Esvald Megabolter
Esvald Megabolter
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35 BBY

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1.98 Meters

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Rise of the Empire Era


Galactic Republic

  • Lighting Battalion (Formely)
  • Age of War Army

Esvald's Militia

Known masters
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Rahm Kota

"Never Retreat!,Never Surrender!"
– Esvald's favourite quote

Esvald Megabolter was a Male Human, born on Deep street of planet Coruscant. He was strong in the force and found by Obi-Wan in 30 BBY. Esvald bought to the Jedi Temple to trained to be a Jedi. six years later, Esvald was a Jedi Knight and former padawan of Obi-Wan. Esvald's very first mission was sent to aid the Wookiee on Kashyyyk from the Trade Federation attack led by Count Dooku. Esvald met his lost and went back to Jedi Temple to recovered. Around 22 BBY, Esvald and a group of Jedi were sent to Ansion in order to Keep Ansion within the Galactic Republic. They were successful, Ansion remain with the Republic.During the beginning of the Clone Wars, Esvald served as the Jedi General. He fought in many battles until 19 BBY, Order 66 was issued. Esvald and Obi-Wan stationed on the planet of Utapau, the clones shot at them, However, the both survived from their troopers. First Esvald went to Yoda and Bail Organa. At the Jedi Temple, founding that Anakin turned into the Dark Side. Esvald was tasked to kill the sith warrior, so he killed the sith. one month later, he allied with Rahm Kota and Bail Organa rebel against the Empire. Around 5 BBY, When Jedi General Rahm Kota was captured by Jabba the Hutt and his troops, Esvald followed to Tatooine. At the hutt's palace, Esvald went into the palace. Esvald use his jedi mind tricks, which allowed Esvald to get past Jabba's Gamorrean guards and his majordomo, Bib Fortuna, but the Hutt was not so easily swayed and attempted to feed Esvald to his rancor. Esvald killed the Rancor which make Jabba very angry and sentenced all the captured Esvald and his troops including Rahm Kota to death in the Pit of Carkoon. However, right before he was put into the pit, Esvald escaped when Commander Stone, Commander of Esvald's Militia shot his lightsaber to him and freed the other prisoners on the skiff. The both Jedi massacred Jabba's Guards and the transport of the Militia arrived and helped them out of Tatooine. Although, Jabba and few of his guards survived from the massacred of Esvald and Rahm Kota.

Early Life (35 BBY - 30 BBY)

Esvald Megabolter was born on Coruscant around 40 BBY, While Obi-Wan Kenobi was on the mission down on the town. He sensed the strong force nearby, he found Esvald that at age of 5 and bring Esvald to the Jedi Temple.



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Esvald fought Ahsoka Tano

Esvald recruited from the city of Coruscant, he was training with many Jedi even Obi-wan kenobi and Ahsoka Tano are defeated by him

Separatist Crisis

Battle of Kashyyyk

Now 24 BBY, Esvald's rank was Jedi Knight. Esvald was sent to Kashyyyk to aid the Wookiees from the Trade Federation attack. When the Federation legion landed on the island, they immediately began to assault the Guild's headquarters, with Dooku leading the assault. Two-hundred members of the Guild's private army of Wookiees, armed with bowcasters and missile launchers, tried to defend the village from the assault. However, the Federation forces flanked the village from the hills on the northeast and northwest sides of the island, as well as from a small landing site on the south side. The droid army also utilized at least two Vulture-class droid starfighters to strafe the village, and eventually the Guild's army was overwhelmed and the entire village was destroyed by Dooku and his forces. Esvald tried to faces Dooku ,However, he lost to the Sith lord .Esvald was injured from battle with Dooku. So he escaped from Kashyyyk and went to recovered at Coruscant.

Mission to Ansion

Around 22 BBY, Esvald along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee were sent to Ansion in order to Keep Ansion within the Galactic Republic. When the Separatist Crisis was growing they tried to add planets to their cause, Ansion was a target. That's because Ansion was a very important piece of a complicated puzzle that joined other planets of greater importance, so making Ansion leave the Galactic Republic would cause a chain reaction. The plan was headed by Shu Mai the president of the Commerce Guild and the Ansion Senator Mousul, the Hutt Soergg was the contact on the planet. They tried to use the border dispute that existed for years between the Unity Council and the tribal nomads Alwari to convince them to leave the Galactic Republic and obtain their benefits. Two teams of Jedi were sent by the Jedi Order to convince Ansion to stay with the Republic. The Master Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker and Esvald and the Master Jedi Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee were sent on this mission. But they had problems since the very first day, the Hutt Soergg instructed his majordomo Ogomoor, an Ansionian male, to do anything possible to stop the mission of the Jedi. Ansion remained with the Galactic Republic. Also, the Separatists plan of issuing demands to the Republic was delayed (they had planned to issue demands to the Republic the moment Ansion declared secession), though Count Dooku decided Ansion was only a minor setback.

The Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY)

Many years past,the Clone Wars begun (Esvald doesn't fought in the First Battle of Geonosis). Esvald was given a rank of General to led the battle against the CIS armies.

Scouting the CIS Base

Master Obi-wan dispatches Esvald and his clone troopers to scout the CIS's base ,As Esvald's forces manage to land on the planet but The CIS forces try to stop them. Esvald's forces make a risk strategy by sending the AT-TE to surface while the ship is landing on the base, Esvald's strategy is worked the AT-TE is destroyed at least 2 later the ship is landing and storm the separatist base

The separatist base was destroyed, Esvald's troops loss is Minimal so he get back to Coruscant. Master Yoda promoted Esvald to High Jedi General.

Battling Darth Maul & Savage Opress

Esvald went to the Ancient Sith academy when he went inside many Sith surround him and attack him. Esvald manage to kill them all. He enter the dark room with Lava, Darth Maul come out and challenge him when Esvald make Maul injured and Savage come out and kick him. Esvald was kicked by Savage and he was angry,he use the force Maul and Savage fall into lava and gone missing.

Commanding the Fleet in the Outer Rim


Esvald's flagship

Later in war, Esvald was sent to command the fleet in the outer rim.His fleet was ambushed by the Separatist, Outnumbered the enemy forces. He ordered his troops to evacuated but many escape pod were destroyed. However, the shuttle arrived to help them with many Venator-Class Star Destroyers jumped from hyperspace but Esvald must leaved his ship that taken a lot of damaged. So he and his troops evacuated and leaved the system.

Battle of Ryloth

Mop Up

Esvald shoted by B1 Battle Droids

After the Republic Forces led by Mace Windu taken the capital of Ryloth, Esvald and his troops was sent to "Mop up" the Droid Forces that survived, he encountered a squad of B1 Battle Droids killing his troops. Esvald open his lightsaber and start killing the droids. Esvald was shotby the droids, his troops get him to the Medical Station on Ryloth.

