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40 BBY

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

  • Mandalorians
    • Mandalorian Rising

Child hood and birth.

Dragonic was born on Mandalore before being moved to Mustafar as the son of a jedi and a smugglar. Evan though Dragonic was not force-sensitive he soon found that he had a force-sensitive brother named rocket jet. Dragonic grew up on a nersery home on mustafar. He was given a exellent education and was taken by a rich family. Like Xalexandra Nova. Dragonic was tought in military-warfare. Though he soon grew into Gurilla-warfare Dragonic was an expert on weapons and knew how to use them.Dragonic was soon reunited with his family on Ryloth.

Parents death.

Dragonic did not go crazy with power over the loss of his biological parents and the parents who had taken him in. Instead Dragonic used his heritage by searching his family tree, and found he was 90% mandalorian. His great great grandfather who went by the name of Dead Rain was a mandalorian bounty hunter during the old republic.Dragonic soon went searching for a occupation for a job as a manalorian mercenary.

Mandalorian Rising

While visiting ryloth he found a base where a group of mandalorians stood. He befriended the leader who was named mirta meta and joined the group called mandalorian rising.After getting his promotion of general dragonic soon grew a light-hearted personality, and would rather die with a smile on his face then be serious for one minute. Dragonic soon died when he annoyed his boss to death and mirta kicked him in his balls, but he soon revived when mandalorian rising's medics slapped him with a meme. Then dragonic was servered to forever walk the earth as a walking meme or a monkey with a typewriter and we can make that happen.

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