"I love it when someone is bleeding to death, I rip my enemies apart and make sure that they will feel every single cut. i will make the inside of there body, the outside of there body. I'm a Horror Assassin, and i enjoy it."


Biographical information



32 BBY


35 ABY

Physical description

Human (Clone)


1,80 M


70 KG

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
  • Clone Wars Era
  • Rise Of The Empire Era
Battle Class

Bc icon trooperIcon scoundrel

Grandd, born as a clone on Kamino, but token by a woman who worked there, was grown up in Mandalorian family. His "father" Rathe Gurfglider (later called Rage Ordo) was part of Clan Ordo and wanted Grandd to be to. He refused. He became a bounty hunter on Tatooine, But his missions not always went so whell. After one mission (To kill a Leader of the Black Sun) they carved his face. His father found him, barely alive, in the middle of the forrest were they dumped him. Rage made a mask for his son, so that he would survive. But because of this mission, Grandd became a killer. He killed people for free, his brown clone eyes became Green/Yellow lights. He even made his own Darksaber, to make sure his victims had awfall pain. Someone who was destined to become a Soldire in the Republic Army, was fallen and became a Horror Assassin.

read the story of what had happened if his "mother" never picked him up here: 

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