Only known picture of Demander Biodancer.

Allegiance:Deker Stryker
Birth:12 BBY Death:500,000,000,000,000,000,000 ABY.
Homeworld:Kamino Main Stronghold:Uncharted area of Iceberg Three.

Demander Biodancer was born on Kamino at the begging of the Clone Wars. His dna is only half Jango Fett the other half is a combination of six different sith. The sith were Sidious, Maul, Savage Opress, StarKiller (towards the later part of his life), Darth Malgus and Darth Vader before the suit. He is able to dissapear by turning himself into stands of dna and able to shoot force lightning that is on fire. He made a virus that doesn't effect sith called the Red Shadow virus. It allows him to drain the life force from people and transfer it to him. He was able to live through the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, and Second Galactic Civil War. He is a massive designer of starships and space stations and buildings. He made a lab were he could do his twisted experiments free of the grip of the Republic. He also made a mineing base to mine baradium and made an assault ship that could hold about three hundred troops. He made a cloneing base where he could clone anything he even cloned rancors. He made a special drink that could enlarge anything that drank it by one thousand times its own height. He was alligned with Deker Stryker who had his own empire. Demander's dream of destroying the jedi galaxy wide was almost fulfilled when he released the Red shadow virus to every planet except for the ones in the far reaches in the outer rim towards the end of the Third Great Galactic War which he started by igniteing the Fourth Jedi Purge. He became a well known sith lord and when he Started the Third Great Galactic War and Fourth Jedi Purge he became the Dark Lord of The Sith. The Third Great Galactic War was the longest and deadliest war in the galaxy's history. The Fourth Jedi Purge was the longest and most effective and deadliest Jedi purge in the galaxy's history especially towards the end when the red shadow virus was used.

Early Life

Demander was the only clone to be given a sc instead of a ct. His sc number was 1 because he was the very first sith clone. He went through more intense training than the rest of the clones because the cloners were trying to kill him because he was a sith. When no matter how hard the training was Demander beat each level so the cloners decided to knock him out and send him to an uncharted planet. When they tried to knock him out he force choked them to death and stole a Republic gunship and flew to Korriban and decided to be there in a self exile.

Exile on Korriban

Demander found a sith temple where he studied about the sith through holocrons and meditation. He found lots of wreckage suggesting there was a giant battle there. Judging by how many large cruisers and dead bodies and fighters were scattered on the ourskirts of the tombs it seemed like whatever happened there had wiped out the rest of the sith before him. He then found evidence that suggested that sith had survived. Demander then decided to search for the sith on Korriban.

Search for the sith

Demander spent 14 years of his life searching for the sith. He found sith but not on Korriban he was able to sense a sith on Courascant from Korriban. He traveled there after he found an old jedi defender ship which he used to fly to Courascant after which he destroyed it and it took down the entire landing pad it was on. He then headed to the senate district but was cornered by a criminal gang and was lead down to level 1414 where he met several gang leaders and then force choked them to death and took over the entire criminal underworld and used the gangs to search for the sith in the underworld and everywhere else on Courascant. He then left Courascant to try to find sith in other parts of the galaxy.

Invasion of a jedi planet

Demander then found a squad of sith and an ancient factory. Demander then activated the factory and it built 600 million legions of HK-51s. Demander then made a blueprint for HK-109s. He then built a million legions of the HK-109s. He then had them and his squad of sith attack a planet where every single living being on it was force sensitive. Demander built one million cruisers from the Sith Empire from the Great Galactic War. He used his invasion force and his cruisers to wipe out all life on the planet. First he did the ground assault and wiped out everything except the vegatation and the insects. Before he wiped out everything he found a hut and walked into it. He then fought two jedi and killed them both. The duel only lasted two minutes and he used only one lightsaber. Demander and his forces then got off the planet and before he ordered the cruisers to fire he said out loud to himself that the planet looked a lot like Kashyyk but he knew it wasn't because there was no wookies and he was in the unkown part of the outer rim. He then saw a small fighter fly past his blockade one second before he ordered an orbital bombardment of the planet. Demander then left his squad of sith in charge of his HK army and left.

