"To be a rogue sith, is to be weak" -Dash Bothansword

Dash Bothansword
Biographical information



40 BBY, Dathomir

Physical description

Dathomiran Zabrak



Hair color


Eye color

Yellow (Dark Side)

Skin color


Chronological and political information

Clone Wars


Order of the Sith lords (Jedi Order)

Known apprentices

Juno Cometslide

Current Squad

Skull Squadron

Squad Rank

1 Leader

Former Squad(s)

Tri Tech (Spy)

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon sith


Dash Bothansword, was a Dathomiran Zabrak who pledged himself to the Sith Order during the Clone Wars. Having infiltrated the Jedi Temple as a Spy, he later had a change of heart and joined the Jedi. Not long after, he took on a padawan named Juno Cometslide. He knew many people, among them being Xalandra Nova, a powerful figure at the time. It didn't take Dash long to rise through the ranks of the Jedi, becoming a Jedi Master in no time at all. He kept a close friend throughout his time at the temple.

While working at the Temple, he infiltrated a local Squad, Try Tech, as a Spy. He later joined a Squad named Skull Squadron, at the request of an ally of his. Dash was a cunning man, able to use situations to his advantage. He spent a lot of time training his lightsaber skills at the Temple, and spent time in the field, doing work for the Jedi. He returned to his home planet of Dathomir for a mission. He had also been to several systems in his lifetime.

After the Clone Wars ended, no one knew what had become of the once Sith turned Jedi Master. He seemed to vanish without a trace. It is rumoured that he went into hiding on Naboo, a favourite planet of his. His padawan, Juno, had also seemingly vanished. It is said she also went into hiding to escape the Clones after they began to hunt down the Jedi during Order 66.