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Allies of the Force 0
Ancient Protectors of Wisdom 0
Army Of Umbara 0
Blue Talon Legion 1
Dark Nebula 0
Dark Shadow Order 0
Darkside Empire 0
EWlite Nexu Battalion 0
Elite Duelist 0
Eternals 0
Genome Syndicate 0
Knights of Order 0
Mandalorian Rising 1
Masters Of Combat 0
Mercenaries of the Force 0
Minions of The Force 7
Mousers 0
Republic Marine Havoc Squad 5
Republic Special Forces 0
Task Force Frost 0
The Burning Regiment 0
The Castle Fans 1
The Eternals 0
The Galactic Marines 0
The Mandalorian Guild 3
The Russ Pack 0
The Separatist Confederacy 0
The Separatist Droid Army 6
The Separatist Loyalists 0
The Zygerrian Empire 0
Vareels Bounty Hunters 0
Zeno Sith Order 0

The poll was created at 21:11 on January 1, 2012, and so far 24 people voted.

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