Baron-Chieftain Ferrigo be Prosstang


[Redar 'Schingo' Velrrus]

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Biographical information



68 BBY

Physical description





1.88 Meters


90 Kilos

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire



Clan Prosstang

True Mandalorians

The Prosstang Posse

Mandalorian Guild

Prosstang Industries

Known masters

Jaster Mereel (61-52 BBY)

Qui-Gon Jinn [teachings](52 BBY)

Preniik Su'uleezs (52-51 BBY)

Count Dooku [combat skills](32 BBY)


Alor'akada Neviik (wife, m. 42 BBY, d. ? BBY)

Hand'alora Prosstang (dtr, b. 39 BBY)

Preniik Prosstang (son, b. 37 BBY) d. ?)

Nor'atine Prosstang (dtr, b. 35 BBY)

Jaster Prosstang (son, b. 34 BBY, d. ?)

Buuth "Boomdodger" Prosstang (clone, a. 22 BBY)

Khatta "Cataclysmic" Kels'mek (dtr, b. 43 BBY)

Alexzandria Grayson-Prosstang (wife, m. 20 BBY)

Kostaligo Prosstang (son, b. 19 BBY)

Aleksaana Prosstang (dtr, b. 19 BBY)

Maxzigo Prosstang (son, b. 16 BBY)

Ferrigo Prosstang Jr. (son, b. 16 BBY)

Lunasa Prosstang (dtr, b. 13 BBY)

Bor'naligo Prosstang (son, b. 13 BBY)

Milor'igo Prosstang (son, b. 10 BBY)

Nikar'aala Prosstang (dtr, b. 10 BBY)

Q'osstigo Prosstang II (son, b. 8 BBY)

Current Squad

Mandalorian Guild

Squad Rank

2 Field Marshal (Elder General)

Former Squad(s)

The Prosstang Posse

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooper

"I will follow you to the ends of the galaxy..." Ferrigo said firmly to the gorgeous, young blonde-haired woman standing before him. Her stomach was round, and much larger than it had been only a few months before.

"Last time I remember you saying told me you were a feared bounty hunter." she bit her lower lip between her teeth.

"That's true, isn't it?" 

Her green eyes flashed warmly at his fixed gaze. "Mmm-Hmmm...Am I your bounty, Ferrigo, Baron of Prosstang?"

"Undoubtedly. Most treasured, ner cyar'ika."  He took her into his arms for a long, soulful kiss.

-- Ferrigo Prosstang and his wife, Alexzandria Grayson-Prosstang, discuss vacation plans, 19 BBY.

Ferrigo Prosstang was born of the Mandalorian Clan Prosstang at the Prosstang Estate near Keldabe, Mandalore in 68 BBY. His father, Q'osstigo, though trained as a warrior when young by the brothers of his own father, was limited in his experience of combat as an adult. The elder Prosstang was occupied fully with expanding and consolidating resource extraction and manufacturing interests throughout the Mandalore System and beyond under the umbrella of Prosstang Industries. With recent ancestors tied to the Ordo and Skirata clans, Ferrigo's mother Signara Ordo-Prosstang was an influential advisor to the New Mandalorian government for a great number of years on domestic trade and education policies.

At the age of seven, Ferrigo pleaded with his parents to send him to receive warrior training. While this was illegal under New Mandalorian rule, both of his parents consented to have their son train on Concord Dawn with someone affiliated with a regular client of Prosstang Industries. His parents never shared with anyone, including Ferrigo, the fact that the Jedi Order had visited a few years before asking to take the young Prosstang to Coruscant for training.

Ferrigo grew to enjoy his Mandalorian life; a bounty hunter, a businessman, a builder, and husband to the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. In fact, he LOVED it.

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