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Derek Skywalker
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  • Philip Skywalker
  • Gregory Skywalker (Father)
  • Marine Skywalker (Mother)
  • Wilmore Skywalker (Brother)
  • Kool Skywalker (Brother)
  • Aari Skywalker (Sister)
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Derek "D-man" Skywalker was born on the rocky Outer Rim planet of Teth. At the age of two, his village was attacked by local mercenaries and his house was lit up in fiery flames. Barely knowing who his parents were and also not knowing if they were dead or alive, he was taken out into the jungle. Derek experienced slaughter at an early age, but as he grew he developed a sense of humor.
Derek as a very young kid

Derek as a toddler

Plo Koon, when Derek went to the Temple, immediately sent him to the Jedi Council for him to be tested; and his midichlorian count showed that he was greatly attuned to the Force. This made him vulnerable to the Light and Dark Side, making it hard for him to control some feelings and actions. As he grew Yoda realized that Derek began to get reckless and he was in need of a master. Granting Derek the ability to pick his master, he searched around the Temple, finally finding a man named Philip Skywalker. At first Philip denied having him as a padawan, but Yoda persuaded him to take Derek on a mission to see how they worked out. Saving his life during combat, Philip realized having Derek as his padawan wouldn't be so bad after all. When he had to report he told the council that Derek has much to learn and that he will be taken as Philip's padawan.






Derek always loved humor and combat, and he still does. He would much prefer hanging onto a rancor's back while chasing a bantha rather than sitting at the Jedi Archives reading or learning. He quickly became an intelligent Jedi Knight and became a general to many clones. Being a brave and fearless leader, Derek's daring and recklessness has turned many hopeless battles into Republic victories. When he had any down time, he would happily use it fighting and dueling. He finally got the titles of Blademaster, Sentinel, and Duelist. He served with many soldiers; FieldCommander Racer, Gladiator Squad, Thorten and many others.
One of the clone commanders that served during the clone wars with me

One of the commanders that served with me during the Clone Wars


Cutting down the last alien in that sector, I deactivated my saber and returned to the head tent. That is when I got an urgent message from my master, father, and brother. I was needed. NOW. Quickly running out of the tent and pulling on a cloak, I yelled orders to all the troops to pack up and be ready to leave at O-600. Then two Republic Venator- Class Attack Cruisers touched down as men loaded up supplies and munitions. After going back in orbit the ships went into hyperspace and met six other Venators in orbit around the yellowish planet. Going to the head cruiser, I met my father, master, and brother waiting for me. After being briefed on what was going on, I went back and prepped my men. "This ones gonna be tough guys," I said. "Ah don't worry 'bout us boss I can take 'em all down with my baby right here." The clone Crasher said as he picked up his rotary. This let out a few chuckles but the all became silent again. Then I got an encrypted transmission that I didn't need to decode. The Invasion of Korriban had begun.

Swinging my saber along side my brother, Wilmore, I sliced a droid down and kicked another into Wil's saber. We beat the droids then saw what awaited us and I didn't like it. A whole legion of Sith Acolytes were coming toward us with four Sith Lords in front wearing black cloaks and we couldn't see their faces. Everyone was silent then I charged. Everyone let out battle cries and the battle had begun. The first Sith Lord activated his duel-bladed saber and met mine inches away from his face. Intense fighting began and the Sith Lord Force pushed me back onto a rock pillar that connected two cliffs and the pillar looked like it could break any second. He jumped on and we contined dueling. Finally he got me pinned on the other side with his saber to my neck. I force repulsed and made him fall off the cliff, but I knew he would come back so thats why I force lifted a whole pillar and waited. Then a black figure jumped up and, using the Force, I swang the pillar like a bat. The pillar shattered as it hit him and he flew back right into a stone that was shaped like a knife. Silently speaking I said "Your out." and ran back to fight some more. Even though Wil saved me six times, we held our ground until Philip, Greg, Aari, Kool, Luke, and Athan could come. We pushed the Sith back. Victory was ours. The final Sith Lord (and the most powerful one) was left standing. We came in at him slowly with our sabers pointed. He tapped into my darkest secrets and made me go loose. I ran at him slashing recklessly but he easily disarmed me.I did a good job avoiding his saber and landing a few punches but then he backed up a bit. Wil and Philip tried to stop me but i threw them over me and charged the Sith, weaponless... or so he thought. I spun and kicked his saber out of his hands and both of us grabbed one fist with one hand and another with the other hand. I was pushing him back and he was at the edge of the cliff. Then in one move he flipped me on the ground and half my body was on the cliff and the other half was not. Knowing that I was beat he tried to execute me, (by the way, Greg, Phil, and the others were frozen in their place by an ancient Sith spell), but then saw I had something in my hands. It was a thermal detonator. "Got you now you little..." I said then I let it explode. The last thing I saw was him flying back, dead and me flying down the cliff, close to death.... I opened my eyes and saw me in a medical lab with Phil, Wil, and Greg around me. "Where... what... happened?" "You blew up." Wilmore said then he chuckled. Greg explained how he had saved me by putting a Healing gem on me and it kept me alive until extraction. I still felt something wrong though... Then that was when I looked at a mirror. "Oh my god....." I said. Half of the skin on my face was all black and my robes top part was literally ripped off along with a bit of my pants and every part of my body was bleeding. In fact, my whole body was COVERED in blood. All the blood that had gotten out had gotten all over me and i saw a small hole in my thigh. Thats one for the books, I thought. Two months later I was good to go. And Wilmore came to me saying, "I will NEVER as long as I live, NEVER give you a thermal detonator again." Grinning, I say "Yeah, Yeah. Well lets go bust something, I'm getting bored." I walked away as Wil just stared at me. "He is so related to me." He mumbled. And, with that, he ran after me.


Flying in my starfighter I zoomed through flying super battle droids and had half a head staring at me until I did a spin. "Master you have two on your tail pull up I'll get the leader then pull through the hanger." 'What do you mean go through the hanger?! It will follow me there!" "I know." I said as I blasted one fighter on his tail. "Ok Admiral Firon close the blast shields on my mark." "Ok..... NOW!!" When I said that Philips fighter zoomed in but the fighter after him crashed into the shields. I grinned "I will never listen to you again Derek" He said. "Ok don't so next time I won't save your butt." After fighting a bit and taking hits I started going down. When I was below the atmosphere I jumped out- and landed on a vulture droid. Cutting a hole into its head I disconnected and connected wires until I had control of it by pulling the wires to one direction and it flying in that direction and disconnecting a wire to make it fire. Deciding something easier, I pulled up but kept my saber in my right hand and when I got close would slash at fighters. After the sky battle finished we landed. Four clones came with us and we fought droids on land. After reinforcements came the clones fought hard pushing them back. Especially because Shots, their leader, died.

Shots' men enraged from his death

After the fight I had many losses and felt even worse then ever. That grieve turned into rage and I murdered all the prisoners that we had gotten, while the had pleaded for mercy (One of them held very helpful information for the Republic).
Jedi Skyfighter

Me when I was enraged and murdering prisoners


I woke up from a call on my comlink. I was on my Venator-class Attack Cruiser, the Spitfire. Sleeping to be exact when I answered it. It was my master Philip Skywalker. "Derek, Death Watch has taken over Carlac we need your help NOW!" "Good morning to you to master. Ok Im on my way." I got the men to get us to Carlac and I touched down with my starfighter, being greeted by Commander Wolffe. "The situation here is not good." He said. He gave me a report on what happened and it was grim. I then met my master and got on some gear for the cold. I pulled down my goggles and pulled up my scarf and pulled on my hood. "Lets go." He took me to a Death Watch outpost and we started fighting them, making our way to their boss. He escaped and we had failed. We then were walking back to base when I saw a few clones and a wooden gate. I then ran there, with my master trailing behind. Mortar told us what was happening and that this was the last standing village that was gonna be burned down if they spotted us there. I infiltrated it and me and my master started leaping from roof top to roof top. We got to a women and fought her finally Philip cut her head off as we kept on moving. We got to two more bosses that were much harder. "We knew you would come." Said one of them. "FOR MANDALORE!!!" Yelled another and they attacked. We cut them down after a fight and were gonna leave when another mandalorian touched down. "Vizla," I said. He started shooting us with pistols but he saw us winning and pulled out his darksaber. He lunged and got close to my face but I blocked it. "Your a murderer not a Jedi." I then pushed him back and made him go into a wall. I then tried to stab him but he rolled and I hit his jetpack instead. He flew into a hut then up and away. I had a big cut but I ignored it. We met up with Nightra Portglide a very close friend to us, Clone Commando Sergeant Jason Chillblade(CWA name is Xavier Thorten now), and Clone ARC Jacen Zetblaster. We flew in an LAAT Gunship and saw a crashed Seperatist Frigate. We touched down there and saw hundreds of droids of all types that survived the crash. I jumped down a cliff to greet them and started fighting them, along with Philip and Nightra. Sergeant Blade and Captain Zetblaster got split from us and were a far way off. We fought a magnaguard after we killed the others and it was very hard to kill. We landed many blows and Philip got knocked out. Blade and Zetblaster were coming but they were far. When they came they sprayed it from behind and then I jumped at it spinning one saber behind its head and one stabbed through it and jumped off it, cutting off its head. I was very hurt and half of me was cut and my coat and hood were ripped. I faded in and out of conciousness and finally feinted and Blade caught me. A gunship extracted us out of there and got us back to the Spitfire. When I regained conciousness I saw Philip yelling at Blade and Zetblaster for not staying with me. "They should be awarded not yelled at." I said. Everyone stared at me and Night came over and asked me how I feeled. "Im good, Im good." I looked at a mirror and saw half my coat was blown off and I was covered in soot from head to toe and had cuts and burns on every part of me. "SEE? THEY ALMOST LEFT YOU TO GET KILLED!" I argued with him a bit more until he calmed down. He then returned to Carlac while I fed him info. I had managed to grab the magnaguard's head and connected it to the computer. "It appears to have some SHIP armor in it. It is a new model, IG-113." He started to ask me some questions and I fed him all the info. Finally Night spotted something in a photo. It was on top of the crashed frigate. A cloaked figure stood there. After some more of this I headed down and met Philip there and Joshua Skywalker (His name on CWA is Joshua Skywalker1). We went to an outpost and finally killed the boss that had escaped. Master Yoda told us that there was still some resistance but he thanked us for our work and told us to go get some rest. That was one day to rest for. We all went back to the Spitfire.... and finally went to sleep.


"Keep running!" I panted as I ran after Wilmore, my brother. We were on the run but they were close behind and if either one of us fell... I woke up, sweating and immediately remembered where I was. We were on Kashyyyk, at a hidden Seperatist base. I saw my brother sitting on the floor staring at the rotting food on his plate. He then looked at me and muttered, "Good morning." I just looked out the small dirty window. There was a platoon of droids walking around camp with and two B1 battle droids guarding the door. I made a quick check in my head on why we were there.


