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Devis Abeloth Fraint (Trooper)
Biographical information

Nabooplanet.png Naboo


3,663 BBY (reincarnated 64 BBY)

Physical description

Human, Sith pureblood Hybrid






120 pounds

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
  • Old Republic era
  • Rise of the Empire Era
  • New Jedi order era,
  • Legacy era

Kahar Zamet's army,

  • Republic,

Galactic Federation of Free Alliances

  • Jedi Order,
Known masters

Shaak Ti (Jedi)

Known apprentices

Boomdodger Prosstang(Jedi)



"Negative! Our people come first, the Rebels after that. Military Intelligence will want to interrogate the prisoners."

Devis as he talks to the Rebel Alliance commanders about the loss of Hoth. Listen

"Hmm, someone didn't like Vader much."

Devis as he talks to Luke when he comes to Endor after the death of Darth Vader Listen

"A weapon is a weapon, it depends on how you use it."

-Devis Trooper

"HEY! Im the best pilot on this end of Naboo you Nerf Herder!"

-Devis talking to his competition in the pod race of Naboo

"Its gonna need to be upgraded, what can you give me?"

-Devis talking to a ship engineer

"We Shall always live for there is no death as long as you believe in the force."

-Abeloth reciting the words from Shaak Ti as she trains him in the Jar'kai lightsaber form.

"Whats her worth?

3,000, 4,000 credits."

-'Abeloth buying his stealth ship.

"Wookie Bowcasters deadly weapon, if you know how to use it."

-Abeloth getting his bowcaster.

"I have the best jedi equipment credits can buy, you cant stop me."

-Abeloth telling Marko Ragnos


Theed, the city Devis was Born in.

Devis was a Nabooian guard's and a Sith Pureblood's pilot son he was great with a blaster and  vehicles of all shapes and sizes. When Abeloth was 13 he flew a Swoop bike in a race and won he won about a 1,000 credits. Devis's family shipped him off to Dromund Kaas to join the Imperial Inteligence.

When Devis arrived there he was trained and learning how to be decisive and sneaky. Devis learned to react to any unfamilar noises. When he left the academy he went to visit his parents just then imperial forces attacked and invaded his home. Devisran to help his parents but they were dead. Devis was trained to be an sniper BY the empire why did they betray him? Because Devis's father was a Republic spy and his mother knew it but Devis found out when he searched his parents room the next day. Devis seeked for the help of the Republic on Tatooine there he met a jawa by the name of Blizz who was amazed by Devis's job and tagged along. Devis didnt have any luck on Tatooine so he went to Taris and met a female jedi named Ashara Zaviros she was suspicious of him so she followed him and when he joined the Republic she became his friend and ally.

When they got to Tython for Ashara to talk to the jedi council some jedi masters decided to test Devis and he proved positive. Devis never went through jedi training during the Cold War but did go through jedi training during the start of the clone wars. His friened Kahar Zamet kept Ashara, Devis and Blizz alive so they can stay  and help in the war.


Jayden Jorgan






Ashara Zaviros 

Weapons of choice

Abeloth has many weapons of choice but his main ones  are CSR-Counter Sniper rifle
, EE-3 Carbine Rifle, his dual twin Lightsabers, his Naboo royal pistol or naboo guard pistol, Magna Guard staff

Dual Lightsabers
Devis Duel Blade sabers




Sith/Jedi Lightsabers




Revan (supposedly)


pre 3,963 BBY


Devis, Revan (supposedly)

Hilt material

Alloy Metal


Synthetic lightsaber crystal

Blade colors

Red, Violet


Lightsaber combat

Jedi Trials

On 23 BBY Shaak Ti thought that Abeloth was ready for the trials Master Yoda agreed and sent him to the old Jedi temple where he met his granfatherss ghost and Darth Kalig fighting. Yoda contacted him and said "Rid the Jedi temple is your first task." and Abeloth remembered from what he learned about sith in the Old Republic and tried the force trick on them and it worked. He then had to face the Trials of Courage, and the Trials Of Skill. he accomplished and returned to Shaak Ti and the council, where they made him a Knight of the Republic and
Devis Jedi

Devis as a Jedi knight after the trials

earned his own new title in the army.


Maintenance On Geonosis

Abeloth was ordered by Shaak Ti and the Jedi Council to go to Geonosis. When he arrived with his master he walked with her to the Arena when they arrived they pulled ups their hoods and hid in the back of the temple until Mace Windu gave the sign. When Windu put his lightsaber to Jango Fett's neck Count Dooku talked with him for a while and when mace said one more sentence he gave the signal and all the jedi around Abeloth activiated their lightsabers Shaak Ti jumped down next to Luminara and they activated their lightsabers. Abeloth activated his Blue lightsaber (before he found his Red & Purple lightsaber). Just then Mace Windu fell to the area floor and droids started to come into the arena and began a big war. Within minutes there were only a handfull of jedi left. Abeloth scanned the crowd of jedi looking for his master but she was next to Obi-Wan Kenobi so Abeloth was relived that she was alive. Abeloth heard Count Dooku speaking to Windu and he said some more he didnt hear but he heard the next part that Count Dooku said "Then I'm sorry my friend." Abeloth saw all the droids ready their blasters then he heard Senator Amidala say "Look!" Abeloth looked around and heard a ship engine when he looked up he saw a ship landing with Master Yoda in one. Abeloth and the jedi began to attack the droids with the soldiers in the ships. Abeloth got in one with his master and they took off. Abeloth saw a landing area near a down Techno Union ship. The ship landed and Abeloth, Shaak Ti, and a couple of troops followed them to the battlefield. Abeloth took out tons of droids. Abeloth saw a ship take out a ready Techno Union Ship. It flew off after Count Dooku's Speeder. Abeloth heard all the troops to get out the battle was won all the seperatist leaders have fled. Abeloth was glad that he and his master have survived.


Devis helping a old friend on Ryloth

Battle of Ryloth

After the battle of Umbara Devis was sent to Ryloth where a bigger battle was going on. He ran into the Hawk to head to Ryloth when he was shot down by a Separatist turret then flew to the ground where he saw the Droid Landing ship and he shot it but it was ray shielded. He had to fight his way through the the droids when a magna droid tried to hit him with an electro staff. He dodged it and he had to fight the by himself then he felt a shock then everything went black. He awoke and found himself with Kahar on board the T-90 a Smuggler freighter that Abeloth acquired from his dad. He rose and headed to the bridge to find out that it was a illusion made by Dooku he awoke for real and drew his right handed lightsaber it had a Viridian color and fought him until Dooku fled. Abeloth returned to the Hawk and flew to Wolves Claw. Then he had to head back down to help his friend Arcel.

Pod Race of Naboo (Childhood)

Devis entered a Pod Race when he was little and thats what started his career of being a pilot. Well he saw a bunch of his old rivals like Sebulba. When the pod race was about to begin he had his friend check the systems "Engines? Check."Then Sebulba came and said he could beat Devis "Say goodbye to your 5th win on your home turf child!" "HEY! I'm the best pilot of this side of Naboo!" Then the race began" AND SEBULBA IS IN THE LEAD, FOLLOWED BY DEX EXTRA!" But it seems that Abeloth is off to a slow start today. Abeloth's Podracer was damaged by Sebulba and Devis fixed it and took off and was already in third. "ABELOTH IS NOW IN THIRD AND IS MOVING UP SEBULBA IS GONNA HAVE TO WATCH FOR HIM! DEX IS LOSING 


The queen talking to Devis

POWER!" Abeloth started to look at Dex and saw that Dex was losing power fast. Abeloth tossed a power caplet and he sped
Imperial Pod Racer final by bongoboy

Devis's podracer before the race

off to catch up with Sebulba. "ABELOTH IS SPEEDING THROUGH NIGHTSISTER ALLEY DODGING EVERY TREE IN HIS WAY!" said the Ref "FINAL LAP THEY ARE NOW PASSING THROUGH NIGHTBROTHER VILLAGE! Abeloth caught up to Sebulba and passed him with little effort. Sebulba tried to hit him but missed and hit a building "OH SEBULBA IS OUT DEX TAKES HIS PLACE!" Abeloth tried to burst to the finish track but he realized that his pod is not gonnna hold together much longer. He tried to fix the problem but no matter what he did it kept on losing pieces but when he crossed the finish line he jumped out and it crashed into the wall and cause a big explosion. ABELOTH HAS WON!!!! ABELOTH HAS WON THE THE QUEEN ADMIDALA 5OO!!!!!!! After that the Queen wished to see him for an amzaing race. When Abeloth met her, Abeloth was made a royal racer and was able to use his pod racer to get around.

Battle Of Umbara (Part 1 of 2) Sith Temple

Abeloth Fraint was sent to Umbara to take out the sith temple and to take out training droids, Varad Zagg, Darth Maul, and Savage Opress he went in as a series of sith started to fight he defeated them. He then found a round room and a droid started to attack. He forced it to the wall and defeated it. Then another one appeared he attacked it. Two more appeared and he swiftly he took them out and went to another room where he met Varrad Zagg. He made fake Anakin's, Ahsoka's, And Mace, Abeloth defeated all four of them. Then went to the last room surrounded by lava where he saw the resting place of Darth Maul and Savage Oppress. He defeated them both and went to the outside of the temple and got a call from Master Yoda. "defeated the sith are?" Abeloth told Yoda that he completed the temple and was sent to find a rancor....  

Battle Of Umbara (Part 2 of 2) Rancor Hunting

Abeloth went into the deep forest of Umbara with Kahar and General Dawson where they searched for a special creature called a Rancor they searched for days and were about to give up when they saw some umbaran trying to kill the rancor but failed they ran to the rancor lightsabers and blasters firing at the rancor until it fell then they found a little tracking device telling them to collect each of the following: rancor egg, rancor claw, rancor footprint, rancor spike, rancor drool, rancor snot, rancor tooth and lastly rancor toenail. When they collected them all the device started leading them to a farm where there were all these little rancors called Fogg. When they trained their owned they started to transport some to the republic so republic scientist as well as Dark Nebula scientist study them. When they got a message from Obi-Wan telling them that he needs help with the umbarans as well as droids. We sent Kahar to go help him out while me and dawson are left to go help the bunker and the arc troopers so we went to take out the air base then they were assigned a mission to aquire some shadow tech gear for scientist to study and clones to wear.    

Trials of a Jedi Master

Short months after the Trials of a knight all the jedi council wanted to see if he was worthy of becoming a council member. He flew his ship to the planet Dantooine.There he met jedi master Yoda and they went into the jedi Enclave and they got there they saw all these sith waiting for them. They charged after them, Yoda ignited his Lightsaber. Abeloth ignited his two and charged at them. When they finished they continued to the Enclave. When they arrived all the jedi masters were there from Mace Windu to Obi-Wan. They said those sith were illusions made by them for Abeloth test, and you passed. Yoda gave him a chair in the council right next to Yoda himself.

