Gun Good 4
Gun Good (Blaster)
Biographical information



32 BBY, Kamino


3.5 ABY, Coruscant

Physical description

Human (Clone)




1.83 meters



Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
Battle Class

Bc icon trooper Exile

favorite weapon(s)
  • Blaster
  • The Force
Known masters
Known apprentices

Ant Bactarun (Unofficial apprentice)

Today we fight for more than the Republic. Today we fight for all our brothers back home, understood? - Said by Rex, quoted by Gun to his battalion.

Gun Good 3

Gun Good prepared to shoot a Separatist invader that is infiltrating the Jedi Temple.

Official Description

Gun Good is a Republic clone General in service to the Galactic Republic. He was born on Kamino 32 BBY, and lived to be thirty-five years old. He was killed by Darth Vader in 3.5 ABY. Gun also prefers to go by the name Blaster. His clone number is CG-2488. Gun also joined the squads, Survivors Of The Siege, Super Troopers and Strength Of Many.

Origin (32 BBY)

Gun was a clone of the bounty hunter called Jango Fett. He was first trained on Kamino then in the Jedi Temple. He became a great Jedi, clone, and friend to Steve Striker.

Gun Good's Training (32 BBY-22 BBY)

Gun was trained and mastered the blaster much sooner than any other of his clone brothers. The Jedi High Council saw fit to train him in the arts of a lightsaber as well. Gun was trained by two of the greatest Jedi Knights in the galaxy, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was soon able to use the Force just like the other Jedi Masters could. After he mastered the arts of a lightsaber, blaster, and the Force, Gun was sent off to the first battle of Geonosis.

Gun with Clone

Gun seen with one of his clone brothers.


The First Battle of Geonosis (22 BBY)

Before the Republic knew of their clone army, there was an assassination attempt on Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo. Obi-Wan Kenobi followed the bounty hunter Jango Fett to Kamino where he learned of the clone army which was created to serve the Jedi. After tracking the bounty hunter to Geonosis, Kenobi was captured by former Jedi, Count Dooku. Anakin Skywalker and Senator Amidala attempted a rescue, but were also caught. So the Jedi Council launched a full scale invasion to rescue the Jedi and capture Dooku. Jedi Master Mace Windu led the assault on the surface, while Jedi Master Steve Striker led the space battle. Steve led his battalion to destroy the Separatist flagship, but the Federation Starships escaped, along with, Count Dooku, who was able to deliver plans of the Death Star to his Master, Darth Sidious, on Coruscant. The Separatist Alliance was created and the Clone Wars had begun.  

The Begining of the Clone Wars (22 BBY)

Gun Good faught in the Clone Wars for quite some time. Here are some of the battles he was in.

The Battle of Atraken (22 BBY)

In the beginning year of the Clone Wars Master, Gun was sent to take over the Separatist controlled world of Atraken. Gun lead a special unit of Clone troopers without Steve being aware of it. During the battle the droids unleashed a deadly gas which killed many of Steve's forces. Gun had to wear masks while inside the Separatist base. After eleven months of fierce and ruthless battle, Steve and his legion had claimed Atraken for the Republic.

The Battle of Cartao (22 BBY)

After capturing Atraken, Gun was given a new assignment. They must capture another Separatist world, Cartao. Steve's old master, Halo Awesomeness was there with him and was impressed with Gun's skill and strength. After breaking through the blockade, Gun led the space battle while Steve and Halo captured the Separatist Commander, Tok Ashel. The battle was won and Cartao belonged to the Republic.

Defeat at Parien II 4 (22 BBY)

Gun and his battalion had grown strong. Now it was time for thier true test. A new threat had been unleashed: General Grievous! Count Dooku sent him to gain control of Parein II 4. Gun along with his special forces went with Steve [ he wasn't aware that Gun was coming along] along with three other Jedi led the attack to stop Grievous. While Gun's forces attacked the droids, the other Jedi pursued the General. One Jedi was killed. Another wounded. Steve and the Jedi called Tyneir Renz were the only Jedi that survived. The Jedi, Gun, and their forces soon had to retreat. The system was left under control of the Separatists.

Duel over Duro (22 BBY)

After the loss of Parein II 4, Gun's squad was back on the frontlines and Steve was back with his old master, Halo. Their assignment: travel to Duro and free the Duros from Grievous' wrath. Bounty hunter, Cad Bane, agreed to help protect his homeworld from the Separatists. The Republic was able to break through the blockade, but another Separatist droid fleet was on its way, led by Grievous. Grievous destroyed the Republic fleet with no mercy. Gun, Steve, Halo, and some of their forces crash landed on the planet in an escape pod. They were greeted by Bane who helped Gun battle the droids on the surface below. Steve and Halo went after Grievous. Two Jedi went in alive, but only one Jedi came out alive. Jedi Master Halo Awesomeness was killed by the blade of General Grievous. Mourning the loss of his Master, Steve was growing a little darker. Gun tried to calm him down and eventually Steve came to his senses. They had to call a Republic rescue team led by Obi-Wan Kenobi to get them off that rock.

Dueling Bane (22 BBY)

Since bounty hunters don't work for free, Bane was expecting to get paid by the Republic, but no. Gun explained that money can lead to the dark side, but Bane didn't care. After a brief battle with Bane, he escaped and went to Count Dooku for help in defeating the Jedi. Bane left Gun with a flesh wound but he would survive.

Meeting Jedi Master Brandon Nicholas (22 BBY)

After the many fierce battles, Gun met Jedi Master Brandon Nicholas. While Brandon was a popular Jedi, he had a tint of darkness in him. Gun kept a close eye on him. But they soon all became good friends.

The Battle of Tibrin (22 BBY)

Soon after meeting Brandon, Steve was assigned a padawan, Jek Shieldbeamer. While Steve was back at the Jedi Temple training his apprentice,a new jedi came called Soap kyle who will soon become great friends with the three. Brandon was in command of his own legion. While Brandon was not as experienced as most jedi, he was a good general. All of the clones respected him. They were given an assignment to go to the Tibrin system to help the native Ishi Tib to realign with the Republic. The Ishi Tib dictator, Suribran Tu, was good friends with the Jedi but Count Dooku heard of the news and killed Tu in cold blood. Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker, along with their battalions, were sent there to aid Gun and Brandon. Clone Captain Rex, Clone Commander Cody, and Clone General Gun (Blaster) got along just fine. After intense battle, the Separatists gained control of the world and Tibrin joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS). When Gun returned to the temple he awaited his next mission.

The First Battle of Christophsis (22 BBY)

Gun also helped Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the First Battle of Christophsis led by
The Battle of Christophis 1

The Battle of Christophsis from the view of a Republic Gunship.

Separatist leader Whorm Loathsom. While the Republic held out the first
The Battle of Christophis 4

Republic Turrets shoot down a Separatist Tri-Fighter droid.

strike, the battle was far from over. The Republic needed backup. They soon got it. A Republic gunship landed with a surprise for Anakin. It was his new Padawan Learner, Ahsoka Tano. Soon the Separatists attempted another strike to take over the Republic forces. Anakin and Ahsoka sneaked in behind enemy lines to plant explosives to blow up the Separatist's shield generator, which protected most of their troops. Obi-Wan surrendered to Loathsom's forces until the shield was down, then he defeated and captured Loathsom. General Gun, Commander Cody, and Captain Rex, defeated the rest of the droids. Loathsom would escape capture, then rally with Asajj Ventress for the Second Battle of Christophsis.

The Battle of Teth (22 BBY)

Immediately after the First Battle of Christophsis, Anakin and Ahsoka were assigned to rescue Jabba the Hutt's son, Rota, from a Separatist castle on Teth. Asajj Ventress was leading the assault, while Confederate leader, Count Dooku traveled across the galaxy to Tatooine and negotiate a treaty with the Hutts. Dooku lied and said that the Jedi had captured his son and were attempting a fake rescue to throw Jabba off. Dooku offered aid if the Hutts joined the Separatists. Anakin rescued the Huttlet, faced Asajj, then escaped to Tatooine. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, and Gun arrived to clean up the mess Anakin left behind. Gun and Cody dealt with the battle droids, while Obi-Wan faced Ventress. Ventress escaped. Gun and Cody defeated the droids, while Anakin brought Rota to Jabba, safe and sound. 

The Olanet Droid Factory (22 BBY)

Following the Battle of Teth, Gun was with the special forces that Steve and Ghost lead to destroy a Separatist droid factory on Olanet. The battle was a little rough, but not to Steve and Gun, who managed to planet explosives around the factory, burying it, along with any evidence as to who was in charge of the factory.

The Battle of Skor II (22 BBY)

After the successful victory on Olanet, Gun went along with Jedi Master Mace Windu and Commander Cody to the planet of Skor II to assist the natives. Droids began marching, but the Republic struck back, swiftly. After the battle was won, the natives created statues of the Republican heroes and honored the ones that had fallen.

The Battle of Jabiim (22 BBY)

Soon a civil war started on Jabiim. Gun, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and all of their battalions were sent to help resume peace. The Nationalists were allied with the Separatists, and the Loyalists were loyal to the Republic. The Jedi faught in an effort to stop the war, but the Nationalists were strong. Soon, Gun found the Nationalist's leader, Alto Startus. Startus was not going to give up that easily. Steve who was helping the Republic forces during the battle, had a quick duel with Startus while the others held off the droids. Steve defeated Startus, then everyone escaped to the Loyalist's base. After a final attempt to defeat the Loyalists, the Nationalists were strong but would soon return. When they did, the Loyalists were unprepared. They were overrun. The Jedi had to retreat to Coruscant and the Separatists took the planet.

The Battle of Thustra (22 BBY)

After the Battle of Jabiim, another planet had joined the Separatist Alliance, Thustra. The native Sephi and their king, Alaarac, had joined with Count Dooku's Separatists. A Republic strike team, that Gun was a part of and a few other Jedi were sent to help convince the Sephi to join the Republic. The Saphi pushed forward on a Republic base, destroying it along with two Jedi Masters. Gun, and the rest of his forces pushed on to the capitol city. Master Yoda had just arrived and was trying to negotiate with Alaarac. While Gun led the strike forces against the locals. Soon Gun reached Yoda, where he asked Alaarac to flee from Count Dooku's hand and join the Republic. After the negotiations failed, Yoda had no choice but to kill Alaarac. After the capitol was taken, Count Dooku had sent General Grievous and more droid forces to retake the capitol. The Jedi were out numbered and out gunned. They retreated. The Separatists had gained control of this sector, for now.

The Battle of Bephour (22 BBY)

There was a mad scientist named, Kul Teska. He was trying to build a gravity weapon for the Separatists. Jedi Masters Steve Striker, Mace Windu, Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, his padawan Ahsoka Tano, and Clone General Gun Good were sent to disable this weapon which could destroy suns of nearby systems. While Obi-Wan and Anakin infiltrated the base, everyone else battled the droids on the outside. After the droids were defeated the self-destruct alarm went off. Teska was killed along with the weapon. This was a victory for the Republic.  

The Battle of Kamino (21 BBY)

Shortly after the destruction of a Republic outpost on the Rishi moon, the Jedi intercept a message from General Grievous and Asajj Ventress. They are planning to attack Kamino in an attempt to stop the production of clone troopers. Rex, Cody, and Gun got their battalions ready for the fight for home. While Anakin protected Jango Fett's DNA, Obi-Wan engaged Grievous, and Gun were on the roofs of buildings, shooting down droid after droid and were trying to get the Trident Drill Droids from drilling through the facilities. The best way to stop this was building Republic turrets on platforms constructed in the water to stop the droid's advance. This was the Perfect Storm for both Grievous and the Jedi. After a long and tiring battle, the Republic had won, but at a great cost of its men.  

Destroy Malevolence (22 BBY)

Soon, General Grievous and Count Dooku had unleashed a fierce Separatist battle ship, Malevolence to destroy Republic fleets in a matter of minutes. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, his padawan Ahoska Tano, and Jedi Master Plo Koon nearly escaped the trap. Anakin was preparing an air strike to destroy the Malevolence and Grievous. While Anakin, Plo, , Steve and Ahsoka were leading the air strike, Gun followed close behind. Soon after disabling the ship's ion cannon, Steve and Gun flew to the medical station nearby, refueled, then returned to Coruscant, and left Obi-Wan's fleet do the rest of the job.  