I stood on the cruiser, the Liberty, with my master, Philip, brother Wilmore, and Jedi Master Mace Windu. He was briefing us on a mission. "There have been Seperatist activities on the planet Kashyyyk. We had sent some men there but they never returned. Originally we would ignore this, but there have been reports of Grievous traveling there and he is one of the keys to ending the war. Jedi Master Philip Skywalker, you will monitor Jedi Knights Derek and Wilmore Skywalker's progress from on board your cruiser, the Liberty. You young Skywalkers will be going in and finding out what is going on -use any means necessary to complete this mission. "Yes master." We both said. We went to the hanger and climbed into our Phase II starfighters. "Lets go." I said into the comlink. We took off and flew down to Kaskyyyk, the planet waiting below us. As we were zooming by the 300 feet trees, I told Wil,"Theres a clearing up ahead it might be the base. Pull up." Just as I said that, Anti-aircraft batteries started firing at us. Flak buffeted us but I finally got hit in the wing. I started spiraling to the ground and I jumped out of my fighter as it crashed below lighting up the trees around it in an explosion. I pulled my hood on and ducked into a bush. I waited until Wilmore came and found me. We then headed out and hid by trees when patrols passed by, our cloaks helping us blend in. While we were wallking my foot fell into a four foot ditch. I realized that it was a tunnel. We started crawling through it and it took us to a metal disc that covered the top. I pushed it up a bit and saw that we were at the heart of the base. I stood up about to activate my saber but Wil held me down. "There are other ways to fighting." He gave me a thermal detonator and told me to set it on a fuel tank. "I thought you said that you will never give me a bomb again. He smiled and said, "Don't push it." I Force pushed it slowly to a miniature fuel tank. It exploded and sent us flying sky high. We landed in a bush and I tried talking to Philip. He wouldn't answer and even though we didn't know, he was sent on a different mission. "Come on we need to-" I was interrupted by the sound of guns clicking.

We slowly turned around and saw three platoons of droids and one Seperatist gunship hovering near by. "Put your hands up." Said a B1. Wil whispered to me and said, "We could take 'em." I whispered back, "Don't take chances." We put our hands up and got lead into the base. I was already trying to think on how to escape. They took us to Grievous who was hunched over a holotable. He turned around and looked at us trying to intimidate us. "Ah, the Skywalker brothers." He looked at me and said "Derek Skywalker, correct? I would have expected someone else to go on such dangerous mission. They shouldn't send a boy to fight us." I finally talked back saying, Well General, you know what they say, It doesn't matter about the size of the rancor in the fight, it matters about the fight IN the rancor." "You will soon learn that cuts both ways." He said. In my head I said, "When did he become a smart osisk?" The droids then took us away to an interoggating room. They made me go into a cell while they interoggate Wil. When he came back he looked like he was in alot of pain. They then took me and hung me up by energy shackles. They started shocking me and hitting me with whips but I refused to let Grievous, who was standing in the corner, get what he wanted. Finally though they injected me with a drug to keep me awake as they tortured me to the fullest. I couldn't take it any more. I let out a very loud and piercing scream as they finally stopped. I fell unconcious. They tossed me into the cell and then Will put me on a bed.


So now you know what happened. Anyway, I wanted to plan our escape as soon as possible. All that left of our robes were ripped pants and a torn piece that wrapped around my waist. Will looked pretty much the same. I finally told a plan I made to Wil and he agreed to it. When the droids came to take the trays we closed the door behind them and then took the water and slammed it into them, short-circuting them, and we took the blasters. We opened the door and saw many droids at work. My heart raced. With blasters we could attack from a distance but not block any shots. I centered my self with the Force and then shot a droid in the head. Alarms blared as we ran into the jungle. After running for like a mile, we found a pack of maru beasts and tamed two with the Force. We got onto them and let them run, who were faster then humans. Finally after exhausting them they whent to a pond and wouldn't move. So we got off them. Then three STAPS came and started shooting at us. I jumped and kicked one of its speeder and force pulled a droid into Wil blaster fire then Wil jumped onto its STAP, as we shot down the last one. We got far enough but they flew into trees and we jumped onto a high bridge that had running water under us. We were exhausted and hadn't eaten for three days and forced to drink water with floating bug larvaes in them. We crawled on the bridge and carrying blasters seemed like hauling boulders. We got rid of one and just had a nova knife for defense. We found Grievous waiting for us on the other side of the bridge.

He activated his sabers and cut the bridge and it started falling as we hung onto one side of it. I then Force pulled two sabers and gave one to to Wil. I nodded. If we were going to die, then we would die in honor. I yelled out to Grievous, "I am Jedi Knight Derek Skywalker, proud Guardian of the Republic. I will live and die as a Jedi!" I yelled out and got filled with new energy and jumped to him kicking him in the face. Wil said something similiar and jumped and attacked Grievous too. We cut off his hands and I jumped over Grievous holding my nova knife to his neck and saber on the other side. I then used the Force to get the grapple from his arm and had it wrap around the General. We had captured General Grievous. Just then we found an outpost and I snuck into it to send out a distress call while Wil watched Grievous. It was night when an Acclamator cruiser came out of hyperspace and for gunships came and landed. Clones grinned as they saw us and Jedi Masters Yoda, Windu, Philip, and Greg came along with clones. Mace stepped forward and me and Wil bowed in our pretty much ripped off clothes. "This one is for the books. Jedi." Even though we couldn't keep Grievous in our grip, we were known through out the whole Order.



[[[[[[[ My ships ]]]]]]]]


I grabbed my tray and sat down in the mess hall with my men, Havoc. Also Clone Commander Dax  was there talking with them. I sat down and when he saw me he said, "Here is the Skywalker!" I smiled and started to eat my food along with them. When we finished, we started walking down a hall way that lead to the bridge. As I got there I was immediatley called to the captains quarters. I turned around again and ran


off with Dax to see one of his men. "Why do you request us?" Dax asked. "This is why." He said, pointing to a holotable. "Three days ago we sent men to Voss." As he spoke the holotable turned on, revealing a blue planet with four moons around it. "They never returned. We tried making contact with them mulitple times. I dunno what happened." "Yeah well let me guess, you think we should go there and risk our lives to figure out what happened. If anything happened." I said. "Well I didn't exactly say that but... yes." He answered. "Awesome!" Yelled Dax. "Well lets go. Dax get your team ready." Dax became serious. "Understood. We will move out at moments notice." He said, then he left. "Well... good luck." Said the clone. I walked away and saw Dax in the hanger briefing his fellow clones. When I walked up he turned around and said, "The gunships ready we are gonna go in with as low of a signature as possible." "Understood. Well lets go." We climbed into the gunship as the sides closed. Lights turned on in the gunship and we flew out of the hanger. After an hour, the pilots told us that Voss was in sight. Then we heard an explosion. The pilot yelled that we were under attack from unidentified forces. "Code Red!" I yelled. "Lock down, NOW!" Red lights turned on as the pilots sped through the killzone. "We're hit! The controls are dead and we are going into a nosedive!" Yelled a pilot. We were rocked back and forth when finally we passed through the atmosphere I activated my saber and cut a hole and yelled for everyone to jump. I tossed jetpacks to everyone and they jumped through. I jumped after them and used the Force to brace the landing for me, for I didn't get a jetpack. When we landed I saw two fighters chasing the going down LAAT. "Let's go." I said We got another three gunships to come through after we told CENTCOM (Central Command) what happened. They were filled with clones. "Ok lets move." We started walking through a wasteland and then droids found us. I lead the clones through while the commander went from behind. Dax sprayed them with his rifle.
Ambush 2nd Battle of Geonosis
Then a women jumped out of a dune and attacked the last droid with a green vibroblade. Everyone aimed at her. "Your name." I said. "Perank Asteragin." She answered. "Im part of the Rebellion" "Rebellion?" I asked. "Yes, you don't know about the Rebellion? "Apperently not."I answered. "Well there is a tyrant here who sided us with the Seperatists, we all are trying to get back a decent democracy, but... it isn't going that great." She said. "The Republic sent spies here to find out what happened, Voss never answered to our calls." The spies weren't very lucky..." I said. "Well now you know why we never answered" Perank answered. "Well we're here to help Perank." "Thank you. Come this way our headquarters are the cliffs." She said. I motioned for the men to follow and we walked with Perank to the base that was IN a cliff. The men there had blasters and vibroblades. I told the men to stay with the rebels while I wen to their Command Center but told two men to go with me. There, I contacted the High Jedi Council and debriefed them on what is happening on Voss. They said they would send reinforcements and I thanked them for it. Then I jumped from the base and landed on a rock on a side of a tall cliff. Two rebels and four clones came with me. I kept climbing and got to the top. Then I put on my hood. I sat under a rock and waited. Soon, two LAAT gunships came and dropped off fourteen men- along with my brother older brother Wilmore Skywalker. We nodded to each other when all of a sudden a gunship exploding, sending us flying.

I caught onto the edge of the cliff and grabbed Wil. The clones that had fallen had shot grapple hooks and climbed back up. Since me and Wil were dangling from a far point off the cliff, the clones couldn't help us. "Wil... Help me out!" I tried hauling Wil up but he slipped and we both fell down. "Ahhhhh!" We both yelled. I used my cloak to try and slow me down then I turned and shot a grapple and when it caught on I grabbed Wil. I heard clones yelling and saw droids had started attacking. "Hold on.. A bit..... Longer!" I said. I looked up and saw vultures flying through the air and droids advancing. All of a sudden a shot flew past me as me and Wil dangled from the rope. I looked down and saw a spider droid coming up. "Wil!" I need you to-!" A shot hit me in the arm and made me fall down. I got mad this time. I spun and kicked off the spider droid grabbed its cannon and, while in mid air, threw it into a vulture droid. The vulture droid began falling and I got on it and caught Wil. We then jumped off it and landed in a cave. I couldn't see a thing. I grabbed Wil's shoulder and followed him. I activated my blue bladed lightsaber for light. "Where are we...?" I asked. Wil didn't answer. We then found it lead to a spear like cliff that had torches on the side. I started to walk back but then saw Wil standing there a bit longer. "C'mon? man! There is still a battle goin' on." He nodded and followed me back. We fought the droids and regrouped with the rebels in their base. We stayed there for a few days and on the fourth day a hurricane hit. "We gotta do recon, hurricane or not, Derek." Said Wil. I nodded in agreement and walked into my Jedi Starfighter. "I'll meet you in an hour, just gonna scout the area. I flew out and was immediately rocked by the hurricane winds. I tried contacting the base but all I got was static. I frowned and kept flying.

I spun the ship around and was trying to fly back to base when I saw a black figure standing on a cliff. I sensed the Dark Side surround him. All of a sudden he let out lightning from his hand and shot it at the ship, short-circuiting all the controls. I activated my saber and jumped out and was about to land near the figure when he Force pushed me into the wall. I jumped at him and started running. I was about to cut his head off when he pulled off his hood. My saber was stopped inches from his face. It was my old friend, Athan Nightkept (CWA name is athan nightkept1). "Athan?" He looked up and smiled at me then took out his red Saber. "Hello old friend," he said with a smile. He lunged and I quickly parried. We then started circling each other, with the wind and rain wipping our cloaks. "You betrayed me Athan." I called out. "Why?!?! Huh, why?!?! For power? FOR POWER?!" I screamed. He answered in a calm voice, "You Skywalkers betrayed me. Left me for dead on Geonosis!" I answered in a calm voice, "It was me that left you Athan. Not them. I thought you were dead. If you were alive I swear I would have tried to save you. I swear." He looked at me through his wet hair. I heard the howling winds and thunder in the background but I didn't care. "That was one fatal mistake Derek." He said as he raised his blood red saber. "I will do what I must." "You will try Derek, oh you will try." He yelled and attacked me and a fierce duel started. I had to focus on blocking rather then attacking because he was striking fast. He showed no sign of tiredness when I was drenched in sweat. I attempted to do moves like Master Strike and Sundering Strike but barely got enough time to raise my saber. He fought gracefully with one hand and I realized that I knew only one other person who fought like that. I jumped back onto a skinny crossing. "Ghost. You were trained by no other than Ghost." I said through pants and gasps. He smiled a cruel smile and I noticed his yellow eyes. He jumped onto the crossing but I cut his saber hilt in half as he was landing. He then punched me and my saber flew down into the deep, deep ravine.

