Early Life

Dirk Sharphook was born on Coruscant into a middle-class family. He grew up with hopes of becoming a wealthy bounty hunter (since back then being a bounty hunter paid very well). As a young man, Dirk traveled off Coruscant in search of work as a bounty hunter, smuggler, or something of the sort. Upon meeting a member of Nova Corp, Dirk joined the organization has a security guard. Shortly after that, an attack on Nova Corp's Kamino base left Dirk with several injuries after being knocked unconscious by an explosion. Dirk grabbed what he could from the base and stole a ship to travel back to Coruscant after realizing he didn't like the life a bounty hunter as he thought he would

New Beginning

Upon his arrival on Coruscant, Dirk ditched the ship and began wandering through the underworld in hopes of finding a place to sleep for the night. After renting a speeder bike, he witnessed two Coruscant Police Droids chasing a man through the streets. Dirk chased after the man thinking that if he caught him he might be able to get some kind of reward, even if he himself was technically a criminal. After chasing the man into a dead end, Dirk calmly asked him to surrender himself (even though he knew this was unlikely to happen). Then the man suddenly pulled a blaster and after pulling the trigger on Dirk, the bolt was sent through the criminals stomach after Dirk attempted to block the blast with his hands. Dirk was confused and slightly worried. Police Droids caught up and took the mans body and Dirk in their custody. After explaining what happened and then waiting for a few hours, a man in a brown robe came in and told Dirk to follow him. They arrived at the Jedi Temple where the robed men explained to Dirk that he had a gift, that few had, to use the Force that the man claimed flowed through everybody but some were more in tune with it. The man said the Dirk would become a Jedi, even though most can not become Jedi after a certain age but it was better than for Dirk to turn to the Dark Side. He was trained as a Jedi and after months of training, became a Jedi Master.

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