Jasmine Rosejoy
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Nabooplanet Naboo


44 BBY

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"Lets race to the highest moutain near the widest stream and the most beautiful city; There we can find peace <3" - To CPL Casey on their trip to Alderaan

Birth -

Jasmine Rosejoy was born in the year 44 BBY , on the planet of Naboo. She was, and still is, a nice blonde girl who has dangerous skill with many weapons.  

Teenage Years -

Her teenage years were a great time for her and she experienced many pleasures and fun times with Razul Codespark, Lakerz Kobe, Adni Darkbolt, Lord OttenZivek,Rex Bactapack, Rogue Silvernight, Vann Blazebreaker, Rih Silvernight, and many others... She was a likeable girl and she trained fairly normally with a lightsaber, assorted blasters, etc.

The Battle of Naboo -

These were trying times for Jasmine Rosejoy. Naboo was taken over in 32 BBY; at 12 years old, Jasmine helped to transport the Queen to safety from battle droid armies and showcased her previous expertise with a blaster. She was transported, along with other important people, to Coruscant; She initially didn't like it there... But after meeting Jarek Osari, a Jedi padawan, she started to train in the Jedi ways and went on missions with other padawans. She eventually came back to Naboo after her mission to Mon Calamari, which let her use her diplomatic skills once more. Jasmine came home to a war-torn Naboo, with much work to be done.


Me and Max :)

Late Teens -

As she got a bit older, at about 16, she started doing charitable deeds. She was a normal helper and very nice to her friends; At one point she started a series of Tournaments! These were very intense, yet not very fatal, and offered a chance to win to the 13-18 number of contestants. Challenges were made by her and her number of contestants, at that point in time, did these challenges and eliminations were done afterwards. She and her contestants, most of the time, had much fun and sometimes she did themes too (such as Hunger Games)! Her winners were Max SkyNight, Nicole Nighttracer, Bail Niceshot, VolknerAce Sabor, and Dalsc Weahde. More winners came after and she let the tournaments take a bit of rest. And THEN her life got interesting.

Good times!


Coruscant Travels -

As an ambitious girl and very popular one too, she ended up on Coruscant with some success to possibly be made! She met many people there and met up with Antda Hiade and Adni Darkbolt and explored the wonderful city area and traveled to Hesperidium, a resort not far from there. There she ren

My place!

ted a luxurious apartment there. She found solitude in the Jedi Academy and learned the trade of the lightsaber from different teachers such as Barrison Lightneedler and others. Along the way she met the trooper Rex Bactapack and Darth Titanic, who seemed to be a Dark Jedi in disguise... But Jasmine didn't want to start any fights.

Wild Times -

For a while, Jasmine was experiencing amazing times in her life with wealthy homes in Coruscant and Hapes, her vacation home, and was having a great time handling worldly matters and being the talk of the universe. She took vacation trips to Bespin, a gasey world with Cloud City, one of her favorite places to go and gamble. She was blonde and was dim at times, but she knew how to wield a s

Watch it bro!

niper rifle, blaster pistol and even a lightsaber! She had some fun times and met some interesting people such as Arc Burner and Lions Stafford. Coronet CIty, in Corellia, wanted to hire her as their official spokesperson for good-looking trigger-happy blonde women, but she turned it down! She thought Corellia was full of ugly people and corruption and that it would not suit her well...

Rise to City Fame -

Taris was the start of a new life for her. At 17.5 years old, she had 4 speeders, a universe-wide reputation, good
Watch it!

Yeah ;)

looks, and new brown hair! Her vacation homes and normal homes equaled 8 and those 8 homes were worth a good amount of money each. She went to dances and showed off her worldly looks and appeal. Taris opened up its arms for her and she was announced to be the Most Gorgeous Woman of The City, which stretched from the cities of Taris, Coruscant, Corellia, and Bespin! She was truly honored.

Schooling -

She attended school, even with her fame stalking her at every minute, at Maridun w

Wizard School :o!

hich was a humbling and quiet world. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry taught her magic and she was sorted into the Hufflepuff House, which was filled kind and loving and loyal people. She had a good time there and learned many things from Harry Potter, her good friend. Schooling there, though, was generally short, and at 18.5 years old she left there with one year of brief magic ability training.

The Survival Games (25 BBY) -

Visiting Corellia on experimental travel, she was called to be a competitor on The Survival GlxyGames. This was a tournament with 8 different worlds each contributing a boy and a girl from their population. It would, generally, find a winner from the 16 people who would fight to the death in challenges. Jasmine cautiously replied that she would compete, not knowing fully what it meant. Her tournament from about 3 years ago had been compared to this, but she did not know that it was a fight to the death... And things were about to get ugly...

Competition -

Jasmine started off weakly.... The arena was on a beach with not much food and guarded supplies. She had to get rid of each competitor. That was the only way... 15 other people were out to get her, and she would have to rely on all of her skills that she had ever learned! There were bounty hunters there too!! Her world partner from Corellia,
Hunger Games!


Ario Heilani, did not trust her. He knew of her and thought she was a big phony. In the first day results were in her favor : Nathan Amaro from Jabiim, Caraba Jantina from Barabel 1, Rumi Parazosoa and Arrron Alidaso from Vulpter, and Karzonia from Zygerria were gotten rid of. She only had 10 people left to deal with. She knew the blonde girl from Orto Plutonia, Gaerial Alexisa, would want to get rid of her. And she couldnt trust her own world partner, Rikoi Kennirrso... Or was that his name? She couldnt remember... So many important and skilled people... Her thoughts were running fast and she knew she had to get supplies.

Pacing the beach one day, a girl was running through the forest... Being chased was the only thought Jasmine could conjure, and she couldnt decide whether to help her or to run! She identified the girl as being from from Jabiim and saw her get struck down by another girl... Jasmine used her force skills to see who was chasing the girl, and noticed it to be Gaerial... Gaerial sensed Jasmine and made a mad dash for her! Jasmine reached instantly and got out her saber and slashed some trees to cover her, but Gaerial send a Force Blast towards Jasmine! Jasmine was hit and was knocked down to the sandy ground. Gaerial sent out a snort and flipped her blonde hair and paced for a few seconds and turned on her lightsabers. This was all in 6 seconds.  

Jasmine quickly got out her pocket blaster and shot as much as she could, but Gaerial was quick and jumped at Jasmine, while from no where a man stepped out and shot Gaerial in the leg with amazing accuracy. Gaerial fell and Jasmine picked her up by her hair and slapped her and then dropped her. The man revealed himself to be
Uh oh!


from Barabel 1 and thanked Jasmine for attempting to save her friend from Jabiim and walked off. Jasmine was tired and fell asleep... She picked herself back awake later and noticed it to be nighttime... She checked the results so far from her datapad and noticed that 8 were still alive, including her. She made a mental check : both from Selonia were alive, she and her partner from Corellia were alive, the man from Barabel 1 was still alive, the boys from Orto Plutonia and Vulpter were still here, and finally the girl from Tatooine was still ok. Jasmine played a big part of the push to recover the guarded supplies and the boy from Orto Plutonia was lost and the boy from Vulpter was also injured. Supplies were taken and Jasmine was now refreshed and ready to ally with the man from Barabel 1, the girl from Selonia and the girl from Tatooine. The winning requirements were two people, if allied, could win... and Jasmine was worried. But the boys from Vulpter and Selonia were eventually lost and Jasmine was going strong.


The final battle was Jasmine, the girls from Selonia and Tatooine and the man from Barabel 1 vs Jasmine's partner from Corellia, the boy. The boy turned out to be a bigger threat than they realized and was a Sith Acolyte and a

Top 5! Fight!!

Bounty Hunter! Jasmine's force powers were weakened from his force superiority, so she had 2 choices... Blaster or magic.... Jasmine whipped out her wand and shot spells at her world partner as the 2 girls and the man from Barabel 1 attacked him. The girl from Selonia was a nice girl, who used a blaster and a knife, and the girl from Tatooine was a crazy bounty hunter, yet strangely innocent-like. The girl from Tatooine got her head chopped off and Jasmine felt a surge of anger as her Selonian and Barbarelian friends were getting weaker. Jasmine continued to shoot spells and try to make up a plan as her world partner used his Sith powers and shot both of Jasmine's friends down. Jasmine shrieked and whipped out both of her sabers and jumped at the Sith man and they fought in brawl form. Jasmine used her nails as secondary attacks and the Sith man got eviler by the minute as he used any tactic possible to corrupt her. Finally, Jasmine jabbed her saber across his leg and gave him a scar, and then pushed him back using the Force then used her wand and blasted him in the face with an explosive spell and jumped with him as he fell backwards and shot him in the stomach as he fell and she fell with him. He fell to the burnt sandy floor and Jasmine looked back to her 2 friends. The Selonian girl was named Sarumi and the man from Barabel 1 was named Nictolas. They had a split second of fear when they realized they were the final three, and only two could win... But suddenly all 3 of them were transported back to Corellia, Jasmine's home.
HG winners!


The Hunger Games staff was there and congratulated all of them!

Traveling after the Survival GlxyGames -

The 3 of them got a victory tour after they won. They went to Selonia, a nice place full of furry animals and humans and lush trees. They went to Barabel 1, a vicious world of honorable men, psychotic women and distrustful aliens. They went to Tatooine and Orto Plutonia, both harsh worlds of harsh conditions and harsh social policies. Jabiim, Zygerria and Vulpter were planets of humans and aliens alike, full of evil and corrupted cities full of bounty hunters and full of distaste among different species. Life was good.

Troubling Times (24 BBY)

At age 20, Jasmine was a full blossoming young woman. She had the galaxy at her innocent fingertips... But things were about to get scary for her and her friends... A plot to purge a single ring of planets, and possibly the whole GALAXY, was about to be unleashed.

Homes and Superiority-


Second home on Coruscant


Bedroom on Coruscant



Fancy home on Naboo



Palace set on Hapes


'Jasmine had houses on many planets, such as Coruscant, Naboo and Hapes... She was famous. She was wealthy. She made many enemies without meaning to.....

Trouble in the Outer Rim

The next chapter of Jasmine's life starts on Nar Shaddaa. Success called her there for a business party; She was having as well of a time as expected... But a plot was in motion... Jasmine had been expecting it... She had a feeling things were a bit "off". Whether it was a political plot, an assassination plot, she wasnt sure. Suddenly, with a feeling of "I knew it..." in Jasmine's mind, Jasmine heard a crash... Somone (or something) had entered the building without being invited.  

A bounty hunter... She was sure of it! She flashed out her bright lightsaber with the accuracy of a butterfly-catcher and jumped onto the party deck upstairs, pushing people out of the way. She had her pistol out, shooting lights to change the accuracy of the assassins' enhanced visor vision... But that didn't stop the assassins' jetpack from lifting him/her to the VIP section of the party... Along the way the assassin shot at least 8 people... Jasmine was herding sections of people to safety, until realization of her enemy hit her square in the face; in the form of a bottle of an exotic Corellian drink. The bounty hunter laughed with pleasure and jumped down, shooting clusters of people down as they tried to scamper to the exit. He/she then started running to a designated area of high power.... That high power sat her brother... And Jasmine knew exactly what the bounty hunter was going to do...  

The bounty hunter, Belia Azure, knew her target.

Belia Azure

She watched him, and his sister Jasmine Rosejoy, the whole time. She would knock on the door, say there was something bad going on... and then shoot him! But the girl Jasmine was a neusance. Presently, a quick knock on the door and no answer surprised her. She lifted up her double blades to strike the paneled door down, until a blaster shot hit her helmet. Nice shooting... She turned her head and saw Jasmine Rosejoy running down the hall at incredible speed to attack her... Azure had no time to think as Jasmine jumped and brought down her shining green saber down to slice her in half! Azure whipped out her blaster just in time to shoot Jasmine, only shooting her leg though. Jasmine fell to her knees and instead of cutting Azure in half she looked up to see Azure about to chop HER in half...

Tyrral in his apartment.

Tyrral opened the guarded door in his safe VIP room to see her sister about to die and a bounty hunter and chaos going on around the club. Tyrral took his blaster and knocked Azure in the face with it, only to have her growl and attempt to shoot him in the gut. Jasmine got up and kicked Azure in the face, like a pro, and stabbed her on the arm with her double-bladed saber. Tyrral got in Belia Azure's face and yelled to ask what was going on here...

Attack on Nar Shaddaa

Azure spit in his face, slapped Jasmine and burst through the wall... Escaping. Suddenly, alarms burst out as an orbital bombing destroyed half of the party club room.


Rides to a different planet from such a beautiful city on a beautiful ship are usually always relaxing. This one wasnt for Jasmine Rosejoy... She couldnt get a hold of Davik Cloudcruiser, her other brother, and her allies were not able to be reached. Kessel was an area to all meet up, even though it was potentially dangerous... But no one would think to find her or her fellow targets there. Little did she know, Kessel would deliver a world of knowledge.


Arriving on the planet, Jasmine didn’t know what to think. She would need Vinpo Pocam and Rex Bactapack for sure. They would know how to sort out the bombing of Nar Shaddaa. But she would need a strike force… A strike force to rescue her friends and fellow famous diplomats. She didn’t need any government to help her. She could do this by herself… Until a zombie arrived… Her friend Xylon Russo…! Jasmine ran from the sight of him, distressed enough to not even know what to do…. She ran very slowly on the earthy and non-gravitational moon earth of Kessel, until she heard a blaster shot. She turned around to see her zombified friend, Xylon, on the ground… Frying on his chest. Rex had arrived! Jasmine uttered, finally speaking a word after such a long time of fighting and escorting people to safety; “Hey Rex… Its been a long day…”.

A knock on her guarded cell, which she turned into a VERY temporary saferoom, alarmed Jasmine. She got up and tied back her hair and opened the door, realizing it was an old man...? Rex came too and said he was very vague earlier because he knew she would need to rest. Rex introduced the older man as Ryan Warfare... Rex left and the old man spoke. She got the feeling he was a ghost... But he talked in a very ancient, almost unlifelike way... And he told her of strange things... "You, yes you girl, are involved in a plot to get rid of the population of a system of planets. I cannot say who, or where, this is involved with. But I can tell you that you can do much good... More than mere goverments can do." Mr. Warfare explained. Jasmine was feeling awkward but she listened to him anyway. She asked "What.. What planets were struck?". He answered proudly "Planets such as here, which I helped remove, Sernpidal, Kamino, Rhen Var and Telos were struck... All at the same time. This is a conspiracy... We will not know how far the death toll will reach until it reaches....".

And then Jasmine knew she would make a system of teams to help her on this galaxywide quest - Starting with Rex Bactapack, Clone Commander LS, and Dalsc Weahde  

Zygerria seemed a simple place to go to spread the news of a potential galaxywide attack.


Slaveowners would probably rise up with Jasmine and her team.. Maybe? The first step would be to dress humbly, or risk getting attacked, and spread the news. "Hey... Did you hear about the attacks?" "You know... You guys might want to get out of here..." But the proud citizens of Zygerria did not budge. As if this was expected for Jasmine's team to come here, a building exploded and Jareal Captilon, one of Jasmine's old rivals, burst through and shot at the crowd. Citizens of Zygerria mostly ran away, fearing for their home items and treasures. But Jasmine's team stayed here... "Dalsc! Save specific diplomatic people and other official people! We can handle him!" Jasmine yelped in the whooshing crowd of flowing people. Dalsc ran off and told of the attack on Zygerria and told the government officials. Jasmine, Rex, and Clone Commander LS fought Jarek. He was a fatal bounty hunter with a good attitude towards everything... But his anger problem helped with the bounty hunter persona. Jareal shot his pistols and threw bombs everywhere and none of Jasmine's team could catch him! Just as Jasmine jumped up on a building rail to swipe his feet off with her lightsaber, a woman kicked her in her gut with superior flash and accuracy! Jasmine and Aleera Darkshadow fought on the building rooftop as Jareal had his chance to do his business.

Jareak landed on the Zygerria High Court building and immediately took all crucial information for his strike team. "Oh this is fantastic... Too easy!" he muttered to himself. "ALL CITIZENS, YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN TAKEN CONTROL OF! YOU ARE NOW UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE HIGH WAR VAR POWERS! You may NOT leave this planet without stating your reason" Jareal was pleased with himself as he delivered that message. But a blaster shot just missing his head was not at all a pleasure. He spun around and looked at a blaster muzzle in his face, held by Clone Commander LS.  

