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Jacius Kareel
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43 BBY, Tyos



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1.85 Meters


80 kilograms

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Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Galactic Civil War era
  • New Republic era
  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
  • Rebel Alliance
Known masters
  • Veru Darr (Jedi Master)
  • Kit Fisto (briefly)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (breifly in exile)

Falusk Kareel (father), Dureia (mother)

"The absence of fear is bravery. But if fear is a state of mind, it is non-existent. Therefore, every being has the capacity for courage."
– Jaran Kareel teaching at the Jedi Temple

Jacius Kareel was a powerful Force-sensitive male Adien and Jedi Knight who fought in the Clone Wars, later going as far to assist in the formation of the New Republic. Jaran was the sole descendant of the Jedi Khaylee Kareel, who had lived nearly three thousand years before, and was the last of House Kareel's bloodline. As a boy, he was found by Jedi Master Kit Fisto on the run after leaving the planet Tyos prior to the destruction of his home. Upon being inducted into the Order, he was placed under the tutelage of the Chagrian Jedi Master Veru Darr. During the war he grew close to his peers, especially a female Jedi named Sheya Tisa, whom he had a secret relationship with.

His campaigns warped him into a war hero and he became a legend across the galaxy, becoming a household name among the citizens of the Republic. He spent years commanding the 30th Assault Legion with Clone Commander CC-1322, winning many battles that made him as legendary as he was. At the pinnacle of the war, he had earned a reputation that made him a constant target for the plans of General Grevious and Count Dooku alike.

During the pinnacle of the war, Jaran was captured by the dark acolyte Oran Teithis and was taken to Dromund Kaas to be a vessel for the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Darth Crimsonis, a sworn enemy of Jaran's family line. The incident on the planet would affect him for years to come. In a desperate attempt to save their friend, Jaran's companions came to rescue him. After Sheya and Trigg brought Jacius back to the lightside, Sheya was killed at the hands of Oron Teithis in his thirst for revenge on Jaran. However, Jacius avenged her by killing Oron Teithis shortly afterward.

Upon the execution of Order 66, Trigg allowed Jaran to flee after Callista was shot down by her own troops. For the next twenty years, Jaran raised his daughter in exile and gave her the saber of her mother. But in secret, Jaran would hunt down and kill Imperial Officers who had knowledge of Palpatine's plans. He became known as the "Crimson Knight" for slaughtering officers with a red lightsaber. His descent to the Dark Side and personal crusades made him a feared figure across the Empire, and was openly known to oppose Darth Vader and the Emperor. He briefly met the mandalorian Cassus Hunter to achieve his goals, and took up a job as a Mandalorian bounty hunter, a homage to the culture of his troops during the Clone Wars.

At the start of the Galactic Civil War, Jaran was confronted by Obi-Wan Kenobi and was redeemed. He then spent the remainder of his time aiding the Rebel Alliance, occasionally working alongside fellow Jedi Luke Skywalker. After the Battle of Endor and the subsequent fall of the Empire, Jaran assisted Luke in teaching a new generation of Jedi before passing away in his old age.


"When I think of the Jedi Code, I don't think of the restrictions and rules. I don't see it as way to achieve peace. I see it as a way to demonstrate selflessness. I see it as self-sacrifice..."
– Jacius Railus speaking the Jedi Council upon joining the Order

Early Life (43 BBY - 33 BBY)

During the year 43 BBY the planet of Tyos had been a separate system in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. The planet was lush and full of riches, and had no affiliation to the Hutts or the Republic during its existence. This world was home to the Adelians, a human race with hightened human abilities. These included heightened senses, and great stamina and agility. It was for this reason that the Republic sought to make the planet their own, but the current King of the planet refused and therefore kept the planet neutral for decades before the birth of Jacius. However long peace may have been, the're had been a great rivalry between the two peoples of the planet. Tyos had two continents, very large ones, occupied by the Rarikii and the Ademians. Being one of the Ademians was a great honor in the standpoint of the planet, and the Rarikii was the equivalent of being a thug or a barbarian. For years the two had fought for domination over the other; excuses that would range from civilization superiority to freedom-bound fighters fueled the conflict. However, after a grueling year of guerilla warfare the two factions ceased war and began peace.

The Rarikii began to welcome new travelers from distant worlds around. The planet Mandalore was quite close to Tyos, and so began a great immigrant growth in the Rarikii Continent. The militrary expanded greatly at the host of thousands of Mandalorian soldiers and mercenaries. The Rarikii quickly became a great militrary driven society of warriors, but the Ademains were weak after the war the had years before, called the "Ademi-Rarikii" War. The Royal families of both factions had began another steep in a fued over power, which sparked tensions between the factions once again. The Ademian militrary was still a weak and pathetic excuse compared to the huge numbers of the Rarikii. The Rarikii had completely adopted Mando culture, and thus began a great battle that would shake time.

2056835-darth zannah

Jacius at the age of four.

Shortly after the war ended, a boy was born to Falusk Railus (a shop mechanic) and Dureia (a togruta). His early life as a child was not unlike any other, but at the age of 3 he showed great oddity in his actions. One day his father came home to see his son lifting a wrench without touching it, and his mother was there watching him while a small puddle of water rise off the carpet that had been stained by it. Ever since then, both of his parents had known he was no ordinary Adelian. Jacius's toddler years were not that odd as his first "episode". He grew up learning about mechanics and how to fix things. He loved to watch is dad work on speeders and trinkets that came into his shop when needing repair. When he reached the age of 6, he and his father managed to put together a first-rate astromech droid named R3-DO after Falusk's father who had passed away earlier that year. Not only that, but they even said it resembled him in a weird kinda way. Dureia had shown Jacius the city they lived in every day she went to work, making sure that her son never really saw what she did. Aemia, the "Glittering City" as it was called, was his home and he loved it.

Pic 1

Jacius works on a trinket at his father's business workshop for a Quarren customer.

He eventually left the military after his time was served at the age of 14. He worked with his dad at the the shop, officially named Railus Mechanics with the catchy slogan, "You break it, we make it". The pay was good, and Jacius felt fulfilled with is life.

The Second Adelian War

Five Years later, war shook Tyos once again. It was unforgiving. Late at night on a cold night, Jacius and Shina were walking home from the resturant they had first been to as a couple when sirens went off. Immediately Jacius ran home and found his father and mother huddled together at the basement door. His mother had been crying thinking that her son was in trouble, but she was assured when he walked in. His father pulled them down into the basement and grabbed a automatic rifle off the rank by their pantry. There was a full clip and more ammo there along with a pistol side arm. He grabbed the rifle and said, "I took this off a Rarikii decades back, found him in the streets of Veyag down South and he was trying to mug someone." He grabbed the pistol and threw it to Jac as well as a clip for it. "You protect your mother you hear me. That isn't a weapon, its a shield. If I get hurt or die, It's your job to make sure your mother is safe." With that he ran upstairs and opened the door. Jacius heard the dialouge between the Ademian soldiers who had come to ask for Falusk's aid, leaving two guards stationed at the doorway.

An hour passed and their father returned. He was covered in soot and debris. He looked to be bleeding on his left shoulder and he was panting quickly. He grabbed Jacius by the shoulder and told him to move his mother through a backdoor and to the subway where they would reach a landing pad operated by a family friend who would take them out of the city and off the planet. He explained that Rarikii warships were above the city and Rarik Soldiers were swarming the streets shooting citizens. The Police force was outnumbered and insignificant compared to the war-veteran soldiers they faced. Not even the SWAT teams could stop them. The Ademian Militrary was inbound with fighters, frigates, and soldiers to reinforce the city, but Jacius's father stated that the city would be enveloped in flames before they even got here. Moments later gunfire erupted upstairs and everyone could tell that the guards had been shot by Rarikii soldiers. Jacius and his mother began to reach the backdoor when his father turned at let loose a rain of blaster fire. A soldier went down, but another emerged and Jac watched as his father was shot over and over across the chest by red blaster fire.


The soldier named "Jayboh Hawk" who killed Jacius's parents.

Screaming his mother ran with a knife but she was shot as well, and Jacius fell in disbelief in the corner as his parents had just been killed. The soldier did not see that Jac was in the corner covered by the darkness, but he would have quivered at Jac's reaction. Without knowing Jac caused the pistol in the soldier's holster to leap into the air and land in his hand. He had never really fired a blaster but he pulled the trigger. The soldier turned and lifted a fist, but he was stopped short when a blaster bolt collided with is arm. He shook off the pain and charged Jac. First Jac prepared for a charge but the soldier stopped short and lifted a fist. He threw down a punch but Jac dodged, ready to kick the man in his jaw. However, the soldier lifted an elbow and collided with Jac's head. He? taunted Jac as he staggered to the ground recovering from the experianced brute soldier's blow, saying," You should have stayed in the corner kid. Ademian scum like you are never good at a good fight." That sparked more hate, and Jac yelled at the top of his lungs. A large repulse shook the house, completely breaking the 1st floor and destroying parts of the shop. The soldier flew through the air and out a doorway. He quickly recovered saying,"What kinda sorcery are you pulling kid, your a freak". He threw a grenade straight at Jac. Jac quickly outstretched his hand and the grenade completely stopped in mid air. The grenade exploded sending Jac across the room and landing on the kitchen table. The Soldier had left and the sound of the gunfire had gone downtown, all signs of murder in the lower city had stopped. Nothing but flames and burning buildings were sounding throught the streets.

Jac went to his father and mother who were motionless on the ground. He went to his mom who was breathing her last breathe saying,"I love you..." Her hand went up to his cheek where he cried more and more, and then it dropped as she died. He went over to his father who was laying against the living room wall almost dead. He went over to his dad saying he would be okay, but he knew he wouldn't. His dad looked at his eyes and said," Son, you are destined for greatness, don't forget that. Your powers, abilities, they are something special and you will decide whether you will use them for ill or for good. I believe in you, make us proud son." And with that, Falusk Railus died.