We then grabbed each other and began struggling to push each other off. I gritted my teeth through all rain in wind but, as much as I was struggling, I would NOT give up. He got me down and half my body was off the ledge and he was almost on top of me. He kept trying to push me down but I kept resisting. I then kicked him in the soft spot grabbed his shirt and head butt him. I then threw him over me into a big colosseum. Even though I hadn't realized, that colosseum was from the Old Republic era. I kicked him into a pillar and it crumbled on him. I thought he had died but then it exploded and sent me flying. I lost conciousness for a bit but saw him walking a to me. He picked me up from my shirt and I, who was too hurt to fight, thought this was the end of me. He pulled his fist back and hit me in the face. Blood started trickling out of my nose. He hit me again, this time my lip started bleeding, he grabbed me from my hair and dragged me, while I left a blood trail, onto a stone tablet. He then elbowed me in the head so hard he broke the tablet. I couldn't see straight anymore and was blacking out. He threw me into a pillar but when it br
One of the Battles...

Athan and I fighting

oke, there sat the most precious thing in existence. Something that had no price to it, used by the most feared enemy. It was no other then Darth Revans mask and lightsabers. He pulled the mask and a room appeared that had all the gear. On next to it had the words, "For every Darkness there is Light." There sat Jedi Guardian gear along with, I don't know how, my own saber. I began crawling while Athan got on the suit. I made it half way when he got it fully on. He started putting the lightsabers on his belt. One by one he elegantly put them. I had almost reached the armor. He then grabbed the mask with two hands and slowly lifted it. I grabbed the gear and right when he put on the mask, he turned around and saw me with the Guardian Robes on. I had armor in my robes and the robes didn't feel heavy nor light. It felt perfect.

Athan cackled as he pulled on the black hood onto his face. Then red smoke started coming from him as his whole body turned red. I had a sudden urge to sit down and when I did blue smoke started rising from me. Even though I was still badly hurt, I felt great after I finished. I smiled and took out my lightsaber with pride. "I am Derek Skywalker, Guardian of Peace, Savior of the Republic, and Defeater of Darkness." I said proudly. "I am Athan Nightkept, Dark Lord of the Sith, Protector of Darkness, and the Diminisher of Light." He answered." We then started fighting and I jumped over his blade as it missed me by half a millimeter. We fought a very hardcore duel when all of a sudden the Guardian robes disappeared, along with the Revan clothes and sabers. I felt terrible again and couldn't see straight like before the robes but I had my saber though. And he had his. "Farewell for now Derek but in that suit I tapped into dark powers. Next time you face me, you might not live." He said. He jumped into his fighter right as it flew by. I got into mine and returned to the base. "Oh stang Derek! Get him a medic, now!" Wil said. After they helped me up, two weeks after we finished up and left. I debriefed the Order about what happened. I didn't stop trying until I made Old Republic robes. I has used them with rebel gear I picked up on Ondoron. "Well Derek I might start taking you with me on my missions after all." I smiled and left to my quarters in the Jedi Temple. Lets cal this a day, I said in my head. And, with that, I fell asleep.


"Come.....on..." I panted as I flipped off a pole. I landed on a skinny pipe and run across then flipped onto another little pipe, jumped off and hit the ground running. I was covered in sweat. I sat down and wiped my face with a towel. I then took off my sleeveless shirt and rain, using it as a little hook to grab onto posts. I was practicing in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Nightra Portglide, Wilmore Skywalker, Philip Skywalker, Kool Skywalker, and Aari Skywalker were all watching me practice as they also reviewed a plan. "Thats my little brother right there!" Wil said. He then looked over at Night and said, "See that move? I taught him that." Night just rolled her eyes. As I was practicing, Yoda come into the room. I stopped and jumped off a roof of a little building in there. I landed and bowed before him. "Master Yoda it is an honor. What can I do for you?" "Seen you practice, I have. Great Jedi Knight you will become. But far from over your training is." I nodded. I hated when people said about how I wasn't gonna finish training. He then climbed onto my back and said, "Go now, practice. I will stay here with you and watch.
Derek Training (1)

Me training and upset that Yoda told me that I haven't completed training yet

I kept jumping and flipping as Yoda gave me some tips. Then, he said he needed to go and left. I sat down. I got on my robes and then walked with Night and the others. "Nice Job Derek!" Complimented Night. "Thanks." I mumbled. "-And that is why we are needed there." Finished up Philip. "Ok Phil... We'll go there. Tomrrow." I left to my newly aquired ship, the Defender, and headed up the ramp
One of my ships

The Defender

. A droid that was assigned to it, C2-N2 began giving me a tour of the ship


. "And this is where you can sleep." He said."Thank you. Oh and by the way C2, take us to Tython. The ships are meeting up there. Oh yeah, and send contact my cruiser and tell them to go there too." "Yes master" He said. The next day, I woke up and pulled on my robes, along with my glove over my cybernetic arm. Over the coms, C2 said, "Good Morning sir would you like me to bring you your breakfest?" "Na Im good, Im gonna just take a small ration." "Are you sure master?" "Yes, oh and dock the ship in my command cruiser." "Very well sir." I walked out and checked the map. We were in orbit of Tython. The scanners picked up three Republic Venator-Class Cruisers and two Republic Acclamator-Class Cruisers. One of them was mine. As we docked, I walked down the ramp and met a clone sergeant. "Sir this ship, the Dalarax, is at your full disposal. You have access to everything here." "Thank you sergeant." As I walked through the hanger, I noticed a long and sleek grey ship. It raised an eyebrow but I kept moving.


I yawned as I sat in the Captains Quarters on a Republic Cruiser. Wil was practicing some saber moves using a training droid
Training Droid

Training Droid

while I just meditated. All of a sudden, I felt a great darkness shatter my concentration. I opened my eyes and saw Wil looking at me. He felt it too. Suddenly my comlink turned on. It was Admiral Firon. "Yes Admiral?" I said. "Sir I need you and Master Wilmore. It is urgent." He said. "We will be right there." I answered. I looked at Wil. "Why would we be called, we aren't under attack..." I said. "I dunno Derek just.... Stay frosty." He answered. With a nod, I left the room, followed by Wil. As we walked to the bridge I noticed the clones looking at us. Since I was wearing a Jedi Cloak, they didn't see me, but my hand inched closer to my saber. By instinct I knew I would need it. "We are here Admiral." Said Wil. Firon turned around and said, "Ah yes, now as you can see..." All of a sudden the clones swarmed us raising their blasters and fired. Wil and I leaped into action. We went back to back deflecting shots back at clones while Firon kept yelling, "Kill them! Kill them!" I jumped onto a clone and flipped him into blaster fire that was coming at me. I then cornered Firon as Wil cut down the last clone. I had my saber pointed to Firons neck. "Why did you betray us?!" I yelled. "I had to, he told us to execute Order 66." "Who did?!?" Yelled Wil. "I can not tell you his name" he answered. "GRR!" I yelled and put my saber through his neck. He let out a scream then died. More clones were on the way. "C'mon Wil." I jumped and grabbed a grate leading to the air vents. When I pulled it out, I jumped in, helping Wil up. I Force closed the grate- and just in time. Clones swarmed the bridge as they looked for us. "Where are they? Did you find them?" Asked a clone commander. "No sir" answered a clone. "Well then keep looking! Emperor Palpatine will not tolerate failure." Said the commander. I looked at Wil. Emperor Palpatine... Chancellor Palpatine! "Palpatine was the one behind it all along! I whispered. "Yeah... Lets get to the Tiger." Said Wil.
Wil's personnel ship, The TIGER

Wil's personnel ship, The TIGER

When we got to Wil's ship, I contacted someone who I knew and was part of the Senate. "Jasmine Rosejoy, do you copy? I said again, "Jasmine, do you copy?" I got static but then Jasmine picked up. "Yeah, I hear you." "Jasmine! Are you with Casey?" I asked through static. "Who?" She replied. "You know, Casey, your husband." "Oh..." She answered. "Yeah, so well are you with him?" "No, I haven't talked to him in about.... Forever. Something is wrong..." She replied. I silently cursed. We needed all the help we could get. "Anyway, what is going on? What's this, Emperor Palpatine? When has the REPUBLIC had an Emperor?" I asked. "It never has..." She replied gloomily. "Derek... The very Republic we knew is now the Galactic Empire." I felt like I got stabbed in the chest. "That has gone against everything the Jedi, Republic alike, has stood up for! Where's the democracy in that?!" I yelled/asked. "I don't know... I am as confused as you... But right now Palpatine is ordering Jedi to be slaughtered! We have to do something, or all the Jedi will be killed! And we will be next!" Jasmine said with worry. She continued to talk to a stunned Derek, saying "I'm so sorry Derek... But his apprentice is your relative- Anakin Skywalker." That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was in a bed. Kool, Wil, Greg (TheGrand Skywalker), Kole, and all my relatives and close friends like Nightra Portglide where there. I let out a sigh of relief. Everyone looked at me. I noticed Jasmine and Casey were not here yet but thought Jasmine went to get Casey... Just though the thought of what's happening was too much. I overheard Night telling the others, "Derek's too young to be seeing all this blood and slaughter. Something must be done." "Agreed." Said Greg. I got mad. If there was one thing I hated, it was being discriminated because of my age. "I am NOT too young Night. My mother left me when I was born. I think I can handle this." Everyone immediately looked at me, not knowing I was awake until I had spoken. Aari came over and asked, "Derek are you ok? We're on Tatooine and at your Uncle Kole's mansion. Do you need anything?" "Grr...NO! I AM NOT A LITTLE BOY! STOP TREATING ME LIKE ONE!" I fumed. I ran into the garage and pulled out a speeder bike. I didn't care where I went. I just wanted to get away from all of this...
Leaving Koles Mansion

Me leaving Kole's Mansion

I came to a cliff and parked my speeder. I sat at the end and wept. Not for me, but for the Republic, the Jedi. Maybe Night was right... Maybe I was too young for this... I thought. I looked up, my face in anger. Or maybe I better shove myself down a rancor's throat! I then heard a speeder park and I looked behind me. Wil was here. "What do you want?" I asked as I turned around again. I hid my face in my robes and my cloak. I didn't want my great brother to see me weeping. "I came to calm you down Derek. I know... I know that you have been through some rough times and our relative- Anakin- being the man we have to kill..." "Stop! I won't kill him! I won't! I... I..." I wept again as Wil sat down next to me, patting me on the back. "It's ok Derek..." "No it's not! Look at what's happening! We started off neutral, no war, freedom! Of course that was before I was born but still we went from freedom, to war, to slaughter, to death!" "Derek I know what your feeling. We all do. But we HAVE to stand up against the Empire. We have to do something!" "Wil... Sometimes at night I wonder if being a Jedi is no better then being a Sith." "What, why?!" "Because we fight for a corrupt government." "Well... That's now, but I'm still going to be a Jedi. To the very damn end." I nodded. I felt new courage build inside me. "Thanks Wil... You really helped me." "Right... Well Derek lets get back to the mansion." Said Wil. We jumped onto our speeder bikes and, even though it was noisy from the engines, we chatted. "Derek What do you want to do? We're heavily outnumbered." "Then we rally to our cause. I know a few people who would never kill Jedi." I said. With that, we parked in the garage. Wil and I snuck up to the roof, where the communication tech was put. I grabbed a microphone and said, "Luke Docker do you copy? I say again Luke Docker do you copy?" "This is Corporal Docker, identify yourself." "Luke! It's me, Derek." "Derek! I'm glad to hear your voice. What are your coordinates?" "Why do you want to know...?" "We are rebelling from the Empire, we need all the men we can get. Your a Jedi, you will be a great ally." "Yes I have my whole family here." "Great!" "Yeah... Oh and bring a frigate that has weapons in it. And I mean LOTS of weapons." "What are you planning Derek?" I just smiled. "You'll see." We went downstairs and, after getting chewed out by everyone, me and Wil debriefed them on what happened. "Ok I'm going to Mos Espa. I will take Kool and Wil. Aari and Night, you guys go to Anchorhead. Greg, go to Mos Eisley. Kole get us a ride from the jawas." "Oh, yeah you guys get to go party it up with the Empire but I need to go get a ride from a few meddling rats in a hood with glowing eyes." Said Kole. "Ah quiet Uncle, we all need each other and you will be getting us out, and alive if you don't mind." "I'll try." He replied. "We move out at night, we have a less likely chance of detection. We also need to change. We can't walk out with Jedi Robes on." A few hours passed and I woke up and got dressed in p

