A Short Bio

Genesis 4

Hyuga Keto

Not much is known about Hyuga, he is usually very helpful to friends in need. he recently discovered he is the Great Grandson of legendary Jedi Master Balistia Shan. Born on Corusant, Hyuga prefered to read and write stories. One in general was a Combat Style no person had seen, it was named the Tri-Star Style. This style allowed for Hyuga to wield 3 sabers at once using the Force. He was accepted into the Jedi Order and became a Master in only a few years. His teaching as complex as himself he never allowed himself to become overly attached to people. This would change years later after meeting the girl of his dreams, Natasi Keto.

A chain reaction occur after the birth of his first daughter, Aphrodite and his son Pollux. A few years after they had 3 more childern Skyler and Christian, the last child is unknown. He started to examine his life in a different state and saw he should move past the Order, though he kept his Tri-Star Style, his location is unknown.

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