It rained across the city as the Rarikii warships left to go North and destroy more cities. Jac was completely alone, the whole city was completely wiped out. He put both his parents in coffins at the nearby cemetary. He engraved a stone with a knife he took from his mother, as a symbol to remember her. He wore the necklace she gave him and vowed not to take it off no matter what happened. He also dug a 6-foot deep hole at the top of a hillside overlooking the valley of Ademius. He put their coffins inside, and it said "Here lies Falusk and Dureia Railus, a brave father of honor and a kind mother of pure heart". He later found Shina's body shot multiple times, which only worsened the pain. He burried her along his father and mother, and he swore that he would kill the man who had taken his family from him. The grenade he had taken left scars across the right side of his face, but it also gave him a glimpse of the huge scar that the soldier had when his helmet had fallen off. He looked to the rainy nighy sky, the huge red glow off the burning city behind him and he yelled as loud as he could. He wanted revenge...

Exile from Tyos

Ever since the death of his beloved, Jac found ways to get by. Almost immediately he took off to the streets of the burning metropolis he called home. The landing pad he was to take his mom to was destroyed, and the man who they were to meet seemed to have left in an attempt to save his own hide. That is, until you saw the freighter that had crashed into an alley way as he tried to escape only to die himself. Jac managed to get a speeder bike stashed in a shop and he drove out of the city. He planned to go southward, closer to the enemy but farther from the fighting. He knew his tactics, he knew what war was like. Soon, he reached a small port city where he stayed in tavern. He was amazed at the culture behind it. The Rarikii were so warrior driven. Their men were almost always in armor, even the women. If Jac hadn't worn the armor he took off a Rarikii Mercenary he found dead in the seige, he would have defintely been picked out as a Ademian.


The streets of the Rarikian city , similar to Tatooine.

The night was a warm one, courtesy the whool the farmers harvested in the large countrysides of the South. The Ademians had the precious resources in the icy North, the Rarikii had the sunny days and rural landscape for food in the South. He enjoyed their ale and their food, far more fulfilling than that of the Ademian pallet. He thought he could just live out his life here, but then he remembered that he was with the enemy, and they had taken his parents. That night he had a revelation. Yes, the Rarikii had been at fault, but the people have nothing to do with it. No, only the soldier and his commanding officer are to blame, they called out the order to murder and pillage the city. And he carried out the order without remorse.

The next day, Jac jumped on a cargo vessel headed to a world he never heard off. They called it Naboo, but Jac was clueless to what the planet was or who lived on it. He just suspected another war torn world of destruction, since he realized that no planet is free of war. He experianced his first taste of lightspeed that trip, it almost frightened him half to death.

He saw a glimpse of Naboo, and it looked just like his homeworld, lush and green, but far more prettier. He knew a life here could last forever. Just as they entered the atmosphere he saw the thousands of ships moving in and out of the Royal City and there the glimmering Theed Palace stood. Banners high and statues low he was happy again for once in his life. He could start anew if he tried.

Landing On Naboo

Theed spaceport

Theed Spaceport, the place where the cargo vessel landed.

He had taken the streets once he was in the city. A suitible apartment was on his current thought, and after that a job. He was coming across the bank when a man rushed out of a doorway and into the alleyway. Two royal guards from Theed Palace as well as a small police speeder followed him. Jacius was wondering what he had done, but it didn't look good. The man ran up to him and pulled out a blaster. Jac instictively went to raise his hand but the man wrapped his arm around Jacius's neck and pointed the gun at his head, lowered to show he wasn't threatening an immediate shot. "Come closer and I'll blast this kid," he said. The guard chasing in front of the police drew his own blaster.

He had a black beard and a muscular chin. He was obviously thick muscled, but he wasn't a brute. His left calf muscle was witness to a sheathed sword that must be a symbol, of rank. The other guard held a spear in his hands, obviously an electro-staff offmake. The police wore a wierd uniform, but it seemed to be a cultural thing and Jacius respected it. Obviusly, the man who Jacius was anxiously staring at was the Captain of the Royal Guard.

The robber had lifted the gun higher when the Captain said," Drop the gun and give us the crystal, and we'll let you get off with a not so severe jail sentence other than life".

The man just raised the gun up to Jacius, and made a huge mistake. Jacius grabbed his arm and twisted him over his head. The thug fell on his back and coughed as the wind was knocked out of him. The Captain was astonished. The two cops accompanying them ran up and placed cuffs on the thug, handing the crystal to the Captain. "What's your name kid?"

"Jacius Ra'nan," he replied.

"Nice moves back there, he was easily two times your weight if not more."

"Well, I was born with gifts, or a curse more like it. Im not your race."

"You look human enough to me..."

"I'm Adelian. Not from here, Naboo or whatever you call it."

"Never heard of 'em. Now you might be wondering what you just got caught into. We have medics here if-"

"No, I'm fine, just running from an old past," he trailed.

"Well thats a nasty business, can't run forever eh? I bet the queen would want to meet you now that you just saved her most valuable treasure, that crystal is lightsaber crystal."

"What the fierfek is a lightsaber?"

"Ah ha ha. Mando' eh? Not many of those around here, even if you aren't human."

"I'm not a Mandolorian. There culture influences our planet, but not my side as much as the other. Now what is a lightsaber?"

"Haha, I can't tell if your being funny or serious, which worries me. I can't believe you don't know what that is, Jedi come though here every day. You're a real foreigner aren't ya."

"Well, I just want to find home and live out my life, I don't want to make a name for myself."

"Well boy, your the luckiest man on Naboo, cause your little stunt just put you on the spotlight. Instant stardom's a bantha."

Jacius just walked with him and silently muttered to himself, " What in the galaxy is a Bantha?"

Meeting the Queen

As 15 year old on the run, he knew he wasn't old enough to live on his own. He had begun to fend for himself at a pretty early age. "By the way, I'm Captain Deniss of Her Majesty's Elite Royal Guard. However I serve under Captain Panaka."

With that he hoped into the speeder with Deniss and they rode to the palace while another speeder came to transport the theif to the city jail. He marveled at the amazing architecture that was far superior to that of Rarikii and even that of the Ademians. He knew a good life was going to begin here, he just wanted to start it now. They weaved through the crowds until they came to Theed Palace, far bigger up close. Jac marveled at the fountains that covered the city and the gorgeous waterfalls that had carved the great jeweled city. It was paradise.


Theed Palace, where Padme Amidala rules as Queen of Naboo,

As they walked countless stairs and past guards of both the Elite Royals and the Guard, they reached the throne room. The Queen was seated at the end near the huge windowsil, while council was positioned around her. Jacius's chin dropped as he starred at the queen. "She's a kid?"

The council gasped. "How dare you adress Her Highness with such a lowly word," a man who had begun to grow a white beard said.

Captain Deniss began," Your Highness, this is Jacius Ra'nan, he stopped the theif who stole the crystal. May I say that the take down was astounding."

She shifted in her seat and then whole council watched. "Where are you from hero?,"she said in young voice, but held authority that Jac never knew existed.

"I am from the Adelius System, on the planet Tyos. It's far from here, very far. I came from a war striken world. My family was murdered in a seige on our city, and its just a graveyard of rubble and debris. This is like a dream for me. I am no hero, I'm an exile."

"Well noble-hearted young man, you have saved a great treasure. This is not just a crystal but it is said the be a great lightsaber crystal from the Mandolorian Wars, perhaps used by the Jedi Revan himself. All we know is that is has been used by some of the greatest Jedi during the Jedi Civil War and New Sith War. I intrust it to you know as a reward. Keep in mind this is very valuable and not to be taken lightely. This crystal has lasted for a million years, and has helped many Jedi who weilded it."

"My lady, how could a low person like me accpet such a high valued gift?"

"Take it, I have no use for it anyways. I haven't properly introduced myself either, I am Queen Amidala."

"Thank you, my lady."

Captain Deniss handed the crystal to Jacius and they both exited the chamber. "How old was she? Sixteen, Seventeen?"

The Captain laughed. "Easy pretty boy. Fighting smarts and your race's good looks may be a deadly combo, but she's way out of your league."

"Ha, I was just joking. But seriously how old is she?"


There was no comment. Deniss snorted when Jacius went wide eyed.

"Hey why dont you live with me? We know each other pretty well now, and you have nowhere to stay."

"I guess so."

And so then forth was it official that Jacius had been adopted into Deniss's family. It was small, Deniss only had one daughter and a beautiful wife who loved him. They accepted Jacius with open arms, and warm hearts. Deniss begged Jacius to join him on the Guard, and Jacius was ready to accept without a hesitation. He was living a life he had wanted again.

The Elite Royal Guard

Jac was immediately a good worker. He spent most of his morning sitting at the table drinking caf while Elaina (his younger adopted sister) would play at the overhead screen. Naboo was growing small tensions towards the ever growing Trade Federation that loomed around their system. Republic aid was not encouraged but ever so often the Senate saw fit to discuss the matter. Jac never really acknowledged that the Naboo were part of the Republic, but he never saw fit as to pick a side. He only cared about taking care of his new family, who now couldn't remember him being a stranger. They were like his new family, his second parents and his first sibling.

Deniss would spend hours at the gym before he came home. As always, Jac would be in a workshop where he worked partime, and good at it to. He planned to open a shop by his house one day, where Deniss could learn a lot about mechanics and repairing items he wanted to repair. Around noon he and Deniss would leave the villa they lived in and walk down the streets of Theed. They always enjoyed speaking to one another as they walked up the stairs to Theed Palace and began their daily routine as Royal Guards.