The Battle of Falleen (22 BBY)

General Grievous was on rage ever since the Malevolence had been destroyed. He'd been capturing planet after planet. His next target: Falleen. Gun was sent to help free the people of Falleen from the wrath of the Separatists. Grievous was leading the air strike and quickly destroyed the Republic's Ventor Class Cruisers. Gun, and his forces managed to escape in some escape pods. After crashing on the planet, Steve went to the kings palace, where Asajj Ventress was Force Choking the king. Steve and Asajj dueled. Meanwhile, the droid forces were not making things easy on Gun, but after some work, the droids fell back. Then Gun went inside the palace to find Steve. Steve had frozen Ventress, and was now dueling Dooku. Gun used the Force to grab Steve's other lightsaber on his belt and tried to aid in defeating Dooku. However Steve was caught off guard which allowed Dooku to subdue Gun and he managed to summon help to surround Steve and Gun. Dooku also explained that Grievous' next stop was Bothauwi. The Count was also surprised at Gun's talent in the Force. After Force Pushing Steve back, it was just Dooku and Gun. Dooku knocked the lightsaber out of Gun's hand and put his lightsaber right up in his face, giving Gun his iconic scar on his left eye. Steve soon came to, and together they were able to defeat Dooku and escape to warn the Jedi Council that Grievous was on his way to Bothauwi.

The Battle of Bothauwi (22 BBY)

Steve, Anakin, Ahsoka, Gun, and Rex were deployed to stop General Grievous from advancing on the surface of Bothauwi. Steve and Anakin led the air strike, while Gun and Rex were deploying AT-TE's on the surface of an asteroid nearby. Steve fell back and let Anakin take the lead. Steve reminded Anakin of the AT-TE's on the asteroid and decided to fire upon Grievous' command ship, but he escaped in his fighter. After Anakin returned to the Republic Cruiser, he noticed that his Astromech droid, R2-D2, had gone missing. He was being held captive and was on his way to General Grievous. Anakin attempted a rescue mission while Steve and Gun returned to the temple. He eventually got R2 back.  

The Battle of Saleucami (21 BBY)

Soon, Jedi Master Eeth Koth was kidnapped by the droid general, General Grievous. Koth was taken prisoner on board a Separatist frigate. Jedi Masters Adi Galia, and Steve Striker, Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi along with their men attempted to rescue Koth. While Anakin and Adi rescued Eeth, Obi-Wan distracted the general, and Steve and Gun led the air strike. After Eeth was rescued Grievous' ship was going down. He and his droid companions flew down on the surface of Saleucami in a droid lander. Gun went down on the surface with Obi-Wan, Rex, and Cody, while Anakin and Steve commanded the space battle. Grievous was searching for an escape pod that survived so they could call a Separatist fighter to come and pick them up. Rex was injured by commando droids and stayed with the clone deserter, Cut Lawquane, until he was better. Cut's gunship was shot down during the First Battle of Geonosis, and he thought that his life had no meaning, so he ran off, away from the war. Gun didn't know about Cut until Order 66. Meanwhile, Grievous had found an escape pod and called a ship to pick him up. While him and Obi-Wan dueled, Cody, Rex, and Gun tried to shoot down the Separatist fighter that was trying to land. Grievous used his grappling hook to climb aboard the ship. Steve and Anakin tried to stop him from leaving the planet, but it was no use. Grievous escaped.  

The Battle of Quell (22 BBY)

Jedi Master Ayala Secura was trapped on the sky planet, Quell, surrounded by Separatist forces, and was in need
Gun Good SOTS 1

After a ruthless battle, Gun is tired and his armor is all beat up.

of assistance. While Anakin Ahsoka, and Rex rescued her from her cruiser along with Clone Commander Bly, Steve commanded the space battle while Anakin, Gun and Ayala retreated to a Republic Frigate. The hyperdrive on the frigate was activated and the Jedi flew off to the neutral planet of Maridun.

Rescue on Maridun (22 BBY)

After Anakin was injured during the Battle of Quell, and the Jedi crashed on Maridun, some local Lurman colonists helped get Anakin well again, but the Separatists had arrived to test a new weapon, the Defoliator. The Jedi helped protect the Lurman villagers, and Anakin captured Separatist leader, Lok Durd. After the battle, Steve, Gun, and Admiral Yularen rescued the Jedi from the world and returned to the Jedi Temple.

The Blue Shadow Virus (22 BBY)

Soon, Naboo royal guards spotted droids in the fields nearby the palace and were worried that another Separatist invitation was coming, after the Trade Federation tried to claim Naboo for the Sith back in 32 BBY. Senator Padmé Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks were sent to see why battle droids are on Naboo. They soon found out that a wicked Separatist scientist, Dr. Nuvo Vindi, was trying to release the deadly Blue Shadow Virus back into the galaxy. The Blue Shadow Virus was an ancient disease that killed many people. It is supposed to be extinct. After losing contact with Padmé and Jar Jar, Steve, Gun, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka were sent to find them. Obi-Wan, Gun and Ahsoka made a distraction, while Anakin and Steve sneaked inside the underground lab. Anakin rescued Padmé and Jar Jar, while Obi-Wan tried to disable some bombs that had been activated. The bombs were supposed to release the virus on each planet. Steve found a room where the bombs were being made. They got control of the room and Obi-Wan and Anakin captured Vindi. But a rabbit droid activated a bomb which unleashed the Blue Shadow Virus in the base. Padmé and Jar Jar were in exosuits, so they were safe. Steve had to get out and were forced to shut the outside doors, trapping Padmé, Jar Jar, Ahsoka, and Captain Rex inside. While Obi-Wan and Anakin located an antidote for the virus, Steve secured the area. No droids got in or out. When Anakin and Obi-Wan returned, they freed everyone who was inside and got them to safety.

The Battle of Ryloth 1

The Battle of Ryloth from a Republic Gunship.

The Battle of Ryloth (22 BBY)

Gun on Ryloth 1

Gun holding off the Sepies on Ryloth.

The Separatists, led by Wat Tambor, have taken total control of the neutral planet of Ryloth. The Twi'lek people have called on the Jedi to help them be free again. After Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano broke through the Separatist blockade, the Jedi began to retake the planet. While the Jedi, Jacen GhostArx travels with Obi-Wan to the southern hemisphere of the planet, Steve and Master Mace Windu travel to the north while Gun traveled South. Anakin and Ahsoka would hold off the air droids in space and in the atmosphere. While Obi-Wan and Jacen freed the southern hemisphere, Mace and Steve tried to claim the northern capital city of Lessu. Wat Tambor was stationed here. After a fire fight, Steve and Mace broke up. Steve helped Anakin and Ahsoka hold off the Hyenna Bombers that were bombing the
Gun on Ryloth 2

Gun fighting with Captain Rex, on Ryloth.

cities and villages. Master Windu also linked up with Ryloth Freedom Fighter, Cham Syndulla. They both retook the capitol and captured Tambor. Ryloth was free at last 

Time at the Temple (21 BBY)

While the clones are in combat most of their lives, every clone must also take some time away from the battle field.
Gun with Jar Jar 1

Gun dancing with Jar Jar in the Jedi Temple.

Over the next few months, while Brandon was busy out on the frontlines commanding a new squadron, Gun took some time off and studied in the Jedi Temple. He also hanged out with friends and his other clone brothers. When Brandon returned from his missions, he would tell Gun all about them. They remained in contact.

The Second Battle of Christophsis (21 BBY)

Droids had returned to Christophsis and Gun was to be in Anakin's strike force for the Second Battle of
The Battle of Christophis 3

Super battle droids march behind a Mobile Shield Generator, on Christophsis.

Christophsis. Caught in an ambush, Anakin and Obi-Wan rush to the Separatist outpost and find Asajj Ventress. While the Jedi are engaged, the clones were as well, Clone Sargent Slick was a traitor. Asajj had paid him money to be set free if he gave away the location of the Republic base. That explained the ambush earlier. Gun saw Slick running through the hallway, followed by Commander Cody and Captain Rex. When the Jedi returned, Slick was caught, but the battle was no where near finished. Over one thousand battle droids were on their way to the Republic base. While the Jedi, Gun, and their forces fought hard, the Separatists gained control of the planet.

The First Battle of Felucia (21 BBY)

Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and his padawan Ahsoka are trapped on Felucia with no escape. Jedi Masters Plo Koon, Steve Striker, and Clone General Gun, are sent to rescue them. After clearing a path through the Separatist blockade, Plo, Steve, and Gun managed to get down on the surface. While Plo rescued Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka, Steve and Gun went to rescue other clone troopers from three other bases in the area. While Steve held off the droids, Gun evacuated the bases. They all escaped, safely and alive.

The Battle of Dorin (21 BBY)

Soon, Plo's homeworld, Dorin, became under attack. Plo, Anakin, Ahsoka, Steve, and Gun were sent to free the Dorins from Grievous. They easily destroyed the Separatist blockade, and the coward, General, escaped in his starfighter. Anakin, Gun, and Steve tried to shoot him down, but Grievous escaped.

The Second Battle of Geonosis (21 BBY)

While Brandon was off on his own missions, Steve and Gun were chosen to take part in the Second Battle of Geonosis. Here are some details on the battle.

Landing at Point Rain (21 BBY)

Steve led an air strike while trying to help and rescue Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi from a crashed Republic Gunship. They aided in the air strike while Anakin and Ki-Audi's forces helped rescue Kenobi from the gunship. Gun himself was shot down and joined Skywalker's forces to help destroy the rayshield guarding Poggle the Lesser's factory of doom. Steve contiuned the air strike with his other men.

Weapons Factory (21 BBY)

While Anakin and Luminara were attacking the main droid factory, Gun and Steve attacked another nearby rayshielded facility. Droids marched and most of Steve's men were lost. They soon were able to capture the factory. Jedi Padawans Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee destroyed the main Separatist Droid Factory, and Gun aided Skywalker's forces into finding the missing padawans after they were buried beneath a pile of rubble. After the girls were found Gun went back to the Jedi Cruiser to rest before he was called upon again and Steve went back to Coruscant.

Legacy of Terror (21 BBY)

Soon Skywalker, Kenobi, and Mundi called Gun to help them find the missing Jedi Master, Luminara Unduli. They traveled down into the catacombs below the surface where they found the Geonosian queen. After rescuing Luminara, capturing Poggle, and burying the queen, it was time to head back to Coruscant.

Brain Invaders (21 BBY)

Before heading back to Coruscant, the padawans were chosen do deliver medical supplies to Master Kit Fisto. Gun went along to supervise. However some Geonosian brain worms got on the ship and infected the clones, Gun, and Barriss. Ahsoka was able to rupture the cooling system and destroy the worms. Gun and Barriss were saved along with the other clone troopers. Brandon was glad to see Gun alive!

The Mandalore Plot (21 BBY)

Soon, a new battle group was rising, and had allied themselves with the Separatists. While Steve and Gun were on patrol near Mandalore, a Mandalorian snuck aboard and was trying to destroy Steve. When the Mandalorian was captured, he committed suicide and shot himself to the death. Gun and Steve warned Obi-Wan where he would travel to Mandalore and uncover a Separatist plot to kill the Mandalorian Duchess, Satine Kriz.

"Die Dark Nebula!" - Gun Good in a rage in Nova Town.

The First Rebellion Against Dark Nebula (21 BBY)

Gun and Steve 2

Gun and Steve standing back to back.

The Rebellion Against Dark Nebula was kicked off by Steve Striker in 21 BBY. At first Steve was friends with Xalandra Nova, the leader of this squad, but after figuring out just how evil she was, he started a rebellion that grew rapidly over the next few months.

