Darth Xylonic
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legacy and clone wars era


Darth Xylonic used to be known as saltex russo a bounty hunter who worked for darth xavak.  but salt betrayed xavak yet again and desided to team up with his freind lord virus. as he was with virus they planed and schemed to kill xavak for kicking them from the empire. during all this salt had been helping his family against evan bane snd his men known as the ally forces. after many encounters slat met another owner of a a empire empress xaya saltex later gained the name darth xylon. as xylon planed to kill all who used him he say that his sister zoey had used him he planned to get every oneto betray her. first he betrays zoey and attacks her. after the fight ppl wonder why he attack her he tells them and they are shocked. they help xylon betray zoey. during all this evan bane kills many members of empress xaya men so xylon helped get it back together.also virus made peace with xavak so salt desided to do the same.

Also Kyle lavakeeper still lives and if empress xaya is watching this come and face me u cowered I'll be waiting


xylon was a jedi  of the old republic before became a sith and as a jedi xylon spent most of his childhood studying the jedi archives and training for very long hours. he surpassed most of his fellow jedi freinds mentally and physicaly. xylon thought he desirved to go on missions. it was at this time thon found xylon and took him as his apprentice. he went on missions with thon and xylon found they were harder then he had thought.Before he became a bounty hunter he was a jedi. His master was thon bluepulser he and xylon would train together to inprove xylon skills as a jedi. As time progressed he felt that he was not hitting his full potential. he told his master that he had felt this way and thon said that he should not let my lust for power get in his way of being a jedi. he didnt listen to him intead xylon left the jedi. after a while xylon dumped into the sith they taught him that he should let his power grow and not let any one stand in his way. after a while he got board of the end less kelling for no reason. he layed down and started a bounty hunting carreer. xylon made freinds with darth xavak he joined his squad and became xavaks good freind. saltex once betrayed xavak but after a month or two he became freinds or allies again. he still does bounty hunter jobs to day for people willing to pay.  after being discoverd bye xavak again xylobn took up his name of xylon and became a sith and  learned the ways of the sith by himself with holocrons  xavak had given him. with theses he learned basic abilitys of the darkside like force grip and lightning. he also lerned force dtorm wihich was a worm hole that could devoure ships in its vicinity. he a had also leanred many other abilitys like force  horror, plague, push, and death feild. hehad the ability to skip from force drain and go right to death feild which was a advanced form of force drain. this made some sith envy xylon sice he learned all of this on his own. but there was a down side to this xylon was not to good with a saber and most combatants could cut the hilt of his saber in half. this forced xylon to use the force to defeat his rival force users. he had not unlocked his title of sith  and become a acolyte yet to do this he had to kill a jedi padawan or not he had to defeat one. he went off to battle one on the world of alderaan the jedi fought valiantly knocking the saber of xylonic from his hand many times but in the end xylon killed him with a  storm of force lightning that he had made come from the sky and obliterate his enemy to ashes. xylon had seen a vision of the  end of the  empire being defeated by the republic and he went to go study ways to survive xylon found a way to concell himself in the force and slip into into a state where he will be preserved but he did not know how long he would be preserved for so he found a remote planet  and entered a state of hibernation. not knowin that xavak had the same idea xylon had to survive the times of the old republic. when xylon awoke he was in a different time  the clone wars had been waged xylon learned that the war was between the republic and the separatist who was being lead by a jedi turned sith named count dooku. xylon decided that he would not enter this war because he was not even a acolyte yet so he named himself a acolyte and went on a hunt for knowledge on now anceint sith temples. he found many sith holocrons for what he was going to learn sith alchemy. but xylon also found a bunch of broken of sith like himself who made groups xylon used there info to gain more knowledge as well as learn of a hidden dark council. xylon needed new armor his old armor had became rustic over the years and he now decided that he needed a new out fit. so he stole a sta ship and flew it to korriban where he looked in the ancient tombs for  a hidden cash of sith artifacts. he  found the artifacts and a pair of robes that he swaped out for his old armor.
 as he put the robes on he was attacked by a sith spirit that somehow  became flesh xylon battled the flesh of the spirit and defeated i nd disembarked from korriban.