There wasn't much of a use for them. Here and there groups of serial killers and deadly hostiles would commit violent crimes that the guard responded to, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, at a close to the peace Naboo had experianced, the council received word the the Trade Federation had begun a blockade of the planet.

Pre-Clone Wars (33 BBY - 32 BBY)

Blockade over Naboo 

The fleet was massive and no way to leave the planet was emerging. Immediately the guard was dispatched to high alert and began to prepare for combat. No droids were invading at the present time, but everyone knew what would happen. Resistence was futile and the Naboo new it. Jac was running down the streets telling women and children to get into their homes while his teammates were setting up railguns and AA-Turrets. Suprisingly, a man walked over across the street and looked at Jac. He was obviously a Kel Dor, but he wore a brown cloak and was hooded from Jac's view. Jac was confounded. "Who are you," he asked.

The Kel Dor lowered his hood and revealed a lightsaber strapped to his belt. "My name is Master Plo Koon of Kel Dor. I need to speak with the Queen, it is urgent."

"Listen pal, I need you to get into a safe place we are under threat of invasion-"

He purposefuly moved his robe sideways to show his entire clothing and the saber dangling from his belt. "I am a Jedi."

With that statement, Jac immediately ran up the steeps to Theed Palace with Plo. The past year he lived on Naboo gave him immense knowledge on the Galaxy. He knew about the Jedi, the Republic, the Senate, the Hutts, and even the Trade Federation before it began to do this. They were at the entrance to the throne room when Deniss ran up. "Master Plo, what are you doing here and what are you doing with my son?"

"Sorry Captain, I must speak with the Queen. Master Qui Gon and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi are on their way here to negotiate with the Federation. It is urgent that we get people of the planet before the blockade closes."

"We can't, there are to many ships to get through the closing gap. We have to try and sit this out and let the Republic help."

"There is still another matter. This boy here has a power I haven't seen for a very long time. He is exceptionally gifted not by race I have never seen, but I can feel the Force in him."

"You want to take my son to be a Jedi, at a time like this?"

"I ask not for myself, but what would happen if he does. He could protect Naboo, and two more Jedi are on their way. He can do better as a Jedi than as a Guard."

Deniss was uneasy, but he knew that Jacius showed unnatural abilities much similar to the Jedi. He agreed and told his son this was for the best, and that doing this would make him proud. Plo and Jacius raced into the council chamber where they found the Queen. Talk was short, but they came to the conclusion that Jacius would be taken to Coruscant and train as a Jedi so he could better be suited to help his new home. Jacius immediately remembered the crystal he had with him always. Was this a new kind of destiny? Was he to be a new person?

TF Battleship

The Trade Federation begins its blockade over Naboo.

They took a small vessel not ment for much but travel. Before the blockade closed he vowed to see his family once again, they would not die. Immediately the ship jumped to hyperspace and they began the journey to Coruscant. He marveled at how much speed the ships of the known galaxy could travel, far superior to his homeworld. He still remembered the days there, but now all he could remember were faint black shadowed memories of what had been. For almost a day they traveled before the ship had reached its destination. In that time Jedi Master Plo had talked about the Jedi and the Sith. The wars they fought and the battles they ended, the formation of the Republic and the wars that followed. He even mentioned the wars between the Mandalorians and the battles against Darth Revan. It was then that Jacius showed him his crystal, and Plo marveled at it. He couldn't believe a mere Naboo Royal Guard owned a crystal of such history and power in the galaxy. Much more came later about how the Trade Federation was becoming unchecked and serving as a military rather than a trade empire. Soon, the vessel entered Coruscant's atmosphere and Jacius saw heaven.

Coruscant skyscrapers

The planet of Coruscant covered with skyscrapers and buildings, dream-like to Jacius.

The entire city was actually the entire planet. No grass or plains or mountains. The entire planet was encompassed into a huge city of activity and bustling hubs. Other than the fact that a great deal of factories and workplaces stretched across the horizon, the huge downtown area was amassed with great skyscrapers and buildings littered with windows and screens for commercial reasons. It was a dream to Jacius. Plo explained that the planets were represented by the Senate, and each planet of the Republic had a Senator that usually served as an advisor for the planet's ruler. Occasionaly a King or Queen would come to Coruscant and present a case to the Senate that sounds much more severe than most, but almost always the Senators represented. Each Senator was usually on the side of the Chancellor, or more leaned towards their own reasons. The current one, Chancellor Valorum, was a good leader and everyone had a decent understanding of his goals, pure as they were. But the man named Palpatine wanted his position, and people could tell he would soon get that job. The Jedi Council did not like him, but they definetly supported Valorum. Plo also explained that even though the Jedi serve the Republic, the Jedi Order does not answer to its wishes. They do have an obligation to its greater good, but they do not have to give way to all the Chancellor's demands or wishes. He merely encourages them, and they usually comply.

Jedi Training

Tests of Becoming a Jedi

The Jedi Temple was magnificant. Untouched by the industrialized outcroppings, it was located farther from the other skyscrapers, but it was like all of them were crushed together into this temple. If Jacius didnt know any better he could swear it resembled the temples on his homeworld long ago. He was anxious as ever and Plo told him that he should better calm down once he meets the council.


The Jedi Temple on Coruscant, home to the Jedi Order.

Beforehand Jac had recieved the age old midichlorian test that all younglings suspected of Force-sensetivity had. A prick of the finger which he then transmitted to a midichlorian counter. The scales were massive, he had something in him alright. Plo personally questioned the prophecy of the Chosen One, and the interpretation could mean anything on a number of scales. But the council would definetly dileberate on the boy's potential.

The ship found an open landing platform where Senate Guards came to greet them. Beside them were small pockets of engineers and pilot recorders going to and from stations. Jacius looked up at the massive walls of the temple and the ships that flew by its four towers. Plo motioned Jacius forward and the crew workers greeted them with words like "Morn'in" and "How are you today Master?". Breif responses were said and eventually Plo and Jacius climbed the stairway into the Jedi Temple Main Floor. Thousands of Jedi were walking across the floors and into rooms that Jacius could only dream of. It was like he felt at home again.

He felt closer, the Force he had learned about was everywhere and it made him pure and calm inside. Multiple masters and knights greeted Plo and shook Jac's hand, most of them awe struck when they reached out and touched his being as the Force enveloped everything. A minutes worth of walking and maneuvering finally brought them to the elevator that led to the Council Chamber.

The council was as deliberate as ever. Jedi Master Yoda sat directly in front of Jacius, which Plo explained was customary. Jedi Master Mace Windu curiously looked at him with great interest, which Jacius tried to ignore. He could feel Jacius's reaction, which only made Mace study the boy more. Yoda started the conversation. "From where, is this boy from, hmm?"
Jaina Brightrazor 5

Jedi Knight Callista Konshi, Jacius's master.

"Tyos, Master Yoda," Plo started. "Not a well known system. Home to the race of humans known as Adelians. You are looking at what I guess you call the survivor of his people. The Ademians and Rarikii are two waring factions, one Mandalorian based, the other more civil. Apparently the Ademians are losing their war, and this boy fled to start a life on Naboo. He was adopted by a Captain of the Royal Guard and he lived there until I found him. They agreed to let him come to the Jedi Temple when I felt his connection, and his readings are off the charts. We escaped Naboo just before the blockade came into the system."

"Indeed, a scarring backstory you have, young one. Fear of losing more family, do you?"

"No sir," Jacius said. "I only want to become a Jedi to protect people like I couldn't before."

"A noble heart, you have. A great purity I sense in you."

Mace Windu leaned forward. "True, I do not sense fear in you, only determination. That is something rarely found in a young boy who plans to become a Jedi. Master Plo, the Council will deliberate on the boy while you escort him outside."

Plo took Jacius outside of the Chambers where they waited in the hallway. It was a grueling ten minutes before they brought him back up. Jacius entered the room and stood in front of Master Windu. A test was run to see his perception abilities. He managed to answer all the holopad questions even before they were all seen by Windu on the screen. He was astonished. "After consideration, the Council has agreed to let you join the Jedi Order, and to start your way to becoming a Jedi. Now you are of a very late age to start, but your peace is the one thing a Jedi needs above all, and you already had that before you came here."

Master and Padawan

Jacius Railus as a padwan of the Jedi Order, wielding his green lightsaber.

Shortly afterwords, Jacius was introduced to his master, Jedi Knight Callista Konshi. Unlike Jacius, she wasn't naive. At the age of twenty-seven she held much authority in her voice and appearance. She was brown haired and her skin flawless while her frame was natural and flowing, purely perfect. It wasn't a surprise that any male Jedi her age thought she was a very attractive woman. Plo had said she was quite the swords-woman, something Jacius could learn to benefit from.

They began with the basics, teaching him how to manipulate the Force. This was difficult for him, even though his midichlorians said different. Repulsion and Pushing were his greatest abilities. In fact, they were almost the best in the entire Order once he mastered them. He never could learn how to heal with the Force or pull things to him that well. All he could do was bring a rod of sorts to himself at most, a mock imitation of recovering a lighstaber. Of course, the training he was required to master or it wouldn't end well for him in a fight.

Days on days piled into months and about a year of training progressed. He was almost completely finished with his training and about ready to take to the trails. He was scheduled to prepare for them and get ready to face that day. From here on he was always training harder and harder, waiting for him and his master to recieve assignments.

Master Brightrazor took him to Ilum where he was to make his first lighstaber crystal. Searching the cave was easy, but he began to experiance visions that haunted him. Scenes of Jedi dying, epic battles between metal soldiers and armored ones, and a dark figure holding a red lightsaber. The vision would later be described as a preminetion of the Sith named Darth Dako, who was quitely hidden in a isolated area on Korriban at the time. The vision faded and Jacius was staring at an emerald Adegan crystal in his hand. Later he went back to his master, where he constructed his first lightsaber. He ignited it and watched as the green glow lit up the main room in the crystal cave on Ilum.

