~Emperor Snake's Bio.~

Born on Mustafar and raised on Korriban by many SIth Lords, Snake was once a Jedi Guardian in the past, he kept the Jedi Temple safe of any Sith and made sure nothing went wrong. But all that changed when he saw the Ancient Sith Lord, Darth Malgus leading the Sacking of Coruscant. As the Sith destroyed the Jedi Temple and Snake's brother, Malgus never did kill Snake instead he could see in Snake that he would soon be a true Sith Lord one never to be forgotten. After many years of practice and training on the Ancient Sith Academy, Snake reached his rank of Sith Lord and commanded his own squad named "The Forgotten Sith". The Forgotten Sith were members of the first Sith Empire led by Darth Malak but then soon forgotten after Malak was killed by his own apprentice Malgus. After leading the invasion of Ryloth Snake had reached the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith. He has always dreamed of being a Dark Lord of the Sith one day and now he had the chance to prove to his master that he was one. After going in the Sith Library, he found a rare holocron that lit up blood red, different writing he had never seen. He looked around to see if anyone was in there with him but no one was. As he opened the holocron it lit up a Holoprojector of Sith Lord Darth Revan, as he began speaking, "The Sith must be ruled by a single leader, the very embodiment of the strength and power of the dark side. If the leader grows weak, another must rise to seize the mantle.". Placing the Sith Holocron back were it was, he ran out of the Sith library and tried to find his master. Still looking for him he found another Sith Lord standing at Snake's starfighter but something inside of his mind told him not to go near him, that he was the most powerful DarkLord of the Sith. But he didn't listen as he went closer he was struck by Lightning from the unknown Sith, falling to the ground in pain he tried looking up but to only pass out. After a few weeks in the Medic he awoke to the unknown Sith standing beside him, looking down at him as if he wanted him alive. Being released after two hours in the Medic that one day, the unknown Sith took Snake to a mountain that over looked the Sith Temple and the Academy. Then he began speaking, "The Sith Empire will burn brightly, like a supernova, dwarfing the complacent Republic. We shall hold the entire galaxy in our grasp.". Staring at the Unknown Sith he asked him who he was and how he knew Snake. As he began speaking again he realized that he was the true Sith that everyone knew, Naga Shadow... Months had pasted by while Snake was sent on a mission to destroy the Evil mistress Xalandra Nova but after seeing her face he fell in complete love and soon ended up in her prison cage. After the release of Snake he went to Ryloth where the destruction had begun months ago. After meeting this one gorgeous lady, they both fell in love. Her name was as beautiful as she was, Lumiya Knight, as they got married after a year. Soon after, Snake reached his true rank after killing the Emperor on the Deathstar, he became Emperor Snake and held many powers, as he also got to held his own Empire and Army. Soon after he led the Second sacking of Coruscant but little did he know he was about to receive a warning, he would soon regret....
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~Emperor Snake, Emperor of the new Sith Empire II.~

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