Dexter using lightning to hold off a skilled Jedi Master.

Dexter Solarwind was a sith and jedi in the times of the old republic. After that he became a shadow hunter and he still is today. His childhood was tough and that’s when he went on his lone wolf life. .
Dexter SolarWind

Biographical information

Home world: Korriban

Born: 27, 000 BBY

Physical description

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6ft2

Mass: 140 lbs.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Skin color: Pale caucasian

Cybernetics: None

Chronological and political information

Era(s): Old Republic – Galactic Empire

Affiliation: Sith empire, Jedi order, Shadow Hunters

Known Masters: Darth Revan

Known Apprentices: Vern


These stories get very violent in some parts and people that don't wish to see violence should not read anything below for the chance they might see it as disturbing. Thank you for your time.

Early Life Of Dexter

One day when Dexter was a child he was in his room when he looked outside his window and saw three men in dark robes. He through they were just passing by but then one of them pointed up at my window and at me. So I ran down stairs and got my dad. He told me he would go talk to them in a peaceful tone. He also gave me a small light saber and told me to go to my room. So i went up and when i got there i looked outside through my window. I remember seeing my dad walking outside with a sad look on his face. The three men in black robes pointed back at the window. Then my dad waved his head no. One of the dark robed men pulled out a red saber. Then the other did. Also did the last. The one that was in the front swung the saber at my dad but in a split second he slid out a saber hilt and unleashed a bright blue blade and blocked it. Then he did a large thrust and made a hole in the heart of the robed man. Then the one right next to him started swinging. My dad started blocking, but then the other robed man came in and it became two on one. My dad kept blocking and trying to attack but they wouldn't let him. The fighting seemed to go on for hours but then finally the robe man went behind my dad and did a quick thrust. The blade went straight through my dad’s heart. The sith in front cut off his head to insure death. Then they turned off their sabers, took my fathers and then went inside. I was scared so I hid under my bed. I waited for a bit and then heard footsteps. Then I saw a foot at the base of my door. I held the saber my dad gave me tightly. Then I saw his other foot come in with another two. Both men were in my room. They looked around until one bent down as if to look under my bed. The second I saw his face under the bed I shot out my saber and made a hole in his face. Then he dropped dead. The other one took out his saber and then he tried to flip the bed over, but I rolled over and made a thin slice into his leg. He lost balance then fell. Then I held the saber to his neck and made the final move. After that I turned off the saber, grabbed my back pack, packed everything i needed and left. I knew I would not be welcomed back for the things I did.

Mid Life Of Dexter

I wandered alone on Korriban after the death of my father and the robed men... I had no family no shelter no food. So I just wandered wondering what I should do now. As I was wandering, insanity closed in little by little. Day's went by and it felt like months or even years. Then one day as I was wandering I was so tired i just sat down. My vision was fuzzy and black and I was guessing these were my final hours. Then I noticed something. A man with strange robes came over to me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up, but I fell asleep from fatigue. When I opened my eyes I was laying on a bed. I had no idea what was going on so I tried to stand up but just fell. Then I forced myself up wondering where I was... I wandered around the house until I came to a room where I saw the man in strange robes. From a distance I said "Who are you?" and in reply he said something that was unexpected, "I am Darth Revan". As I was watching him I saw him wave his hand to assemble and disassemble a lightsaber. I asked what are you doing and said he was using the force. Then not know what I was saying I said I want to learn how to use the force. Thus started my day's as a sith....

Becoming a Sith

Revan quickly replied, “No. Then I asked again. Another “No”. Again and again I tried and tried asking Revan to teach me the force. It stayed no. So I gave up. I went back to the room I came from and took out my father’s Saber for me. Then I went to Revan took out the saber and attacked. With a simple thrust with his hand he sent me flying back and I was instantly disarmed. So he said, “You want to learn? Fine I will teach you the ways of the force." So I stood up and retrieved my saber. Then I started training. He sent me outside where I saw the sun and moon again. He had me go up to a medium sized rock and lift it. I turned around and said, "You want me to lift this? I can’t lift the smallest thing with the force! I don’t even know what it is!" He told me to just try lifting a small rock. Knowing complaining wouldn't get me anywhere I moved my hand at it and lifted it up. The rock went up 4 feet then fell back down. I smiled with pride, but soon more things would come upon me.

Learning How to use a Saber

I was learning quite fast. But that didn’t mean I was very good. Day after day Revan would test me and tried to see how fast I was learning. Then he would test me and knocked me on my back over and over and over again. Then he would show me my errors. Then one day he said, " Are you ready for another test? " And I replied “Yes.” Then Revan charged. I blocked his first strike then jumped backwards as he slashed where my legs were. Then I lunged and aimed for his hand but then he used force push against me and sent me flying into a brick wall far behind me. I wasn’t over yet. I stood up and kept trying. Over and over I fell and crashed. After about a hour of trying I couldn’t stand anymore and fell before Revan. He just smiled and told me I had skill. He said because I kept trying I had made him proud. This was the day I learned the power of the blade.

The First Mission.....

Days went by and I was getting better slowly. Then Revan walked up to me and said, “I need you to go to a planet and retrieve an item for me." I replied with, “What is it master?” Then Revan told me what I was supposed to retrieve. There was a Golden Saber supposedly in a old Sith temple. SOOO At first I said, “Heck no you want me to die?” He said he just wanted me to get it so I could repay for the training he has given me and add a saber to his collection. I continued to say no until he said I could use his ship... Then my first TRUE test began.........

The Ship and Planet

Revan showed me how to use his ship and I was off. His ship looked like the mixture of a tie fighter and a stealth ship.... However it had no weapons but was built for stealth. So I flew through space without a problem and undetected by any possible planet radars. I flew for hours then a large planet started coming into view. Then I set it on auto and got my stuff ready for a sky dive. I stepped to the back and grabbed my Fathers saber. “Bring Him Honor.... “I told myself over and over. I knew that I was turning to darkness..... The opposite of what my father wanted. Then I loaded on my sith gear and went above the jump point. Then I looked out and breathed once.

Then I jumped....

Adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I was falling and my mask was indicating my speed 30 miles per hour 40 miles per hour 60 miles per hour 120 miles per hour. I was falling then in a split second I hit my landing device and I landed in a gyro ball. When I stood up I saw my gyro ball was damaged badly from the impact. No more gyro shields. Then I heard Revan through my comlink. “Proceed ahead until the land turns to a swamp. In the middle of the swamp there should be a sith temple. Enter there. " I ran forward until the grass turned a strange purple shade and swamp water was laid out for miles above. And In the Center Laid a giant temple masked in vines and moss. It was faded red and black... The Swamp Temple of Dagobah

The Sith Temple Of Dagobah

I started my adventure by waddling through the mud. It was terrible. As I walked I started to get sucked in but I continued to bring my knees up and moving quickly to avoid falling into the dark marsh lands. The Trees were a strange shade of red and purple and were releasing a peach like fume.... Suddenly I noticed i was starting to get tired... The trees were releasing something like knock out gas.... I kept walking trying to avoid it. Then I saw land ahead of me. 10 feet. 5 feet. Then I was there. But the second I hit land I fell down exhausted from the Gas and avoiding becoming another lost soul to the marsh lands.....

I woke up. I was lying on a dark black pavement. My sith armor looked like if I was just in a war. My hidden Blaster pistol wasn’t in my shoe compartment. And my blade wasn’t up my sleeve. I was disarmed and my armor was weakened. I tried to stand up as a black shoe with a knife on the end of it hit me and sliced my head armor. Then a foot was planted on my chest and I was having hard time breathing. I looked up and my vision cleared. A man in Dark sith armor was standing on me. He lifted his foot and sliced. I felt blood leak down the side of my face. In a dark voice he boomed, “Why are you come weak mortal? Do you seek sorrow, pain and Death?“ I said I was here for my reasons only and he put more pressure on his foot. He boomed, "WHY HAVE YOU COME TO MY TEMPLE?!?!” In a weak pathetic voice I said, " The golden saber. I am here to claim it for my master. “He said, "Who is thy master?" I said Darth Revan then his foot suddenly felt like a billion pounds. He looked even more evil and angry than before. He said, “I have a score to settle with him. After I kill you I will kill him... “He put his foot off me and kicked me back.” A duel of honor we shall have. "He tossed me my father’s saber. I caught it midair and its blade came out bright blue, the spirit of the jedi that once used it. He took out 2 sabers one dark red and then he slid one out of his sleeve. The golden hilt flashed and blinded me for a spit second. While I was blinded he lunged. I was barely able to block with my blade as he struck over and over again. He blocked as I did a trick Revan taught me. I spanned my saber as it collided with his and it struck into his hand cutting it off and sending it flying away from battle. He yelled a dark evil howl of pain. Then a bolt of lightning struck through my body. He shoots lightning from the stub I just cut off. Then as if a pro I just raised my saber and my blade absorbed the lightning as if I had been practicing my whole life just to do this. Then I aimed it at his and my blade shot about a 1,000,000 VOLTS of lightning into his body. He went flying back into the wall which crumbled and fell as he hit it and the wall collapsed on top of him killing him. All that was left of him was his hand sticking out on top with the golden saber. I Took it feeling honored. Then I noticed my armor was destroyed and broken beyond repair. Then i had an idea. I moved the rocks off the dead siths body and took his armor. Later this would be the phase 2 set of my armor. Stronger, Better, And BUILT for combat. Then I left and walked outside and called the ship. Then I left Dagobah with the Golden Saber of the Dark Sith warrior.

Heading home

I went outside and checked to see is my helmet comlink was still working. Luck of corse is never on my side..... It was broken FAR beyond repair. Then I looked above at the swamp lands and the strange trees. How would i build up the energy to cross again? Then Again I had one of my possible phyco but brilliant ideas. But this time it was brilliant. I slid off my arm armor piece, (Also Broken ALMOST beyond repair...) and I also took off my helmet. I took my helmet apart using the remaining wires and cords to repair my arm piece. Then after a bit of trying and failing i got it. Then i slid it back on and it opened to the side with a set of voice used controls. Then I said, " Command number 4 land ship. " and i waited. Some more. And some more. After what felt forever i heard the sound of a landing gear activating. I saw the ship about a quarter of a mile away. And off i ran. When i reached it i was out of breath and already tired from my duel. Then i looked at my belt and saw my earned prize for my master. The blade still shined gold. Then i went to the helm and set it on auto pilot as I went down to rest.

Meeting A New Friend. | Part 1 of 2 |

I heard beeping in the distance. My alarm went off. I looked up and saw that it is around 7:47 A.M..... So I got up and looked out the window. The ship was landing in Revans court yard. I saw him waiting there with his arms crossed. He had his lightsaber ready at his belt. Then when the ship landed I walked out and he put his guard down. He smiles and said, " How was your first mission Dexter? " In return I said, " Well.... I was knocked out by peach scent trees, I almost sunk into the marsh lands bog, And THE GRAND FINALE, I fought an ancient sith warlord that said he wanted revenge on your and he would take it from killing me then going after you. " He nodded and smiled. " So it was a sucess? " I nodded and slid out the golden blade. I handed it to revan. He just took it and slid it onto his belt.

" Dexter while you were gone I had another mission prepared for you when you came back. Would You like it now? And by that I mean you are going to take it now so yeah... " I nodded grudgeingly. " Good. However for this mission it is going to be a murder. I want you to kill a man named Ben Drago. He has caused me a couple of issues in the past while I was still in training.... He almost defeated me. But now you will avenge me Dexter. YOU have a chance to avenge me. If you win your duel against him, bring any of his family members or him back here. As prisoners. I will then take them as a type of human cattle you might say... Pets." In reply i said, " What will you do once they have become your servants my lord? Also where will i find this person and his family? " Revan said, " That is the challenge young one. I want you to find him and I want your to take him and his family as prisoners. He should have his entire family but one believe... Rayanna I believe. Slowly I drove her insane. Do you know how? I used th force to manipulate her mind. Then heres the best part. Ben ended up killing her in rage. However I have obtained a DNA sample. I may be able to bring her back.... as a clone. She will not see her family the same after ben ended up killing her. She may become your acolyte after you mastered your training.mIf she becomes fully trained then we can send her on missions to take down threats. Such as the jedi temple. Or like what happened to your family. Rouge sith. Or bounty hunters. There are many possiblilities. If you complete this i will rank your up to a sith warrior rather than a acolyte. Also... If you need to you can kill one or two... But not all of them." I nodded. " Is there any help or location you can give me? " Revan replied " Look At the ancient sith temple of Korriban. Your Home world."