The Beginning of a Rebellion (21 BBY)

One of Steve's friends helped him jumpstart the rebellion. Ace Starflux was allied with Steve for quite some time, before being killed in battle at Dark Nebula Town, Nova's secret base. Within a few months of starting the rebellion, Master Steve and Ace quickly gathered over a hundred people in a rebellion against a squad that was about to take over the galaxy.Includeing Soap

Joining the Rebellion (21 BBY)

At the time, Gun never knew about the rebellion. Steve kept it a secret from him so he wouldn't be upset, for Gun was more of a pacifest than a fighter. He didn't want to kill, but he would if he had to. After one of Gun's friends, Nom Hoverfloater invited him to join the rebellion, Gun still didn't know that Steve was leading it. He joined the rebellion after witnessing Xalandra Nova murdering a rebel at her palace on Mustafar. Gun knew that she had to be stopped before the galaxy was overrun by Dark Nebula.

Teaming Up with Brandon Nicholas (21 BBY)

Still unaware that Steve was leading this rebellion, Gun met up with Brandon Nicholas who had recently joined the rebellion himself. There were rumors that Brandon was the leader of the rebellion, and Gun actually believed it. Together Brandon and Gun made a plot to attack Dark Nebula Town and Dark Nebula Spaceport. They proceded to infiltrate the bases, overtake them, then capture Nova.

The First Battle of Dark Nebula Town (21 BBY)

The First Battle of Dark Nebula Town took place at Xalandra Nova's first base, Dark Nebula Town. The leading commanders were Gun Good and Brandon Nicholas, who had small bands of troops. After infiltrating and scanning the base, they realized that there was no one here. The proceded towards Nova's spaceport on Kamino where they would fight some real men.

The First Battle of Dark Nebula Spaceport (21 BBY)

The Battle of Dark Nebula Spaceport took place directly after the rebels infiltrated Dark Nebula Town. They realized that Nova had another base. This was the first time any of the rebels had been to Dark Nebula Spaceport on Kamino, and it might be their last time, too. Kamino was a special place to Gun. It was his home planet. He was bred here. He trained here. Now, he though he was going to die here. As the rebels moved into Dark Nebula Spaceport, they found pockets of Dark Nebula troops scattered across the base. There was no way they were going to infiltrate the base alone. After recieving a little bit of backup, the rebels revealed themselves and made a stand. Unfortunately, Nova wasn't there. After figuring this out, the rebels knew that it was pointless to continue fighting. They raced out of the spaceport and returned to Coruscant for their next strategy.

Meeting Ace Starflux (21 BBY)

After the attacks started by Brandon and Gun, the rebellion grew stronger. Although Steve didn't know Gun was involved, someone else did. One night in the Officer's Club on Coruscant, Gun met Ace Starflux disguised in Sith robes. After introducing himself as one of the leaders of the rebellion, Ace took Gun to his base to talk about Dark Nebula and Xalandra Nova. This was the only time Gun would meet Ace Starflux before he died in a skirmish in the Outer Rim. A rebel traitor, Maurcio Knight, would kill him, which would also result in Steve killing Maurcio.

The Truth About the Rebellion (21 BBY)

Gun had been in the rebellion for quite some time now, but neither Steve nor him knew that they were in this together, until one day when Gun went to see his old friend Brandon Nicholas, who was actually having a meeting with Steve in his house. When Gun saw Steve, he didn't think he was the leader of the rebellion, but he knew he was in it. After some explaining, Gun realized that Steve was the true leader of the rebellion and that Brandon was second-in-command.

Third-In-Command (21 BBY)

The rebellion often had meetings with high rank officals regarding the current status on the war against Nova. Surprisingly, Gun was invited to some of them. On his latest meeting, he learned that he was Steve's third-in-command in the Rebellion Against Dark Nebula. he thanked Steve, but knew he had a responsibility in the war. He wasn't supposed to follow anymore. He was supposed to lead.

The Second Battle of Dark Nebula Town (21 BBY)

The Second Battle of Dark Nebula Town took place when all three leaders of the rebellion were involved, Master Steve, Brandon Nicholas, and Gun Good. The tooke control of Nova's base for some time, but were soon overrun by Dark Nebula troops who were sent to protect the base. This battle started out as a victory, but when it came to strength and numbers, Dark Nebula had the upper hand.

Encounters (21 BBY)

After encountering Dark Nebula several times, Gun was tired of the war. He wanted the fighting to end. Of course he did. He was a pacifest, but sometimes, you must fight for freedom. That's exactly what the Clone War was doing. It was another reason Gun joined the Dark Nebula Rebellion. After picking up a faint rebel signal on the distant world of Mustafar, Gun went there and found Brandon Nicholas dueling with a Dark Nebula member. Brandon soon retreated, but didn't notice that Gun was behind him. Gun picked up a lightsaber and chased the suspect, James Loanstar, across the surface of the volcanic planet. When James reached a river of lava, he used Force Speed to return to his ship quickly. He escaped back to Dark Nebula Town on the other side of the planet. Gun knew it was to dangerous to follow, so he just followed Brandon Nicholas back to Coruscant.

The Guards of Dark Nebula (21 BBY)

With many people across the galaxy knowing that Steve has started a rebellion, some joined and some didn't. Some even created other squads to support either the rebels or Dark Nebula. Gun was worried about one particular squad, Guards of Dark Nebula, but when he told Steve about it, Steve didn't pay any attention. He considered the people in that squad "noobs" and so, Gun didn't worry about them as much.

Friends and Enemies (21 BBY)

Because of the spreading news, by the middle of 21 BBY, the whole galaxy pretty much knew about the Rebellion Against Dark Nebula. People joined both sides. Some even joined both. Steve also considered these people "noobs." One of those people was Azula Zova, who deciede to play both sides of the war. While Steve trusted her in the begenning, as the fighting intensified, Steve cast her out and kicked her out of the rebellion. Azula would later claim that she was Xalandra Nova. She just had two accounts. Meenwhile, one of Gun's friends, Alek Deltaboot, said he would like to join the rebellion because he was betrayed by Nova. The truth of Alek's story spread throughout the galaxy. Some believed him and some didn't. he said that Nova was nice to him at first, but as she gre deeper into the dark side of the Force, he left Dark Nebula and joined the rebellion. This stunning story surprised both Steve and Brandon, but it eventually got back to Nova. Nova had Alek arrested and charged him with treason. He would become her slave and be executed at her palace towards the end of the war.

The Battle at Gun Good's Party Pad (21 BBY)

The day after Emissary Event visited one of Gun's Kamino Lots, it was overrun by Dark Nebula troops. One after another, Xalandra Nova's minions poured into the base and attempted to brun it to the bottom of the ocean floor. The raid lasted for a couple of hours before Gun and Brandon called for reinforcements. Steve was not involved in the battle, but it was a major battle for Gun because if Dark Nebula took over his base, they could easily take over the entire planet of Kamino. With Nova's spaceport on the other side of the planet, Gun didn't know if Kamino was safe from Xalandra Nova's wrath. and then there was another planet to worry about: Coruscant.

Revenge (21 BBY)

Gun was now furious at Dark Nebula and Xalandra Nova for attacking his party base. He made a holographical video of himself stating that he was going to have his revenge on Nova for attacking his base. Nova thought Gun was a "fool" and just ignored him, although, there would be another battle in which Nova was involved. This battle would decide the fate of the three leaders of the rebellion, the war, and the galaxy itself.

Making A Plot (21 BBY)

After the many recent attacks, both sides of the war were heated up and didn't know when their enemy would attack. Steve, Brandon, and Gun made a plan to find and kidnap Xalandra Nova's second-in-command, Dahntalon Goldbrek. This was a very dangerous plan. Dahntalon was a bounty hunter who was in Dark Nebula and served Nova with his life. He was Nova's most trusted general and remained loyal to the dark side. Steve knew that if they could kill him, it would only weaken Dark Nebula, making them more vulnuable with their second-in-command out of the game.

The Battle at Goldbrek's Mansion (21 BBY)

Dahntalon had his own secret hideaway, far from Dark Nebula Town. His was on Ryloth and it was Gun's job to infiltrate the base. It was sucsessful. After securing the trust of Goldbrek, Brandon and Steve joined the fight. They killed any Dark Nebula member they saw. When they reached Goldbrek, the alarms were sounding away. Dahntalon was ready for them. He activated his jet pack on his mandalorian armor and flew off. The base was now Steve's but he had it torn down because he already had another base on the other side of Ryloth.

Behind Enemy Lines (21 BBY)

While Gun, Brandon, and Steve returned to their base on Ryloth, Dahntalon seeked professional help from the Separatists. Count Dooku supplied Dahntalon with enough battle droids to defeat the rebels on Ryloth. Because the Republic had recently liberated Ryloth, it was up for grabs again. Dahntalon agreed to pay Dooku forty-five thousand Credits for the battle droids. Dooku agreed and the two became both bussiness partners and allies.

The Tipping Point (21 BBY)

After Dahntalon got the battle droids he needed, he attempted to invade the Republic's Base on Ryloth. After getting past the blockade of clone troopers and rebels surrounding the base, Goldbrek was met by two Jedi and a clone. Goldbrek insisted that they surrendered or he'd burn the base to the ground with them in it. They all refused. Insted, Brandon jumped into action quickly and began to deflect any blaster fire that cam his way. Goldbrek also used grenades and smoke bombs to try to kill Steve and Gun. As a Republic Gunship crashed into Brandon and Goldbrek, they flew to the side trying to dodge it. It would only be a matter of time before Goldbrek was back on his feet. He was about to stick a knife through Brandon's heart when Gun shot him in his shoulder. Goldbrek stumbled and whined in pain, but would eventually get out a lightsaber that Nova let him barrow. Gun got his out too, but there was a difference between their fighting styles. Goldbrek wasn't trained as well as Gun was and Gun could use the Force. Because of this, Goldbrek didn't stand a chance. Brandon got back up and after Steve killed a few more droids, he quickly ran towards the action. After a fierce lightsaber duel between the four of them, Goldbrek kicked back Steve and Brandon. Now it was just him and Gun. When he and Gun locked blades, Gun got out a pistol and shot him right in the heart. As Goldbrek died he curssed the rebellion and said that he died for a cuase while the rebels die for nothing. He claimed that Dark Nebula would in the war and that the Republic along with this puny rebellion would fall. Although Steve considered him an enemy, he never knew that Goldbrek was drived by honor. The most humble people normally fight for good and if Steve could've negotiated with Goldbrek, the outcome of this battle might have turned out differently. But now that Nova's second-in-command was dead, the war would be a whole lot easier to win.

Construction (21 BBY)

Nova said that the rebellion would pay for the death of Dahntalon Goldbrek. Dark Nebula was constructing a new super weapon. Rebel spies informed Steve that it was a type of spaceship, but they had never seen anythng like it before. Steve, Brandon, and Gun returned to Dark Nebula Spaceport on Kamino where it was being constructed. They had to destroy it before it was completed.

The Second Battle of Dark Nebula Spaceport (21 BBY)

Before the Separatists attempted to attack Kamino, Dark Nebula attacked Kamino. Led by Dark Nebula General, Kahar Zamet, Nova's forces tried to keep the rebel fleet from going down on the surface below. Brandon and Gun led the air assault while Steve and one of his generals, Master Ghostfire, attempted to engange Nova on the surface. Only Steve, Ghostfire, and a small band of rebel troopers reached the surface. Kahar informed the Dark Nebula Commander on the surface, Redge Galaxyweaver, that the rebels were attacking. Steve ordered Brandon and Gun to take out the command ship since it was tracking their every move, but Brandon and Gun had a different idea, Instead of destroying the ship and making it noticable, they would infiltrate the ship and distract Kahar while Steve attacked Dark Nebula Spaceport. After getting inside the ship, Gun and Brandon faught their way to the Bridge where they engaged Kahar. Meenwhile on the surface, Steve and his platoon engaged Redge. After kicking Redge out a window, Steve drove his lightsaber through Redge, which killed him. From there, the rest of his platoon planted explosives around the construction site and the unusual ship. They quickly escaped and picked up Brandon and Gun who left Kahar alive, but wounded. Steve detonated the explosives and the ship along with all the workers, and crew members were killed. Xalandra Nova was hiding in the base and was outraged when the ship exploded. The Confederacy of Independent Systems withdrew their treaty with Dark Nebula and the squad lost over one trillion Credits in money. Xalandra Nova couldn't take anymore. There was only one other thing to do: escape.

