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The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki's 7th Ingame Event

Jawa Jumble!



Aktik, a friendly jawa, is in need of help! A feroscious tribe of Tusken Raiders have trapped Aktik's clan mates in a large hunting cage! Aktik would like our help rescuing his friends from the Tusken Raiders. Although, there is one problem, Aktik's clan is very large, and Aktik would like to know if there are any missing clan mates!

Join the Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki as we have our seventh ingame event! In Wuher MosEisley's Tatooine lot, there is a cage near the entrance, inside contains a mystery number of Jawa housing Guests. Aktik needs your help in figuring how many are in it. Check the details below to find out how.

Jawa Jumble Details

How To play

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, with a guess at how many jawas there are in the cage! You can change your guess at any time by editing your comment. Continue reading for more details.


You can guess at any time between January 24th, 2013 and January 31st, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern, EST North America (timezone converter).


  • Limit 1(one) guess per user.
  • In the case of more than one user guessing the correct number, the user who guessed it first will win.*

-*In the case of changing your guess, the time of which it changed is the time that counts towards the case of more than one user guessing correctly.


Wuher MosEisley's Tatooine lot, Dangerous Jawa Junction (published for the contest)

Who can enter

To win, you must have an article based on your ingame character.*

-*The article needs to be at least 1(one) week of age, or at least 3(three) paragraphs long.


The winner will receive a chance at being on the wiki's Wordmark from 31/01/13 to 7/02/13.*

-*In the case of a player winning and they already have a wordmark, they are allowed to give it to a friend who meets the requirements to win.

Can I help?

You sure can! It would be appreciated to help by recording the party and putting it on Youtube.

On Thursday January 31st 2013, we will have a short Party ingame hosted at Wuher MosEisley's Tatooine lot, Dangerous Jawa Junction at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, EST North America (timezone converter) to reveal the winner!


Party Details


Wuher MosEisley's Tatooine lot, Dangerous Jawa Junction


Thursday January 31st at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, EST North America (timezone converter)

Who can join

Anyone can join, even if they don't go on this site

A thank you to Jarek Osari, for being the character in the image.

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