The Powerful Jaden Slicks

Jaden Slicks was born on Ryloth home of the Twi'leks. He has 2 brothers, Qaath Shipracer and Belth Threshertamer. He is no ordinary Jedi.

When he was young he watched as his father, Xid Dronos, slaughtered his mother, Jaria Dronos, because she was protecting Jaden. What she did not realize was that Jaden's destiny was to become a great Jedi.

When he took on the life of a Sith at his fathers side, his father was assassinated by a bounty hunter. After Jaden had watched both of his parents die in front of him, he released his rage on anyone who got in his way. He sought to find the Jedi Temple.

As he finally got to the Jedi temple he became a Jedi padawan. As he trained into knighthood he met a few friends on the way. One was Brandon Nicholas, who helped him fight to save his home world of Ryloth. Once word was out that both of his parents were Sith lords people got scared of Jaden.

So Jaden left the temple and took off to the planet of Umbara. There he met 3 of his best friends: Aedo Kleexhunter, Eli Phasebeam, and Alek Coren. They were loyal friends of Jaden, but he was releasing his rage on another matter.......his revenge on the person who sent the assassin to kill his father, Darth Sideous.

He found an ancient Sith temple and traveled through it until he found the assassin. No one to this day knows who that assassin was or is, but Jaden was determined to kill him.

Soon after that he got engaged to Bastilla Saberstrike (Bastilla Zetacreeper) and he loved her but she divorced him for Zagent Zetacreeper one of Jaden's close friends. But 15 years later a 16 year old boy lands in a Jedi star-fighter on Jaden's Mustafar lot while Jaden was working on his house.

He said "Are you Jaden Slicks? If so I am your son Jayden Slicks" Jaden was surprised when he heard that and introduced him to his mother Bastilla Zetacreeper.

4 years later, Jaden met his new wife, Azalyn Slicks, who was an excelent warrior. After a few months of dating they got married. A week after they got married Azalyn got pregnant. She eventually had a baby girl named Ella Slicks.

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