Jacen Korre

Biographical info

Born: 3000 BBY Died: Unknown

Biological info

Cybernetic Limbs: Cyborg right hand Eye color: Blue Hair color: Brown

Jacen korre was a jedi knight for the republic, Having barely any memory of his past he set out to find out more about who he was. After many encounters with the sith he chose to go into hiding. It was only after meditating for 3 months that a vison came to him, He figured out that he was from the old republic, When the sith attacked the jedi temple he fought and killed most of the intruders but was then frozen by multiple sith lords. Awaken by the war that was raging on he vowed to destroy the sith.

Having a strong tie to the force and absorbing some of the energy from the sith that froze him he was able to use the dark and light side of the force very well. With his new power he won many battles against the sith.

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