Antda Hiade was involved in most of the battles of Kit Fisto's fleet including countless space skirmishes. He was also part of ground battles although this was a rare occurrence. With permission, he was able to customise his own clone armour which he used on all ground battles. One of these times was when Antda was sent to Umbara in 21 BBY. In this he had to fight alongside Clones on the surface due to a scarce amount of troops. This was not what he was trained to do but he proved to be vital asset to the Republic invasion. Dalsc Weade was also present on the surface fighting alongside the Clones he had trained. Also involved in the battle was Suarek Frostbite who was instead hunting down and slaughtering Clone patrols. Umbara was the most difficult battle for Antda morally and physically. The long marches lead many to become exhausted and by the time Umbarans ambushed they were too weak to fight equally. This lead to high casualties. He could not expose himself and so had to kill Umbaran soldiers which he found very difficult to do. Antda often spoke of his experiences during this battle to later motivate Rebel troops.

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