Gavin Bonteri
Biographical information



19 B.B.Y

Physical description

Human/Togruta (Mostly Human)




1.72 Meters


77 kilograms

Hair color


Eye color

Pale Blue (sometimes changes colors due to mixture of Togruta and Human)

Skin color






Chronological and political information

◾Rise of the Empire era

◾Rebellion era

◾New Republic era

◾New Jedi Order era

◾Legacy era


◾Alderaanian Council

◾Alliance to Restore the Republic

◾New Republic

◾New Jedi Order

◾Royal House of Bonteri

◾Rebel Shock Legion

◾Empire (As Spy)

◾New Republic Viper Corps.

◾One Sith



Known masters

◾Bail Organa


◾Raymus Antilles

◾Darth Vader (as spy)

◾Luke Skywalker

◾Darth Krayt

◾Other One Sith Members

Known apprentices

◾Numerous Rebel Troopers

◾Numerous Soldiers in New Republic

◾Numerous Jedi in New Jedi Order

◾K'Sheek Opress


◾Ahsoka Tano- Mother

◾Lux Bonteri- Father

◾Leia Organa- Wife

◾Numerous Cousins

◾K'Sheek Opress - Second Wife

◾Jaina Bonteri - Daughter

◾Jacen Bonteri - Son

◾Anakin Bonteri - Son

◾Ahsoka Bonteri - Daughter

◾A'Sharad Imperius - Son

Bc icon jediBc icon trooperExile


Gavin Bonteri Age 16

 Gavin Bonteri is the son of former Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano and Lux Bonteri. He fought in battles against the Empire and and Sith Warriors and Jedi and Galactic Alliance,and ETC.  

Made by: Michael, of Jawa Studios

This is a Non- Cannon Story

Pre - Birth (Before Gavin was Born)

Gavin Bonteri was born in 19 B.B.Y.  His mother was the Togruta former Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano, and his father was the Human Lux Bonteri. His mother Ahsoka Tano was framed for killing a prisoner and killing clones troopers of the republic. It was later found out that she was innocent and it was her close friend Barris Offee who did it and framed her. Ahsoka couldn't  be in the Jedi Order no longer, knowing that the Jedi didnt trust or believe her. She left the jedi order and became a bounty hunter with the former sith assasin Asajj Ventress. Ventress was later killed by another bounty hunter. That left Gavin's mother all alone. Ahsoka went to the planet Alderaan and she found her old friend Lux Bonteri. Bonteri was on an important Republic mission. Ahsoka and Luk fell in love and married eachother. They had a child and named him Gavin. Three months after  Gavin was born...the Dark Times begun... Palpatine gave the clone troopers order 66. The clones turned on their jedi generals. The Jedi Order was gone. The clones found Ahsoka and Ahsoka fled into exile. But Gavin's Father Lux Bonteri was killed trying to protect Ahsoka. Before Ahsoka fled into exile she gave him to his uncle Benjamin Bonteri who lived on Alderaan to raise him. Both Benjamin and his wife raised Gavin on the planet Alderaan.

Early Years

  • Gavin is now one years old*

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