Hexend Silver is a human male,known for his deceptive tactics as a general. Strangely he is trained in the force but hesitates to use it and other Jedi equipment.He owns an astromech, two protocol droids, a Umbaran Millicreep, and a small but cozy lot on Felucia, the planet he grew up on even though he was born on Corellia.

Biography and Battles

Hexend Silver was born on Corellia, to his father, Colon Silver, and mother, Melia Silver. When attacks began on Corellia, the Silver family was escape to the remote farming planet of Felucia, where he lived for the first 7 years of his life. He was a quiet boy fantasizing about where he would go and what he would do if he was a Jedi. His dream came true at age 9, when he was discovered to be force-sensitive by Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Eeth Koth. He developed a strong friendship with the two, as he had been chosen to be a Padawan under Master Koon. As he matured, he realized that not only was he fighting for justice, also for freedom. Then at the age of only 16, he was promoted into knighthood, keeping with him his custom Brylark wood hilt which emitted a green blade. he participated in many battles including:

  1. The First Battle of Geonosis
  2. The Battle of Iceberg Three
  3. The Siege of Ryloth
  4. The Carlac Incident
  5. The Malevolence Assualt

He emerged from these battles by causing enemy grief, then pulling off a frontal assualt.Later at the age of 24, met Commander Spart and Keneu Deltaweld. these two warriors would soon become his greatest friends and allies.

His turn away from the Force...

Near the middle of the devastating Clone Wars,something happened to Hexend. he was usually tasked with aiding in the war and piloting cruisers,which did not leave much room for killing anyone but droids. However, when the Jedi Council thought he was ready, they dispatched him on a mission to kill an unknown Nightbrother Sith who was terrorizing the already dangerous Nightbrother villages. Along with some other Jedi, he found the Sith, but could not bring himself to kill a living thing, no matter how evil it was. Another Jedi swung his saber in front of him and beheaded the Sith without a second thought. H

 Traits, weapons, and Extras

Hexend is adept at lightsaber combat but does not commonly use his saber. He is known for being merciful, even sparing a petty thief after he robbed a shop. He owns a lot in Felucia which is small but cozy none the less.He organizes parties every Saturday and on Holidays. Friend him if you wish to be invited to the next one. He is in the ranks of Keneu Deltaweld's squad, Denizens of the Shadows.

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