Iridinia Holothrash
FotoFlexer Photo
Biographical information

Rylothplanet Ryloth


44 BBY

Physical description




Eye color


Chronological and political information

-The Rise of Empire



Current Squad

The Shadow Mandalorians

Squad Rank

4 Trooper

Iridinia is a True Mandalorian in Shadow Clan.She joined Shadow Mandalorians also known as Mando Werda.She was born on Ryloth.In age of fore,Mandalorian Rathe Gurfglider found her on Ryloth and brought to Mando werda.She was one of the skilled Mandalorians Rage Ordo aka Rathe Gurfglider ever saw.As soon as she finished her training she joined Mando Verda.


Early Life

Iridinia was born on planet Ryloth.The planet that was attacked many times.By Pirets in 44 till 52 BBY.Her parents was working together on Ryloth Spaceport Station.They were living in small village called Sonu'nemu'men's.That village was the peaseful one.The pirets was attacking only capital city.They didn't care about villages.Iridinia was living in small house that her father built.Her mother was an ingeener in Ryloth Spaceport.So as her mother,Iridinia liked to have some wrok with star ships.She had many Star ship toys made by her father.Her father was a techinician and mechanic in that spaceport.Iridinia lost her parents in age of ten.She left the village.

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