My pet Bantha, Fluffy

Welcome to my Avatar, Heavy Stiltwalker's, All about me page where it tells you all info about him.

Name: Heavy Stiltwalker

Age: 21, Height: 6'4"

Affiliation: Outcast Jedi Scrapper
Homeworld: Tatooine
Weapon(s): Long Rifle, Danghee and Kashyyyk Lighsabers.

Heavy Stiltwalkers Life Story.

Heavy started off his life as a young farmer boy that always dreamed of be one to own a lightsaber. But sadly this well trained professional Jedi had taken a dark path as Darth Stiltrunner pursuaded him towadr the Darkside. This tragedy happened soon after he turned 20 years old when he was riding in his pet Bantha, Fluffy, to Mos Eisly to find a pilot to take him to Orto Plutonia. When he arrived at Mos Eisly, Darth Stiltrunner had asked what he wanted and if he wanted fortune and fame. Now Heavy is puruaded and given a lighsaber that looks like Darth Mauls other half that Obi-wan Kenobi had cut in half.

After 3

Heavy as a Jedi when he returned home.

, long years of Sith training, Heavy began to see what terrible things he had learned. That same month he thought about this matter he went to the planet Mortis to meditate and he found The ghost of Qui-gon Jinn. Qui-gon helped him see the light and asked him to stay and to let him train Heavy. Then Heavy decided to stay and finish his training. At age 30 heavy became a mercenary jedi and currently is training jedi to become closer with the Force as Qui-gon taught him.


Heavy Stiltwalkers Jedi lighsabers

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