Rex Bactapack WAS, after all, one of the best clone troopers... But nothing could get rid of the split second of fear when a dangerous bounty hunter smashes a friend's armor plates and sends him flying into a wall; Clone Commander LS looked unconsious, but Rex could handle this! Rex and Jareal battled with their weapons and struck or shot them when the distances of the battle changed. Rex hoped Jasmine was okay and Jareal was intending to kill... Rex jumped onto a rail and, behind Jarek, shot at his back but Jareal spun around and threw a dagger straight at Rex!

Rex tends to do a lot of jumping away from blaster shots, but the sharp dagger was so quick he barely had time to think; until a body jumped in front of him... Clone Commander LS was stabbed in the arm by the fatal dagger... As a last help to Rex, he shot Jareal 6 times and then died :/. Rex felt a pang of regret and sadness for his friend, while Jareal felt pain from the trigger-happy Clone Commander. Jareal ignited his jetpack and flew off to help Aleera.


Jasmine and the psychotic assassin, Aleera, were evenly matched. Jasmine was a quirky and flexible fighter while Aleera had 2 quick draw blasters! They clawed and slapped and punched and even stabbed occasionally! Aleera would probably have good information for Jasmine's strike team, if ONLY she would calm down! Jasmine attempted to subdue her but Aleera just spun away and did a backflip and kicked Jasmine in the face and then shoot at her with her pistols. Jasmine was getting tired and she could not hold on much longer... Hopefully her team was ok!! But they needed to get out of there... Suddenly, a hand grabbed her hand and she force pushed Aleera away... But it wasnt Aleera.. It was Jareal... She was now a prisoner of war.    

Dalsc and Rex found each other quickly and compared their individual events and also wondered where Jasmine was... A woman that looked a lot like Aleera was about to get onto her ship... Dalsc and Rex followed her and disabled her ship... Dalsc shot a stunning bolt into her stomach and they interrogated her. When doing so they learned where Jarek took Jasmine... "Silly boys! He took your friend to Kamino! You wont get her back!!" she bellowed. They her there, stunned, and gathered Jasmine's second strike team for their new mission.

Jasmine knew she could fool the fool Jarek in this sinister lab and hostage room. The Kamino jet-sleek corridors were filled with the marketplace feeling, but in a technological form. Jarek had kidnapped a couple of scientists from Kamino, as well as other planets, to hold as a hostage crisis. But first he had information to get out of her, and she had information to get out of him... "What is going on here?" she asked him politely. He answered back with mock politeness "Oh, just a sacking of about... 10 planets so far? Nothing special, just a hostage situation! Eventually, we will form a blockade against Coruscant, Dathomir, Corellia and Fondor...!". He smiled as she scrunched her face in a thoughtful manner. "Now..." he began, but at the EXACT RIGHT TIME the wall behind him exploded and the building was breached by a group of people.... Jarek was blasted into the opposite wall and Jasmine found her second strike team, and a few guests, smiling at her; Dalsc Weahde, Redge Galaxywaker, Thorn Soulwar, and Davik Cloudcruiser.

Jasmine rescued on Kamino

Her and her team saved all of the hostages, but orbital strikes suddenly rocked the whole formation of labs on Kamino. Thorn yet out a shriek and got out her blaster, and Dalsc immediately went to the computers and put up the orbital shields. People out in the "technological marketplace" were all watching the "fireworks" up in space, but it wasn't funny when the blasts almost hit their deck. Troopers were let down and Jasmine knew this would be trouble.... Again  

==Fun Time== -

Fight on Kamino!

Jasmine went into action. She slashed open the vents and ran at high speed along them. Her and Thorn attempted to get access to the defense area, but troopers stopped them at the corners. Thorn was shooting her quick blaster but she wasn't a very good aim at the moment. No matter for her... She just started attacking the troopers with her defense moves and threw them into the water and kicked others in the legs or punched them skillfully. Jasmine continued on to the defense area and crept along the passages and walls. It was a maze of a planet, and a single building was a maze itself! She found the defense area and gunned down many ships. Davik reached her on her comlink and told her that the ships were retreating and she felt a sigh of relief. But Redge, who had a big gun and a

Jasmine and Dalsc on Kamino

big attitude, kept shooting down the soldiers. Jasmine felt a surge of happiness for her team and their help towards the survivors. Jasmine, Davik, Redge and Thorn regrouped and they got a message from the Rodian Council. They thanked the four of them for their support in saving Rodian diplomats and scientists and invited them to a parade in their city.

The End... (23 BBY)

The parade was a great time for the fighters. Jasmine Rosejoy, Dalsc Weahde, Thorn Soulwar, and Rex Bactapack were awarded with the title of Grateful to None and were thanked for their support for worlds in danger of the death strikes. But of course, all good things come to an end. Lions Stafford, a famous murderer, was apparently also sucked into the evil deeds of the "High War Var Powers". He attacked the parade and once again the team sprung into action. Lions was a devilish fighter, but he gave way quick from Dalsc's chain gun... Interrogation was very successful... The war was NOT over.... The base was in the hands of Jasmine Rosejoy and her strike team... It wasnt the end!

Final Battles

Rhen Var was an ice world that was scarcely populated, which turned out to be the perfect base for the world strikers. Jasmine assembled a final team consisting of Vinpo Pocam (a King from a Jedi planet), Empress Xaya (a warrior friend), Nathan Amaro (a Jedi with good intentions) and Davik Cloudcruiser (her other Jedi brother). Little did she know, she would get as much help as she needed.

Rhen Var Castle

Entrance into the Rhen Var Citadel was not going to be easy. Jasmine's team would need to split up. Davik went to the Communications area to disable any call for help the planet-destroyers would make. Jasmine, Vinpo, Xaya and Nathan went into the Citadel, unattacked/unharmed. "It cant be this easy..." Jasmine muttered.

Bravis StarStrider and Barrett Lehmberg knew their hometown of Rhen Var


City would be found out by the defenders of the attacked planets. They knew their harsh rulers would be found out for their evil deeds. When a man by the name of Davik Cloudcruiser was sneaking about the castle area, they wanted to immediately help him. Bravis and Barrett shot down guards while Davik used his superb Force skills to jump past the pillars and up on some, when needed, to get to the Communications area. Bravis shot the guards where needed and Barrett closed the doors to help Davik navigate undetected. Their mission was


a success.

Entering the High Castle was done with ease for Jasmine, Vinpo, Xaya and Nathan. The calm citadel was untarnished with rust, fried objects from blasterfire, or any silly guards. But, suddenly, mad shrieking told Jasmine's team they were NOT alone...  

Rih Ravenna jumped down from her balcony on the cold, almost freezing planet. She slithered her way over to the group and touched Nathan on the chin, sensing he could be manipulated. "And WHYYY might you fine looking folks be here..." she said as if the words were blades sliding off of her tongue and clanging onto the floor. Her sudden jerk at the end of each word was frightening; Vinpo left the room after Jasmine yelled quick orders, and Nathan left the room as well and went through a corridor. Rih smiled, awaiting an attack from Xaya and Jasmine. This was going to be fun...

Xaya looked with contempt in her eyes at the silly, yet malicious girl.... Having a blue dress on didnt seem to change her athletic look at all... So Xaya would need to be careful. Jasmine threw her saber at Rih and Rih jumped and spun in the air to stab Jasmine in the face, but Xaya jumped and tackled Rih to the ground. Rih Ravenna did a backflip and slapped Xaya as she spun toward her; Jasmine put forth a shriek and attempted to blast Rih with her holdout blaster, but it was too weak and Rih brushed off the blast with a Force Shield. Rih blasted Jasmine back and Xaya immediately rammed Rih Ravenna in the gut and jumped, holding onto Rih, and threw Rih onto the ground. Rih went to get up, but Xaya was there with a saber at her throat. "Dont think about.." Xaya started. But Rih was quick and pulled a dagger and stabbed a poison into Xaya's leg. Xaya screamed and was getting more and more infected by the second... "What have you done... You demonic woman!" Xaya shouted with an echo from the citadel. Jasmine was heartbroken... But had an evil woman to deal with. Rih yelped with happiness as Xaya died and Jasmine became angry. She ran off into a corridor and Jasmine ran after her.

===Vengeance -===

Mission success...?

Nathan and Vinpo ran around the corner. Their orders to report the location of the Meeting Room and Throne room of the terrorists were not working out. The citadel was a beautiful maze, until the two of them heard shrieking of laughter coming from a different corridor, leading to theirs. "I order you to hide!" Vinpo whispered, but Nathan replied "No... Lets get her". Vinpo dragged Nathan to a small tunnel anyway and heard Rih Ravenna scream "I KILLED THAT WOMAN WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT!". Vinpo looked at Nathan... Nathan was grim. But he was a Jedi... Nathan ignited his lightsaber and ran at Rih, with Vinpo a shocked and worried mess. Nathan kicked Rih in the stomach and cut her with the sharp tip of his saber; Rih looked at the cut and turned to him, grabbing his face and attempting to corrupt his soul. "You... MONSTER" he screamed. He took her hands and brought his elbow down on them, cracking her bones and shoving her down to the ground. Jasmine came in and yelled at Nathan to stop. Vinpo shot a stun blast at Nathan to bring him back to reality; Jasmine kicked Rih Ravenna's lightsaber away and looked at Nathan Amaro. Nathan was shot by a stun blast and looked to Vinpo, who yelled "Whats the deal! Why are you letting your anger corrupt you?". Nathan force pushed Vinpo into the stone wall and breathed a sigh of anger. Vinpo got up and glared at Nathan, who looked at Jasmine. His eyes were pure red. Jasmine looked at him with disgust and motioned him to come with her. Nathan let Rih Ravenna remain on the ground where she lay in pain and smashed her lightsaber for closure.  

Rih Ravenna still had her blasters... This scum of a man, Nathan, should die. She, painfully, reached for her double blasters... But. with a sudden sharp pain and sound of a jetpack near her, she knew it was all over for her.  

Jasmine and Vinpo were alone. They were the only two people of their team attempting to attack the boss of the terrorist effort. Nathan could POSSIBLY be trusted, but he had gone his own way. Davik was doing his own thing. Jasmine nodded to Vinpo and they entered through the big double doors made of steel. There sat Riotspawn, the leader; and Jasmine knew this would be trouble.

Finality -

Riotspawn knew he was a warlock with Force AND magic powers, he also knew he was responsible for millions of deaths on the planets of Kamino, Bimmisaari, Rodia, Nar Shaddaa, Kessel, Zygerria, Ansion, and more. Finally, he knew he would be captured or killed. But not now; not by a pretty blondish-brownish haired girl and a mere trooper. He pulled out his staff and prepared for battle.

Jasmine would need to call on all her knowledge to remove this stately warlock from his position of power. But he did not seem to want to give it up as he shot exotic spells and force obstacles at her and Vinpo. At the exact right time, though, a window broke in the grand hall and Jareal came crashing down onto the stone floor. "Hi Jasmine... Im here to help you" he proclaimed. Jasmine didnt have time to think and nodded, rushing back into battle. Vinpo took out his automatic blaster and attempted to push back
Vin and riot

Vinpo attempting to push back Riotspawn.

Riotspawn, but the wise man continued to shoot barriers to protect his throne. He didnt seem to want to step down at all. Jareal, thinking quick, launched rockets at his banner above his head, which fell onto Riotspawn. Riotspawn was blinded for a second and Jasmine took this opportunity to launch a quick attack and flipped over his head and kicked Riotspawn in the back... "Ouch!" Jasmine screeched as her padded foot connected with solid metal. Riotspawn laughed and hit Jasmine with the banner and used his power to launch it at Vinpo and Jareal. They both dodged it and continued to shoot projectiles at the now unrobed Riotspawn; he donned Mandalorian armor, just as Jarek had, and intended to use it well... His staff was the symbol of his power... Jasmine had to unleash it against HIM! She knew what she had to do.

Jareal felt good to be on the good side... At least for now. Jasmine was a proven fighter and her allies were too. His terrorist group was not. Belia Azure had been pushed out by Jasmine and Tyrral, Lions Stafford had been brought down by Jasmine and her allies, etc... He was on the losing side and appreciated the "good side" more after this series of world strikes. He fought with Riotspawn as Jasmine carried out her plan; They fought with brass knuckles, and in both of their cases it was Mandalorian, and it was going to be a long fight. Riotspawn punched Jarek in the headplate, but Jareal returned a headbutt to Riotspawn, who fell back a few feet but used his staff as a lightsaber and slammed Jareal back into a wall. Suddenly, the giant double doors opened once again... There stood Rex Bactapack, Dalsc Weahde, Davik Cloudcruiser, Bravis StarStrider, Thorn Soulwar, Redge Galaxywaker, and Nathan Amaro. Jasmine had secured a help team.

With combined efforts, the leader by the name of Riotspawn was taken down from power. He turned out to just be a normal man who found power in a wooden, rare powerful staff. All the galaxy was safe now. Jasmine and CPL Casey Layman became partners and everything was good. All had ended and hopefully Jasmine could take a rest. :) But the Clone Wars were just beginning.. And so were their lives.


Battle of Geonosis -

Jasmine, at this time (of 22 years old) was a Senator for the planet of Coruscant, and a spokesperson for many other planets such as Naboo, Mon Calamari, Cerea, Alderaan, and Caamas. Her relationship with Casey, a marriage in fact, was daunting, but they knew their lives had to be back in their sights. So, for the year or so before the Clone Wars, they did not see much of each other. Jasmine had been making her senator career blossom and was helping citizens world by world. By the Clone Wars started, the galaxy had recovered from the attempts at destruction of important worlds (which Jasmine helped to stop) ... And thankfully so... Because the Clone Wars would prove a very trying time for just about everyone.

Around the time of Obi-Wan Kenobi's capture and the search for him by Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, Jasmine was working on Naboo with fellow senators to urge its capital city, of Theed, to not ally with the Seperatists. The Republic, Jasmine maintained, was the winning side and the most moral side in this "war". But there was not a war going on... Until the disturbing news came;

Casey called her on her comlink, and she almost forgot who he was. The trying times that were going on the galaxy were making Jasmine go crazy, and her own secret husband was being pushed out of her mind. "So great to hear from you!" she gasped. Casey sounded grim as he said "Jasmine... There is a problem... You know Anakin Skywalker? Well... Him and Padme, your fellow Naboo senator, have rushed to Geonosis to find a missing Jedi master..." . Jasmine was worried for a split second, and then spoke plainly "We cant let any blasters be fired... This will turn into a war in a matter of minutes!". Jasmine knew what she had to do.


Jasmine and Casey arrived on Geonosis; A war has begun.

The arena that held a captured Anakin, Padme, and Obi-Wan was filled with dead bodies and still alive wrecked bodies; Jasmine felt a split second of loss and dread as the arena reminded her of her time on the Hunger Games. But she had a job to do, to stop this war from happening! She saw the traitorous Count Dooku and one bounty hunter that stood out in a blue armor suit, who was quickly beheaded by the master Mace Windu. Jasmine winced, but soon felt comfort as she saw Padme Amidala alive and blasting her blaster; as usual! Jasmine laughed but quickly jumped into the raging battle with Jarek, the new clone troopers (which she wasn’t quite sure about) and Yoda! The Jedi looked to them in surprise, but continued on fighting. Lumas Etima, one of Jasmine’s good friends would need help… He was struggling with the numbers of droids attacking him; Jasmine shot a few but eventually he fell. Sarrissa Jeng, one of Jasmine’s rivals, was Force-Blasted back by Count Dooku and was shot multiple times. Jasmine attempted to push back the droids, but Sarissa eventually fell too. Jedi were


Fight on Geonosis!

falling left to right, and Jasmine knew this would turn out bad.

Eventually the clones helped to push back the droids. The Jedi team of 200, at the beginning, was brought together to from the Jedi team of 30. Jasmine was shocked to find that more than 150 Jedi died from battle droids and a bounty hunter and a Sith. After thinking of the odds, she wasn’t sure if 30 Jedi left was good or bad… But there was no time to think! There was a war to finish. Count Dooku and his droid army were going to be in full retreat after the Jedi team was through with them… Jasmine would see to it.