The Dantooine Ship

Abeloth was in his ship The Ebon Hawk when his radar went off, His radar only went off when an Old Republic ship was discovered, repaired, or destroyed. It was one of his modifications. The radar was telling him to go to Dantooine. Abeloth contacted Kahar, and went to pick him up. He then flew to Dantooine to the near hanger. Abeloth walked to the area where the radar was telling him to go. Where he saw Boomdodger and a old ship he knew what was the Swift Eagle. Abeloth let Boom keep it and they flew to the Bravier.

A Vist to Cloning Factory

Abeloth was sent to check on a new squad in his legion They were called Dodge squad when Abeloth landed He met his old master Jedi Master Shaak Ti And his friend Kahar Zamet. They walked though the hall way all three of them. Abeloth asked Shaak Ti about the squad she said "They are a great group expet there sniper and recon Boomdodger and there so called leader Roughhouser dont get along." Abeloth Nodded and said "I'll make sure they get along." Kahar and Abeloth split up. Abeloth went to the quarters and Kahar and Shaak Ti went to the Citadel Over view. Abeloth walked through the hall way were he got to the Dodger Squad resting room he asked an Arc Trooper where Dodger squad was he said "In the training room, I can contact their comlink to report to their quarters if you want." Abeloth nodded and he contacted them. Abeloth saw them arrive one trooper through the face plate was shocked to see a jedi master here besides Shaak Ti. Abeloth did not look that happy and said "Which one of you is Roughhouser and Boomdodger!?" He said as it echoed in the quarters. Two troops walked up Abeloth told the others to go back to training or they can rest up and told the two to stay. "You two better start shaping up and work together before i make you become cleaner clones you got that?!" Abeloth felt that making them cleaner clones was to harsh but he had to do it. Abeloth walked out and the two stood there shocked. They didnt want to become cleaner clones so Boomdodger and Roughhouser began to work together for the time being.

The Day of the Test!

Two days passed and it was time for Dodge Squad to take on the Citadel Test. Abeloth, Kahar and Shaak Ti were all there to watch them. Abeloth spoke to the squads before the time of the test. "LISTEN UP TROOPS TODAY IS THE FINAL TEST MANY OF YOU WILL PASS! MANY WONT AND WILL HAVE TO TRY AGAIN NEXT TESTING DAY! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ALL OF YOU PASS TODAY SO TRY YOUR HARDEST! DISMISSED!" Abeloth walked out and so far 4 squads have passed but now was the one Devis was waiting for it was time for Dodge squad to try and pass the test. Abeloth gave them their orders through the com. Abeloth watched them follow them and worked in V-formation. Abeloth was surprised that Boomdodger and Roughhouser were leading the squad together. They reached the base of the citadel. Abeloth, Shaak Ti, Kahar and El-Les all thought they were working great but Bric didnt like clones that much but they didnt care. Abeloth heard a clone on their comlink that a clone was gonna take out the droids for the rest of the squad to get up. When they reached the top they celebrated. Abeloth went to the Dodge squad quarters were Boomdodger and Roughhouser were deciding on who should be the leader of the squad since they Graduated. When Abeloth walked in they like a statue and saluted. Abeloth told them not to because he was there for a special reason to give them a ribbion for cooperation just then Abeloth felt a strange thing a connection to the force but who? Abeloth decided to tell Kahar later when he would see him. Abeloth walked out and went to the cruiser outiside to congratulate all the squads. "Congratulations to all of you, you are now part of the Grand army of the Republic serve us well on missions and task!" And with that the squads marched on to the cruiser and Abeloth went to Kahar and told him about the connection and it only happened in Dodge Squad quarters. Abeloth went to the cloning room and found the pods to all of Dodge squad what he found out was that only one of the pods had been injected with force blood. And the pod belonged to Boomdodger.


Devis searched the facillity looking for Boom and his squad he was trying to recruit them for his battlion but it turned out that they have already left. He thought they commisioned them to get on the next cruiser. Devis askd Admiral Jones to patch him to the cruiser that just left. Admiral Toro responded  "We do have Dodge squad on board sir. Should we capture them or send them back?

Let them head back I need a word with them."

With that Devis headed for the hangar when Dodge squad arrived they thought they were in trouble." At ease squad I have brought you back here for a reason your recruited to join the 32nd Air Combat wing with myself being your leader and Commander Salvo being your commanding Officer." Devis told the men. Commander Salvo walked to the squad and greeted them. The walked into the next hangar and saw Laats waiting for them. When the took off the Endar Spire was roaring with excitment of the new recruits that have joined the battalion. The first to meet the new recruits was Tanker he lead them to their quaters. From their Deadshot showed them to the training room and bridge. The squad went exploring on the ship until their next mission.

Mission to Iceberg Three

Abeloth flew his mark one starfighter and when he arrived with Plo Koons fleet they saw Sepratist cruisers and they began an attack Abeloth attacked and took out twenty three fighters with one ion charge. Abeloth shot at the turrets shooting at him and then he blew up a cruiser's bridge. Abeloth then saw all their cruisers on retreat now it was time for him to return to base. When Abeloth arrived back on the cruiser he was informed that Alpha 47 has arrived. Abeloth wondered who Alpha 47 was then Boomdodger met at the door way and told Abeloth that he got promoted to an alpha arc trooper. Abeloth and Boomdodger walked to the bridge and when he got there Plo Koon had Abeloth some snow gear Abeloth put it on and ask Plo Koon if the air on Iceberg III had safe air. Plo Koon said no and gave Abeloth a Kel dorian mask. Abeloth got in a Gunship and waited for him to be dropped down to the surface. Abeloth's ship closed the blast sheild and Abeloth put on the Mask and when he landed he ordered some men to get the bad gas out of the atmosphere. •••

After a few hours they made a base and the air was clean, Abeloth told Plo Koon more forces can be landed. When more forces landed a sepratist fleet arrived and started to land forces Plo Koon went back to help the fleet. Abeloth stayed on the surface to help the men gather thing and leave the panet. Abeloth ordered Boomdodger watch the men and Abeloth go help the Plo Koon. Abeloth was about to take off when General Grevious's voice scared him. Abeloth grabbed his lightsabers and began to fight him. Abeloth Kept his hood down and chopped Grevious in his chest. Grevious retreat back to his ship and Abeloth ordered his men to get ready to leave. When they arrived in the cruisers Abeloth saw Anakin Skywalker and Padme Admidala getting ready to go to Mon Calamari. Abeloth was awarded the Hero of the 104th title as well as all the other troops who survived the fight.
Devis .vs. Grevious on Iceberg III

Assault on Carlac (part 1 of 4)

Abeloth was sent to Carlac with some of the jedi and the Famed Wolfpack and 104th Abeloth landed in the outpost where Commander Wolffe was and talked to him Wolffe told him to hunt down Death watch camps and free a nearby village for him cause his forces were spread thin. Abeloth walked outside and saw some padawans talking. Abeloth walked up to them and they said be careful a sepratist cruiser that crashed has droids gaurding it like a rancor gaurding its food. Abeloth told them not to worry he will take care of it. Abeloth bought a At-St from Scope and set out to do the task for Wolffe.

Assault on Carlac: A walk through the village. (part 2 of 4)

Abeloth turned on a map on his gloves and saw that the only thing on the map was a village near him so he took his walker to the village and saw that Death Watch had burned it down. Abeloth was shocked to see a whole village burned down just by a few mandalorians Abeloth took some out and got some information about camps so Abeloth went on to find the camps and destory them. Abeloth walked for days and got lost. Abeloth began to feel hungry. So he opened his pack for food and began to set up camp.

Carlac map

Devis Looking at his map.


Devis taking out Death Watch in the villgae nearby

Abeloth checked his map in a cave and it showed him off the map and far way from his target, Camp Kote. Abeloth got back on his walker and began walk back to Camp Kote...

When he got near a giant gate Abeloth activated his map to see if he was near the Camp and he was. Abeloth tried to figure out a way inca but the only way in was being a mandalorian so he took a body of a knocked out mandalorian and made him get in by using his body. Abeloth was able to infultrate the first camp. Now came the hard part, Taking out the Death Watch.

Assault on Carlac (part 3 of 4 A Camp Out.)

While infiltrating the camp, Abeloth found tracks and saw lightsabers slashes through Death Watch armor. Abeloth walked a little more and found the same results on all the Death Watch soilders so he got to the end of the camp and found out that Kahar had beaten him to the camp, so when he got to the end, Kahar was fighting a sergeant of the Death Watch. Abeloth left and tried to get to the next camp before dawn, but it was too cold so he camped in a tent and waited. When he awoke, he found out that the camps have all been taken out so that meant that Abeloth had to do one last thing, the Captive Village.

The Assault on Carlac (part 4 of 4 A heroes work never ends!)

When it was morning Abeloth headed to the village. When he arrived he saw some troops and Motar they were trying to break in too. So he helped them Abeloth relized if he used his lightsabers the Death Watch will see them coming. So he put his lightsabers in his pack and swong his sniper rifle from his back to infront of him and set up postions in middle of rocks. Abeloth was shooting all the carlac soilders when he reached the middle of the village he had to fight a women but before Abeloth could hit her Jet pack, she flew off. Abeloth walked through the rest of the village where he saw to mandalorian Sargent's Abeloth deafeated them both in no time Then came the hard part out of a house Pre Vizla came running out. Abeloth pulled out his red lightsaber and dueled Vizla when he fled from being defeated. Abeloth searched the building where Pre Vizla was hiding Abeloth found some Death Watch gear but the body and helmet were missing. He also found a full set of Normal Mandalorian gear. Abeloth took both the armor and gave one set to the republic to study while he set out to find the rest of the one gear.      

The Fall of Shadow Gaurds Base

On October 28 20 BBY at 8:41 a small strike team was sent to take over Shadow Gaurd Village and destroy it. The strike team was Abeloth, Boba Bactapack and Dawson Battlespear. They took care of the look outs. They began to take out the minor forces and began work their way to the main square to take out the buildings. When they arrived there they began to destory every building standing.

The town Square building begins to burn


Mission Over Coruscant

Abeloth was heading to check on Kahar on Mustafar when his fleet was ordered to return to Coruscant and help in a war over it. Abeloth got to his Hangar and launch all his ships he got in a Arc 170 and flew with his pilots. Anakin and Obi-Wan flew into General Grevious' Flag ship. Abeloth started shooting at a Droid Command ship and Abeloth's ship was hit he started spining and he crash landed in Kahar's cruiser and he contacted his best pilot into the Ebon Hawk. It landed into in the cruiser and Abeloth walked onto it and begain to take out most droid Tri fighters. "INCOMING!" Abeloth heard on his com. Abeloth saw a V-Wing about to get shot by a Vulture Droid. Abeloth fired his proton bomb so that it will destroy the others about to follow it. The Vulture Droid crashed into a cruiser. Abeloth saw Grevious's cruiser crashing onto Coruscant. Abeloth followed and landed near the crash landing Abeloth thought Grevious was on it but only Chancellor Palpatine, Obi-Wan, and Anakin.