Joining Death Watch

Demander later became a part of Death Watch and used the power that he got in it to search for more sith. He spent another 14 years of his life as part of Death Watch searching for more sith. He helped Death Watch build up a base on an asteriod to help them defend themselves. While he was in Death Watch he lost track of his goal of finding more sith and forgot about his force abilities.

Middle Life

Service under the Republic

Demander forgot about his roots except that he was a clone and joined the Republic unaware of his force powers he lost two generals and finally settled on a third general that he did not lose. While he was under the third general the blue shadow virus was released and he found the cure and used it to cure himself of the virus. He later went under a commander and took down tons of Sepratist bases and rescued his commander and general several times. He later became an officer in the 501st legion and participated in takeing down the Geonosis factories.

Rediscovering roots

Demander later rediscovered his roots through visiting Korriban and Kamino. He then abandoned the Clone Army and set out to find a sith master out of the sith he sensed in the galaxy. He never found a sith master but on his own he became one of the most powerful sith of all time. He then set out to discover more about his past and visited lots of planets learning very little about himself on most planets he then found out how the crime gang he had made had broken apart and started fighting. He then questioned each member and killed all of them. He then left to discover which sith he should side with.

Allignment with Stryker

Demander then found and alligned himself with Stryker who Demander sensed very easily. Demander then spent lots of his life with Stryker. He then traveled with Stryker any were Stryker went. He fought any jedi he found and killed them. He kept finding jedi and executing order 66 to individual clones and even squads. He then decided to destroy every single last jedi he found.

Finding An Ancient Library

Demander found an ancient library hidden deep under the surface of Ice Berg Three, he then walked into it and had a vision of the super star destroyer being built and more of it being built. He found that the library was even older than the force itself. He then found the knowledge of the star forges and the foundry. He then was approached by Thorn Set. Demander then started lying to Thorn just to make Thorn go on a wild goose chase. Demander then decided to have a cruiser bigger than the super star destroyer be built and have it be equipped with two super lasers. One that could take down any cruiser in one blast and one that could destroy twenty eight planets in one blast.

Finding The Tomb of Darth Malgus

Demander later found the tomb of Darth Malgus. He saw zombie sharks and battled them and beat them. He then saw a couple of blaster turrets and deflected their blasts back at them. He then continued on and found a room that was a giant super laser and and crushed the super laser with the force. He then found another room with zombie sharks but there was citizens lying dead on the ground. He then battled the zombie sharks along with zombie squids and fish. After he beat them he crushed a wall and battled four ancient droids. He then opened a door and saw a nine hundred thousand year old ancient war droid. After he beat it in a three hour long battle he saw the place where Malgus was buried and saw a sith holocron in there.

Important Battles Of The Clone Wars

Battle of Umbara

Demander participated in destroying the Umbaran air base and any reinforcements the CIS sent to Umbara he took out an entire camp of trandoshan pirates with just his lightsabers. He then took out every single last moveing thing inside the Umbaran bunkers. He later took out almost every single sith inside the ancient sith academy because he sensed they would be against his cause.

Battle of Kadavo

Demander then secretly attacked the mineing facility on Kadavo killing any Zygerrian he saw. He was merciless in the killing of the Zygerrians. When the facility started shakeing he left out as secretly as he came in. He then headed to Zygeria and decided to capture all the slaves. He killed any one who didn't give him their slaves. He then headed to the palace he snuck around security and got to the top of the palace and force choked almost every single Zygerrian on the planet.

Battle of Florrum

He then headed to Florrum when General Grevious headed there. He destroyed the power source that caused a chain reaction that destroyed the fortress. He then took out lots of droids and battled Grevious to escape. He then blew up lots of the droids landing ships which caused the ships to crash into Grevious's flagship.

Skirmish on Carlac

Demander then went to Carlac and found Death Watch. He then attacked the camps and the destroyed village. He took out every single Death Watch he found. Some of the Death Watch he found recognized him but didn't get long to see him again because he killed them very quickly. When he got to the captured village he battled his way through countless Death Watch and got to two lieutenants and killed them, then Pre Vizla came out and they dueled with Vizla useing his darksaber and Demander useing his one half of Darth Maul's lightsaber and his other lightsaber. Demander ultimatley won but Vizla flew away with his jet pack and the Death Watch on the roof tops flew away as well. Demander was then called the liberator by the native Carlac people because he had freed the captives but he did not know it at the time. Demander then headed towards the crashed droid ship that had brought him there in the first place along with his bone to pick with Death Watch. When he got there he found no way in and headed towards the engines. When he got to the engines he had to battle thousands of droids and found the only surviving magnaguard from the crash. He then battled it and after he beat the droid he stole the droid's electrostaff.