life as a sith acolyte


xylon as a acolyte

as a sith acolyte xylon went on many dangerous  mission his most known was when he trapped zoey in a cell where he tortured her to no end. her allies came to save her but they also where captured. xylon had no teacher he had to learn the ways of the darkside on his own with no one to guide him but then one day a unknown inquistor came and trained him for one day that was it but for that one day xylon learned truely what it ment to be sith. not soon after he had another seccessful mission this time on umbara deafeating a rogue sith academy and its students Xylon gain the title lord. As a lord Xylon questioned why he had  become a lord so soon in this life. He learned to forget it and embrass that he was a new lord. beginning in his promotion to lord xylon learned how to create sith spawn  with sith alchemy from holocrons he had found that were hidden in tombs like dxun, korriban, dromund kaas, umbara, and zoist. through the dark side he create terentitek by reshaping a rancors body and organ structure with the alchemy he had learned  and leviathans which were created after endless reshaping any organism he had found many sentents as well as battle hydras which he created by sacrificeing  10000 birds. terentiteks fed on force rich blood which made them a asset when he sent them to kill the jedi that were snooping around where his lab was where he used his alchemy to make his monsters. leviathans are the strongest of the sith spawn 


darth xylonic using sith alchemy

they feed on force rich blood and store the souls of there victims in their skin blisters to be tortured till the leviathan dies which they do not unless struck down buy a weapon of some sorts. the battle hydras are dragons with two hea ds wings and a poisoned tip tail. using his sith spawn xylon sent the creatures to a republic base to feast and make the base there own nest to live and thrive. after the base had been seized by the spawn xylon retreived gear from the base he may need in his studys and he gathered the sabers of the jedi that fell to his beast 6 he counted as he picked up the saber. a excellent number as he only lost 2 battle hydras and one terentitek.returning to his lab xylon now went deeper into his study of sith alchemy and now sith magic.

rare artifacts

xylon went back to the umbara sith academy to find just
250px-075 cwa sithholocron main

one of xylons many holocrons

a few strays he forgot to kill but while he was slaying the rest of the students he stumbled across a wierd object that he later realised was a sith holocron. he also had found the academies master who was thought to be dead but was not he killed the master and claimed his saber as his trouphy. he used the saber from then on and held it in a reverse grip like ahsoka tano had. the saber became xylons most priced weapon and he used it always. one of the rare atifacts he found in the  sith temple on umbara was a book of sith magic which he had started learning  from holocrons but this book told him more than the holocrons had. he had knowledge to bring the dead back to life (necromancy, the ability to heal which was very rare for sith to do, the  hillutioations of a persons worst fears, and a bolt of hatred which was a  spear made of the force that one could through and kill a enemy with. he had attacked a republic base on umbara and captured  a jedi andclones  to use his darkside magic on as well as capturing creatures like gundarks. he had become so good in the  art of sith magic he could make a  city like mos eisley on tatooine live in fear of there worst fears out side their houses. his necromany helped alot in the process of becomeing this good he had brought back the clones and jedi he had totured back to life to torture them again and keep becoming stonger and stronger as he made them feel pain and death. when they become nothing but  lumps of  broken limbs and organs that had spilled out of their body would he replace the jedi or clone with a fresh new one from his slave pens which he kept to  work on alchemy now to work on his study of sith magic. sometimes he would heal the  captured to make them just feel pain again and to not waste all of his resource of  captured specimens. another thing xylon learned from his study of sith magic was armor that blocked another force user from affecting him with the force and that could protect him from non force enhanced weapons. with his alchemy and magic he made his saber  unbreakable but either way it was almost unbreakable anyway since his saber was made of beskar. other wise kn

battle hydra

own as mandalorian metals. xylon dispised the mandalorians they were  warriors with no goal but to fight they had no motive to fight just that they thought it brought them glory and if a mandalorian was to fall in battle it was said they were to have had the greatest achievement there is no honor in death xylon thought dead is dead he thought just like darth bane had said when he had made the rule of to and thought thate same thing xylon thought. after feeling xylon strong connection to the force xylon was contacted by drea fett a strong sith  who was the leader of a sith group called the order of chaos. Xylon decided he would tell drea he would defeat her group being told by another that they had been unworthy of being sith. but xylon was wrong he realised they were strong he slowly gained there trust and joined the order of chaos. he had been made a room in the their temple where he had Darth Cera  who had constructed the temple her self make xylons room into a room for his alchemy and magic.