Invasion on Tython

Abeloth was going to Tython to see if anyone surivied the invasion from space but when he arrived he saw droid cruiser's in orbit and launching transports. Abeloth called his admiral to transport his fleet at Tython quickly. Abeloth launched his Ebon Hawk to the surface of Tython and help. When he arrived he saw no droids because the transports didn't surface yet. Abeloth ran the the Temple to warn the jedi there about the attack. The jedi set up a blackade and awaited for them to land and attack. Abeloth contacted Kahar in the middle of the battle. "Kahar, we have a problem on Tython. Can you get here as soon as you can?" Abeloth said cutting though a B2 droid. "I'll come as soon as i can." Kahar responded . Abeloth and the jedi tried to hold off the droids but they were losing jedi quicker then a Rancor eats a Womp Rat. Abeloth saw another fleet arrive over Tython and saw a ship land he saw it he knew it was the Defender Kahar's ship. Abeloth cut a path through to the hanger so that Kahar can get to the battle. Abeloth saw a Magna droid and he felt a little shock and everything went black. Abeloth awoke and the battle was won. The Jedi celebrated.

The End of the Clone Wars (Order 66 Stories Part 1 of 6) The End Of The Jedi

Abeloth Fraint was on Murkhana when his men aimed their blasters at him, Abeloth grabbed his left handed lightsaber and cut all the clones except his loyal men, Omega squad. After that little war on his cruiser he flew it to Rishi Moon And left Omega squad in charge of it and took off in the Ebon Hawk. He tried to contact Obi-wan or other jedi Obi-Wan answered and said "Sorry Abeloth was talking to Ferus Olin, But all jedi are to go into hiding if your looking for Kahar hes on Mustafar Thank you master Obi-wan" Abeloth flew his freighter to Mustafar when he saw a Victory-Class Star Destroyer. Good thing the Ebon Hawk is the second Fastest ship in the galaxy because TIE-fighters where shooting at him he out ran them and when he flew over the surface he saw Imperials following him when he saw a small factory/Outpost he landed at a landing pad and got on dark clothes so that he may surprise Kahar. he walked out but Kahar knew it was him no matter what kahar ran to him and said "Abeloth! I thought i never see you again." Abeloth responded. "Yeah, just out ran a few Imperials and a Victory-Class Star Destroyer a few of them are on their way here" Kahar asked him if he wants to join Survivors Abeloth agreed and Kahar made him a commander then the alarm went off. Suddenly gunships started coming and landed several yards away. Imperial Clone Troopers poured out. The alarms activated as the scanners picked up the gunships and Clones. The Survivors grabbed their weapons. Kahar opened the blast doors. He then pulled a lever on the wall and silver droids ran out. The droids grabbed the stolen Imperial Rifles off the rack and ran out the entrance. Kahar ran out the entrance too and Abeloth followed him. The Imperial Clones started firing at The Survivors immediately. One of the militia troopers from The Survivors was shot in the shoulder and then shot in the head. He collapsed to the ground. The Survivors immediately returned fire. Kahar jumped at a group of 5 Imperial Clones and force pushed them into the lava. One came up behind Kahar and Abeloth immediately jumped above the Clone and cut him in half. Kahar turned around. "Thanks," Kahar said with a smile. Abeloth smiled back. The 2 stood back to back,
Revan fight music - the Old Republic01:41

Revan fight music - the Old Republic

Play this song anytime there is a great battle (every story)

deflecting blaster fire. Then they split up on the ground and started cutting down Imperial Clones. Kahar saw one coming up behind Abeloth. The Imperial Clone had his blaster aimed at Abeloth's back and was about to fire when one blue and one yellow lightsaber plunged through his back and came out his chest. Abeloth heard the sizzling behind him and turned around. He saw the Clone standing there, both of Kahar's lightsabers coming out of his chest. Kahar pulled the lightsabers out of the Clone and he collapsed. Kahar's communicator suddenly started buzzing. Kahar saw it was Bail Organa. Abeloth and Kahar looked at each other and Abeloth nodded. Kahar ran into the lab leaving Abeloth to handle the Imperials when they surrounded him and the survivors. Then Kahar jumped and forced every imperial and then Kahar said they needed to head to Alderaan but for now they rest.

The End Of Clone Wars (Order 66 Stories part 2 of 6 Attack on Mygeeto)

Kahar, Devis, a citizen in The Survivors chosen to be the ambassador, and most of The Survivors got on board a cruiser. They took off and flew through the skies of Mustafar and into space

A rebel on Mygeeto

. They then jumped to hyperspace and appeared above Alderaan. They landed the cruiser at the private landing pad on the military base that Bail told them to. When they got off the cruiser, Bail and the Alderaan Military General were there to greet them, guarded by 4 Alderaan Military Soldiers. "So Bail," Kahar said. "The General and his men would like to join The Survivors?" Bail nodded. The General called all his men onto the landing pad. Suddenly several Imperial Shuttles flew into the air. Abeloth recognized the design it was from his old shuttles he designed. They were Imperial Shuttles now, not gunships anymore. The doors on both sides of the shuttles opened. Kahar could see they were filled with Stormtroopers, not Clones. "There they are! Blast them!" shouted a Stormtrooper commander. Then him and several other Stormtroopers jumped out of the Imperial Shuttles. The entire Alderaan Military shot at the Stormtroopers. The Survivors helped. Suddenly Imperial Shuttles flooded the skies around the landing pad. Stormtroopers began to flood the landing pad. "There's too many! Into the cruiser!" Kahar shouted. Bail Organa and The Survivors got into the cruiser. The Alderaan Military followed. The Alderaan Military General was coming in. He was on the ramp and fired a flurry of blaster bolts from his blaster pistol at a Stormtrooper. He killed 2 Stormtroopers, but then a Stormtrooper Sniper shot him in the shoulder. The General fell unconscious. Kahar grabbed the General and pulled him off the ramp and into the ship. The ramp closed and Kahar gave the General to the medical droid. The medic

The sith Lord that devis fought. Background is a battle scene

al droid carried the General to the medical bay. Kahar ran into the bridge. "We need to go to the turret room Abeloth," Kahar said. Abeloth nodded and they both ran into the turret room. Abeloth sat at a seat and looked out a visor and put his hands on the controls. He began blasting at the Imperial Shuttles following them. The cruiser entered space and jumped to hyperspace to Mustafar quickly. Abeloth walked to the Bridge of the cruiser. After he plotted their course he walked to the war room. Abeloth met other solders there, and the rest of the crew was called to the war room then Kahar came. Kahar accessed the holo table and brought up a hologram of Mygeeto. "Mygeeto," Kahar said. "The Clones recovered a crystal here on the day of Order 66 during the battle. The crystal is used to power the Death Star's laser. Perhaps we could recover one," Kahar said. "We would take it to Dark Nebula Lab, and make a super weapon that can destroy Imperial Fleets, the Death Star, and Imperial battalions." The Survivors and Alderaan Military nodded. Even Senator Organa agreed. Everybody was dismissed. Abeloth knew he would need to be ready for the fight for his life. He contacted his brother Drade Fisto aka Rann Clawpincer to help the survivors and he invited him to the team and told him to meet up with them on Mygeeto. Abeloth Landed first. Then he tore though the Imperials. Kahar then landed near the landing platform with a Rebel gunship. Abeloth reached the crystal and there were too people there one in a dark suit he looked like a elite stormtrooper but devis saw a lightsabe near the man's belt. The other was a well known bounty hunter Boba Fett. Abeloth talked to the man "Who are you?" Abeloth said The man said "The Emperor's assassin." The man said. Abeloth activated his left lightsaber and charged at the assassin but before he could hit him. The man in black blocked with is blade Abeloth fought him but the sith knew everymove and fought like his old friend/ jedi Anikan Skywalker. But Abeloth heard that Anikan died on Courscant. Abeloth activated his other lightsaber and fought him with both lightsabers. Abeloth saw Kahar fighting Boba. Abeloth blocked a hit by the sith then cut his suit open and the sith fled from the battle. Abeloth grabbed the crystal and waited at the gunship for Kahar to return. Abeloth talked to Kahar and he said "I have a good friend from the Clone Wars. He is a Jedi Master, just like me. He was trained by Yoda. Last time I checked, he and his militia were taking over an Imperial Cruiser above Kashyyyk," . Kahar knew what he must do. That's why he said "What we need to do, is find Jedi Master Rahm Kota."              

End of the Clone Wars (Part 3 of 6 A snowy encounter)

Devis walked around the hangar until Chewbacca called him to help him on the Millennuim Falcon. Then he heard Bren Derlin that Imperial Walkers are near by. Devis got his lightsabers but then he realized that he might not need it so he grabbed his sniper rifle and set up postion near the Empires landing zone when he saw an Imperial shuttle craft and out stepped the same sith he encountered on Mygeeto Devis contacted Echo Base about the sith's arrival. "That's Darth Vader you better get your lightsabers and be ready for another fight Devis!' said General Carlist Rieekan on Devis's Personal Comlink channel. Devis got on his swoop bike and drove to the base and got his lightsaber. Devis drove to the area where he saw Vader and he he arrive he jumped into the air and activated his lightsabers in mid air and striked at Vader but he blocked. Devis fought Vader for 5 hours but then Devis heard the General say it was time to evacuate they lost the battle of hoth. Devis forced pushed Vader into the snow and got on the bike and left to the base.While Devis was on his way he saw a Magnaguard and he pulled over and grabbed it and put it on the back of his speeder and got to the hangar.  Devis got to the back where the Ebon Hawk was. Devis took off and when he got back to the fleet the Millennuim Falcon was the last fighter to arrive with the fleet and they all retreated to another part of the galaxy. While he waited for more orders Devis repaired the droid. The Droid appeared to be IG-211 Devis told it the whole story story and how it got on the Ebon Hawk. Devis asked it IG if he was gonna kill Devis, there was a moment of silence for a minute or two then the droid said it was gonna join the Rebellion and help the Alliance take out the Droid's greattest enemy

End Of Clone Wars (Order 66 stories part 4 of 6 A Great Encounter)

Devis and the rest of the Survivors got a call from a unidentified ship smaller then the cruiser. Devis saw that ship before he was trying to figure out where. Then he remembered it was his commander's ship Boomdodger The Swift Eagle. The captain was aiming the cruiser's cannons at it when Devis launched a escape pod on to it. Devis ran into it and he saw Boomdodger piloting it he poked boom and he turned and he readied his blaster but lowered when he saw Devis's face "So hows it going Boom?" Devis asked. Boom said " I thought you died I was searching the universe for you and your cruiser." Devis and Boom caught up on lost time and landed in the cruiser's hanger Kahar saw the cruiser land but he
Swfoc 2011-08-17 14-28-14-32

The rebel Cruier (top right) over Boomdodger cruier (bottom left)

didn't know the pilot but Devis recruited Boom and they went to Hoth where the Rebels were setting up a sheild bunker. Devis and Boom couldn't get their ships out because of the Snow speeders infront of them. Then on a loud speaker a commander said "Imperial walkers heading for the sheild Bunker. Devis got in the snowspeeder and flew to the imperial walkers and fired at them. Devis hit but they didnt blow. Devis retreated back to base and went out on foot and cutted throught the imperials down near the walkers drop point. The sheild bunker was blown and all men were called back to base and flee. Devis ran to the Echo base and got in a X-wing and took off and followed the convoy to the space. Their next mission was to go find General Rahm Kota

End Of Clone Wars (Order 66 stories part 5 of 6 General Kota's Rescue.)