Back to the Battle

After recovered, Esvald continued his Mop up against the Separatist. He led the AT-TEs with AT-RTs to attack the enemy's landing craft. Esvald set up Blaster Turret ,A squad of Y-Wing Bombers arrived to help him but Vulture Droids attacked them ,However, Anti-Air Turret blasted it. Esvald's forces managed to destroy the Separatist landing craft and cut off separatist reinforcement.

Mission to Iceberg III

Esvald alongside with Plo Koon and Wolfpack was sent to Iceberg III to aid the Mon Caramari. Esvald help Plo Koon by breaking and destroyed the Separatist fleet around the system which allow the Republic to land on the system.


Esvald wearing Clone Trooper Armor on Iceberg III

On the Mon Caramari System, Esvald, Plo Koon and Wolfpack were deploying the forces. Esvald wearing the Clone Trooper Armor. Then he helped pilot LAAT/i Gunship to the communication center (Republic Outpost on the System) and he and Wolfpack can reach to it.

Esvald was not at the last of battle because the Jedi High Council ordered him to return to Coruscant for next order.

Battle of Umbara


Esvald arrived at the fleet

Back on Coruscant, Master Yoda informed Esvald that on Umbara, Obi-Wan request Esvald's support. Leaving from Coruscant on his shuttle. When he arrived at the fleet above Umbara, he was informed by Skywalker to support troops of 501st Legion on the east while Skywalker and 501st on north surrounding Umbaran Airbase. Then he and 301st legion began to land on the surface.

Front Assault

Esvald and his troops of 301st Legion landed on the Republic Outpost and marched to the east of Umbaran Airbase. The CIS landing craft landed and try to stop them.Casualties were a lot of Esvald's troops ,However, the 501st Legion help them.After that they repel the CIS forces but the CIS sent the ATT. The Tanks fired at them, Many Clone troopers were shot. Esvald jumped to the tanks and use the force on the tanks, the tank was destroyed. Admiral Yuralen contacted them and fire the laser from the Venator-Class Star Destroy and the landing craft was destroyed.

Defending Airbase
Esvald ARCTrooper

Esvald and Commander Appo led 301st Legion defending the Airbase

Commander Appo informed that the Umbarans will launched a massive attack on the airbase, Esvald and his trusted commander Appo led the 301st Legion to defended the airbase. Then Esvald and his troops were victories.

New Recruit on Kamino


Esvald and The 301st Legion arrived at Kamino to pick up new recruit

The Kamino informed Esvald that more 301st Legion Clone Troopers were recruited so Esvald and his battalion went to Kamino for pick up.

As they arrived, The Kamino greeted them and then Esvald entered the cloning facilities. Esvald and Appo introduced themseleves and pick them up to the Venator Star Destroyers.

Defense of Maridun

"Take that Gunray!"
– Esvald destroy the Trade Federation ship

After picking up new 301st Legion clone troopers, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi informed Esvald to commence defense on Maridun against the Trade Federation led by Nute Gunray.

Upon they arrival, they found that the Trade federation Battle Droids destroying lurmen village so they landed ARC troopers ,Clone Troopers, Mortar Guns.


Esvald and his troops defend Maridun

During the battle the Trade Federation landing crafts landing on the planet ,Esvald's troops managed to destroyed many battle droids. Commander CC-1119 or Appo ordered the reinforcement to land on the planet. Admiral Buzz contacted them ,Esvald ordered Admiral to fire the laser.He obeyed and fired laser at the landing crafts. So Gunray try to escaped but Esvald used the force grab him to the air.

Esvald Ahsoka- Maridun

Esvald and Ahsoka prepare to destroyed remaining droids

Master Kenobi contacted them that Ahsoka Tano will joined him later she came then ordered her troops to get Gunray and they destroyed the remaining droids and wait for next order.

"Ahsoka ,Let's finished the remaining droids!"
O.K. Let's Move out !"
– Esvald and Ahsoka

Mission to Orto Plutonia

Later in Clone Wars, Esvald was dispatched to Orto Plutonia to investigate the CIS factory on the planet. When he landed on the surface, Esvald walked through the snow and went for the CIS factory.

Orto Plutomia Base

Esvald on Orto Plutonia

While he discovered the two B1 battle droids were entering the factory ,he walked inside and found out that the CIS factory on the planet was hiding in cave.The factory built the Commando Droids to war against the Republic. Esvald went for the control room and he disabled the progress so the factory was shut down and Esvald called the "Headquarter" and the fleet to destroy the cave.

The the Fleet arrived and fire at the cave so the cave was destroyed ,However,the lone Trade Federation ship approached the system and fire at the Star Destroyers. Esvald now board the Headquarter and ordered clone naval officer to fire at the Trade Federation ship.

The Federation ship was destroyed then Esvald and his fleet left the system back to Coruscant for next order.

Esvald's Militia

Around 20.9 BBY (Still 21 BBY), Esvald was seen that thee Order 66 will issued and Palpatine will be a Galactic Emperor, Raise into power in next year so Esvald went to Bespin picking up a huge armies of solider against the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE.

Third Battle of Geonosis


Esvald led his troops in the Battle.

Around 20 BBY, The Geonosian built their new droid factory again. Esvald and The Elite 301st Legion were dispatched to destroyed the factroy.

Upon their arrival, the Geonosian canon fired at their Star Destroyers ,However, Y-Wing squadron led by Clone Pilot "Hawk" bombing the canon whick allowed the Invasion Forces to moved in. A huge number of LAAT Gunships departed from the Destroyers to landed the 301st.


Esvald in the droid factory.

Then Esvald and his troops landed and began the attack on droid factory. During the battle the 301st used BARC Speeders, AT-RT, Turrets and the huge number of the clone troopers. Until they reached the factory, Esvald ordered his troops to guard the entrance gate. Esvalld entered alone and reached the control room. He shut down the droid factory and when he out, Esvald ordered the Star Destroyers to fire the laser at the factory and did it.

Supply Mission on Mon Caramari


Esvald ,Commander Appo and Captain Ackbar on the supply ship.

Esvald and his troops were sent to Mon Caramari for supplying the Mon Cala. When they arrived, they were greeted by Captain Ackbar. Ackbar entered the ship and informed Esvald. The Clone Trooper sent the supply tank into the Mon Cala. The Mon Cala thanks to Esvald and Esvald left the system ,However, they encountered two Separatist Frigates. Esvald and his troops try to fight but not worked. Esvald's ship was destroyed, he escaped with escape pod but Mon Cala helped them by firing laser at the Frigates so the both frigates were destroyed and Esvald and survivors get back to Corucant.

Ancient Sith Temple

Battling Battle Droids
Overwhelmed Esvald

Esvald and his troops surrounded by the Droids.

Esvald and the Elite 301st Legion were sent to the Ancient Sith Temple on Mustafar in order to destroyed the temple. While they're entering the gate, they encountered the huge number of Battle Droids. Now Esvald and his clone troopers make their way to the main room. Esvald led his clone forces to the main room by killing the droids quickly. When they arrived ,The droids lay traped to them which forced them to surrendered.

