Itxra Arkana was a Pantoran Separatist General
Itxra Arkana

Early Life

''I'd rather die than go back into the custody of that idiot.''

-Arkana on her abusive father.

As a child, Arkana's mother died while at child birth. Arkana and her brother, Kembi Arkana, were abused by their drunk of a father. In 41 BBY, when Arkana was 7, she and her brother were taken into Pantoran child services. Later, in 34 BBY, when she was 14, her brother appeared at the foster home she had been staying at. Kembi convinced her that her father had given up drinking, so she went with him back into his custody. Of course, her father got back into drinking, and her brother died.


After running away from her father, Arkana became a General of the Separatist Droid Army. Arkana was eventually turned over to the Republic authorities by Padawan Asaada Zadira. After Count Dooku bailed her, he punished her for being so foolish. Brutally punished her. Arkana later left the Separatists and befriended the Togruta Tehlequa.


Arkana sought revenge on both Zadira and Dooku, but failed to have it. Arkana made many murder attempts on Zadira, failing each time. She never attempted to kill Dooku, figuring someone else would kill him in time.


Arkana died at age 30 on Felucia.

She was on Felucia, attempting to murder Zadira, Maris Brood, and Shaak Ti. Darth Vader got to her before she could even attempt a murder.

Vader force choked her until she became brain dead from lack of oxygen. Arkana then died soon after.


Arkana at the time of her death in 18 BBY.

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