The Naboo Invasion Ended (33 BBY)

Jacius was always anxious to be assigned to be at the Naboo Invasion, expecting to aid Master Qui-Gon and Padawan Obi-Wan who was already a few years older than Jacius. By the time that he was prepared to go in the case, the Council recieved word that the Invasion was over. However, a ceremony was to be held at Naboo and the Jedi were asked to come.

At the time that Jacius arrived with Master Callista, the truth behind all this was revealed. A Sith had been found by Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan. He was guessed to be an apprentice, but there was no way to tell. He went by the name Darth Maul, and the master had never been located or heard of. The ceremony, was Qui-Gon's funeral...

Obi-Wan walked up to Jacius during the ceremonial fire burial. Jacius looked younger than Obi-Wan, but they bore a striking resemblance to each other. A young boy who cried sat at the other side near Queen Amidala, who had greeted Jacius as he landed with the other Jedi. He had thought this was an opportunity to visit his old family before he left to the Temple again. Obi-Wan looked depressed. "I already miss him. He was like a father to me."

Jacius starred at the burning body of Qui-Gon, then at the boy. "I know the feeling, a lot. So does that boy I see.."

"Anakin Skywalker. He was going to be Qui-Gon's padawan, and against the Council's wishes too. But that Sith came and killed Qui-Gon."

"I'm truly sorry. My adopted family lives here, they might even be here now. Ah, not a good day for the Jedi. It's never been like it for a Master to die in a peaceful time."

"I split Maul in half, so at least we know that only one more is out there."

"I would have done the same if Master Brightrazor had been the one killed. In fact I was hoping the Council would have sent me her and I to aid you here."

"I heard about your training. You are in fact like Anakin, he had a high midichlorian count too. From Tatooine."


"I vowed to train him, as was my master's last wishes. Yoda seems frantic about the idea, but I wont stop until I can train him."

"Well Obi-Wan, if you need any help with him, I'm always here."

"Thank you for your kind words, and for coming for my master's funeral."

"It was a great honor to meet you and be here for your master's funeral. May the Force be with you friend."

"You as well."

With that, Jacius walked off and met up with his master before getting ready to head to the ships and head back to Coruscant with the other Jedi. A sad day for the Jedi, a Victory for the Republic, and a foreshadow of the soon to come crisis that would shake all the Jedi and Republic stood for.

Once they reached the Temple, a small boy in ragged clothing and blonded hair walked up to Jacius. He was easily the same age as Jacius when he was when he joined the Order, but somewhat younger. The boy new fear just like Jacius did, but he could feel this boy would not put such a firm grip on his emotions. This boy would be a dangerous Jedi one day, mentally and physcialy. He put a hand on Jacius's leg and asked. "You are the Jedi who spoke with Obi-Wan right? I saw you at the funeral for Master Qui-Gon."

"Yes, my name is Jacius Railus, I'm a Jedi Padawan like Obi-Wan, but I assume his actions on Naboo now make him a Jedi Knight. My master is Callista Brightrazor, but you haven't met her yet to my knowledge."

"No, I haven't, this place makes me feel uneasy without Qui-Gon here."

"I don't know much about losing a mentor, but I have lost a father and a mother. In fact, I have had to leave my newly adopted family when I came here. I dont regret joining the Jedi, only the loved ones I left behind. I left Naboo hoping to meet my adopted father, but he never showed. He mush have died in the Invasion."

"I feel sorry. I never had a dad at all. My mother was the only one I had."

Jacius dropped to one knee and looked the boy in the eyes. "Anakin, right?"

"Yes sir."

"Anakin, listen," he put a hand on the boy's shoulder. " You remind me very much of myself. I was older than you when I joined the Order. I have learned to master my emotions far faster than any other my age. I can't say wether its my race or my personality, but you can always do what you set your mind to. The council doesn't want you because of me. They are afraid of what a Jedi with a knowledge of fear and pain can become with late training. That is why very very young children are chosen when their sense of the world is nothing but joy and laughter. I will never let anyone tell you what you can or can't do based on your position. I will always help you with your training, your journey to being a Jedi. You will not fail. You will make Qui-Gon proud."

A tear rolled down Anakin's cheek and Jacius felt his own eyes water up. Anakin immediately hugged Jacius as tight as possible, whille Jacius placed a hand on Anakin's back to comfort him. What amoment this was to behold.

Callista stood in the shadows close to the hallway exit into the Main Hall. She was listenng. Jacius left Anakin to find his master, unaware of his own. As Jacius entered a different hallway, he was immediately taken aback by a young togruta Jedi Padawan. Her name was Sheya Tisa.

Seperatist Crisis (32 BBY - 22 BBY)

Mission to Sandar (31 BBY)

Briefings and Meetings

Speculation was growing. It was all over the holonet that star systems were getting pushy and rebellious. The Seperatists were formed about a year ago since the Naboo Invasion ended, and with it was a growing alliance of rebeling planets bent of the "corruptive obliteration" of the Republic. Ever since Valorum stepped down to Palpatine, the Republic had not increased or drafted military recruits. The Republic didn't even have an army to use, it was like sitting on the edge of a knife. Of course, the Jedi Order was immense and overpopulated with Jedi Knights and Masters. It seemed they could keep the peace, but no rebellion can be quenched by a simple manner of Jedi Negotiations, and the lightsabers were off the list of ways to stop Seppies.

Soon Jacius and Callista were given their first mission together. This was a breeze for Callista, but Jacius was about to go on his first Jedi mission. What a new experience this was for him. The council had asked that they come to the chambers immediately for the briefing. Jacius was anxious, but Jaina was as calm as ever. She didn't even seem enthusiatic, this was what she called a "walk in the cantina with your saber showing". Little did they know what they had was a mission not usually assigned to most masters and padawans.

They took their time to get to the elevator, then procceeded to the council chambers. Suprisingly, only Masters Yoda, Windu, and Plo were there. Plo was standing to the left, Yoda was sitting and Mace WIndu was pacing back and forth across the floor. When Jacius and Oola arrived, he stopped and stood to the right of Yoda. Plo Koon began the briefing. "We called you here for a very peculiar mission." Jacius was unsuprised.

"As this being your first mission, you are to take extreme care and thought towards your assignment. Unlike the others, we need to recover a taken artifact, a valuable item that your target has taken from us."

"Master Plo, with haste please," Windu said.

"Of course Master Windu," Plo clicked a small pad that beeped and brought up a thee-demensional holo picture of a man dressed in ragged clothes and had what looked like blonde hair.

No doubt a type of classic scoundrel smuggler. He wasn't the type of Weequay or Rodian that Jacius was expecting to be tracking, he looked pretty clueless, so much that Jacius snorted and chuckled. Oola bumped her elbow onto his shoulder. Jacius immediately regained his seriousness. Was this his first mission? Round up an illegal smuggler and put his money to better ues? Where his abilities needed here?

"The man we are looking for is from Ord Mantell. He was orphaned young, so he has no relations or connections other than business deals and cargo shipments. His identity remains unknown. He did a good job of evading any official documentation or verification during his passing-by's and landings. We believe he uses fake identities to get by officials around the Republic systems, but he always goes back to the Outer Rim when things get edgy. All we could pick up from his past was his last name, 'Magnaside' which was received from a half burnt birth certificate."

"Why does he show any signs of threat to the Republic," Callista began.

"Not entirely what he is wanted for," Mace replied. "The smuggler you are to track isn't a simple scoundrel who steals and deals illegaly. Those are only charges we managed to place on him when we try to take him in. What we really want him for is what he stole. It has no use to the Republic, only us. We don't have any verification, but we believe that this man has stolen valuable saber crystals from Ilum."

"Why would the crystals mean anything to a smuggler? The money for them is exostential, but without a saber he can't do much with them," Jacius said.

"Exactly the point, this is," Yoda finally began to say. "This Magnaside is no mere smuggler. He has training, experiance, how to weild a saber, he knows."

Mace's turn to speak came. "We want you to find him, he is currently believed to be on Nar Shadaa, dealing with pirates and other brigands in exchange for money to start a trading business. We need to confirm his deals, find the crystals and bring them back to Ilum. This is your mission."

"Thank you master, we will return when it is completed," Oola bowed as well as Jacius.

"One more thing," Plo said as the two began to exit the chamber. "We believe he has a lightsaber on hand he took off a Jedi at IIum's caves. The Jedi isn't dead, but it would do good to recover that saber."

Jacius went wide eyed, and looked suprised. "How would a smuggler be able to-"

Oola cut him off. "We will take that into account masters. We will bring the saber back with all haste if we can."

And with that, the two left the chambers and began the long descent down the elevator shaft. Once at the temple hallways, they quickly walked to their quarters to prepare for the mission, filing logs and such. Jacius sat on his bed and opened a drawer. He placed his hands on his face and sighed deeply. He moaned shortly and looked up at the ceiling. "What in the world has happened to my life..."

He heard a knock on the floor. He looked down and noticed his foot had kicked something under his bed. Carefully he set his saber on his desk and picked up the object he had kicked. It was a small wooden box make from shai-ture, a common wood material of great bueaty found on Naboo. He noticed a "J" letter etched into the wood on the front. He looked at the back of the box, on its underside, where the a sentece was carved. It read, "My dear son, I am so proud of you. You have made your mother and I's lives a dream to behold. You are the greatest son a father can have. I belive in you Jacius, you give my the purity and hope we all need. - Falusk Railus"

Jacius fell onto both is knees and wept.

