Gimgar is one of the most wanted members in the PFES. Everyone thinks he is Jason, but this Identity has not been confirmed. The bounty on his head is worth over 50,000,000 Credits. It is said Fang has his two guild flagships out looking for him. He has been spotted recently by several old CWA members, but none have attempted to capture him. It is said he is very strong in both ways of the force. He is also the new possessor of Fang's most prized possession, his Holocron. A rumor has arose that Gimgar met Bryce Kray when Kray was in hiding. Gimgar and Kray trained together In both ways of the force. Gimgar and Kray can be found on the new MMORPG game SWTOR. Gimgar and Kray are powerful, Thus, If spotted Tell Fang ASAP.

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