The Third Battle of Dark Nebula Town (21 BBY)

This was Nova's last chance of escape. She returned to her peaceful base on Mustafar, Dark Nebula Town, although it wouldn't be peaceful for long. Steve, Gun, and Brandon saw this as their oppourtunity to end the war once and for all. They would gather up all of their troops and attempt a full scale assault on Dark Nebula Town. While some were against this, others were ready to get the war over with. Dark Nebula was weak and vulnuable, just as Master Steve predicted. It was time for the ultimate showdown. As rebel forces barricaded the base and secured the perimeter, Gun, Steve, and Brandon, infiltrated the base by using secret underground bunkers provided to them by Alek Deltaboot before Nova caught him. The bunkers were dark and dirty. You could tell that there was an evil Hutt that lived here. When they got underneath Nova's royal palace, they used their lightsabers to cut through the floor and surprised attacked Nova. She jumped and ran away at the sight of them. Steve gave the signal for the rest of the rebels to attack. They jumped out of hiding and ran towards the palace, killing any Dark Nebula troops they found. Steve, Brandon, and Gun caught up to Nova and cornered her in the bedroom of her palace. Nova mocked them, saying that they got her, but she pressed a button on her wrist communicator and instantly a cylinder-shaped machine climbed out of the floor. Steve rushed at her using Force Speed, but Nova made a dash for the machine, which was a time machine. She was going to go back in time to restart her empire. After she ran through it, it went back into the floor. All of the Dark Nebula members in this demension had been killed, but with Nova in another demension, there was no need to worry about her terrorrizing the galaxy anymore. The war was over for now, but Steve and Gun didn't think it was, however after the final battle, many members of the rebellion left. Nova does travel between demensions, but when she travels to Steve's demension, she normally stays out of his way. However, some people think that Nova is going to return to the galaxy with a new army from her other demension. Will she, or will she remain in her other demension, ruling her galaxy with an iron fist?

The Battle of Malastare (21 BBY)

The Separatists were on the verge of claiming the planet of Malastare. If the Republic lost this system, it would cost them vital feul resources, necessary for maintaining their armies. Now, Mace Windu, Anakin, Gun, and Steve are sent there to help secure a treaty with the Dugs, so that they may get their fuel from Malastare. While the battle for defeating the blockade was hard enough, on the surface it was a whole other problem. The Dugs and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine requested the use of the Republic newest weapon, the Electro Proton Bomb. While Steve, Gun, and Rex held off the droids, the other clones dropped the bomb. The droid army was completely neutralized by the bomb, but it created a sinkhole that almost all of the clones fell into. Windu and Steve went to look for them, while Gun waited with Anakin.

The Zillo Beast (21 BBY)

Soon, Mace and Steve returned and they had discovered a Zillo Beast. The Dugs ordered the Jedi to help them kill it or the treaty wouldn't be signed. Anakin suggested they should use the Republic Stun Cannons to make the Zillo Beast pass out. They would then transport it to a safe environment before it wakes up. Luckily it worked! The Dugs signed the treaty, but Chancellor Palpatine wanted to transport the beast to Coruscant for study, after seeing that not even a lightsaber can cut through the beast's scales. Palpatine wanted to duplicate the scales and make new clone armor.

The Zillo Beast Strikes Back (21 BBY)

The Zillo Beast was taken to Coruscant where they tried to remove the scales, but it was painful for the beast. Palpatine ordered Dr. Sonivor Boll to kill the beast or she would be fired. She had no choice but to kill it. They converted the Malaster fuel into a poison gas. But before they could kill it, the Zillo broke free and attacked the city and every picture of Palpatine it saw. When it was on top of the Senate Building, Steve helped Obi-Wan and Mace destroy the beast, while Gun and his men attacked it from the ground. It wasn't easy, but they had to kill the beast. However, Palpatine told Dr. Boll to clone the beast and make new ones to release into the wild.

The Third Battle of Christophsis (21 BBY)

The Battle of Christophis 5

Droidekas and Spider droids march along the path, trying to invade the Republic base on Christophsis.

During the rebellion, Steve and Gun also took part in the Third Battle of Christophsis. A Separatist blockade, led by Admiral Trench, was holding off the Republic fleet from gaining control of the planet. Anakin's forced held out, but had to retreat behind the moon. When Obi-Wan's fleet arrived, he
The Battle of Christophis 6

Republic Turrets destroying a Spider droid on Christophsis.

introduced Anakin to a small stealth ship. Anakin was impressed by the size of the ship, because no ship that small usually has a cloaking device. While Anakin's mission was to only deliver relief supplies to Senator Bail Organa on the surface below, Anakin was able to take out Trench, giving the Republic a chance to strike back. With the droids in chaos, Anakin successfully delivered the supplies, Steve and Gun led the air strike, and Obi-Wan Kenobi tore apart the Separatist ships blockading the planet. When the blockade was broken, Steve and Gun went down on the surface to finish the job. Within three days, Chrisophsis finally belonged to the Republic.


Citadel Rescue (21 BBY)

Also during the Rebellion Against Dark Nebula, Gun and Steve were also called to help rescue Jedi Kights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, along with Ahsoka Tano, and their forces from the Citadel. Earlier, Jedi Master Even Piel was carrying secret hyperspace coordinates that connected the Republic Capitol, Coruscant, with the Separatist Capitol, Raxus Prime. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, and several clone troopers were sent to rescue them, but they got trapped. While the other Jedi Masters landed on the surface, Steve and Gun held off the droids in space until the other Jedi were rescued and were onboard the Republic Cruiser. The Nexus Route coordinates were in Republic hands and were safe. Cwagungood03:19, July 17, 2012 (UTC)  

The Battle of Mon Calamari (The Battle of Iceberg Three) (20 BBY)

Gun was not directly involved in the Battle of Mon Calamari. He lead the opening assault on Iceberg Three near Mon Calamari alongside Plo Koon and Steve Striker. They must stop General Grievous before he can get past the iceberg and attack the Mon Cala. It was a sucess and Grievous retreated. Rif Tampson proceeded from there.

The Three Day War (20 BBY)

Shortly after the rebellion, a new conflict arose. Brandon Nicholas was gaining more power and popularity. Steve thought he was corrupt, and therefore started another war. Gun didn't want to get involved and tried his best to prevent the two allies from battling. On the third day of the war, Steve challenged Brandon to a lightsaber duel. Steve won, and Brandon agreed to peace. This short war is known as the Three Day War.

The Return of Xalandra Nova (20 BBY)

Just a few days after the war with Brandon was over, Gun got a call from Master Ghostfire to return to the battle. It said that someone reported a sighting of Xalandra Nova. She had returned, but not as her usual self. Another character called Azula Zova arose. Gun and his allies came together again, to stop Zova and her evil ways of the Sith.

The End of a Rebellion (20 BBY)

After some research and investigating, the former rebellion has confirmed that Azula Zova isn't Xalandra Nova. While, they are two dangerous Sith, Nova is hiding in the Outer Rim and is to never be seen again. Zova owns her own star systems in her own empire, and pretty much stays out of the way of the former rebellion and the Republic. But Gun, Steve, Brandon, and Ghostfire continue to fight in the Clone Wars. Gun and Steve sense that the war will end soon, but in a bad way.

The Battle of Umbara (20 BBY)

After the sudden death of the Umbaran Senator, representing Umbara in the Galactic Republic, the Umbarans
Gun on Umbara 1

Gun helping the Republic protect their base, on Umbara.

rebelled against the Republic and have joined Count Dooku's Separatists. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Pong Krell, Adi Galia, Steve Striker, and
Gun and Steve 1

Gun helping Steve battle the Separatists on Umbara.

all of their battalions have planned a massive invasion of the planet to return its allegiance to the Republic! After a short battle, Anakin got word that he must return to Coruscant immediately. Pong, would take command of his battalion, the 501st. Anakin was to invade the Umbaran Capital using stealth, but Krell decided to march their troops directly into the Capital using the main road. While Krell was busy, Obi-Wan, Adi, and Steve took their battalions to fight the rest of the Umbarans spred across the planet. In doing so, they created a new type of clone armor: the Shadow Tech Gear. After the 501st was caught in an ambush, and had to take control of a nearby Umbaran Airfield. Gun and Steve infiltrated it, while Fives and Jessie were sent to distract the Umbarans. After taking control of the base, Gun and Steve returned to their own Battalions. Soon, Fives and Jessie went to destroy a Separatist Frigate carrying reinforcements for the Umbarans, however they didn't ask for Krell's permission. While they were successful, Krell ordered their execution immediately, but Fives spoke up and they weren't killed. It was to late, so Obi-Wan, Adi, and Steve decided to invade the Umbaran Capital with their own troops. Krell wasn't helping them at all. The 501st soon found out, that Krell was a traitor, after Krell put Anakin's squadron and Obi-Wan's squadron against each other. After a brief battle with Krell at the airfield, Krell ran off, into the wilderness of Umbara. He crossed Steve and Gun. They dueled very briefly, then Krell went after the rest of the 501st. Tup, had an idea to capture Krell using the Vixus they found on Umbara. When Krell was captured, so was the Capital. Dogma killed Krell using one of Rex's pistols. Umbara was captured, but it will never be the same after this battle.

The Ancient Sith Temple (20 BBY)

CWA Screenshot 1

Gun, with two of his brothers. (From left to right): Dogma, Blaster, Boomdodger.

After being led to an ancient by a strange holocron, Gun, Steve, and Bren Shieldgrip follow the path that leads them down many hallways in an ancient Sith temple. It looks deserted, but that's what they were meant to think. Inside, Sith train to overthrow the Jedi. Steve, Bren, and Gun encounter several Sith including the risen Darth Maul and Savage Opress. After a long fought and hard won battle, this Sith Temple was destroyed, and hopefully the darkness inside it, with it.

The Umbaran Underground Bunkers (20 BBY)

Before long, Umbara was on rage again. Gun discovered an network of underground Bunkers on the planet, he cleared all of them, with the help of Bren.

The Rancor Rage (20 BBY)

After taking Bunkars and destroying a Sith temple, Gun, Steve, and Bren encounter a lost Rancor on Umbara. They had to kill it, because it was so fierce. Gun wished they didn't have to.

The Rancor Owners (20 BBY)

Turns out, that the lost Rancor belonged to a group of pirate smuglers, led by Captain Dheeb. Gun, Steve, and Bren took him out, as quickly as they could.

Escape From Kadavo (20 BBY)

After Separatist forces take control of the Togruta population and transport them to the slave capital of the galaxy, Kadavo, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the Togruta padawan, Ahsoka rush to Zigeria to go undercover and find out who is really behind this plot. But when everything goes wrong at a slave auction, the Jedi are captured and the Zigerian Queen asks Anakin to stay and be her personal bodyguard. If he stays, she would free his friends. But things get worse when Count Dooku arrives to crash the party! Anakin escapes and goes to Kadavo where Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are being held. While Jedi Master Plo Koon attempts a rescue, Steve and Gun rush to Zigeria to distract the Count. The rescue is a success and the Togrutans were freed.

"I love the sound of blaster fire hiting droid metal!" - Gun, in battle on Carlac.

Skirmish on Carlac (20 BBY)

After Ahsoka is reunited with an old Separatist friend, Lux Bonteri, he leads her to the distant planet of Carlac, where Death Watch mercenaries plan to help him kill Count Dooku. Lux wants to avenge his mother's death. After giving the Death Watch leader, Pre Viszla, the location of Count Dooku, Viszla discovers that Ahsoka is here with Lux and they capture both of them. After Anakin's astromech droid R2-D2 reactivates some old reprogrammed droids, Ahsoka, Lux, and R2 escape. Gun will return to Carlac a few months later, with SaiTorr Ecwropri, Wuher MosEisley, and other members from Survivors Of The Siege to stop Death Watch's movement on the planet.