Battle of Geonosis

During the Battle of Geonosis Demander flew down in his personal Red Striped Y-wing. How ever twelve fleets of sepratist ships came out of from hiding in the asteriod belt and took down his first flagship The Anhilator.

Battle of Quell

During the Batle of Quell Demander flew his personal starfighter against the vulture droids and defended the gunships but he didn't know there was jedi aboard and then while he was heading back to his camoflagued cruiser The Destructor it exploded and he was forced to go into clone trooper armor and land in the Resolute. He was later able to sneak away.

Second Battle of Ryloth

During the Battle of Ryloth Demander brought two flagships The Demander and The Stryker. Demander flew his stealth fighter down to the planet, with 5,000 gunships with 15 troops in each gunship. By the time Demander got there he saw Cad Bane with a strange device being defended by Anakin and Ahsoka. Demander then followed them and then heard a noise and saw a skakoan in a suit fly down. He saw Bane get thrown under a piece of metal and heard the skakoan ask Anakin if he knew what the device was and then Anakin said "I know I'm keeping it if scum like Bane and his friends want it." Demander then saw Bane wave his fist in the air and say "Competitors". After the fight was over and the two clones that had come to help the jedi and Anakin left but Ahsoka stayed behind, Demander emerged with two squads of grenaiders and started to attack Ahsoka. The grenaiders opened fire instantly and Demander charged at her. He gave away his identity as a sith by activating his red lightsabers and going in a Jar' Kai barrage attack. He then attacked her with a super charged blast of force lightning. Then grenades landed 5 inches from Ahsoka and sent her flying. Demander then used his flaming force lightning on Ahsoka which sent her flying into a mountain of metal and it crashed down on her. When she forced it off of her after three hours the fight resumed and Demander then force choked her unconcious and threw her into his stealth fighter's passanger seat and sealed her in a force proof cell. After he got into space he saw the destruction of The Stryker and flew into the Demander. He then placed her in a torturing cell.

Torturing Ahsoka

When Ashoka regained counciousness Demander shocked her with a super high powered shock. Demander then cut her with one of his lightsabers all over her chest, legs, and arms. When The Demander landed outside Demander's torturing facilities he had his men walk Ashoka in there. The torturing room she was put in had Anakin, and captian Rex in there as well. Demander then had Rex and Anakin shocked at super high. He then used his super painful plants to torture Ashoka. He had one attached to each of her legs and arms. He also had one attached to her face. Demander then injected poison into Anakin and Rex's chest because they had no clothes on over their chests. Ashoka then was about to have poison injected into her but she forced the plants off of her and the antidote into Rex and Anakin. Then the Republic attacked and Demander fled with all his forces and Ashoka. Demander then took Ashoka to his other torturing facility. He then decided to use these two special things that would turn any thing to the dark side. He first had more lightsaber cuts put on her and even more painful plants put on her face legs and arms. He then had a blast that could turn any thing to the dark side hit her and then injected the poison that could turn any thing to the dark side injected into her chest.

Useing information from Ahsoka

Demander then used what he was able to get out of Ashoka's mind to plot his next move. He then changed Ashoka's lightsaber color to red. When the dark side had full control over Ashoka's body Demander let her out of the thing she was being held down to. When Anakin arrived at Demander's facility Demander had Ashoka duel Anakin. Demander then watched the battle from a high vantage point. Anakin beat Ashoka and turned her back to the light and then Demander fled, and decided to find his old HK army and sith squad.

Finding the HK army

When Demander found his HK army and his sith squad it had grown. Demander then built ten more HK-51 and HK-109 factories. Demander then had his HKs build a thousand more factories. Demander then had his HKs infiltrate every planetary goverment (but not the planetary goverments that were alligned with Stryker) as security droids. Once Demander had made a fortune off of selling the droids to the planetary goverments he ordered the droids to destroy the goverments leaders and to take the goverment over. After that he ordered his droids to go into Courascants underworld to avoid suspicion. He then had twelve of the HK factories built there and had the HKs steal all ways up to the surface. He then had them commit thousands of crimes to keep all the police and clone troopers on Courascant busy.