The end of the Battle of Geonosis was met with the fall of the blockade and the win by the Clone army. But Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were injured by Count Dooku, and Padme Amidala was temporarily added as a possible casualty from her fall from a gunship; But CPL Casey, when chasing down a squad of important droid generals, found her and transported her to the nearest gunship. Padme told him and Jasmine where Anakin and Obi-Wan followed Count Dooku; Dooku had gotten away, but all was not lost...

Jedi generals

Jedi Generals

"Begun, the Clone War has." - Yoda

Attack on Ilum -

Near the time of the attack on the Jedi Temple of Ilum, Jasmine was attempting to settle disputes against the

Larsio,Oolia, and Laniqua

Republic on Dantooine with the Jedi Knights Laniqua Danva, Larsio Yinto the Master, and Oolia Rompison. Jasmine helped expose the government as a puppet government, taken over by the Seperatists. The general public realized this and, with the help of the Jedi, overthrew the small droid armies and took back the capital city. The Jedi Temple on Ilum sent a distress call and Larsio, a strong-willed Master, told his Knight backups to go there. Larsio would clean up on Dantooine. So Oolia, Laniqua, and Jasmine traveled to Ilum and found a Jedi Temple in ruins. Jedi Padawans and Masters and Kn

Attack on Ilum

ights and everyone were fighting an army of upgraded-looking battle droids... Jasmine had a split second of fear and shock; this war was bringing together Jedi, politicians, senators, and regular people. This would be a war to remember... And she hoped Jarek would never leave her. Jasmine prepared for battle, once again, in the name of the Senate and Naboo. Her blaster ready, she charged in and did not dare to forget about her purpose and The Force.


Hypori Droid Factory -

As the Clone Wars started off, minor battles were waged. But after a while, bigger threats started appearing. Asajj Ventress was a Sith woman faced (by this time) on Teth, Christophsis, and Toydaria. But little did anyone know, a NEW lightsaber-wielding foe was to be unleashed. Near the time of the attack on Ilum, a group of Jedi Masters (Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi Mundi, and Shaak Ti) and their clone aids were investigating a droid factory of large proportions. Most of the clones were caught in the trap of the droid army and General Grievous; Grievous (a machine lightsaber wielder) and the droids killed them all. All that was left after the fight were the Jedi Masters; Casey, Jasmine's secret husband (a Trooper/Jedi), was called in to help the situation. "I fear for their lives

Troubling times...

, but... I fear for yours too! Apparently this man, or machine, Grievous I mean... Apparently he is really dangerous!" Jasmine burst out as he was about to leave. Casey smiled and told her to not worry, he could handle things. Jasmine didn't think so.

Casey came back to Coruscant on a cruiser with injured Secura, and Mundi and Ti safe. Casey gave her the look that things were up. They talked late at night in Jasmine's Senator apartment, watching the stars. "He's dangerous... He's vile. He's a machine and he will stop at nothing to kill everyone.." Casey winced as he spoke these words. Jasmine was nervous "We must not fail for the galaxy.. The WHOLE galaxy will be wiped out if the Jedi do not pull together...". And Casey knew that.

Trying Times -

Jasmine was pulled more and more into the war each day. A serious win for the Republic was the security of capturing Nute Gunray, a Seperatist leader. But Jasmine, Luminara Unduli and Ahsoka Tano would have to secure him until Coruscant was reached. "Ahsoka! I have heard so much about you! My friends Padme and Anakin know you so well!" Jasmine said to Ahsoka Tano. "Yes... I know plenty about them... As much as I would like, I'm afraid." Ahsoka answered with slight sarcasm and silliness. Jasmine smiled and visited Gunray with Luminara. "Good to be back on duty with you, Jedi Master. This man is vile... This is a fantastic surprise for the Republic!" Jasmine gasped. "Yes... He will go to Coruscant and we shall take his secrets and turn them into the Republic's living brain... The clones, I mean... Theyre brilliant, and they take orders well... But thats what I dont like!" Master Unduli proclaimed. They didn't have more time to chat, as an explosion rocked their cruiser. Jasmine was worried and ran to the Communications area.

"Someone has boarded our ship"... "We dont have time to see what has happened"... This w
Ship attack

Jasmine in the cruiser.

as all going on in Master Unduli's head as blasts flew past the screen that Luminara was watching. "Asajj Ventress... Nice to see you again..." Luminara whispered to herself and ran to the landing bay inside the cruiser.

Jasmine fought droids. She blasted them. She defended the cruiser. But a Sith was here... Jasmine had barely any time to think! Jarek was off on a mission to Excarga to destroy a plantation of Separatist fleets before they evacuate. Jasmine was all alone. But she wouldn't stay here in this room, watching the battle. She would fight it!

Ventress knew what she had to do. Gunray was on the 3rd floor, in a detention cell, and she wouldn't let Count Dooku down. But a dark woman

Jasmine on the cruiser.

presently disrupted her, who Ventress identified as Master Unduli. "Nice to see you again, you filthy Jedi!" Asajj spat. "You are a sloppy amateur... You will not fulfill your quest." Unduli said politely with quiet anger. Asajj countered by jabbing at Luminara Undul with her double sabers, but Unduli dodged without using effort and attempted to push Asajj back. They fought small counters and delivered minor damage, until a team of Jasmine Rosejoy and Ahsoka Tano came! Then, Asajj kicked Unduli into the steel wall and ran at incredible speed to the detention area. Gunray was just down the hall, but troopers stood in the way. They were quick work for Ventress, but Jasmine came out of nowhere

Jasmine facing Ventress...!!

and smashed Ventress' head into the computer terminals; Ventress growled at her and shot Force lightning, which connected with Ahsoka's saber and delivered no harm, but Ventress took this chance to run the other way and Force push Luminara away from her. Jasmine ran to secure the ship after more and more droids came, while Luminara and Ahsoka chased after Ventress.

After the attack on the Republic Cruiser, Gunray was taken by Ventress and Luminara was injured. Jasmine felt regret for not coming to help them, but Ahsoka reminded her that droids would have kept boarding the ship if Jasmine hadn't taken defended the ship. Jasmine knew this was true, but felt like a failure.  

Scares on Orto Plutonia -

Jasmine only wanted peace; The Jedi Masters obviously trusted her, so why not get involved? But Jasmine was a close supporter of Padme Amidala... They wanted strictly peace and no death, but why must she be captured? There thoughts were running around in Jasmine's head as the Talz on Orto Plutonia, aided by Mandalorian warriors, captured the Senator Jasmine Rosejoy.

Mandalorian Attackers!

CPLRusty Layman and Tyrral Magnadueler knew she would be on Orto Plutonia; she had told them to watch by her in case negotiations turned "bad". Tyrral decided it was best to "follow her" in their cruiser, but little did he know Mandalorian warriors were here... But Rusty could take care of them! Tyrral flew low, but out of sight.

"You know... The best idea would be to go back to Naboo and tell your "Queen" to join the Seperatists! That way, we won't have to go through all of this..." Dante LordSnake spat at Jasmine. Jasmine countered quickly, saying "Sir... You are very rude and I dont appreciate you capturing me, or whatever you call it... This is barely a capture! Make me WANT to join the Seperatists!". "Oh trust me... I can do that. Ms. Shadowknight!" Dante yelled. A female bounty hunter, tough by the looks of her, came through the entrance from the cold into the warm tent. Anni Shadowknight pointed her big blaster at Jasmine, claiming "You know... You MIGHT want to listen to us... You are our now our hostage!". Jasmine glared at her and used her force to bring a bench

Fight on Orto Plutonia!

from the tent and knocked it into Anni, while ripping her bounds in half and jumping to the entrance. She kicked Dante in the back once she landed, and ran out into the cold snowy camp. Jarek wasn't here to save her... She had to make do with what she could do. Mandalorian warriors and Talz, especially, weren't very smart... They looked at her with slow looks and suddenly realized she was an escaped hostage, and slowly ran to her. Jasmine grinned and got out her saber, blocking bolts and feeling the thrill of war... A Senator-Officer AND Jedi was a good look for her!!!!

Rusty on Orto Plutonia

Rusty was a good warrior, his blaster blasting and his moves in motion! He kicked, he clobbered, he ran, he did everything to get his way through the Talz warriors into the camp. Tyrral stayed behind to make a path through the blockade of Mandalorian warriors as another route, in case of emergency. He had faced worldly threats, and this was not a challenge. They were a good team and found

The fight emerges a victor... Jasmine and her team!

Jasmine safe and sound, helping her escape to their ship. But the ship wasn't there... Wullf Hexburst and Jaden Sabor, two of Jasmine's friends, had taken the ship and went to refuel it!! They came back and grinned at a freezing cold Jasmine, and Jaden ran to hug her and comfort her. Jasmine smiled and giggled and then got onto the ship while Wullf sniped a Mandalorian woman from far away. "Wow, nice shot!"

Jarek, Rusty, Jaden, and Jasmine reunite.

Jaden said. "Aaww... That was mean guys!" Jasmine said sadly. Wullf winked and Jaden laughed. Jarek ran to the ship with Mandalorians chasing him, and Jaden immediately shot them down one by one with the ship guns, and Wullf knocked them out by throwing items at them with the Force. Jarek greeted Jasmine, and it was time to go home...

Fight on Christophsis -

"Jasmine is a damn good senator... You can't deny that." - Chancellor Palpatine

Jasmine, with Casey as an escort, was sent to Christophsis to help ease the never-ceasing tensions between the Seperatists and the Republic. Christophsis was a harsh world, and huge battles were fought there. Jasmine was worried, but she would get the job done.

Her first task was to investigate the castle in the Seperatist territory. Tensions were high... There was a traitor in the clone ranks, and there was a Sith woman on Christophsis... Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, faithful in Jasmine and Casey's skills, sent them to first test out the area. But they soon realized that something was going on.... Something bad. The ride to the castle was intense... The droids were scounting them out, but not firing. Things were strangely at ease, and entrance into the crystal castle was incredibly easy. But they had found the woman... Things were about to get ugly.

Asajj Ventress stood in her throne area, smug as a dirty thief. "So... The Republic has decided to come find me... Eh?" Ventress spat at Jasmine. Jasmine scrunched up her nose with disgust, and Casey took out his lightsaber. Casey smiled a quick, faint smile and was ready for battle, using the Forceto throw a crystal slab at Ventress and then jumped in the air to meet her after she dodged the piece of crystal. Ventress, though, was quick and immediately dodged and swung in the air for Casey, who missed the quick strike by an inch and then slammed Ventress into the throne wall. Jasmine reached out and pulled Ventress towards her, and Ventress was caught off guard but attempted to strike Jasmine's legs off. Jasmine didn't budge and struck a foot in her direction, connecting with Ventress' legs. Ventress fell, but immediately rolled away and dodged a lightsaber thrown by Jarek, which quickly returned to him. Jasmine giggled and got out her wand and shot destructive energy spells toward Ventress. Ventress was caught, once again, off guard and dodged every single one with each body part that was aimed for; until the final one which Jasmine had charged, which hit Ventress in the arm and shocked her arm and made it unusable for one minute or longer. Casey grinned, but Ventress was very unhappy... She conjured her force power and lifted the crystalized floor that Casey was standing on and lifted it up, sending him smashing into a throne table. Jasmine looked grim and Ventress battled with her as they took the fight to the deck outside the castle.

Jasmine was quick and agile, while Ventress was gruesome and fierce. The deck was long and had many scattered crystal shards, which Jasmine took control of and hurled at Ventress. Ventress was stabbed by about 4 of them, but sent the rest spinning back towards Jasmine. Jasmine jumped clear out of the way, Force-Blasted Ventress into a railing, then spun off the railing she was near and jumped towards Ventress. Ventress snarled and sent Force Lightning into Jasmine's raging body; Jasmine fell onto the ground and was in deep shock as electricity curled into her bones. Asajj Ventress continued this torture and made her deep grin show in her fingers, as she showed pure excitement in this deed.

CPL Casey, aware of his wife's pain, got up and immediately ran to the balcony deck. He started, for a split second, at the horror going on. He immediately lifted up his lightsaber and walked a couple steps and went for a strong strike against Ventress, but Ventress was ready and jumped clean out of the way. Ventress giggled and the two fought saber against sword... Though only briefly. The deck was very old, and one could not hold the stress of a duel. It started to break and Jasmine got up from her pain. Casey took her and ran to the exit, but the balcony deck broke into two pieces as Ventress waved a sarcastic "Bye bye!" and jumped out of the way of harm. Jarek took Jasmine into his arms and used a quick Force Jump to arrive onto the top of the castle, waving on a Republic Gunship. They were now safe... And no closer to getting rid of the Sith woman.

Jasmine's Delimma

After the Blue Shadow Virus, the Ryloth battles, and the attacks on the Coruscant Senators, Jasmine was ready for a break. It was time for her, as a victor from a previous Galaxywide Hunger Games, to compete once again. The galaxy had just finished its 46th Hunger Games (near the end of 23 BBY), and the results were mixed at best.

46th Survival GlxyGames -


46th Survival Games Contestants!

By the top 10, equality was present in the 5 boys and 5 girls... Nickolio and Simona from Tatooine, Wolf from Barabel 1, Rosamonia from Selonia, Hamza and Lindanra from Vulpter, Rafa and Sophiena from Zygerria, Luke from Corellia, and Skylar from Orto Plutonia. Wolf and Rafa battled fiercely, with both dying eventually from wounds. Luke and Wolf teamed up with Skylar and Simona, hiding in a cave. Linda was going crazy, more crazy than she usually was, and was caught by Hamza and Rosa, who killed her. By the top 7, things were chaotic. Hamza died from natural causes, with Rosa grief-stricken... Sophie found Rosa and wanted to help her, but Rosa attacked her! Sophie got away with minor wounds and killed Rosa with the help of Skylar. Nick died, which outraged not just Tatooine, but Corellia and Selonia too! He was a favorite... And people were even more mad when Skylar died... Selonia, Vulpter and Zygerria were extremely angry. The Top 3 was soon realized to be Luke, Sophie, and Simona! And they were all friends... Sophie died, which enraged all 8 planets besides Barabel 1, who found her to be a bit too indulgent in her good looks. Luke and Simona were left... No one knew of what would happen, but the unthinkable would soon end up happening. Simona and Luke, strangely, liked each other. And they were from opposite worlds, so one had to die. They ended up killing each other, as the galaxy watched in frustration or heartbreak or bitterness. That is, until they realized what exactly happened.

Simona didnt die... Luke did though. She woke up in her grave, with horror in her hands and paralyzed legs. She let Luke attempt to crack her neck, while she stabbed him. But that, she noticed, didn't happen... She felt a whirlwind of sad emotions for her friends that died, and she got rid of the coffin. She noticed a grim set of the salvaged bodies from every single Survival Games, each in their own coffins. Overwhelming emotions captured her, and she ran outside to Corellia, where the 8 worlds had decided to lay the salvaged dead bodies of the tributes. She didn't know what to do, or how to think about what to do, and immediately ran to the Survival Games Corellia Corporation. All of the leaders from the 8 worlds were there delivering a speech to the other 7 worlds about the horrible tragedy of the 46th Survival Games. Simona burst into the room, and all was silent.

Simona was named the "Winner" of the 46th Survival Games. But the next Survival Games would prove to be trying for Corellia, Tatooine, Vulpter, Jabiim, Barabel 1, Selonia, Zygerria and Orto Plutonia.. And possibly the whole galaxy at war.

47th Special Survival Games -

The Survival Glxy Games were a tradition because of three specific years in history. 100 BBY; for the founding of Tatooine and its disruptive Tusken population, for the Dark Side colonization of a world, and for the defense of Naboo by the Gungans. 94 BBY; for the famine on Telos IV. And finally 69 BBY; for disaster in the 3rd Galactic Games and the Trade Conflicts in the Rodian areas of the galaxy.

Corellia, a world that tended to dominate the Survival GlxyGames (surprisingly), called for a reconstruction of the Survival Games. Coruscant, Ansion, Kavan, Naboo and Rodia would now be forced to bring forth any rebellious celebrities to the next Survival Games. Simona, a rowdy politician from Tatooine, had attempted to cheat and Luke, a sinful Corellian cheater, had died permanetely because of it. Jasmine's name was brought up in Coruscant's political sector, and Coruscant government was given orders by Jasmine's political opponents to put her in the Survival Games. Jasmine was being forced to compete... Along with other high-up people. This could turn out to be a conspiracy!

