever scenario or battle he was in. Jett was born into the ruling family at the time of crisis and is the distant cousin of the great war hero Verociousna Xerxes Septin, who, at the time, was the Omniaspect of his people due to his father's death. Jett, a score of years after he was born and observing and fighting in highly active combat, took his father's place in the Ralarea High Council. It was also Jett who had the idea of Verociousna digging a tunnel under a notorious stretch of land between the Ralarea's land and the land of the demons so as to get behind their lines. The plan would succeed, but in so doing would cause Jett's other cousin, Verociousna's sister, Katarina Septin, to snap and finally bring her plans to daylight. Jett, by the time he found out about Katarina's betrayal, was hidding away in the country side of Paradise with three others: his father, the Aspect of Mercy and the Force, Calven Mynockrazor, and her daughter, Emma Mynockrazor. A month of hidding would pass before Verociousna, the only surviving Ralarea sent behind demon lines, came through a portal and beheld the ruins of the old city of Haven's Reach. The other four quickly found Verociousna, came up with a plan, and hijacked a functional troop transport to fly a safe distance away from their planet and force it to explode, but in so doing, they would cause a conflux of energies to send them all flying to both different times and different places. Jett and his father went back through time a moderate distance, in the end somehow winding up to be Mandalorians during the time of the Republic, before the Clone Wars. Jett, before being found by the Jedi Order, would, along with his father, who took on a false role as an uncle, would live a life of penury, living in the slums of a city in the Northern Plains of Mandalore.

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