What we wore

lain robes with wrappings as boots and gloves. I checked my holowatch. It was one in the morning. When I walked out of my room, I saw the others in the garage. I had contacted Luke one more time and we went over a plan. "Ok guys we all know what we need to do." "Yes, good luck and may the Force be with you all." Said Greg. I pulled on a scarf and it wrapped most of my face. When we walked out we all nodded to each other and went separate ways. Kool, Wil, and I then sprinted to Mos Espa. The Empire had gotten ahead of us, they had deployed clone troopers on Tatooine. I snuck behind a wall with Kool and Wil. I nodded to Kool and he jumped behind a clone, snapped his neck then stabbed a knife into the other one. He motioned for us to move up. I put my lightsaber up my sleeve. I then dragged the clones and shoved them into a dumpster. Wil and I grabbed the guns and applied silencers to them. Kool took a DC-17 blaster pistol, with a silencer, and we moved out. I shot a clone in the head as Kool jumped onto a roof. I climbed onto a high building and killed the clone sniper there. I grabbed his DC-15X (clone sniper rifle) and sniped clones as Wil and Kool moved through the city. I then placed a little black holoprojector onto the building and jumped off the building. I then all of a sudden landed on an air speeder. The clone said, "What the-" then he tried shooting me. I jumped behind him and broke his arm. "Agh!" He yelled. I then took restraint binders and put them on his legs and arms. I pulled off his helmet then put duct tape on his mouth. He kept struggling so I knocked him out with a quick punch to the face. I drove the air speeder and then, as I was contacted by Imperial Command, I pulled on the troops helmet. "ST-1224 come in." An Imperial Officer said. "This is ST-1224 what do you need command?" I ask through the helmet. "I want you to report back to base, your squad shuttle is leaving in two hours. "Very well. I'm on my way now." I closed the call and smiled. Luke would be here in half an hour... I then contacted Wil and Kool via comlink. "Did you guys set them?" I asked. "Yeah we're a go." Replied Kool. Ok I got an air speeder and am on my way to pick you guys up." As I flew, I undid the binders on the sleeping clone. I then tipped the speeder and the clone fell out. I knew he would have amnesia from the hit, and it was cruel to just kill him. I would give him a chance at survival. I then picked up Kool, Wil, and the others.
The Airspeeder used by Clone/Storm Trooper Sniper

The Airspeeder used on Tatooine

We went to the mansion and it was silent the whole way. I drove with Kool next to me and Wil between the girls in the back. Greg had beaten us to the mansion. When we landed, we all just sat on the balcony. I sat down with my feet hanging and Wil and Kool sat down next to me. Night and Aari went to get Arkanian sweet milk from the kitchen. "You ok little bro?" Asked Kool. "Yeah I'm ok. You?" "I'm good..." I turned to look at Wil. "How about you Wil?" "I'm ok man just... I wish I was with Sarl right now." I smiled. I then looked at the suns rising over Tatooine. It was beautiful. "Guys... I just want you guys to know... If this will be our last day together..." "Derek don't say that." Said Wil softly. "... Then I just want to let you guys know that I love you both. You were both there for me. You both would even risk your lives for me... Something that I can never repay." "Aww thanks Derek your the greatest little bro." Said Wil and Kool at the same time. We all laughed. We then heard some giggles behind us and we saw Night and Aari recording us on their holophone. "Hey!" We yelled. We ran up and started chasing them. Night leaped over the couch and I jumped over it then grabbed the phone. Aari then took it. Then Wil. Then Kool. And so on. We finally all crashed into each other and we all laughed. This was just like old times. Greg came down from the roof and saw us. He laughed but then said, "Derek you have a call from someone named Luke something." "Ok be there in a sec." I deleted the video on Aari's phone and tossed it back to her then went and talked with Luke. "Derek we are coming into the Arkanis Sector. We will see you in a sec." "Very well." "Good luck Derek." "You too. I will be looking forward to talking to you soon." I replied. I looked into the sky and saw different types of Republic Cruisers. They were Star Destroyers. Then Republic Cruisers came and began fighting the Star Destroyers. "Ok c'mon guys! Our help is here! The mission is a go!" I yelled. I got into the airspeeder and Kool joined me. Wil and the others were going to take speeder bikes from different routes. I flew out of the garage. I let Kool drive instead and I shot the guns at clones.
Stuff for Chris

Everyone rallying to our cause

Then all of a sudden HUGE holograms of Luke flickered on around all the cities. "Fellow people of Tatooine. The time has come. The Republic was the people I, Luke Docker, swore to defend. Never the Empire. Now, I telll you all to rally behind us and fight the Empire!" A few clones tried shooting the holo but nothing happened. "I have sent a shuttle and friends of mine will help you. They are Jedi. When the shuttle arives, grab a blaster and defend Tatooine." Kool then made the speeder fly by as i shot at the clones down below. There was riot everywhere. Ships were destroyed, people were fighting the clones, taking guns, and it was all around chaos. I blasted at clones as Wil and the others crashed their speeders into clones, then activating their sabers and killing clones all around. I wished Kool good luck then jumped down and force pushed a clone into an oil barrel. I kicked another one and stabbed a third. It was hard to kill them. Many of them I had fought with. I force lifted two and threw them into each other. I fought some more but then saw a clone coming with a rotary cannon. I saw rebels and clones fall on both sides. I ran to the clone and stabbed him in the heart. I picked up the cannon, deactivated my saber, and shot a clone who was about to kill a defenseless rebel. I sprayed the clone with lasers then said, "hey brother catch." And threw the rotary to him. He picked it up, grinned, and started blasting away. I then jumped onto an ARC-170 ship is at came down I put my saber through the cockpit and then jumped off. I saw a Y-wing about to do a strafing run so when it released the bombs, I used the force to lift it them right into the Y-wings way. I looked away as I heard and felt an explosion. It crashed into an adobe and I saw a baby crying, and covered in blood in the wreckage. I ran into the adobe and force pushed some stuff and picked the baby up. It was a girl. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped her with it, leaving only the arms and face exposed. She was crying. I started running to get her to safety when I got shot in the shoulder. Everything slowed down. I dropped the baby and fell. When two clones came up they said, "freeze!" I heard their guns click and I knew this was the end of me. All of a sudden a clone got stabbed in the leg with a saber. My saber. It was the baby girl looking up at him yelling, "bad meanie! Bad meanie!" I used this oppurtunity to tackle the other clone and took his gun and stunned him. I then hit the stabbed clone with the butt of the gun. I smiled as I picked up the girl and she gave me my saber. I put it on my belt and kept running, despite my wound to the shoulder. An explosion came near me and I covered the baby with my body as shrapnel rained down on us. A big piece stabbed me in the leg and I let out a scream. Then a Republic LAAT gunship landed and when it opened, Luke Docker, Xavier Thorten (his wiki is called gladiator3 Chris), and a few other clones that defied order 66 came. I knew them but couldn't recognize them. My vision started doubling and soon I was blacking out. Captain Xavier "Skull" Thorten and Corporal Luke Docker came and put my arms around their necks and started dragging me. "Don't... Worry about me... The baby... Give her too her mom..." I gave them the baby then completely blacked out. When I regained concious, I was on the side of the LAAT and I was still seeing doubles. When I looked up I wished that my vision made me see what I was seeing. Wil, Night, Thorten, Kool, Kole, Greg, Aari, and Luke were all forming a circle back to back shooting and blocking weapons from all around. Rebels tried to help but were getting quickly gunned down. The Empire had sent two more Star Destroyers to join along with Vaders Fist. I got up, stumbled, and fell back down. I started crawling and leaving a huge blood trail behind me. I got into the middle of the circle and started deflecting shots with my saber while on the ground. When it looked like all was lost, four LAAT's flew by with V-19 Torrent fighters flying with it. Luke looked confused. We all did too. Except for me. I smiled and yelled, "Jasmine!" In the second LAAT gunship was Jasmine Rosejoy along with CPLCasey Layman. When they l landed, the LAAT's took off and started shooting rockets at clones. When Casey saw us, he waved. He kept deflecting shots but then he quickly told us what happened. Turned out when Jasmine went to find Casey, Casey was assembling men who defied order 66. They had scrambled for weapons and got a Republic Acclamator class cruiser. They could only get torrent fighters, AT-RT's, gunships, and seventy three men to join the cause, not including us. The battle went by and when we won the whole place was destroyed. Flames and wreckage EVERYWHERE.
Star Wars wanted pic

The sign put up after the escape on Tatooine

Even though it was hard, I found out that the mother got her child back. The mother had thanked me a lot and tried to pay me with credits and since I saw that they were very poor, I gave her three thousand credits instead. She thanked me a lot and then left with a huge smile on her face. I limped in pain and grabbed my shoulder as I made way to a custom medical base, which was a bunch of tents put up with medics working on wounded soldiers that are on beds. I told the head medic about my wounds. He began to treat them and I yelled when he pulled out the big piece of shrapnel that was embedded in my leg. He applied a bacta pack onto my shoulder and told me I was good to go. He wrapped my leg with gauze, wished me luck, and left to treat another patient. I went to the War Room, which was in the sandcrawler that Kole bought from the jawas
Jawa Sandcrawler

The sandcrawler Kole bought for us from jawas

. We interoggated a clone and got some answers. "We were lucky to survive." I said. "Agreed. he must be cautious. Now anybody can me an enemy of ours." Luke said.? "It's just great that we're survivors of this "Jedi Purge." "I say that we vote to help create a Rebel Alliance." Luke said. "Yes we must once more earn freedom for the galaxy." Said Greg. I chuckled. "What's so funny Derek?" Wil asked. "It's like the war with the Seperatists. They, in a way, were a Rebel Alliance fighting to break away from the Republic. Now it's US as the "Sepratists" trying to break away from the Empire." They all laughed. "You know what they say, lifes a circle." Kool said. I laughed once more and said, "agreed." We had survived the Great Jedi Purge.