Meeting A New Friend. | Part 2 of 2 |

After The information Revan gave me, I went inside quickly to make myself a new armor set. I took pieces from my old one and added them to the set i stole from the ancient sith. I made it so it had a over shield, was more durable, and had a grappling hook attached to the arm blade. When I was done I put it on. It felt amazing. I felt like if i was a Super soldier, which if coarse I was training for but ehhh.... Still. Then I added a couple for things to help. I slid a pistol into my shoe, a knife attached to my shoe, and a heat seeker built into the helmet. As a bonus i added a flame thrower... As I looked at my check list for things to use to either kill and or torture ben and his family I had a thought in my mind, Why dont I just keep one of his family members as a slave? Drive Him even MORE mad. In a low tone I said, " I love using the mind against my enemies. " Then I finished my check list and went into revans ship. As I got inside I looked around. Everything is in the same place I left it.... No spies so far. Good. I looked down and reached into my pocket. I pulled out a small black crystal. " Soul crystal.... Haven't used one of these before. Better be careful... " Then I went to the captains seat, set the destination, then layed back to rest....

I oped my eyes then heard the sound of the ships landing gear extending. I stood up then looked out through a side window. I walked outside to the sandy grounds of Korriban, My home world. Almost immidiantly My heat seeker went off and I saw 3 Empire troopers. The one in front who had mostly black and red streaks said, " State Your buisness or be shot down. " I Knew I couldnt reveal my plan so I slid my saber out quickly and threw it forward. It turns on instantly and cut off the heads of all three troops. Their lifeless bodies crrumpled to the ground. Then I used the force to lift their bodies then threw them off a nearby cliff. No evidince left behind..... Then I continued my quest and went on forward. I saw a nearby mountain and started to climb it. In no time at all, I was at the top, sniper rifle on my back, with a pair of goggled to help me see more clear and far than usual. I scanned the horizon and saw nothing but when i looked on the other side of the mountain i saw something that amazed me.... I saw a giant temple with young sith, male and female, walking in and out. It looked like a school. None of the people.... who mostly looked 17 and 18, had lightsabers.... most of them had training blades. Pathetic. I had the urge to head down and just kill them but i stayed still and watched..... I slid down the mountain feet first. I had my sniper in my hands then noticed a small battalion of darkside troopers below me. I dug the claws on my gauntlets into the mountain. I stopped instantly but a small rock kept falling and hit the ground. A small little crash sound was made. I grabbed my sniper and knife and let go of the rock. Just as one of the troopers looked up, He got a knife to the face. He crumpled down. Then the ned trooper tried to reach for his blaster but i threw my knife into his head. it broke straight through his visor and he crumpled down to the ground and then stopped moving. The other three had most of their weapons ready by now but one tried to shoot but in a split second i raised my hand and used the force to crush his neck instantly. Then the next one tried to hit me with his knife but I grabbed his hand and with my other arms elbow, Smashed downward on his arm and broke it. He fell to the ground moaning. The last one turned around about to run but I grabbed my sniper quickly and but 5 bullets into his back. Then I pulled my knife out of the dead troopers body and slid my sniper on my back. I turned to the trooper who was moaning, grabbed him, Then asked a very simple question. " Where am I and Who are these teens. " The trooper gulped and in a low tone said, " The Ancient sith temple of korriben. Children and teenagers alike are trained here to become sith. Please let me go! I have a family! " Then i dropped him on both his feet. He started to relax for a second then i round house kicked him in the face and he dropped dead from a serious head kick. I hid the boddies in a couple of places, took one of the troopers armor and loaded it into mine as a disguise, then Walked twoard the temple slowly.... I was one step closer to finding this..... Ben drago boy....

With the guards out of my way I had a perfect chance to infiltrate this sith temple. I also knew that if i went in there, there would be a chance of blood shed. That worried me because i knew if i got caught or was revealed for who i was the imperials would be all over me. And i would be in a body bag.  So i set up the imperial armor and walked into the temple casually like if i was on a patrol. No one suspected anything yet. So i looked around and i noticed a hall way that seemed kind of dark and shady. Even for the sith, this seemed ominous. So of course, I went down that path. When i first went in there i had my heat seeker on. About half way down the isle it went off. There were two people behind me and infront of me. In a high pitched voice i heard a girl say, " Troopers arent allowed to go into darth baras's office.... So why are you here? " In reply i quickly said, " Sorry ma'am i went down the wrong path. " She nodded and i could instantly tell that she wasnt very strong in the force, or she could have sensed my lies. So i took this as my chance. I threw my combat knife forward and it lodged straight into the girls head. Then the guy next to her reached for his trainign blade but i pulled out my rifle and put a clip into him before he got a chnce. Then i quickly turned and let my rifle loose on he other 2 before they had a chance to strike. I looked at the girls body and noticed she had a knap sack. So i searched i and found a lightsaber,credits, and a picture of what looked like her family. Too bad she won't ever see them again. And i proceeded into this      " Darth baras's " office. But i could tell by the way she said his name this guy would be no walk in the park. So i kept my light saber at hand but hidden. I proceeded forward. And when i walked into his office i saw a big fat looking man dawning sith armor and having a sith inquisitor lightsaber at his hand. The second i walked in he said, " Killed my old apprentice then you have the nerve to try to come at me? Shameful. " And before i was even ready he aimed his arms forward and electricity arced outward into my body. i crumpled back but then rose my hands and absorbed the lightning and redirected it. With one hand I was taking it in and the other hand i was shooting it back. I stopped redirecting it for a second and used force push at his legs knocking them out from under him then leaping at him kicking him so hard in the chest there was a loud crack. Then as i looked down at thd big fat sith he looked back and said, " Shameful... " Then he stopped moving... So i took his saber and hid his body.

I turned around and walked back out thinking of all the time i wasted on this " quest. " I  needed to find Ben drago an kill him and remaining family if he has any. Well...... Revan DID state i couldn't kill them all. However i could kill one or two..... That satified me for the moment. I walked out of the temple and out into the world of Korriban thinking of how to plan my next move.

Five Days Passed since Dexter Planned his was to find Ben Drago. He found out where he was, His location was in a ancient sith temple hidden miles away from the Korriban sith temple..... All that was left was to hunt him down and strike him down.