Before The Survivors cruiser jumped to hyperspace, Devis asked to go back to the lab on Mustafar and allow him to get his small freighter, The Ebon Hawk, docked into the cruiser. Kahar agreed and jumped into hyperspace to Mustafar. Kahar lowered near the lab then Kahar forced the Ebon Hawk into the hanger. Devis couldn't help but wonder who that sith was he fought. Devis looked on the rebels computer database to see who he was and a picture of Anakin came up. Devis became puzzled and then the ships alarm went off and Devis heard Kahar asking him to borrow the Ebon Hawk.

Rahm Kota on his cruiser

Devis nodded and ran to the hanger and Kahar went up to the gun room that Devis added. Devis flew to a massive Imperial cruiser. Then Devis heard a beep and Devis heard Kahar say. "Devis, we've got company." Devis swerved and dodged and burst to the hanger before he got in a ray shield Devis heard a ion charge go off and saw a Firespray go his visor. Devis landed in the imperial cruiser. Devis waited at the landing ramp for Kahar. When Kahar came back Devis and Kahar went down the ramp and they activated their lightsabers. They saw all these Stormtroopers on the ground. Devis heard blaster fire and saw some militia taking out imperials on a catwalk. Kahar force leaped onto the catwalk and cut both edges of it. The catwalk fell. Kahar immediately jumped off the catwalk. The catwalk fell into an energy generator and caused a massive explosion. Devis, Kahar, and the militia moved on through the ship. When they got to the middle of the ship, they saw General Kota and most of the militia fighting several Stormtroopers. Suddenly an Imperial Officer and Stormtroopers ran up behind Devis, Kahar, and the militia. They started attacking the Imperials. Kahar jumped at the Imperial Officer and stabbed him. He force pushed another Stormtrooper into the rest of the Stormtroopers and then used the Force to pull a cylinder out of the wall and hit them with it. The militia took their place next to the rest of the militia and started firing at the Imperials. Devis and Kahar ran at Kota, deflecting blaster fire. "Kota!" Kahar said. "It's been a long time. You and your militia want to join the Alliance and The Survivors?" Kota nodded. "Yes, we would." Just then Jumptroopers landed behind them. Kota and Kahar used the Force to throw oil cans at their jetpacks, causing them to spin out of control and explode. Suddenly the Imperial Cruiser began exploding. The militia and Survivors had done enough damage to the ship. Kota rallied his militia and ran with Devis and Kahar into the hangar. "Into the shuttles!" Kota ordered his militia. Kahar and Devis got back into The Ebon Hawk. Kota told the pilot of the shuttle he had come in to take off. Kota then ran into The Ebon Hawk. Kota took the gunner's seat while Devis took the pilot's seat and Kahar took the co-pilot's seat. Devis activated the engines and started flying out of the Imperial Cruiser as it was exploding. Just then another cruiser jumped out of hyperspace it was a Hammerhead-class cruiser. Devis thought they were all destroyed in the Old Republic then the com panel started blinking devis answered it. it was Devis's brother and commander Drade Fisto (disguise name) and Boomdodger. They started shooting at other imperial cruiser. Then a T7 droid came the bridge of the Hawk Devis knew something came on board.Then one of the militia shuttles was shot down by an Imperial Shuttle and crashed into the hull of Kota's cruiser. As The Ebon Hawk headed back to The Survivors cruiser, the Imperial Shuttles didn't follow it, going after Kota's cruiser instead. Kahar turned the ship around and he steered it towards Kota's cruiser. He began launching misses and firing the blaster turrets at the Imperial Shuttles. Kahar activated the comm panel. "Kota, use the blaster turret to shoot down the Imperial Shuttles," Kahar said. He then deactivated the comm panel.. Kahar pressed the button. Kahar activated the comm panel. The communicator on the controls started flashing. Kahar pressed the button. Master,"Flash said. "We should meet at the militia cruiser." Kahar nodded and hit the button to cut communications. Devis was surprised, Devis thought Flash was dead and he hadn't seen him since the Clone Wars. When they had returned to the lab a few months ago, he told Flash to stay with Kota and his militia. Kahar used some devices to trace the signal of where the communication came from Devis was told to line The Ebon Hawk up next to the shuttle. The Ebon Hawk and the shuttle both landed in the hangar and opened the doors. The ramps were lowered. Kahar walked out followed by Devis and Kota. Several militia troopers ran out along with Flash. . "Flash, we need to make plans to defend the ship," Devis overheard Kahar talking to Flash.The hangar was way down at the bottom of the ship. Everybody was running to the elevator when suddenly large holes happened in the ceiling of the hangar and Stormtroopers roped down into the hangar from the level above. There was 20 militia troopers on Flash's shuttle and all had come out of the shuttle already. There was at least 3 dozen Stormtroopers, all of the Stormtroopers that were on the level above. Kahar thought this would be an interesting battle. Kahar activated his lightsabers and cut one Stormtrooper down. Flash activated his lightsaber and leaped at a Stormtrooper, cutting him down. Devis ran out with his lightsabers and ran at a Stormtrooper. The 3 stood back to back next to each other and cut down any Stormtroopers that came too close, also deflecting blaster fire at Stormtroopers that stood far away. Kota saw a Scout Trooper with a sniper rifle that was laying on a rack. He was aimed right at Kahar. Kota force lifted the trooper and threw him onto the ground. Then he stabbed his lightsaber into the Scout Trooper. More troopers roped down, holding militia prisoners in front of them as shields. Kota force pulled them all and handed them Stormtrooper blasters and one of them the sniper rifle from the Scout Trooper. A militia pulled out a sword and charged at a Stormtrooper. The Stormtrooper, unfortunately, saw him and shot him. Eventually only 3 Stormtroopers remained. Kahar cut the one down and then force lifted a fuel can and threw it at the other 2. Kota received a message that the rest of the ship was secured. Devis was taking care of the last of the imperials and saw Kota and Kahar talking. Then Kahar entered into The Ebon Hawk along with Devis. Flash came in also. Then they returned to The Survivors cruiser. They jumped to hyperspace to Alderaan and dropped Bail Organa off at the House Organa safely. Then the cruiser went back to Dark Nebula Lab on Mustafar.

End Of Clone Wars (Order 66 stories part 6 of 6 End of the Empire)

It was 24 years after the rest of the stories, which took place in 19 BBY. This time is was 4 ABY. Kahar, Flash, Devis, and Kota were on board The Survivors cruiser.Kahar told the Alliance that he would help them in the battle above Endor and help destroy Death Star II. Kota ordered some of his millitia to go down to the surface, but most stayed on board with Kota,
Deathstar jpg w300h265

Ebon hawk blows up death star

Kahar, Flash, and Devis. The Survivors cruiser immediately started opening fire on Death Star II, but eventually learned the shields were still up. Kahar ordered to stop firing. When the shields went down, Kahar gave the order to start firing again. Kahar told Kota to stay on the ship and give orders to the millitia and The Survivors. Kahar, Flash, and Devis then ran into the hangar of The Survivors cruiser and got into The Ebon Hawk. Devis took the pilot's seat and Kahar took the co-pilot's seat. Kahar told Flash to get the gunner's seat up above. Flash immediately started firing at TIE fighters. Kahar helped Flash by firing the co-pilot turrets while Devis piloted The Ebon Hawk 
Devis orders

Devis in his Rebel General uniform giving orders to his fleet to open fire.

to follow the Millenium Falcon into the Death Star II to blow it up. When they got inside, TIE fighters came out of the walls. Flash and Kahar immediately started firing. When Lando ordered the group to split up, he told Devis to stay and cover him from behind.
Star Wars Battle Theme FULL03:52

Star Wars Battle Theme FULL

Open this in a new tab and listen to it when you reach the battle scenes

Eventually they got to the power core. Kahar, Devis, and Flash fired torpedos and blew it up. Lando fired torpedoes from the Millenium Falcon too. The Ebon

Hawk and Millenium Falcon flew out of the Death Star II just in time. The Battle on Endor had been won by the Alliance. While Devis was on Endor
Ebon Hawk and Defender

Ebon Hawk and Defender flying through space after they destroyed Death Star.

he saw all of his masters spirits and was glad. Now the Galaxy is at Peace.

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The End of Clone wars (Order 66 Alt story 1 of 6) 19 BBY- 0BBY 

Devis lead his men into the heat of war. He fought hard with his men they were ordered to take Murkhana they have gotten the city and were now evacutaing. His men aimed their blasters on him. Devis knew that Palpatine had issued order 66 and told them he was with them to take out all the jedi. Devis was leading his men to the planet of Courscant to help out the 501st and Anakin. When they arrived the jedi were all dead and  Anakin has fallen and Darth Vader has risen. Devis followed with them to take out all the enemies who rebel against the Empire. Devis was assigned to go to Davenport gateway. He in charge of hiring new soilders and to find and to take out another jedi. Devis was broken from the force all of the sudden and his men were ordered to get him out of the area. Devis was check to see if his force connection was actually true. Devis had lost his connection and was given the title of Grand General and was given an armor and blaster. He was shipped off Davenport gateway and sent to the Devastor to help Darth Vader hunt for jedi. Devis was incharged with clearing the first wave for Darth Vader. Devis helped killed Kento Marek, And  Luminara Unduli. Darth vader was impressed with all the power Devis showed and allowed him to be in charge most of the battalion when he was away.

19 years later.

Devis walked around on the Death Star he was getting ready to get the battalion to go to find the Tantive IV and capture Princess Leia Organa. Devis led his men through the fray with his lightsabers slashing through the enemies. Darth Vader was closly behind and watch his everymove. When they reached to the escape pods Captain Antillies defended Leia but Vader killed him with force choke. They took Leia away to the Devastator to 


Devis (Right) standing next to Darth Vader on the Tantive IV.

interrogate her. Devis was incharge of searching the planet below for 2 droids. Devis got on the landing craft and departed for his next journey.