Naboo and Ansion had past winners from the Survival Games... But they both removed themselves from the Hunger Games roster at the 30th Survival Games... They will be brought back in and Kavan, Coruscant and Rodia will be brought in to put in competitors.

Competitors for the 47th Survival Games (Middle of 22 BBY) -

Jasmine and Jarek.

  1. Jasmine Rosejoy, Coruscant = Past Winner (42nd Survival Games), Senator, Famous in many worlds, Jedi/Officer/Sniper/Wizard (1 year training), Good Looks but Bright Courage.
  2. Jarek Osari, Coruscant = Volunteer, Famous Mandalorian and General, Good with ships and machinery.
  3. Carly Shadowknight, Coruscant = Jedi, Possibly Mercenary, Past Competitor in Jasmine Rosejoy's Naboo Tournament (Top 10).
  4. VolknerAce Sabor, Naboo = Past winner (24th Survival Games), Jedi, Good with guns, A Tempting Personality and Demeanor.
  5. Rush Falconsniper, Naboo = Past winner (22nd Survival Games), Jedi, Possibly Mercenary and Tough Demeanor. Married to Ayessa Falconsniper. Agile and Quick.
  6. Ayessa Falconsniper, Naboo = Past Winner (28th Survival Games), Uses guns and outdated weapons (Bow and arrow). Knife Thrower. Quick Thinker and Agile. Married to Rush Falconsniper.
  7. Lord Ottenzievk, Jabiim = A Skilled Bounty Hunter, Doesnt Ally Blindly, Skilled with many Weapons and is Unmerciful.
  8. Wullf Hexburst, Jabiim = A Hunter/Jedi, Skilled with Weapons, Fierce Courage, Will take any job.
  9. William Galaxyboot, Jabiim = A Hardened Trooper. Great Skill with Blaster Rifles and Guns.
  10. Nike NightFall, Kavan = Harsh as his Harsh World, Dark Jedi, Possibly Mercenary, Good with Machinery, Fantastic at "making people do what he wants them to do".
  11. Spider Darklord, Kavan = Evil, Dark Jedi, Fierce Ego and Filthy Conscience, Will stop at Nothing to Achieve Goals.
  12. Anni Candy, Tatooine = Jedi, Fierce, Quick and Skilled with Fatal Weapons, Skilled with Traps.
  13. Kieran Kostura, Tatooine = Wise Jedi, Master, Teacher and Friend to Yoda, Questions the Seperatist Views and Goals.
  14. Redge Galaxywaker, Tatooine = Trooper, "Shoots first and then Asks Questions", Strong and Silent.
  15. Rex Bactapack, Zygerria = Competing because of "Obligation", Sharp Skills with Weapons, Helped Vanish the Galaxywide Threat of the High Var Powers.
  16. CPLRusty Layman, Zygerria = Trooper, Competing to help Jasmine Rosejoy, Didn't want slaves on Zygerria to have to Compete, Dislikes Greedy People.
  17. CPLCasey Layman, Zygerria = Trooper, Competing to help Jasmine Rosejoy, Competes for Galaxywide Freedom and with his Brother, Rusty.
  18. Bella Cryolancer, Ansion = Peaceful Jedi, Strong Good Looks and Appeal, Competes for Peace in wartime.
  19. Antda Hiade, Ansion = A Wise Jedi, Strong Feeling of Anti-Seperatism, Republic Officer.
  20. Belia Azure, Vulpter = Wants to "make a new name for herself", Ex-Bounty Hunter, Ex-Member of the High Var Powers (Galaxywide Threat), Will Stop at Nothing.
  21. Dante LordSnake, Vulpter = A Dark Jedi and Bounty Hunter, Wants to "get rid of all the scum who think the Hunger Games are funny", Skilled with many Weapons, Is Dangerous.
  22. Dylan Fett, Corellia = Representative for Corellia, A Jokester with Dangerous Skill of the Lightsaber and various Weapons.

    Antpo Binew

  23. Antpo Binew, Corellia = Representative from Corellia, Bounty Hunter from Distant Worlds, Competes for Fame and for Tuskens.

Notes - Selonia, Barabel 1, Orto Plutonia and Rodia refused to offer Tributes. They will be Punished.

Competition -



Lisa Legend.

Jasmine looked at her fellow contestants. 25 people, including her, to fight for their lives. As she was in her middle 20s, she was very skilled in many forms of negotiation.... But she was still amazed that this had to go on as the whole galaxy was in war. The publicity shots were fun, as she remembered, but first she had to do many press conferences. The actual competition would be fierce.... And Jasmine was ready, but she knew quite a few of the contestants! Publicity shots saw each world in fancy clothing, but ones that fit their culture personality. Coruscant had fancy, yet unpredictable and corrupt, clothing. Jasmine felt awkward, but this was her duty. Corellia, as she remembered from last Hunger Games, wore street clothing with a bit of shine and polish. Vulpter, Jabiim and Orto Plutonia wore ragged yet professional clothing. Ansion and Naboo wore fancier type clothing, but it was suited for war.

Rush Falconsniper.

Especially Dante, Belia, and Lions; She had fought against them just 4 years ago. Lisa Legend and Lions Stafford joined later because of

Belia Azure

attacks on Selonia... What was this galaxy coming to?!?!? Everyone else she knew of or was going to meet, but she was ready. The competition called for utter defeat, rather than death; But they did welcome death, and Jasmine was sure that at least half of these special tributes were ready for death. Nearing the end of 22 BBY, the competition was starting.

Hiding out -

The 25 people were sent out into an arena of an urban city with a deep forest and small town surrounding it. Teams were automatically formed very silently. Lions Stafford, Belia Azure, Lisa Legend, Dante LordSnake, and Spider Darklord immediately headed off toward the dangerous side of the city. Jasmine, Jarek, Anni Candy and Wullf Hexburst ran to the housing area of the city. Bella Cryolancer, Dylan Fett, Lord Ottenzievk, Nike Nightfall and VolknerAce found a small settlement outside of the city. Rush and Ayessa Falconsniper chose underneath the city to be a good place. Everyone else fended for themselves. It was time to fight, and this would not go well.
Survival Games Arena00:19

Survival Games Arena

The competitors of the 47th Survival Games examine the arena.


Ayessa pondering her choices.

Initial Fighting -

Lions found Dylan Fett immediately and attempted to burn him up, but Bella Cryolancer blasted his fire-blaster. Lions was then shot in the jetpack by Lord Otten, who met him on the ground after he fell. She jumped at Lions, who took out his darksaber and combated her backwards. Bella ran up to him and kicked him in the stomach, but Lions was quick and swiped her off her feet. Bella fell and Lord Otten let out a shriek as she came to Bella's aid. Dylan was already on top of a building and got out his sniper rifle, shooting quickly at Lions while Nike Nightfall scouted for reinforcements. Meanwhile, Lisa Legend and Belia Azure were having their own fight.

"You are worth nothing in this team, you filthy girl!" Belia screamed at Lisa. Lisa looked at her with disgust and walked away, shrugging her shoulders. Belia scrunched up her face and kicked Dante LordSnake in the leg and he toppled to the ground. Belia screamed "Lets get rid of her! She is of no use to us!". Dante got up and said "Anni Shadowknight already left us, and is now under the name of Anni Candy.... Her safety on the good side wont last for long though... She is a crazy woman, and we need to get rid of her! We need Lisa!". Belia didnt think so, and was angry for a couple minutes. Dante looked at his scanner and knew something was up; He looked at Belia and they left.

Lions was as dead as anyone could be. Bella looked in horror at his arm that had recently been chopped off by Lord Otten, who looked grim yet courageous. "I cant believe you just did that!" Bella screamed. "Well... This is what we have to do!" Otten said back fiercely. "No! Ladies, ladies... Its fine, because he is in fact evil... But we dont need to kill everyone!!" Nike NightFall reminded them. "Oh YEAH... Just injure them gravely... There is a big difference!" Dylan Fett said sarcastically. "Oh, dont you be sarcastic. There is a huge difference!" Bella Cryolancer said with passion. One down... 24 to go!

The Smell of Death -

Jasmine was worried. Casey was her husband, though they were still mildly secret as she had Jedi duties to perform every once in a while. Anni could not, as she remembered from the Battle of Orto Plutonia, be trusted.... And Wullf could possibly help her, but she was sure he would shrink at the sight of death. And s

Jasmine on the move.

he knew some people here were here to kill, so she would have to be careful. Suddenly, she realized she had been walking and thinking at the same time. She looked around and saw forest all around her, with no one in sight. She had passed any towns and the city was far, far away. Jasmine was alone.

Until, of course, she was ambushed by a Jedi. A Jedi who, she realized, was Kieran Kostura. "Kieran!" Jasmine yelped. "Jasmine... Crazy galaxy we live in, huh?" Kieran breathed out. "Yeah... Sure is! Im kinda alone right now... I just started walking off!" Jasmine said with embarassment. "Its ok... I have been alone for the past day! Just waiting here." Kieran Kostura said. Suddenly, Dylan Fett came to see them on his jetpack. "Hi Dyl-" Jasmine said until he pulled out his blaster! He attempted to shoot Jasmine, but Kieran immediately got out his lightsaber and blocked the shot, Force Pushing Dylan back. Dylan got to his feet and threw portable bombs at them, which Kieran saved Jasmine from by forcing them to explode in the air. Dylan, strangely, had a look of despair yet confusion and laughed, but Kieran was right there and they fought in close-quarters. A strange-looking Dylan Fett did crazy combos of moves that Kieran had never thought possible, and he knew something was wrong with him. Dylan was brought down and Jasmine helped to calm him down. Kieran studied Dylan and looked at Jasmine, saying "He was posessed... By no one other than: Dante! Ooooh... This is gonna be fun.". Jasmine looked with horror at Kieran as he delivered the news. They decided to lift Dylan off into the Defeated Tunnel. Dylan was now, as they assumed, the second defeated person.

There were now 3 defeated people, including the dead Lions Stafford. Spider had ambushed Anni Candy and killed her, while Wullf Hexburst was met by Dante and sent up into the Defeated Tunnel. Dante only spared him because of his unnatural ability sabers, and because of his spirit in battle. Now, if ONLY they could find Jasmine... But Dante soon found, back at his fort, that Belia and Lisa were fighting! Lisa took out her savage-like gun and Belia used her darksaber, and they fought and punched and kicked and blasted and scratched and elbowed and slammed each other to the stone floor. Belia was like a professional bounty hunter, while Lisa was a wild mercenary with crude knowledge. Lisa knew Belia was an evil influence, while Belia didnt like Lisa at all. Lisa slammed Belia into the statue of a famous Jedi and Belia was knocked out for one second, but long enough for Lisa to punch her right in the face. Belia fell to the floor on her knees, finally defeated after so many years. Belia looked up into Lisa's vengeful face, but responded with a gun to Belia's face and shot it. Belia took the hit and fell. Belia was dead, and Dante had found his new student.

TOP 20 -

A milestone was hit, and the defeated/dead were as followed: Lions, Anni, Wullf, Belia, and

Jasmine scouting.

Dylan. Jasmine took a mental blow as she saw Wullf (from Jabiim) was dead, but then realized that he was a defeated person. Lions, Anni and Belia were dead. Jasmine was happy with this so far, and set her sights on Dante.

Rush knew he and Ayessa were safe for now, but the Top 20 was good ... Wullf and Anni were scum, and Dylan was worth nothing in battle. Because of this, an elite top 20 was in place. Ayessa and him would surely do good, though, but there could only be one (as far as he knew) winner. Either he or Ayessa would have to fall or be killed in battle, but death was not an option. Rush would be defeated with dignity or win, and Ayessa would be with him! "Rush... We need to get out there!" Ayessa pleaded. "Why? We are safe here... no one can find us!" Rush told her. "Yeah... But what about Jasmine, Jarek and the others!" Ayessa said with emotion. "Hmm... Yeah lets go. This way we can win and have our skill to show for it!" Rush said with dignity.

Rush and Ayessa immediately saw Lisa Legend and Dante LordSnake plotting. "Oh no... Lisa is with him now!" Ayessa proclaimed. "Hey! You!" someone shouted, and Rush and Ayessa ran for it. Suddenly, their datapad blinked furiously and it showed one person dead. Jasmine Rosejoy was dead.

"No!!" Ayessa screamed. Suddenly, it went off again and Ayessa stopped and fell to the ground. "This cant be!" she yelled to the bustling fake city. "There are only 18 left... And after im through with you two, 16!" Dante LordSnake said and smiled. "You monster! You have people do your bidding, but you are no more than a minor pawn in this competition." Rush said with rage. Ayessa checked her datapad, and found that Jarek had died too. Ayessa screamed with rage, and took out her guns and became ready to battle for Jasmine's life.

Dante grinned, and took out his flaming red lightsaber, running with speed and sliding to slice off Ayessa's legs, but Rush jumped in the way and blocked Dante's hungry saber. Dante lept back and shot Force Lighting at the couple, but they blocked it and shot it back at him. Ayessa was getting weaker and weaker from the things going on in her mind, but it would improve her ability and help her win! Ayessa threw her dagger at Dante and Dante grabbed it out of the air, snapping it in half. Rush angered as the fight went on, and he ran at Dante and they fought darksaber to darksaber for a couple seconds, masters in their own stances. Ayessa shot multipled blasts at Dante, with one catching him in the leg or the arm every tenth shot or so. Ayessa was happy and kicked Rush and Rush knocked into Dante, with a confused Rush looking up at her, but Ayessa took this chance to shoot Dante in the elbow twice and kick him in the face. Ayessa was happy but Rush, though thankful of her opportunity to attack Dante, stopped her and took her back to her purpose with just one hand on her arm. Ayessa bowed her head and walked back a few steps, realizing what she had just done. Dante suddenly disappeared in a cloud of fake, dark smoke. Ayessa stomped her foot, yelling that Rush should have let her finish Dante. Rush ducked his head and let out "Ayessa... That is not what we are here for... If you killed him, you would no longer have been a Bounty Hunter. We must not get caught up in the worldly affairs going on outside of this arena. Our purpose is to detain everyone here.". He said this with sorrow, and Ayessa nodded. Rush lifted up his head and gave her a pitying look, but then took out his datapad. He looked at it and gave her a knowing look, and showed it to her. Ayessa realized, with shock, that Dante had artificially made it look like Jasmine and Jarek had died. They were still alive!!

Redge vs Antpo vs Antda vs Rex!

Potential rivals, they were. Redge Galaxywaker was a renounded trooper. Antpo Binew was a human King from a distant world, but now a fierce Tusken type warrior. Antda Hiade, a hardened Jedi. Rex Bactapack, an outstanding clone with a personality. They met on the outskirts of the city, all wandering around. It seemed, though, that fate brought them together in the lonely forest area. Their fight was a fight that everyone was waiting for, and it would not be good to miss.

Redge immediately got out his machine gun, realizing that this would be a big fight. Rex got out his double pistols and shot at Redge, who ducked and shot a couple chains of blasts. Antda whipped out his saber and shot back the blasts that were shot at himself, while Antpo taunted them all. Rex snorted and kicked Redge while shooting at Antpo, who growled artifically and dodged, while running at Antda. Antda laughed and Force Pushed Antpo back. But Antpo then got his rifle out and shot multiple, clean shots at Antda; Antda was caught off guard and battled away a couple shots but finally got shot in the leg. He degraded down to his knees and Antpo laughed with pleasure and kicked Antda down. Antda grabbed Antpo's leg and dragged him down to the ground, then threw him wtih Force Accuracy into a tree. Antpo landed on his stomach and coughed and was out. Antda, proud of himself, walked over. Rex and Redge watched, but battled on. Antpo took out his fiery lightsaber again and was about to stab it through Antda; if it werent for Redge! Redge kicked Rex in the stomach and ran at Antda, and tackled him to the ground. The lightsaber still dropped fiercely, still only penetrating Antpo's leg. A lightsaber without being swung still hurt, and Antpo screamed out loud and was brought to his senses as he saw his leg being destroyed with Antda's saber. Antpo took his dagger and stabbed Antda's saber, as he could not move, and lay motionless for a couple seconds. Redge had tackled Antda and was now swinging his fists at Antda, who was quietly blocking them and feeding Redge's anger. Antpo, as silent as a wolf, took out his dagger from his belt and threw it as quick as he could at the combo of Redge and Antda. Redge, as he was swinging his fists, caught Antda in the face because Antda was focusing on Rex getting up and Antpo throwing the dagger. Antda, after seeing Rex get up, got hit in the face and stabbed in the shoulder with the dagger. Antda was sent up into the Defeated Tunnel and vanished from the battlefield. No one was sure if he was dead yet or not, but Antpo was happy. Rex ran over and shot Antpo three times. Antpo was sent up too, and Rex and Redge were left.

