Doctor who and tardis 01

Doctor Gavyn.


A relief carving of Gavyn Primewind.

CWA sky 1

Clone Wars Adventures sky seen by Gavyn.

CWA loading screen 01

Clone Wars Adventues!!

GavynPrimewind01 Gavyn Primewind is a Sentinel Jedi.

"A Jedi is a well bounty hunter, at least at bounty hunters." -Gavyn Primewind

"Oh hallo! There’s people inside!" -Gavyn Primewind

Gavyn Primewind was born on the world of Coruscant. Living in the high rise apartments, he had a clear view of the city. With such a clear view, he saw many things happen. Once he saw a bounty hunter kill a senator. This disturbed him very much. At a later age, he went to the Jedi Academy to train.

After he received his training at the Jedi Academy, he went off to the forests of

Gavyn Primewind wanted poster: defaced by Gavyn Primewind.

Kashyykk instead of becoming a padawan. The kind Wookiees taught him many things. Gavyn then learned from one of the Wookiee Jedi how to use more of the force. He went on to design his own style of lighsaber wielding and become a Jedi Knight.

When he was older, he went back to Coruscant, however this time to seek out the bounty hunter Zam Wessel, who he found was the bounty hunter who killed the senator.

While he finally was on Lower City Coruscant, he did not find Zam Wessel. Instead, he was taken by surprise by Jango Fett. Gavyn lost his lightsaber to Fett, which Fett lost during his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino. However, apparently this was not of significant importance to the universe, because Gavyn got a new one and went on.

Once when he went to Naboo, he found in an old alleyway in the capital city, Theed. As he peeked inside, he was aghast at what he found there. There was the finest set of Mandalorian armor you could get. He picked it up and put it on, and then decided to try to hunt all the bounty hunters in the galaxy with it. He would be a bounty hunter of bounty hunters.

As he became more and more menacing to bounty hunters, they started putting fake wanted signs up for him. Of course, they were real about the credits but the government issue writing was fake. Luckily Gavyn survived to go to Trandoshia.

On his first journey to Trandoshia, he met Srosxi, who remains a close friend to this day. Srosxi taught him Dosh, the language of the Trandoshians. He also taught him how to hunt Kyrats on Tatooine when they went there one time. He now has friendly duels with Srosxi, who has become a Jedi Knight.

Find Srosxi at

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