I sat in my pilots chair as I went into hyperspace. Just a few minutes ago, I was with Jasmine Rosejoy and a fellow jedi named Jarek. The Clone Wars had ended. I laughed. This was supposed to to be good thing. It hardly was. There was no more fighting against droids, yes, but now we had to fight against ourselves. The Republic is now the Galactic Empire. The actual Republic, well what's left of us anyway, is rebelling against the tyranny. I had survived a major attack from the clones on Tatooine but only because CPLCasey Layman and Jasmine had arrived in time to rescue us. I was en route to Kamino because when Jasmine and I had infiltrated the Senate Tower on Coruscant, we (or she because I had left to the Jedi Temple) hacked the main computer and found out that the Empire had sent some of its fleet to fight a small rebellion on Kamino. I had smiled when I heard this. Perhaps we can end this before it started. I pulled a lever and I came out of hyperspace. When I did, I came right into a space battle. Deciding not to fight, I contacted Jasmine and said, "Jasmine I have arrived on Kamino. It looks like the Empire beat us here. The good news is that the Kaminoans are sending out jet pack and light ARC troopers to fight the Empire." "I understand. I'm with Jorak here on Selonia and are investigating. So far we have found nothing." "Understood. If you can get here, try to because the rebels are vastly outnumbered. I will... I will be on Rishi Moon.
Rishi Moon

Rishi Moon

I'm gonna try to turn the tide of this battle. Havoc 1-1 out." I sped my ship around the battle and landed on Rishi Moon, where I was met by space troopers. I was wearing a pressure suit so I went out onto the surface. "Hold your fire." I said. "I do not want to kill you but I can and will if you shoot." "We out number you Jedi. We slayed all of your brothers and sisters. Just like you let us get slain when we fought droids!" The commander said. "You fought for the Republic now... Now you fight for the very evil you all swore to destroy." "Get em!" Yelled the commander. I activated by shining blue lightsaber and deflected my first shot at a troopers head. I then stabbed the second and punctured the thirds suit. Finally, I force threw the commander through a small out posts window. I ran into the outpost and when I got to the barracks I peeked inside and saw over thirty men in there. I shut the door and slid a thick medal bar through the lock. It would hold them back for now. I ran to the computer and changed the direction of the fire to the Imperial Starships. I aimed for their weak spot- a small opening under them were ships entered and left. After destroying the capital ships, I took out the medal bar from the barracks and then threw thermal dets everywhere. When I ran out, the outpost exploded. I jumped back into my ship and flew off. I began firing at V-Wings as they flew around trying to ground V-19 Torrent Fighters and Y-Wings. I flew around shooting them and had to avoid all ships, even the Kaminoans, until they believed that I was a rebel. I then saw a different Phase-II Eta Class light interceptor come out of hyperspace flanked by odd ships with rectangular sides. The Jedi Starfigher was all black with a black droid accompanying it. I felt darkness come from there and I realized who it was. It was no one else but Anakin Skywalker. I pulled away from the major conflict and flew to Vader in my green Eta Starfighter. "Well artoo, say hello to your pal again." Then I became flanked by enemy fighters as they tried to shoot me down. I began spinning and shooting myself. Finally I saw Vader's fighter. We began a big battle and neither one of us could gain the upper hand. I spun and fired as he did a barrel roll right at me. I had to flip at the last second in order not to get shot but then we BOTH were buffeted by flak from another ship. A manga guard ship. As it flew around trying to kill us, it was a free-for-all. I knew who that droid was. He was IG-211 "Killer." The droid was one of the most experienced of the CIS. The only problem was, why was he here? How come he survived? But that then made a new thought form in my head. If Killer had survived... Athan Nightkept, former jedi but now Sith Lord, had survived too. He had been "killed" on Pelicd but Killer took him and cloned him using the same technique used to clone Jango Fett, the template of the Republic Clones. I quickly snapped back to the present- and just in time. I got shot in the left engine by Vader and then got shot in the tight wing by Killer. Artoo yelled out a screech but then Vader and Killer turned to fight each other. I started pressing controls all over as red lights blinked and emergency systems came on. I was doing a spiral and was about to crash right into Kamino. "Artoo I want you to put all power into the engines. I'm gonna attempt an emergency landing." Artoo beeped an affirmative and began rerouting power. I stopped doing a spiral and when we went through the atmosphere I couldn't see a thing. Then I began getting pounded with rain. I landed on a huge pad above the water. I looked up and saw the space battle unfold. I then looked around and saw clones in Phase I armor running around with blasters. I also saw men with jet packs and light ARC Troopers running with rocket launchers and blaster pistols. I began running and told R2 to keep up as I quickly got drenched by the rain. My hair got in my face and my robes and cloak got all wet but I kept running, and splishing, across the platform.


I met up with the Prime Minister and explained the situation to him. When I entered he bowed and said, "Hello Master Jedi." I bowed to him and said, "Hello Prime Minister Arg'ilis." "I see you survived this nightmare." "Yes, I am one of the last Jedi alive." "That is quite unfortunate." Arg'ilis said. "Yes. Anyways, I see you have set up a defense against the Empire. I unfortunately doubt that only the Kaminoans can not hold them back. We have been forming a small, eh um, Rebel Alliance I guess you can say. My friends have been recruiting to our cause. We already have fourteen planets allied with us." "I will not endanger my people, Master Jedi." I looked up to the Minister.
Kaminoan Pads

Kaminoan Pads

"Prime Minister Arg'ilis, with all due respect, your men are dieing and you say that you will not endanger your people. Why rebel in the first place then?" The Prime Minister gave me a bitter look but he knew he was defeated. He sighed. "Very well Master Jedi. But I must say, you are quite small to even be a Jedi Padawan. How is this possible?" "Sir, it doesn't matter he of the age. I am well... I dunno my age, I will admit that because my life has been messed up, but that doesn't mean I can't even be a Jedi Master." As the Prime Minister opened his mouth to speak, a clone with scorched armor flew through the transparent window. I backed up as glass shattered everywhere. When I looked out, the wind was whipping at us and I saw three huge Star Destroyers hover above the water and thousands of fighters flew out of the bottom with personnel-carrying ships. Anti-air batteries began firing on the ships but there were too many. The personnel ships landed and this time different types of clones, storm troopers, ran out. They began firing red laser bolts at us and as the clones fired back and took cover, I activated my saber and deflected two shots and began to run. I jumped over one clone, backstabbed him, picked up his blaster, shot two troopers, and threw the gun at another. I tossed a thermal detonator at a group taking cover and then began stabbing and fighting storm troopers with my lightsaber. I then began to get so crowded, I let out a yell and all the troopers flew into the water. "C'mon!" I yelled and ran into the drop ship. Then the Prime Minister and twenty five clones boarded the ship. "Get on that console and get us to every stop where troopers are. "Yes sir!" Said a clone. As the drop ship went to a landing pad where some storm troopers were, we would follow the same procedure. The men on board would blast the drop ship on the landing pad and when our hatch would open, I ran out with two jet troopers and fought the storm troopers from behind. When we got to the clones under fire, we helped them out and went into the drop ship, which could carry up to one hundred and fifty people. After we got the men under fire, we had sixty six men in total. We kept doing this and kept clearing landing pads. One pad, two pads, three pads, four pads, and so on. At the end we got one hundred and seventy guys. Since the ship only carried one hundred fifty men, twenty clones had to sit on the roof of the ship with small steel walls popping up so they can use them for cover. We sent out messages to all clones and finally, we had captured all landing ships. We all set course  to the main hangar, which was over a thousand feet wide, and had a quarter of the men get into starfighters. The rest began to refuel and recharge. I then took some clone gear and went to a small private room. When I walked out, I was dressed in clone gear and had my cloak over it. So I looked like a clone with a a Jedi Cloak on. I pulled on a helmet and began giving out orders. We were going to hijack a Star Destroyer. I walked into an LAAT gunship and grabbed onto a hatch hanging from above. The LAAT then hovered and flew out of the hanger. We were one of thirty gunships flying to the destroyer. I put my head out of the gunship and squinted as the wind rushed at me. My cloak was whipping behind me and I put my arm up to block the rain. I then yelled over the wind and said, "Pilot, go from under the destroyer! Their cannons will have a harder chance of hitting us!" "Right away sir!" Then gunships then ducked down as they got close to the ocean. I saw a dark figure in the water and smiled. "Pilot! Continue with your mission! I'm going on a small detour!" I then jumped into the water. One second passed. Two seconds passed. Three. Four. Five. Finally, a bird like creature jumped out of the water and took flight. It was an awiha.


I took a thin but strong and flexible rope from my belt and threw it around its neck. It was a makeshift leash. I pulled on it to make the beast go up and went higher and higher until I was above the destroyer. I then took another piece of rope and tied my feet to its belly. That way I wouldn't fall off. I activated my saber as winds going over hundreds of miles per hour flew into me. My cloak lifted into the air and shook violently. I let my arms go back and let the cloak fly off, which was caught by a trooper in a gunship below. I hoped that with my saber active, I would attract the attention of the men on the bridge of the Star Destroyer. I was right.


"Sir we don't have a clear shot at the incoming forces. They're too low." Said a flight officer. "Hmm... No way would those clones act like that without someone smart commanding them... Someone like a Jedi!" Said their admiral. "Sir! We have picked up a young child with a sword that glows with radiation." Said another officer. "A Jedi! Lord Vader shall be pleased. Forget the clones, fire upon the Jedi!"


I spun back up again on my awiha as I cut through turbolasers at the left of the ship. The cannons exploded behind me as I blocked shots from vulture droids. After taking them down I patted the awiha and had ARC star fighters blast the shields as I jumped off the awiha and landed in the hanger. Emergency response teams came but I defeated them. Then four gunships came and troops ran out. The gunships left right before a magnaguard starfighter landed. I had the men hide and I peeked out. It was Killer. He walked out and walked through a slide door. I signaled for the men to follow as we ran across the hanger. I then got two men to stack up. I nodded and one threw in a grenade while the others ran in blasting the rest of the storm troopers. A clone came to me and gave me my cloak. I put it on and pulled on the hood. Xavier Thorten was with me. "Skull take the men and sweep the ship. Im taking the bridge myself." "understood sir. C'mon men lets move!" Thorten and the clones ran down a hallway as I made my way through a different one. I grabbed a fallen clones blaster and held it in one hand as I held my saber in my other. Two storm troopers ran out of a room and yelled, "freeze!" but I squeezed off two shots that dropped them both. I kept running and an officer came out with a pistol but I just jumped and spun, decapitating him. I stormed into the bridge to find IG-211 with his back to me. Bodies were scattered all around the bridge. As the turbolift let out a hiss, he turned around. He stared at me with his piercing red eyes. "it's been a while." he said. "agreed." I replied. I had one of my hands tucked into my robes under my cloak. It held a thermal detonator. The gun hung from my belt along with my saber. "Hmm. I think I should start using two lightsabers instead of one. And that saber looks like it has a good grip." He said. "Try me." I replied. With that, I immediately threw the grenade at him. I shut the turbolift door as it exploded. Smoke entered the lift from the cracks in the door. I grabbed the blaster and opened the door, taking cover on the side. All I could see was smoke and fire licking the dead bodies. No sign of droid parts. Sparks flew out of a few consoles but I held my saber, activated and entered. I kept my gun and aimed around. All of a sudden I spun around and shot Killer right in the face as he jumped down from the roof. Sparks flew off of his face and one of his red photoreceptors was broken. He immediately grabbed his saber in one hand and electrostaff in another. I shot at him twice and as he blocked them I jumped and grabbed a pipe and kicked Killer in the chest. I tried firing again but he cut the barrel. "Bold move." He said. "Hardly." I replied as I raised my saber. We then clashed sabers together and he fought with his staff and saber both in a hand. I blocked and parried, he lunged, and I sidestepped. I spun behind him and force pulled his staff to me. I spun both my saber and the staff and ran at him. We locked sabers together and I tried hitting him with the staff but he managed to cut it in half. I grabbed one end as he grabbed another. I had half a staff and a shining blue saber and he had half a staff and a dark blue saber. I started walking to him as he backed up. I had my saber pointed at him with my staff spinning. "This battle was over before it even began." He said. He spun his staff into the glass and it shattered. Wind and rain broke through and we were beginning to get sucked out. I grabbed onto a dangling metal rode as he flew out. I saw him shoot out a grapple hook and attach himself to the ship. Emergency sirens blared. I ran through the halls and met up with the others. We ran into the hanger as the ship was going down. "Pilots where the He** are you!" Xavier and I tripped and began sliding as the ship turned side ways. The ocean began flooding into the ship as the gunships arrived. We were waist deep in the water. As we ran to the ship a piece of debris fell and crushed a clones legs. "Aargh!!" He yelled. I looked over and saw him. I also saw Killer jump into the water. The water was filling up the hangar fast. Xavier was on the side of the gunships and was yelling "c'mon!!" I then dove into the water and swam to the clone. "Sir we have to go!" Yelled the pilot. "No! Not without Derek!" "Sir..." The pilot argued. "Look!" yelled a clone. They turned around to see me helping the trooper into the gunship. I set him down into it as the water rose over me. I began swimming to stay up. "Sir... You.... Saved my life... Thank you." The clone said. I only nodded. I then remembered that Killer was in the ocean. "Xavier, get the men and leave. I failed at leading you guys to hijack this Star Destroyer. I believe you can lead men to hijack another one- and be successful." "I won't let you down kid." "I know." I grabbed a helmet. I pulled it on. I grabbed onto the edge of the gunship and told the pilot to take off. He started flying then when I was over the water, I let go and fell right through. "Now to find Killer..." I thought. Instead of finding him, he found me. I heard something behind me and saw Killer flying like a torpedo right into me. He hit me into the side of the Star Destroyer. I grunted. I then punched Killer. He hit me again and it was hand-to-hand combat. "I thought you were supposed to-" I ducked from a punch and threw Killer into the Star Destroyer's wall. "-short circuit underwater." I finished. "Don't believe everything you hear." he replied. "Ain't that the truth. Killer then pulled out his saber and I pulled out mine. We swam to each other and I raised my saber to strike when he cut my mechanical arm, my right arm, and made me scream in pain. I watched my saber float to the bottom of a coral bed. He then grabbed my mask and crushed the visor, making water come in. I started swimming to the surface as fast as I can. I started blacking out. Finally, I closed my eyes and everything went black.