Camps (20 BBY)

With his squad, Gun discovered secret Death Watch Camps on Carlac. He has cleared them and has uncovered secret Death Watch Tags which were carried by the Death Watch leaders at each camp.

Villages (20 BBY)

Also on Carlac, Gun and his squad discovered some villages. Some have been destroyed by Death Watch leaders, others are still alive, but will be destroyed soon. Gun and his squad must protect the villages at all cost.

Liberating the Planet (20 BBY)

After discovering one village where the Death Watch have a strong foothold, Gun, and some of his clone brothers decide to attack the village head on. They killed four leaders of Death Watch when they reached Death Watch's true leader, Pre Vizsla. After defeating him, Gun and his brothers were granted the title "The Liberator."

Clankers (20 BBY)

After fighting the Death Watch, Gun saw a crashed Separatist Frigate on the planet. Finally! He could finally blast some droids! He enjoyed every second of it.

Meeting Wuher MosEisley (20 BBY)

Soon after joining the Clone Wars Adventures character Wiki, Gun met the founder, Wuher MosEisley. Wuher
Gun and Wuher 1

Gun (Blaster) with Wuher MosEisley!

was very friendly very smart. Him and Gun became great friends.

Meeting Kalin Thalis (20 BBY)

Gun with Kalin 1

Gun with Kalin Thalis.

After meeting Wuher, Gun also met Kalin Thalis. Thalis was a Dark Jedi. While he wasn't exactly with the Republic, he was nice to Gun. Strange, right?

"You're turning to the dark side!" - Gun to Steve Striker.

Betrayal (20 BBY)

Soon after Nova's return, Gun was betrayed by an old friend: Master Steve. Steve said Gun was annoying, and he only let him into the rebellion because Brandon wanted Gun in the rebellion. Now there is war, and Steve has turned to the dark side. Is Steve still fighting Nova?

Droping Out (20 BBY)

After Steve betrayed him, Gun decided to drop out of the new Rebellion Against Dark Nebula. There was no further use for him in the rebellion.

"Even in the greatest of losses, we shall survive." - The Survivors Of The Siege squad motto.

Joining Survivors Of The Siege (20 BBY)

Since Steve betrayed him, Gun was looking for a new squad. Since he was good friends with Wuher MosEisley, he decided to join his squad. His squad's name was Survivors Of The Siege. Wuher was a commander and Gun was a commander, too. The leader of Survivors Of The Siege is SaiTorr Ecwropri.

Betrayed Again (20 BBY)

Gun and Bren 1

Gun and Bren Shieldgrip on Umbara.

Soon, Bren Shieldgrip, invited Gun to join his squad, The First And Last Rebellion. Gun didn't want to leave Survivors Of The Siege. Bren decided to go against Survivors Of The Siege. He went to Master Steve for help. When Bren returned, Steve and other members of Steve's squad, Revenge Of The Fallen, had Gun surrounded. Gun called in some reinforcements from his squad, but it wasn't enough. Gun did escape, but the war was far from over.

And Again (20 BBY)

Just the next day, Gun was betrayed again! Why was everyone betraying him? What did he do? This time it was a Sith who had made friends with Gun. Not Kalin, but another Sith named Sirus Zide. Zide hated Dark Nebula, which is why Gun let him join the rebellion. Zide led Gun to Bren who confronted him. Luckily, Steve was not there. Gun called in reinforcements and within minutes had Bren and Zide surrounded! Bren and Zide quickly escaped to Bren's Ourto Plutonia Lot. 

The One Day War (20 BBY)

Soon after Bren and Zide made their escape, Gun followed, along with other members from Survivors Of The Siege. Once they caught up with Bren and Zide, Gun negotiated peace with them. This extremely short war is called the One Day War.

A New Threat (20 BBY)

Steve was still the leader of the new rebellion, but since he hated Gun, they had to do something different. Bren and Gun were friends again, but Steve was still a Sith. Bren and Gun had meetings discussing the new squad and weather it was allied with Dark Nebula or not. This new squad was called Dark Nebula 2. Either Nova has two squads, or someone wants to take over the real Dark Nebula.

The One Month War (20 BBY)

After about a month, Steve surrendered to Gun. He wanted to negotiate peace. They did. Steve and Gun were friends again, and now they had to stop Dark Nebula and Dark Nebula 2 once and for all! This war will be known as the One Month War.

No More Wars (20 BBY)

Gun would no longer fight any more wars between other squads on Clone Wars Adventures. He would only fight for the Republic on bigger issues. Steve has also stopped fighting and would now, obey the rules of the Jedi High Council.

The Battle of Onderon (20 BBY)

Gun was not directly involved in the Battle of Onderon. He did escort Hondo Ohnaka's ship down to the planet's surface carrying Republic Rocket Launchers. After that, he retreated back to Coruscant for his next assignment.

Training Soldiers (20 BBY)

Gun was still young yet mastered the Force and the art of the lightsaber very well, for a clone. The Jedi High Council assigned him to the task of training the young clone trooper, Ant Bactarun. Ant was a very curious clone, and often got into trouble with the Separatists. Gun's job was to make sure that never happened again. While they didn't like it, Gun and his squad, Survivors Of The Siege, trained Ant to be a true warrior. Before to long, Ant was up to speed about how things worked and never got into trouble with the Separatists again.

Another fallen brother (20 BBY)

A few days later, the lost Republic Commando, Captain Greogor, had been found on the distant world of Abafar. In
Gun Good-Gregor 1

Gun, wearing a replica of Gregor's armor to honor him.

honor of his fallen brother, Gun wore a replica of his armor for the next few days.

Government Meetings (20 BBY)

At this point, Gun was a high ranking officer in the Grand Army of the Republic and proud Commander in his squad, Survivors Of The Siege. It was time for one of the Republic's secret meetings. They were not held on Coruscant for security reasons. Gun was one of the security officers wearing shock trooper armor during the meeting. As a Republic cruiser began to dock, Gun scanned the ship and it only has one lifeform on board. He was picking up lots and lots of droid signals. He was also picking up some radiation. He informed Jedi Master Kit Fisto, who was at the meeting. In the next minute, the ship exploded and a Separatist fighter docked in the Republic's massive war ship. Turns out it was a squad of droids and Carnal Libro Gastough returning from a secret mission where they stole a Separatist security module. Anakin's heroic astromech droid R2-D2 saved the day.

The Dark Nebula Cold War (20 BBY)

Rumors spread across the galaxy that the exiled Xalandra Nova is rebuilding her army and is preparing for a new war. Some people are a worried that a new Rebellion Against Dark Nebula is rising. Led by Bren Shieldgrip, they try to convince Gun, Steve, Brandon, and SaiTorr to join. They all refuse. With Bren the leader of this new rebellion, and with all the old leaders in Survivors Of The Siege, will Nova target this squad first?

The Battle of Cato Neimoidia (20 BBY)

Gun Good 4

Gun Good's new armor for the Battle of Cato Neimoidia.

During the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, Gun and Rex were in the thick of the action. Gun was in charge of the battle since Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano returned to the Jedi Temple for a new mission. Gun and Rex battled hard, but after all their hard work, Cato Neimoidia still remained in Separatist hands.

Temple Crisis (20 BBY)

Back at the Jedi Temple, the Jedi must figure out who caused an explosion
Gun with shock troopers 1

Gun and two shock troopers chasing Ahsoka through the Jedi Temple.

in one of their hangers.

Sabotage (20 BBY)

Anakin and Ahsoka arrest Letta Turmond for feeding a Republic munitions worker, Jackar Bowmani, nano-droids. After admitting that she fed them to him, they take Letta in for interrogation.

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much (20 BBY)

After arresting Letta, Ahsoka interrogates her, but is surprised when she begins to choke to death. Letta says someone set her up and made her feed the nano-droids to Jackar. The question is who? Ahsoka is arrested and is blamed for killing Letta. Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Commander Fox, and Gun chase Ahsoka through the streets of Coruscant attempting to capture her. Ahsoka escapes to the underworld where it is far more dangerous then life in a cell.

To Catch A Jedi (20 BBY)

Ahsoka, on the run, meets up with her former enemy, Asajj Ventress. Ventress helped Ahsoka find the location where the person who was behind this built the nano-droids and who killed Letta. Meenwhile, the Jedi Council sent Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, and Gun Good to bring Ahsoka back alive. After Ventress led Ahsoka to the correct place, a Jedi knocked Ventress out, stole her lightsabers and helmet and battled Ahsoka. Ahsoka thought this was Ventress and therefore, tired to escape her. During the battle, Anakin got word that Ahsoka was in the middle of battle and he moved toward her position. Commander Wolffe stunned Ahsoka and returned her to the Jedi Temple for trial. The Jedi imposter had escaped with Ventress' weapons and helmet. Now, Ahsoka is in more trouble then she ever imagined.

The Wrong Jedi (20 BBY)

During Ahsoka's trial by the Jedi Council, Masters Yoda, Kenobi, Mundi, Windu, and Koon sentenced Ahsoka to be expelled from the Jedi Order. Searching for the truth, Anakin Skywalker caught up with Asajj Ventress, who had recently been in contact with Ahsoka, and thought she might know more. After discovering that Ventress was not the murderer, Anakin is led to Barriss Offee and quickly discovers she's behind all of this. With Ventress' lightsabers in her possession, she reletlessly battles Anakin outside the temple until she's subdued by the Jedi. Quickly rushing to Ahsoka's trial, led by the Galactic Senate, Anakin delivers Barriss into the custody of Chancellor Palpatine and is charged with high treason. Gun was guarding Barriss and would continue to do so for some time until the Jedi call him for help once again. Meenwhile, the charges against Ahsoka are dropped and the Jedi High Council asks her to return to the Order as a Jedi Knight, not a padawan. Ahsoka rejects the offer and strolls out on her own. Anakin chases after her, but he knows he'll never convince her to return. Anakin tells Ahsoka that he knows what she's going through, but Ahsoka tells Anakin she already knew. Anakin knows Ahsoka's life will be hard. The question is will The Force be with Ahsoka or has she thrown her life away because of her feelings?

Promotion (20 BBY)

Time passed and Gun, along with many members of Survivors Of The Siege, thought he should become General. SaiTorr had no doubt that he would make a good one, along with many other members from the squad such as Malgus Infiltrator and Dante Skylord. When Gun was promoted General, he litteraly was in shock. He didn't think he was ready for this. But thankfully, General Kordan was there, guiding him the whole time.

A General's Test (20 BBY)

While in the squad one night, Gun went to see his good pal, Brandon Nicholas. Turns out, Brandon got into an argument with an old enemy from the First Rebellion Against Dark Nebula, Eclipse Nova. Eclipse wanted a fight, but Brandon couldn't. It was forbidden in his squad, Survivors Of The Siege. Gun didn't want to get Brandon removed, for they were good friends. This was Gun's first test as a General. Eclipse left and Brandon felt betrayed by his squad and decided to leave Survivors Of The Siege. He was not born to follow. He was born to lead. Gun was sad that one of his friends was leaving and wished him good luck.

Allies (20 BBY)

Brandon decided to make his own squad named after Survivors Of The Siege called Survivors of the War. Survivors Of The Siege and Survivors of the War, would be allies for the duration of the Clone Wars.

Kicked (19 BBY)

After encouraging war against Larcon Legion, an ally of Survivors Of The Siege, Gun's friend, Master Steve, was kicked and was never aloud in the squad again. Steve said he was acting alone, but according to Sai, if your in the squad, you're never alone. However, Gun and Steve would remain friends until their deaths.

Mission to Felucia (19 BBY)

Gun Good 7

Gun, battling in his special Felucian armor.

In 19 BBY, near the end of the Clone Wars, Felucia was still under Separatist control. Led by Shu Mai of the
Gun on Felucia 1

Gun on Felucia with members of Survivors Of The Siege.