Building The Malevolence Armada

Demander had his HKs build 3 more of the dreaded Malevolence. He had one equiped with 2 gigantic flamethrower discs, one equiped with 2 gigantic freeze ray discs, and one equiped with 2 gigantic ion discs. After they were built he named them The Flamer, The Icer and The Disruptor. He then sent them out to blockade Onderon. He then had 500 more of the Malevolence made. He then had them begin the blockade of all trade routes. He then had 999,999,990 more of the Malevolence built in one month and used them to do an all out attack on Courascant after he removed his HK forces from there.

The Siege of Courascant

Demander had the Malevolence armada seige Courascant 12,000 days. The armada was eventully defeated on the 12,000th day, but it wasn't destroyed. Demander then had the armada buried under the surface of Raxus Prime.

Building the Super Star Destroyer Armada

Demander had his HKs build 999,999,990 of the Super Star destroyer built and used them to blockade Courascant so that he could lay siege to it again.

The Second Siege of Courascant

Demander had his new armada open fire on Courascant so that he could take control of it again. He had it seige it for 90,000 days. He almost got control of Courascant but the Courascant defense force beat it back. Demander had this armada buried under the surface of Raxus Prime.

Second encounter with Ahsoka

Demander then attacked the planet of Shili to try to drastically lower the togruta species. Once his orbital bombardment proved to be ineffective he had a massive invasion force land on the ground and march to the cities to destroy them. When Demander and his forces arrived at the capital city he saw Ashoka and ordered his troops to burn the city to the ground with what ever they could. Demander then engaged Ashoka in a duel while his troops burned all the other cities. Demander then saw the city burning down, but he continued to fight and after three hours Demander decided that his invasion had succeded and then left.

Capturing a bounty hunter team

Demander found and captured the following bounty hunters. Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, C-21 Highsinger, and Latz Razzi. Demander then sent all of them except Boba and Latz away on a mission to get schematics for a new weapon. Demander then sent Latz and Boba out to kill the jedi Shaak Ti. The schematic mission succeded but the killing mission failed. He then sent the group out to capture two squads of ten clone troopers. The mission succeded and Demander turned the clone troopers to his side. Demander then sent them to take out four jedi. Only three of the jedi were killed so when they returned Demander killed all of them except for Dengar, Boba and Bossk. Demander only paid them a fourth of what their pay would have been. Which was 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 credits for the one fourth.

Creating the Elite Clone Army

Demander then found an old abandoned cloning facility on Kamino. He then created a training course four times more difficult than the highest level of the citadel challenge. He then created an army four times as big as the clone army. Demander then gave the troopers an ECT because they were elite clone troopers. Demander's arcs had a EARC which stood for elite advanced recon commando. Demander then sent his forces to Aldeeran to stage a massive invasion to conquer the planet. His forces quickly overwhelmed opposing forces and his victory was secured. The republic tried for 5 years to get Demander off of Aldeeran. But their efforts just cost them more and more troops and vehicles. 

Rampage on Courascant

Demander detected an ultra high frequency that made him enter his robot form and he went on a rampage because he couldn't control himself. After 18 hours Courascant looked like it had been torn up by 1,000 zillo beasts. When Demander was about to blast the senate building during a meeting were all the senators and the chancellor were there he detected an ultra low frequency that made him in his giant robot form fall back and deactivate. 

Useing the elites in the Elite Clone Army

Demander then sent his elites to Taris. His stealth elites sniped the republic troops. His super stealth elites used their swords to get up close and personal. His heavy elites used rocket launchers to take down tanks. His super heavy elites used their grenade and rocket launchers to destroy every enemy they saw. His royal guard elites and super royal guard elites were with Stryker. Demander's elites quickly took Taris and used it as a mining base and training base. 

