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Emissary Event wore this gear for months

Emissary Event is the lead SOE representative player used to host community events. This player has been around most of Clone Wars Adventures' life since launch. You can verify an emissary by their purple names. Emissary is a term for host as in the host of an event. Known activities from the past that have been issued at community events are House Inspection Parties, Trivia Challenge, Speeder Bike Challenge, Lightsaber Dueling Party, Umbaran Combat Zone Adventures, Hide and Seek, Creative Answers Events, Dance Party, Droid Party, Clone Wars Reenactment Events, Monster Bites Events, Costume Party, Hangar Party, Togruta Reunion Party, Bounty Hunter Bash, Life Day Party, Clone Trooper Reunion, Nightsister Gathering, Darkside Duel Challenge, Saber Strike meet-up, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Emissary Events?

Throughout your time in Clone Wars Adventures, you may see players talking about Emissary events. Emissary events are generally held on Wednesdays and Friday's of every week. Two of the more popular events are Housing Inspection and Trivia events.

Can I earn cool prizes for winning an event?

You sure can! If you are selected for a Housing Inspection, or if you win the Trivia event; you have a really good chance at winning the D-0T Droid™ companion! This is one of the rarest Droids™ in the game so keep on your toes and be ready to answer some trivia questions, or if you don't excel at trivia you can always try your hand in the Home Inspection!


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