"As a sith you must leave behind a life and start a new one choose a new name for yourself."

"Reign. Darth Reign."

"Rise Darth Reign you are now my apprentice."

"Yes master."

Darth Platonious and Darth Reign

Darth Reign 

Known family : Mon ( sister / ex-wife )

         Ben Midlander ( nephew )

         Myri Shadedriver  ( wife )

Known enemies : Shira Gammashock

              Brandon Skywalker3

              Shira Validwar

              Jasmine Bubble

Homeworld - Dromund Kaas 

First Weapon - Bare hands

First force power - Force Maelstrom

acomplishments - Rebuilt the sith academy on Korriban, Found the holocron of Ajuanta Paull, mastered all force powers

Species : Dark SIth Pureblood/ zabrak hybrid

Current Squad :Mandalorian Guild

Former Squads : Alchemy of Sith, Brotherhood of Darkness,Diciple of Ragnos and many many more

His live

early life Uniting the sith
meeting Mon Battle for Korriban
meeting Platonious Return from the unknown reigons


Born on the forgotten jungle planet of Dromund Kaas, he was forced to kill his heart in which doing so made him a creature of Hate and Power. He saw a mercenary ship landing and killed them stealing their ship he flew away. He flew to Korriban to find his sister. Before he got there though some indirector cruisers of the CIS pulled him out of hyperspace and made him land in there hanger. He shot two droids with a light blaster. So he stole their blaster rifles' and destroyed millions of droids before getting surrounded by droidekas.Brought to the Bridge he summoned the force to pull everything in towards him and then unleash it. He then ordered the captain to fly the ship to Korriban and await further orders. He complied and sent a shuttle with Reign on it to Korriban. He found his sister in the Valley of Darklords.


Mon had been fighting some Tu'karta when Reign at that time being known as Ulic slamed into the ground knocking them all away. Mon had then vowed her life to the myterious hooded figure. Only then was it he revealed to be her teenage brother Ulic. She then left the planet with him.


As he feed his hate he came across a sith lord named Darth Platonious. And Platonious took him as an apprentice. It is then he took the name Reign. As he trained he found a holocron. He took it back to Platonious. He was astonished to find it was the first sith lord's holocron. When Reign became a dark lord he left Platonious.


Note : this will be a lil short

He then returned to Korriban with his ship's crew. Mon his sister. Raven Cruisekeeper his friend that he had found on the planet of Dantooine. Lord Scar who he had found on a space station orbiting Kashyyk. They flew on his S1TH MPAI ( Multi Person Altitude Intercepter ) codenamed The Huntress. He then used the force to rebuild the Sith Academy and with that act of power many sith joined him.

Battle for Korriban

The jedi fleet attacked Korriban with 100 venator attack cruisers. His forces were out matched and he retreated to the unknown reigons. His entire fleet was destroyed only his handpicked survived.


In 12 BBY he returned with a fleet and his fleet took control of the outer rim. Then the clone wars made him loose his territory he then met a sith named Myri SHadedriver. The two eventully formed a relationship and got married.

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