I woke up in a cell on Ilum and was freezing. I looked down and saw I was wearing nothing but some black leggings. I was also wearing a small wristband. I, while shivering, went up to the bars in the cell and hit them. I immediately began getting electrocuted and yelled in pain. I fell down and smoke curled off me. "Hello Derek Skywalker." I looked up. It was no one other than Athan Nightkept. "What the ---- are you doing here?" He didn't answer and just disappeared in a whiff of smoke. Killer emerged from the smoke and opened the cell door. He then walked up to me as I just glared at him. "I have no need for you." "Neither do I." He then grabbed a rope and put it around my neck. "Argh!" I yelled. "No." Said Athan. "Bring him here." "As you wish." They put me into a tube where a small rope went around my neck, around my arms, and around my legs. I was starting to get really ticked. Athan got a call. "I'll be right there." He said. "I have some business to do Killer, I'll be back." "Take your time." He replied. When Athan left, Killer pressed a button. Five canisters popped out of the ground. Each was opened and revealed Aari, Kool, Nightra, Greg, and Wil kneeling with their hands tied behind their backs. Each one bore scratches and cuts everywhere. "No! You piece of-" I started cursing for a while. "-did you do to them?!" "Answer my questions or I will kill each and every one of them." "---- you!" He started beating me up. Blood came down from forhead and right down my nose between my eyes. I kept getting beat and hit and I was scratched and hurt everywhere. "Where is the Rebellion planning to attack next?" I spit blood at him. "Kiss my ---." He put a nova knife through my

A damaged, broken me

destroyed mechanical arm, making electric currents  fly through me. I let out a scream. "Derek!" Yelled Night. "I swear lay one more finger at him and I will pop a-!" Wil yelled out but was interupted. Killer grabbed his face and took a knife. "NO!!!" I broke the metal ropes and ran at Killer. I grabbed another rope and put it around his neck. I pulled on it and punched Killer, denting his face. I punched him again and broke his arm. Again, I punched him and kept breaking off parts of him. I hit him in the face again and metal parts flew off. You could see all the circuits and wires inside his mask. I had bruises and cuts from when he was hitting me. He pressed a button and started electrocuting me, using the little wristband. I fell but began slowly standing up. We were at the edge of a cliff. I looked at Night, Wil, Greg, Aari, and Kool. I then looked at Killer and charged him. I tackled him and we fell tumbled down the cliff. "NO, DEREK!!!" Yelled Kool. "Oh my gosh, Derek! No!" Yelled Night. Greg just closed his eyes. He then opened them and said, "Look!" A KSE Firespray came up hovering with me and IG-211 rolling on it. Hitting each other, of course. Athan landed it. He then ran out and activated his duel sided saber. It was only then I realized my saber was on Killer's belt. I used the Force to grab my saber and activated it. I ran at Athan then slid. I flew under him as his saber landed an inch from my head. I ran and cut all the ropes holding the others. They got up and Wil ran at Athan, ducking his head under Athan's saber and began punching him. Nightra began working on healing the others, while I just fought Killer. Since I was a righty, it was hard to fight with just my left hand. Killer knocked me on the ground. Just as he raised his saber to deliver the final blow, Xavier came and hit his head hard. "Don't touch him." said Xavier. "Xavier! How did you know we were here?" "I tracked you guys." "You came at a perfect timing." I looked and saw Athan and Killer running back into their ship. Athan looked at me with a glare in his eye. Killer just nodded. It won't be the last time we see them. "One day at a time. Lets go heal up and get ready again. I have a feeling Killer and Athan will attack soon." Everyone nodded. Athan then spoke in my head using the Dark Side. "Soon Derek. Soon." was all he said...


I sat down in a chair as I waited for the big news. When the medical droid came out, I ran into the room. There was Nightra in a bed with a little girl next to her. Everyone was asking who was the father. "Luke." Luke was the father to Luna, the baby girl. I stood on a corner and when Night looked at me I nodded. I then looked at Wil- and just in time. I saw him running off and then took off after him. "Wait!" The others yelled. But I was gone. I saw a red ship, the Negotiator, take off. We then met at the Skywalker Mansion and Wil was practicing on the roof. I heard yelling and saw Luke getting beat up by Wil. "No!" I yelled. I grabbed one of Wil's arms and Kool grabbed the other as we held him back. Wil then looked at me and punched me off. I saw him leave again. I frowned and jumped into my Jedi Starfighter. It was one of the last fighters since the Republic era. It hovered then flew out of the hanger. "R2 lock his coordinates into the navigator." I said. Right when Wil took off into hyperspace, I went with him. When I came out, I saw his red ship just floating aimlessly in deep space. All of a sudden the cannons began firing at me as I spun the starfighter. I tried landing but the shields were put up. I pulled off at the past second and then shot the generator, making it explode. I flew into the hanger and jumped out before the fighter touched the hanger. I began running and got to the bridge. "What's wrong with you?!" I yelled. Wil just glared at me, his lip bleeding. "You're losing it Wil, losing it!" I walked up to him then he punched me as I fell. I looked up and wiped my face from the blood that was coming out. I stood up, dropped my cloak, and hit him in the chest. He bent over and I elbowed him in the back. He hit me again and we kept on hitting each other. I got punched into the controls. Wil then pulled out a knife. My eyes got wide as I spun out of the way- and just in time. The hilt came down and landed in the controls, sending sparks out. They came right in my face and darkened it as I closed my eyes. When I opened, I saw Wil grabbing me and punched me so hard, I went flying across the floors. I moaned in pain as he came. "I protected you all my life, now I'm gonna kick your sorry little butt." I looked up then saw everything in red. I flew at him, knocked him down, and punched him hard in the face. Blood flew out as he kicked me off. The doors opened again and this time Kool, Night, Luke, Aari, and Greg were standing there. They stared at us as we fought a very bloody fight- literally. Blood flew everywhere as Wil tried to stab me and I ducked and punched him. I grabbed my saber but he then took his and stabbed me in my mechanical right arm. "AHHHH!!" I screamed as my saber rolled away. He then threw me into the ground and, while keeping his saber in my arm, took the knife and began trying to cut my neck. I grabbed his arm trying to push it away. My strength began fading and the knife was getting closer. After all, Wil was always stronger than me. I quickly turned around then looked right at him and put my hand in his face as the Force blasted him at point blank into the ceiling. The knife had made a small cut on my neck but tons of blood was pouring out everywhere. He fell unconscious and so did I. That was when the others "unfroze" from their shock. "Derek!" Yelled Night. She came and picked me up as blood came out of my mouth. My hair was down from all the sweat and blood. Luke and Night had to drag me as I just moaned as I hardly regained consciousness. As for Wil, Kool put binders on his hands as he put them behind Wil's back. "Can you you heal them Night?" Asked Greg. "No they are too wounded." She replied. They dragged us into the ship they came in. Me and Wil were put into the medical bay as we were treated. "He's too young to fight like this- especially to fight his brothers." Said Luke as they were talking about what happened. "Your right. And I can't raise Luna in a place were everyone will fight. Like you said, Derek is fighting at a young age but he is strong for a kid. I mean, he held his own against an adult." "Yes." Said Kool. "I know what we should do." said Greg. They began to whisper among each other as Wil and I layed on medical beds, covered with multiple bandages and shots injected to us. Four hours passed. I woke up all dazed inside a cave. I had gauze wrapped around my forehead raising my hair. As it covered a head wound. The memories came flooding back as I stood up, but fell back down. I used the wall to lift myself up. We were on a jungle world. Not Kashyyyk though. I then saw Wil and ran to him, falling down twice, but reached him. I shook his head as I yelled, "Wil! Wil!" I then heard him stop breathing. I began backing up slowly, not believing what happened. Tears flooded my eyes as I fell down onto him and began crying. I then felt his heart beat and got happy. He opened his eyes and grabbed my neck as he slammed me into the cave wall. "Wil! I thought you were dead and-"he let me go and put his hand on his head. "I'm... Sorry." He said. "It's ok Wil." "Where are we?" "I dunno but no one else is here. We were quiet for a bit and listened to buzzing and croaks. I then signaled for Wil to come as we traveled down the road. We kept walking in silence and then I turned around to look at him as he trailed behind me. "Why'd you go crazy?" I asked. "Because... Well... I have always liked Night and helped her the whole time i knew here. When she said Luke was the father..." He didn't need to continue. I just nodded and kept walking.


I threw rocks at a pond and waited as Wil came back. He had a ton of wood and we got to work. After many hard and sweaty hours, we finished it. I grabbed my shirt, which I had taken off, and wiped my forehead with it. "not bad, eh?" said Wil. "No not at all." I replied. We had made two houses in the trees with a rope bridge connecting many parts of it. We had a fresh water lake with a waterfall, vines from ropes, shade, and just about everything this little "resort" would have. I sat on our makeshift beds and fell asleep. The next morning came and Wil woke me up. I yawned as he gave me breakfast and I thanked him. "Well here's to day one of our little survival game." "Haha yeah." I replied. We ate our food and I looked out the window. It was a beautiful day as sunlight poured into the room. Everything seemed all bright and I almost forgot how we came into this mess in the first place. "I'm gonna go take a dive." I said. I took off my shirt, which Wil thought was an excuse to show my abs, and jumped out of the window and grabbed a vine as I flipped into the water. I grabbed onto a rock as he jumped in and we began trying to scale the waterfall (which was not a success). We were laughing until a huge shadow hung over us. "Ah great always something to ruin the fun." I said. We began swimming to under a tree as we saw men come out of ships. "Death Watch!" I yelled. We ran to our gear and put them on, while soaking wet. I grabbed our sabers and put them on my belt then gave Wil a wooden spear as I took a bow and arrow. I strapped a quiver to my side and we began to run. I heard a Death Watch woman yell, "Look!" And they began pursuing us. I ducked as a blast hit the tree beside me. We kept sprinting, using the Force to push us faster. We were running so fast that it looked like our feet didn't touch the ground. They began using their jet packs to catch up. I took out a rope and made a loop in it. I timed the Death Watch soldiers approach. It had to be done at a perfect timing. When he was right over me, I quickly pulled his arm and put the loop on the missile on his jet pack. He fell and exploded. I saw two Mandalorian speeders coming to us so I kicked one off and force threw the other to Wil as he punched the man off. We kept zipping through the forest until we got to a clearing. "Ah great we can't hide here!" I thought. We kept going as Death Watch followed. A speeder got next to mine and we wrestled. I saw a HUGE pit up ahead and tried pushing him off me. Finally, I put my hand in his face and blew him off me using the Force. I tried turning but it was too late. The speeder flew all the way down as I crashed through the side of a thick wall. I rolled and layed unconscious as blood trickled down my forehead. "DEREK!" Yelled Wil. He jumped down the eight-hundred foot pit and came to to help, as blood formed into a pool around me. He looked up and saw Death Watch surround us. Now, he was in pure anger. He force chocked one Death Watch soldier and threw his spear at another's heart. They kept firing at him as he ducked and spun. Wil was a killing machine. Knowing they were about to be beat, they began using their flamethrowers and lit the place on fire. I layed in the middle of it all. "DEREK!!" Screamed Wil. He grabbed two Death Watch soldiers throats and crushed them. He force pushed a woman into the fire. He let out a scream as all the soldiers immediately crumbled to dust. He was bloody and sweating and the fire was swelling. He looked for me and saw me, close to death and bleeding bad. Through all the sweat and blood, he put me on his back and tried getting us out. He grabbed the wall and began climbing. It was a very dangerous climb, for one mistake will send both of us to the bottom and if the impact didn't kill us, the fire would. He looked and saw a few gas barrels in the corner. "Why do we fall?" He remembered Greg once saying. He jumped from one ledge to another. "To." He kept climbing. He was almost there. His hand slipped and he dangled from one arm, but kept moving. "Get." He continued. He jumped up higher and grabbed onto a stone. "BACK!" He yelled. So close to the top, but the fire was rising higher and higher. Finally he jumped into the air as the fire exploded and he landed on his feet. "Up." He finished. I started to moan as I came back into consciousness. "Where... What...?" I asked quietly. I saw a blood trail and realized it was me as Wil carried me. "Derek your alive!" Wil said. "Apparently. All thanks go to you, brother." I said. We looked up again and saw a ship land. As the ramp fell, we saw Greg, Kool, Night, and Luke stand there. They were all smiling. Realizing I was on Wil's back, I quickly came off. After all I couldn't embarrass my self in front of Night. She came and hugged me as Wil and Luke shook hands. They didn't say anything. They didn't have to. All they did was smile as Greg said, "Welcome back Wil, welcome back."


