Nitroblade in his Mandalorian Armor

Nitro Blade at the Mandalorian Citadel

Darth Nitroblade

Home World: Mandalor

Eye Color:BROWN (NORMAL) Yellow (sith)

Born:32 BBY


He used to be a sith, but when they betrayed him, he joined the Mandalorians. He joined the Mandalorians because a mandalorian named Mirta Meta took him in because he lost everything. With super-natural force abilities and using them in combat quickly ranked him up to a Commander.the jedi killed his family so every jedi he sees he thinks of his parents and will attack them every chance he gets he also is looking out for the jedi who killed his parents.he is still in traning but could take down three jedi at a time.his best friend Corran and Mirta(his mentors)help him with traning along with talisk morphblade.his second enemy is death watch.Mirta sent him to mandolor(his home planet)when he was staped in the back by a death watch soldier he got resued by Zeth Silas.he will always have a scar from that night.the night his family died he stood at his widow when he saw that same jedi that killed his parents, killing mandlorians this made him mad he broke the glass and junped out,then he took out his wrist saw and poision dart and killed the jedi.then he took the jedis belongings and said "now you lie down like my parents you fool" then he walked over to his squad at the mandalorian citadel.after that he felt good the jedi got what he deserved.then when he was studying,twenty clones busted in and captured him,put him in a jedi jail for killing a jedi,then late at night he broke out and ran back to the citadel being shot in the prossess.

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