Rematch with Darth Maul
I must have my REVENGE!
– Darth Maul to Esvald
Esvald VS Darth Maul - Rematch

Esvald Megabolter vs. Darth Maul

Esvald and some troops were knocked out and the droid separated them, Esvald was taken to the secret room. Darth Maul, the sith that had been defeated by Esvald many years ago or around 26 BBY. Esvald opened his lightsaber and fight Maul so Maul was defeated again and Esvald and his troops left the Temple. The Sith Temple was destroyed and Darth Maul presumed dead.

Battle of Excarga

Esvald and his fleet were ordered to ambushed and destroyed the CIS fleet around Excarga. So he ordered his troops to jump into hyperspace.

Battle of Excarga

Esvald in the Battle of Excarga.

Upon their arrival, Esvald pilot his starfighter and ordered clone pilots to get on their ships. A squad of ARC-170 starfighters were be able to destroyed 1 Frigates. However, Droid Tri Fighters destroyed them all. Esvald and a group of V-19 starfighters moving in to destroy Landing Crafts. Vulture Droids try to stop them but the droids were all destroyed.

Ahsoka's fleet jumped from hyperspace and reinforced Esvald. They were be able to destroy the much of the fleet which forced the Confederacy of Independent System to retreat with heavy casualties.


Esvald returned to his ship ,The Headquarter. He contacted Ahsoka to came to his ship ,When she arrived, Esvald and Ahsoka contacted Obi-Wan to report the victory. Master Kenobi congrats them and promoted Esvald to Senior Jedi General.

Outer Rim Sieges (20 BBY - 19 BBY)

Battle of Ryloth

During the Outer Rim Sieges in 20 BBY ,Esvald was sent to Ryloth in order to recapture Ryloth and use as the station area in The Outer Rim Territories. Esvald and his fleet arrived at the system only find that the CIS Blockaded around the planet. So Esvald and his troops make a quick running on the blockade ,Using Y-Wing Starfighters and ARC-170 Starfighters for support .Esvald passed the blockade and began to land the invasion forces.

Esvald LAAT Gunships - BOR

Esvald and his troops prepare to jump from LAAT Gunship into the battle.

On Ryloth, Esvald deployed his forces to many cities in order to recapture Ryloth ,However, the droid forces try to stop them and destroyed much of Esvald's tanks. Esvald jumped from the LAAT Gunship with many of his troops into the battlefield and destroyed many droids much as they can. The Reinforcement arrived at the planet that led by Obi-Wan Kenobi ,Wat Tambor ordered the heavy canon opened fire on their transports with the proton cannons placed in the city of Nabat. One transport took heavy damage and began to fall from the sky.Kenobi landed in Nabat with the Republic unit Ghost Company aboard the Crumb Bomber and other LAAT/i gunships. Although their mission was to retake the city, Ghost Company was forced to limit themselves to blasters and EMP grenades, so as not to destroy the Twi'leks' homes. After utilizing the EMP grenades to take out the droids manning double-barrel blaster cannons in a bunker on the outskirts of the city, Kenobi and his clone forces entered the village and set up a temporary camp. With their base established in the city, Clone Commander CC-2224 nicknamed "Cody" went to scout ahead with clone troopers Wooley, Waxer, and Boil.

Esvald 301st Legion - Ryloth

Esvald led his troops on Ryloth

Esvald met up with Kenobi and planing to attack on Nabat ,they discovering that the Twi'leks were being held hostage, so they launch an attack. First they destroyed the proton canon and free the Twi'leks then destroyed all droids. The Battle was end with Republic Victory and Wat Tambor Captured.

Battle of Yavin

"Planet Yavin, Esvald. If you captured this planet, it will allow us to sent more troops in"
– Obi-Wan tasking Esvald

The Outer Rim Sieges continued across the Outer Rim Territories, Esvald and the 301st Legion were sent to Yavin to siege control of the planet. Upon they arrival ,The CIS blockaded the planet. Esvald led the "Hunter Squadron" and a huge number of Y-Wing Starfighters to break the blockade. Then they break the blockade and began to landed the Invasion Forces.

First Wave

The Republic under Esvald sent a attack against the CIS base, determined to crush the CIS at last. Hunter Squadron, led by Esvald, were ordered to take out the CIS droid starfighters that were on the planet. Upon their destruction, the invasion was temporarily stalled. A Droid Tri-Fighters then ambushed Esvald only for it to be shot down by Hawk. Afterwards, the second wave of Republic transports, this time Sentinel class loader transports, arrived to strengthen the ground forces. Dooku then ordered Droid Squadron to shoot down the loader shuttles, as well as defend the final transport Luminous that was currently docked on one of the islands near the temple until it is ready for takeoff. Afterwards, the Luminous managed to escape. After a majority of the Republic loader shuttles and dropships were destroyed, a transport slipped through defenses and deployed a clone trooper forces into the CIS Base. So the first invasion wave was uncompleted to landed.

Second Wave

Afterwards followed a ground assault, Esvald ordered Commander Appo to led the second ground assault while Esvald led in the skies. LAAT Gunships landed on the planet and 301st forces chose to attack a CIS hangar base. They secured the fountain and viaduct. Fighting through a heavy CIS force, including AATs and Hailfire Tanks, they next captured the reflecting pool.

The CIS forces, who had been caught off guard by the sudden attack, managed to regroup and begin a counterattack. Closing a blast door over the hanger behind them, a massive force of infantry and armor attacked the reflecting pool. However, the Republic, despite high casualties, managed to stop the attack in its tracks.

Before they could attack the main temple, they would have to break through the door. A squad of Y-Wing Bombers led by Esvald deployed a bomb to the hangar door, blowing it open. The Clone Troopers led by Appo then stormed the temple and went into an all out brawl with the remaining CIS. Using this as a distraction, a squad of Clone Assassins entered a small command room and killed the Tatical Droid and captured Dooku.

First Battle of Kashyyyk


Esvald's 301st on Kashyyyk.

Esvald and his troops were dispatched to Kasyyyk in order to captured Asajj Ventress who used the "Evil Wookies" protecting her. At Kashyyyk, the landed Republic troops ordered the Evil Wookiees to hand over Ventress, but the Evil Wookiees attacked the troops, and Ventress soon joined the battle. As more Republic forces landed, the Evil Wookiee warriors and the Jedi covered the evacuation of Kashyyyk, as countless Evil Wookiees fled the clone troopers, fleeing from enslavement. LAAT gunships were engaged by Oevvaor jet catamarans, retrofitted with rocket launchers and other high-end military hardware, salvaged by the Evil Wookiees. Realizing that the Republic was attacking indiscriminantly, many CIS forces onworld began to evacuate Evil Wookies ans Ventress while others used their craft's concealed weapons to engage various Republic transports. By this time, Many of the troopers of the first wave were dead.


