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Ferus cometglider is not a normal clone.  his mother had a radiation accident right before giving birth to him. making him a clone with the force. the jedi order saw his skills and put him through some jedi training. after years and years of training he joined the clone wars at the age of 19. he met his master on the the battle of ryloth and one of his friends cjjj bart. over the years he has made some enemys such as janus firebot, and deker styker.

The Start

In the clone training center he was part of a squad know as the "Galaxy Squad". His squadmates where rik, spark, Jason, and Sky. But his best friend is named Cave. Ferus's real id number is: CT-4044. The day of the test came and they passed. They and the other clones that were getting shiped out would leave tomorrow.

 The Commander

Later that day they were shiped to ryloth to stop a sepratist invasion. There is where they would meet up with their commander, and they did. The man in lead of their squad was commander sand. He was involved with the battle of geonosis. In the battle, they were heavily outnumbered, they could not call for help because communacations were down. They were in the dark.

The Blueprint

During the battle of Ryloth, their squad was giving a mission to move out of the planet ryloth right away and to head to Iceberg 3. There they were to enter a death watch battleship to search for the Death watch plans. The republic feared th death watch was planing an attack against them. When they arrived onto the battleship they had to go trough a number of Watchguards. It was not long before the Deathwatch realized they were there. But nevertheless they made it there into the room and grabbed the plans. It was at that momment when they where contacted and were told that the Deathwatch were gonna blow the ship. They ran for their gunship butit would do them no good. A bomb went off i the bridge and damaged almost all of the ship. The ship started to sink into the water and still the squad ran. They made it towards the Gunship, but to bad for Rik. Rik slipped and fell into the deep depths of the water. One trooper down, 5 to go.

The Rescue  

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