The box had opened when he dropped it. Inside was a blue crystal which was on top of a small note. It was a small note that had been left by Deniss when he left Naboo. It told Jacius of how proud he was of him. This took complete hold over Jacius. Both of his fathers were proud of him. This was too much for one man to handle. He was nineteen and he began to cry for the first time in the years he spent training as a Jedi. Almost immediately, he looked at the crystal, it was the Raven crystal he had been given by the queen. He wiped away his tears and grabbed the box staring at it. The queen was a Senator now, Padme Amidala. He would try to visit her before he left and ask her about his adopted father and where he is now. She was on Coruscant, a ray of light in Jacius's sadness. But an even brighter ray of light was going to pay him a visit now.

Immeditely someone knocked on the door. "Come in," Jacius said without trying to hide the box. He simply closed it.


Sheya Tisa, one the most beautiful of her species, and a padawan to Jedi Master Cain Dranig.

Sheya walked inside. "What you got there," her voice said like she was having one of her happy days.

"My father's box he gave me as a child. It was to keep my most valuable things in. It was taken from Naboo wood he found at a shop in Tyos, but he never really had a chance to give me anything precious to put in it."

"It looks nice, he worked hard and well on it."

"He sure did, I'm proud of him," Jacius said as he wiped a tear away quickly.

"Wait, your crying. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just that," he sighed. "He left a note on the back, and my adopted father from Naboo left me a note of how proud he was when I left to become a Jedi, my past is too painful to speak about."

"I think your a pretty good person. After all your skilled with a blade and you have a way with ladies," she giggled.

Jacius smiled, as did she. What a pair of friends they were. They had gotten close this last year as Jedi doing nothing but walking around the Temples. Mostly they stayed in the archives and laughed over funny historical moments. But other than that they were the closest of friends. "Maybe that's not a good thing for a Jedi. It's an Adelian thing."

"No, its a Jacius thing."

"Why are you here?"

"Master Oola sent me to check up on you, see if you were ready. She said she will be getting the ship ready while you have an hour to do what you want before you go to Nar Shadaa. You get to go on mission that sounds pretty exciting."

"I guess. Your amazing, you know that?"

"I've been told once or twice."

"But not by me."

The two connected gazes. They just smiled and looked into each others eyes, before Jacius got attention of reality and looked back down at the box, setting it under the bed. "I really want to say something, but its too hard."

She put her hand under his chin and faced his head to hears. Her head tails were forming now, a lot larger than most younger togrutas. They had blue streaks, and a small green streak where her upper head tails were growing up into a magnificant angle. She had jewelry along her neck and her head, much like all togrutas did. For her, she was an averege female like all the others, but Jacius was increasingly attracted to her, as her to him. She always concealed her attraction to him from other Knights, Padawans, and Masters. She stared with her deep-blue eyes into his yellow-golden ones. They seemed to both posses a great deal of intensity in their gazes, both were bueatiful in every since, the combination of light blue eyes of the sky against the amber, gold-stricken attraction of Jacius's. She edged closer, and the two tensed. Jacius got nervous. "I know that it's against what we say, but just this once let us share our feelings for one another."

Jacius smiled the hardest he ever had. "I wanted to say that the moment I fell in love with you Sheya."

And as they got the closest they could, Jacius and Sheya shared their first kiss. The intesity was overwhelming. Jacius couldn't recall if this was about a minute, or five. Eventually, Sheya pulled away and grinned widely. She could definetly reveal that she enjoyed it. Jacius was confused on wether or not to be excited or freaked out. She was just watching him with those eyes. "Wow," her best choice of words.

"My thoughts exactly, I can't believe that we just. I mean-"

"I'm sorry, I didnt mean to offend you," she said as she pulled her hand to her mouth to cover it.

"Oh no, I enjoyed it," those words didn't sound too wierd did they? "I just really wanted to do that long ago. Wow exaclty."

She smiled gain, moving one of her headtails behind her head along with her other. "I know we have a connection going, but I think it would be best to put that aside. We need to follow the code we vowed to."

Jacius felt sorrow at these words. "I, I understand. I think its best on us and our masters to be just friends. For their sake. The Code is something we should stand by."

"Again, I'm sorry. I just coudn't hold back. I wanted to show you what I felt for you so you could know without any constant guessing. But now we should revert back to ways before, agreed?"


She politely leaned over and kissed his lips one more time, this one was a small peck. She smiled again, like she had a habit of doing, and stood up off the bedside. "See you around?"

"Ya, you too."

She walked outside of his dorm and out into the hall. Jacius fell backwards onto his bed and looked at the ceiling. He sighed deeply, this time a good one. He was living a dream. A minute ago he was crying over his father, the next his Jedi crush came in and kissed him. He was ready to confront Senator Amidala.


Senator Padme Amidala's apartment complex.

The time sped up as he approached the Senate buildings. Padme Amidala was in her quarters, under what Obi-Wan called "excessive" guard. Apparently the Invasion was that bad for Captain Pinaka. He was quickly given approval to meet with her, but was stopped short once he reached the elevator. A guard was standing there. He had a hand held out as to stop Jacius from entering. He then raised his other hand to his comlink on his helmet. He nodded and then conformed with a, "Yes sir. You can now have your appointment with Senator Amidala."

Jacius nodded in thanks. He entered the pod that lifted the turbolift upwards to the sky. It stopped at the last floor, a very small vernenda and an entire roof encompased in a glass half cylinder. On the opposite side he guessed were the quarters she stayed in, and in the middle was obviously her living room. He reached out with the Force and he could sense diologue on the other side. It was obviously between Padme and another person, but he couldn't make out who. He did however, feel a very strong force presence in their with her. Was a Jedi speaking with her?

Almost to answer his question, boots were heard walking to a doorway in front of the lobby Jacius stood in. Captain Pinaka opened the door and Obi-Wan Kenobi walked through. He had begun to grow a beard, and his age was finally reflecting his experiance. They both bowed and exhanged quick words. Jacius began politely," Master Kenobi."

"Padawan Jacius, I am glad to see you again. It has been quite some time. I never really saw you around the Temple, and my missions were always getting ahead of me."

"Yes, well, today is my first, I'm pretty anxious."

"Don't be, the first is always the most fun," he winked and smiled.

Slowly he began to walk away then enter the turbolift, which then began to descend lower and lower to the first floor lobby. Captain Pinaka motioned Jacius to enter the living room. It was magnificant. The door quietly shut behind him and there stood Padme Amidala, about maybe in her mid-twenties he guessed, bueatiful as ever. Of course, he had no feelings for her, he barely knew her. Older women were off the drawing board, especially senators. What Jedi would even bring up such a concept? He was losing his identity with these thoughts. He focused and pushed the feelings away forever under lock and keep. She seemed to be staring at the sunrise over the Senate Chambers in the Middle of the city. A cup of what Jacius couldn't make out was in her hand, and she wore a very Naboo-cultere orientated gown. "M'lady?"

"Ah, Jacius!"

Padme seemed to quickly walk to him, setting down her cup and then hugging him. "It's been a while since I last saw you."

"Same here, you were just a kid when I saw you."

"Well, I'm still the older one, but my have you grown. Your a Jedi too, must be exciting."

"It has its pros and cons. Nothing a little training can't handle."

She smiled and sat down on a very stylish couch. "Come, sit."

Jacius took a seat on the opposite side, a couch just the same as hers. He dared not ask what she was drinking, it was not what he came here for anyways. The golden statues and vases caught his attention for a few seconds while she got situated until he began his conversation again. But this time, she started. "I assume you aren't really here to catch up on old meetings huh," she sipped her cup.

"Guess correct. I came here to ask about my adopted father, Captain Deniss. I want to know if he is still...."

"Jacius, He is more than fine," she said with a very confused face.


"Of course," she smiled, laughing a little.

"I thought he died or was lost in the Invasion. I was hoping he was at Master Qui-Gons Funeral."

"No, we went to the Senate during the Invasion. Let me say the journey was very hard and life threatening. We made it, that is where we found Anakin, on our way back to Coruscant we stopped at Tatooine, very remote and desolate world. Captain Deniss took his family along, and they stayed with us here for some time, but they wouldn't let him visit the Temple, strictly Jedi only. Anyways, he went back after the Invasion and settled down again. He really wants to see you and how much you've grown. I know your going on a mission, Master Obi-Wan told me earlier when he heard you and Master Oola were going to Nar Shadaa. Nastly place I must say. You should come back afterwards and then come with me to Naboo so you can visit your father for a little while before you come back to the Temple."

"That sounds resonable, thank you Senator."

"My pleasure."

Jacius stood up and left the living room where he then entered the turbolift and began the descent to the lobby below.

Finding the Cuplrit

Jacius reached the platform where a Republic Transport Vessel was waiting for them. Oola was speaking with the flight attendant who had run a last mintue mainanence check on the ship. Jacius had made his way to the stairway when she caught his attention. She looked a little beaten, in the since she was tired. He would have to pull some muscle for this mission. Earlier she had explained that they would enter the system but wouldn't touch down on a pad until the smuggler's tracking signal appeared again. From there it was a manner of simple stalk and capture. But to their dislike, they would have to restrain anyone who had dealed with him. Republic guards had come for extra support, two Jedi alone on that world can't really accomplish much in an arrest of over twenty people.

Oola seemed pleased that Jacius had gotten aboard and she signed a few times on the attendants holopad. Shortly afterwards, they boarded the transport and began the flight to Nar Shaddaa.

Oola leaned backwards in her pilots chair as the ship went to autopilot, and Jacius knew something was coming. "Padawan, I need to talk with you."

Jacius got anxious. "Yes master?"

"I saw you with that young Anakin boy. I heard what you said."

"Master," Jacius got immediately guilty. "I- I'm sorry, I have disobeyed the Code haven't I?"