finally becoming a darth

darth kept his winning streak up evey battle he was in he won. the dark council say that xylon was becomeing very powerful and they desided to let him join the dark council. to let him join they killed the weakest, old and mindless member to allow him to take his position on the council. at the hieght of the empire xylon recruited more sith to is cause he took on many apprentices non would ever become as powerful as him. as a darth xylon decided that his name darth xylonic w


the orbalisk that attached to xylonic

as not good enough so he decided to change the name a bit and became Darth Xylonic. when xylonic had become a darth he found the secret to imortality but it cam e with a price he had sacrifice feeling, taste, smell and color in order to become immortal.  to become imortal he sacrfice many apon many of his sith spawn in order to bask in the glory of immortality. Darth  then went to dxun andain to go find so me more sith artifacts he could find  the jedi had not taken when he arived there he was attacked by  the beasts of the planet. when he arrived to the sith temle in the forest he  had been attacked by a orbalisk that attached its self to him. then a second had attached to him but it did not work he the learned that there was no way to take off the parasitic bugs on his body. he tryed to shock them off but instead  he shocked himself and they dug deep into him xylonic realised he had  bugs that fed on the darkside and then he tryed his saber but the bugs just stayed there they did not move. over time the insects multiplyed and made him a inpenatrable armor. he found in one of the holocrons he had how to keep the bugs from going over his face, boots and

, hands. darth went out to test his armor on a jedi foe he found a jedi who had been taught juyo the strongest  from of the jedi but it was frowned apon its use since it realied on the use of emotion to drive its attacks. the jedi landed many opon many of blows but the saber of the jedi just knocked of the  orbalisks and Darth moved into kill the jedi witha bolt of hatred. after the jedi fell a tremer in the force went out and even more jedi came to battle the newly darth he killed them with a storm of lightning that came from the sky down apon their heads. one jedi stood after that xylonic saw that the ones he killed were merely padawans and knights  he was  face to face witha jedi master. he then rained lightning from his finger tips at the jedi the jedi blocked it with hissaber and sent it back at him and the orbalisks fed on the lightning and dug into xylonic skin. xylonic decided he would not use lightning so instead he ignited his saber andattacked the jedi master after along and drooling battle xylonic kill the jedi master after cutting off his legs then head. he then went back to his lab he had on zoist since the republic and separtists


armor that is enchanted and alchemized can protect the wearer from some force attacks and physical blows

 did not occupy the planet and the darkside of the planet would cover his own darkside activitys, like when he used his magic and alchemy to creat and improve his sith spawn. xylonic always kept his ship ready  in case he had been attacked by a jedi  or found by anyone who could overpower him in big numbers cause he prove d a single foe could not simply kill him he was immortal but he could be stuck down but it would be hard since he also had a orbalisk armor. xylonic learned that he could inprove appon his armor he made is sith robes and cortosis armor protect him in the force using sith magic and improved its protection with sith alchemy, besides being protected by the force cortosis has the ability to shut a blade of a saber off  but this is a rare occurance but it is very possible to crack and dent the cortosis as it is a flimsy metal.

attack on the sith.

dark council found xylonic and decided that they would build a sith kingdom on zoist again empress xaya and drea  built temples for  lightsaber training and other  activities that improved there strengeth in the dark side. because of this the jedi felt the dark side growing on the planet



 and went to investigate a  jedi  spotted our numbers and returned to the jedi council to tell them of our predicament on  zoist. they dispatched a armys of jedi and clones. when the jedi and clones arrived they were not ready for what was happening.  sith were pulling there cruisers on to the planet all of the cruisers crashed and some jedi but many  to almost all the clones ha d died as the ships blew up and the jedi only were able to protect a handful of clones and themselves. the jedi lead the attack for the clones they went to attack the temple and were met by the sith. the clones beleived they were safe behind he jedi but they were wrong xylonic and a imperial agent named cash attacked the clones killing the rest of them who survived the crash and now they join their "brothers" in death.  the jedi continued to battle the

zoist the world the sith now build their empire on

sith many of the jedi were falling but the jedi masters made up for their losses by kill the sith just as fast as we were killing them. xylon knew this need to stop so he went to drea and xaya and told 