The End of Clone wars (Order 66 Alt story 2 of 6) 19 BBY- 0BBY

Devis woke up with a startle he heard the annoucement going off "All pilots into fighters the Rebels are advancing on us." Devis got up and rushed to the bridge to see that the rebels have indeed began to fight it has been a few months after they had tooken the Princess captive, 

Teaching A Clone New Tricks,a Story in the New Republic

"Hey Boom, ever wanted to try out a lightsaber?" -Devis

"Well....okay," -Boomdodger.

On 5 ABY, Devis found a extra lightsaber and went to Boomdodger and asked him if he wanted to try out

a lightsaber. Boomdodger stood quietly and said "Well okay, couldn't hurt to try.'" Devis told Boomdodger to meet in the ships training hall Devis took a year to build. Devis got there first yet he had the Revan themed gear on Devis tossed Boomdodger a training lightsaber with a Blue blade. Devis activated his duel lightsabers and said "Boomdodger, I knew you were force sensitive since the Siege Of Cloud City." Boomdodger activated his blue lightsaber and the blade shone bright. Devis activated a training drones. As he turned them on he said "This was the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. More skill than simple sight was required for its use. An elegant weapon. It was a symboI as well. Anyone can use a blaster or a fusion cutter—bit to use a lightsaber well was a mark of someone a cut above the ordinary." Boomdodger was about to cut the drone when Devis said use the force feel around and block the shots from the drones ill tell you your progress when you have completed. After a long while Boomdodger got a 80% and he needed to train with another fellow apprentice. Boom led him to Coruscant to the old Jedi Temple. Devis brought a friend along too his name Thorn Set. Devis told Thorn to go easy on Boomdodger and that this was his first time fighting with a lightsaber. Devis lead them to the jedi training room. where they trained for an hour more Devis believed Boomdodger was ready to face making a real lightsaber. Devis lead Boomdodger to the lightsaber creation room where Boomdodger made a Double blade lightsaber with a purple blade. Devis lead Boomdodger on many dangerous missions and Boomdodger lost his first lightsaber and made two more and dual-weilded the same as his master.


Boomdodgers training lightsaber

Being A Master

Devis trained Boomdodger hard but still kept it easy for him. Devis took Boomdodger to Endor, where Kahar was waiting for them. Devis left Kahar in charge or Boomdodger while he attended a matter in the forest on Endor. Devis walked through the forest until he saw a sith unlike any other. Devis activated his left lightsaber. The purple lightsaber blade shot up. Devis walked to the sith. The sith vanished. Devis walked some more and saw a cave. Devis walked in and he ended up in a place so calm. There he saw master Yoda force ghost and said "Found an apprentice finally Devis?" Devis said "Yes, he is doing well perhaps too well." "Hmmm a great threat Boomdodger is teach him well you must." Devis nodded and Yoda vanished. Devis walked out and saw Boomdodger training with Thorn Set. Boomdodger beat Thorn but with luck. Then out or no where twenty-six Imperial cruisers jumped out of hyperspace. Devis was shocked he thought he wiped them all out. Devis yelled at Kahar and they all ran to their ships. Devis contacted the Endar Spire's men and they jumped out of hyperspace with the Lunar Eclipse and Eclipse SSD. The cruiser's began a space combat. Soon Rebel cruiser's came out of hyperspace. Devis took off in the Ebon Hawk to get into the space combat. Devis flew into a docking bay on the imperial cruiser. Devis ran and took out every single stormtrooper while running. Devis cut through a sith knight and a imperial gaurd. When he got to the bridge he saw a sith in dark robes with a double blade lightsaber. Devis saw one of these sith before they were Imperial knights a highest rank in the Empires ranks. Devis activated his lightsabers and the sith activated his the two were fighting and Devis was losing. When the door opened and reveild Boomdodger with Jedi robes on Devis was shocked to see Boomdodger have on Jedi robes. Boomdodger attacked with all his might when Boomdodgers lightsaber was cut in half. Devis tossed Boomdodger his red lightsaber and he blocked and attacked the sith and defeated him. Boomdodger later created two more lightsabers.

Revenge Of Empire

Devis was contacted by a ally that the empire was back and growing in the coordiates 87,900. Devis went into his stealth ship Phantom and flew to a Imperial galaxy. Devis was able to by pass the imperial space but when he landed the imperials knew he was there he got his lightsaber and cutted through the stormtroopers Devis was tearing the armor. Devis got their gear on and left his lightsaber on the Phantom. Devis walked off the ship and began walking to the imperial base. They were making a super laser out of the planet's surface. Devis was shocked they were making another Death Star. Devis ran back to the Phantom and contacted Kahar and the New Jedi Council. "Kahar i think we need to dust off the Ebon Hawk and the fleet they are making the Death Star III." Devis said and ended the call. Devis started the Phantom's engine's and the stealth feild and took off to back to Coruscant when he was landing he saw Flashes starfighter landing in the hangar. Devis walked to the council room to see his fellow coucil mates and discussed with them and said this "I saw the planet it is completely a machine! It looks to be ready to be fired. I can send a st rike team with the Stealth Force 10 or i can take a small jedi strike team." Kahar told Devis told Flash and Boomdodger to ready their gear and get on stealth ships.

When the team was ready they started the engines and flew to the planet when they were about to go into hyperspace they activated the stealth feild and landed on the planet the Stealth force took out the imperial storm troopers while the jeid stike team took out the jedi Devis begain running to the laser ut before he arrived the laser blew up Tython Devis felt the the force and it felt faint and he yelled "RETREAT!" The team retreated back to Coruscant where the Jedi council waited months for the sith to strike back.


Marko Ragnos(blue lightsaber) Vs Devis Trooper

Marko Ragnos Return's

On 11 ABY Devis was in the council room when a light glemmed all the council members saw it. Then a figure appeared on the holoboard it look liked a sith. The sith said "Any Jedi come after me and ill kill them like a a sith steps on a bug in the forest moon of Endor!" Devis reconized it from the archives. It was Marko Ragnos a sith from the Great Hyperspace War. Devis thought he died. Devis started thinking and Luke asked "Devis, what do you have in mind?" Devis said "What if he is the one behind the Empire's return." They tracked the source of the transmission. Devis was sent to the planet it was from the planet was Aargonar. Devis got in his stealth ship and flew to Aargonar and he found a secret Sith temple burried in sand. Devis found the door and opened it and walked in the temple where he found Marko Ragnos in the sith council room not looking. Devis activated his lightsaber's and Marko activated a ancient Blue lightsaber cross. Devis hasn't seen one but it was an amzing site Devis fought and fought but he was losing quickly Just then Boomdodger came and started to hold him off. So Devis fleed the battle and waited for the sith to follow him but he didnt. Devis arrived back on Coruscant and told the council ab

out the sith's weapon and they decided to make Devis the first Jedi in the new era to wield a Cross Lightsaber. After they decided that Boomdodger came back all damaged and cut. The council took him to the medical bay. Devis vowed to never let another sith that strong hurt one of his friends again.

Boomdodger after Marko Ragnos defeats him

The Rise Of The fallen Jedi

On 13 ABY Devis completed his training in the new Lightsaber cross and was about to invade Marko Ragnos's temple but then a shuttle landed outside the jedi temple. A hooded man walked into the temple with a red Twi'Lek. Most of the jedi masters walked to the man when Devis saw a Gunship coming his way he ran out of the way. When it crashed they man show his face, it was Marko Ragnos all the masters and every jedi activated their lightsaber then the gunship opened up a revealed a little kid with a blue lightsaber and a bunch of sith. They charged out and begain a war Devis was fighting Marko and he was winning Devis cutted Marko then he disarmed him and forced his lightsaber. Devis was about to kill Marko then a blue lightsaber came across the field and cutted off Marko Ragnos's head. ""I have the best jedi equipment credits can buy, you cant stop me."Devis said as he watched Marko die. Devis watched as the sith's body lay on the ground. The sith that where in the shuttle retreated back to where ever they came from. Devis started to get worried that since now there leader was dead they will strike back soon. Devis gave the lightsaber cross to Luke. Devis retired in his chambers to meditate.


The Sith Army

Recovering A New Companion

On 10 ABY Devis & Boomdodger were sent to Korriban disguised as a Sith lord's and they were sent into a tomb. When


they arrived at the end of it they saw a creature in the middle of them room they walked over it by wall sliding and when Devis got to it he deactivated the ray sheild around it and it attacked him. When Devis defeated it said it was a Dashade by the name of Falleen Devis told Falleen he was a jedi and Falleen came with them to the Republic and became a great companion. Kahar was surprised to see a Dashade up close. Falleen only ate force adaptive flesh raiders. Devis told Falleen not to eat any padawans.

Darth Maul's Revenge

9ABY Years and years later During the ending of the rebellion era me and Devis are called to the council room and we are shocked by what we see.

Maul? is back?!!?! Rann and Devis say at once.

luke- yes he is and on mustafar you 2 want to check it out

Devis says sure cause he knows how bored Rann is-

Devis and Rann land on Mustafar "After you." Devis says Rann goes "Eh" as he walks down the ramp and and looks around and he jumped from behind maul and he puts his double edged saber to Rann face- "i have waited a while for some jedi." Rann draws his sabers and kick him off. Devis comes out and they battle it out a half hour later maul knocks Devis down and Devis head hits a rock knocking him out cold. Then maul force one of Rann's sabers out of his hand and into the lava- He battles him on a cliff edge and he Rann me and he stumble back ward and fall off- He just barely hangs on with his hand- Devis awakes and rushes to the aid but by the time he get's there maul is laughing and he stomps on his hand and Rann falls to his doom at the lava below. Devis comes behind maul and cuts his head off. He looks over the edge and sees Rann's hand going below the lava. "Rann......." he uses his lightsaber to make a tomb stone and use his saber to write on it here lies Rann Clawpincer. He walked to the Ebon Hawk and took off.

Devis Finds A Cathar Alive

A short While After Devis and the Jedi left Courscant he got a call in his ship telling "Revan to come and

Jayden Jorgan

Jayden after Devis takes him back to Tython

help a Cathar." Devis never heard of a Cathar so he went to the planet named Balmorra. Devis flew there but when he arrived there was a great battle going on. Devis dodged all fire and found a Feline huminoid creature. He said his name was Jayden Jorgan(no relation to Aric Jorgan). Devis told him that Revan is dead and told him that he bought the Ebon Hawk. Devis welcomed him. Jayden said he was a padawan but lost his lightsaber. Devis took Jayden to Tython and trained him. Devis showed him to Kahar and Boomdodger. After that Devis sent him to make a lightsaber. Jayden is now a Jedi knight in traning still but he is working hard.