Republic Reinforcement arrived at Kashyyk.

A local hour after the attack had started, The Reinforcement arrived with Esvald .Esvald flew a Jedi Starfighter down to Kashyyyk, in an attempt to hunt the Sithi down. He was accompanied by Commander Appo and a squad of troops, but met heavy anti-air fire on his way down. Around the planet, the Republic incursions were being repulsed by fierce Evil Wookiee warriors, and an alarming number of clone troops were being lost in the assaults. Following Appo's advice, Esvald acceded the fleet commanders the permission to begin orbital bombardment, warning them to save Kashyyyk for last.

Landing on a platform high up in Kashyyyk, Esvald and his 301st Legion disembarked and began fighting their way through the Evil Wookiee warriors. As Esvald found Ventress, he defeated Ventress and captured her that make the Evil Wookies back to normal.

Siege of Saleucami

Around 20 BBY, Having besieged the main citadel and shield generator citadel of Saleucami for five months, the Republic Army made several attempts at reaching the perimeter shield generator, so that it could be deactivated and the underground clone factories could be subjected to orbital bombardment. However, all attacks were met with fierce resistance from the Morgukai clone army and the droid army aiding them. Esvald alongside with Quinlan Vos, K'Kruhk, Ausar Auset, Sian Jeisel and A'Sharad Hett were sent to Saleucami.

The Clone Army dug a massive trench around the droid positions. Finally establishing strongholds on the rim of the caldera, the armies were subjected to a massive attack by Confederate forces. This was but a diversion, as the real target was Jedi General Esvald Megabolter, who conducted his forces with the help of battle meditation and was thus a primary factor in their successes.


Esvald troops on Saleucami.

Esvald led the clone armies to capture Sora Bulq, he led the troopers through the forest of Saleucami. They were ambushed by two ATTs and a squad of B1 battle droids. Commander Appo ordered AT-TE to fire at the tanks but AAT fire first so AT-TE was destroyed. Esvald takes control of the AAT and fire at the another. The Ambush of failed ,Esvald and 301st make their way to citadel. As the forces raged on, ARC-170 starfighters fired missiles on a massive separatist supply dump, creating a massive explosion, destroying a section of the citadel's walls. Using this advantage, the clones trapped a droid army and easily destroyed them. The clones continued up to the second level, destroying droids as they went. Very soon, the citadel was captured and Sora Bulq killed by Vos. Before the battle could end, Esvald was called to Tatooine to recover the Republic plans from the CIS.

Skirmish above Tatooine

"We shall recover the plan, Esvald"
– Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to Esvald Megabolter
Recover The Republic Plan

Upon reaching the Tatooine, the Republic fleet led by Esvald was ambushed by a pirate fleet near the planet Tatooine. Upon taking out most of the pirate attackers, the Navy then hid in the surrounding nebulas, avoiding detection by Droid Squadron, who were scouting the area.

When Droid Frigate moved toward the uplink station, Immobilizer frigates were activated, preventing it from escaping. A clash between the Republic fleet and the CIS fleet broke out, with both sides taking several casualties in the crossfire. The Esvald's Flagship "Headquarter" pursued CIS Frigate named "Protector" out of the battlefield and chased it around the planet Tatooine. A laser bolt hit near the engine section of the CIS Frigate, disabling the main reactor and preventing the vessel from entering Tatooine's atmosphere. The Headquarter moved in and caught the corvette in a tractor beam. Esvald then dispatched a boarding craft filled up with troops, to board and secure the ship as soon as possible, but later the crew of the star destroyer attached a portable accessway to the Protector.

Battle inside the Protector

As troopers of the 301st stormed the hallways of Protector, a skirmish erupted between them and B2 Super Battle Droids defending the ship. Due to the use of thermal detonators, both sides incurred heavy casualties, but the 301st broke through, capturing the main Droid barracks and clearing the way for Esvald's arrival.Esvald personally destroyed all security terminals on the bridge, in order to send the defenses into disarray, and disabled a turbine console to steal a set of access codes, in an attempt to gain entry to the ship's escape pod bays. He and a set of clone troopers then set out through the corridors, killing some CIS troopers and capturing many more. The team then stormed the cockpit of the Protector. Eventually, Esvald and his troops captured the Droid commander, although the 301st reported back to Esvald with good news that the Republic plans were recovered. In addition, the Headquarter also destroyed any escape pods that were utilized by any escaping Droids.

Battle of Rhen Var

301st Legion - Battle of Rhen Var

The 301st Legion storm the CIS outpost on Rhen Var.

The Republic discovered a monitoring outpost owned by the Separatist on the citadel on Rhen Var. Republic sent Esvald and 301st Legion to sieges control the outpost. The outpost, being important to the Republic for monitoring CIS Fleet movements in the outer rim, was laid under siege by Esvald's 301st Legion. The clone troopers were deployed at a tower below the station and advanced up three stairways into the main citadel, where they were met by opposition from B1 Battle Droids laser turrets and the garrison which killing many clone troopers but Esvald called the airstrike and after that the way is cleared. After capturing several overlook posts, they stormed into the monitoring facility and most of droid forces were killed by clone troopers one by one. The Republic held the station, but not without heavy losses. Republic reinforcements soon arrived and wiped out the all CIS on the world.

Battle of Triton


Esvald's fleet and grievous's fleet crashed above Triton.

Around 19.8 BBY ,Grievous was ordered to conquer the planet Triton ,However, when he arrived at the system. Grievous found at the republic fleet led by Esvald already arrived too.

The Triton system became a battlefield when a fleet from the Confederate Navy led by a Providence-class carrier/destroyer, in turn being flanked by two Recusant-class light destroyers and six Munificent-class star frigates launched numerous droid starfighters to battle a flotilla from the Republic Navy. Commanded by Jedi General Esvald Megabolter from the Venator-class Star Destroyer Headquarter, an Acclamator I-class assault ship and seven Venator-class Star Destroyers openly challenged the Confederate armada over the planet Triton, deploying squadrons of ARC-170 starfighters, BTL-B Y-wing starfighters, and V-19 Torrent starfighters to combat the Confederacy's Vulture droid starfighters and Hyena-class bombers. The Republic's escort ships comprised of three Consular-class cruisers, a Pelta-class frigate, and a trio of Arquitens-class light cruisers additionally provided supporting laser fire to counter the Separatist fleet's attack. As the Republic's starfighters moved in to harass the larger Separatist frigates, the Confederacy responded with similar offensives.


