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0 BBY, Yavin Prime

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"This blaster is only to be shot to Droids or any other threats!" - Flarestorm

CT-12932, nicknamed "Flarestorm" was a clone trooper lieutenant during the Clone Wars. When all the Jedi have been killed, and the Clones turned into an army of evil, he was promoted to captain. He was in command of fleets, and sometimes lead a tiefighter squadron.

Most of the time, he was in Vader's battleship. CT-12932 has been put on many turrets, and has stayed with the Moff on the bridge.


Flarestorm was put in the 501st legion, and in his active years (20 BBY-19 BBY), Flarestorm was stationed at Carlac and Coruscant. At Coruscant, he was alloud to wear regular clothes, but on Carlac, he was told to wear his armor. 

At Carlac, he attended many battles, and was often called Sir by many troops. Flarestorm was often assighned to lead his squad, Blue Owl, into many battles. It was verry cold out there, so he lost alot of proud men to sickness. This trooper was a proud member of the republic, until he ordered his Squadron to attach the Leading Jedi.

The Clones finished the battle, and went off to honor their new leader... Emperor Palpatine.

New Legion

There was a new legion born during the war, but the General, and Commander died. Flarestorm was put back to the 501st, and still faught.


Flarestorm became a captain in the 104th legion after the war ended. He was glad to be leader, and was in lead of the legion.

During the last days of his life, he sacrificed himself and flew his fighter out into the Rebellion attach. He destroyed thirty fighters, but was destroyed by Luke Skywalker. His fighter crashed on the surfice of a Yavin moon, and was somehow descovered by Imperial Reasearchers. They found scrached wolf-colored armor, Stating it was Flarestorm.

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