Galen havocrocket

Galen havocrocket


Galen is a mandalorian who decided to join kiry at the 4era of kiry.He is now the second commander of the elite army.

Galen havocrocket
Biographical information

Mandaloreplanet mandalore

Physical description
Chronological and political information


  • Mandalore
  • republic
  • Kiry

Second commander senior

Current Squad

Kiry army elite

Squad Rank

321 Second commander senior

He is the specials ops leader

Galen is the leader of the special operations of kiry.He is an secret agents and is uncomon in the army so we dont know much about him.We know that he lead the battle at umbara with the ."Shadowkiry".He is a really brilliant leader,A good warrior and he devotes his life for the kiry army elite and to The mandalorians.

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