As I entered the ancient sith temple I felt a strong feeling in the force.... one I only felt twice. The first time was when my father first showed me the force and when Revan was teaching me the darkside...... Apparently Ben might be more of a challenge than I thought..... However I know that my passion will overcome his power. So I wandered through the temple until I came to a long corridor..... Where I saw foot prints...... leading to a room with sealed doors. As I followed the prints the feeling became stronger..... Then as I reached the door I activated my lightsaber and hacked right through it! Then as the shattered door fell apart I saw my prey..... Ben drago. From seeing him I instantly saw a couple things...... Has a lightsaber.... Not much shorter than me... and Appeares to be a jedi.... One of the first jedi I have met. Time to see if he is as strong as Revan told me. I tured to him and said, " You have hidden for quite a long time.... But now I have come to hunt you down and find you family..... But at the moment you will suffice. " Then I through my lightsaber at him before he could reply.... But he blocked it easily.... Then as my saber came back to my hand he lunged, and I parried and counter attacked.... he blocked then struck, I blocked then struck..... THis went on and on and on..... Eventually the force failed us both... as we were both winded and tired.... WE didn't even lay a single strike on each other... I looked him in the eye and said, " You.... earned my respect.... There is no need for a fight.... " Then I tured and went away..... But I knew this wasn't the last I saw of him... Much less the last time I will fight him.

The Gladiator Days | Episode 1 Of 3 |

After My failure on Korriban, I knew I couldn't return to my master without any proof.... So I fled... Away from Korriban and my master. So as soon as the next cargo ship docked, I hid inside it. As a stowaway from the empire and sith. But knowing I was away from Korriban... I felt safe. Then Something happened.... And it ended up On Hutta.

It was my third day. My third say in a row without food or water... Slowly I was starving to death and becoming dehydrated.. But the sith's wrath didnt worry me anymore... but I heard walking... Then I saw it. Two men. A guard and a inventory checker... If they say me I knew they would report me... So I did what had to be done. With lightsaber activated... I took two swings... and the men were dead. Then... I noticed a hutt was watching... So As I leaped to him to cut him up, he said, " Do not attack warrior... You have good fighting skills and show to be a strong warrior.... I would you to be my gladiator at the hutt gladiator duels.. This was we both profit, and you will be fed exotic foods and given the best drinks in the galaxy... What do you say? " I knew i needed the money... food and water... So I accepted. And The Gladiator Days Begun.

As the ship landed, Dexter Was esscorted by two armed guards and the hutt, to a large palace.... apparently this would be my home and base of operations before my fights. However as I walked in with my lightsaber, The hutt said, " There are a few rules.... No light sabers and you must use the armor given to you by your sponsor. The more you rank up the better the gear. " Then he handed me my phase one of Gladiator gear. The armor seemed better than my sith gear.. Then he handed me a warrior Honor sword. Then he whispered to me, " Force is allowed

The Armor Of Dexter Solarwind, As The Rank of Pit Dog

however... You can use your sith powers if you wish in there.... " Then the hutt signed me up for my first match against a Fresh gladiator from a rival Hutt. I was the first rank, Pit Dog... But so was the other fighter. Then The hutt showed me a gate that led into a open sandy aera... as i stepping in I saw aliens and humans in the stands and one person in silver armor on the other side of the arena. My enemy. Then I heard the Announcer... " LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE AUDIENCE, I BRING YOU OUR TWO NEW PIT DOGS, Dexter Solarwind In the red corner, And Keith Maul on the blue team. May the fight, BEGIN! " Then my opponent made his move. He leaped forward... but I stretched out my hand and breathed slowly... and used what Revan taught me. Blue electricity arced from my finger tips.. and hit my opponent... The electricity became trapped in his suit and my opponent dropped to the ground.. his suit was burning him from the inside.... and Four second later... He stopped moving.... He was alive but vitally injured... to I walked up to him.. and Plunged my sword through his helmet. And the duel was over. I had won my first match, And moved up to the rank of warrior.

The Gladiator Days | Episode 2 Of 3 |

Days Passed since My first match, and I was already enjoying the wealth won from my match. I even earned a new pair of armor for reaching the rank of gladiator, Build for maximum damage. However, The hutt that sponsored me was enjoying his time as well, buying high class drinks and slaves. However, I Did not respect
Gladiator Rank Two

Dexter At rank Gladiator in his shining white armor. Some even gave him the nick name, White Death.

this hutt, and planned for a way to rob him, then kill him. However, now at the rank of gladiator, I must face My next match.

The gates seemed blood stained from the last fight... I looked through the bars to the other side of the area and saw my opponents... This time the blue team put 3 Pit Dogs against me. Then I thought of something... If i die here, I will die alone, and be thrown into a river most likely. However I was enjoying this life, The thrill making my powers stronger and the high class food and drinks. Living in a high class hotel.... However I was very lonely... I had no family, no friends, or a wife or girlfriend. I was alone.

The announcer  roared out, " Ladies and gentlemen, Feast your eyes on our match of 3 pit dogs Versus, Out last victor, Dexter Solarwind! " The crowd roared... At least they knew my name. Then the gates rose and the 3 pit dogs came charging out in shining silver armor. Dexter however, in his new armor wasn't afraid of them. I muttered to myself, " A pity they must die... I bet they are just trying to prove themselves. " Then I turned to face them. The smallest and the fastest leaped forward sword aimed to plunge into my chest. However, I blocked the attack and did one clean slice as he landed. The slice was a clean cut, and the body, now headless fell to the floor as the head rolled in front of the other two. The two, now Enraged, Charged. The medium sized one, a girl by the name of Vern, attacked first. Her anger and hate made her powerful. She screamed in rage and bellowed, " I will KILL you! " Then I smiled and replied " Yes... Use your anger and hate and strike me down. " However after every strike she did, I blocked easily not breaking a sweat. Eventually I chose to end her attacks by swinging at her legs chopping off the knees and below. She was alive.... But dying slowly. Then the largest, a warrior named Cane, charged. He swung his large sword and as it hit against mine, the strike was strong enough I went flying backwards and hit the wall. Winded and on the verge  of blacking out from one barbaric strike, i waited and let him charge. As he struck forward I force jumped up, over, and behind him. However his sword kept going forward and plunged into the wall. Then as he tried to pull it out, it was stuck. Then I slashed backward and my sword went into the spinal cord of Cane, and he fell dead. Then, I walked over to Vern, the last one alive and slid off her helmet. Tears in her eyes she shook her head no, asking for mercy. I looked up to the announcer and said, " It is your choice, Either she lives or she dies. " The crowd was diverse, half saying, " DIE " and half saying, " LIVE " However the announcer put his thumb down and Vern screamed as I plunged my sword into her back, ending the fight. I was now known as the bane of blue team, and given the title arena master....