The whole galaxy, watching the Games, was fixed on the screen in intense stares. Antda was proclaimed to be saved and Antpo was now dead, so they thought. Rex and Redge fought on the screen, but one thing ruined the fight; Lord Ottenzievk.

Lord Ottenzievk ran up, with a fierce-looking Carly Shadowknight chasing her, and jump-kicked Redge in the face and tripped Rex. Otten ran to the nearest building and Carly blasted the door down, sliding into the room and nearly knocking over a barren table and chair. Otten ran up the stairs, up to the roof and hid behind the doorway. Carly came up and Otten immediately grabbed her and attempted to choke her, but Carly took Otten and slammed her down to the ground. Otten had a shocked face, fake though, and rolled away. She shoved Carly and pulled out her blaster as Carly almost fell off the roof; Carly Force Jumped onto a corner, which was where Otten shot at her but Carly then jumped to the other corner. Otten shot at her there, but then Carly jumped back to the middle of the roof, and Otten tried to shoot her again; Carly jumped behind a confused Otten and kicked her critically into the back! Otten fell off the roof and landed on the hardened mud. All around them, they heard psychotic laughing and screaming; Spider Darklord and Bella Cryolancer were fighting.

Carly sent a message to William Galaxyboot and jumped down to see Otten. Things would end, here and now.

Top 17 -

Rex had prevailed, and his double blasters proved worthy as Redge was sent into the Defeated Tunnel. He heard Bella being fought by Spider Darklord and went to help.

Jasmine saw three things going on. Otten being attacked by Carly, Rex killing Redge, and Bella being attacked by Spider. She didnt know what to do... Otten and Carly were her friends, Rex and Redge were her friends, and Bella was a friend. Spider was an interesting person, and she hated to see any of them go. First she used the Force to throw a rock in the middle of Carly and Otten (to give Otten a fair advantage instead of being killed by Carly); Then she saw Rex going to help Bella, and went with him. Jasmine greeted Rex and he nodded, and the two of them found Bella attempting to push Spider back, a crazy mental and egotistical Sith. "You will not come out of here alive! They shall all find you dead, and I will laugh for forever and ever!" Spider yelled as loud as he could. Bella giggled and jumped towards him at the same time Rex shots blasts at him; Spider attempted to jump out of the way, but Bella took him in the air and threw him into the blasts and kicked him in the face as he fell to the ground. He moaned and kept yelling that he was the best, but Rex shot a couple blasts into his stomach. Spider was done for. The Top 15 soon emerged as Spider died and as Otten slit Carly's throat. Jasmine screamed, and ran over to the scene. Carly and Jasmine were friends, and Jasmine immediately attempted to heal Carly. Otten didnt slit her throat very well as Carly coughed about ten times and Otten widened her eyes. Jasmine smiled, but Otten immediately took Carly and threw her against a wall and punched her. Bella took Otten's shoulder and spun her around, glaring down (even though she wasn't taller than Otten) at Otten and silently persuaded Otten to stop. Carly vanished into the Defeated Tunnel, as she had been defeated by Otten.

William Galaxyboot had seen war. Jabiim was a rural and deathly planet, but nothing prepared him for Nike NightFall. Nike swung his saber at William as they grappled and fought fiercely. William shot his blaster each time he parried Nike's attack. William lunged to each side and tried to stop Nike's approach, but William couldn't handle Nike and Nike stabbed William in the abdomen. William fell to the ground and died. But as he died, he saw Nike fall too! William's last vision was of Dante LordSnake, coming behind a dead Nike and pushing him to the ground. Dante smiled and William died.

Top 13 of the 47th Survival Glxy Games -


CPL Rusty and CPL Casey.

CPL Rusty and Casey Layman had been hiding this whole time. Casey frequentely talked to Jasmine, as they parted ways when Jasmine wanted to go help some of her friends. The dense forest and fierce rock terrain was perfect for Casey and Rusty (the two brothers), until Lisa Legend came. She was their friend, but something told them she wasn't here to hide with them.

Lisa approached the two brothers with her sense of superiority and noticed their spot of seclusion. "So, boys... How you guys been doing?" She said with flavor. "Oh, we have been doing okay.... How about you?" Rusty answered. "Oh, I have been quite alright! Killed Belia Azure... And uhh... I think youre next!" She proclaimed. "Wait... What??" Casey said with a worried twitch.


"Oh... Looks like we have an extra person now! Which one of you wants to bring it back down to Top 13... I will be GLAD to get rid of one of you!" Lisa Legend proclaimed. "Umm.. Why dont we get rid of you?" Rusty said with a laugh. Lisa glared and attacked them!

Casey and Rusty held their own, running away from her and shooting at her as they fled. Lisa eventually caught up to Casey and tripped him, stabbing him with her saber as he fell. Casey was lifted to the Defeated Tunnel and Rusty was alone. Jasmine felt a disturbance and realized that Casey was gone. Anger filled her and she found Rusty and Lisa fighting. Jasmine sprang into action and got out her wand, shooting a spell to disarm her. Her blaster shot out of her hand and she had just enough time to see Jasmine jumping and bring the end of her saber to hit Lisa. Jasmine hit Lisa in the forehead with the end of her saber and then kicked her in the stomach, Force Pushing Rusty away to save him at the same time. Lisa growled and got on one knee to get up, but Jasmine met her there and attempted to sustain her, but Lisa grabbed Jasmine by the hair and threw her onto the ground. Lisa stepped on Jasmine but Rusty shot her 3 times with his blaster, with Lisa brushing off the blasters like it was no big deal. Bella Cryolancer and Davik Cloudcruiser came to the rescue, thankfully for Jasmine, and Davik (Jasmine's brother) kicked Lisa in the leg while Bella Force-Pulled Lisa towards her. Davik interrogated Lisa and Bella attempted to calm her down. Lisa finally gave up and said "Dante tricked me... I just had so much stuff going on, and Belia attacked me! He turned me evil... And I helped fight so many people, but thankfully I didnt kill anyone!". "Yes... That is good." Davik said.

"Ok guys... Its Davik, Bella, Rusty, Lisa, Dante, Rex, Otten, Jarek (who was in the city trying to find Rush), Ayessa, Rush, Volk, and Kieran! 13 of us left... We really only need to get rid of Dante." Jasmine said. Suddenly, her datapad beeped and she realized Kieran had been severely injured. "Guys! Kieran is being attacked!" Jasmine said with urgency, but then realized he was out of the competition, though not dead. "Dante attacked Kieran... He must be extremely powerful to defeat Kieran." Jasmine said with warning.

Jarek couldn't find them. Rush and Ayessa had gone somewhere other than the city, and there was no use to try and find them! He was about to go back until a blaster shot past him and flew past the city sky. He found Volkner Ace, injured from something. "Volkner Ace... What happened to you?" Jarek asked. "Its... Otten! She found me skulking around the city, because I was looking for Dante, and she took me and dropped me onto this building!" Volk said with pain. "Wow... Is she allied with Dante?" Jarek asked. "I dont know... But I wished I could have won..." Volkner said with even more pain. Jarek sighed and attempted to get him better.

Otten was ready for this competition, and Dante was a good warrior. It would be smart to ally with him, something her friend Wullf Hexburst failed to do. She would be smarter; She allied with Dante after they met in a building in a town outside the city, and Otten was assigned to find Lisa and eliminate her and kill Jarek, Bella, and Rush. Otten was happy with this assignment mostly because she didn't have to fight Jasmine. She liked Jasmine and would not like to fight her.

Rush and Ayessa walked along the dirt road, not even hearing the jetpack that was going above them. Ayessa only realized it once Lord Ottenzievk came crashing down onto her, slamming Ayessa into the muddy ground. Otten kicked Rush and shot at Ayessa, who rolled off the ground and got to her feet, pulling out her pistols. Rush got angry and attempted to bat away Otten, but Otten had injured Ayessa and Rush could not focus.

Jasmine heard the scream of shock from Ayessa, and immediately ran.
Belia and rush

Belia Azure attacking Rush Falconsniper.

She found Rush on the ground with a smoking hole in his stomach, though not deep. Otten was standing near Ayessa with a grin on her face. Jasmine saw Ayessa and Force-Pulled her over. She picked up Ayessa and Otten glanced over to Ayessa, who then nodded at Jasmine and attacked Otten. Jasmine didnt know what to do, and ran over to Rush. Rush was going to live, but he couldn't compete anymore. Ayessa defeated Otten and sent her up into the Defeated Tunnel and didn't kill her despite her anger; Jasmine was proud of her, but Ayessa immediately tended to Rush. "It will be ok... I will hopefully win for you!" Ayessa said with pain. "Yeah, I will be ok! Do good" Rush said with pain as he protected his stomach. Rush went up into the Defeated Tunnel and was going to be tended to. "Ok Jasmine... Let's do this!" Ayessa said with excitement.

Top 10 -

Jasmine found Rex with severe cuts on his arm and his face, and one deep in his leg. Rex was done in the competition. It was now Top 10, and Dante was in sight.

Volkner and Jarek were attacked by Dante. Dante's power couldnt be bested by a Mandalorian who was tired from helping an injured Jedi. Dante got rid of Volk and didn't kill him thanks to Jarek's quick thinking by sending him to the safety of the Defeated Tunnel; But now Dante and Jarek were alone. Dante, after about a minute and a half, subdued Jarek and wounded him fairly. Jarek became weak and was captured by Dante.

Jasmine, CPL Rusty, Bella, Davik, Ayessa and Lisa then regrouped. Disaster struck, though, when Ayessa saw Lisa. Ayessa attacked Lisa and injured her fairly with her knife, while Lisa attempted to prove her innocence. Bella restrained Ayessa and Lisa assessed her 4 knife marks that Ayessa made. Ayessa then realized that Lisa wasn't joking, and that she really had gotten better. Rusty and Davik came back to find this disaster and gave them a pep talk to attack Dante. The 6 of them, he reasoned, could fight Dante to a standstill and win them the competition; For the "Good Side!". Ayessa didn't like the idea of fighting for a "side" in a competition; Ayessa felt that they (the 6 of them) were the good side in the real war going on outside and that Dante was the evil side (less people but much stronger). This made Jasmine realize that it was true, that they were getting peaceful Jedi (Bella), Bounty Hunters (Ayessa) and troopers (Rusty) into this fight. This mirrored the war going on in the galaxy because everyone was involved. Jasmine took a stand to never fight again after this; She would end up not holding her word.

Jarek was in his captivity; "So... How about we talk negotiations" Dante said mocking politeness. "You are only doing this because the competition officials wont stop you! Once you get back to reality, if you ever do once im through with you, you won't be able to do this... We will stop you!" Jarek said with courage. "Oh really..." Dante said as he shot Force Lightning at Jarek. "Nice armor... Hope you can protect yourself without it!" Dante said and laughed as he crushed Jarek's armor and threw it on the floor. Presently, a big boom made itself heard in the base Dante had built. Dante looked outside and saw an army of 6 people outside of his base. Dante smiled and ignited his lightsaber.

--=Death and Destruction--= -

Jasmine sent Bella, Lisa, and Ayessa to get through the barriers at the back of Dante's base. Jasmine, Rusty, and Davik went to infiltrate the front and attack Dante. Dante was pure evil, and they would have to get rid of him. The whole galaxy was probably either on Dante's side of Seperatism, or Jasmine's team side of Democracy. Dante came out and flurried his fiery lightsaber around himself. He bowed and was ready to fight.

Bella shot the defense systems and Lisa blasted the door down, and Ayessa found Jarek in his area of the base. "Wow... Dante sure got busy!" Bella said with awe at the detailed base. "Yeah! And its only been 3 days..." Ayessa said with shock. They got Jarek, but suddenly a huge blast rocked the base. They looked outside and Jasmine, Rusty and Davik were on the ground. "You will all DIE!" Dante said as he appeared inside the base. He slashed Lisa in the arm and kicked Bella away from him. He threw Jarek into the wall and Ayessa arrived to try to fight him. He slammed her into Lisa and took Lisa by the neck. "You... SCUM! I thought you were a worthy person to train, my dear... But it turns out you are not! You will never know power such as mine!" Dante yelled at her. He took his saber and stabbed her, dropping her to the floor. Bella screamed and Force-Pushed Dante back, even though it was not very strong. Lisa was in agony, and Jasmine had gotten up and knocked Dante backwards after he was Force-Pushed by Bella. Jasmine sent Lisa into the Defeated Tunnel while Davik
Fight in the arena

Davik attempts to hold back Dante.

and Rusty fought Dante. Ayessa was there for every moment and shot blasts at him to stun him into submission; but the Dark Side man knew no end! He took Ayessa and slammed her into Jarek. Jarek got up from his beating he took from the wall and from Ayessa, and got her up and flew into Dante, slamming into him. Dante snorted and took Jarek and put his saber up to his neck; Ayessa stopped and Jasmine gasped, because she knew of Dante's power. He would surely kill Jarek!

The world watched in pitched silence as Jarek was about to die and the final 7 fought; Dante, they reasoned, was powerful enough to injure all of them. But he seemed to go for Ayessa quite a bit... No one knew how things would turn out.

Jarek got out of Dante's grip and punched him with his armored knuckles, with Dante falling back and knocking into a person; that person was Ayessa, and he immediately stabbed her! Ayessa fell to the ground, and a shocked Jasmine screamed and ran over to her. Ayessa pleaded with Jasmine to help her, bu
Jarek and jasmine

Jarek and Jasmine on the offensive.

t Jasmine looked grim and knew that Ayessa would have to be sent into the Defeated Tunnel to be cared for. She sent Ayessa up and saw the destruction of Dante's base. All the weapons set up were scattered and the walls were mostly destroyed where the fights had occured. Bella lay on the ground and was injured. She would live. Jasmine, Rusty, Davik and Jarek would fight Dante.
Rusty protection

Rusty protecting her as she heals.

Rusty immediately sprang into action after the injured Ayessa was sent away. Dante would pay for the souls he had crushed and almost crushed. He borrowed Jasmine's sabers as she healed and defended her for a couple seconds from Dante's fiery Force Lightning; then, as Dante was fighting Jarek on the ground, Rusty jumped down from Jasmine's spot and walked over and knocked Dante on the head with his gun and Davik blasted him as he fell. They looked at each other, saying "That was easy!". Jasmine grinned at Jarek, and Jarek used his flamethrower on Dante, who suddenly jerked and Jasmine took her shining blue lightsaber and finished the job. Bella woke up, saying "Ow... That hurt.... Are we done yet?". "Oh Bella! Yes, it is done! The top 5 have survived!" Jasmine said cheerfully. "Yay!" Bella said, but immediately was cut off by another loudspeaker that said "THE TOP 5 CANNOT WIN... YOU WILL FIGHT TO THE TOP 2, AND THEY WILL WIN."

Jasmine, Jarek, Bella, Rusty and Davik looked at each other. They had been through so much. Guess what they did...

Survival -

They all went up into the Defeated Tunnel. This was the ultimate betrayal of the contract o


The Aftermath of the 47th Survival Games.

f the Survival Games, and they were still crowned as winners. Jasmine Rosejoy, Jarek Osari, Bella Cryolancer, CPL Rusty Layman, and Davik Cloudcruiser were all winners of the 47th Survival GlxyGames! But secretly, the Corellian officials of the Survival Games did not approve... Something had to be done about Jasmine Rosejoy, they knew. But she had become such a free spirit and role model in the galaxy!

21 BBY -


Jasmine, at the age of 23, with a shadow of death surrounding her.

Since the year of 44 BBY, Jasmine had seen so many things. She had met CPL Casey, she had fought a Sith, she became a Jedi, she learned magic, she had won the 42nd Survival Games, she became a Senator, she fought in the Clone Wars, and finally disobeyed the terms of the 47th Survival Games and won. In 21 BBY, a new era was starting; New Clone/Droid warfare was in store and Jasmine decided she would not be part of it. She would not live by that guideline, but from the end of 22 BBY to the first few months of 21 BBY, she lived extravagently and "took a break" from the galaxy.