The New Robot Form

Demander later found out about a thirteenth robot form that was human sized. When he challenged Stryker to a battle so that Demander could test out his new robot form Demander had to go through the other robot forms first. When Demander got to his new robot form he ate the power source of the other robot forms and gained the abilites of all the other robots creating a robot of one being and mind called Robot Alpha. 

Third Encounter With Ahsoka

Demander then went to Kiros to have his forces take over the planet because Kiros was close to the core of the Republic. Demander had his armada open fire on the planet for five days but it proved ineffective. Demander's forces then had his forces invade the planet. His forces then marched into the cities and blasted every one they saw. He then saw Ahsoka and dueled her after he told his forces to burn the place to the ground. The duel with Ahsoka lasted for three hours and when Demander seemed to be victorious Ahsoka only had the use of her arms left and pulled herself into her starfighter and escaped and Demander's forces built a giant base though it would be attack for months while Demander conqured the surrounding planets.

Building The BioStry Star

Demander then built a cubed version of the Death Star with nine super lasers. He put the main reactor on the bottom, a cargo hold on the second level, the fireing tube and shield generator on the third level, a meeting room on the fourth level, the turret control room on the fifth level, a barracks on the sixth level, another fireing tube on the seventh level, a third fireing tube on the eighth level, a fourth fireing tube on the ninth level, four fireing tubes connected together on the tenth level, the garbage masher on the eleventh level, the mess hall on the twelveth level, the prison block on the thirteenth level, the galaxy map room on the fourteenth level, the time machine on the fifteenth level, the meditation chamber on the sixteenth level, the war tactic simulation room on the seventeenth level, a hangar on the eighteenth level, the main hangar on the nineteenth level, a halloween level on the twentieth level, a life day level on the twentie first level, then the stairs that lead up the passage way to the throne room on the twentie second level. The station's only weakness was an exposed thermal exhaust port that lead directly to the main reactor and super laser.

Destroying Tython

Demander had the BioStry Star head towards Tython for its test run. It was able to pass through ways to the deep core that other people thought it would be impossible to get through there. He then had it fire on Tython with each of its super lasers. All the lasers proved 100% succesful and operational.

Building The Tie Series 2

Demander built a second tie fighter series. He invented tie walkers. He made a tie advanced with four wings. He made a tie defender with four wings. He made a tie phantom with eight wings. He made a tie shuttle with eight wings. He made tie bombers with one pod in front and another pod in back. He made eleven multi-tie bombers with up to one hundred fifty pods. He invented a tie robot. He made a tie AT-ST, a tie AT-TE, and an eight legged tie AT-AT, he also built a ten legged tie AT-AT. He then used them to turn the Republic into remnants of its former glory and to destroy the Jedi Temple and much of the jedi order. 

Deals With The Hutt's

Demander often had negotiations with the hutts and in them he aqquired several hutt star systems. In the year 23 BBY Demander got all of tatoine and payed Cad Bane and Ethan Dartjammer 100,000,000 credits to be his military experts and his generals for an up coming invasion on Nar Shadaa.

Invasion on Nar Shadaa

Demander used 100,000,000,000,000 cruisers and assault ships. He used 900,000,000,000,000,000 troops, 100,000,000,000 tanks and 100,000,000 gunships. The invasion lasted for 900 days and it ended with Demander and his troops being victorious and the Republic unable to move through previous hutt territory. 

A Strange Map

James discovered a strange map in a house owned by Phantom Stryker. It blasted a beam of light at the Bio Stry Star and its satellite super laser split the beam into nine other beams that hit nine planets. Demander, James, and a few other sith found eight of the pieces of the map before they met resistance. Demander blasted two jedi out of space over Felucia and they crashed onto the planet and were then attacked by Demander. The boy jedi and the girl jedi never had their names revealed but Demander took out the boy jedi in three seconds. The girl only survived because Ahsoka arrived at the last moment. Demander then dueled Ahsoka again and the last piece of the map was retreieved by the time Ahsoka was pushed back to her fighter and the girl jedi was in there. Ahsoka then got into her fighter and escaped again. 

Destination The Eternitry Vault

The front gate

Demander then briefed his forces on Mission: Destination The Eternity Vault. His small squad of sith then traveled to Belsalvis and used the transports to land on the surface and got to the front gate before the Eternity droids began attacking them and the Ahsoka and the girl jedi from before. Demander and Ahsoka formed a truce which would last until they figured out what was at the end of the map. Demander and his forces took down all of the droids with the two jedi. Then the annhilator droid came down and went straight into storm protocal. Demander and his allied forces then took out the droid and walked into the vault.

