CC: 1187-08


Xavier Thorten (Gladiator Chris)
Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Kamino


32 BBY

Physical description





1.83 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Clone Wars Era Rise of the Empire Era


Galactic Republic Grand Army of the Republic 22nd Special Forces Unit: Gladiator Squad


Master Sergeant

Bc icon trooper

Designation: RC: 1187-08  Batch: Delta 

Rank: Master Sergeant (FORMER), Captain (Imperial Army)

Status: Deceased

CHAPTER 1: Commando Training

​            ​Being a Clone Commando is a dangerous job, the Commando Unit is known to be the best of the best due to their organization and team-work, demonstrating themselves as a new breed of warrior that a very few could challenge, ordinary troops and most other Special Forces soldiers couldn't compare to what the Commando's were trained to do and what they did during the war. For 1187-08, or who would later be known as "Hawk" due to his quick reflexes and sharp eyes, it would be on a long and bumpy road.

Before the first Battle of Geonosis, Hawk went through the extremes of Commando training, everything from the basic clone commando training to the advanced training such as his skills to endure pain and torture and testing his specialty as a sniper. It was known around Kamino other Clone Commandos never passed the interrogation resistance training considering it was designed to not kill but hurt in a way that results consisted in serious mental scarring, for Hawk however he was lucky enough to survive it. They tested his skills in live fires exercises or what was more commonly known as taking part in the Killing House. Before the time he finished his Commando training he was known as one of the most precise and deadliest snipers of his class, letting some of his fellow comrades why he was known as Hawk.    


Shortly after completing training it wasn't long until Hawk found himself on Geonosis for the first battle. He was a part of Noble Squad lead by Wolf, and consisting 2 other members, Ajax the slicer and medical expert, and Syf the explosives expert. Reports indicate when Noble Squad was securing an outpost a few miles out from the main battle, separatist forces marched on the position surrounding Noble Squad, It was Wolfs decision to attempt to hold the outpost.