Her relationship with Casey remained well. They saw each other, as they jokingly said, "every other mission" and remained in close touch. Their marriage didn't get much farther than missions and battling, though. They never had time.

In the beginning of 21 BBY, at 24 years old, Jasmine was a full-time senator. When Senator Onaconda Farr died from a poisoned drink, Jasmine was immediately onto the case; being a Jedi and sniper, she tried to find clues. But, when she failed, she found Padme Amidala and told her of the unsucessful clues to who killed him. Padme told Jasmine that her and Bail Organa would find who did this. Jasmine was confident with her and nodded, wishing her the best of luck. This event triggered Jasmine's reentering into the galaxywide affairs.

Corruption of the Clones -

Jasmine then was tasked to help Master Windu manage a group of Clone boys on a cruiser. Jasmine kindly said yes, knowing that this would be a good morale boost for the clones. Master Windu spoke kindly of her, and they boarded the ship and met the clones. There was one in particular that seemed to be insanely lucky, or just insanely talented. Jasmine wondered about him, seeing a familiarity in him... But she couldn't remember from where.

After a day of watching them train and show their talents, Jasmine was happy. She ate her Acid-beet salad while she laid on her streamlined bed in her room; But a sudden rocking of the ship meant trouble.

Boba Fett, a small clone with a big personality, attempted to kill Mace Windu. He had damaged the ship critically, and knew what he had to do. He put on his fake, innocent attitude that he had used the whole time and ran "frantically" throughout the ship. He liked Jasmine Rosejoy, and thought she was pretty cute. He had fooled her, but now he had to fool himself off of this ship. Jasmine came running and Mace Windu came to usher the clones into an escape pod. Boba would get his chance to kill Windu again.... Now obviously was not the right time; they sent the pod away and Boba left his fellow clones to join the Bounty Hunter population consisting of Aurra Sing and others. They left the other clones for dead, but he knew they would survive. The clones were survivors.

Traveling to Raxus -

Jasmine traveled to Raxus for diplomatic reasons, and found it to be a pure beacon for Seperatist activity. It was purely Seperatist based with beautiful architectural buildings and palaces. Jasmine almost wanted to stay here, but she knew she had to get what she had to do done. Her, Oolia Wompison, and Sia-Lan Wezz met the officials there and talked about the tragedy of Mina Bonteri. Jasmine, personally, didn't care but listened politely. This would help the officials turn to the Republic if they saw that Jasmine listened. Oolia kept making looks over at Jasmine, but Jasmine told her to stay calm with a look back. As the Jedi team left, they eavesdropped on the officials and heard them say that the Jedi team was "unpromotional" to join the Republic. Serra Keto was waiting for them near the Landing Bay, and the Jedi team walked past the palace grass onto the walkway. They past the gates when Serra ran over to them and threw her lightsaber past them. Sia gasped and ducked, then looked behind her and saw two Seperatist Spider Droids about to fire on the Jedi team. Jasmine quietly thanked Serra and they sprung into action. Oolia removed the right one's legs, while Serra smashed its head with a quick Force Blast. Serra kicked off its head and slashed it open, defeating it. Jasmine Force-Pushed the left one as Sia swung her lightsaber into its' middle area. It wobbled and fell. The 4 of them had defeated the 2 droids. Suddenly, snipers appeared out of nowhere and shot quick blasts at the Jedi team. Diplomacy had failed, and the Republic had gone down with it. The Jedi team ran to their ship and left. "Well... None of us are obviously ever going to get out of this war..." Serra said with an angry shrug. "Yeah... I realized that after I tried to take a break..." Jasmine said as she glanced over at Sia-Lan and Oolia. War took everything out of you.

Trip to the Galaxies Opera House -

Casey and Jasmine took a trip to the Galaxies Opera House to see Squid Lake.
Squid lake

The inspiring performance of Squid Lake.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and they both knew they would have a good time. Casey surprised her, and they got in their nicest wear and went out. The show and the whole crowd was incredibly inspirational, and they had got

good seats. It was a nice night out to talk and to share in each other's company.

"So, Jasmine. We haven't been able to talk lately, with our duties playing out to be unstoppable. How are you doing?" Casey said with happiness. "I am doing great... Jedi stuff is crazy, as usual, and I think they have caught onto our relationship... It's just a feeling, but I feel like I need to do something... Maybe I should quit the Order?" Jasmine replied with a bit of sorrow. "No! Don't do that! They will accept our relationship, if they do in fact know, and stay out of it! You are the Jedi, and they will not mess with you. I assure you of that. This war is too intense to get involved in silly stuff like that." Casey said. "Interesting reference... This war is everything everyone talks about! We need to start thinking about keeping our lives outside of this WAR. And, I might add, an interesting word choice Casey... The term war is accurate, but it does state the possibility that both sides have an equal chance of winning..." Jasmine said with mystery in her voice.

Uncertain Times -

When Jasmine heard that Padme and Ahsoka had left for Raxus, she immediately was worried. Just a few weeks ago, Jasmine and a team had gone there for peace-keeping propositions. Jasmine called up Padme, but found Padme to be unreachable. Jasmine gulped and drifted back into her chair at her Coruscant apartment. What could she do....? What would happen to them?

Padme and Ahsoka came back fine, but the next thing that worried Jasmine greatly was the attack on King Katuunko. Some of the Jedi wanted to send Jasmine to find the killer, but Anakin and Obi-Wan ended up going. The killer, Savage Oppress, was a Zabrak who killed two Jedi, one named Knox; Knox was a friend of Jasmine's and, while about 10 years younger, he had met Jasmine and they had trained together. Jasmine had become a Jedi very late, and she was paired up with him when he was around 6 years old. This was very embarassing for Jasmine, but she excelled and moved up. Jasmine almost cried when she saw him as one of the dead, remembering his enthusiastic personality.

As Jasmine is away helping the conflict on Saleucami, she gets a distress signal from a faraway world. It is sent from Ahsoka Tano, and Jasmine guesses that her and Anakin are in trouble. She could not leave though, because duties call her to help Jarek Osari settle tensions of citizens on Saleucami. And things were plenty rough there... The citizens of Saleucami were very annoyed with the government's harsh treatment of its citizens; it started with all the crime, so the government decided to punish the whole world (a small one). Everyone knows everyone, so everyone started a riot. Jasmine, CPL Casey (her lover), and Jarek were called in to help the increasing tensions, as the government was going to attack the riots. Jasmine and Jarek tried to help locally, but they soon realized that Saleucami was a non-Jedi world. Jasmine was confused and almost was shocked, but she left Jarek to bring down the riot levels. She went to the capital, where the leaders of the government were talking over potential strategies; Jasmine, though, did not walk inside. She stayed near the doorway, against the wall, and listened to them talk. "Well... This is not working. Those silly Jedi don't know a thing about politics, and they never will. I dont even know why we called them here." One of them said. Jasmine was immediately shocked, wondering why they didn't see on their records that she was a Senator too. "You know.. I might, if I were you, reconsider my earlier proposal. If you don't want a Jedi-Senator here, then why bother? The Seperatists will be eager to swarm your world, claiming you on their side. Except, they won't attempt to fix you. They will bomb your cities and any opposition too." Jasmine said as she walked inside the room.

When Jasmine stormed out of the government building, she found CPL Casey (her lover), on the ground with a smoking chest. She screamed and helped him and Force-Blasted the crowds back. She took him to their ship and told him of what happened as she helped sooth his wounds. He turned out fine, and the three of them flew back to Coruscant.

Removal from the Jedi -

In the middle of the year 21 BBY, the war was getting more difficult and clouded as it went on. New factions were rising up, both political and Seperatist, and it was getting harder to tell what side Jasmine was on. She was a Jedi and a Senator, but "Jedi" was becoming a smaller and smaller category. Jasmine was feeling pressured and segregated into many directions and obligations. It seems that a couple of noteworthy events led up to her succession from the Jedi Order.

Defense of Simona Alantiano -

"I will say this; this galaxy is either Pro-Jedi or Non-Jedi. And you are neither, but you are in the same situation as me. It seems that maybe we are better off as neither Jedi or non Jedi. That means me as a Senator, and you as a nobody. You have been swarmed by press and people who didn't like the outcome of the 46th Survival Games. Show them that you deserve to live peacefully, and out of trouble." - Jasmine to Simona.

Nicole Nighttracer and Simona never really had a good relationship, and Jasmine was not about to get involved in that. The only reason Simona called her was for her protection. Jedi protection was always a given, but it felt like a job now. Jasmine felt like this until she met Simona.

Simona was a very nice girl. She didn't seem to have any reason to have competed in the Survival Games, but she was just picked. Jasmine couldn't sense any fighting spirit or skill in her, but somehow she rose up to the challenge. Simona explained the fact that Jasmine had won two Survival Games, and that Jasmine was up for this new challenge. Jasmine was confused, but Simona explained further. "You see... There is tension going on. Like usual! But this time, it is between me and people that really want me gone. They didn't like the fact that I cheated and "died", but then cheated death. It was a disaster... I feel horrible about what happened. But it happened, and I have to live with the fact that I was part of a lot of people dying..." Simona said with sad emotions. Jasmine nodded, saying "Yeah... Me too. Except that I am a Jedi and a Gunslinger, I am forced to know these things and be a part of them. I am sorry for you, and I will help you in any way.". Simona said "Well... Nicole Nighttracer, a local from my planet that I used to be friends with, is still really mad. She watched my interviews from a while ago and she has now amassed at least two hundred people to attack me. She waited all that time to get a huge army, and now she has it.". "Oh wow... I didn't see this coming." Jasmine said, scared. "I would like you to help me." Simona said with dignity. "I can't lose my reputation... It has done everything for me, and some people just need to get over the results of the 46th Survival Games." Simona pleaded.

Jasmine ended up confronting Nicole and calming her down, describing Simona's situation. About a half of Nicole's team let everything go and accepted Simona, but another half didn't. They found Nicole's safe location and planned to attack. This attack and the results, other than the Saleucami drama and the Simona situation, led to Jasmine's leaving of the Jedi Order.

Fight on Taanab -

Simona found refuge, temporarily, on Taanab at the Jedi chapter establishment. It was a safehouse for the Order
Meeting the officials

Simona meeting the Jedi officials

in case of emergencies or specialized Jedi training. The city of Pandath was small, but fierce and loyal. Simona was immediately scared when she heard a crash inside the establishment.

Jasmine knew the planet of Taanab was a heavy pirated city and had huge rates of crime, mostly in the cities. The cities were small, but for some reason they were fairly pro-Seperatist. Jasmine only realized this when she touched down on the planet and saw some droid officials. She hid herself until the droids came to check the ship, and attacked them. Once she took care of them, she ran out and stepped into the bunker. Trying to figure out where the Jedi establishment was, she was found by Pandath citizens, and was immediately attacked. "NO JEDI!" They chanted. Jasmine locked the doors and switched off the lights, hiding. They knew she was there, but she thought about things in her head. She wondered why they allowed a Jedi establishment here, with the non-Jedi citizens. Then she realized ... It was underground... The establishment was hidden! This is going to be a long day...
Sneaking around

Jasmine outside of the starport.

Jasmine sneaked out of the bunker and out of the area of the starport. She would need to find the way down to the underground, and quietely. She kept her lightsaber well hidden in her ship and had a blaster with her, and her Force too! She wandered around the city and finally found it; the way to the underground. There was a sign: The Underground Prairie.

That meant that the Jedi safehouse was probably already being attacked. Luckily, some clones had gone with Simona to help her. As she went through the underground, the path got narrower and narrower. This was fun... Definitely. Once she got through the blastdoors, she found untarnished beauty. It was a livable field, with small towns (in plain sight) and trees and beautiful things. Jasmine would like to live here... Definitely.

Finding the Jedi Establishment -

Jedi house

Jedi safehouse on Taanab.

She found it, but didn't hear anything. Maybe they were silent... Or maybe they had already gotten rid of Simona! J
Sneaking around 2

Jasmine, ready for anything.

asmine got through a secret way, through some vents, and immediately found an interesting defense layer. There were vents and pipes running through everything, mixed with safe layers to go through and fatal layers that will kill you if you touch them. Jasmine immediately found which areas were safe to go through, and went on through. She hoped for the best, but somehow she could only hope. The paths were long,
Bar maze

Jasmine, trying to find a good route.

and she couldn't find a certain maze that was the best. She had put on her fighting clothes now and let down her hair, ready for a fight! Finally she found a systems room, but found it to be swarmed with local pirates aiding the angry haters of Simona! Jasmine grimaced, finding this to be a worldwide conspiracy against Simona. The group had let down the defense systems and were in the middle of turning any systems against Simona and the Jedi crowd. Jasmine went a different way and immediately commed her friend Cylonio. "Yes, Cylon! Great to hear from you... We have a problem." Jasmine said quickly. "I know... Our systems are down and we haven't seen the people we are supposed to defend Simona against! We have been waiting in certain defense rooms for a little while now!" Cylon said. "Well, don't continue waiting! They are shutting down systems that are crucial for her survival! I would have attacked them, but there is at least a hundred people in the systems room.." Jasmine said with earnest. Jasmine would have to find Cylon and some clones and defend Simona.

"Lets fight!" -

Jasmine found Cylon and a pack of well-known Jedi. A peaceful-looking woman greeted her, telling Jasmine that Simona was safe in a shielded room with two Jedi and a couple clones. Jasmine told her the situation, and the woman immediately told all clones there to scramble and

Clones running to duties.

get to their stations. Jasmine and Cylon were told to kill any approaching enemies. Jasmine agreed and went to work.

Cylon got out his lightsaber and went on the prowl. Jasmine had her gun and a backup lightsaber to use, and they saw a pack of mercenaries coming their way. "Oh wow... Nicole Nighttracer got busy! She really wanted Simona gone..." Jasmine said, scared. Cylon got his lightsaber and they rushed into battle.
Jasmine and cylon

Cylon fights while Jasmine is in disguise.

Jasmine, meanwhile, pretended to be a mercenary who had caught Cylon. Cylon "ran away from her" and fought the mercenaries. Jasmine was very impressed at his outright skill. Cylon defeated each of the 7 mercenaries and pirates, smiling at Jasmine. Jasmine sniped 4 other pirates and blasted a mercenary who was trying to sneak up on a pack of clones.

Suddenly, after much fighting Jasmine realized that they had picked off most of the offenders. "But there is always a leader... Always" She told herself. And that was true; Arica Bloodnight was prowling around the safehouse. But Jasmine didn't realize it until she heard a scream. Simona Alantiano was in trouble.

Time Stands Still -

Jasmine found a clone commander, praising him for his help quickly. He started talking about
Jasmine with a clone

Jasmine talking quickly to Kovin.

what he did, saying he was a fairly new clone named Kovin. But Jasmine stopped him after half a minute or so of talking, and asked him where the room was that Simona was in. He gave her the directions, and Cylon and him went with her.

Jasmine found Simona, knocked out, in the arms of Arica Bloodnight. Jasmine immediately became angry, getting out her lightsaber and seeing how Arica would respond. "It's fine... Let her kill me. I don't deserve to live this way in fear, or in normal life. I don't deserve to live at all, based on what I have done." Simona said as one of her last moments. Jasmine suddenly felt pity, seeing that Simona was fatally injured by Arica. Arica laughed, throwing down Simona. "Simona... You were a good woman. I hope you will have a good time, wherever you go.." Jasmine said as she almost teared up. But she had a woman to defeat. Cylon and Kovin let Jasmine do this one.

Jasmine fought Arica with passion.
Jasmine fighting

Jasmine fighting Arica Bloodnight.

This woman was second-in-command to Nicole, who had left the deal. Arica still wanted Simona gone, and had done that mission well. So Jasmine was going to kill her now.

After killing Arica with an artistic swing of her lightsaber, Jasmine felt good. Strangely good. Kovin and Cylon helped her through what had just happened in the past couple minutes, and they became good friends to her in those few moments.