The Gladiator Days | Episode 3 Of 3 |

  Weeks went by as I fought other arena masters in a championship my sponsor sent me into. I fought at least 29 matches.... Then I learned that there was one fight left.... For my last match I would be going against the Grand Champion Of The Great Hunt. Apparently A mandalorian named Slade Would be my opponent. He joined the
Slade gladiator 1

Slade In His armor preparing for the championship duel

Gladiator Rank 3

Dexter In his arena master armor, ready to fight Slade

arena three years before me and earned the title for best warrior.... And in this match he would be my final target before taking the spot as the best fighter in the arena. As The best fighter, Slade was allowed to wear whatever armor he found necessary and I was supposed to use my rank Arena master armor to defeat him. Then The duel of the fates would happen.
I looked up at the steel gates that blocked my way into the arena. The arena sand was replaced with metal for the final match and whoever lost, Their skull would become the new trophy of the arena.... I didnt intend on losing... I waited and listened as the announcer said the rules of the arena fight to the audience.... I heard the audeince chant slades name, for he was known as the ultimate warrior. He took down groups of 9 to ten people with ease.... He was never even winded in a match. The gates opened but the rules stated I must speak with my opponent before dueling him. We both walked up to the center plat form and the plat form flew up into the air where everyone could see. Slade smirked. " You will be my match? I have fought many... I have seen your matches and the people you killed. Do you feel proud knowing you killed innocent Vern? She was one of my closest friend in the Barracks. For her death, you shall pay. " I looked at him and in a violent tone, replied, " We'll see Mandalorian, We'll see. " Then as the platform stopped, we shook handed and the bell rung. Slade instantly moved into a fighting stance, activated a shoe blade and kicked for my face. I blocked the strike and through my knife at his chest Slade then grabbed the knife spun it and charged as me. I wrapped my arm around his and bashed my head into his. My head smashed into hsi at full force and he lost balance and fell back and off the platform. Then as I looked over to see where he fell, I saw him fly up and he uppercut my chin and sent me flying into the sky. Jet pack. He owned a jet pack..... Falling twoard the ground, I threw a chain blade that locked onto slades neck, and I pulled him down with me. Us both falling to the ground, Slade used his jet pack to try to save himself, however with the weight of me added, his jet pack only slowed our fall. I hit first. As I hit the ground I felt bones crack in my body still about ten feet in the air and now with me oon the ground, slade activated his jetpack and tried to fly, but I pulled the chain down and he hit the ground hard. His jetpack hit first, then exploded sending smoke around slade, blocking my view from him. Silence took the arena.. Then the announcer, looking surprised said, " Well folks, looks like be have a new gran- " Then he heard it. Slade lunged forward long sword out and slashed hard at my face. I pulled out my sword and blocked, but his blade shattered mine. Falling backwards from the force of his blade, I kicked sand up blinding slade. Then i jumped forward and tackled him down. Slade still blinded, wasn't able to defend himself as I pounded his helmet with my bare fists brutally. I didnt stop until I felt slade gasping for air and him on the verge of death. Then he said in a low tone, " Wait... let the audience choose my fate.... then they will be pleased..... " Feeling bad for the mandalorian, who was on the verge of death, I stood up and looked at the audience and asked them, " Will your old champion live or die? " This time.... worry covered their faces... as they knew slade longer than me and have grown to know him better.... then one by one, all their hands raised thumbs up, meaning slade lives... I helped the mandalorian up, and for once shook his hand and said, " You put up a fight... That is worth being told as a song. " Slade smiled under his battered helmet and said, " You have beaten my team of mandalorians in the last fight and have beaten me... give me the honor of serving you. " Then I nodded yes and slade stoof up straight, saluted me, then left the arena in a limp. The announcer bellowed to the audience, " WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION OF THE ARENA! PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR, DEXTER SOLARWIND! " The audience cheered and I smiled, knwoing I now owned the title and won it all.... Then I left the arena only to be greeted by my sponsor in my personal quarters. The hutt smiled and said, " Good fight kid... I brought you a gift from my personal armory... As a good bye gift.... Because I know you want to leave this planet and this gladiator buisness behind. Its been fun sharing our victories... Good bye. " For once, I wasnt mad at the hutt. Then I looked at the note he left on my counter that said, Your Gift from my armory is in your training area. There you will find it. So I rushed down to my
Hk droid

The Hk droid given to me, Hk-57 Designed by my sponsor to be a ultimate killing machine.

training area and found a shiny droid.... A personal assasin droid built from one of the original foundaries on corellia! I Read about these droid... they are very rare and can cost BILLIONS...... Then I walked up to it and its eyes flashed.... It then said in a calm tone, "Welcome Master. I am Hk- 57 Build to protect you and eliminate whoever you please. If you require my assistance at any time, you need only ask master. I had finally felt at peace.... Then With my belonging gathered up, I found slade waiting outside my door and with him and my Hk unit, went to the docks went on Slades ship, And flew far.... far away from Hutta.

The Shadow Apprentice

  Slade dropped a bloody bag at my feet and said, " I know we just became Buddies and all.... But I need your help with a problem you made. " He opened the bag.... And there was the body of Vern. The girl I killed in the arena. Slade looked pained to look at her and he said, " Please... Just reveive her. She was only 17. She only joined the arena to prove herself worthy to join the mandalorians. She didnt deserve to die like this.... " I nodded and said, " I can revive her. It will take time effort and the darkside.... But it can have negative effects too. It can cause the midi-chlorians in her to grow and make her force sensitive. " Slade nodded, and he was okay with the risks. So I changed the ships corse for Korriban, Where We would return to my master, a genius with Midi-chlorians.

