Griff Thor


Concord Dawn


37 BBY






1.87 meters


  • Rise of the Empire era


  • True Mandalorian
  • Mandalorian
No disintegrations!
– Griff Thor

Griff Thor is a Mandalorian Mercenary,that serves to Shadow Clan and Shadow Mandalorians. He work for two leaders. Pre Mando and Rage Ordo. Griff was found in the black market. Rage Ordo was the one who found him. Soon,after he joined the The shadow Mandalorians he became a commander. During the civil war vs death watch, Griff  had a rifle always in his hands, two pistols, sniper, and bombs. After he was done Griff vanished. All of the shadow Mandalorians try to find him. After five years later Rage Ordo found him working on wepons. Pre Mando asked him to rejoin. Griff accepted. Griff is 37 BBY.After the next six years Griff was in a desert finding Death Watch to kill. Then he got knocked out. Then a Mandalorian named Corrdian Thorn found him on the floor in desert. He dragged him all the way to the camp. He asked who he was. Griff said.  Corrdian became Griffs cousin also jaws thorn. Jaws thorn is corrdian brother. Later Griff went back to duty. Griff returned back to his squad and said goodbye to his cousins.Griff's father was Corridan's father. Corridan always wanted to help Griff but before he asked Griff wasn't there. Corridan was calling out for Griff but no answer. Jaws was looking around with his sniper but all he saw was dust.Corridan thought Griff was captured or dead. It was going night that Corridan was getting nervous about Griff. Jaws found Griff in the computer captured by Death Watch. Corridan and Jaws went to save Griff. Griff escaped but he only had a pistol because the death watch took his wepons but one. When Griff, Corridan and Jaws returned. Griff had to go travel with his squad. Griff said someday he will return for a visit.


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