The Beginning of Bryant Legacy (Gods of the force?)

Long ago over 10 million years ago , The first Bryant known as Dirk Bryant was created out of nothing. He had the ability to create things by merely saying them aloud. He created a chain of planets known as the core worlds. But that was just nearly the beginning. Branches of this legacy expands to the legendary Lonestalks , Flameburners , And Dins. But along with this came a huge destiny fior each of them.......Dirk Also is the grand master of the jedi order and surpreme Chancellor of the rebellion In the Nova-Rebel Era. 

The Lineage Of Chosen Ones

Later Dirk found his long lost brother Jock Tough , They both spoke a sister into existence now known as Thalia. Later, Dirk met a man named Booster R. Lonestalk. He was extremely gifted in the force and was a great friend of Dirk. He had Dark brown hair and it was untidy. His eyes were blue and his skin color was tan. He was a master duelist, also.

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