The Empires Strike and Conquest

Devis walked around in his room trying to figure out how to destory the new Death Star until he heard screaming and blaster fire. Devis walked out of his room and saw Empire troops take over the Temple and Courscant its self! Devis saw Kahar evacutaing the Padawans and younglings. Devis grabbed his lightsaber and attacked the troops trying to by the jedi masters and knights time to escape. Devis was contacted by T9-02 that the last transport is leaveing so Devis got to the hangar and saw that his other ship have been taken. Devis got in the Ebon Hawk and flew from Courscant. Devis flew to Tython and met with all the other knights and padawans. Devis saw Boom talking to a padawan group. Devis as glad to see him better and teaching the new ones. Just then a undercover agent contacts Devis to let him know that they have captured Courscant and are now heading for Hoth. Devis told them not to worry and to continue training. Devis found out that a group of younglings had lost their teacher. Devis told Kahar to teach them while he figures out what to do with the Empires New Conquest.

The Endar Spires defeat

Devis Ambushed the Empire fleet heading for Kotholis when 20 more jumped out of hyperspa

ce Devis was trying to figure out how to defeat them all when he felt the engines explode. He felt his heart break he built this ship to be undestroyable but here it was being destroyed like its a toy. Devis said on the comlink. "ABANDON SHIP! OR ABANDON YOUR LIFE!" Devis ran to the hangar and got in the Ebon Hawk. He ordered his men to get in the Phantom and the Mantis. So that he can still use them. Devis took off as fast as he could he flew past the Dreadnaughts and the fleet. When another Rebel fleet came out of hyperspace it was a his friend Flash Goldbooster. He had his turbo lasers upgraded so he can wipe them out for good. Devis flew his remaining men to Tython to make a new cruiser. Devis ordered his men to find scrap from the Endar Spire. When they returned he stared to make a new cruiser better and faster then his old one. Devis stared to make the bridge and he finished by sun down he named it the Pleiades and told his men to board it he used the tractor beam to get his ships onboard and took off gaurding Tython from anymore harm.

After that Devis got a call from Salvo that he has found a new cruiser in deep space abandonded

 but is full of fighters and weapons. Devis flew to the cruisers coordinates he flew into the hanger and explored the cruiser when he decided to add this cruiser to his fleet he made it his second in command ship and he started to make some of his men get the cruisers engines working and flew it to Tython. Devis modified the new cruiser with advanced turbo lasers, a sonic charge cannon and a new hyperdrive.

Pleiades over Tython

Finding an Assassin droid

After the cruiser was in space Salvo found a deactivated droid in the cargo hold, and contacted Devis. Devis got to the hangar and waited for Salvo. When Salvo got to the hangar. Devis followed Salvo to the hanager where the found the droid it was an Hk series from the Old Republic era. Devis activated it. It sprong to life and said "Statement:I was Deativated by my master. Query: Where is my master anyway,Meatbags?" Devis told him the whole story and when the story was done the droid said "Statement: Oh master how you will be missed." Devis asked it for its name and it said "Statement: I am Hk-90 Assassin droid to Master Atton Rand." Devis told it that he could be his new master and the droid agreed and Devis welcomed it.

The Death of Tython's temple. (part 1 of 4)

Soon after the destruction of the Endar Spire a empire raid came and attacked Tython. Devis and the whole rebel fleet were fighting like no tomrrow when they started to send drop ships and gun ships to the surface. Devis ordered his men to ready the fighters. When all the fighters were ready they all launched then they started taking out the escort fighters but for every escort fighter was out two of the rebel fighters were getting shot down Devis needed a plan he told all fighters to take out the cruiser's instead of the gun ships. Devis felt that his plan must work all of the jedi were counting on him. Mean while on the surface padawans were given lightsabers and we teamed up with jedi masters and knights to preserve any padwan losses Boomdodger was at the forge find out how to make it safer but then her heard a huge sound fly over him. Then he saw it a Tie-wing a new advance Tie fighter BoomDodger got on his speeder bike and drove to the temple to find it engulfed in flames. The temple's rumble fell to the ground. The jedi that were inside were dead or dying. Some of the jedi inside got out in time but they were shocked to see the temple burning. Back to space Devis wasnt having much luck as well but his plan was somewhat working he took out most of the enemy fighters. But the Empire had so many cruisers it was taking him a while to take them out. Devis ordered that they send a boarding party to them.

The Death Of Tython (part 2 of 4 The Secret sith)

Devis was one of the leaders of the boarding party. Devis ran through the ship taking out every sith and trooper. Then he heard another ship lands into the hangar when he heard blast fire and lightsaber's clash through the wall. Devis ordered his men to get into sniper postions because his squad were the best snipers in the Rebel Alliance. When the doors opened Boomdodger walked in with Kahar Zamet. Devis orded his men to stand down and lead them through the cruiser with Boomdodger and Kahar. They reached the engine room where they encounted a great dark jedi by the name of Atris the 2nd. Devis charged at her but then she put him in a trance that made him think that she killed his friends he watched the trance as he saw the fake kahar getting defeated and lose an arm then saw as she killed Boomdodger by chopping his head off. Devis then broke the trance with pure hatred and he fought her to the death and he stabed her dead right in her top right part of her chest! Devis took her lightsaber and walked away. When he walked by the door he saw Kahar and Boomdodger face expression they were in shocked that how Devis could use his anger and hatered so bloody and brutaly. Devis stayed silent as they walked through the ship when they reached the bridge a hooded figure stood at the bridge. It turned around and reveiled a female togruta Devis reconized her right away it was a padawan from the jedi temple. It was...

Death of Tython (part 3 of 4 the end of Tython and many lives)

Devis was shocked to see the sith was Ahsoka Tano Apprentice of Anikan Skywalker! Devis watched as she ordered storm pilots to ready all cannons to Tython below. When she turned around she revelived a middle age women then she turned out to be the same age she was 10 years ago. Devis grabbed his left lightsaber but Kahar and Boom told him to stand down. Devis walked around the bridge killing each and every pilot that he came up to. Devis then saw a female trooper run from the bridge to the hanger carring what seemed to be a rocket launcher. Devis chased after her and when he arrived in the hangar she was about

to fire until Devis threw his lightsaber at her and it hit her left leg near her 

thigh and she fell Devis grabbed it and deactivated it and when he got to the women she was knocked out. Devis picked her up and took her to the Swift Eagles prison and layed her on a bed and had Boom's droid and Devis's Anooa take care of her but to lock it after everytime they feed her or heal her wound. Devis walked out and saw Boomdodger with at least 20 lightsaber cuts on his face and his arms. Devis walked to the Ebon Hawk and waited for Boomdodger to fly out but he seemed like something was keeping him on that cruiser so Devis took off before Boomdodger. Devis forgot to tell Boomdodger about the women. Devis leaned over to the com but he didnt turn it on. Devis saw that Tython in flames and blowing up. Devis now relized why Boomdodger didnt leave. Devis tried to contact Kahar but he didnt respond ether. Devis Led his pilots to take out the other cruisers. Devis flew to the second in command cruiser and when he lost 20 gunships in one missle he landed the last of the gunships in the cruiser and led them to the bridge and took out Grand Moff. Devis saw the other cruisers retreating from the battle. Devis watched as Tython turn into a flaming green planet. Devis just remembered that boom hasnt left the cruiser because th

e cruiser just hovered there with a empty cargo, and turrets and hangar exept the Defender and the Swift Eagle. Devis flew in to the starboard side hangar and saw all the lonly ships so Devis made his way to the Portside hangar where Boomdodger just stood there looking at the console. Devis walked up the ramp and when he got to the medic bay of the Swift Eagle he saw the women sitting up rubbing her thigh where he had hit her. Devis walked up to her and apoligized to her and asked her name. She said her name was "My name is Sola... Sola Trooper." Devis was shocked to hear his last name on a women he doesnt even know. Devis asked her "Who was your mother?" Devis asked and she said "Adriana Trooper." Devis was shocked to hear his daughter has lived he fought Kayla killed her. Devis said "I am your grandfather." She must have been shocked for an hour. Devis walked away and wen to check on Boomdodger. Devis tapped on Boomdodger's shoulder and he turned his head and he frowned and said "Can we leave like right now?" Devis nodded "I'll tell Kahar." as Devis walked to the Defender Kahar was pushing buttons and his ship began to lift off. Devis relized something is wrong in this ship, "Why was everyone scared?" "Why did they want to leave so fast?" Devis ignored the questions and took off and headed for the Pleiades. Devis landed and orderd Salvo to get men on board the Cruiser that Devis, Boomdodger, and Kahar just got then Devis saw Kahar's cruiser launch a gunship to it as well as Boomdodger's. Devis felt that something wasnt right, "why was the Empire retreating? why were there 20 gunships being launched?" Devis ignored the questions that keep poping up in his head and ordered his men to ready the hyperdrive.        

Time to get even! (The Death Of Tython Series 4 of 5)

When all 3,000 cruiser's hyperdrives were ready they all jumpped to Courscant and when they arrived they saw a Star Destory dock building cruiser's for the Empire. Devis readied all ion cannons to disable the space stations without destorying them. Devis ordered his 1,000 cruisers to take out as many Empire cruiser's as they can. Devis watched as all the Empire cruisers tried to flee or try to take out his cruiser's. When there was a clear path for a few gunships and dropships to make it to the surface.Devis decided to make Salvo in command until he gets back Devis got in a Incom X-4 gunship and launched down to the surface as quick as we could.

✿ ✿ ✿

When he reached the surface Devis landed near Dexter' Jexters resturant or he thought it was. Devis walked in and saw Obi-Wan Kenobi's friend Dexter shooting a few stormtrooper trying to get in his backroom. Devis walked out before he got shot. He and Hk-90 made their way to the Temple. When Devis and Hk-90 made it to the temple they saw a huge building on fire and Empire fighter's fly by with Star Destroyer's over head. Devis knew that there was spy in the fleet nowbecause the Empire didnt know that the Rebels were coming. Devis walked up to the temple to see if anything isnt 
The Death of Jedi Temple
burned. When Devis got to the archive room all the archives were burned all expet one and that one was The Battle of Kamino.


The Duel of the last sith & a living killing machine (The Death of Tython Series part 5 of 5)

Devis saw Kahar fighting a sith near Dex's Diner and he ran down there to where he was fighting and when he arrrived the sith was already dead. Devis saw parts of a lightsaber and took them and hid them in his robes. Devis walked off the face of Courscant for five months and then was heard back from his new jedi temple on an Asteroid and was protected by a massive ray sheild. Devis built this from some of his cruiser parts that were destoryed in the battle to protect Tython. When Devis was done building it he contacted Kahar, and Boomdodger about the new temple. "I built a temple on this asteroid so we can still train the Padawans and others." Devis said on the comlink. Once Devis gave them the coordinates to the temple Devis lowered the ray sheild a little then he activated on high then he went to the fourth floor where the Swift Eagle was waiting. Devis showed them around and in a couple of weeks the temple begain to have students.                