Leviathan bg


them of a plan to retreat then release his sith spawn apon the jedi. both xaya and drea agreed that it was a smart plan and they ordered the retreat into the temple. only a few sith stayed to give xyolonic enough time to gather his  sith spawn. the jedi killed the last of the sith who stayed to give them time but it was just in time as xylonic release the leviathans, terentetek, battle hydras and hssiss  on the jedi the jedi retreated but to no evail the jedi were killed one by one bye the sith spawn . after the jedi were killed xylon was considered a hero
Terentatek TOR


to the sith. but his sith spawn ran away to avoid being treated  rudely or being in a cage again, this did not bother  xylonic he  decided he could recreate the spawn again.  darth xylonic then deciced he would not keep the sith spawn in cages but let them populate the plane to create a powerful protection around the temple. with a whole bunch of sith  spawn surrounding the temple no one would beable to penetrate the  shield of sith spawn.  a few months past and  xylonic went out to go look and find out what was going on with his sithspawn. his sith spawn  had begun to populate there were eggs but xylon did not know what kind off eggs till a hssiss came out and tryed to snap its jaw at him. xylonic left the hssiss alone  and went to go check on the other sith spawn, he found that the terentatek had also repopulated as well as the battle hydras but not the leviathans. xylonic figured he would have to create leviathans for there to be more.  As the siths strength on zoist grew they decided to go to all out war with the separatists and the republic. the sith learned how to mount the battle hydras and leviathans. they used them to concure there homeworld of korriban from the clutches of the separatists. those of the separatists most importantly count dooku were angered at this. there was suppost to be only to sith, but now there is a army of them. the battles with the republic stopped as the sith gained the worlds of ambria, dromund kaas and umbara. the sith now had the worlds that had darkside temples and other darkside buildings and atifact. there was ryloth but the sith were smart enough to know that neither the republic or the separatists would give up the planet. xylonic had already been to umbara so there were no secrets that he didnt know there, he now went to ambria to learn from the darkside artifacts. he learned the power of force concealment and the ability to create smoke demons which were force aparations that appeared as familiars to the object the ability is targeted to and the amiliar will attack the target and the target should not hurt the apparition of there friend or ally. he then went to korrriban where now most of the sith acolytes were being trained though the new capital of thew siths empire is dromund kaas. to xylonic  it was odd zoist was all but abandoned. this actually madee him quiet happy, he could now go to zoist to hide if he needed to. on korriban he learned many ancient sith rituals and how to create water leviathans and how to control nature.  he now works on his alchemy and magic to learn its secrets more.

order  66 and survial of the fit.

Darth xylon  and his fellow sith were unkowing of the jedi destruction on corucant as order 66 was ordered. the sith were now palpatines targets and he launched a large fleet bigger than the sith have ever faught. even though the clones could not use the force that did not stop them from taking worlds from the sith. xylonic was on  korriban when the clones surged the planet slaughtering and capturing sith. xylon knew he had to escape or be slaughtered by the clones. there were clones xylonic have never seen they were speed clones who could dodge lightsaber slashes, these clones were almost impossible to hit except using the  force to hurt them. xylon had been surrounded by six  speed trooper clones and they  died at the hands of xylons force lightning.  he had gathered about one hundred sith and marched to the star ships the battle there was difficult as the clones would not give the  spaceport up. but eventually the sith were able to get there, xylon was able to get a fury class ship and take his brother lord virus and drea fett and about one hundred of the order of darkness out of there of course not all of them fit so they had to take about 5 fury class ships. each one was full  with about twenty  sith. the rest of the sith that were on  the planet were either killed off, captured or hiding deep in the tombs, some of them probably would
Korriban Valley TOR


