Jazz Aryxcharger was a Trandoshan Mandalorian during the Clone Wars. He was a proud member of the Mandalorian Guild, a guild made in honour of True Mandalorians.



Jazz was a clone trooper of the grand army of the republic on his way to fight off the droids on Ryloth. His ship was almost at the drop point when a heavy blast hit

the ship. Jazz's ship crashed down. Most of them were alive, the crew though he was dead and they went off to fight in the battle. Jazz was injured and he traveled all around the planet looking for help. He had lost all hope when he saw a

Jazz Aryxcharger

nother Trandoshan.


That person helped Jazz up and he brang him to the nearest medic bay to help him. By the time he woke up from his coma he was on a planet called Korda 6. There h
Tribute to Mandalorians The Chosen Ones (Music Video)05:03

Tribute to Mandalorians The Chosen Ones (Music Video)

this is a inspreation to all are fellow *vode out there

e saw a group of Mandalorians. They said they could train him in the arts of Mandalorian combat and that's what he did. Days went by and he became a tested Mandalorian. Then the leader Aloquar Ordo, leader of the Mandalorian Guild, showed his top men to Jazz: , Jango,vinna and Doc. Doc was the one who helped Jazz when he was hurt. Then he was a True Mandalorian following the path of
The mandalorian guild

the mandalorian guild

Jaster mereel and months later he was rank commander. A year later rank general. He swore to have reveng on the clone for leaving him to die.

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