Darth Tortuous
Darth Tortuous
Biographical information

Coruscantplanet Coruscant



Physical description





2.5 meters

Hair color


Eye color


White during Jedi State

Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Darth Bane's Rule of Two

Known masters

Lord Hondo

Bc icon sith

"When you dream of nightmares you dream of me. I am your nightmare. You pretender! There is only two Sith and I am one of them."
– Darth Tortuous

Darth Tortuous, also known as Ares Nighracer, was a young Human male who joined the Dark Side and played a very important role in Darth Bane's rule of two. His master was a man known as Lord Hondo. Ares recieved his Sith name: Tortuous, after he twisted the minds of the Jedi making them believe he was dead.


Birth of a Sith Lord

"Tortuous was indeed twisted. He had no mind, no control of himself. He was fully engulfed in the Dark Side and that was what made him powerful."
– Darth Vader after reading the journal of Tortuous

As a Jedi Knight, Ares Nighracer was sent to the planet Dathomir to arrest a nightsister for crimes against the Republic. Once at the planet he and a battalion of clones fought to the location of the witch but had lost half of his clone troopers along the way. Once at the witches location, she cursed the clones into attacking Ares and in defense Ares killed them.

After his battle with his own troopers Ares dueled the nightsister until she was defeated. Though in the end, the witch cursed him of the Dark Side.

Waking up in a Sith Temple

"Where am I?"

"Some how you teleported to my temple. Though I sense the Dark Side in you. You are to stay here until you have regained your strength ."

– Ares Nighracer and Lord Hondo

Soon after his encounter with the witch, Ares awoke in a Sith Temple on Umbara. Wondering why he was here, Ares asked himself where he was. Then he got a reply from a person from nearby. His name was Lord Hondo. He stated that somehow Ares teleported to his temple then fell asleep. He said that he would stay here until he was fully healthy. Because of the state that Ares was in , he did not dare fight the Sith Lord.

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