Destruction of Headquarter

While the T-series tactical droid supervised the Separatist fleet from one of the Recusant-class destroyers, Grievous led their droid starfighters in a vicious assault on the embattled Republic task force. Spearheading the charge from his starfighter, Grievous took several squadrons of the Confederacy's new, formidable droid tri-fighters to target the Headquarter, the flagship of Esvald. While the Republic's Consular-class cruisers began to fall to Separatist fire, Grievous had the tri-fighters of Trident Group One attack the Headquarter's starboard engines, while he sent Trident Group Two to assault the cruiser's port-side shield generators. Once the tri-fighters had done their work, Grievous brazenly maneuvered through the Headquarter's intense turbolaser fire and blasted away at the defenseless battleship's bridge, where Esvald and several clone naval officers were overseeing the battle. Although the Headquarter was subsequently destroyed, Esvald ordered other officers was able to escape before its destruction. Esvald pilot his Jedi Starfighter and went out from the destroyed Headquarter.

After the destruction of Headquarter ,the Republic retreat from the system .Leaving the separatist to conquer the planet. Esvald and his troops went back to coruscant to report.

Assault on Yavin 4

Around 19.8 BBY, The CIS have attacked the planet Yavin 4 (The moon of Yavin). In order to capture it, Republic sent Esvald and his battalion to capture Yavin 4. The CIS set up an outpost on Massassi Fighting Arena.

While CIS defensive forces set up laser turrets and command areas in a temple on one side of the Massassi Fighting Arena, clone trooper squads quickly secured the east overlook inside the square arena. Clone Commando then rushed down to the ground of the arena and engaged the Droids in the maze of channels. Reinforcements for both sides poured in through tunnels into the arena as the Republic took the arena floor.

Commando Droids pilot an anti-infantry turrent defending their overlook command center fired down on the clone troops, taking several casualties. After several minutes, Esvald rushed up to the west overlook, slash the anti-infantry turret with his lightsaber and captured the area.

While the heat of battle was in the fighting arena, Clone Commando stealthily advanced around the perimeter of the ancient stadium and were able to capture the opposite vehicle post. Now the other clone troopers could easily raid the arena from any side, a quick defeat consequently meeting the doomed CIS.

The last obstacle was the small temple that the Droids had reinforced with two turrets and a squad of B2 Droids, some of which were under fire from AT-RTs which had advanced on either side of the arena. Clone Troopers and Esvald suddenly attacked through the tunnel and tall stairways from the arena, coming in a devastating wave at the Droids, who were soon obliterated. Then Yavin 4 is taken to the Republic by Esvald and his battalion.

Battle of Raxus Prime


Republic Invasion Forces led by Esvald

During the Outer Rim Sieges, Esvald and 301st Legion were sent to Raxus Prime to destroy the re-construct Protodeka by the CIS.

Once they arrived, Esvald and Bravo Squad went to the surface to scout the area. After they took out an enemy STAP party after a grueling chase through the wastelands, they had found an enemy excavation site and called their assault ship for reinforcements.

Esvald and Bravo Squad made an attack on some supply convoys to stall time for their strike force. Once the strike force landed, they fought a treacherous journey filled with traps and surprise attacks, with clone commando protecting a contingent of AT-TEs and Esvald single-handedly clearing out a Separatist outpost. When they got to the excavation site, they had their beta forces waiting at the back shield so that they could destroy it. Once they destroyed the main generator to allow the beta forces to enter the battle field, both strike teams attacked and destroyed the remaining defense forces and the lines supplying fuel to the Separatists. However the attack turned out to be an ambush, an assault by a Protodeka destroyed the strike team except for Esvald and a few members of Bravo Squad.

Bravo Squad discovered that Count Dooku plan to attack Coruscant ,they tell Esvald. Later Reinforcement arrived and destroy the Protodeka and left for Coruscant.

Battle of Coruscant

When Esvald and his forces back to Coruscant, Only find that the CIS attack the cities. Esvald and Commander Appo join Commander Fox's Coruscant Guards. They battle with Huge Droid Armies led by General Grievous. They went to Sector 4 to hold the Republic's line against the masses of Separatist battle droids. Later he left Appo command the Battalion, Esvald joined Master Saesee Tiin in space. Esvald and Master Tiin led a squadron of ARC-170 starfighters and Y-Wing Starfighters into the orbital battle between the Republic's Open Circle Fleet and the Confederacy's navy, led by the feared droid leader General Grievous. When a Providence-class carrier/destroyer collided with the Impavid during a hyperspace exit, he and Saesee Tiin landed in the dying Star Destroyer and led its stranded Jet troopers to take an enemy cruiser, the Prosperous. With a specialized space suit Tiin jumped out of the lower rear hangar with his clone troopers, and landed on the attacking Confederate cruiser. Tiin cut through the floor of the ship's landing bay, allowing he and his forces to enter the interior of the ship, eliminate its minor crew and take control.


Esvald pilot ARC-170 Starfighter in the Battle of Coruscant.

During the battle in space, Esvald pilot ARC-170 Starfighter and join the Hunter Squadron led by Clone Pilot "Hawk". He used the Star Destroyer "Devastator" as his command ship. Trapping the Vulture Droids to stay away from Obi-Wan and Anakin while they rescue Palpatine. Until the battle end, Esvald return to his command ship and wait for next order and start to aware Order 66 and get killed by his clone troopers. While Obi-Wan and Anakin Engaging and defeating Grievous' MagnaGuards, they moved to corner the General. However, Grievous used an electrostaff set on overload to shatter the bridge viewport and exited, climbing along the ship exterior to the escape pods and launching all of them along the way. Having no other escape, Kenobi asked if Skywalker could pilot this cruiser. Skywalker managed to crash-land the remains of the ship, and they walked away relatively unscathed.

Suspicion of Palpatine

"Master Kenobi, There is something wrong with Chancellor Palpatine. I can sense it" - Esvald to Obi-Wan

After the Battle of Coruscant, Palpatine was rescued. While on Jedi Temple, Esvald sense something wrong about the Chancellor and he talk to Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan agreed with him.

Battle of Utapau

After three years of fighting, the Galactic Republic began to gain an advantage over the Confederacy of Independent Systems, many of whose leaders were dead, with the most recent being founding Head of State Count Dooku. Republic Intelligence soon managed to discover the location of General Grievous, who succeeded Dooku as Head of State. Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Esvald Megabolter organized a fleet of Venator-class Star Destroyers carrying an army of clones large enough to capture three star systems, led by clone Commander Cody and Commander Appo. Some members of the famed 501st Legion were among the clones in Kenobi's force, tasked to set up perimeter defenses around Hangar 10. Kenobi planned to scout ahead while Esvald reinforce Kenobi soon.