The journey into the belly of the vault

Demander and his fragile alliance walked deep into the vault and went through with little resistance. Demander remembered all to well the tough fighting he had to go through when he went back in time. (See Back In Time) His fragile alliance then made it to the place where the ancient rakata warlord known as The Infernal One was defeated. Most of the remaining resistance was in there. After they took out the remaining resistance a door opened and every one walked through.

The final stretch

Demander and his alliance walked through the door and made it to a room where weapons and treasure were but Demander was only interested in the weapons. Demander then found prisoners that had been kept there for a long time and released them and they joined him and told him how to use the weapons. Demander and his forces then planned to attack the jedi but they had already left. Demander then had the Demander land and all the treasure and weapons and freed prisoners were placed on it. And then Demander went to the Bio Stry Star. 

Back In Time

Demander traveled back in time to the Cold War and second Great Galactic War. He assisted the empire in it's war against the Republic. He was able to get a dna sample from Malgus and after seeing the Sith Empire destroyed he went to Kamino and traveled to when he was created and added Malgus's dna into his make up while his past self was being created.  

The Cold War

Demander first fought the Emperor and beat him in a two seconds. Then Demander traveled to a Republic controlled planet deep in Republic space and Demander took it from the Republic in one minute. Demander then went and destroyed Hammer Station in an hour because he felt like going slow. He also participated in taking down the Dorin's Sky and the Foundry and lastly Revan who he binded to him as a force spirit. He also helped in the assault on Kuat Drive Yards and the Assault on Tython and Incursion on Korriban. 

Second Great Galactic War

Demander then fought with Malgus and got a blood sample and saw Malgus escape from the Empire and Republic. Demander then found HK-51 and reactivated him and they blasted through many enemies. Demander then fought and took down the terror from beyond. Demander then traveled from one deep Republic planet to the next taking each in one minute. Demander later planned for an invasion of Coruscant to happen on life day but after seeing the empire destroyed he decided to put his plans with his past self while his past self was thinking about when to attack Coruscant.

Foward In Time

Demander then traveled forward in time to the Galactic Civil War and got a dna sample from Starkiller and then he did what he did with the dna sample from Malgus. He added the dna sample from Starkiller into his dna make up while his past self was being created. 

Meeting With Wuher MosEisley

Demander met up with Wuher MosEisley on Taatoine at a cantina there. Later a capsule crashed outside of the city and Demander used a speeder he modified himself to get there first. Demander then had trouble getting up but he eventually got there and when he got in there it was empty. Demander then went to Dexter's Diner and he saw Wuher again and he asked him who he was. Demander and Wuher then went to Modern Moon Station which Wuher had built. 

Time as a Mercenary

Many people had heard of Demander for his skills of completeing even the most difficult bounties that even the best hunters wouldn't even touch. Many people hired him and he made a large fortune in credits. Demander eventually decided to become a mercenary for hire. He took on every job he was offered and even extra jobs. Sometimes when the jobs required him to get artifacts he kept the artifacts to himself. Demander was so succesful he was able to buy entire star systems and was able to build up an army large enough to conquer the Republic and Sepratists by themself charging in recklessly with out any leader.

Order 66

Demander had all his troops march into the jedi temple and once all the troops were out he had an orbital bombardment done. He then had his forces all over the galaxy kill every jedi they found on the spot. Demander's forces killed 500,987 jedi by themselves. Demander then had his forces go under the surface of Raxus Prime. He then went into exile on Yavin 4 with two legions of troops. 

Exile on Yavin 4

After The Clone Wars ended Demander went into exile on Yavin 4. When the Rebel Alliance got there he messed with the Rebels by ambushing any Rebels that came by where he had set up his camp. He also stole their supplies and did any thing else he could to mess with them. When the Empire started landing troops he fled and continued his exile but it was on Hoth.

Exile on Hoth

When Demander reached Hoth he found the Rebel base and he did the same thing he did at Yavin to the Rebels. When the Empire attacked he helped them and took out every single Rebel he found. He then hid on the Executor.