Jasmine left home, bringing Kovin and Cylon and the dead body of Simona. Simona would be dropped of onto Corellia and buried with vigor near the other dead bodies of Survival Games contestants. Kovin and Cylon would come with her to Coruscant, for the proper training they deserved. They were survivors, and she would help them with whatever they needed. They were now her friends, and she would not lose them or Jarek or Rusty or Casey or any of her other friends. They would survive this war with her.

Decision to leave the Jedi Order -


Jasmine in the Jedi Temple.

Jasmine visited the Jedi Temple for the last time. She would not come back,


but she would remember her training. Jasmine came back after the fiasco on Taanab and was immediately found as an outsider. She had killed many people and killed someone out of hatred. But, while Master Luminara was disappointed in her, she remembered Jasmine's fighting spirit and praised her. Luminara told her that she could probably not come back, but that she could remain in touch with everyone. Jasmine was thankful and peacefully left the Jedi Order. It would suit her well to stay as a Senator and stay in good standings with the Jedi, but still she felt bad.

The End of an Era: 21 BBY -

Near the end of 21 BBY, a good Jedi named Jasmine Rosejoy was gone from active duty. Her spunk was gone and she would be forced to go back to a diplomatic life at 23 years old. But Jasmine was ready for whatever this war would throw at her next.

Daily Activities -

Even though her regular life was ending, Jasmine still had to have some activities in her life. For the next couple months, she entertained herself with different things, such as...

Ship Flying:

Jasmine's wrecked ship.

Jasmine was not a good ship flier... She had always been flown, and ship flying was not her best subject. The first time she had ever flown herself was near this time. It was disastrous, and she wrecked her ship very much.

Late Nights:

Jasmine liked to go out a lot at this time. Her senatorial duties always involved parties and lav

Jasmine and Laniqua Danva catch up.

ish nights, and she

Jasmine and some friends, like Rex Bactpack!

would always skip a few. This time, she did those and saw her friends much more.

Traveling Coruscant:

She loved Coruscant and the city life. She, now that she had more free time, liked to travel Coruscant and admire its sunny and nightly beauty. She visited different apartments and visited

Coruscant at day.

monumental buildings. It was a nice life at this point in time, and the Coruscant high life was a very stable place.

Buying Items and Spending Time:

Jasmine amped up her Coruscant apartment during these times and kept track of her other aparments and resorts on other worlds. She liked to buy nice droids

Droids that Jasmine wanted to buy (she liked the one in the middle).

and exotic drinks and tasty foods and special plants and speeders too! Sometimes speeder bikes caught her eye, but not normally... Until the new Z5 HeadHunter Speeder came out! It was the

Jasmine's new favorite speeder bike!

new thing.. And you could ride it swiftly and smooth on any terrain! Jasmine had to have it. And she did get it! She was still rich with her Senatorial job, and Naboo kept in close contact with her. She was, as usual, in high demand. Life was good.

Battle of Umbara:

After a month or two, the galaxy was almost about to wrap up another year of war. At this point it was almost 2 years, and the galaxy was getting tired. But, as usual, more battles were waged. Suddenly, the Battle of Umbara was being fought. Jasmine was called in, along with Jarek Osari, to do some investigating and potential "cleanup". Jasmine was ready... And once again she took out her lightsaber to do some aggressive negotiations.

Jarek and Jasmine went undercover in an old Sith Temple. There were, apparently, dark deeds going on here. Anakin Skywalker and teams of clones, meanwhile, were investigating different pockets of resistance fighters or whatever they were doing. Jasmine didn't care, but just wanted to find out about this certain temple. Going inside, her and Jarek fought many types of Dark Jedi. They weren't taught very well, obviously, because Jasmine had found all of the Holocrons to open any secret doors. Jasmine fought quick and precise, not letting these Dark Jedi find out why she was here.
Fight on umbara sith academy

Jasmine and Jarek fight.

After fighting droid commanders, Dark Jedi, and skulking around the Sith academy, Jasmine and Jarek found a Sith master. Jasmine could barely believe it, but got herself ready for battle. This man was truly a Sith, because he conjured Jedi Masters (in an evil form) to fight Jasmine and Jarek, but it was easy. The man had to defend himself while partially controlling these evil Jedi, and it was easy for Jasmine and Jarek to beat them. Finally, the man decided to fight them himself. He used evil forms of Force to bend them to his will, but that didn't stop Jasmine from shooting him three times in the stomach; he soon gave up. Jasmine and Jarek found a way out of the temple soon after seeing its secrets, and commed Anakin Skywalker. They told him of the dangers and the need to get rid of the temple before it spawns serious Sith competitors. Anakin understood, and Jasmine and Jarek finished their mission.

Trip to Ossus -

In the last month of 21 BBY, Jasmine got her Jedi skills back up and was sent (with Adni Darkbolt and Davik Cloudcruiser) by Master Adi Gallia to the planet of Ossus. Sith were popping up around the galaxy, and the damaged world of Ossus could provide a nice ground for new Jedi academies and new Force that hasn't been practiced since the very early BBY years. Jasmine was excited, but still grim at the thought of seeing a Jedi planet that was mostly destroyed thousands or millions of years ago.

The first step was a bit of cleanup, and Jasmine and Davik rearranged (with their collective powers) s
Ossus library

Ancient Jedi Library on Ossus

ome of the building areas. They found the old Jedi Library, and saw its remarkable ancient destroyed beauty. The memories from the Force of how it used to look swarmed them, and they felt the ancient feel of the Great Library. The Jedi could never restore it properly, and restore the memories. They would have to get out what they could. Force spirits swamped them, and Adni could barely hold herself together. Jasmine attempted to push them away with her Force Blinding techniques, but she was not strong enough to do that. Davik attempted to shut himself down in the Force, but he could not do that properly either. And signals did not work either. Jasmine decided they should probably leave, documenting the trip as a failure. But even so, Adni told them that she felt stronger in the Force being there. Davik contributed that Ossus was full of Force memories, and that could be strong to a young individual that was learning about the Force. Adni nodded, but Jasmine immediately thought about that idea.

20 BBY:

"There is no need to stop this war, if that is what you want to call it; there is only a need to prove it to be unneeded in the morals of the galaxy." - Jasmine Rosejoy

As a 24 year old, Jasmine was beginning to realize how the world worked. She had to fight for what she wanted, and she looked in shame to her earlier years in 22 BBY and even earlier; those were the times that she thought she needed to stop war and stop all bad things. This was true, but only to an extent. This war had been coming since 32 BBY, the Battle of Naboo. Jasmine would have needed to work extremely hard to stop it. Now, Jasmine would need to get the real reasons of the war from someone who made those reasons. Jasmine would need to find Asajj Ventress and, by finding Ventress, find Count Dooku. Jasmine would have to go alone.

The Box Tournament -

As a test subject for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jasmine went in disguise to the Box Tournament. The Box Tournament was an obstacle course that was a type of tournament. Obi-Wan, in disguise, was going to plan to compete. But Jasmine was going to try out first, and the reward was simple credits and rare luxury items. Dooku gathered Bounty Hunters and Snipers and Gunslingers and other shady characters around the galaxy. Next time, the time Obi-Wan was going to try out for, would be for a plot that Dooku was planning. Jasmine would try out and see if it was any good, and report back to Obi-Wan and win to gain Dooku's trust.

Jasmine immediately got into the maze zone on a volcanic world. The object was to kill each other and destroy certain areas of the map. Jasmine immediately sniped someone and got out her disruptive pistol to get rid of the set of pipe structures. First she would have to cross a destructive volcano... And she saw a woman scaling the volcano, trying to find a good area. Jasmine shot her with her the

Beating objectives.

blue blasts and the woman fell into the valley of the volcano, getting burned. Jasmine winced, but had to be like a Hunter and use her skills to win this and win over Dooku. Jasmine destroyed the structures in one area of the arena and knew she had to get to the next area. She skulked around and found a group of Bounty Hunters (by the looks of them) fighting over a set of pipes that needed to be destroyed. Jasmine sniped one of them and immediately ducked. She ran to a guarded side of the nearest building and snuck up on the confused group of Bounty Hunters. While they eac

Jasmine sneaking around the base, attempting to find the next set of buildings.

h tried to identify the attacker, Jasmine popped out and shot multiple

Force blasts shot through the corridors.

Force blasts at them. The Bounty Hunters, with a nod at each other, immediately went for Jasmine. Jasmine's grin turned into a frown, and she ran quickly away. She then took out a different weapon (she had 3 weapons with her) and ran to the side of one of the bases. Its halls were

Jasmine prowling around one of the bases.

short and narrow, and the blaster rifle she had would be helpful. The Bounty Hunters soon started to quarrel, and one was beaten. By her datapad, she found out that 8 competitors were left. The other 6 had been beaten. Jasmine herself had killed 3 of them, and she had done 2 objectives out of 5. Jasmine would need to maneuver around these Bounty Hunters, but then she found that she would only need to cut through the rocks and then go through the entrance and then beat the next objectives. And Jasmine did that.

Winning the Box Tournament -

Jasmine won with 3 objectives done out of 5 and killing 5 competitors out of 14. Count Dooku was happy with her, and praised her on her brutality and need to get jobs done well. Jasmine nodded, finding what he said to not exactly be true. Dooku then gave her a code to go to the Vjun Item Records and claim her items and credits that she won. Jasmine nodded, and went to leave; Dooku put his hand on her shoulder and stopped her. "I have another job for you..." Dooku said.

Jasmine's New Assignment -

Asajj Ventress, at this time, was not on the side of Count Dooku. Dooku gave Jasmine orders to find her and eliminate her. Jasmine complied, thinking that Obi-Wan could handle Dooku and figure him out while Jasmine got rid of Ventress. Then they both (with the help of the Republic and other Jedi) could turn on Dooku and finish him off. Jasmine was ready... Jasmine went to the planet of Dathomir to attack Ventress, wherever she was, and Dooku would come soon to attack the other evil witches that Ventress befriended. Jasmine secretly swept through the outskirts of Dathomir towns and settlements, and shut herself down in the Force until she found where Ventress possibly was. Suddenly, a snarl and a rock explosion came out of nowhere. Jasmine spun around and saw Asajj

Jasmine getting ready to fight Ventress.

Ventress, a wild mess, running at her. Ventress was sneaky... Jasmine would take care of her. Jasmine immediately sent Force blocks at Ventress, who just pushed them away with her mind. Jasmine ran up with her green saber and batted at Ventress, who used her fast skill to block each small jab. Jasmine jumped away and Force Pushed Ventress back, but Ventress had been taught skills from the Nightsisters; Ventress sent dark Force Tendrils at Jasmine! Jasmine was caught by them and felt dark Force ripping at her skin. Ventress didn't seem very strong in her force this time, though. She seemed much more vulnerable and worried.

Jasmine and Ventress fight.

Nevertheless, Jasmine calmed herself through the Force, and brought her saber up to strike at Ventress. They struck and parried for a couple minutes, until ships arrived and bombed much of the area around them and in their sight. Jasmine and Ventress heard screams and snarls from the Nightsisters, and Jasmine knew that Dooku had arrived. Ventress immediately was shocked and became incredibly angry, so angry that Jasmine felt death in her mind. Jasmine and Ventress both felt the sting from each Nightsister death, and Dooku and his droids started arriving too. A death was happening each second around Dathomir, and Jasmine and Ventress felt each one. Jasmine felt instant pity, as Ventress screamed and stomped on the ground with her hands. Jasmine leaves Ventress there and looks back once, only to see Ventress screaming in anger and sorrow.

Jasmine walks across the rocky terrain, watching droids shoot at the feral Nightsisters. Jasmine wants to help, but she cannot show Dooku that she is Jasmine Rosejoy. For now, she is a mercenary.

After getting to her ship, Dooku shows up to see her. "How did it go, my lady." Dooku says with mock politeness. "Oh it went splendid... Ventress was not much of a threat, but I did not kill her. She got past me when you and your droids attacked!" Jasmine said with mystery in her voice, trying to conceal the truth. "Your lies blind me. They blind me so much, that I can tell they are lies. Jasmine Rosejoy... Please do not try to fool me." Count Dooku said as he stared at her. Jasmine gulped. She would not, most likely, get out of this one...

Fight against Count Dooku -

Jasmine got out her lightsaber, and prepared for a fight.

The Count immediately shot Force Lightning at Jasmine, who turned away but was caught by it and slammed against the wall of her ship. She rolled away and got out of the ship, holding Dooku in a Force Hold. It only worked briefly, though, and Jasmine took off running. The Count disappeared and thrust a whirlwind at her, which hit her

Dooku attempts to corrupt Jasmine.

and she tumbled. He appeared near her and told her of the Dark Side powers. He took her by the neck and spoke to her softly. He told her of what she could accomplish for the galaxy. Jasmine shook her head

Dooku pushes back Jasmine.

and whipped out her lightsaber, cutting Dooku on the arm. He stumbled back, and they fought lightsaber to lightsaber. Jasmine fought gallantly and struck sideways and forwards and down and up above and any way that could push back Dooku. Dooku parried almost every

Dooku attacks the wary Jasmine.

single strike. He then struck Jasmine as she attempted to jump backwards and she fell to the ground. He was about to strike Jasmine in the stomach, until she took his leg and used her trusty blade to stab it; he stammered, and then Jasmine took her quick blaster to shoot him on the stab mark. She laughed and he screamed, shooting more Force Lightning at her. She parried and shot it back at him. He took it in his hand and charged it, shooting it at her and forcing her into the nearest wall and she crashed into it. Jasmine took off running as she shot blasts at Dooku, and he shot them back at her. Jasmine used her Force to lend her speed, and she flew away in her ship from Dathomir.

Success -

Though Jasmine was found out by Dooku, Obi-Wan (disguised as a bounty hunter) had success in the Box Tournament that came after. He beat the most famous Bounty Hunters of the galaxy, and went along with a plan to capture Chancellor Palpatine. Meanwhile, Jasmine had started a new life in 20 BBY.

Training Clones :

Near the middle of 20 BBY, Jasmine started to train clones. She had talked to a clone officer to get her into the Clone training business.

Jasmine talking to a Clone Officer.

Kovin (from the mission to Taanab) had said good things about her and her sharpshooting/aiming skills, so the officer let her help train clones and their weapon skills. Her first training was with her husband Casey and Trooper

Jasmine, Kovin, and Casey train the clones.

Kovin, and they helped to raise the trooper's morale. The clones were very responsive to Jasmine and her techniques, and soon the clone officials had Jasmine and elite teams of clones do missions together. Their first mission was to Ryloth, to destroy a route of droid armies.

Clone Mission to Ryloth -

Jasmine, CPL Rusty, and elite teams of clones touched down on Ryloth and immediately sprang into action.

Jasmine, Kovin, and Rusty.

Kovin, Jasmine's friend, was a big help and showed tremendous growth from Jasmine's help. Jasmine was very happy to be on another mission with him, and the two (with Rusty) fought very well together. The mission was a clear success, and the droids were scrapped all around Ryloth.

Attack on Cruiser Alantra -

Jasmine, CPL Casey, Trooper Kovin, and Jedi Cylon traveled in

Jasmine, getting ready to board the Cruiser.

their small-class transport, to infiltrate a cruiser of the Seperatists. It was housing General Grievous, and they would need to find its secrets. Grievous was housing Republic secrets and Seperatist codes to enhance them; the Republic sent this team to take back the secrets and take the codes, so that the Seperatists can't use either of them.

Infiltration of the Cruiser -

Tyrral Magnadueler and Davik Cloudcruiser (Jasmine's brothers) met up with them after they landed, and they brought

Jasmine scales the walls as she tells Kovin of his job.

along Ella Protohero and Cyrus Kraytrage. The 8 of them all were going to have different jobs.

Jasmine, Casey, Tyrral and Cyrus went for Grievous; they would stall him and stall any other officials that would try to prevent everyone else from completing their jobs. And they found Grievous... They sure did.

Ella and Davik went to find the stolen Jedi secrets and holocrons. Those Seperatists had masterfully infiltrated the Jedi base on Corellia, and taken secret Jedi knowledge. Ella shot at incoming droids, while Davik attempted to find the right way to the base area with the items. With Jasmine and the other people in teams, each objective could be done effectively. Ella and Davik got in promptly and searched for the Jedi items.

Kovin and Cylon, meanwhile, went to find certain Seperatist data and items. Their job was fairly easy; Kovin hacked the computers and terminals and datapads, while Cylon held off the droids.