Commerce Guild, the CIS had set up a Separatist Base on Felucia, under General Grievous' protection. The Republic was sent in to try to stop the madness, but was ambushed, not only by droids, but also by Nuro pirates, Rancors, and a Sarlacc. Gun Good, Republic Commando Boss, Captain Carg, Trooper Parsec, Master Steve, Bren Shieldgrip, and Survivors Of The Siege, led by SaiTorr Ecwropri, along with Jedi Commander Zonder, and Jedi Knight Ana Zett, all led an assault on the planet in an attempt to retake it.

Tracking Down Nuro Pirates (19 BBY)

Gun's first mission was to track down Nuro Pirates and protect the frightful Felucians and their nysillin crops. Soon after a frightful battle, the Nuro pirates retreated and the Felucians were saved.

Activating Republic Scanning Modules (19 BBY)

After freeing the Felucians from the pirates, Gun was assigned a task to reacticate the lost scanning modules all across the planet. The modules were used for tracking enemies and to contact the Republic Base on the planet. After reactivating the modules, Gun was ready for his next task.

Studying Rancors (19 BBY)

It was time to get dirty, as Gun geared up for his next mission. The Republic scientists on Coruscant wanted samples of Rancor droppings. Gun wasn't thrilled about this assignment, but he was a clone knew he must follow his orders. After collecting piles of Rancor droppings, Gun returned to the base, where he would begin his next mission.

Scratched Out (19 BBY)

While Gun was near the Rancor cave, he noticed many baby Rancors and some bigger Rancors, but inside the cave, it was a different story. Gun encountered the Mother Rancor, Scratch. This was the biggets Rancor he'd ever seen. He had to call his squad for backup. After fighting Scratch, Gun returned to Boss for his next assignment.

Sing No More (19 BBY)

While explorering Felucia, Gun encountered a droid unlike any other. This droid was a bounty hunter. His name was C-21 Highsinger. Gun and Survivors Of The Siege quickly destroyed him, to prevent him from wrecking havoc on the Republic Outpost.

Yorn Nuro (19 BBY)

The pirates kept returning to the nysillin farm, so Gun's next mission was to take out their leader, Yorn Nuro. After killing Yorn, Gun went back to Carg for his next mission.

Droideka Snipers (19 BBY)

Near the Separatist Base, where Shu Mai was, Gun discovered several Droideka Snipers guarding the place. If the Republic was to have any chance of capturing Shu, they would need to take out the snipers. That was Gun's assignment. He did what he was told, then returned to the base for his next mission.

Ana Zett In Danger (19 BBY)

Jedi Knight Ana Zett, was overlooking the nysillin farm, when her lightsaber suddenly stopped working. Gun's new task was to deliver her the supplies she needed to fix it. It was sucsessful, and Ana rejoined the battle against Shu Mai.

Rancor Hunting (19 BBY)

The Rancors near Scratch's Cave have been sturing up trouble with the Republic lately. Gun's next mission was to take one of them out. After taking on a Mature Rancor, Gun returned to Boss for his next assignment.

Droid Generals (19 BBY)

B1 General Battle Droids are out there killing off the Republic's clones. Gun was brave enough to try to stop them before they could kill anyone else. After killing several B1 General droids, Gun returned to Boss for his next mission.

Fungus Blues (19 BBY)

The Kaminoans wanted to study blue mushrooms found on Felucia to see if they had an effect on clone growth. The Republic called for this due to the lack of clone troopers out on the front lines. Gun's next job was to collect these mushrooms and deliver them to Kamino safely. After collecting the samples, a Republic Crusier, led by General Skywalker, delivered these samples to Kamino to be studied. Gun rested up for his next mission.

Sarlacc Slime (19 BBY)

Now, the Republic wanted Gun to collect samples of Sarlacc slime found in the Sarlacc on Felucia. The slime was to be studied to see the materials it contained since little was known about a Sarlacc's anatomy. After collecting enough samples, Gun returned for his next assignment.

Wesk Squad (19 BBY)

The Wesk Squad had captured some pirate crates that the Nuro pirates were unloading nearby. Gun's text task was to deliver them back to the Republic Outpost so it could be seen what the pirates were smuggling. After carrying the crates to the base, Gun waited for his next mission.

Jungle Warfare (19 BBY)

Battle droids are on the assault on Felucia and now it was time to have some fun blasting clankers! Gun and his battalion moved quickly to take out the Battle Droids attempting to attack the Republic's Base. After, Gun returned to Boss for his next mission.

Upgraded B2s (19 BBY)

A new B2 Battle droid, the B2 Soldier, is being tested on Felucia. Gun's job was to make sure that the Separatists' experiment failed. After killing enough droids, Gun returned to the Republic Base for his next mission.

More Trouble with B2s (19 BBY)

The Republic also says that the Separatists have a B2 Assault droid. Gun's job was to take it out and see how difficault it is to defeat. After defeating it, Gun returned for his next mission.

B2 Wrecker (19 BBY)

There were also some B2 Generals heading towards the Republic Outpost. Gun and his men held them off until their next assignment.

Brothers In Danger (19 BBY)

Gun cared for his clone brothers a lot and didn't want anything to happen to them. Unfortunatly, during times of war, people must die for there to be lasting peace. A crashed LAAT Gunship had crashed on Felucia and battle droids were closing in fast. Gun was to deliver the remaining crew medical supplies to help them out. Gun wished them well, then returned to the Republic Outpost.

Tanking Control (19 BBY)

General Grievous has sent Shu Mai a patrol of AATs to boost security. Gun's job was to blow those tanks sky high. After using proximity mines to destroy the AATs, Gun waited for his next mission.

More Droids (19 BBY)

While near the Separatist Base, Gun discovered new types of B1 droid. The B1 Elite Assault and the B1 Grenadier Assault droids. After defeating them, Gun proceded on his mission.

Astromech Spies (19 BBY)

After completing many dangerous tasks before, Gun now faced a real challenge. A small astromech droid named R3-T3 had been spying on Shu Mai and her base. Gun was to deliver the schematics of the base to Boss, so they could formulate a plan to assault the base. After retrieving the intel, Gun raced back to Boss and delivered the information to him.

Assault on the Separatist Base (19 BBY)

The assault on the Separatist Base on Felucia was led by Jedi Commander Zonder, Republic Commando Boss, and Gun Good. While Gun and his battalion were out on patrol near the base, some Super Battle droids and a Tactical droid captured them and delivered them inside the base.

Inside the Base (19 BBY)

Shu Mai was pleased to see that one of the Republic's most highly trained clones was caught. A protocal droid translated Shu's statements since Gun and his men couldn't understand her. Suddenly, a dark figure appeared in shadow and in a cloak. It was a female and at first, Gun thought it was Asajj Ventress, but it wasn't. It was Count Dooku's secret apprentice. Cloaked in a hood and in shadow, the apprentice held up a hologram to Gun and Count Dooku appeared in it. Dooku explained that Gun would die in a few moments and he wished him the best of luck. Gun was furious at Dooku and kicked the Battle droids behind him into a wall, stole their weapons, and began running out the door.

Escape from the Separatist Base (19 BBY)

Shu commanded Dooku's apprentice to follow Gun to the Hangar and kill him there. But Gun was smart and after a few of his men were shot dead, Gun decided not to escape. He would have to fight Dooku's apprentice to get out of the base. Gun ran towards the weapons room where his lightsabers were being held. He activated them and freed himself of his cuffs. Then, he began slicing through the door in an attempt to escape the base.

Duel on Felucia (19 BBY)

Gun fetched the remaining clones better rifles to use insted of the Battle droids' blasters. He told them to stand guard in the doorway and remain calm while he thought of a plan. The clones obeyed, yet they were not calm. They were trembling because they had never seen a Sith so cunning as this one. Gun didn't have much time to think because the apprentice was right behind him. He heard a lightsaber cutting through flesh and heard the clone troopers yelling. When the door to the weapons room opened he could feel the darkness in the room. The apprentice introduced herself as Emily Allis, Count Dooku's new apprentice after Savage and Ventress. Gun was not afraid of her, however, Emily thought to take it easy on Gun. Afterall, he was a clone, but little did Emily know, that Gun was Force-sensitive. After a furious duel in the base, Emily forced Gun out and into the battle field where the others were attacking the droids.

The Battle of Felucia (19 BBY)

The Republic Commandos, Zonder and Gun all led an assault on the Separatist Base. Shu Mai, under the protection of Emily Allis and General Grievous, had thoughts about escaping the planet, however she decided to stay under Emily's protection due to one of her ideas. Emily's idea was to capture one of the Jedi and take them in for questioning. Shu liked this idea and agreed to stay. She called Grievous for more reinforcements, which he supplied, by her command. As the battle grew longer and longer, the Republic army had to retreat back to their base. There would be another time.

Spying on Shu Mai (19 BBY)

After a long and tiresome battle, Zonder sat on hilltops spying on Shu Mai and her base. Gun never told the Republic about Emily, for she was so dark that she almost seemed like a ghost. Gun kept her a secret for the rest of his life. That mistake would cost him later on.

Surrender on Felucia (19 BBY)

Zonder contunued to spy on Felucia until he noticed that Shu Mai was there. The Republic didn't know of this and Gun had kept that a secret too. He felt like it was all a dream. Zonder decided that he should contact Coruscant imediately. As he headed back to the Republic Base, he was assaulted by Battle droids who asked for his surrender. Zonder was about to destory them until he heard his master. There would be another time for this, as well. Zonder was captured and in the end, the Republic was forced off of Felucia. Zonder would be rescued by Aayla Secura, later on, just before Order 66.

"I hope you know that Survivors Of The Siege is allied with Larcon Legion." - Gun talking to Steve and other people who want to destroy Larcon Legion.

The Larcon Legion War (19 BBY)

After the reckless Mission To Felucia, Gun was tired and headed back to the Jedi Temple, but even in the temple, plots were taking place. Gun's friend, Master Steve had organized a plot to defeat Larcon Legion and their leader, Larcon.

The Beginning of Another Rebellion (19 BBY)

Many of Gun's friends were in on the conspiricy including SaiTorr Huttglider, Bren Shieldgrip, Ant Bactarun, and many others. Gun couldn't take part in the conspiricy for his squad, Survivors Of The Siege was allied with Larcon Legion. Gun alerted SaiTorr Ecwropri imediately, but he didn't aknowledge the threat. Gun would soon be tested again to prove which side of the war he was on, or if he was on any.

The Battle of Steve's Umbaran Base (19 BBY)

One day, Gun strolled off to Umbara to see Steve at his secret base. He was surprised to find a battle going on right before his eyes.

Aggresive Negotiations (19 BBY)

Steve was trying to negotiate with a Larcon Legion member, Narukota Warrior, who didn't want to cooperate. Narukota said that Steve had corrupted Larcon's wife, but Gun knew not to believe anything he heard from anyone, for it was mostly gossip that he heard. Steve finally got fed up with Narukota that he activated his Sith-red lightsaber and attempted to kill him. That's when Gun arrived. Gun quickly jumped into action and got between them, trying to stop the madness, for he was friends with both of them. But Narukota didn't care and jumped over Gun like he was a hurdle. Narukota and Steve began dueling, fiercely.

A Diplomatic Solution (19 BBY)

Gun knew negotiations weren't going to work. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by members of Larcon Leigion. Gun explained he was a representative from Survivors Of The Siege and demanded that the violence be stopped at once. But things soon began to turn ugly. It was Steve versus fourteen or fifteen members of Larcon Legion. Steve was kicked off the top of his palace, but he landed on his feet below. More and more Larcon Legion members began to arrive and Steve was soon surrounded.