Kenobi arrived on Utapau in his Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor under pretense of refueling his ship. He was greeted by Tion Medon, the Port Administrator of Pau City, observed from a distance by one of Grievous' MagnaGuards. Medon revealed that the city was being used as a hiding place by Grievous and his army of battle droids. Not only that, but the droid army was aware of his presence and had ordered Medon to tell Kenobi of their position here. Kenobi sent the droid R4-G9 fly back to the forces and inform the clones of the situation, but he stayed in Pau City to engage Grievous. Kenobi commandeered a varactyl beast named Boga as a mount, and rode in secret to the tenth level of Pau City, where Medon had told him the Separatists were hiding. Infiltrating Hangar 10 of the Lucrehulk core ship Unlimited Projection that served as the Separatists de-facto command center, he went to a platform overlooking the hangar where he witnessed a meeting of the Separatist Council. After the Separatist Council departed, Kenobi revealed himself. Dropping from the catwalk above the hangar, Kenobi was immediately surrounded by battle droids and confronted by four of Grievous' IG-100 MagnaGuards. Kenobi defeated them quickly, using the Force to dislodge a cargo module hanging from the ceiling and crush three of them, and casually decapitating the lone survivor. Grievous's troops prepared to open fire on Kenobi, but Grievous called them off. Deciding to challenge Kenobi himself, the cyborg split his arms along their lengths into four separate appendages. Drawing four lightsabers, he then spun them rapidly in a buzzsaw motion and advanced on Kenobi. However, Kenobi slowly retreating before the General before thrusting his lightsaber into the swirling energy blades, engaging Grievous in a spectacular, though brief, display of swordsmanship. Grievous unleashed a flurry of unpredictable attacks and blows, ramping up the attack until he was demonstrating over twenty blows per second. However, he remained unable to penetrate Kenobi's defense, so he ramped up his attacks even further. Kenobi, his defense finally beginning to get overloaded, altered the angle of one of his parries. Kenobi's blade, instead of intercepting Grievous's blade, sliced the cyborg's left lower wrist. Staring in surprise at his smoking stump, Grievous lunged in another attack. After another brief bout of fencing, another of Grievous' lightsabers, still clutched in his metal hand, bounced on the deck. At that moment, Esvald and the clone army arrived. While Kenobi and Grievous battled, several dozen clones managed to infiltrate the Unlimited Projection and they quickly attacked the battle droids.

301st and 212th -Battle of Utapau

301st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion attack the droid armies.

Commander Cody led the 212th Attack Battalion and Commander Appo led the 301st Legion in the assault on the Separatist forces in Pau City, aided by native warriors who also wished to drive the Separatists away. Two battalions attacked full force, with the third in reserve to provide reinforcements and cover escape routes. Hailfire droids attempted to repel the clones quickly, but they were destroyed by the Esvald's flagship, Desvastator. Troopers of the 301st captured several security posts in the Utapaun cities themselves, linking up with Kenobi in the Unlimited Projection's hangar. Once they took down two AA turrets, heavy LAAT/i firepower support wiped out droids in the hangar. They dealt a final blow by taking out a large CIS power complex,and back to reinforce the 212th the troops in Utapau in disarray.

When the Republic forces arrived, Grievous prepared to resume the duel, advancing on his opponent. However, Kenobi Force Pushed the general, sending him flying up and crashing against the ceiling. Dropping his two remaining lightsabers as he plummeted to the hangar floor, an unarmed Grievous chose to flee. Grievous crawled insectlike to his wheel bike and mounted it, speeding out of the hangar and dropping to the lower levels of the city, crushing everything in his path as he raced towards the docking platform where his private ship waited. Kenobi pursued on his varactyl, Boga, but lost his lightsaber after the jarring impact on the way down, the lightsaber eventually landing at the feet of Commander Cody. A Clone Trooper later informed the Jedi Council members about Kenobi's current pursuit and battle with Grievous, to which Mace Windu then had Anakin deliver the news to Chancellor Palpatine, although he and the other council members secretly voice their suspicions regarding Palpatine's intentions, with Plo Koon also mentioning the possibility that they'll have to remove Palpatine from office should he refuse to give up his emergency powers. Kenobi pursued Grievous in a furious chase through the streets of Pau City as the battle raged around them. As Kenobi caught up to the General, Grievous thrust at Boga with an electrostaff he stashed in the wheelbike. Kenobi managed to grab hold of the shaft of the weapon and wrench it from the cyborg's hands. Kenobi then attempted to destroy the wheels on Grievous's vehicle with it before attacking the General himself with it. Grievous managed to regain hold of it, and pulled it back, and Kenobi along with it. As the two grappled for control of the wheel bike, Grievous pulled out a blaster and attempted to shoot Kenobi, though the Jedi evaded the shots. Unfortunately, Kenobi's movements off-balanced the wheelbike, causing it to flip as they arrived at Grievous' landing platform. While they were thrown off, the bike skidded off the platform and fell into the sink hole below. The two opponent's recovered quickly, Kenobi brandishing the electrostaff against the blaster-wielding Grievous. Disarming the General, Kenobi began unleashing a series of jabs against the cyborg's torso, knocking Grievous over. Grievous retaliated with a kick that threw Kenobi across the platform. As Kenobi regained his feet, Grievous closed the distance, engaging Kenobi in a melee. While Grievous' mechanical exoskeleton provided him with a clear advantage, Kenobi managed to pry apart the armorplast plates protecting Grievous's internal organs before being thrown to the ground. Kenobi counter-attacked by kicking Grievous's leg, but only injured himself against the hard durasteel. Grievous grabbed Kenobi by the collar and threw him across the platform, with Kenobi barely managing to grab onto the edge. Grievous retrieved the electrostaff and advanced on Kenobi to deliver the killing blow. Desperately hanging from the edge, Kenobi used the Force to summon Grievous' blaster to his hand. Blasting through the gaps in the general's armorplast chestplates at the exposed organs, he ignited the tissue. Grievous's internal organs combusted violently, painfully killing the Separatist general. Grievous's death was later reported to the Jedi Council, with Mace Windu preparing to go to Palpatine's office to inform him of this development in the hopes that he lay down his emergency powers, until Anakin revealed Palpatine's stance as a Sith Lord.

Despite the destruction of the Droid Control antennae aboard the Unlimited Projection, the droid army continued fighting. However, they were hammered into submission by the persistent fire of the LAAT gunships. Hangar 10 was secured by the 301st. Esvald and two clone commanders led the armies. Anti-aircraft turrets stationed in the hangar opened fire on the incoming LAAT reinforcements dropping off tanks in the hangar, but the 301st disabled the threat. From the hangar, they launched an attack on another Confederate outpost with TX-130S fighter tanks. The outpost was pelted by LAATs and hover tanks and was destroyed. The destruction of the CIS main ATX energy pillar assisted a rousing Republic victory. Kenobi, astride Boga, rejoined the clones, having his lightsaber returned to him by Commander Cody before charging up a cliff ledge towards the Separatist headquarters. While Esvald conquering Hanger 2.

Order 66

"So Order 66 is executed, Right?" - Esvald to Commander Appo and his troopers

While Esvald and his troops were fighting with the Droid Armies in Hanger 2. Commander CC-1119 or Appo received Order 66 from Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Esvald narrowly escaped murder at the hands of his clone troopers the blast from an LAAT Gunship's main cannon that was intended to kill him was fired from a long range, and therefore did not manage a direct hit. It instead sent Esvald and his master plummeting into the lake at the bottom of the sinkhole with his mount. However, Esvald managed to escape and part from Kenobi. He pilot his Jedi Starfighter out of the planet and went back to Coruscant to join Master Yoda.

