General Dovahkiin... Many people call him the oldest General ever known. General Dovahkiin is a Togruta born with special blood. His blood was a mix of Jedi and Sith blood, might be the reason they called him the most ruthless General ever. General Dovahkiin has winnings on wars dateing back to The Old Republic. Maybe ask, exactly how does he still live? Well, that's a secret that the old General won't be telling for a long time.

Dovahkiins life as a General

Dovahkiin was born during the era of the Great Hunt, in 3,995 - 93 BBY, most of his life was during the Mandalorian Wars which he heard a lot of and read about them all the time, he read about a lot of old wars to, mainly the Old Sith Wars and great battles before that era. Dovahkiin wasn't much of a soldier till the Jedi Civil War during 3,959 - 3,956 BBY, mainly during this time he was a mercenary taking any work he can from both sides of the war. He was recruited and started his training, passing through the ranks real fast due to the easy work they gave him. The start of him being a General was during the Great Galactic War in 3,681 BBY. Dovahkiin remembers these to be the worst battles he was ever in, mainly due to the huge amount of blood shed between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. It was told after this war, Dovahkiin wasn't seen for a long time.

The years of Dovahkiins Jedi and Sith training

During the years after the Great Galactic War, between the start of the Cold War of 3,653 BBY to the start of the Clone wars in 22 BBY, was the time of Dovahkiins training to be a Jedi and Sith. It was known that the only time the General took orders from any one was back in the Great Galactic War, after this time, he started to train him self in the ways of the Jedi and Sith. He seen much combat between the Jedi and the Sith, and he has done much work with Lightsabers before due to his mixed blood. During these many years, Dovahkiin trained him self to control both sides of the force, Light and Dark. Although this took many many years of him learning by him self on his homeworld of Shili, he finally became toned with both sides of the force, and became a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord. He was ready to prove him self during the Clone Wars.

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