The Naboo forces(Part 1 of 3 13 ABY- 20 ABY)

Devis went to Naboo to see if the Empire has taken over. When he arrived he saw Star destoryer s guarding it Devis told them he is dropping off a run away slave. They let him through when he landed at the palace hangar there was gun fire going off. Devis grabbed his sniper rifle and lightsabers and ran after where the shots were being made. When he arrived he saw Imperial troops on the ground and futher down saw some shooting at a couple of citizens. But they were fighting back Devis charges at the troops and chopped them. The citizen's reconized Devis and lead him to their underground base. Their leader was Commander Typho "Ever since the Empire came back they have been killing everyone here." Said Typho's second in command. Devis responded "Well i can call the Rebellion and get some jedi masters here as well but in order for this to work we need those destoryers out of the way." Commander Typho stood up and said "We have a couple of Venator Class cruiser's in the back but we wont be able to use them as a disguise but they can be a great diversion." Devis conntacted both Jedi temple and the Rebellion then the plan was in action. The Venator cruiser took off and when they reached space the Rebellion showed up. The war began.      

The Rebels new weapon (Naboo forces part 2 of 3)

5 years have pasted and Devis sat in the room working on designs of prototype weapons for the Rebellion. When he finished the first one after several hours Devis took the parts from a Imperial tank and started to build it. Captain Typho was going to need the help with the new weapon but it would take at least 5 hours for it to be done the way Devis was working. Captain Typho was raiding the Palace to reclaim Naboo so far they havent been found out yet. But then they found out and a sith came out. But before the sith could attack a huge gunship came up and begain to fire at the sith. the gunship landed on the 4th floor where

the hangar was. Captain Typho was waiting there with a squad of Nabooian forces Devis stepped out of the back of the ship. Captain Typho was amazed to see Devis finish the prototype quickly. Just then a fleet of X-wings flew by and a couple of Rebellion cruisers were in orbit. Devis knew that the fleet had broken through the Imperial fleet. Devis contacted Kahar and Boomdodger to let them land in the hangar. When they got to the hangar they saw the gun ship Kahar decided to take the plans and make a few of them for the Alliance. Devis began to go to the outskirts of Theed and help the Nabooian forces, Gungans, and Rebels fight the Empire.
Prototype Gunship

The Design Plans of the Gunship Devis made

Devis sniper

Devis in his General armor, getting ready to shoot the Imperial trooper.

The Reclaming (Naboo Forces Pt 3 of 3)

Devis dropped his spare lightsabers (because he left his normal ones in his temple) Devis opened his backpack and unfolded his sniper rifle and jumped to a over look and got a visual on the Imperal leader. Devis waited for the him to give all soilders orders. Devis then fired and the leader fell to the ground a hole in his chest. Devis then ducked down and heard screaming and he looked over the rail to see a young lady & child being tortured by a Imperial soilder. Devis shot him and he heard that the Imperials are starting to surrender. Devis ordered them to be sent to Courscant Prison. Devis brought the prototype gunship with him and they went back to Courscant and began to rest. When he was sleeping he had a vison of a space station taking in what looking like fire. Devis went to the Library the next moring and started to do research and found out it was a factory called the Star Forge.

Star Forge Wars (part 1 of 3 The search)

Around 30 ABY Devis read books about Revan and his crew about their search for the original Star Forge. But the Empire Cruiser has been getting stronger so Devis figured that someone has made a new one. Devis got his gear and prepared his companions. Jayden Jorgan, Kyle, Falleen, and HK-90. Devis told them that they may not come back so if your willing to die stay on the Ebon Hawk. No one left Devis raised the ramp and took off from the Pleiades. And set course to Imperial territory when they arrived Devis boarded one of the Imperial cruiser's when they needed to refuel. Devis felt the ship go to hyperspace. Devis found the coordinates and sent them to the Pleiades and the new Sentinel

Centauri cruiser

The Prototype Imperial cruiser Devis saw.

's. When the cruisers appeared the Imperial Cruisers readied their turrets and fighters. Devis undocked from the Imperial cruiser and flew to the Forge. When Devis was close to the Forge his ship got blasted in the engines. Devis sent Falleen to the turrets and shoot down the enemy fighters. Devis flew and saw a new prototype imperial cruiser. Devis activated his upgraded stealth field genartor to get to the Star Forge. Devis was sucked into a tractor beam on the planet below.

Star Forge Wars (Part 2 of 3 The attack)

Devis tried to make the ship land safely and when he did he knew where they were. Devis knew the planet as Dromund Kaas and they landed near an abandon star port. Devis left Jayden and Falleen in the hangar's Devis, HK-90, and Kyle went out to find the tractor beam and destory it. When the team reached Kaas city they found ancient lightsabers and blasters everywhere. Devis thought that Kaas city was never abandonded but when he looked around he saw no one or nothing. Devis walked through the city and he found an old air taxi and flew it to what seemed to be a big building with three areas. Devis flew to the middle when he arrived there Devis found a mask that looked like Darth Revans but in the middle of the screen the visor was cut into for screens. Devis kicked it around the building until he found the Tractor beam. Devis headed back to the hangar when Jayden and Falleen stopped them Devis asked them whats wrong and they didnt answer they then attacked Devis HK-90 sniped Jayden in the leg and they stopped attacking and said "There is some kind of Magic here, we need to leave... now!" Jayden said. Devis made his way to the hangar and activated the engines and flew to the Star Forge when he arrived there Devis told them to spread out but stay as a group. Devis lead them to the factory of the Star Forge. When they got there a Sith was there waiting for them and Devis knew he would ether lose this fight or fall to the dark side.

Star Forge Wars (Part 3 of 3 the way of the Jedi)

Devis ran at the sith lightsabers slashing. Devis was chopping down every imperial he saw. When the Sith defended Devis's strike he started to take his energy. Devis backed off and fell to the ground HK-90 came and was deactiavted and was thrown next to Devis Falleen died as well as Jayden. Kyle just didnt try to attack. Devis felt that this was the end of the road for him and his companions. Devis didnt wanna die like this not now he got up and forced his lightsabers and began to slash at the sith and shot lightning at him. The sith began to choke Devis and tossed him at the window. Devis decided to fake his death. Devis acted dead and the sith let go and his body fell to the ground. Devis waited for the moment to strike and attacked the sith and Defeated him. But Devis decided to end his life as a jedi for it had almost killed him more then he could count Devis activated HK-90 and told Kyle to find the reactor. When they reached the reactor Devis threw thermal Detonators into it and ran to the hangar when Devis got there they took off fast and flew to one of the Rebel cruisers with the last of the fuel. When they arrived there Devis had one thing in a box the one thing he got from the starforge  two lightsaber crystal able to change its color by the weilder's mood. Devis thought for a moment "Would I leave the jedi order? Should I? Will I?" Devis said in his mind. Devis let the force guid him and it led him down the path to the Jedi way but hid for a while. Devis sent the crystals in a box to Kahar & Boomdodger and his best armor to Dogma Blarthfire an old friend of his. Devis left to Naboo and led a peaceful life until called apon.

The Death From Within

"This is my last. Once you have learned I am dead go to Kamino and ask the Kaminoans to use my pod and make a new clone of meBut before doing that, come to Serenno and use my robesso that I  come out non-naked and that I still know my way.

– Boomdodger before his death to Devis

On 505 ABY, Devis Was told that Boom was going to try and end Darth Plageius' life. But Devis had to teach Boom one more trick but he left ahead of time. Devis paced around his Nabooian home he was worried about Boom just then Boom contacted Devis on his holoprojector and said these words "This is my last. Once you have learned I am dead go to Kamino and ask the Kaminoans to use my pod and make a new clone of meBut before doing that, come to Serenno and use my robesso that I come out non-naked and that I still know my way."

Devis tried to warn him but he ended the call to quickly. Devis ran to the Royal Hangar he had the Ebon Hawk impounded only for special missions so for this mission he is using a classic N-1 Nabooian Starfighter. He flew i
Naboo Picture

Devis making his way to the hangar (Devis is off screen)


Devis's Courtyard behind his home.

t to Kamino and he put on his helmet and walked in where a Kaminoian greeted him. Devis asked him if they still had Alpha 47's pod and they did Devis asked them to reclone Boomdodger and gave them Boomdodgers old lightsaber and Padawan robes.

Teaching one more time (cont of Death From Within)

Devis tossed his lightsabers around waiting for the cloners to tell him the missions is done. Devis heard footsteps coming to him. Devis saw Boomdodger and a few cloners with him. Devis lead Boomdodger outside and taught him a move so sacred that only certian Jedi can learn it. It was called "Chosida" it is like Force Choke but you stay on the Light side. After Devis taught him it he left for Naboo.

Reciving Bounty hunter gear (bio of how Devis got it for the stories coming up)

Devis Received Bounty hunter gear by making it him self it is equiped with a mini lightsaber blade, a red mando helmet, a mini jetpack, Stealth feild generator, and a Czerka Miniture flamethrower.

The Search for a missing friend

A few years after Devis arrived on Naboo he received word that Boomdodger has gone missing. There have been sighting
of him among the Mandalorian slinger group The Mandalorian Guild. Devis grabbed his sniper rifle and his Bounty Hunter gear. Just before he put his helmet on Kahar contacted him. They went to Carlac where they searched for Computers. Devis arrived on Carlac first and took out one of the guards. Devis waited for Kahar to show up so they can take the base and hack the computers. A few minutes later a Rebel shuttle arrived and Devis was greeted by Kahar. Devis unfolded his sniper rifle and carried it inside the base and shot all the soilders and took out most of them. Kahar was in the computer room while Devis set up a sniper postion and awaited for a Mandalorian shuttle to arrive. Devis was informed that they are  transporting new recruits. 

Mando shuttle

The Arrest of a Bounty Hunter and A Jedi Master

Devis took aim and waited... until the pilot came in view scanned the ID number to see if it was Boomdodger but it showed up negitive and took the  shot. The ship spirialed down until it crashed. Kahar came running to the building yelling "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, KILL BOOM?!" Devis shrugged and just jumped down and landed and removed his helmet and ran to the down transport. When Devis and Kahar reached all the Mandalorians were knocked out. They scanned all of them non were Boomdodger just then Boba Bactapack flew down and aimed his rifle at us and 7 more Mandalorians showed up and tied them up. Devis and Kahar were taken to a Mandalorian Cruiser. Devis was drawing a map in his mind while the Mandos took them to the prison. When they arrived there they took Devis's gear and weapons as well as Kahar's exept their robes they stood their waiting for the Prison warden Kahar tried to Force mind trick one of the guards but his mind was to powerful. When the warden arrived he interogated Kahar first but had his helmet on still. Devis felt that the force was very powerful in him. Devis hid his face when he came. When he came in Devis said "Well, well, look who has finally showed up...Boomdodger." The Warden stayed silent expet the breathing from the his mask until he said "Who are you, and how do you know my name?" Devis smirked under his hair "How wouldnt I know you? I trained you as a Jedi Master." The warden hit Devis and then left. Devis shifted his hand and a small knife slid down is sleeve and he cut the chains. Devis then knifed the guard and freed Kahar. Devis told Kahar to find a shuttle and prepare its launch while Devis finds their gear. While Devis ran down the hall he took out most the mandalorians then when he reached the bridge he found his rifle,his suit,and their lightsabers. Devis grabbed them and activated his stealth feild generator and made his way to the hangar. Devis saw Boomdodger and shot him with a paralyz dart and carried him to the hangar on his back. 