Jasmine, Casey, Tyrral and Cyrus found Grievous.. But they also happened to find a Sith Lord. Jasmine almost backed away and started running, but Jarek was there for her. He nudged her and got a bit in front of her to protect her, which prompted Tyrral to also and prompted Cyrus to get his saber ready. Cyrus fought Grievous, while Jasmine, Tyrral and Casey fought the new Sith Lord. He was vile, and had many tricks and Force knowledges. Jasmine was almost getting tired and worn out after a couple minutes of attempting to strike him. Jarek, though, didn't stop. His fighting spirit was incredible, and he

Jasmine attempts to fight Titanic.

swung and shot at Darth Titanic as much as he could. Jasmine almost recognized him.. And suddenly realized that he was a failed Jedi! Jasmine, so many years earlier on Coruscant, remembered him as a tricky Jedi... A shady person who could learn incredibly fast. Right now Jasmine was using all she knew to stop him, but he could not be pushed back. Titanic pushed the three of them back, battling them all at once (it seemed), and they suddenly were fighting outside of the Main Bay. Jasmine elbowed Tyrral to go inside and help Cyrus, and he did. This fight would go on. Jasmine then took off her clothes, as Jarek was fighting Titanic. Casey spun around to see her take off her weighty clothes for something more flexible, but he almost thought she was stripping. She wasn't and nodded to him as she got her flexible pink suit and took out her blaster. Casey took the hint and did his best saber battling against Titanic as Jasmine shot quick shots at Titanic.

Ella finally found what they needed. Sets of Secure Datapads and Articles she found, and she yelled at Davik to come over here. Davik patted her back, and said he found the Holocrons too. They smiled, and went to get out of the room. Two Droidekas were waiting for them.

Kovin and Cylon got anything they needed and, with Kovin's thorough searches, they found all they could use. They ran to the ship and shot any cameras that they missed, knowing that they would leave soon and didn't care. They waited...

Ella tried to hold them back with her blue shining lightsaber, and Davik shot and threw his saber at them, but more Droidekas came. More and more. They were taken into custody by the Seperatists.

Grievous kicked Tyrral in the face, and pushed his saber into Cyrus' saber, and Cyrus fell with the strain. Tyrral kicked Grievous in the legs, a kick that even a droid couldn't be immune to. Grievous almost fell, and Cyrus stabbed Grievous in the arm. Grievous let out a droid-like shriek, and then snarled at them, narrowing his eyes at them. He then fled, probably going to get reinforcements. Cyrus and Tyrral walked out of

Realizing that Titanic is strong, Jasmine tries to defeat him from afar.

the Main Bay to find Jasmine and Casey getting forced back by Darth Titanic. Tyrral laughed and attempted to shoot Titanic in the back, but he spun around and shot the blast back at Tyrral, who ducked and knocked into Cyrus. Tyrral said a quick "sorry", and then heard a crack as she saw Jasmine punch Titanic in the back. Titanic fell onto the ground stomach-first, and Cyrus laughed. "That must have hurt..." Cyrus said, with Tyrral starting to laugh. Jasmine did a quick laugh and smiled, and they ran to the ship. Ella and Davik were being energy-cuffed and shoved to the Main Bay for Grievous to decide what to do with them, when a team of humans ran past them and shot each droid as they passed. Ella and Davik were scared to death, but then realized it was their friends and laughed. They took the Jedi items and ran

Kovin helping everyone escape as Jasmine shoots at droids!

with them as they all went for the ship. They made it, and talked about the successful mission as they flew back to Coruscant, all the while worried about the new Sith Lord.

20.5 BBY:

By 20.5, Asajj Ventress had turned "good" and Savage Oppress had reunited with a very much alive Darth Maul. The wars on Onderon were done, and Jasmine was figuring out her life to come. Her and Casey were talking about kids, and Jasmine was seriously considering it. But there was much more this galaxy would need to overcome, so Jasmine decided to wait for now.

After the Naboo scares were gone and all the battles faced there were finished, Jasmine went back for a couple of months to just live and calm down after 2 years of war. She would stay here, with frequent visits from her husband Casey, until 19 BBY. 19 BBY began a whole new trend in the galaxy.

19 BBY:

In the beginning of 19 BBY, Jasmine had started going on missions with Jedi such as Roan Shryne and helped Younglings such as Zett Jukassa. Other than that, she took no other part in the rest of the Clone Wars. Jasmine was still, as usual though, a strong asset to the Republic and the Jedi. She was now 25 years old, and getting rid of her Jedi past. Her friends didn't know why when questioned by officials such as Chancellor Palpatine, but Jasmine seemed content to start moving on and getting her life narrowed down. But, unfortunately, the next years of her life would prove to be the wrong time to start doing that.

In the first few months of 19 BBY, Jasmine left the scene of the public eye. She didn't see Casey for a while, and she felt secluded. She came out of her self-imposed exile in the middle of 19 BBY, when disasters struck and corruption flowed throughout the Republic.

Attack on Coruscant -

Before the attack on Coruscant, Jasmine was part of a dispute on the lonely planet of Boz Pity. She was part of a plot for the Republic army attack the blockade on the surface, while she distracted some of the Seperatist leaders.

Jasmine sat in the command ship, speaking with Nute Gunray. "My dear... We will not give up Boz Pity. You have come here in vain." He said. Jasmine winced, trying to buy time. "Well, my friend, I wonder... What would you give up for it? You know you should let it go... The Republic will accept you if you surrender altogether." Jasmine said with a smile. Nute Gunray glared at her, saying "We will never give it up, and we will burn your Republic all to the very ground that it was born on!".

Jasmine with Seperatist officials.

Jasmine looked away, seeing him unsensable and saying "Well... We will have to take it from you then...". Right at this time, Republic fleets came out of hyperspace and suddenly attacked Boz Pity. Jasmine smiled and got up immediately, running out of the room; Nute Gunray shouted, saying "Get her!".

Jasmine found her ship and Cylon, her Jedi friend. "Lets get out of here Cylon... Our work is done!". And they went back to Coruscant.

By the time Coruscant was reached, Jasmine had just enough time to settle down, when Coruscant was attacked by a Seperatist fleet. A huge fleet... And Jasmine thought "Not again..", but sprang into action. She attacked ships that were boarding, and held of droid fleets that were attempting to infiltrate buildings. Little did she know, General Grievous had slipped right past her and was now in line to take the Chancellor... Chancellor Palpatine.

After the battle, everything turned out well. Nothing was lost, and Count Dooku had even been killed! The war was at its last gasp, and Jasmine would need to be serious. Real trouble could haunt her if she wasn't careful.

Order 66 -

Jasmine heard the news on a mission to Saleucami to find Jarek. Her and some other Jedi, with Trooper Kovin, were attempting to remove the last of the droids on the planet. Jasmine, though, was trying to find Casey. He had gone here, but she could not find him anymore. She didn't know what happened, and was not in the mood of the mission; her friends realized this.

Jasmine only fully realized the news when Trooper Kovin was arguing to himself and the other clones gave him a look. Jasmine suddenly stopped walking and froze.

Kovin bit his lip, being in many missions with Jasmine and not finding the reasons to "kill her".

Jasmine, Kovin, Cylon, Dalsc and CPL Rusty.

He gave the look to Dalsc, and the two of them shot a group of clones. Jasmine was shocked, and immediately hid behind CPL Rusty.

Jasine, Trooper Kovin, Knight Cylon, CPL Rusty, and Dalsc Weahde ran for it.  Clones of all ranks and missions went to kill them, and Jasmine was incredibly afraid. She had no idea of what to do, but to fight. Jasmine whipped out her shiny blue saber as Cylon grinned and struck a clone with his fairly new curved saber, of a blue color. They fought the clones, easily,

Fight on Saleucami!

and faced no casualties from their small team.  They each found their ship, with Dalsc flying away to a distant planet for communications to other important people and Kovin going with him.  Jasmine, Rusty, and Cylon went in Jasmine's ship, trying to decide what to do next.... The Jedi were being attacked and dying, and Jasmine was not excited about the future.

Travels to Tatooine :

Jasmine and Casey met up after the Saleucami fight, and Casey vowed that he would see her again and that he loved her.  He went to a planet, unknown to Jasmine, and intended to go help his family.  Jasmine, meanwhile, arrived on Tatooine to rescue Derek Skywalker.  Derek was attacked by local clone battalions who had no business on Tatooine, except for the Jedi Derek.  Jasmine and Derek meet and evade the evil clones, yet they still dont know any exact details about "Order 66".  Meanwhile, they attacked a droid base and, with Jasmine's Force and Derek's skills at hacking, they turn the droids to their side.  "That was easy... Why don't we do that to all the droids and all the clones?" Jasmine said with sarcasm, yet with a little bit of flavor.  Derek grinned at her, and they turned the droids against the clones. 

Once the clones were gotten rid of on Tatooine, it was now (once again) a free world.  Jasmine and Derek, then, planned out a grand scheme to infiltrate Coruscant.  Answers would be taken, and Jasmine would find out what had happened.

Grand Infiltration of Coruscant -

Jasmine and Derek took advantage of their army of droids, and sent them on a route to Coruscant.  Jasmine and Derek stayed behind, expecting the droids to attack Coruscant (though not heavily) and leave Jasmine and Derek unaccounted for; the two of them could then infiltrate the Senate Building (using Jasmine's senator status) and delete her senator status.  Then they would get any information they could find.

When they saw clones and droids fighting on the buildings and ramps and overhangs of Coruscant, Jasmine and Derek went through the stairs to the Senate Building. 

Once they got there, they heard a huge crash and looked towards the Jedi Temple.  The already attacked Temple had just been hit again... All the Jedi were gone, or were they? Jasmine used her Force Sense and realized that a Jedi was there... In hiding? Fighting clones? Jasmine sent Derek to check it out, and Jasmine entered her code and entered the Senate Building.

Derek entered the Temple, undiscovered, and found Jorak Firechamber fighting pockets of clone troopers, and Derek immediately went to help him. Lightsabers blazing, they traded quick whispers of information as they fought.  All the Jedi in the Temple were now dead, and Jorak had come back from the distress signal placed by the clones, but it was a trap! Derek nodded at this, telling Jorak that Jasmine had come with him as he sawed off a clone head. Jorak smiled and remembered Jasmine as a kind senator he had met at some point, though he couldn't remember, and the he joined Derek as they went out of the Temple. As they walked along a catwalk, they saw clone cruisers landing near the Temple doors, rushing in to take out the two Jedi. Derek laughed as he and Jorak left, and went to find Jasmine.

Information Found -

Jasmine immediately shot the two guards, and rushed over to the computer terminals. She looked through the desks around and found high-security datapads, and smiled. She then entered her codes in the terminals and found some disturbing information. 

Kamino was going to be attacked. By the new "Stormtroopers". Kaminoans from the world were rebelling, finding the causes of the Empire to be "unmoral", as the statistic sheet said. Jasmine felt a moment of happiness, as governments were fighting the rise of the "Empire".  The next thing she read, she immediately was shocked. She found a list of possible survivors of the Jedi slaughter.  

"Jasmine Rosejoy, late Senator and Jedi, is a target that MUST be dealt with. She is a danger to the rise of the Empire"

And the "Update" under this description of her as a target surprised her even more.  Under her description, an "Update" said:

"A recent update, from the world of Selonia, deems Jasmine no longer a threat. Leave her for the current time."

Jasmine immediately felt a bit self-consious, realizing that someone had saved her from immediate death. Jasmine collected everything that she could possibly examine, and left the Senate Building. She met up with Derek, and was surprised to see Jorak after such a long time. She had met him during a senatorial job on a distant world, and the two of them caught up wonderfully.  Jasmine then left with Jorak to Selonia, while Derek went to investigate on Kamino.

An Agreeable Plan -

Jorak was a bit nervous, but Jasmine assured him that Selonia was the perfect spot for her helped to hide. The Republic had been driven out in the Clone Wars, and the Seperatists were completely driven out by the Empire.  Jorak nodded, realizing that Selonia was mostly abandoned.

Jorak held the ship in the correct spot, as Jasmine went to travel Selonia.  She had been here before for the Survival Games, but things had changed dramatically since 25 BBY.

Jasmine scouting for any signs of life.

Jasmine sought through the limited vision of her scope, and found a lone starfighter.  Obviously this meant at least one person was here; She followed the sights around this ship and realized a lone building was near it, too.

A suspicious settlement on Selonia...

Strange. The building seemed to be empty when Jasmine came to it, and Jasmine sneaked around to the other side to make sure.  No one was around... The cards all fit; a ship, a livable house that had signs of life...

Feeling defeat, Jasmine realized she might never find out who had saved her from utter destruction by the Empire. Suddenly, she heard footsteps.  Following the sound up a hill, Jasmine got her Force ready and

Jasmine spotting a figure.

her sniper rifle as ready as it could be.  She mounted the hill and stood at the top, seeing a figure walking in the distance.  She scoped to see who he/she was, and he immediately turned around and stared at her from afar.  Jasmine was scared the minute he turned around, but he looked familiar.

CPL Casey, Jasmine's husband, had gone on a trip to Selonia! Jasmine was immediately delighted, and the two embraced.  Casey told her of his trip to Selonia to get rid of the Empire prescense there and save Jasmine from the list of death sentences.  Jasmine hugged him tightly and was glad that they would survive all of this together.

The End of 19 BBY -

Near the end of 19 BBY, the Jedi were mostly extinct.  Jasmine, Casey, CPL Rusty, Davik Cloudcruiser, Madison Secura, and some other friends of Jasmine stayed close and hid together. 

Jasmine Rosejoy's Awards -

31 BBY :


Awards for Services to the Queen and for Wartime Intuition.

Services to the Queen's safety and to Wartime Aid gave her the first award she had gotten; but it wouldn't be her last.

26.5 BBY:


Documented Award for Sabacc.

Her next award was from Bespin, awarding her extraordinary abilities at winning sabacc games and pure "intuition".

25 and 24 BBY :


Her next awards were for winning the Survival Games and for Moral Wartime Affairs

She was next given awards for winning the 42nd Survival Games and for her work to save certain key worlds (and possibly the galaxy) from certain destruction.

22 BBY - 20 BBY :


Senate and Jedi awards.

Senatorial work awarded her with awards for Senatorial Duties and Outstanding Work Ethic In Political Standings, as well as Jedi Diplomacy Participation.

Jasmine's Personality -

Jasmine was always fair-minded and tried to not be too hard on people, but help them always and not take herself for granted or what she had. She had her own share of problems though, too, and never forgot that. She always humbled herself and tried to always have fun whenever she could. Late nights and parties were what she loved the best, other than fighting and visiting other worlds. Her favorite planets, she once said, were Coruscant, Naboo, and Hapes. The boys seemed to always love her, and she could barely get away. Casey, though, was a different kind of man. He silently took her away into the open field of love, and showed it to her in an interesting way. Admiration had always been his way at having fun with her, and he used those feelings to ask her to marry him. Jasmine could not be happier, and lived a life that revolved around war, politics, kids, tournaments, and loved ones. She never forgot what it meant to have fun and to live your life the right way.

Jasmine's Famous Quotes -

"I love my life right now. You know you have touched the whole galaxy when you live in Coruscant, are a Jedi, are a Senator, and have homes in at least 3 worlds. That is what everyone should attempt to do."

"No one has the right to kill innocent lives and call themselves the best. No one has the obligation to put themselves in armor and corrupt governments and control them and pretend to be important. Everyone, though, has the right to try to do all of those things in a peaceful way."

"It cannot be THIS easy..."

"I fear for their lives... But I fear for yours too!"

"Make me WANT to join the Seperatists!"

"So nice to see you Jarek! This is a nightmare... My friends are dying, people are dying everyday, and then you come to my home. This just makes my whole day so much better."

"I have worked with the likes of Luminara Unduli, Padme Amidala, Larsio Yinto, Ki-Adi Mundi, Mavra Zane, and more. I have been enriched through this war, but I will not tolerate disloyalty and noncitizenship. Wars bring out the best in everyone, even the other side, and heroes exist on both sides. We all know that, but some fail to estimate the enemy to a higher standard. If the enemy wasn't strong, this war wouldn't be happening."

"I have said, once, that this is a war. Everyone knows that, and everyone talks about it. But no one has realized that the term is not officially correct; it states that each side has an equal chance of winning."

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