Early life

Esh was born on the cold moon of IceBerg III. He was taken a slave by DYLAN T BEST along with the other citizens of the city Corsh'e (cor-sh-a). Soon after that the republic arrived to rescue the slaves. Unfortunately Esh went into hiding and was later found by the inFamous Count Dooku.

Sith Training

Count Dooku took Esh to a secret labratory on Dathomir. There he was trained in the ways of the dark side. Esh has mastered force lightning, force push, and most importantly lightsaber dueling. Dooku sent Esh on missions to take citizens of the republic, hostage. Soon Dooku gave Esh the sith title "Lord Misury". Not Long after he earned that title, Dooku started treating him unfairly. Esh didn't like that so he left Dooku and went to Tatooine.

Bounty Hunter/Spy training

Then a slaving toydarian named Watto took Esh. Watto hired a skilled assassin to train Esh in the ways of a bounty hunter. Soon after Esh was fully trained he killed Watto and the assassin. And found a jedi starfighter. He stole the starfighter and called it Eckona. (ek-on-uh)

New Squad

He flew Eckona to the watery world of Kamino. The war of Kamino was going on when he arrived. He defeated a bunch of clones. The leader of the mercenary group War Machine saw Esh's skills and offered him to join. Esh looked and it was the one and only Harker. Esh happily accepted the offer. Now, Esh is a bounty hunter for Harker. Aft

er three long months of training and complex missions Esh finally got promoted to the rank General and was rewarded with the rare and expensive Barrage gear. Esh still serves under Harker and hopefuly always will.

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