When Devis reached the hanagar he saw Kahar standing on the board ramp. Devis deactivated the stealth field and climbed in. Devis started the engines and took off Boomdodger was sitting in the back still paralyzed. Kahar was a gunner and started to shoot down all their fighter. Devis activated their hyperdrive and they were sent to Courscant. Where they can treat Boomdodger's amnesia.

The Great War of Naboo (part 1 of 4)

When Devis was caring for Boomdodger his holoterminal started beeping he went to go answer it and saw a middle aged Woman looking at him

"Devis I presume?" 

"Yes, now might I ask who you are?"

"I am Queen Sophia of Naboo and i need your help a sith has come to kill me i may only have a few days until he makes his move please come help!"

Devis looked at the injured Boomdodger on his couch and thought he might as well take him with him. "Alright I'm coming." He said and the holoimage of Sophia faded and Devis carried the Body of Boomdodger to the Ebon Hawk which was just sitting in his private hangar Kyle was already there and HK-90 was in the cargo hold. Devis took off and flew into the sky. When Devis arrived there a Cruiser  waited for him it was the Pleiades waiting for him. He landed in the cruises closes hangar and controled the cruiser to got to Naboo. When the Hyperdrive activated he went to his quarters and waited for hyperspace end. While waiting he fell asleep on his desk and waited for the signal to land.

Hours passed then the alarm went off. Devis awoke and grabbed his lightsabers and ran for the bridge. Waiting for him was a Rebel commander. "Whats the status?"

"Several cruisers have just come out of hyperspace and opened fired on us."

"Hmm, Are they imperial?"

"Theres no Indication."

"Ready my ship im going to the surface you will have to hold them off until I get back."

Devis walked through the trhough cruiser to the hangar until one of the pilots stopped him.

"Sir im Private Dets, may i talk to you for a minute?"

Devis nodded his head and listended

"This is my first mission can...uh....I.....uh go with you?"

Devis allowed him to come and they Boarded the freighter in the hangar and took off. Devis was piloting through the fire and they landed near his house. Devis left Private Dets on the ship and walked to the palace. When he arrived there he saw that the guards knew him well that they let him in without taking out his identification. The Queen sat on her throne waiting for him. "Greetings my Queen I came as quick as I could."

Before the queen could say anything the sith arrived behind Devis. The sith introduced himself "I am Darth Quratos of the Dark council. I am here to bring peace to Naboo."

Devis just listened as the sith went on how the Jedi is the people to blame for no peace. After the sith was done he activated his double bladesaber. The Crimson blade came right at Devis then he activated his duel sabers and blocked the slash. The sith then retreateted using his stealth technique. Devis sheathed his lightsabers and went to the guest quarters the queen permited him and waitied for the moment when this sith would strike.

Great War of Naboo The Execution (2 of 4)

Devis heard guardsmen banging on the door. He answered it and saw that they were unhappy. They took him into the throne room and saw that Queen Sophia waslaying in her chair arms on the arm rest. The lights went on and Devis saw that she was dead in her chair with a steaming hole in her chest. Devis was convicted of murder and treason against the queen and was sentinced to be killed. The Sith came and was his executioner. Just then Boomdodger came out and objected the execution. Boom said he was watching over Devis the pass few days through the force when he was in his coma. He saw that Devis was meditating when she was murdered. Devis was still charged since Boomdodger was one of his friends and didnt have proof. Devis was a loyal Naboo and didnt think that his fellow Naboo would really wanna see him executed. When the sith was about to cut him a sniper shot hit the sith in his hand and left him to bleed. Devis forced the keys to free him and then forced one of the guards pistols and used them to defend himself against the sith his lightsabers were confiscated by one for the guards. Devis opened fired on the sith and was ready to run if need to. The Sith blocked all shots with is offhand  lightsaber and charged at Devis. Devis threw the pistol and forced the siths other saber and blocked the attack. The sith broke off the attack and ordered an invasion on Naboo.  Devis looked up to see a stealth fleet come out of stealth and lauch drop ships and fighters to the surface. Devis found his lightsabers on one of the fallen guardsmen. Theed was on fire in less then an hour people panicked on all sides the Great war of Naboo began.

Great War of Naboo The Grappler (Part 3 of 4)

(AN Sorry for not writing a new story so soon I been busy and had A MAJOR WRITERS BLOCK I present u this new installment enjoy!) Devis layed there on the ground he never thought that his home would be under all the rumble only 3 weeks have passed since then. He walked around looking at all the dead bodies and precious items scattered around. Then he heard a sound "CRACK" like something was breaking down a window. He looked up and saw an anooba falling down from a window. It was Dets"Dets where have you been!?" Dets started to walk through the city to an underground workshop where Devis had worked in the past. He then saw that there were survivors of the bombardment. He needed to get them to a new home Theed was no longer a place for citizens. He got work on building guns for them that enabled them to be like jedi but the catch was the ammo have certain power lvls and can only be used once the lvls were 1-40. Devis gave everyone 20 of each ammo and went to the surface where the Ebon Hawk was. He tried to contact his fleet and get them to send some ships or armor's or something they can use to get off the planet or live long enough for reinforcements arrived. Devis got no response "BLAST IT! I am gonna have to make our own cruiser to leave this planet." With that Devis ran outside and started collecting ship parts from the enemy fleet that were shot down. By the end of the week Devis had the blue prints and most of the ship completed. He decided to add some melee combat arms on it incase it would need to move some debris from the space battle.  Devis finished the ship but before the launch the Sith fleet returned as well as the soliders were departed from within the palace. Devis needed to launch now or the survivors were finished. So he launched them and ran back to his ship preparing for launch then relised Boom was missing for 4 weeks now. He tended not to dwell on it to much so that he may launch as quickly as he could. Right as he launched he docked with the grappler so that he may pilot it to get the surviors out of the quick fight for it had no weapons besides the melee. So he decided it would be best to enter hyperspace as quickly as he could. He promised he would return to free it once the time was right the survivors vowed they would help as well. Boom came up to him and asked "What kind of ship is this and its name?" Devis just smiled and said "This ship is my prototype Grappler and the name is Horace 4 and I will make plenty more." With that the Horace 4 went into hyperspace to Courscant to rest up for the coming revenge onto the Sith lord.

Outlaw Star Blueprints

The grappler ship's blue prints Devis made


One of the blue prints for the gun Devis designed

Caster gunsmgdraco-d3cacl9 3

The 3D model of the gun when completed



Kyle was an Anooba that belonged to the Sepratist but when he was sent to Naboo he met a jedi and followed him the droids ordered it to stop but it attacked them and jedi let it follow him around. The Jedi Named him Kyle and He told him his name was Devis. Devis installed little area's where Kyle can act like an astromech droid but still be an Anooba for example there are certain ways how Kyle can fly Devis's ships and control the turrets. Kyle is alive in Clone Wars Adventures and is seen with his master all the time.

Kyle the Anooba

Date Born

50 BBY


Aggressive to enemies of master


0.98 Meters


30 kilograms



Eye color



    • Rise of the Empire
    • Rebellion era
    • New Republic era
    • New Jedi Order era
    • Legacy era


    • Galactic Republic
    • Rebel Alliance
    • New Republic

Jayden Jorgan:

Jayden Jorgan (no relation to Aric Jorgan from TOR)  is a jedi knight that was in hibernation sleep from the Old Republic era on Balmorra . When he awoke he began looking for the Jedi named Revan. Devis found a distress signal from him on the Ebon Hawks com link. Devis went to Balmorra and saved Jayden. Jayden is a skilled padawan and his lightsaber is a double bladed one but he uses one blade unless the task requires the other blade. 

Jayden Jorgan

Date Born

4,015 BBY


Nice, Persuasive, gloomy




150 Ib



Eye color



    • Old Republic era
    • Rise of the Empire era
    • New Republic era
    • New Jedi Order era
    • Legacy era


Jedi order, Jedi Council, Galactic Republic, New Republic, Rebel Alliance


Devis's padawan and long time friend. He is a clone with force blood and is a great studen and a great friend.

Devis's Cruiser,Fleet and men


Devis on the Endar Spire II with Republic fleet Sentinel's over Geonosis

Devis's Cruiser is named the Endar Spire II and its among the biggest  cruisers in the republic armada. Devis commands the Republic fleet Sentinel's . His Squad is commanded by Commander Salvo the squad named  32nd Air Combat Wing. The most famous members are Deadshot, Tanker, and Boomdodger. 



Admiral Jones (Mandalorian Firetracer posing as him)


Deadshot on board the Endar Spire (Phase 1)

 Zeta Squad

Zeta Squad was a Special Ops squad of Republic commando's Zeta squad was made up of 5 members CC-100230 or known as Jazz . Jazz was the leader his suit was white with red strikes on his armor. Next is the teams second in command and sniper CC-230212 A.K.A Kasey. Kasey's armor is like Scorch's armor from Delta squad but has purple gloves, and helmet while the boots are red. Kasey is also the comedianof the group. The teams heavy hit is CC-345364 A.K.A  Explo he wears a the same armor as his team mates but he customized it to look like a wookiee. He weapon on choise is the Z-6 rotart blaster cannon to take out droids. CC-949953 A.K.A  Cover he wears a suit that adapts to the planets surroundings his weapon of choise is a bowcastor and vibro knife. Finally CC-231462  the arieal recon member who's name is Veneer was the recon and always the serious one he liked using the DC-17 hand blaster. His armor is outfitted with a jetpack and wings for gliding and to launch off the ground.


Devis's ancestors were Cectake a Bounty hunter and winner of the Great Hunt, a Sith lord (unnamed in text of 

Bandicam 2012-12-24 04-40-42-295
archives) a trooper named Teintorn hero of the old Republic, a Smuggler named Zerdnigo who became a crime lord, a Jedi Council member, a Dark Council Member, and Cipher Nine who is not identifiyed but is related to Zerdningo as his brother. 
Zerdnigo Fraint

Behind the Scenes

Devis Trooper is a character in TOR (The Old Republic) and Clone Wars Adventures and is played by Cod10000. Devis Trooper is a character based off Anakin Skywalker but posses a few more differences.
Card Assualt Devis

Devis's Card Assualt card

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