Seeing Vader

Demander then saw Vader confronting Vader's jedi apprentice. The battle draged on for hours until Demander made himself known and used force lightning on every one in the bridge and then left every one there to die. Demander then stole Vader's Tie Fighter and flew to the BioStry Star and buried the BioStry Star under the surface of Courascant with his flagship the only surviving super attack cruiser from the Clone Wars, The Demander.

Yuuzhan Vong War

Demander played a very important role in the Yuuzhan Vong War. When Courascant was taken over he attacked every single Yuuzhan Vong he found and destroyed every single trace of the Yuuzhan Vong he found. He even took out all of their rear units and their ships. He then took out all of their troops that had the most tattoos. Then after it ended he went into stasis.

Late Life


When Demander went into stasis he didn't think about what would happen to the galaxy. The galaxy went through tons of wars while he was in stasis. He was awaken from stasis by a squad of Imperial Knights of the Galactic Federation Triumative. After he eliminated them he went out to explore the galaxy he had not seen for thousands of years.

Finding One Sith

Demander then sensed lots of siths presence and found them and became the Dark Lord of The Sith. He then used the sith to start the, Second, Third, and Fourth Clone Wars and the, Third Great Galactic War and Fourth Jedi Purge.

Second, Third, and Fourth Clone Wars

Demander had his troops start moveing out to all planets. During all of these wars Demander's forces nearly wiped out the reigning galactic government and the entire galaxy.

Battle of Salucami

Demander had his cruisers open fire onto the planet and then had his forces land and they quickly overwhelmed the Federation troops.

Battle of Bothawui

Demander had his cruisers open fire and had his forces attack the shield generator and they took it down.They then quickly overwhelmed the Federation troops and forced them to retreat.

Battle of Florrum

Demander had his forces attack pirates to get them on his side. His forces quickly overwhelmed the pirates and he got them on his side.

Battle of Quell

Demander had his forces attack Quell to control the skies so he could use it as a flight training base. His forces found no enemies in the air but attacked the ground and took out the enemies ground base and then took over the planet.

Battle of Courascant

Demander had most of his forces attack Courascant and the battle lasted 3 months. Most of Courascant was decimated and Demander abandoned Courascant.

Battle of Ryloth

Demander had his forces decimate Ryloth so that he could take all the people there as slaves.

Battle of Carlac

Demander had his forces open fire on Carlac to turn it warm so his forces could use it as a mineing base. Demander then captured the inhabitants and turned them into slaves.

Battle of Umbara

Demander had his cruiser attack Umbara so he could use its technology and he devastated most of Umbara and there was almost no life left on the planet. Demander then added the technology to his forces.

Battle of Shili

Demander had his forces attack Shili so that he could use the poeple there as slaves. His forces quickly overwhelmed the small amount of Federation troops there and he ruled the planet.

The Malevolence and Super Star Destroyer campaign

Battle of Mon Calamari

Demander's forces now combined with his HK forces attacked Mon Calamari and he quickly took over the planet and killed up to 99% of the population there and took control of the planet.

Battle of Felucia

Demander had his forces launch a full scale assault on Felucia which decimated all the federation troops there and the planet. Demander then had his forces leave the planet.

Battle of Kiros

Demander had his forces attack Kiros and took over the federation troops there and he decimated the nature there and stole all the people to use as slaves.

Second Battle of Bothawui

This was the final battle of the Fourth Clone Wars. Demander's forces battled fiercly but were eventually beat and Demander had all his forces hide on Raxus Prime because his forces would blend in with the terrain because of all the wrecked ships there.

The Thrid Great Galactic War and Fourth Jedi Purge

Demander then caused several troops of the Triumative to join him. He then started hunting jedi and trying to take over the galaxy. There was a battle on every single planet in the galaxy.

Battle of Bothawui

The battle of Bothawui took a period of three days. Demander sent some of his own royal guards there. It was the very first battle of the war. The attack surprised every single being in the galaxy. Demander's forces marched across the planet battleing with out mercy overwhelming the Federation.

Battle of Courascant

Demander then took over Courascant. The battle took over three months. Neither side backed down and it was only when Demander came there himself that the tide turned. He wiped out any force that stood in his way.