Revan Looked displeased when our ship landed in his court yard where I trained. Then When I stepped out with a bloody sack and a mandalorian he looked even more displeased. Revan sighed and said, " Let me guess. You didnt kill ben. And went to do something else. And now you need my help. " I looked embarassed and said, " Yes master. You see... I killed this girl.. But I need to revive her.  " Revan looked disappointed and said, " How long has she been dead? " Slade said, " About two days My lord. " He seemed nervous in the presense of a dark lord.... Revan nodded and said, " It can be done. Follow me. " Then revan took the body bag, and went into his home. There he went to a steel table in his work bench room... and opened the bag.... Out came a torso with a head and arms and two legs, decapitated from the body. Revan looked disturbed and said, " What did you DO to this girl. These are sword cuts. Not lightsaber cuts. " Then I explained how the arena thing went and that is why I came back with slade.... Revan then told us to leave the room and to come back in a few hours to see how things were going. Slade looked sad and said, " I hope vern is going to be okay... I came to see her as my sister. " I nodded and patted him on the back. " I am soo sorry Slade... I didn't mean for this all to happen.... I was more forced into it. " Then slade and I both heard a metalic cling and we both saw as Hk-57 Entered the room rifle slung across his back. He said, " Salutations. Greetings masters, I want you to both know that I will be standing guard on the ship protecting it from all tresspassers, who will be deleted. " Then he turned, and went back to the ship. Slade moaned and sat down, wondering about What would happen to Vern.

Four to Five hours passed... There was a point where slade sat there talking to himself... I comforted him and then we both heard revan call our for us to come into the room... and that Life has been born again.

Slade and I both gasped as we entered the room. Vern smiled and said, " How do I look boys? " Revan looked at her and said, " The Midi-chlorians Increased dramaticly when I was reviving her...... She is beyond force
Vern The Dark apprentice

Vern The Dark apprentice, Once a girl seeking to become Mandalorian, Now sith warrior.

sensitive..... She has the power of a sith pure blood. " Vern Smiled then walked next to slade and hugged him. Vern then said something unexpected... She looked at slade and me and said,      " Master Revan said I was strong enough in the force that I should start training in it. I might be able to become a sith lord someday! " Slade then looked down and said, " Thats great vern... Its great. " Revan looked at vern and said, " Young one your teacher needs to be someone who is strong and willing to teach you. " Vern then smiled and looked at me and said, " It will be the one who struck me down that will teach me. If you hadn't beat me... I would have still been stuck in the waste pool of a arena instead of becoming a sith. I want you to teach me dexter. I want you to be the one. " I then looked at slade and my former master and said, " I will teach you Vern, and You will become my dark apprentice. "

The Apprentice's Training

After making Vern My apprentice I took her to my first home... My real home. There I was going to teach her. Where blood has saturated the ground and Hatred and pain rose in me, giving me the power to teach Vern the Darkside Of the Force...

"Well Vern here we are." we both stopped as we came up to the old house, with the single tree outside it with a swing attatched to it. Vern seemed confused and said, " Where are we My powerful Lord? " I smiled and walked up close to her and said, " We are on land that is powerful in the force. " Then I pulled out a silver lightsaber and handed it to Vern. " Vern, This is your lightsaber. Imagine a arena sword but it will cut straight through skin and is much lighter. " She smiled and activated it. Then she noticed a body at the door of the house. The body was wearing black robes... but where the body was supposed to be, all there was is a skeleton. I used the force and lifted the skeleton wearing black robes and put it infront of vern so it looked like it was standing up. I said with a forceful tone, " Strike at the skeleton. Use all your passions... Your fear. Your Anger. Your hate. Channel the darkside through your veins.... Use the force to guide your actions. Then Vern Yelled and in rage she swung her blade hard and fast twice making a X pattern. Then the skeleton dropped to the ground in pieces.... I smiled and patted her on the back. " Good my apprentice. Very good. With that power someday you will be my succesor. "

At the same moment when I was teaching Vern, Slade was forbidden to see Vern or contact her, for she might grow a love emotion to Slade and might stop focusing on her training.... But slade couldnt resist his urge to see Vern... So during her training, he would spy on vern and watch as she became stronger and stronger in the Darkside of the force.

Vern Smiled as she leaped 30 meters forward and sliced her lightsaber straight into a wall. I smiled and said, " Good.... good.... You mastered the leaping strike move. Now I need to teach you your master strike move.... This move will strike at all the opponents weak spots where a saber, staff, or sword will have trouble blocking. Vern smiled and said, " I am ready to learn from you, My great master. " Then I pulled out my light saber and summoned a spirit through the force and had it frozen infront of me... and I struck at the back of the right and left knee, the elbow joints, and the Solarplex of the chest. I repeated this on different force spirits until Vern said she was ready. Then I told vern to try the move on me because I was experienced and would have no trouble blocking this move, Because I develpoed it with Darth Revan. Then vern tried. The swung with immense power, and when out blades collided, I lost balance and fell backward into a roll.... Then smiling Vern helped me up and said, " Master, I think I am getting better at this. I think I should be promoted from your acolyte. " Then I smiled and said, " You are close to becoming a dark lord of the sith... But you will need to put your skills to a actual test. I want to see you fight in a real fight. " Then Vern nodded and we both went back to the ship, as it was soon going to be night fall.

As we went back to the ship Slade was inside polishing his weapons and his Steam Powered armor which he built
Slade gladiator

Slades Steam armor, It shoots rappid fire bolts as well as steam with the heat of Tatooines Twin sun's.

for fighting humanoids, as it burns flesh. Slade smiled as soon as he saw vern and opened it arms in a hugging mannor. Vern came in and hugged slade and she seemed really happy then I coughed rather loudly and she let go and went back to my side... For she knew she wasn't allowed to have any physical emotions with slade until her training was complete. Then Slade looked disappointed and said, " Why is she not allowed to have any physical actions with me? I was the one who took care of her, protected her, and loved her as family.... Then as soon as she became sith, You took her away from me.... Why? " I said in a harsh tone, " Because her emotions of love and peace will interfere with her passions, fear, and power. She needs those to become a sith and emotions such as "love" Affect it. When she has become a sith lord you may then be interactive, but until then, Slade you are to stay away from Vern and Vern you are to stay away from slade! " Vern nodded and said, " Yes My lord. " Then she went to her room to sleep for the night. " Slade stood up as soon as she was gone and said, " Why would you do this? You know I care for her as a sister... yet you still take her away. That is cruel.... Even for a sith. " I replied, " I only go it to help her for her quest for greater power. I see you as a brother slade and I would not take her away from you unless it was neccisary. " Then slade nodded, understanding why I took her to become a sith.