I sat down in the medical room for the sixth time in two weeks. My mechanical arm was malfunctioning and I was waiting for the medical droid




to repair it. As they came and began taking it off my arm, I gritted my teeth in pain. Finally, it was pulled off and inspected. A few minutes passed and they returned to put it back on. As they tied in the last nerve, I thanked them and walked out. I was in the Skywalker Mansion. I saw Kool and Luke boxing and I jumped into the rink to join them. "Hey now can't forget about-" I got interrupted by a punch to my face. Luke let out a laugh as Kool pulled back his fist, grinning. "Oh it's on now pal." I said. I ducked under a punch from Kool and grabbed him and hauled him over. I then got onto him and began hitting him. He kicked me off as all three of us began fighting. We were laughing through blows. I pulled on a pair of boxing gloves and landed a blow on Luke. He chuckled then returned a punch into my face, plummeting me to the ground. "Heh gonna take a lot more than that to take me down."I said as I stood back up. "I know." replied Luke. He then came up and punched me again, knocking me on the ground. The girls came to watch as we continued fighting. I then hit Luke and spun around to knock Kool on the ground. Luke began taunting me as I kept hitting harder and harder. He blocked all when finally I feinted one punch to the stomach and put my other arm to block his arms as I raised my fist to knock him right in the face. "Ha beaten by a kid?" I turned to Night. "Your husband sure seems weak. I mean-" Luke came up and knocked me down as I tumbled, head over body. Night laughed and Aari chuckled. "Ow..." I said as I rubbed my thigh. "Ok now it's on" I said to a grinning Luke. "Bring it." He said with his arms open. I quickly looked to my right and saw Kool fiddling with his mechanical arm. I walked slowly to the edge of the rink and began talking to him. "Hey Kool you ok?" I asked. Luke came up beside me. "Yeah I'm fine. Just cracked the wrist plate." He replied. "Ok." I said with a smile. I immediately turned and hit Luke in the face knocking him to the other side of the rink. Everyone laughed. "Got me good." He said. "Yeah I did." I replied. I ran at him then slid under, used the net to get pulled back and flew at Luke. I tackled him and was upon him struggling to keep him down. He laughed and I laughed but then I helped him up. "Ok thats all for today Derek. I gotta say, you put up a good fight." Luke said. "Thanks. You did good too." I replied. I then faked a punch and Luke flinched. "Ha got me there." Said Luke. I just smiled and hopped over the ropes to grab a towel. "Well that was a good workout, right?" Said Luke. "Yeah just need to... There we go." Said Kool. He flexed his mechanical arm as he stood up. My comlink began blinking and I answered. It was Xavier Thorten. "Derek come to the war room. I need a tactician like you to help me out." He said. Luke heard and said, "Tactician? The only thing Derek is good at is being stupid." "Luke!" Nightra scolded. "Sorry sorry..." He apologized. I just nodded and took off, slinging the towel onto my shoulder. I walked into the room with big letters saying WAR ROOM on top. I came upon a desk and many men at work with computers and screens. Two men snapped to attention when I entered. "Derek as you know, I lead an attack on Teth to fight the Hutts." "Shoulda let me came Xavier..." I grunted. Teth was my home world. "But I figured out that below the Hutt Council, many descendants Nem'ro have been gathering together and have been getting mercenaries, criminals, and every other low life there is in Hutt Control. They have claimed themselves the Neo-Cartels." "New Cartels." I translated. We walked to a holotable and Xavier pulled up a planet. "Nal Hutta... Ugh I hate that place. Home of the Hutts." "Yes this is were they are gathering but fortunately for you, you won't be going there. I'm sending a Task Force there. Though you need to go somewhere else." He pressed another few buttons and a new planet appeared. "Ugh I hate my life..." I said as I saw the planet. "Sorry Derek just the top Crime Lords are over there." "Nar Shaddaa. Why do they love the places I hate?!" I asked. Xavier smiled. I chuckled too as the others came and got briefed. "Nar Shaddaa? I have a contact there." Said Kool. "Good." Said Luke. "Ok guys I'm gonna go prep the men." Said Xavier. I nodded then said, "Hey have you guys seen Wil and the others?" Nope, no, and who cares (from Luke) came as answers. "Ok let's get going." We walked back to the rooms and we all got dressed. We dressed different. I had on merc gearand the others looked similar too. Kool wore his usual buff gear- spikes on black and red gear with a hat and bandana. Night dressed in green and yellow clothing and it covered all her face except her eyes. I kept my helmet off and put on shades. These sunglasses though were different. I could use many tech on it along with a pad that I had strapped to my wrist. "Ok guys let's get going." I said as I strapped a holster to my thigh. I put an electrostaff on my back and put my saber in my backpocket. Night then looked herself over and said, "Ugh this is so stuffy I'm going with something a bit more loose." She then walked into her room and emerged wearing a grey suit that made her appear like a Mandalorian. She put two guns at her side and attached some devices onto her arm. Luke whistled. "Hey good lookin'." He said jokingly. She just smiled and hugged Luke. Luke looked at me with a grin on his face and I just laughed as I grabbed my comlink. "We're ready Xavier." I said. "Ok come to the hanger I want to show you something." he said. "On our way." I said. When we got to the hanger I saw men being ordered by Xavier as he wore his green and black armor. He held his helmet at his side and walked to the side of me. "Ok I got two houndred men attacking Nal Hutta. Fortunately for you, I'm going with you as a 'prisoner' and you be escorting me to the rendezvous point where I had four rebel commandoes insert in from three different points. Once we meet with them we will go to each outpost surrounding thier HQ." "Then th fun part begins." I said. We walked into a Rebel Gunship and had two men join us as one put his gun on his shoulder and the other slung his gun around his shoulder. We lifted off and we entered a Skywalker Starship (rare starship that is much more powerful than a normal Rebel Heavy Cruiser). I chuckled as I saw it. It had the Aurubesh symbol for "five" and was all fiery. It was my head ship and I named it Spitfire V after my Republic-era cruiser got sacrificed in combat. We docked in the main hanger that was placed on the top of the cruiser. I then ordered the the Skywalker Cruisers to jump to hyperspace. As we zoomed through it, I wondered if everything was gonna go good. Probably not I thought. I walked off the bridge and saw Night texting one of her friends on her holophone and Luke was watching TV. I saw Kool sleeping on the couch snoring next to Luke. I jumped the couch and landed on Kool, making him jump and yell, "Gah!" I laughed as I watched with Luke TV. We then got controllers and a heated match between us emerged. I finally beat Luke by a few points as I let out a victory yell. He just threw his controller at me and laughed. We came out of hyperspace and I went up to the bridge as the planet came in view. I saw a few illegal cruisers and a space station. "Prepare for battle!" I yelled. Fighters emerged from both hangers and engaged in combat as I watched. Then bridge rocked and I ordered for all fighters to protect the drop ships as two made their way to the Cartel Space Station (CSS).
The illegal Cartel Space Station capable of destroying many things it size

The illegal Cartel Space Station, capable of destroying anything it's size and has a super laser similar to the Death Star, just significantly smaller

I then saw Kool and Luke in the hanger. I walked to them and asked if they were ready. They were. I found Night talking to a fellow woman officer and signaled her to come. We climbed into the gunship as Xavier came in rags and two normal dressed men came. The gunship hovered and took off as two Vanguard-class fighters came with us.
Vanguard-class Starfighter

Vanguard-class Starfighter

"Goodluck." Said a Rebel Officer. I smiled. "We'll need it." I said. I put on my sunglasses and pulled up a screen on it telling me the distance to the planet, the time, and in tiny writing, the briefing of the mission. I pressed a few buttons on the blue pad attached to my arm and the screen on my glasses "swiped" and cleared everything. I heard the battle go on outside and heard men on the comlink. Soon enough, I felt pressure come on as we were told that we had entered the atmosphere.
Spitfire V bottom

Spitfire V bottom

I told the fighters to pull off and nodded to Luke. He nodded back and kicked open the door as winds over a hundred miles per hour whipped by. Because I had a small cloth on my shoulder plate, it kept getting on my face from the wind. Night kneeled next to the side and smiled. "This is where the fun begins." Said Kool. Nightra jumped through the night and rain as I jumped in mid air, spinning, made peace signs and fell down yelling. Kool and Luke jumped after us and we laughed as we fell. The rain stung us but we kept spinning. Night activated her jet pack and slowed down as we zoomed past. I turned and shot a grapple hook onto one buildings roof and grabbed Kool's hand, who then grabbed Luke's. I retracted the line as it made us rise higher until we were at the roof of the skyscraper. Night landed next to us and my hair was messed up like Luke's and Kool's. We laughed and made our hair better but we shot another line onto a lower building and used it as a zip line. "Get ready." I said. Xavier just then landed next to us while wearing his gear. "What happened to the prisoner thing, eh Gramps?" I asked. Gramps was the name I sometimes called Xavier and he usually got mad from it. This time though, he didn't care. "We'll I figured we need to clear out many areas till we get to them and that's then." "Fine by me." Said Kool. "Ok let's do this." I said. I pulled out one blaster from my holster and held it in one hand. I then attached the part I was holding to the roof and grabbed a pipe. I broke it and bent it, making it into a triangle shaped pipe. I put it on the zip line and attached it to my arm. I jumped as I flew down to a building below that contained part of the little Hutt Syndicate. I broke the glass and shot two surprised gangsters and Luke came in and kicked one out of a window. Kool spun and stabbed a knife into a snakelike creatures neck and pulled out the knife as it fell. Night threw a shock charge at ones mouth and it fell, electrocuted. I scanned the faces with my glasses, but none matched the leader. I shook my head and Luke put a charge on a door. For is operation we wouldn't dare speak.
Night's armor