"Not exactly. You made me cry too, I was walking in when I saw you and him. It was very moving I must say. I'm glad you are looking out for him, but remember that relationships can be deadly. I pride myself without them, other than the permanent bonds between master and padawan. I just want to make sure you aren't going down a path you can't control."

"Master, I ask for fogiveness at the sake of your approval. I was rash and disrespectful of your teachings. I will look after him, but I will watch how far it goes."

"And I am glad to hear that. Now, lets get back to our objectives, shall we?"

"Of course master."

Jacius was secretly depressed again. Had he just defilled everything he learned? He longed to meet his adopted father again, he was in love with Sheya, even though they both agreed to just kiss this once, and forget what could have been. Now, he had vowed to protect Anakin if need be, which would be considered an act of "chosing the favorites". Jedi didn't chose padawans to protect or anything, he just seemed like he wanted to look out for a very powerful Jedi. He brushed the thoughts aside and focused on the navicomputer. They were halfway to Nar Shaddaa now.

Unseen Difficulties

The space around Nar Shaddaa was covered in mercenary ships and bounty hunters. What a nasty scum covered place. This was the Hutts' equivelant of Coruscant no doubt. The lanes were crowded, but they managed to get a landing pad selected. No one really told them what they needed to settle down the ship, just a simple platform number and take off policy. There wasn't a guard or attendant or anything. Barbaric.

Jacius landed the ship while Oola had ben meditating in the passenger room. He walked through the cockpit and into it. She was just sitting but got up when she knew they had landed. For a second, Jacius marveled at her. She was younger than most Knights, and already she had grown very authoritic in this short time. Jacius in fact was only maybe 8 years younger than her. She was strikingly bueatiful as Jacius really looked at her. No matter what her attraction, he had another love, and his master wasn't that type. She looked at him and then nodded that they should begin the hunt. The transmitter had already picked up on the smuggler. He was in a square close to the marketplace, at some sort of bar. A simple cat and mouse game was going to begin.

Jacius and Oola made their way off the platform andd onto the walkway. They strode to the gate and walked out onto the streets. A bar was a few feet ahead of them. They pulled up their hoods and hid their sabers. Oola led the way, while Jacius looked side to side as to see if anyone was watching. She entered the bar, which had no ceiling, and tables were littered along the sides. A large amount of people stood in the center, dancing and talking. It was packed tight with lots of different species. Rodians, Twi'leks, Weequays. To many to count. Just as they hit the center of the space, they found who they were looking for.

There was a man, with what looked like ragged armor. A few packs on his belt and a holstered blaster with its safety on, hopefully. Oola had spotted him too, and she motioned to Jacius to cut around in a half-sphere to "sandwhich" the smuggler. He had blonde hair, making him easy to recognize among the masses. But as they reached their ends, they noticed he had a pad in his hands. With is great eyes, Jacius read what it said. "You have been cleared for a immediate flight to the Sandar System."

"Shab," Jacius said to himself.

Oola caught his gaze, and the two charged in on him. Everyone became nervous at the two running hooded figures coming at the smuggler, who had obviously seen them. This was a failed mission, no doubt about it.

Jacius and Oola let their robes fall off and they charge in theri tunics. Oola ignited her dual green sabers with a magnificant flurry of green and humming. Jacius lept into the air above the crowd and did two front flips. As he landed his fist pounded the ground, cracking it while he ignited his green lightsaber. Everyone panicked, and a Rodian screamed, "Jedi!"

Everyone bolted, and the smuggler jumped into the mass of bodies running away. "Stop him!," Oola yelled.

Jacius ran fast as he could. He was gaining great speed when he was bumped by a Weequay who was freaking out, knocking him back a few feet, but Jacius recovered and followed. The Smuggler took a turn into an alleyway, then into a street. Jacius was almost on top of him when the smuggler took a leap off a balcony. Jacius did a forwards back flip off, and landed on a rising ship. The Smuggler was a smart one.

They both had managed to leap of the balcany and ironicly land on a small freighter that was beginning to rise and take off through the streets. The blonde sumggler was getting nervous. "Your under arrest Smuggler, give up your crystals and we'll take you in without hurting you," Jacius threatened.

The smuggler didnt care, he just lept of the edge and onto a platform. Jacius followed up with a quick leap and landed on the pad as well. A small ship was waiting there for the smuggler. He quickly got inside and started the engines, leaving in a hurry. Jacius jumped onto the ship and held onto its left wing while the smuggler took off and into the air. 

Just as he reached the upper city, Oola appeared in the Republic vessel below, she could tell this wasn't going as planned. Jacius took his active saber and stabbed the side of the ship. He must have hit the hyperdrive because a second later the fighter exploded on the edge sending him sprawling off the ship and down to the levels below. Just as he fell a few feet he landed on the Republic ship. Oola opened a hatch and let him inside, he was gasping and short of breath. "You did some damage there," she joked.

"He's one fast guy, I'll give him that. We should have brought more authorities."

The smuggler had managed to land his ship on a Hutt vessel. There was nothing the Republic could do there. The vessel made it to the atmosphere and to space, where it jumped to hyperspace. No doubt this was the ship the smuggler was paying to be aboard. "He's on his way to Sandar, we can track him again there," Oola said.

Oola set the last set of coordinates for the Sandar system, and they both entered hyperspace.

Cat and Mouse

Trips always dampened his mood, but Jacius took the brunt of this blow. The smuggler was in the air once again, but this time the vessel was dropping lower down to the Sandar system. Below on the planet was a arid plain, similar to that of Florrum. This had begun a game of chase as catch. The Republic ship touched down at a site close to the smuggler. Jacius walked out silently hoping the smuggler didn't know they followed him. The sun pretty much ruined any sort of blending in with the crowds. Almost immediately he appeared, and looked around to see if the Jedi had somehow managed to find him on this new planet.

He was slipping. Jacius could sense it. Its always easier to catch a thief when he starts to lose his game. Panic was on their side this time. Jaina began to drift towards the right and cut through the market shops. Jacius kept moving forward, attempting to send the smuggler into a panic. His focus was off, or he would have otherwise noticed Jacius much quicker. No kind of man could escape the two Jedi now. He was in a full blown panic.

Trying to get across the square was an easy task for Callista, almost like she had done this before. Jacius was about three feet behind him, when Callista finally showed herself. The smuggler panicked, and fled to a nearby hotel building, but not in time. Jacius had immediately leapt over him and grabbed his collar. With a force he didnt know he had, he lifted him up off his feet and threw him into an alleyway. Before the smuggler got up, Jacius had used the force to lower a crate in the right turn up ahead to block off the escape routs for him. The smuggler seemed to have given up, so he put his hands in the air, but his face was concealed with a sort of garmet or baege rag. "Okay, you got me, what do you want from me."

Callista ran into the alleyway with Jacius, who had used the force to remove the blaster from the smuggler's holster. "Nice takedown," she said.

"Thanks. He had a E-11 Hecta on his holster, not realiable enough to hit us even at point blank," Jacius said as he threw the gun to the side. "Where did you get such a crappy pistol anyway."

"Found it on a bounty hunter a year ago, modified it, works well for me."

"Well, know you know once a Jedi steps in its a whole new league of what weapon to use.

The smuggler was slightly dissapointed. "I think you know what we want from you," Callista began.

He pulled out a lightsaber and handed it to Callista. "Just take it, its brought more trouble than help. I don't understand how Jedi live in such a galaxy ahead of them."

"We make do," said Jacius as he prepared to call in a security unit.

Just as Jacius and Callista had him restrained, a security patrol came in and cuffed the smuggler, prepared to take him off to a detention center of some sorts. Jacius had no doubts that he would find a way out of a cell or lose the guards, but their mission was complete. They just needed to find their ship and get back to Coruscant. "Didn't even need to use a saber," Callista exclaimed. "Impressive, my young padwan. Did you get the stolen crystal?"

"Two actually, took them off him when they asked me to sign his arrest papers," he said as he handed them to her. "But their is no telling if he has more stashed in a cargo conatiner somewhere in his list of hotspots and houses."

"Well, we came for what we needed, now lets have a successful end to a successful first mission."

Jacius smiled, not a bad start to his path to knighthood. The two entered their vessel at the spaceport and took off towards Coruscant.

Seperatist Unrest (30.5 BBY)


(To Be Published)

Securing the Spaceport

(To be Published)

Civil Retaliation

(To Be Published)

Dangerous Skies (28.1 BBY)

The Denga'ia Pirates

(To Be Published)

Tracking the Operators

(To be Published)

Mission to Florrum (27.9 BBY)

Metting Hondo Ohkana

(To Be Published)

Captured by the Weequay

(To Be Published)

Unrelenting Jedi

(To Be Published)

The Clone Wars (22 BBY - 19 BBY)

The Battle of Geonosis

Year One (22 BBY - 21 BBY)

Invasion of Poluros
Resurgance on Tyos

"The Shadow", a mysterious Sith agent of Count Dooku and one of Jacius's greatest foes.

Time Away from the Front
Battle of Belarice
Retreat from Denvar
Suspects on Umbara

The atmospheric pressure was astounding. So much so, Jacius experienced multiple episodes of ear crushing pain in his eardrums. For once in his life he wished the Clone Wars had been on suitable planets. What possibly could they want with Umbara? The Council had said they picked up a transmission a while back. Apparently a suspected smuggler was caught up with a wanted criminal. He was Duros, that was all they managed to find on him. Cad Bane was his suspected name, but there was no connection that Jacius made other than the fact he met a Duros as a padawan. This mission could be personal.

All they brought with them was a LAAT/I gunship and a small squad from the 30th. Commander Trigg had been obviously enthusiastic about it when he had dropped his gaze back at the Pheonix. No one had a clue what to expect. All they knew was that he was armed and dangerous. Jetpacks and rocket boosters were on the list of things to watch out for, but Jacius couldn't think of what that had to do with the situation. Along with Trigg was CT-2120 "Gear", CT-3431 "Temp", and CT-4768 "Shad". They weren't fond of the mission either. Although, Trigg was satisfied that Shad was on the 30th's Fox Squad.