One year passed and it was Verns birthday, she was now 18. And for her 18th birthday, I had a gift for her. She was to go with slade and together they were to retrieve The golden beam rifle.

Slade and vern both smiled as I sent them to do their mission, While I stayed back studying the ways of the force with Darth Revan.  (The Point Of View In This Story Now Changes through the eyes of Vern, The Dark Apprentice.)

Slade Turned and smiled at me.... I smiled back and said, " I am soo sorry that I havent been able to see you much... Dexter won't allow it... But at least for this we can both do whatever we want. Dexter Isn't here to watch me. " Slade smiled and said, " Its okay Vern. He only did this for a reason. Now lets go get that beam rifle for your Master. " I Then smiled and looked at the data pad dexter gave to me.... Then I told slade what we had to do. " Apparently, we need to travel into the tomb of Marka Ragnos on this planet. There the beam rifle is along with a collection of Ancient sith sabers which dexter said if we retrieve, he will repay us both handsomly.... I wonder what he ment by that. " Slade smiled and said, " Okay then. Lets do this. " Then Slade and I traveled for three days, Him using his jet pack and me using my force speed, until we reached the tomb. Then we both entered the cave of the old sith lord Marka Ragnos, to retrieve the beam rifle. Slade suddenly reached out and stopped me from walking any further... Slade then suddenly said, " Get down! " and as we both dropped to the ground, K'loor Slugs flew straight over both of our heads, all of them maws open, ready to eat flesh. Then slade used his jet pack and flew up and started blasting away at the K'loor slugs while I started hacking at them with my saber... We cut them down, one by one until none were left and blood stains from the Slugs covered the room. I smiled then said, " Well that was fun. " Slade nodded and we descended deeper into the cave. We both went further and further down until we reached the level of the tomb, Where the beam rifle and sabers were... Slade and I both heard the sound of electricity and moaning... but it didnt sound... Human like. Then we both entered the room... And in the center of it was a Da'shade...... A rare creature dexter told me a couple stories about! Then we saw the beam rifle infront of the Da'Shade.... However electricity from the roof kept the Da'Shade trapped, so he couldnt move from his location. To slade and I both went forward to the sabers and the beam rifle... and as soon as slade picked up the beam rifle, the electricty stopped.... and the Da'shade leaped forward... It tackled slade to the ground... picked him up and threw him to the ceiling.. and before I could do anything... Slade was already down... bleeding to death. Then anger fell over me... I screamed at the Da'Shade and he flew backward.... I leaped at it cutting its right arm off.... Then I made a open fist at it... and it lifted off the ground and started gasping for air... then I made a tight fist.... and *SNAP* The Da'shade dropped dead..... Then I ran to slade..... I applied to him kolto packs and used sith healing on him... after that I carried slade all the way back to where Dexter And Darth Revan were... I also took the sabers and beam rifle with me.... Slade and I earned them.

After six days of running with Slade and the weapons, Vern did return home... However she was badly injured and needed rest. ( The Point Of View now Changes to Dexter Solarwind, Verns Master. )

Darth Revan and I were performing a sith lightning ritual when Vern fell into the room, cut and bleeding with Slades body on her back with the Beam rifle and the Lightsabers I asked for... She did her job.... but was wounded... Revan And I healed slade and Vern until they both wereat top shape again... Then I talked to vern to tell her the news of her victory... I looked vern in the eyes and said, " Vern You completed your task... You did it while killing enemies and relishing your victory in their blood.... and For that, I name you a Lord of the sith. You now are allowed to see Slade. " Vern Then smiled and said, " Thank you master! " And ran off to see slade.... Vern Was Now ready to become a true sith.

The Bane of The Jedi

 Months passed and Vern continued her training in the darkside with me, and she was allowed to see slade more often, and slade was even allowed to watch her train. However, as the months passed.... Vern grew more of a love feeling twoards slade... She was beginning to use her passions more than fear and power.

I looked at vern and slade and said, " Both of you get packed. We are going to hunt the jedi that escaped the purge on Illum. They are enemies of the empire and will be killed. " Vern smiled and said, " This will be fun... My blood lust.. hasn't been very well satisfied lately. " Slade patted her on the back then nodded. Then I pulled out a black case and opened it. In it I had two suits, One for slade and one for Vern. I handed then to both of them and
Slades soldier

Slade's Armor Made for heavy-duty action.

Vern Striking

Vern's Armor, Built for mobility and power.

said, " These were developed to withstand almost every form of physical damage. You should be okay in those suits.... I even based Verns off one of my first armor designs. " Vern smiled and said, " Thank you. Now lets go. The adrenaline rush of killing jedi... Thrills me. "

Then The trio went aboard Slade's ship and went to Hoth, Where the jedi went into hiding. There they were to hunt 3 jedi; two padawans and their master, Bourisman Uldo.

Vern pulled out her lightsaber as we landed and activated it. Then she said, " Today We will bathe our weapons in the blood of our enemies! " Then giddy with the joy of killing her enemies she went outside the ship. Slade looked at me while carrying his chain gun and said, " Sheesh, becoming a sith lord means contant war and blood doesn't it? " Then he thought for a second and said, " Nevermind don't anwser that. I already know the anwser. " Then slade and I both went outside where we were walking on snow, and the weather was far below freezing. Then I told vern and slade that there were three areas where the jedi are assumed to be, and that we were to all take a seperate path.Vern decided to go to the graveyard, Slade took searching the refugee camps, and I took the jedi temple, where it would be the last place to look.