Night's armor

I nodded and he blew the charge as I ran in with two boasters and shot a few men in the chest. I then thew a knife into a pyke species aliens mouth. I pulled it out, wiped it and ducked below a shot from a gangster. We killed them and got to a big room door. I kicked it down as Night tossed a few thermal detonators inside. We heard screams as the grenades exploded. We gathered the fallen weapons and I contacted a ship to come and pick them up. We were gonna need weapons. I found a weapon that shot tiny discs that electrocuted a target, and I kept it. We kept clearing buildings and fighting gangsters that surrounded the base, which was located in the Captial City. Finally, when we cleared the last building we met up with the rebel commandoes. I contacted the cruisers above and told them to quit jamming the CSS's radio. I also ordered for an assault on the base. When fighters lifted off to support the CSS, I threw a backpack full of timed dets right into the base. I had hit in a certain point- the power grid. The power shut down and I pressed my pad making my visors NVGs (night vision goggles). I ran in and Xavier put one on the ground and handcuffed one without it knowing what was happening. As I ran, I flipped to guards and then heard the emergency back up sirens wail. "C-c-contact the Hutssss, warn them of the atttack!" Said a snake like creature. "Night!" I yelled. "I'm on it." She replied. Se used a flame thrower to kill off a few men and disabled the radioes. I shot my gun at a few guys but when it clicked, indicating it was out of ammo, I threw it at a guys head, sending him crashing into the floor. A man trucked me down and raised a vibrosword to stab me when I threw my pistol into his mouth and fired two shots. Another man tackled me AGAIN and I landed on a window, even though it didn't break. He tried shooting me when I popped a grenade into his mouth. Kool ducked from a punch, Luke spun kicking a guy, and Night was flying in the air with her jet pack making her a hard target as she took gangsters down left and right. Everyone heard the charge and froze and the man I popped a charge into had his eyes open. I then used my feet to kick him over and behind me as we both fell off. "DEREK!" Yelled Kool. He ran after me and jumped. Luke got mad and in fury shoved a mans head into Night's jet pack. His face burned as Luke spun into the air and crashed through another window to help me and Kool. Night had no choice but to follow us. When she found us, I was faced down and not moving. Luke was mad and Kool was just shaking his head, not believing what's happening. "Derek... Night moaned. Kool looked around and realized that we were on a mobile bar. Men and women were on the rails talking and drinking when a man sat down at a table outside. Night gasped and ran to him. Luke looked up and said, "Wait up!" and trailed behind her. Kool grabbed my arm and lifted me up, as blood trickled from my eyes, lip, nose, and cheek. I had a piece of shrapnel sticking out of my neck and my eyes were closed. My whole face was a mess of smeared blood. People parted as they saw Kool dragging me to Night
Bith on Nar Shadda

One of the Bith musicians

and Luke. When Night was at the table the man looked up. His eyes got wide and he ran. "Wait!" Yelled Luke. He then used the Force to grab him and the man used the Force to push him back. "What the..." Said Luke, who had been surprised by the mans ability to use the Force. I began moaning and Kool realized I was alive. "Derek? Derek! Thank God your alive!" He said as he put me down. I moaned as he began treating me. A crowd formed around us. There were Weequays, Zabraks, Humans, and all kinds of species. There was also some Bith band musicians that stopped playing. Kool kept healing as Night unknowingly chased the man to the crowd. Only when Night yelled "Look out!" Did Kool see a man in a duster and low hat. When the man halted to a stop in the front of the crowd he froze and looked me in the eye as I returned the stare. I couldn't believe who it was.

It was my brother Wilmore Skywalker.



I chatted with Wil as we ate lunch on Naboo. Luke, Wil, and I were there because Night's family was on Naboo and she was visiting them. They owned a palace and it was called the Portglide Palace. It was a clear sunny day and as I thanked Leah, Night's mom, I glanced out the window. I saw a pack of Fambaas move by. I opened the window and glanced down below. There were waterfalls around us and also hundreds of acres of grass surrounding us. I smiled, nodded to Luke and Wil, and spun into the air from the window. "Oh my!" gasped Leah. She wasn't used to such bold behavior. Luke laughed and Night just smiled and shook her head. "See what I have to put up with?" Asked Night. Luke just jumped out too and Wil spun out, trying to show off.

When Night energed from the huge front doors, she saw the three of us talking and walking through the field.

When she caught up to us, she saw Luke and Wil on the ground laughing. She looked up and giggled herself. I was on the back of a shaak and I was getting bucked off but I stood on its back and grabbed its
The Portglide Palace

The Portglide Palace

neck. I got thrown off and landed in a river. The others ran to me and saw the water turn red around me. "Ah Derek!" Luke yelled. He picked me up, wet and dripping, as he took me back to the palace.

Leah began dabbing my face scratches with a chemical and I kept groaning "Ow! Ow!" as it stung. Carlos, the father of Night, laughed and said, "I remember when I was your age." Night replied saying, "Don't we all?" This let out a few chuckles but I clenched my teeth in pain.


I walked out of my bedroom wearing nothing but some shorts and nodded good morning to everyone. For some reason, I wasn't in a good mood. I took my holophone, put in some wireless earplugs, and walked out of the door. I saw a starfighter touch down on the grassy plains and I walked to it. Xavier emerged wearing his usual green commando gear. His face looked urgent but he didn't say anything. He just pointed to the sky as for Imperial Star Destroyers emerged with thousands of small TIE fighters emerging from the hanger. Another person walked out of the ship. It was my ole master Philip Skywalker. I smiled. It had been a very long time. His face had a huge scar on his right side. "Now we match." I said, pointing to my scar over my left eye. He just agreed and ran to the house. When I looked back I saw AT-AT's
Empire Invading Naboo

The Empire invading

walking through the street and a whole legion of stormtroopers marching in unison with one black figure in the middle. "Oh..." I let out softly.



I ran into a dark room that was filled with over thirty people. Up front there was Aari, Greg, Wil, Kool, Athan, Rik, Josh, and even Killer. I walked up to the front, dazed. I was wearing a cloak along with everyone else. Aari was crying and everyone was on the brink of crying with her. I knelt in front of Luke's tomb that was covered with a beautiful shroud with a symbol on it. "Who... Who did this..." I whispered. Then, as if my own, a memory showed me who killed Luke. It was his son. I rose and walked out of the room as Luke was being lowered- for the last time.


I woke up to a little Luna jumping on my bed. Luke, Kool, and Phil had already woken up and were downstairs eating breakfast. "Oh hey sweetie..." I groaned. "Wake up uncle D! Wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up!" She said in her squeaky voice. "Ok, ok uncle D's up." I said with a smile. I then lifted Luna up and began playing around with her. I was so busy playing with Luna that I didn't see Night and Luke standing in the doorway watching me. Night let out a laugh and Luke chuckled. I let Luna down and got out of the bed smiling and told them to shove off. I put on a shirt and gym shorts and walked downstairs with them. "Not a word." I said laughing. Night just laughed and ruffled my hair. When we got downstairs Wil was holding a football and Kool was drinking a beer. That's when I realized I promised to play against Kool and Wil a game of football. An hour past, during which I was constantly burning Kool, and we finally went back inside. Luke invited us to go to a bar on Corellia since Greg was busy doing paperwork, Phil was off with Kev doing a two week meditation retreat, and Wil and Kool's children were busy with their own lives. Night opted to stay back and watch over Luna since she wasn't feeling too fine and after that we were off. An hour later we arrived at The Smuggler's Haven and ordered a couple rounds of drinks. "So there was this one time I saw a fine twi'lek and we were hitting it up pretty good when we ended up back at her house. And it began heating up but then she pulled out a dick that was bigger than mine!" said Wil. We began to crack up and Kool fell out of the booth. He landed on a rodian's chair and the rodian fell over and spilled his drink. Luke, Wil, and I were pissing ourselves laughing until the Rodian got up and began trying to fight Kool. I chuckled as Kool dodged his punch. He made quick work of the rodian. Wil began to talk about his adventures with girls and Luke was reading us reviews about the new HoloPhone. I smiled and looked out the skyscraper's window. I noticed a little black speck but shrugged it off as another speeder in the constant air traffic. I spoke with Luke for a couple minutes and then looked back out the window. "EVERYBODY GET D-" I didn't get to finish my sentence before the freighter crashed into the tower. He had crashed below us and the building began to collapse slowly to it's right. I got up dazed and saw Kool and Luke already up. I looked around for Wil and saw him underneath wreckage. "Oh shit. Luke! Kool!" I yelled. They came over and helped me left the debris off him. "Kool check his pulse." I said. Kool bent down to check his pulse as Luke began trying to contact help. "He's alive but he's out cold." Kool said. "Yeah and we're being jammed." Luke said. Suddenly the upper half of the building began to fall sharply and was about to crash into another building. I picked up Wil as Luke blasted a hole through the wall and we jumped onto the side (top) of the building. We began to run on the building as it kept falling and jumped into the other building. All around us building's were falling as well and there were riots in the street. Black, round speeders zoomed around blasting anything in their site. "There's gotta be thousands of them..." said Kool. "We gotta keep moving we need to contact help." I said. Just then the door behind us got kicked down and black-clad men entered and began shooting. We activated our lightsabers and swiftly chopped them down as we began to descend the skyscraper. We ran down the stairwell with Kool in the lead cutting down soldiers left and right. Then the building began to rumble and the upper floor began collapsing on us. The stairs began falling apart and Luke yelled "in here!" as he bashed down a door. We ran until we got to a pavilion outside. "Damn it! There's nowhere to go!" I yelled. Kool replied something inaudible due to the building parts crashing around us. Luke then pointed at the speeders weaving between skyscrapers. Kool and I both nodded and we all began to run to the edge of the pavilion. As soon as we hit the edge we jumped. Kool and Luke landed on separate ones and kicked the pilot out, sending him pummeling thousands of feet. I however miscalculated the jump due to carrying Wil on my back. I reached out to grab the speeder but fell short of it. I started screaming as I began to fall to the next building. I used the force to push debris out the way as Wil and I tumbled onto floor. I began to hear Kool and Luke yelling for me as I got back up. I began running to Wil and picked him up. "Hey we're coming back around I need you to make this quick." Said Luke. I put Wil's arm around my neck and began to carry him to where we fell in. I saw Luke pull up and began motioning for me to hurry up. I then lifted Wil and put him into a fireman's carry to get to him faster. All of a sudden the building started shaking. Kool pulled up and saw what was happening. He began to use the force to try and keep the floor from collapsing. Luke got closer as I gave him Wil but then the floor under me crumbled away and I fell through. I coughed and choked on the dust and saw rubble beginning to fall. Kool was sweating and trembling. He can't keep this up. I started to climb my way back up and was about to jump until a thick metal sheet fell on me. Then more rubble fell. Then more. Until finally, only my arm and head were free. "Not the way I hoped to end it!" I yelled to Luke. "Come on you can still make it!" He yelled back. I just chuckled and shook my head. I knew Wil needed serious help and Kool couldn't keep up. I force pushed them both away as the floor collapsed. "DEREK!!"

I came to with a loud buzzing sound in my ear. Only after I fully regained consciousness did I realize it was Kool and Luke trying to contact me. I tried moving my arms but my right arm was pinned under a fallen wall and I couldn't feel my right. "I must have fallen through the floors." I mumbled out loud. I tried sitting up but my arm was still caught and my head was pounding. Luckily for me, my right arm was purely cybernetics. I kept trying to tug but it wouldn't budge and the nerves within it had been crushed so I felt no pain. I finally took out my lightsaber (which had miraculously stayed on my belt during the fall) and cut my arm off. I groaned a bit as I could still barely feel it, and the heat of the energy sword didn't make it any better. When it was finally off I cut a whole in the wreckage and crawled out. As i tried to get up, my left knee collapsed under me and I began wheezing as well. Broken leg and broken ribs maybe. Damn it man...


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