They landed and he exited the gunship with Oola and Trigg. Shad set up a perimeter check then gave the go ahead when he was satisfied it checked out. Jacius laughed at the fact the locals lived on a planet they couldn't breathe on. Once all was over, the Pilot left the LAAT/I on standby and the team marched through the jungles.

Halfway through the forest blasterfire sounded. Jaina lit up her electric violet lightsaber and ran across the ground with Jacius and the squad behind her. She lept over a nearby rock and entered an open area where two men were doing battle. A Duros, obviosuly Cad Bane, and another male human who they suspected the smuggler. Gear and Temp opened fire on the Duros who had already knocked out the man. Jacius was amazed that the Council couldn't dig up any dirt on the two expect suspected crimes. The Duros grabbed the man's weapn - a lightsaber.

Why in the galaxy would this man have a lightsaber, he wouldn't know. A lot of Jedi died in the Clone Wars, maybe he stole it off one. Nasty thing to do, unforgivable. The Duros ignited the blade and a blue blade shot out of the hilt. Jacius immediately ignited his green blade and charged on the Duros. A flash of blue and green and Jacius was caught in a tangle of sabers and acrobatics. Cad obviously knew what he was doing, not a good sign for the Jedi. The clones came up to supress him. Gear and Temp regretably charged him and he spun around. The blade cut through their chests and they died instantly. Shad was more experianced and took a gun position to Bane's head. The Duros kicked Jaina in the stomach and sent her sprawling backwards onto the floor. Jacius went to lunge when Cad sliced Shad's gun in half and slammed the hilt on his head. Shad was knocked unconcious when Trigg leaped onto Bane and elbowed his left shoulder blade. Bane staggered and then threw the Commander of his back and onto the floor. Jaina recovered and got up to attack him. Jacius lunged but missed as Bane turned. He went to activate his jetpack when Jacius took the opporituinty to spin slice in classic Djem So fasion. The beauty of the Form V of lighstaber combat. He regained the stance and noticed the smuggler fire his blaster rounds a few times at Bane.

Bane's foot barely became severed when the booster ignition was cut short and exploded. Jacius staggered back at the heat while Bane tripped onto the ground from mid-air. He ran to a speeder nearby and ignited the engines. Jacius prepared to follow but the speeder had already taken off into the wilderness. They had lost him.

Jaina had lifted the now concious smuggler. Trigg was lifting Shad up off the ground, who was rubbing his head. Jacius saught no reason to keep his saber on any more and deactivated, but was ready at the sign that the smuggler might pull a blaster out. He walked over and Jaina explained the situation. "This is Esvald. He's the smuggler we were looking for."

"Well at least we have one of them."

"I don't think he's going to do anything, he came here to be attacked by Bane."

"What is he doing with the saber still? He knows that's why we hunted him down right?"

"Easy my padawan, he should speak before we do anything to him."

The smuggler was blonde haired and carried a blaster pistol, unknown design. He looked tired, obviously that Duros gave him a nasty fight. He seemed upset at the fact Jedi had found him, something Jacius laughed at. Jaina began the questions. "What happened here smuggler?"

"Smuggler, I may be a brigand but I do good these days. The Clone Wars is a time of opporitunity."

"Of course it is. It is also a time of death and war. We lose many every day," she pointed to the dead corpses of Gear and Temp being ready to take back to the LAAT/I by Shad and Trigg.

"I am Jedi General Jaina Brightrazor, and this is my Padawan, Jacius Railus. We came to follow up on suspected criminals of the Republic. We have reason to believe that Cad Bane has taken something valuable to us, some valuable intel. We have to go, now!"

"Agreed," Esvald nodded. "He could have left on his jetpack."

Jacius smiled. "I cut his jetpack."

He remembered though, that their was a way Bane could escape this rock. Jacius's face went dark.

"Unless of course, he finds our...base."

The three as well as Trigg and Shad jumped into the speeders that Esvald apparently found, and they all began to head to the LAAT/I now probably stolen. Only the pilot was left behind to guard it.

Jacius hated how right he was. It took them a short time to reach to landing site. To their guess, Bane had managed to kill the clone pilot and was about to close the blast doors. Jacius charged ahead of the others, while Esvald let loose a rain of blaster fire on the ship. Jaina looked frustrated. "If you help us, we might reconsider bringing you in, the Council won't question our motives."

"All in a day's work ma'am," he said humorously.

Jacius rolled his eyes and smiled. He raised a hand to reach out with the Force. The LAAT/I buckled but began to take off. Jacius resented his poor uptitude to certain force powers. Instead he reached out farther, and had a plan. He Force Pushed the LAAT/I and it collided with a nearby tree. Trigg and Shad were on the downed ship as fast as they could while Jaina sprinted over using her natural Kiffar physical abilities to beat the clones.

Esvald was just staring. "Couldn't you just have thrown in on the ground? I assume your Republic ships don't come cheap?"

Jaina gave Jacius a stern look. Jacius shrugged. He new he could blame it on his race heritage. It was just his age-old "down with style" additude. Although, they both knew that he wasn't the best at "stopping" the "moving" unless he launched it at a wall. Esvald didn't look worried, just humored at what he saw. "I would have given five-hundred credits to watch a Jedi do that."

Jacius looked at him. "Or a crystal perhaps?"

Jaina went wide eyed and gave Jacius a very authority filled glare. "Old grudges can be let go, let us forget the past and focus on the present. No need to start something we will have to finish."

"Yes Master."

"Hey pal," Esvald began. "I regret stealing that crystal somewhat, I guess. I mean, it was a pretty useful thing to have as a lightsaber weapon. But anyways, If I can give money to pay for troubles done past I would. It's not a good thing to have a Jedi following your back."

"Understood," Jaina replied. "Jacius understands as well." He nodded, and everyone knew he was sincerely okay with the proposal. "I dont think credits would be necessary. A transport of the planet would be a much appreciated payment, we dont want to have your money."

"A great saint at that, Jedi are truly a thing to behold."

Trigg and Shad looked all over the wreckage. Jacius helped them for a few minutes until he returned back to Oola. "Nothing there, he's gone. He must have hit the woods and Trigg can't pick up anything on his antenna. We should find a place to get off Umbara."

The Council would be dissapointed that Bane gone away, but the fault wasn't placed on anyone like all faliures that had happened during the Clone Wars. Esvald seemed satisfied enough. Jacius looked down and picked up a metal rod. Later after he moved off parts of rubble and soot from the small explosion of the LAAT/I. Just as he walked up to Esvald a small shuttle jumped into the air a few kilometers away and exited the atmosphere. No doubt it was Bane in that ship. Jacius and Jaina sighed in dissapointment. They knew they couldn't track his trajectory from here and was to late to start. He regained his focus and turned to Esvald who seemed to be greatly frustrated and angry that Bane had left. Jaian noticed. "Sorry Esvald, there isn't anything we can do now. If there is anything he had done to you to make you dislike him so we understand. In times like these we refrain from anger."

"No, its fine. I just have an old bone to pick with Bane, and a very nasty bone at that. I can find him anytime I need to. Thanks for the assistance though, he would have killed me. Let alone two Jedi and clones come to aid me, your a gift of good luck in my book. I just hope we don't meet again on bad terms."

Jaina looked at him." Yes, let's not, if at all."

Jacius wiped the last piece of soot off. It was the lightsaber Bane had taken from Esvald. "Found your? saber. These are pretty hard to make even for us, they arent cheap or quickly manufactured. Me make them ourselves on our own time and we only keep one. Whoever Jedi owned this saber, take care of it for their sake. I just hope you didn't kill one for it."

"Oh, not at all."

Jaina ended the converstaion with a firm hand raise."Let's just find a transport out of here and to our cruiser."

They agreed and Esvald told them where to find the ships at the nearby settlement. Once they reached the town and bought a small transport, they gave Esvald the wave good-bye as he went to go to the one he had bought himself. The ascention to the atmosphere was quick and Trigg seemed unsatisfied with the vessel, commenting it didn't have that "respectful care" a ship should. Of course this came from the amount of gunships he had lost in the early battles of the Clone Wars. Jacius had to admit, he would miss Esvald and hoped they would meet again, wether on the battlefield or on an undercover mission with him and his master. This was a meeting he would never forget.

A few more minutes and Jaina relayed a message to General Fisto about their failure. He understood and prepared the Cruiser to jump to hyperspace just as they entered. Once they reached the control room they were halfway to Coruscant. They debriefed the mission and ate what food they could. Later, once the ship re-entered Coruscant space, they took a shuttle to the Temple while Trigg and Shad took it to the Republic Intellegence for their debrief on the mission. Suprisingly, the Republic Intellegence was run by a Jedi General as well, but Jacius couldn't recall his name after these past months of combat.

Hostages Above Tatooine
Battle of Ilum

Oron Teithis, the childhood rival of Jacius, reveals himself to be the sith acolyte "Shadow".

Year Two (21 BBY - 20 BBY)

Fall to the Dark Side
Mission to Rhen Var
Assassination on Corellia
Battle of Dromund Kaas

Jacius, now called "Nox", turns to the Dark Side.

