Jango Leaders home planet is on kamino where he,along with many other clones would train,plan,fight,and protect.Jango has said before and will always say that he would sooner die before he executed order 66,because he had debated it with captain rex,and they had both agreed that even if they were clones they still couldn't commit such a crime.Jango use to work with captain rex for a while and then after a scout mission went solo,not soon after though he found the detachment advanced recon clones,ever since then he has been loyal and served in A
Jango shock

this was me when i was a shock trooper man you gotta love blaster rifles


this was me on iceberg three

RC. I always knew though that some day advanced recon clones would have to go out of commission; and if it does i would have to make a decision that only few clones have made which is that i no longer fight,but move on and become a normal citizen; However until that day comes i will be the best i can be, because my motto is and always has been "Push forward until Hell breaks loose,and then keep pushing"

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