Battle of Mustafar

This was the turning point in the war. Demander appointed most of his forces to Mustafar. The Federation then mounted a full scale attack on Mustafar and won the battle.

Second Battle of Courascant

This was the final battle of Demander's life. The Red Shadow Virus has been released but not on Courascant. The Federation then launched a full scale attack against the Bio Empire. This battle lasted for 20 years. The jedi then attacked Demander with a full assault. Demander's life was ended when his virus lifted and his rival stabed him in the back.

Partial Revival

Demander was revived partially when some of his forces found his body. They gave him a special life preserving mask. During that time he was known as Darth Destructor and he was a nearly unstoppable force. He was taken down by the same exact group of jedi that took him down the first time but his spirit inhabitated the mask and who ever put it on would fall under his control. It was later destroyed by a bounty hunter who was hired to find the mask in the year 900,000,000,000,000,000 ABY.

Rebirth Again

Demander used the force to take control of the jedi who killed him and used him to destroy several enemies and started his Empire again. He was later defeated by the last jedi in the galaxy, a Skywalker. Demander was unable to revive himself after that. His reign of terror over the galaxy finally ended in the year 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 ABY.

Personality and Traits

When Demander was training on Kamino he was calm and cool headed. When Demander was in Death Watch he became a more agressive fighter. When Demander became a sith he became merciless in battle.

Demander used to have the haircut that Captian Rex had in his early years because he admired captian Rex and his battle records. When Demander became a sith he went bald and gained some scars in combat. Demander's eye color was blue before he became a sith. When Demander became a sith his eyes turned yellow. When Demander came out of stasis his eyes were red-yellow. When Demander became Darth Destructor his eyes were full red.

Demander's army make up

Demander often employed sith as his elite forces. Demander's army seemed like it was made entirely of his royal guards because that was the main kind of troop you would see. Demander's front line troops are 900,000 royal guards, with 50 sith. The rest of the forces were 9,000,000 regular troops. For Courascant the number of forces was far larger. It was 900,000,000,000,000 royal guards and 900 sith, and 900,000,000,000,000,000. With Courascant Demander added in tanks. There were 900,000,000,000 tanks. Demander also brought in air back up. There was 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 troops on each landing craft. There was 900 landing craft.

Demander's navy make up

Demander's navy looked like it was made of out dated ships but he had advanced them with modern technology. He used the only remaining super attack cruiser The Demander as his flagship. His most dangerous space station The BioStry Star had more advanced technology then modern technology at the time. His navy had 900,000,000 sith cruisers and 900,000,000,000 attack cruisers and 900,000,000,000,000 star destroyers and 900,000 super star destroyers.

Demander's casaulty rates

Most of Demander's missions often took the lives of millions of his own forces. Almost everytime when he sent his forces on missions 99% of them died.

Force Abilities

Demander was able to set his force lightning on fire and create clones with the force. He was also able yto dissapear by turning himself into tiny strands of dna. He was able to make quakes with the force and destroy planets with the force. He was even able to make massive force storms that were on fire.

Piloting skills

Demander was an excellent pilot when it came to battleing but with landing most of the time his ship ended up crashing. When he tried landing on ships his ship often flew down hallways. When he was with Stryker he was in charge of black squadron, the black fleet, and the black armada. Each of these were elite and specalized in stealth. Though however he still always ended up crashing.


Demander only had one person who he could call a true brother. It was James Biodancer. They met up and traveled every where together. James died two hours before Demander with all of their four deaths.


Demander has a special defense mechanisim that allowed him to turn into a giant robot with lots of cannons when he was stabed any where but his heart.


Demander and his plan to destroy every single jedi useing a virus and other methods inspired many generations of sith. His signature flaming force lightning was used as a new symbol for the sith order as well as his lightsaber and his mask.

Demander's Power

Demander always kept most of his power under wraps until he needed it most and when he used his hidden power almost every one would be destroyed just by a look. Only an extremely small number of people could stand up against his power.

Plans for the future

Now that CWA has been shut down Demander spends his time in TOR. You could most likely find him on any Imperial planet that you tried though you would have better luck if you looked in the shadowlands or harbringer for him.

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