The Battle Between Friends (19 BBY)

Gun watched from the top of his palace, but when Steve began to go crazy on Larcon Legion, Gun swooped down and tackled him. Steve pushed Gun out of the way and got back up on his feet. Gun thought one of his ribs was broken from the fall, but he soon stood up and called SaiTorr for backup. However, only one member of Survivors Of The Siege was able to arrive because Steve locked his house right after Gun's request. Gun and Drake Thetablade tried to calm Steve down, but he wouldn't have it. Steve used the Force to push some members of Larcon Legion out of the way and some began to leave. Steve was about to stab one of them with his lightsaber when Gun came up behind him and grabbed it out of his hand. Steve then, kicked Gun backwards into a metal wall. Gun couldn't walk and was wounded. Drake helped Gun get up, but Steve continued to fight. He continued until all Larcon Legion members in his house had left. It was a victory for Steve, but Gun's job wasn't to have victory. Gun's job was to prevent the fighting. Drake took Gun back to SaiTorr, where Rex Bactapack healed him.

Watching the Show (19 BBY)

After Larcon offers Steve a peace offering, Steve didn't take it seriously and thought it was just a bad joke. Steve was going to keep the war going until Larcon surrendered for good. Gun didn't know how to stop them, so he just sat the war out. However he could sense that something was wrong. He knew that the Republic was falling apart. It was only a matter of time.

The Death of Bren Shieldgrip (19 BBY)

During a firefight with Xalandra Nova and her troops, Gun's friend, Bren Shieldgrip was shot and killed. During the torching of his body, Gun gave a speech about how great of a warrior Bren was. He would be missed.

"We will always be Survivors Of The Siege!" - Gun Good, to SaiTorr.

Separation (19 BBY)

As the Clone War continues into its fourth year, SaiTorr Ecwropri realizes that he can't keep Survivors Of The Siege together. The squad breaks up, but they still kept in contact with each other.

A New Chapter (19 BBY)

Since Survivors Of The Siege was no more, Gun decided to join the squad, Super Troopers, led by Blaster Niceshot and Striker Niceshot.

Super Troopers Civil War (19 BBY)

While Gun had joined a squad that wanted to make peace, former members of the squad threatened it. A Jedi and former member of Super Troopers, Saul Gammamace, threatened war and attmpted to kill the squad's leader, Blaster Niceshot.

Capturing Saul Gammamace (19 BBY)

Blaster was not pleased and tried to negotiate with Saul, but failed. Soon, members of Super Troopers, including Millard McPilot, Striker Niceshot and Gun, surrounded Saul and rescued Blaster. Although Saul was captured, he got away after causing serious damage to one of Blaster's Venator Attack Crusiers.

Tentions Rising (19 BBY)

Due to rising tentions in the squad, one of the squad's leaders, Striker Niceshot, left it. Now, Blaster is the only leader in the squad and other members of the squad can see it falling apart.

The Offer (19 BBY)

Many of Gun's friends from Survivors Of The Siege invited him to join their new squad, Strength Of Many. Gun turned it down. It wasn't because he had anything against its new leader, General Eggs, but because he knew the squad wouldn't be the same without SaiTorr.

No Where to Hide (19 BBY)

Eventually, Saul would be caught, but not before damaging the reputation of Super Troopers. It was up to Blaster to keep the squad going as long as possible. If not, the squad could share the same fate as Survivors Of The Siege.

The Second Rebellion Against Dark Nebula (19 BBY)

As tentions continue to rise, not only in Super Troopers, but around the galaxy, Xalandra Nova plans to return with a rebuilt army. While Steve has his own problems with Larcon Legion, Brandon Nicholas asks Gun to help him fight Dark Nebula.

A Secret Meeting (19 BBY)

A secret meeting in the Jedi Temple is held, but Gun refuses the offer. He will not get involved in the new war unless Xalandra Nova targets him or any of his friends. While Gun is friends with Brandon, he is the one who attacked first, along with his friend, Stardust Galaxyblade. Unless Nova targets them, Gun will not get involved in the new rebellion. Although, by now, Gun begins to question if Super Troopers really wants to make peace, what with Blaster's little argument with Saul Gammamace.

Encounters (19 BBY)

Unaware that a new rebellion has risen, Blaster Niceshot encounters Dark Nebula troopers at his house and believes they are causing some trouble. While he tried to talk them into leaving, they wouldn't budge, not after about thirty minutes of arguing. There was no major battle, however, Gun told Blaster the story behind Xalandra Nova and Dark Nebula. Now, Gun was confused on what to do. Will Super Troopers be sucked into the rebellion because of Blaster and his encounters?

Friends and Enemies (19 BBY)

Gun doesn't believe the rumors that Xalandra Nova has returned into the galaxy, however, he begins seeing numerous Dark Nebula members where ever he goes. Has she really been building up her empire only to try and take over the galaxy? In the Jedi Temple, Gun sees an old enemy. One whom he tried to arrest during the First Rebellion Against Dark Nebula. It was James Loanstar. Gun hadn't seen him for nearly two years. By this point, Gun is really confused on whether or not the threat is true. Gun and James talked. They were friends now. Gun told him that he didn't want to get involved, however if Nova targeted him, James would see Gun again, only next time on less friendly circumstances.

Leaving His Troubles Behind Him (19 BBY)

Gun decided to leave everything behind him. He forgot about Steve and would only see him during the Outer Rim Sieges. After that, they wouldn't be in contact with each other until the Battle of Yavin. He also forgot about Brandon Nicholas and the Second Rebellion Against Dark Nebula. And after the Outer Rim Sieges, Gun would never see Brandon again. As for Super Troopers, Gun left the squad and joined the "New Survivors Of The Siege," Strength Of Many. While he was at peace for now, the formation of the Galactic Empire would tear that peace away. However, Gun would still keep in contact with most of his friends... the ones who were still alive, that is.

Rexx Vortex Conflict (19 BBY)

While Strength Of Many wanted to be a peaceful squad, some members, didn't like each other or the squad rules and wished to come to power. According to some members of the squad, Rexx Vortex, was causing all of these troubles. Some members considered him "annoying," while other squad members sided with Rexx and supported him, among them was Gun Good.

Arguments (19 BBY)

Gun knew first-hand, what the other members felt. Gun had his own conflict with RazorJ40 Heat at the time. Gun eventually forgave Razor, but it wouldn't be so easy convincing the other squad members to forgive Rexx. And although Gun didn't quite understand it all, he knew he had to help Rexx to a certain degree. Eggs, Melina, and other squad members were fed up with Rexx, all for numerous reasons. The squad was at the brink of a civil war, itself.

Taking Sides (19 BBY)

Rexx Vortex, felt that Eggs had betrayed him, after he was removed from the squad and put on the squad's Ban List. Rexx said he would start a war with Strength Of Many. A war, no one wanted to take part of. Rexx had gone to far this time, and Gun would no longer support him. Gun was a peacekeeper, soldier, and negotiator. He wasn't a mercenary and therefore, wouldn't help Rexx or the squad members against him. Gun would merely try to convince both sides to stop the arguments before they started a war.

The Outer Rim Sieges (19 BBY)

Before the Battle Over Courscant in 19 BBY, Gun Good, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Master Steve, Brandon Nicholas, SaiTorr Ecwropri, Soap Kyle, Blaster Niceshot, Striker Niceshot, Ant Bactarun, General Eggs, and other Jedi and clone troopers were scattered throughout the galaxy in what became known as the Outer Rim Sieges. As the Separatist Droid Army attempts assaults on several different systems, the Jedi spread out, leaving the capital planet of Coruscant a deserted city with little protection from the Confederate forces. As Gun and his friends spread out, they must quickly return to Coruscant when Count Dooku and General Grievous kidnap the Supreme Chancelor and invade the planet.

The Battle Over Coruscant (19 BBY)

Count Dooku and General Grievous have issued a full scale attack on the Republic capital, Coruscant. While the clones try to distract the General, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Gun race toward the command ship to rescue the captured Chancellor Palpatine. While Obi-Wan and Anakin sneak aboard, Gun distracted the Separatist fighters. Anakin kills Count Dooku, rescues the Chancellor, but Obi-Wan is knocked out and they get captured. Anakin finally gets to see General Grievous, in person, for the first time. Gun and his squadron defeat the fighters, and Grievous launches some escape pods to escape the madness. Obi-Wan and Anakin are free, and must land the ship, well, half of a ship. Steve awaits Gun's arrival at the Jedi Temple. The war is almost over.

"I thought the Jedi were on our side? I give you orders to stand down!" - Gun Good to his battalion during Order 66.

Order 66 (19 BBY)

In 19 BBY, after the destruction of General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker was manipulated by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Skywalker had become a Sith known as Darth Vader. Gun was on Coruscant when he received orders from the chancellor to execute Order 66. Order 66 means to kill and destroy all Jedi. Gun used the Force and discovered that Palpatine was a Sith. He didn't want to kill soap,Steve or Brandon or any other Jedi. After giving orders to his battalion to hold their fire, they did stop, but they turned their weapons towards Gun. Gun also sensed a clone. The deserted clone, Cut Lawquane. Gun stole a Republic Gunship and flew across the galaxy to Saleucami and lived with Cut, his wife, and children.

The Last of the Jedi (17 BBY)

Gun was unaware that Steve Striker had survived Order 66. If Brandon survived, he was also unaware of it. In the meantime, he helped Cut and his wife raise their kids. Their kids soon started calling him "Uncle Blaster." In 17 BBY, Gun got word from a Rebel scout that Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi had survived. Gun quickly contacted him. Obi-Wan was a bit confused at first, but was glad that Gun could sense the Emperor's hatred towards democracy. Gun and Obi-Wan talked. Obi-Wan soon found out that Cut was a deserter and left the Republic after the First Battle of Geonosis, but didn't really care. He was just glad to see Gun safe and sound. Obi-Wan explained to Gun that former Jedi Padawan, Ferus Olin, had survived and Obi-Wan was on Tatooine watching the youngling, Luke Skywalker. Obi-Wan gave Gun strict orders to remain on Saleucami. If Vader or the Emperor could sense his presence, they would certainly kill Cut and the kids as well. The kids were teenagers now, but still needed to be taken care of. Everyone got along just fine.

Joining the Galactic Rebellion (17 BBY)

While the Rebellion Against Dark Nebula was hard enough on the Jedi, Gun faced a new challenge. He wasn't a clone any more. He was an individual. He had to make his own decisions now. He didn't have anyone to take orders from. He thought about it for a few years. He finally made his choice. He was going to join the Galactic Rebellion Against the Empire. It was the only way to bring justice and peace back to the galaxy. He told Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan agreed he must join it, but not live on Saleucami. Gun needed his own place in the galaxy to live. Not an old country house. It was decided. Gun would move back to Coruscant and live in the Orange District, which is part of the Underworld. Gun also became good friends with Ferus and Jettster Dexter, who is a member of The Eleven.

Double Agents (17 BBY)

While Gun tried to live a normal life, he couldn't get the thought of Anakin being Darth Vader out of his head! Obi-Wan contacted him soon with an important mission, Ferus Olin was becoming a double agent and Obi-Wan decided that Gun should too. Ferus would go undercover as Darth Vader's apprentice and Gun would go undercover as a stormtrooper commander. It wasn't going to be easy, but who said that it was? Soon, Gun would infiltrate the Jedi Temple and uncover the bodies of younglings and padawans. Ferus had done this, a while ago himself. When it was discovered that Gun was a double agent, he defeated all of the stormtroopers with a lightsaber he found lying on the ground, that way, Vader and Palpatine would think that Obi-Wan did it. Gun left no survivors and showed no mercy. If one stormtrooper escaped, Gun would be hunted down and defeated, and Ferus' mission would be compromised. Gun returned to his life in the Underworld, until he must return to the line of duty.

Going to Yavin 4 (3 BBY)

Soon, Gun received a message from Obi-Wan to go to the Gas Giant world of Yavin. Gun didn't know why he was here, until he saw one of the moons was habited by Rebel soldiers. When Gun landed on the moon, Yavin 4, he was delighted to see Steve there too. Brandon had disappeared. He was probably dead by now. Ferus had survived for now. Steve was happy to see Gun. This was around 3 BBY.

The Battle of Yavin (0 BBY/0 ABY)

Neither Gun or Steve were directly involved in the battle, however they were in the Command Center on Yavin 4 while the X-Wings were trying to destroy the Death Star. 