When he arrived at Coruscant on the Ruin of Jedi Temple, Clone Troopers from the 501st Legion fire at him. Esvald killed them all, then he met upp with Master Yoda and Obi-Wan. They walked into the Jedi Temple, As Kenobi finished recalibrating the coded signal, he felt he must know who was responsible for the attack. Yoda, knowing that the revelation of Anakin's turn to the dark side would cause Kenobi pain, cautioned him before the young Jedi activated the security recordings. As they watched, they learned of Palpatine's Sith identity and that the Republic was now a Galactic Empire. They agreed that the two Sith Lords must be destroyed. Yoda would remain on Coruscant to confront the newly crowned Emperor Palpatine in the Senate Building, while a deeply reluctant Kenobi would battle his former apprentice and Esvald would battle with the Sith Warrior trained under Palpatine.

Duel on the Jedi Temple

Esvald - Ruin of Jedi Temple

Esvald in the ruin of Jedi Temple.

Confront the Sith

Esvald was still on the Jedi Temple, he went to the Library. Only found that he was surrounded by Clone Troopers and a Sith Warrior. Killing all Clones, Esvald went for the Sith. Using the jump as a fulcrum for a vicious overhand, Sith unleashed a flurry of attacks and rapidly gained ground on Esvald, driving him to the edge of the platform. Esvald attempted to rally, working his way around Sith and away from the brink, though the Sith Lord easily held off his attacks and kicked him soundly in the chest, sending the Esvald flying. Esvald managed to recover and land on his feet, though he was again driven back by sith's vicious frenzy. Esvald relied on his staunch Soresu defense to hold off sith's brutal barrage of Djem So attacks.

The Sith's Fall

Esvald and the Sith Fighting along the catwalks and corridors within the mining facility, the two combatants entered the small antechamber outside the control room. Here, Esvald attempted to take advantage of an opening in sith's offense, seizing the Sith Lord's left hand and pulling him into an arm-lock before slashing at the back of his neck. sith managed to bring his blade up to defend himself, and quickly wrestled free, renewing his attack. Esvald retreated into the communication room, attempting to distract him by triggering the blasters held by the mangled clone troopers in the room and redirecting some of the shots at sith, though sith made short work of them. Esvald managed to disarm sith by using the Force to momentarily reverse the polarity of the electrodrivers in sith's prosthetic hand, causing him to drop his lightsaber. The sith was unfazed, and within the adjacent communication room, their battle degenerated into a brawl. Esvald kicked the sith out of the room. Now they were outside of the temple, Esvald ran for him and impaled the fallen Sith and prepared to leaved Coruscant.


"I should left for Bespin"-- Esvald Megabolter After leaving Coruscant, Esvald went to Polis Messa. There, with Bail Organa and Master Yoda. When Esvald arrived, the four of them discovered that Amidala was carrying twins and had to be operated on quickly if they were to save the babies, because Amidala was literally dying of a broken heart. Kenobi served as Amidala's coach as the babies were born. Amidala gave her japor snippet to Kenobi to keep for her, but he didn't understand the significance of this gesture so he gave it back to her. It was supposedly buried with her. Amidala also told Kenobi she still believed there was good in her husband before she finally died.

Kenobi, Organa, Yoda and Esvald all agreed that Kenobi would take Anakin Skywalker's son Luke to Anakin Skywalker's step-brother Owen Lars and his wife Beru on Tatooine. Organa meanwhile would take Skywalker's daughter Leia to Alderaan, Yoda would hide on the swamp world of Dagobah and Esvald will went for Bespin for his militia to war against the Empire.

The Dark Times

Attacking the Empire

Treaty-Esvald Kota's Militia

Esvald signed to allied with Kota's Militia on Malastare

"The time has came men!" -- Esvald to his troops

A month later after Order 66 was issued, Esvald went to Bespin. When he arrived, he calls his troops, tanks, fleets and prepared to expanded and battle against the Empire and destroyed Darth Vader but he his militia remained hidden, emerging only to strike at Imperial targets in well-executed and carefully planned raids. He allied with Kota's Militia and Senator Bail Organa. Organa began feeding Kota and Esvald data on Imperial targets, allowing the General to strike deep at the Empire's war machine. They sercretly signed the treaty on Malastare.

Esvald's Militia - Trooper

The Trooper of Esvald's Militia.

Through Organa, Kota and Esvald was able to maintain communications with other Jedi, including Ylenic It'kla, who was serving as the Senator's aide, Shaak Ti, who was in hiding on Felucia, and Kazdan Paratus, who had taken refuge on Raxus Prime. While conducting his rebellion, Kota and Esvald took an intense interest in Darth Vader himself, attacking targets that appeared to have some level of importance to the Dark Lord, such as assaulting a factory that he had recently visited and stealing a shuttle that Vader had used as a personal transport. Kota's main aim as the same of Esvald was to finally draw Vader into a confrontation with himself so that the Sith Lord could be eliminated once and for all.

Rescue of Rahm Kota

Esvald-Jabba's Palace

Esvald on Jabba's Palace.

In 5 BBY, The Hutt have captured Master Rahm Kota. Esvald went to Tatooine to rescued Rahm Kota, Esvald finally arrived on Tatooine after Rahm Kota was captured for one week. When Some of Esvald's troops went to rescued first were held captive by Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Skillful use of the Force after training with Rahm Kota ,allowed Esvald to get past Jabba's Gamorrean guards and his majordomo, Bib Fortuna, but the Hutt was not so easily swayed and attempted to feed Esvald to his rancor.

Esvald vs Rancor

Esvald prepare to kill Rancor.

Esvald killed the Rancor which make Jabba very angry and sentenced all the captured Esvald and his troops including Rahm Kota to death in the Pit of Carkoon. However, right before he was put into the pit, Esvald escaped when Commander Stone, Commander of Esvald's Militia shot his lightsaber to him and freed the other prisoners on the skiff. The both Jedi massacred Jabba's Guards and the transport of the Militia arrived and helped them out of Tatooine. Although, Jabba and few of his guards survived from the massacred of Esvald and Rahm Kota.

Striking at Imperial Medical Station

"The Force is strong with you!" - Esvald to Galen Marek

In 3 BBY, using information that gained from Bail Organa, Esvald launched an attack on Imperial Medical Station in orbit of planet Raxus Prime in order to drawing out Darth Vader from hiding and destroy the sith lord. Esvald and his militia boarded the station, engaging stormtroopers and placing explosive charges throughout the facility at strategic points. Later Esvald and his troops secured the station center, then a mystery ship arrived. Esvald believed that the pilot is Darth Vader, he ordered his troops to open the main hangar in order to get the ship in.

