Iona Prime

"We do not influence the Force, the Force influences us."-Iona Prime,24 BBY

Iona Prime was born on the planet Kuat in the year 42 BBY. She was found at the age of five by the Jedi master Seran Mertok and was brought in the Jedi temple. The Jedi master trained Iona, however died with a traffic accident on Coruscant 24 BBY. Iona Prime it was already promoted to Jedi master at the age of 20 years, because she was very intelligent and wise.



Iona Prime was born in the year 42BBY. Her childhood on her home world Kuat did not last very long, because she was already brought to the Jedi Temple at the age of 5 years by the Jedi master Seran Mertok. Iona had a brother called Karven Prime, who became a mercenary at the order of Jabba the Hutt.Her father was an engineer for republican cruisers and her mother was the representative of Kuat in the senate.


Iona's Jedi master Seran Mertok trained her in the year 37 BBY-26 BBY. He belonged to the Jedi healers who heal other people with the force. Exactly like her master Iona learnt the art of the force-healing and, besides, was not quite ungifted. It was hit 26 BBY to the knight and during the clone wars to the master. The light sword of her had a violet-black blade.


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