The Battle of Hoth (3 ABY)

In early 3 ABY, after the Battle of Yavin, Gun and the rest of the Rebel Alliance traveled to the snowy world of Hoth and kept their base there for quite a long time, until the Galactic Empire found out the location of their base. Palpatine sent Darth Vader and a squad of snowtroopers to destroy the newly established Rebel base. Gun and the rest of the Rebels were left behind to stop the Empire's movement. After the Empire had killed most of the remaining Rebels, a few escaped in some Y-Wing and X-Wing fighters. Gun was in one of them. He finally had to face it. Steve begged for him not to leave by revealing a dirty secret. Steve had a secret wife and four kids. Gun was not that surprised of this, but did feel a bit uneasy. All the more reason to leave the alliance. And so, he did.

Back to Coruscant (3 ABY)

Gun couldn't take much more war. Although clones were bread to follow orders and be in battle, Gun has had enough! He would not go back into the alliance because Darth Vader and the Empire were too strong. He decided to head back to peaceful Coruscant. The only way he was able to escape Hoth was by sneaking aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer and stealing an Imperial TIE Fighter. Gun was successful. Since he was a clone, the rest of the stormtroopers thought he was one too, except he didn't have his armor on. Gun told the other strormtroopers that he was going out on a scheduled patrol and was instructed by lord Vader. The stormtroopers bought it and Gun was able to escape peacefully back to Coruscant. He went back to his life in the Underworld, but his feelings told him that he made a mistake.

Undercover Ops (3 ABY)

Even though Coruscant was the safest place in the galaxy, Gun wasn't safe. He knew he wasn't. If the rebels found out that he went rouge, they might put him on trial since he was a clone. He also knew that Anakin, who was now Darth Vader, would be tracking him and Steve down since they were both involved in the Battles of Yavin and Hoth. Even though he didn't want to, Gun's feelings told him that he should become a double agent again. But not for the Emperor because his feelings told him otherwise. His feelings told him to become a spy for a different group. But which group? There were a lot of gangs and clubs nowadays. Gun was confused. He was now discovering the true power of the Force. Gun soon figured out the puzzle. After hearing several reports about this crime and terrorist group called Black Sun, Gun's feelings said that he was to become a double agent for them. But why? Gun was still confused but he had to trust in the Force. Gun knew that the group called Black Sun was a lot like the modern day Death Watch. They were terrorists who thought of rulling the galaxy. They were enemies to both the Empire, which was the former Republic, and the Rebel Alliance, who wanted to rule the galaxy and defeat the Empire. They had survived all the way back into the days of the Old Republic. Gun knew about Black Sun's current leader, Xizor. He wasn't that familiar with them, for he was no terrorist. He didn't want to fight, but it was now or never. He had to trust his instincs.

Wanted (3.5 ABY)

Gun Good's Wanted poster 1

Gun Good's Wanted poster in the Underworld.

After sensing the traitorous clone, Gun Good, Darth Vader is on his trail. After tracking him through Hoth, then the Underworld on Coruscant, Vader was led to a secret Black Sun base known as Xizor's Palace. Little did Vader know, the rebels were also on Coruscant trying to destroy Xizor's Palace and rescue the captured Princess Leia from Xizor.

Tracking Gun (3.5 ABY)

While Vader may have been a Sith, he was corrupted and didn't want to kill Gun. In fact, he was sent there to capture Gun and deliver him back to Palpatine where he would face trial for his crimes against the Galactic Empire. Vader had to think of a way to infiltrate Xizor's Palace so he could capture Gun and get away with him. Vader used a holo-projector to disguise himself as a member of the Black Sun and used the Force to sense Gun's presence inside the palace. While walking about the palace, Gun was choked and knocked out by Vader, who then dragged him outside the palace, into his TRI-Fighter, and took him back to is ship, the Executor. From there, he would be taken to the emperor who would execute him immediately.

The Destruction of Xizor's Palace (3.5 ABY)

The Destruction of Xizor's Palace entailed a mission by Luke Skywalker to rescue the imprisoned Princess Leia from the clutches of Dark Prince Xizor and the Black Sun crime syndicate on the planet Coruscant in 3.5 ABY. After rescuing the princess, Lando Calrissian dropped a thermal detonator into one of the palace's garbage chutes, destroying the structure, and crippling the Black Sun organization. But Xizor survived and escaped to a space station orbiting Coruscant called Falleen's Fist, but the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire were surrounding the station and were looking for a fight.

The Battle Over Coruscant (3.5 ABY)

While on board the Executor, Gun was held captive by two stormtroopers. The Rebel Alliance and the Black Sun were both closing in. Darth Vader sent out squads of TIE Fighters to fight off the Rebels while another squadron of fighters tried to destroy Falleen's Fist. While Vader was off, commanding his troops, Gun got one of the stormtroopers in a headlock, choked him, grabbed his blaster, put on his armor, and escaped. Gun began running through the hallway, searching for a place to hide. While on the way, he had to kill his own clone brothers. When Gun found a room to hide in, he realized it was the weapons room. Gun saw two Sith lightsabers and snatched them right away. If his blaster ran out of bullets, the lightsabers were his only chance of escape.

Duel with Vader (3.5 ABY)

Gun escaped to the Hanger, where he was going to steal a TIE Fighter, but Vader was there, lightsaber activated, and breathing heavily. Gun had no choice but to fight him off before more stormtroopers returned. Gun activated the Sith lightsabers. Vader urged Gun to surrender, but he denied. After a fierce duel, Vader's lightsaber was knocked out of his hand, and he was at the mercy of a clone.

Arrested (3.5 ABY)

Gun was just about to put one of the lightsabers through Vader's heart, when a few Y-Wings burst into the Hanger and crashed. Gun and Vader jumped away before they were hit. Gun's helmet was knocked off and Vader was breathing heavily. Vader used the Force to grab his lightsaber and quickly escaped to the Bridge. Meenwhile, Gun was expecting a welcome from the crached Y-Wing pilots, but he didn't get that at all. Insted, Gun got an angry look. The pilots said they were taking him in for questioning. They thought he was a stormtrooper because he was wearing their armor and he had two Sith lightsabers. Gun's lightsabers were confiscated and Gun was put in jail in a Rebel Alliance ship, after the Battle Over Coruscant.

Death (3.5 ABY)

Gun Good died shortly after the Battle Over Coruscant in 3.5 ABY.

Reunited (3.5 ABY)

After leaving his only friend, Master Steve, and going rouge on Coruscant, Gun's heart was broken, although his body wasn't. He still had enough strength to become a Black Sun spy and to face Vader in the hanger of the Executor. But by now, all of Gun's energy was lossed. Master Steve was involved in the Battle Over Coruscant, but had just now heard that Gun had been found and had been charged with high treason, terrorism, and assault. Steve came to visit him in his cell. Steve told Gun that he was sorry about all that had happened and he would try to prove that he was innocent. Gun thanked Steve and Steve began digging up evidence immediately.

Trial and Sentence (3.5 ABY)

Unfortunately for Gun, his old rival from the Clone Wars, Emily Allis, had joined the Rebel Alliance after Order 66, still wanting to kill Palpatine. Steve would serve as Gun's lawyer and right-hand-man, while Emily would serve as the procecutor and be against Gun.

Looking at the Evidence (3.5 ABY)

After an investigation, Emily suggested that Gun was guilty due to the fact that he was wearing stormtrooper armor and that he had two Sith lightsabers while dueling Vader. Emily stated that the fact that he was dueling Vader proves nothing. The Force would decide his fate. Meenwhile, Steve, on the other hand, said that Gun was a special Force-sensitive clone and left the alliance after the Battle of Hoth. Steve also stated that Gun's official document papers, stating that he was part of the alliance, were in his posession. The jury decided to take a look at those papers. Emily said that the papers were fake and that Gun was working for the Imperial Guard. Emily had won this round, however it was Gun's turn to speak, so he stepped up to the podium and began.

Testifying (3.5 ABY)

Gun began his speech by saying he quit the alliance after the Battle of Hoth due to the weakening of the rebellion and the fear of losing the galaxy. Gun also stated that he was innocent and that he was being held captive on the Executor, while spying on Black Sun leader, Xizor. The jury believed some of what he said, however they were not fully convinced due to Emily's testimony.

Sentencing (3.5 ABY)

After a long debate by the judge and jury, the courts had come up with a sentence for Gun. He would be sentenced to death in accordence to the Galactic Constitution of the Republic. Emily had succeeded in killing off Gun Good, whom she called, "The infamous clone." Steve was angered, but didn't turn to the dark side just yet.

Death and Aftermath (3.5 ABY)

Emily was hand-chosen by the jurers to be the executioner. She would kill Gun Good. Steve stood by and watched. There was nothing Gun nor Steve could do. Gun was flashbacked to when he was being held prisoner on the Executor. It felt just like this now. Emily shot at Gun and put a bullet through his head and another through his heart. Gun Good was dead. After Gun's body was lying on the floor of a rebel ship, Steve grabbed his lightsaber and swung towards Emily. Emily dodged, but barley and was left with a scar on her right cheek. A commander in the alliance broke the two up, and although Steve understood why she killed Gun, he would never be able to forgive her.

Gun Good's Funeral (3.5 ABY)

Gun Good's funeral was lead by Steve, one of Gun's closest friends. Steve gave a speech about how great Gun was and the many battles they faught in together. Emily didn't attend, of course. She was busy with her new life in the rebellion. And although she had encountered Gun before, she later regreted that she had killed him. During the New Republic, after the death of Palpatine, when she became a Jedi again, she realized that Gun was only one of the many lives she had claimed, all because of her thirst for power and her lust for defeating Palpatine. Steve and Emily would be rivals in the New Republic, although it was not as deep as the one she had towards Gun.


Gun left a legacy in the galaxy by showing not only that bad things happen to good people, but that even in the greatest of losses we can still survive. This has been proven time and time again in Gun's story and this was the same motto that Survivors Of The Siege went by.

FAQ's and Answers

Q: What do you prefer people call you besides "Gun Good?"

A: Blaster  

Q: What is your YouTube name?

A: cwagungood  

Q: How do you get the Shadow Tech Gear?

A: Collect little red and blue circles on the ground in the Umbara Combat Zone. HINT: They look like holograms on the ground.  

Q: How do you get the Cold Warrior Gear?

A: Collect little red and blue circles on the ground in the Carlac Combat Zone. HINT: They look like holograms on the ground.  

Q: How do you get the Magnaguard Staff?

A: Defeat the Magnaguard on Carlac to get pieces to the electrostaff.

Q: How do you view your progress on collecting the Shadow Tech, Cold Warriror, Fogg, electrostaff, ect.?

A: Go to "Character", then go to "Collections", then click on the zone you want to view, like Umbara, Jedi Temple, and Carlac.  

Q: How do you get DO-T?

A: A SOE Official must give you a code. EX: You win a lightsaber duel against Emissary Event. He may give you a code.  

Q: Please give me a code for Anakin Skywalker, Kit Fisto, DO-T, ect.

A: I cannot. Each code can only be used once. Once it's used it can't be used again.  

Q: How do you get 7L-VN?

A: You had to claim a 7-Eleven Station Cash card on July 11, 2011.  

Q: How do you get the damaged clone armor?

A: Buy Card Assault Series Two Booster Packs and hope you get pieces to the armor.

NOTE: These are just a few. Post comments if you have any more questions you would like to ask me! I will try to answer them as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Behind the Scenes

Gun Good is a popular character on the Sony MMOG Clone Wars Adventures. He is friends with Brandon Nicholas, Master Steve, Bren Shieldgrip, Dogma Blarthfire, Steve Skyman, Boomdodger, SaiTorr Ecwropri, Jack Tresherslider, Emily Allis, Wuher MosEisley, Kalin Thalis, Emissary Event, House Inspector, Ant Bactarun, and many more. He is in the Trooper Battle Class and was a General in the squad, Survivors Of The Siege and a Commander in Super Troopers. Now he is a General in what is considered the New Survivors Of The Siege, Strength Of Many.

Gun Good's Armor


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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

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