The Spirit of Darth Nox
Battle of Tholoth
Liberation of Krios

Year Three (20 BBY - 19 BBY)

Second Battle of Honogor
The Anti-Clone Virus
Battle of Ferinia
Battle of Quil'ages
Second Battle of Dantooine

The Great Jedi Purge (19 BBY - 0 ABY)

On the Run

Searching for Esvald

Flight to Tatooine

Mission to Nar Shadaa

A Hardened Warrior

Ner Vod

Jacius sipped his jama juice at the cantina bar. He was abviously annoyed at someone, but he couldn't tell who. The cantina was slightly filled, so it wasn't packed. At night it was a mad house, so Jacius assumed that early morning was the best time to lye low. Since then, it was a frequent visit and the bartender had memorized his every order. A Bith sat in the corner, but his attention was more focused on the Twi'lek across the corner, one that Jacius had already turned down last month.

A bounty hunter entered the bar, wearing mandolorian armor that was red in color and laced with black trim. He was defenitely mandolorian, based on the way he carried himself. He saw the armor Jacius wore, his blue mercenary gear, which itself was mandolorian. This was what Jacius always anticipated, a mandalorian mistaking him for his own. He only hoped this one was smart enough to notice. He took a seat by Jacius, and asked for a glass of Jama Juice as well. "I'm not mando before you ask," Jacius began.

"I know, you dont sit like one, and you defenitly don't seem to blend in to well."

"That's a first."

"Well, I can tell you fight like one, your not letting your pride show in your expression."

Jacius grunted. He rubbed his beard and then set his cup down after a sip. "There was a day when I would have took that as an insult."

"Trust me, every man who fought in the Clone Wars would have that expression."

Jacius felt a past feeling. A little bit of anxiety in his heart. "I had friends in that war, and they either betrayed me or died fighting for me."

"I know how you feel ner vod."

"No, no you don't."

The bounty hunter had taken his helmet off and sipped on his jama juice. He was defenitly a mandolorian, no questions about it. "If it helps at all, I've been making a living hunting Jedi after the Emporer's little tricksy plot a few years back. Decent enough pay, but most of it ends up worse than the payoff."

"Good, that will teach you not to mess with one," Jacius said as he half considered to decaptitate the bounty hunter on the spot.

"Spoken like one who knew one."

"You can say that."

He got up, and within a short moment, had already left his pay on the table and prepared to walk out. "If you are interested in a contract, I'm going after a guy who has certain 'disputes' with the Empire right now. If you want in you can cosign. Never often you come across a decent mercenary."

"What's his name?"


Jacius was immediately interested, and the bounty hunter knew it. "Whats your name bounty hunter?"

"Cassus. Cassus Hunter."

"I'll take you up on that offer. The name is Jak."

"Alright, meet me at the Hutt's contract hall on the east market street. Its a pretty nasty place, but you abviously have that handled."

And the bounty hunter left the cantina. Jacius finished his last cup, payed the bartender, and headed to his apartment room across the street.

It was late when Jacius had the urge to find Cassus at the bounty office. It was a two mile walk, not that difficult for Jacius at all, and on his way he didn't have the usual "accidents". He half expected that Cassus was setting him up, for a bounty on himself perhaps. It was very unusual to come across a friendly mandolorian these days. The only reason that Jacius was remotely considering the contract was because it coincidentaly matched with his plans, to hunt down and kill the conspiritor named Dezetex.

Jacius entered the main doorway and procecceded through rows of bounty hunters until he reached Yutch the Hutt. Cassus was already there waiting at the right side of his lift. "Ah, Jake, nice to see you took the offer."

"Coudn't refuse Cassus. This is something personally beneficial to me. Wronged me years ago and I'm ready to take revenge on him."

"Haha, well lets make that happen shall we?"


Mission to Abreggo

Hunting the Hunter

The Man in Charge

Mercenary's Work


Jacius at an older age of 40, working as a mercenary for hire.

The Rebellion

An Old Friend

Galactic Civil War (0 ABY - )

The Battle of Hoth

The Battle of Seyust

Return to Coruscant

The Second Battle of the Jedi Temple

The Last Duel of Jacius Railus

Revelations ( - )

A New Generation

The Passing of Jacius Railus

Equpiment and Appearence

Personality and Traits

As a youngling, Jacius was an uncomplicated child. He was incredibly easy to get along with and sometimes school mates would often take advantage of his urge to help people and turn it against him. Of course at a later age he could tell the difference between good and bad.

His parent's death was the hardest thing he had endured. His good character left him thinking he deserved something he did not feel responsible for. He had lost all his relationships. In a desperation, he gave up his good nature to pursue an angry course of emotion. However, his induction into the Jedi Order wiped away his past pain. In his middle-years, Jacius openly accepted hate into his heart during his crusade for revenge after Order 66.

As a padawan, Jacius was fond of his master. They grew close but only as that of student and teacher. As the years went by and he matured, he began to fall in love with a togruta Jedi named Sheya Tisa. His love life was seemingly overtaking his thoughts, but the years of fighting in the Clone Wars required him to push his feelings aside, but would not prevent the fact that Sheya would give birth to their daughter in secret, without Jacius's knowledge.

Jacius was more rational than most Jedi, something which made him susceptible to the lure of the Dark Side. But rather than go behind his master's back, he would always heed her advice and change his actions accordingly, and was probably one of the few rational Jedi to resist the Dark Side because of this. Being the stubborn Jedi he was, Jacius rationalized his thoughts in his old age. He taught the new Jedi what Callista taught him along with his view on love, believing that it was the key to overcoming the blind of both the Lightside and the Dark Side.

Powers and Abilities

Lightsaber Training

"Well done Jacius, your a promising student."

"Thank you Master Windu."

--Mace Windu sparring with Jacius.

As a padawan, Jacius had a difficult start to combat. Already, children who had been Jedi since younglings had perfected their techniques. Thankfuly, Jacius's great attunement to the Force made his journey through lightsaber combat easier. Through combat, Jacius had the luxury of being tained in Form V by Mace Windu. As it was, most of this was because of his taining at an older age and the fact he could be easily corrupted by the Darksie.

Jacius preferred the Djem So variant of Form V. It not only fit well with his superior race abilities, but it was easy to use. Unlike most Jedi, this form was a form of strength and power that took some time to master. Jacius found it incredibly easy, and this made him one of the most deadly Jedi that had mastered this fighting style. His style managed to beat Kit Fisto, Plo Koon, and Mace Windu countless times.

His lightsaber mastery made him a deadly foe. He outmatched every padawan he faced in combat. He even managed to challenge Dooku before he was reported missing from the Order. His fight at the hands of Dooku ended with victory, making him a defenant danger to anyone trying the challenge him.

As the Clone Wars raged on, Jacius began to master the Shien form to protect from blaster-weilders. He had found that it had made Djem So easier to control. The Form V was usually restricted by most Jedi due to its angering side effects, but for Jacius it was easy to utilize the form without any restrictions.

Jacius had a little training with the Form VI, since he never had a run-in with any foes who used this form. Instead, Jacius practiced in the Atura form to give him a sight edge in battle, after learning basics from Ahsoka. However, he rarely used the form throughout the course of his life.

Force Powers

"Master Yoda, never before has a Padawan shown such prowess in battle, but his muniplulation of the Force is weak and uncontrolled."

"Power combatant, this boy may be. To connect with the Force, more time he will need."

-Jedi knight Callista Konshi speaking to Grand Jedi Master Yoda

As a Jedi Padawan and a full-fledged Knight, Jacius wasn't a powerful force wielder. Unlike most Jedi who had claimed to have master Force potential, like Jarek Osari (who perfected it), Jacius had not developed a keen force insight. Much like Etain Tur-Mukan and "Scout", the young padawan who lived with Kal Skirata and the clone deserters during the Empire era, he only managed to fully empower his abilities to levitate and to push forth. Force Push and Repusle were his most prominent powers, while levitation and crushing from mere force where second on his abilities. He never managed to learn enough in his training span, especially healing. He did, however, learn how to utilize the Jedi Mind Trick during the Clone Wars.

Languages Known

-Galactic Basic Standard

-Huttese (Only basic phrases and verbs)





Jedi Padawan

First Lightsaber

33.01 BBY, as a Padawan, was the year that Jacius constructed his first lightsaber. He traveled to the crystal caves at Ilum to find his first crystal with his master, Callista Konshi. However, once they arrived he had little opporitunity to find one. Searching far and wide took effort, and he learned a valuable lesson of perceveriance. This was quite ironic, since he was already a very determined and "hard to tire down" person. He was bombarded with visions searching for the crystal, coming from scenes of horrific war. At first, Tyos would appear, then multiple other worlds where suffering and death were always a commonality. As he regained his thoughts, he had found a emerald Adegan crystal in his hand, which made the distinctive green glow of the blade. He took it and met up with Callista, where he constructed his first lightsaber. He used the saber for many years and until the Clone Wars until it was destroyed at the hands of Oran Teithis on Ilum.

Jedi Knight


Jacius wielding his blue lightsaber with pride.

Second Lightsaber

Eventually, Jacius needed a new lightsaber to replace his old one. Without the proper time to find a new crystal, he recovered his old one from his master. The damage sustained was exponential and the crystal obviously wouldn't work correctly. Using the force, she managed to renew it's core with more Force energy, mutating the blade into a sapphire Adegan crystal. ALthough it didn't work correctly at the time, Jacius repaired it completely later. Jacius would now wield a blue lightsaber. Callista had encouraged he use a new crystal, but Jacius could never really part with his old one. He felt himself in the crystal, and would lose a part of himself if he lost it. He would continue to use it even after the Great Jedi Purge and in his days as a Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order.

Behind the Scenes

- Jacius Railus is based off the Clone Wars Adventures character "Darth Jaciuss". Darth Jacius is a lifetime member, friend of Wuher and other CWA Character Wiki members.

- The 30th Assault Legion was once both an in-game squad and an entire group of clone troopers written out by me. All characters within the legion are either personal accounts of mine, like Trigg, or close friends. The squad was the last one I belonged too before the game was shut down, of which I was the leader, or "Jedi General" of.

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