Esvald vs Galen Marek

Esvald prepare to fight Galen Marek on the station library.

Later Esvald found that is not Vader but it is Galen Marek or Starkiller, so Esvald duel with him. Esvald engaged the apprentice in a lightsaber duel and found the boy stronger in the Force than he had thought. Unwilling to let the apprentice live, Esvald used the Force to detach the command center from the construction facility, continuing to battle the darksider as it plummeted toward the surface of Raxus Prime. The two continued to duel, but the apprentice was strong, and Esvald began to tire, taking several hits that reduced his robe to a smoking ruin and caused one of his shoulder pads to glow red hot. Esvald was caught in a chokehold by the apprentice and battered with flying debris until he was knocked to the ground. Vader's apprentice brought his lightsaber blade down, engaging the Esvald in a saber lock. Marek charge at Esvald, In that moment, the apprentice pushed the locked blades Esvald's legs and arms, wounding Esvald. Esvald fall from the station into his command ship, the Intervention. Marek believe that Esvald was died but he wasn't died. Esvald ordered his troops to retreat and he recovered at the Medic room on his ship.

Defense of Dorin

Battle Over Geonosis

Esvald's fleet ambush the Imperial Fleet.

After surviving the fight with Galen Marek, Bail Organa gave Esvald an target of Imperial Fleet en route to attack Dorin, the homeworld of the Kel Dor species. When the Imperial Fleet arrived, they only found that Esvald's fleet arrived too. Commanding his troops from the bridge of his frigate, Vader launched an assault on Dorin with a large fleet of two Assault Ships and sixteen Imperial Star Destroyer, deploying his battle droid army to lay waste to the civilian Kel Dor population. Although the Kel Dors valiantly fought back against the Separatists, they soon began to be overwhelmed due to the enemy support of Vader's invasion fleet. During the fighting, Vader ordered his battle droid commander to press the attack. The Commander replied that their stormtroopers would hunt down any survivors of the initial assault. Esvald lead a fleet to reinforce Dorin. Esvald in particular was selected for his starfighter piloting expertise, which would be invaluable in leading the task force because of Dorin's orientation between two black holes.

Esvald's Militia - Fleet

Esvald's fleet at Dorin.

Esvald's task force of nine Venator-class Star Destroyers, including the Intervention and Unity, and engaged the Empire in the space above the planet. Esval's flotilla dispatched squadrons of trooper–piloted Y-Wing Bombers and ARC-170 Starfighters, with one led by Esvald from his Jedi Starfighters, and another unit under the command of his troopers. While the Jedi and his starfighter squadrons combated the Imperial's fighter patrols of TIE Fighters and , the Venator Star Destroyers exchanged laser fire with the Imperial frigates over Dorin. However, the latter vessels used their heavy turbolaser cannons to tear through the deflector shields of the Esvald's cruisers, destroying the Unity in the process. With the Intervention now subjected by enemy fire, Esvald responded by having his squadron focus on the enemy frigate that was bearing down on the Intervention. The battle soon turned in the Esvald's favor as the Imperial forces began to be overwhelmed. When Vader's fleet was forced into retreat from Dorin, Vader departed from his flotilla in his personal starfighter.

Corellian Treaty


Esvald and other Rebel Leader's meeting on Corellia.

Esvald en route to Corellia to form the Rebel Alliance. As Esvald arrived, he found that the other senators, Rahm Kota and Galen Marek have already arrived too. Shortly after, Imperial troops under the command of Darth Vader himself, attacked the congregation. As Imperial soldiers battled against the security forces that each Senator had brought, Esvald and Kota used their lightsaber and launched themselves against Vader. The Dark Lord telekinetically caught Kota with the Force, choking him until he offered no more resistance, then tossed him toward a group of waiting stormtroopers to be taken prisoner. While Esvald was force push by Vader, knocking him to unconscious and bought Esvald as prisoner.

Personality and traits

While Esvald was training on the Jedi Temple with Obi-Wan Kenobi, He was completed many Jedi Tricks and Abilities. In his first test with Ahsoka Tano ,he could defeated her and many test passed. Many Jedi including Anakin Skywalker ,Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi have been defeated by Esvald.


Esvald's equipment when he was still a padawan, he weared a brown boots and wielded green lightsaber. When Esvald was a Jedi Knight, he weared a green Jedi Shirt and black boots, still wielded a green lightsaber. During the clone wars began, Esvald was given a rank as a Jedi General to led the clone armies. Esvald was given white gloves on his Jedi shirt. During the Mission to Iceberg III, the climate was cold, Esvald worn a Clone Trooper Armor.


  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - As master ,Esvald was very respect full for Obi-Wan.
  • Ahsoka Tano - Many Battles, Ahsoka always working with Esvald so they became a close friend.
  • Commander CC-1119 - As Esvald led 301st Legion alongside with Appo, Esvvald trusted Appo very much.


Esvald kept database which carry information about his friend ,Master and battles.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Database

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Data

Obi-Wan Kenobi ,Jedi Master who teach Esvald.

Also known as the "Negotiator," Obi-Wan Kenobi kept a cool head in the thick of combat. Obi-Wan was never at a loss for a quick word of wisdom or humor. He served as a General in the Repulic's army, with Clone Commander Cody often at his side.

For over a decade Obi-Wan guided young Anakin Skywalker on the path to Jedi Knighthood. Having to rein in an adventure-seeking youth made Obi-Wan wise -- and cynical -- beyond his years. True to his role, Obi-Wan recognized both Anakin's strengths and weaknesses, and he tried to impart his lessons with the patience and understanding that his mentor, Qui-Gon, did.

Ahsoka Tano Database

Ahsoka Tano - Data

Ahsoka Tano,Friend to Esvald.

During the Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano was Anakin Skywalker's Padawan learner, his apprentice in the ways of the Force. The young Togruta girl was discovered by Master Plo Koon and raised in the Jedi Temple. She graduated to Padawan at an early age, in part, as an effort by Master Yoda to teach her new Master, Anakin Skywalker, a greater sense of responsibility. Ahsoka is eager -- almost overly so -- to prove herself worthy of her status as a Padawan, to make Anakin proud, and to become a Jedi Knight.

CC-1119 "Appo" Database


Commander CC-1119 "Appo",Clone Commander of 301st Legion that led by Esvald.

CC-1119 was a clone commander who served in the Grand Army of the Republic's 501st Legion. During the Clone Wars, CC-1119 received training from the ARC trooper Alpha-17, where he was given the name "Appo." Around 21 BBY, Appo, who was a clone sergeant at the time, was part of a Republic battle group that was sent to the Confederate planet Umbara.

Outer Rim Sieges

Map of Outer Rim Sieges in 19.9 BBY

Note : The Outer Rim Sieges were the series of fierce battles that took place throughout the planets of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. CloneWars-OuterRimSieges 19BBY

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