I Then went to the jedi temple to see what was there. I saw the dead bodies of imperial troopers aswell as the dead bodies of jedi who fell during the purge. Dead bodies were everywhere and shattered holocrons and sabers were too. The area was destryed by imperial black ops troopers. My goal was the find the apprentice which was hiding in the jedi temple that was guarding her masters shrine.... Bouris apparently was on the jedi high council of Hoth, and thats where I knew I would find her. So I went to the council and I saw her. I saw a girl meditating while standing over a statue of bouris Uldo. She stood up as I entered the room and activated her light saber. Then frowning she said, " I struck down the troopers of the sith and Now I will strike down you. Then she leaped at me and I blcked without effort. She used her anger.. her  rage... She wanted to strike me down with full power... she wanted to feel by skin burn.... I smiled and said, " Good... good... Use your anger. Your hate. Your fear... Your PASSIONS AND STRIKE ME DOWN! " Then laughing I smiled as she tried harder and harder and she used her energy trying to destroy me... She screamed, " WHY CANT I KILL YOU!? " and she dropped her guard and I kicked her in the chest and sent her flying back against a wall then she fell forward onto one  council chairs. Then Reaching out with both hands, I shot lightning out of my finger tips at her face. SHe blocked with her saber at first... then it shattered in her face stunning her. Then I shot again with the lightning. She put out her hands and tried blocking with her hands, but I walked forward twoards her and I pressed harder and eventually, she dropped beaten.Tears Streamed down her cheeks and I laughed triumphantly. Then I struck her with lightning at full force, where the bolts were so violent her boy started to steam and I could see the bones, flesh, and organs of her body burn... I saw her organs boil. Then with the lightning, I picked her up in the air, and sent her flying out the window at speeds of 100Mph, and here died the frst apprentice of Bouris Uldo.

( The Point of View in The Story Now changes to slade, who is at the refugee camp. )

I walked into the camp and saw the dead bodies of refugees.... I saw the dead bodies of troopers as well. Apparently, When the troopers came in to see the refugees, they ambushed the troopers from behind... In return the sith issued a orbital strike on this location... All the refugees were killed for attacking the empire. They got the fate they deserved. FOr attacking the empire and killing the brave souls who were willing to fight for it, They were destroyed like a pest. That is why they died.... Then I heard something... The sound of cracking sticks.... And I felt a presense I havent felt for a while... The power of a jedi. Then I activated my camoflauge and layed down on the ground, and I blended in with the snow. Then activating my heat vision, I crawled around the camp looking for the signs of the jedi... Then I saw her. It was a blond girl, roughly 5'7, Cut face, two scars on the right cheek, and she looked like she was starving and was dying of thirst.... Easy prey. Then I waited and snuck around the camp until I was behind her.. and pulled out my chain gun and stuck it to her bak and aid, " Get on the ground or I will strike with force! " and she did one swift movement; she turns and activated her lightsaber, cutting straight through the chain gun. Then activating my shoes knife blade, I kicked the blade deep into her chest. She screamed in pain and used the force to send me flying back. But before I could hit the ground at that speed, I turned on my jetpack and flew up into the air above her and pulled out two dual pistols and aimed at her head. Then she said, " Why do you do this mandalorian!? You have already hurt the refugees and jedi alike! All the sith will do is decieve you in the end! The innocent refugees were killed by your kind! Then the jedi who protected the innocent refugees were struck down, trying to be kind! Why have you done this, have you no honor!?" I looked down at her and  smirked. " You wonder why I do this? I do this because your jedi Chose to attack The Mandalorians before and It won't hapen again. ANd the refugees chose to attack the imperial troopers so they got what they deserved, The emperor's Wrath. They chose death and they embraced it like you will now! " The jedi had tears in her eyes and said, " Then there truely is no hope left... All the good in people has fallen to the darkside. You have forced me to kill you! " Then she leaped up and kicked me out of the air, but I grabbed her by the foot and she went down with me. I turned her just as we hit and used her spine as a landing pad and her body cracked. Then I kicked her skull  hard backward and it cracked... Then as she was dazed I used a wrist rope and it tied her up in a knot. Then... For all the imperial troopers that died, I tied her up over a fire and burned her. She screamed and felt fire in her final living seconds. Then The troopers were avenged.

( The point of view now changes to Vern, Who is at the graveyard. )

As I entered the graveyard I contacted slade and dexter and found ut that both of them killed their targets, Dexter Killed a padawan and slade killed a padawan... which ment the only one left was the master... But the blood lust kept me strong... I felt the feeling of anger, fear, and my passions flow through me... I was now sith and I was now going to like Bouris Uldo... All I needed to do was find him. So I wandered through the grave yard until I came to a very high quality grave stone, It was made of steel and it said on it, PART ROOD..... I looked at it closely and activated my saber that was given to me by Dexter and the one I build out of besikar steel slade gave me for my Eight teenth Birthday.... Then I noticed something.... " Oh Crud That Spells Trap Door backwards. " Then a hole opened beneath my feet and I fell into darkness.... 

I awoke tied to a table without my helmet on and my lightsabers on the table next to me.... Two female ghost like beings were talking to a robed man... The man was at least 6'4 was masculine... and ripped.Then he turned to me and said, " Young girl.. why do you alley yourself with a Mandalorian and a sith? It is dangerous getting fixed with their kind... You could be so much more. I bet if you tried your hardest you could be on the jedi council in a couple years max. " Then angered I told him, " I am allied with them because they are my friends! and how did you know that I was allied with them? " The jedi smiled and looked at the two female ghosts. " Your friends killed both my apprentices, and their spirits told me what happened. Your sith friend is pure evil. He made my first apprentice suffer a very painful and slow deat. While your mandalorian friend made my second apprentice taste her own blood and roasting flesh as she died. Both of your friends are beyond redemption... But you aren't. Trick them into coming here. Help us kill them. Then the jedi order on coruscant can train you to become a jedi knight. " I looked at him and snarled, " My loyaltes Lie to the EMPIRE not the JEDI ORDER! " And summoning all my rage I yelled and released a force repulse which disintigrated the blue spirits and sent the jedi flying back. It also broke my bindings to the table. The jedi then looked and saw his apprentices were destroyed in the nether realm of the force. He then yelled, " No.... NOOO! I'LL KILL YOU! " and he leaped at me. Then using the force to summon my light sabers, I activated them just in time to block his incoming strike. He used his rage and struck over and over and I blocked every hit using my energy... and finally Getting tired from blocking his strikes, I dropped my guard and he kicked be back, disarming me. Then he leaped forward but I jumped up and landed on his shoulders and moving my legs in a quick thrust, broke his neck. Then after collecting the jedi's body and lightsaber, I called in dexter and Slade who came in slades ship to pick me up. And now, My blood lust was fed. At last.

(The Point of View now changes to Dexter Solarwind aboard slades ship going back to Korriban)

Slade and I both gasped at Verns story. I exclaimed, " Vern thats amazing! You cracked his neck! " Slade patted vern on the back and said, " Good job vern. I guess you are a great warrior. " Then we all celebrated our victories, for we all beat the jedi, and became Their Bane.

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