be eaten from the beasts in the tombs that ancient sith lords had created. these beasts were far greater than xylons own alchemized beast as the ancient sith had perfected the art and left a trail to follow but non would be as good as the original, no one ever is. xylonic and the remaining sith rement went to nar shadaa were the sith would remain hidden on the planet with the large amount of people it would be easy to hide among all of them hidden from sight. most sith toook up jobs as merchants to hide their identitys other became mercenarys this was done so the sith could emass a large sum of money to rise to power again. xylonic had no intentions of staying on this planet  he had to many memorys of this planet like when he was known as Saltex Russo doing bounty hunter jobs, that man was dead consumed by the sith that was now Darth Xylonic. so he quickly stole one of the ships that were being sold on the market and he later learned the ship he stole was the ship of general grievous of the seperatist that had been eradicated by the  new empire that held a tight fist around the galaxy now. xylon went to the planet zoist that was the foundation of the  siths empire but was abandoned when they were able to concure other worlds.  the empire had not checked this world sence it was abandoned. xylon went to his hidden base and labe on the planet, activating the doors to his base, they opened on the ground making it look like a masive hole hthat had been made into the ground. xylon lowered the ship into thee hole and disembarked into his lab to work on sith alchemy and magic. Xylon learned that some jedi had survived order 66 one being, master yoda the jedi grandmaster at the time of the jedis downfall. Xylon also had a vision of the man behind the mask of darth vader, it was anikin skywalker the so called choosen one to the jedi, he must not have been so chosen if he killed all the jedi in the temple with the clone troopers, that were now called storm troopers and made sure that the empires grip around the galaxy stayed strong. the surviving jedi were not worth the hunt they were to scattered to be a threat to the galaxy.

Joining the one sith

Xylon spent Years in his lab contacting the sith on nar shadaa many times. over the years the sith had  spanned out some were  now on corusant near the capital building where the emporer was. also over the years xylonic had managed to aquire armor that looked similar to the armor he once wore in the days of the old republic

xylonics new armor

the sith were going to launch a attack on palpatine but before they had a solid plan he had bbeen transported to the  death star a spac station xylonic had heard of that had been destroyed many times by a rebel alliance with a jedi in there midst. the death star had destroyed the planet oof alderraan which sent a huge ripple in the force as all things on the planet had

the landscae of zoist forests

died.  over these years that xylon had a son who has become just as good or even better at alchemy then him his name was Drackel his sons mother had died from a bounty hunter who had shot her with a sniper shot. the next several months had past and the empoer of the glaxy had fallen and the empire was on collapse as the rebel alliance now known as the new republic was on the verge of destroying all of them. the empire and erepublic made a agreement where the empire would have the worlds that wanted to stay with them and the republic would have the ones that wanted to be with tme. some stayed with the empire but most had switched to join the republic. the hero of the new republic was luke skywalker who had now founded the new jedi order, xylonic liked this new order as they gave into emotion a little as they fell in love with others. xylonic found this amusing. xylonic could now easily

darth krayt

trick jedi to the darkside by killing thier loved one. xylonic and the sith were contacted by a sith who siad he was gathering  force sencitives to help build a empire to take the galaxy drea the leader of the order of choas decided to join but she was no longer the leader of the whole sith empire she did lead the order of choas but now a sith known as darth krayt who was hidden on korriban as over the years the empire abandoned the planet like the order of choas had abandoned zoist. krayt was happy with the number of force sencitive in the ordeer but he still had about four times as many sith than the order. While the sith were hidden on the planet of korriban the jedi order grew even more again. over a few more years Darth xylonic realised as he might be imortal his son was not Xylonics then used his alchemy on his sone to make him like a a leviathan impossible to die unless he was to be struck down. drackel did not like what his father had done to him but then again he was happy neither him nore his father could now die of natureal causes. the best part of being on zoist was no matter how much  krayt looks he would not find him and on zoist he had the sith spawn he had created that now were over populaed on the planet. and it was not like the base xylonic had lived in was easy to see. not even the order of choas knew the location of xylonics base.  the one sith had no plans to take charge and take the universe so darth went out of his way to go see what he could do to stur up the jedi and the new republic.

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